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Use Shoffners Sure Cure
T1 1The 1 Great Tonic and Blood PurifierCures Indigestion
Dyspepsia acid Catarrh
It is a trite and true saying that the blood is the life Now
here docs the blood come from Everybody knows or should know
WV UiaUt comes from the nutritive elements extracted by the stomach
i Ityn the load we eat u the digestive organs Ho not perform their
Jwjclions by rpasou of disease Zcrms there is I no nutrition extracted
a and the food might better be thrown in the dump to decay and breed
T germs in the open air than to remain in the stomach aud become a
often putrid mass as it naturally docs if there is no digestion No
disease germ can live and find lodgment in a human bffdy that uses
itlle Shoffuers Sure Cure Price Si < ocK >
What People Say of the Sholfncr I
Sure Cure i
I PADGCAir Ky March 5 1903
To Whom 1tr May Concern
Thin is toCertfiy that I was a sufferer
wild indigestion for five years and could
stet t no relief until I bought one bottle of
1 Shoffners Sure Cure and it helped me
so much that I took six bottle and it
4 bii cured met soundRnll well thanks
v to the Shoffners Sure Cure
I Till isto certify Hint I believe the I
Shoffucr Sire Cure saved my life I
WAS not able to sit up in bed when I
began taking the remedy I had such
n severe rough I thoUghl I bad con
sumption Physicians had given ins up
to die After taking one bottle I was
able to sit up some After rising five
bottles I was fully restored to health I
cannot say enough in favor of this won
derful remedy far indigestion
NRS Stiff GRAHAM Moscow Ky
If after using one bottle according to directions you are not beue
filed your money will be refunded
For Saby All Druggists P DUlAH KENTUCKY j
1 GjOC 00000000vO0000000000000000000C J
In I the Virginia Mountains
And at the Seashore
t i8 Chesapeake and Ohio Railway 8
o Where tho waters are renowned for their curative properties where the
I mountain scenery niacniffrent and where the summer climate is 0
g > unsurpassed the days being mildly warm andthe nights cool 0
and refreshirg bet twelve hours ride from Louisville 0
o by either a day or night train are situated tbeO
8Virgi 8 ia Hot Springs White Sulphur Springs Warm
Ju 1 0Springs Rockbridgc Alum Springs Old Sweet <
< > Springs Sweet Chalybeate Springs Red Sul <
< > phur Springs Salt Sulphur Springs Na
2 tural Bridge and other well known <
X health and pleasure resorts <
0 Old Point Comfort Virginia Beach Ocean View Atlantic City and 0
0 0Atlantic
A 1 The C F O Ky reaches various Mountain and Seashore Resorts at Q
V which very reasonable accommodation can be had lull information de 0
Y serfi tine paraph et list of Sao summer homes iu the mountains at C ft X 0
V O tnket office 257 Fourth Ave Louisville Ky or W A Wilcux 511 X
9 0A
0009000000000r + n 1 OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOf
Vf P PAXTON Prea R RUDY Cashier P PURYKAR Asst Cashier
5 Citizens Savings BanK
yyte s iDIRECTORS i T i
JamesA Rudy I M Fisher Geo C Wallace t
Geo O Hart E P Gilson W F Patton
ivksmleiter E Parley R Rudy
Invites the accounts of all persons in need of bank
Open Saturday Nights
hJInh rest Paid on Time Deposits
f i PisstRgir Sirvlci Exclusivity > <
lrt U8111JAl COJ
J For the Tourist who desires to unite
pleasure with comfort at moderate cost
p i For those 5 klnzHe lth In the balmy
and Invigorating Lake reezn
I For the Butlacss Man to bud up hit
1 fillfluttered i
Three sailing each week between X
rhlcaeoFrinklortNorttiportCbarUvoU j
ChlcacoFranklortNortbportCbarcyouletos f
Mackinac island connecting for v
IMackinac I
Paducah Transfer Co a
t t 0
lft Ii Incorporated 8
1 Light and Heavy Hauling 8 <
8Phosles J J
AiMt ar000000 p000QO 000000C070
rr i It IhBest quality of rubber thclI1IIgb grade spring WkgIJU < wm sell Iprln
MJ t nt1 e t
f IRInIwxnx rNm 1ZLLQ
J Tho nc remedy for nervous prostratloa alleS all dISCUCI of the generallr
IJ organs of eltbcr BOX sucb ns Nervous lr tratlonlailta or Lon tanl1cbd
r Impotency Nightly Emissions Youthful Errors Jlonul worry ezceaivo UI
or Tobacco or Opium which load to Consumption rood Inianny With even
BO order 110 guarantee to euro or refund the money Sold at ill00 per box
I Oboies for eSOO JDII fllOTTS CIIKlllCAb CO Cleveland OWn
For Sale By DuBois Kolb Company Paducah Ky 1
An Rxprrlenrn In an Inn on the
Ppnnlih Ironllcr IlciorU In aural
Frnncf Where Theft and Murder
and loose Airnlted the Victim
From a worldwide traveler come
thcso stories of evil ruins abroad of
dark nights evil companions and lone
liness He nays
I Konictluicfl think of n night I
spent in nn Inn on the Spanish troll
I tier In n little seaside rlllago surround
i wl by n thick pine forest I was nc
room lu which another traveler was
lying Ho was talkative as most
southern Frcnchmcti are and curious
na to inr business circunistanecs and
future inovciiientH l told him n story
of my flunnclnl troubles which BCOIIKH
to me to have saved my life He was
restless luring the ulght and kept go
ing to the window I could not go to
sleep while he wns moving about
In the end we both fell asleep Ho
hind given me his nnim1 u name with
which n year or two later the whole of
France was ringing He was tried for
a double murdtr pen > etrate l under cir
cumstances of peculiar atrocity and
with such n motive of petty robbery
that the opinion was he must have
had long familiarity with crime The
murder for which ho wan convicted
was carried out to gain possession of
LO and people believed none but a
hardened criminal would nerve himself
to murder for gain BO paltry
Such was my companion In a lonely
Inn where my dUappearunco would
have arroused iiiltlicr curiosity nor
suspicion How he would have dis
posed of me I could Imagine from the
crime for which he was convicted Ho
traveled with a large trunk I some
times think it was the one afterward
Bclzcri at the cloakroom of a elation
on the Cherbourg Hue containing the
body of hU latest victim 1 think all
that saved me from sepulture within i
It was the cunning with which I had
concealed the fact I was In possession j
that night of a considerable sum
It was with similar cunning that
my brother nnd myself avoided a like
danger at Itottcrdam We were lads
of ten and twelve respectively on our
way home to England from our school
In Wiesbaden As the ship did not
start until the day following our ar
rival wo had been obliged to pass the
illght In Itottcrdam A loafer conduct
ed us to n lulsoniblo tavern In a slum
off the Itompjfs where we paid for tha
best room
As the time for retiring came our
villainous looking landlord conducted
us to a dark closet and told us to
sleep there We hove fallen Into n
trap I said to my brother and so It
seemed when later we heard a stealthy
step < m the staircase Then Wo beghn
to jlk In German and the gist of our
conversation was What would become
of us the next day If tho money ex
p t11 from our parentsdld not arrive 7
Wo colored the story of distress and
probably our being awake saved us In
Stead of the talc overheard We heard
the step retreating and remaining
awake illl morning wo were not mOo
bested From what I have p Ince heart nf
this class Of house In Rotterdam and
Amsterdam 1liavo no doubt that we
had n narrow escape
France too U dotted with houses
where murder and theft lurk behind
the monk of treachery In the forest
of Clmtenay three miles from Macon
you may see the ruins of a church con
necrated to St John Not far from
this writes Knoul Olabcrt n scoun
drel had built n house for the accom
modatlon of travelers In this house
he murdcnll all who came to lodge
The monster used the flesh of his vic
tims for nourishment
A man came there with his wife and
asked shelter Having rested his wife
prying Into n closet discovered n heap
of human remains At this the tray
elers grew pale and made for the road
The Innkeeper tried to stop them but
terror lent speed so thoy were able to
escape to the town where they Inform
ed Prince Othon of the discovery A
great number of men set out tho mon
ster was found In his den and no less
than fortyeight human heads were ills
covered remains of travelers whom ho
had murdered and devoured Ho was
dragged back to town tied to a beam
In n cellar and burned to death
I myself says Glabcrt Was pres
ent at his execution
From other chronicles of this period
cannibalism seems to have been looked
upon by Innkeepers as n prerequisite of
their profession This story is In Its
way more horrible than Hamilton
Aides fiction for in his evil Inn only
the teeth and hair of tho victims were
coveted by tho two sinters of Cologne
Tho French Inn of most sinister repu
tation is still standing in a mountain
pass In Auvergne This Is known to
history as the Murderers inn The Inn
Is n death trap Ilooms assigned I to
travelers have windows barred with
iron In an outhouse la 1 the funmco
In which bodies of victims were dis
posed of Hundreds of lonely travel
ers belated In this Inaccessible spot
have been plundered and murdered
Philadelphia North American
Selling Good In Lisbon
Around Lisbon are certain entrances
generally gateways of tho old wnllx
All persons bringing chickens eggs
butter or any other product Into the
city for sale afro stopped at the gate
nnd required to pay n tax proportion
ed to the value of their articles At
tho depot all passengers on suburban
as well as through trains must have
their bags and packages examined and
pay for any wares they are bringing
Into the city brlngllllII II
It b Made In dreiit Variety and J
of Excellent Quality
1 A great deal of good leather comes
out of tho Bea not the kind of leather
that comes from the backs of walrus
seal rind otter Everybody knows
about that There is a queerer leather
which comes from the bodies of tlsh
An extremely fine quality of green
leather made in Turkey Is manufac
tured from tho skin of an ugly iUh
called the angelfish This is a kind of
shark n shark with thick wlngllkc
fills that have earned for him the nanio
of angel though ho does not look a bit
like nn angel but rather tho opposite
The sword grips of tho otllcers of tho
German army arc made from shark
leather too They arc beautiful In
pattern being marked with dark dla
mouth shaped figures This skin comes
from a North tea shark known na tho
diamond shark German leather man
ufacturers have tried to produce a
leather from animal hides that shall
supplant the skin but In rain Unlike
animal leather fish leather Is abso
lutely Impervious to water and never
gets soggy from dampness therefore It
is ideal for sword grips as no matter
how much the band may perspire the
grip remains hint and dry
i The sturgeon despite his lumpy ar
mor furnishes n valuable and attrnc
t the leather When the bony plates are
i taken off their pattern remains on the
skin just as the pattern of alligator
scales remains on alligator leather Ibo
i Pacific coast sturgeon and tho stur
geon of the great lakes produce a
tough leather belting that is used to I
I make Irtces for joining leather belting
for machinery and the laces often out
wear the belting
The strange garfish an American
fresh water fish with long toothed
jaws like those of the crocodile tins a
slit that can be polished smooth until
It has a finish like ivory It makes
beautiful jewel caskets and picture
frames The skin of tbo garfish used
to bo converted Into armor by some
tribes of American savages The hide
is MO tough and hard that It makes a
breastplate that can turn a knife or
spear Some of the finer specimen
that have been l found are hard enough
to turn even a blow from a tomahawk
The savages who wore this flub
armor nisI used to wear n fish helmet
It was made from tho skin of the
prickly porcupine fish and besides pro
tecting tho wearer head It was used
as nweapon of offense The warrior
butted their enemies with It and as
It had hundreds of Ironllkc pikes the
operation was eminently painful to the
object of attack
In Gloucester the king town of
fish the humble cod has been utilized
with success for making leather for
shoes and gloves In Egypt men walk
on vandals made from tho skins of lied
sea fish In Russia certain inmsant
costumes tore beautifully trimmed with
the liklnstof a fine food flub tho tur
boG 1 UbSkTAnders blndlfooks with eel I
skin ThTecIskln serves another and
less I pleasant purpose It Is braided
Info whip The writer was the un
happy member of a European private
school mires one of these eelsklu
whips wax n prominent Instrument of
discipline a nnd he has never cared for
eels since ben
Along tljtt big salmon rivers of Si
beria the natives often wear brilliant
leather garments dyed red and yellow
I They are made from salmon skins In
Alaska beautiful waterproof bags ore
I made front all sorts of fluhsklns
The queerest use Is that to which tile
Intestines of the sea lion arc put They
are slit and stitched together to form
hooded coats which are superior to
India rubber as waterproof garments
Walrus intestines are mado into rails
for boats by the Eskimos of north
western America Canadian Harness
and Carriage Journal
Sydney Smith and Animal
Sydney Smiths love of animals led
him Into ludicrous mistakes at times
as when having given his pigs fer
mented grains he found them all
drunk and grunting God Have the
King about the sty and when he al
lowed ono of his quadrupeds to swal
I low a mighty done of pills boxes and
1011 lint his bnck scratcher was a
good Idea tie had a theory that every
animal delights to scratch Its back
bone BO ho put up his universal
Bcratcher n sharp edged pole resting
on a high and n low pout adapted to
every height from n borne t + a limb i I
Before nil his gnus used to bo broken
after the erection of the Kcratcher he
never sustained any damnge and the
only quiKtlijii writ which was the more
pleased with dIP invention ho or tin
arilmals as they titillate 1 heir hldM
The Plrnl fnilrrlld
Those who mipiwuo Uiit till umbrel
la Is a modern cnntrlvmioo will bo Mir
prised to learn that umbrellits may be
found sculptured on somo bf the Egyp
tian monuments and on the Nineveh
ruins That umbrellas bearing n close
resemblance to those of today were In
I use long before the Christian era Is
iiown by their representation In tho
designs on ancient Greek vases Thf
umbrella made Its first appearance In
London about tho middle of the eighteenth
eenth century when ono Jonas Han
way It Is said thus protected himself
from the weather at tho cost of much
ridicule Harpers Weekly
Trrnkart of nuinln
All tho czars of Itumla have been
crowded In the famous Kremlin In
Moscow and in the treasury there are
the thronesOf nil the emperors of the
past as well as the historic jewels and
i the choicest t plate now owned by the
Ituulan crown There are 000000000
i worth of gold > and silver all precious
stones In that treasury and there ant
1 I basins of gold there as big as a baby
bathtub rtiid two card tables of solid
lb allverlo
tiAo < ooooooo0oo000
Death Dealing Swamp lat That
I Grow In Nicaragua
Mr Uunstan naturalist who spent
I t nearly two years In Central America
I In tho study of the flora and fauna of
tho country relates tho finding Of a
singular growth In ono of the Bwampu
which surround tho great lakes of Ni I
caragua IIo was engaged In hunting
I for botanical and entomological sped
mens when he heard his dog cry out
as If In agony from a distance Ilun
I nlng to the spot whence tho animals
I cries came Mr Dunstan found him
j enveloped In n perfect network of what
Deemed to be a fine ropellko tissue of
I i roots and fibers Tho plant or vino
I seemed composed entirely of bare In
I terlacing stems resembling more than
anything else the branches of tho weep
lug willow denuded of Itx foliage hut
of n dark nearly black him nail cot
I i creel with 11 thick viscid gum that ex
udnl from the pores
i Drawing his knife Mr Dunstnn en
dttivored to cut the animal free but
I It was only with the greatest dUDcully
lit ho succeeded In revering the
fleshy muscular fibers To his honor
and amazement the naturalist then
saw t that tho dogn body was blood
stained while the skin appeared to
have been actually Bucked or puckered
lu spots and till animal staggered as
If front exhaustion In cutting the
vine tho twigs curled like living sinu
oils fingers about Mr Dunstans hand
nnd It requlrtxl no slight force to I tnt
the meml > er from Its clinging grasp
which left the flesh ml nnd blistered
The gum exuding from the vino was
Of n grayish dark tinge remarkably
adhesive and of n disagreeable animal
odor powerful and nauseating to III
The native servants who accompa
nied Mr Dunstan manifested the
greatest horror of the vine which they
tall thin devils snare and were full
of stories of Its death dealing power
lie was able to discover very little
about the nature of the plant owing to
the difficulty of handling It for Its
grasp can only be t turn away with the
loss of skin and even of flesh but ash I
near as Mr Dunstan could ascertain
Its power of suction Is contained In a I
number of Infinitesimal mouths or lit I
tie suckers which ordinarily rinsed i
open for the reception of food If the I
substance Is animal the blood IK drawn
off anti the carcass or refuse then
dropped A hump of raw meat boln
thrown It In the short spare of fl
minutes tho blood will bo thoroughly
dnmk off nnd the moss thrown aside
Its voracity Is almost t beyond belief
la Case of Fire
The chief of the Philadelphia fire de
partment has published n sot of mien
In Cime of Fire They ought to bo
learned by heart like the multiplica
firm table so that when needed they
will spring automatically to the mind
First sound the alarm
Close the door and open till win
down A closed 1 door Is a wonderful
protection against tlnme nn open win
dow lets tho bent and smoke out
Do not fear thick smoke too much I
Go down on your hands and knees I
ou will and no smoke near the floor
Nine times out of ten you cnn desced 1
a stairway so Many have Iteen burn
ed to death because they thought a
smoke filled stairway meant an Impas
sable one There Is plenty of pure
air to breathe near the floor
Should the lire have gained such
headway that all exits aro blocked
shut yourself In n front room and lean
far out of the I window so that tho fire
men can Bee you Once they neo you
It is reasonably sure they will rescue
you Above all keep cool Tho majority
of denths from fire would have been
averted if tbo victims had not lost
their heads
The Sncmdrnp
It seems that snowdrop Is not the
oldest name by which this familiar
and pretty flower wait known Once
upon a time It used 1 to be called fair
maid of February because It bloomed
about the date of the Candlemas festi
val when twelve girls dressed In whlto
were wont to walk In procession As
the rhyme puts It
Tho anowdrop in purest while array
First rears her head on Candltmai day
It was held as sacred to tho memory
of the Virgin for that It blossomed In
honor of her first visit to the templo
with tho child Jesuit The helmet flow
er was another home for It In allusion I
to Its supposed resemblance to n hel
met In Homo countries of north Hti
rope It W iftyled ummcr gowk because
It npiH nrs onl this first sunshine of tho
year under the notion poor gawk cir
fool that slimmer has come In cer
tnln parts of England It Is considered
unlucky to take a single snowdrop In
to n IIOUHO at the season of Its first
Three Natural narnnirtrrn
From the earliest days of the war
men have found fascination In trying
lo foretell tin weather There Is I on
old chop In Brooklyn who ban three
barometers as ho styles thlIIn thJ111
I fl hive of bees and ft bundle of corn
fodder As every farmer knows full
well corn tidier extremely sensitive
to liygromMrlc chunges When dry I
and crisp it Indicates fair weather 1
when damp and limp look out for rain
A bee was never caught In n shower
therefore when his bees leave their
htvo In search of honey he knows that
the weather Is going to 1m good As
for thn cat every ono known about tho
tricks of pussy and tabby The act of
washing the face a dart 6f dry wash
with the tore paw Is a sure sign of n
change In the weather If below the
eyes only fair Weathers If over the
cars rain If puss licks her hair
against tho grain or sits with her tall
to the fire look melt for lijunils Ihltfl
delphla Ledger
c c
Tho Kind You Hnvo Always Bought nnd vlilch has been
in USe for over CO years hny liorno tlio elpmtnro of
and lilts been iimdo under hits llcrI
V j nonnl unporvlslou HIICO Its Inftncyl
ft ccc ft Allow no ono to dccnlvo you In thin
A5i CtoRaitorltft Imitations anti JiixtnasomL nro hub
Experiments that trlllo with and cnilnn r the health of
Inttuits and Children Bjcycrlouco ngidnst ExfrviNv H
Coftorla Is n harmless nubstltttto fur CHstor OH Pare
gone Drops nnd 8001111111 Syrupy It M IMcnmtuC Ut
contains neither Oiilnni Morjihlno nor filler Nnrcotlo
mbaUmco Its ngo Is Its guarantee 1C Ucyitroys Won
and allays FovcrbUucss It cure DlavrUtpn nULl Wind
Colic It relieves TfjcthliiK1 Troubles curg ConsUpatloa
and Flatulency It ossiinllalcs tho xrM1 > J c VJl iieW biatt
fltonutcli rind Dowels giving healthy and natural deep
Tho ChlldroiiH Panacea Tho Blothera tVUjmL
s Soars tho Signature of
cCi q = no
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Uae For Over 30 Years
a TMfaatausrarrrrvresteLrwvte1w
Colorado HU 6000 mile of trout
streams and 500 Ukej Open season June I
to Oct 31 Some of the finest tubing waters
in the State ire within a few hours of Denver
and Colorado Spring other are funhcr afield
In Colorado doubly enjoyable
ITw I trilnt > djrl the Rock Island System
ChkjfD to Colorado Theo or Krvlcc from
rocnI I 1
S StpttmSrr 1010 for the uuaJ hip from
i I Chkiroi IS from St Louis
Full information at this
office Call or write
It I McOcim
DUtrkt Passenger Actnt
38 K I 4th SU Cincinnati 0
r =
The following low excursion rates
have been nnthorized from 1ailucnh
to St Load Mo anti return by tbo
llllnoli Central Railroad company on
account of worlds fair
On smile daily until November IB
Rood rotnrniiiK until Docombor 111
1860 I
On Sale daily nnttl November 20
Rood returning for no days but not 1
later than December 15 710 I
Coach excursions for which tickets
will ba laid Jnno 0 ll in SI I 33
28 and 00 081 I goal returning
levendnyK from dato of salo Coach
oxonrilon tickets will not bo good in
sleeping or drawing room curs nUll
bgR > Ro should not bo checked
O A LITTELL Ticket Agent
Union Depot
Juno 7 l6oi I
Owing to jwrslitont coinplalDlH of
pun and boys in the rlforwboro they
are exposed to passersby Chief of Po
lice Collins has Issued orders to police
officers to hereafter arrest nil offend
era ComplalntH baro been umda of
offenses from the Seacoast plant in
MeohanlcibnrK to tbo incline and tbo
oillcon will hereafter warn no ono but
proceed to arrest I
A dose of Dalian a 1I0r hound
Syrup win rollovo U Huvoyouacolilll
A dose of Herbino at Led tuaa and
frequent cmiill doses of Ilprohond
Syrup during the day will remove It
Try it for whooping cough for ustliina
for consumption for bronchitis Mrs
Joe MoQrath 27 E let street Hutch
mason Kan writer I liavo oHod
BallardB Horehound Syrup in my
family for 6 year and find it the best i
anti most palatable medicine I over
used II 25o COo flOO
Tho Kentucklans fared welt In io >
outing adinliiion to and seats in the
Republican national convention at
Chicago t I
VVeituioroland Kan May 6 1003 i
Kallartl Snow Mnlmout Co Your
Snow Liniment cured nn old toro on
tho silo of uiy chin lint was npPOIOlII J
to bo a cancer The sore wu stubborn
and would not yield to treatmentI I
until I tried Snow Liniment whichi i
did the work in hort order My ill 1
ter Mrs Sophia J Uarion Allen >
IIIt t
vlllo Miflln Co PH hits a toro nUll
mlstrntt that it ls n cancer Plcaio
end her a flOo bottle t
Sold by DoUot Kolb fs Oo Pndll
cab Ky it I i
Doromlii who pitched independent r
ball for Mayflold but year to with
Grecuvillo Mim in the Cotton StateH
ItaRno this Benson dull pitching 1 the
notnflnol ball Ho pitched hero
against the Ltx Foi tonui Init yeart
and ii left handed s
If you pro IdTdeprcFied and
htcallnbIOJlorwtM indicate that
your llverisonl hi ittar UOfLIDO will
assist nl11u to JVOIl hesdaohe
rhonmatlflm rind MiliuonU akin to
nurrotisniwi and ruitoro the cuofgif
nnd vitality of Hooml null perfect
health JiL JLubbanl Temple
Texas writes Maroll 23 t D02II I
hftTO mod Ucrbluo for the pantfwo
yearn It hat Bono mo more good than
all tho doctors When I feel bacl ndI I
biiro that tired feeling I tako a dote
of Uorblno It is the bOlt medicine
over iniido for chilli nUll foyert t 60
cent n bottle
Sold by DuIJols Kolb Co Padit
cab Ky
Fort Wayne InilUonry Parkri 10
years old was arrested charged with
the murder of n boy at Toledo 0
last Sundayt I

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