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The Paducah sun. (Paducah, Ky.) 1898-1906, April 06, 1905, Image 7

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1NlltwAel M tl v
t1 I i i 1 t s LIII 1111 t i i l f wl 1 LII t II II
I JvM I l < r 1 1 I t I 1 t i l r
Lf t del I11 tI 1j 1 t 11 l 11W r
1I ° f I 1
JrJr S
Vmo lW 1 logs o the JWI f f 1
i I I Sri Morning
fttli 1 4 11 0 JI I
I Jti Jt i 11 rI vIQgl 1 h gl iIlI 1 111hr1t I
i 1 1 i 1 l I
cn1u rent IX
Hfo Mllor went utter those neon
Tfill I In n mood of rehutk i
I M tt > rlty I f Thtis fur the nwilnr
J denUdi of Hrtlnbow Isjnnd 1
imil dwelt tOKothor In pcnco nnil nut
tunl goal will but each itlintiiutlvo
wollWoii itnixt liO I tntight not to pull
nay Btrlnca lie found Uid promiscu
ously to trees or Makes All it pro
Iliulimry cwiy Jeiikn resolved l t to try
fomi combined vlth nrllllce Pnlllnit
complelo HUCCOBH Imo would oinlciivor
to kill every monkey In tlio place
thotiKli lie land In full inutHuru mho In
hmMl dlallku of AngloIndia to the
Hlnylng of Iliu treu people
flats then UWlmt he did After
filling n blHitilt tin with good Hired
pebbles ho doimod a Dynk lint Mouse
mid hell rubbed enrtli I over his nci t
mid hand nod proceeded to twit I the
WOUWQUII uierdl itly For more than
nn hour he undo their live misera
ble until nt the more night of him they
lied Hhrluklng nnd gurgling like n
thousand vntur InittlcH Finally lit
coimtrncted several I Dynk scarecrows
mid revtfil one to guard each of lili
ahirm gnus The devlco was thor
oughly Directive ThentTforth when
BOIIIO adventurous monkey swinging
with bonds or tnll among the tree
Imps In the morning ncntvh for nppetlz
lug nut or lusiJotu plantain IInw one
of those fennioiiio bogies liu mined I
snob a hubbub that t t all bin eompauloiu
Hcampereil Imntlly from the eonllupa of
the wood to thl Inner fafttnetwefl
During each of time two daily exami
nation of tlio horizon which lie never
omitted Jenkn niluutely ocrutlnlzed
tlio sea between Italnbow Island and
time distant group It wan perhaps n
needle t precaution The DynUrt would
come nt nlsht With n favorablo rind
they need not set Mall until dusk nUll
their lleet minipiiiw would eaully rover
the Intervening forty miles In live
He could not bo positive that they
wero nrtnal Inlmbltantn of the Islands
to the Kouth The China wit awarniH
with Wiindorlng pirates and the tribe
vhjHo animosity he had earned might
bo diually noxious to some peaceable
Jailing community on limo coast Again
mid again ho debuted the ndvlaablllly
of constructing 11 seaworthy raft anil
endeavoring to make the pnsBage Hut
Ibis would ho risking all on a fright
ful jtuertalnty and the accidental Ills
covery of the wtglos nest bad given
him new hope Hero ho could make n
determined and prolonged Htand aunt
In tlio mum help must come SO ho dis
missed the navigation project and de
voted 1 lilniMCif wholly to the perfecting
of the natural fortress In tho rock
That night they llnlahctl tho type lad
der indeed Jcnku was dctenulncd not
to retire to rest until It was placed IK
did not care to try n second time to
carry Iris to that elovated perch
Ono of the first thing t he contem I
plated was tho destruction If possible
of tho point on tho opposite elite which
commanded tho ledge This however
was utterly Impracticable with tho ap
pliances at his command The top of
the rock sloped slightly towanl the
west sad nothing short of dynamite
or regular quarrying operations vould
render It untenable by hostllo marks
During tho day bis rifles nt ninety
yards nnigo might bo trusted to keep
tho place clear of Intruders Hut at
night m that wan limo dlillculty Ho
i partially nolred It by fixing two rests
on tho Icdno to support a rltlo In exact
lino with tho center of time enemys
mtpposed position and as n variant bn
the outer rest ho marked lilts which
corresponded with other sections of
tho entire front available to tho foe
liven then ho was not satisfied When
time pormlttod Jio made many experi
meats with ropes reeved through the
pulley mid attached to a rUle action
Ho might Invo succeeded In his IIInlnI I
object had not bla thought taken n
new hue HU aim was to achlcvn
snow nullwd of opening mill closing
the breech block by moans of twp
roper The dltUcully wan to secure the
prtllmlimry and tlnal lateral movement
of tho lover bolt but It suddenly oc I
inured to him that It ho could mtinuco
to convey the Impression that Iris and
ho bad mutt limo Islujul tho Dyaks woul1I I
BJ away iifttT n fruitless IIIIIICh Tlio
xutenco of ropes along tho taco of tho
rack an Isacntlal to his niccliiuileal
iivhonw would betray their whorlI I
about or ut any ruto excite dangerous
curiosity t1 < j ho reluctantly abandoned
hid oniiliuil design though mt whollI I
aa will bo Bitw In ilno course
In pursuance of his liitpjt Idea ho
sedulously removed from the foot of
time clllt nil tniccH of the clearance
effected I on tho ledge and although Jio
pruvMcd mipports for thin tarpaulin
ovorlng ho did not iidjuot It Iris I mid
ho might he perdu thvro for days with
out thulr rp rant being found out ibis
110IJollIlell IJIIGGOdl011 time U m cuBslly ot
hllliin their Buiplus i stares and am
m iiiliion mill wjiat spot could lea more
sultub o thiii tho cave
lit 1 Jviiks begun auig once morp In
Ilea Jntcror luborlua manfully wllh
pick nml pspvel in tlia lociility of the I
fault w Ut his Yell of antimony
jWnbjw Utund had 1 KVW l him I the
mitt llIiJl u114 1111l1li abQtt all
Vc 7
81 LOUIS t
TRACYt t tr
G Htjtdd + I
1I 1 I I a I I t tlo
tIlI I w
1 9tIlI w f 1 < i M 1
n pure yet iinvslorihlb love for n woinnn
beiiiitlfnliillko In body nnd mind And
now It l was to endow him with riches
that tnlf ht stir tho pulse of oven n
1Snulh African magnate for tho Bail
or unmindful of purpose other than
providing the re < inlglto cache shovel
Itiff and dolfbiR with the energy pecul
Inv to all his actions Biiddonly struck n
deep vein of almost virgin gold
To facilitate tho disposal nt a dis
Inane of tho disturbed debris ho threw
which ho subsequently dragged among
thin trees In order to dislodge Hit con
tents After doing this four Milieu ho
noticed certain metallic specks In the
fifth load which recalled tho presence
of tho antimony Hut the appearance
of tho sixth cargo was so remarkable
that It Invited closer Inspection
Though his knowledge of geology was
Blight ho won forced to believe that
tho oneclmeuri ho handled so dubiously
contained neither copper nor Iron
pyrites but glittering yellow gold
Their weight the distribution of till
metal through quartz In n transition
state between ah oxide amid n tellurlde
compelled recognition
Somewhat excited yet half skeptical
be returned 1 to thu excavation and
8eooMHl out yet another collection
This time hero could bo no mistake
Natures own alchemy had fashioned
n veritable Ingot Thcro were small
lumps hi tho oro which would only
need alloy at tho mint before they
could bo Issued as sovereigns so free
from dross were they
Iris had gone to Venus bath mid
would bo absent for Home time Jcnks
nat down on II hull Plump Ho held In
his band n snail tilt of oro worth per
haps L20 Slowly tho conjectures nl
ready pieced together In his mind dur
lug early days on tho Island caino
back to him
Tho skeleton of nn Englishman 1 ly I
lag there among the bushes near tho
well l tho Golgotha of tho poison filled
hollow tho mining tools both Chinese
and European 1 the plan on tho piece
of tliiah tho piece of tint Mechan
ically the tailor produced It from the
breast pocket of his Jersey At last
tho mysterious sign 3U divided by 1
revealed Its significance Measure thir
tytwo feet from tho mouth of the tun
lid dig ono foot In depth and you
auto upon the mother lode of this gold
ttcurlUK rock This then was tho se
cret of tho cave
rime Chinese knew the richness of the
deposit and exploited Its treasures by I
quarrying from tho outer side of the
hill Hut their crass Ignorance of inod
era science led to their undoing The
accumulation of liberated carbonic ncld
gas In the workings killed them In
scores They probably fought this un
seen demon with tho tenacity of their
race until time place Became accursed
and banned of all living things Yet
had they dug n little ditch nnd per
muted tho Invisible terror to How quiet
ly I downward until Its potency was dis
sipated by sea nnd air they might
have mined tho whole cliff with iui
The unfortunate unknown J She
of tho whitened bones might have
done this thing too Hut ho only pos
sessed tho half knowledge of time work
log miner and while shunning the
phtgno stricken quarry adopted the
more laborious method of making an
malt to strike tho deposit lie wtecccd
ed to perish miserably In the hour
when ho saw himself n millionaire
Was this a portent of tho fate about
to overtake the latest comersY Jcnks
of course stood up Ho always stood
square on his feet when the volcano
within him fired his blood
VW ho almost shouted I will
break the npell I am sent hero by
Providence not to nearcli for gold but
to save u womans life and If nil tho
devils of China and Malay are In league
against mo I will beat them
The sound of his own voice startled
him Whnt was nil till fuss about
With n harrow load of gold bo could
not buy nn Ilistants safety for Iris
nut to mention himself the language
UUUcitlly was Insuperable Were It
othenvlso the Dyuka would simply
linnlbng him uutll ho revealed the
Bourse of bis wealth and then murder
him ns mi effective safeguard against
foreign Interference
UU Not Puce since oho was hurled
ashore In bin arms had conks so t hill
forgotten her existence should Im ten
her They were partners In everything
appertaining to Ihu Bland Why keep
this mflrviloils Intelligence from her
11hilt 1
but by L reason of bin love for her
Once years ago when his arduous pro
fessional studios were dUtracfcd by
n momentary Infatuation for n fair
face n woman had proved fickle yhcn
tempted by greater wealth 111111
possessed For long Uo wag n con
tinued misogynist to isle gront and
lasting gain nn n leader of men UutI I
with more equable judgment iumo a
fixed resolution hot to t marry unless
hid prospective bride cared only for
him altl not for hats position To a
staff corp < pflcori even one with q
small private Income this was no
unattainable ideal 1IJtfll he I met wHI
tint t tmlww e lied liOllT of tkrf court IUllr
tint tVlillO his noiil Hlllt riulrcmt I
under the lash of that crrlbto down
fall Iris fatnd Ititd his life ltd knew
list t what llllhtht l JiajjiicnK they Word
rescued Tlib timid wotllti illicitly pass
until time old order was resumed she
to no biick to her position In society
ho to t become again it disgraced ex
ofllcer apparently working out n mere
existence before tho hint or hamllnrf
platen In it saloon
Would It not bo n sweet dcllntice of
advcrnlty were ho able even under
niicb rondltlotifl II win her lore JlIIII
then illscbxo lo hoY the pjtenllallllei
of the Island 1orchancc 1 he mlttht
fall Though rich an tVoisiia ho would
fctlll bo tinder the Racial ball inched out
to n cashiered 1 ofllcer She was n girl
who eosin command the gift of coro
nets With restoration to her father
and home gratitude to hpr preserver
would r assuredly remain but alas love
might vanish like n mlragcl Then he
would net honorably lialf of the
stored wealth would be bent to do M
oho chose with It
Yes this was n possible alternative
In case of accident to himself mid her
ultimate escape he must Immediately
write full details of his discovery and
Intrust tho document to her to he
opened only after his death or nix
months after their release
Tho m Idca possessed t l him BO thorough
ly I that he could brook no delay Ho
nodrclicd for one of the notebooks laic
en from tho dead olllcent of tho Sir
dar mid scribbled thu following letter
Door MIA Dcan Whether I am living
or cloud when you reml these linos you
will know that 1 lovo you Colds Ire
pent that avowal n million times In at
many varied formi t should fad no better
phrase to express the dream I have cher
ished since n happy tale permitted mo to
snatch you from death Bo I simply cay
I lovo you 1 will continue to lave you
whllo lire lUll and It Is my dcarcit hopo
that In the life beyond tho grave I may
lUll be nbio to voice my lovo for you
nut twrhapi I am not destined to be
loved by you Therefore In the event of
my douth before you leave thoMslaml I
wish to clvo you Instructions how to nnd
n told mlno of Brent value which Is I hidden
In tho rock containing the cave You re
member the sign on the piece of tin which
wo could not understand Tho figure 32
donates tho utmost depth of the excava
lion and the 1 signifies that ono toot be
low mho surface on reaching limo taco of
tho rock there tA a rich vein of gold The
hollow on the other lido of tho cliff be
came tilled with nnhydralo gas nnd lima
stopped thy operations of tho Chinese
Who evidently know of the existence nt
the mine This Is all the Information the
experts employed by Blr Arthur Dcane
will need Tho facts are unquestionable
Assuming that I am alive we will of
courtc be copartners In tho mine If I
am dead I wish oticsixth share to bo
given to my uncle WlllUm Anstruthcr
Crossthwaltc Manor Northallcrtun York
shire as a recompense for his kindness
to ma during my curly life Tho remain
der Is to bo yours absolutely
lie read this remarkable document
twice through to make sure that It ex
actly recorded his Kcutlments lie even
smiled sarcastically nt tho endowment
of the undo who disinherited him
Pain in the
Hips and Groins
In most cases are direct results of
The strain on the Kidneys and In
flamed membranes lining the neck
of the llladJcr producing these
LARKS pains
Two doses give relief and one box
vlll euro any ordinary case of Kid
ney or Bladder trouble Hcrnovca
Gravel cures Diabetes Seminal
Kmiulgns Weak and Lame Back
HlioumntUm and nil irregularities
of lima m lllosnnd Bladder in both
men and women Sold at 60 cents
a box on the No Cure No Pay baits
by Mdhercons drug store Fourth
and Broadway solo agents for Pa
dumb or lent by mall upon receipt
of price to Lark Medicine Co Lou
j Jivllle Ky 1
I ps4 trouble with nr bowel which 1111 l nr
Llixhl impure I > I7 l fto wm e vre4 with rlinplti
wlilen I nnMUrotl Mineilir couM rtmori I lrU4
PmPisllappear wrM we mr Tub nlr tkt
iiluiliUi dliipptiri + utter ft mouths lad t at
ibar I I o t iNiui mlcl Ihem to al l uiy Irltoal end
suits a f x1avw ouad row < ft
Ufol lHieli W iark Av Kw Yotk Cllf N Y
Beat for
The Dowels
PlttiinlPaUUbl FoUnlTMltaood noOoo4 II
HT r III a lQ Wahn or mrip TaoondtOB0n4II l
1014 In h u lk The IrODllln blt Um > 4 CUO
UOual4 t
Uu > itDi < 4 ia curt 01 tour wo 7 u a1I
Bttrllag Rtmtdy Co Chlcsgo or NY 600
ABRAM iiviii i CO I
Telephoned Office 6y Re IJene j a
henry Mammen Jr
Rewound I nit and lhKkl
nook UMIng Uauk Work tell t
and Library Work a ltIClalty
tlmtl 5ghI fl sit vvltli this perttAitl lie lord
but the 1 two leave covered by time Idler I
and bewail to devise n ineahi of pro
ecilHft It securely wfdlc In IHs1 poj
At that moment bo looked up and i
sate her touting toward t him across the
beach brightly flushed ttftei her bath
tvalkln t like tl hjlnpli clothed hI tat
tereil Karnleulil IcrrelvliiS fiat he
wan watchliiit her silt wnvetl her hand
find ltittlnclvtly tiulckutitd her pace
Even I mow vhcil they were thrown to
Bother by the exlKcncles of catch hour
she disliked to bo long separated from I I
InMantly ibo Bcalea fell from bla I
mental I vision What Dlstruit Irlsl I I I
IiniiRlnc for ono second that riches or
poverty Rood repute or III would affect
that loyal heart when lea virginal font t
was tilled with tho lute that once In
her life comes to every truo woman
1erlSh time thoughtl
Laughing at his fantastic folly Jciika I
tore the letter Into little pieces It
might have been wiser to throw the
sheets Into time embers of the Ore closo
at Jiand but for tho nonce ho wan over
powered by the great awakening that
had come to him
Clued gracloilsl Dont gaze at mo In I I
that fashion I dont look like a ghost
do IV cried Iris when near enough to t
note his rapt expression
You would not object If I catledyou I
n vision ho Inquired quietly averting
hU eyes lest they should speak more
plainly than his tongue
Not If you meant It nicely lint i
fear that specter would be a moro ap
propriate word Just look at my beat t
gown I
Silo spread out the front widths of
her skirt and certainly the prospect
was lamentable The dress was BO
patched and mended yet so full of
fresh rents that n respectable house
maid would hesitate before using It I to
clean lire Irons
Is that really your beat dress ho
Yes This Is my blue serge The
brown cloth did uot survive tho soak
big It received In salt water After a
few days It nluiply crumbled Tho oth
ers arc muslin or cotton and have been
cr adapted
Theta U plenty of tneua clothinG
ho began
Unfortunately there Isnt another Is
land she said severely
Xo I meant that It might bo possi
halo to or contrive some sort of rig
that will servo all purposes
nut nil my thread Is gone I have
barely n needleful left
In that ease we must fall back on
our supply Of hemp
I suppose that might be mado to
serve she said You are never nt n
loss for an expedient
It will bo a poor one I fear But
you can make up for It by buying some
nice gowns nt Doueets or Worths
Sho laUghed delightedly Perhaps
In his joy at my rea peuraucu uiy dear
Is that milly totir belt drcttt
old dad may let mo run riot In Paris
on our way homo But that will not
last Wo are fairly well off but I can
not afford ton thousand a year for
dress alone
If I any woman can afford catch n
sum for Ibo purpose you nro at least
her equal
Iris looked puzzled ils that your
way of telling mo that flue feathers
would milk mo a fine bird she
No I Intend I t my words to bo under
stood In their ordinary sense You aro
very very deli Miss Dense rin ex
travagantly wealthy young person
Of course you know you oro talking
liouuoiiBo Wby only tho oilier day my
father said
Excuso mo What Is tho average
price of u walking dress from n load
lug Paris housoV
Thirty pounds
And nil evening drcssV
Oh anything from fifty upward t
lit picked up n few pieces of quartz
from tlC canvas sheet
Hero Is your walking dres ho
said handing her n Jump weighing
about a pound With the bnlnnco InI I
tho heap there you curt stagger the
best dressed woman you nivt at your
first dinner In England
Po yon mean by pelting l1etsho
liiUlrohiisclilovou l
Fur worse By wearing a moro ex
pensive costume
hits mniincr + was so earnest that bo
conipillcd seriousness Jrls took flaw
prolTtireil specimen nud looked at ItI I
From tho cave J supiMJsol 1 thought
yeti said nntlmony tvas not very raid
That la I hot nnlltildny U t la gold
By cbitnto 111011 t bit Upon nn extreme
ly I rich lodo of gold At the moat ntod
itst compulation It Is worth bltndreda
of thousand of pounds Yeti and 1 ore
quite < wealthy people Mss Deane
Iris opened her blue eyes very wldo
nt Hits Intelligence U took her breath
1anny But her Ural words betokened
her Ilitmtc nenso of fair dertllng
Yott and 11 Wcnllhyl elm gaiipcd
11I t
nit pray Mf Jcnka what Imvo I got to
do with IU
partners III this island By squatters
right if I by no better title wo own land
weird belongings M ancient lights and
nshlng privileges
u I dont FCC that at ash You flint n
nuts I
n Half owner of It because you dragged
mo out of the sea fed me housed me
Hitvcd uiy llfo from pirate and general
ly nand like n devoted nursemaid In
chargo of n baby Iteolly Mr Jenks
licitly Miss Dcane you will annoy
mo seriously It you say another wont
I absolutely refuse to listen to such an
argument t
Pop come lima they stood In silence
uutll the sailor commenced to reproach
himself for his rough protest Perhaps
bo had hurt her sensitive feelings
What u brute he was to be mircl Sho
was only a child In ordinary affairs
and he ought to hate explained things
mand over hIs temper And nil thin
time Iris face was dimpling with
amusement for site understood him so
well that had ho threatened to kill her
she would have laughed at him
Would you mind getting tho lamp
ho said softly surprised to catch her
expression of saucy humor
Oh please may I speak she In
quired I dont want to annoy you
lie had forgotten his own Injunction
Bald If you bring the lamp wo can
nClose good look at It
Closo scrutiny of the work already
done merely confirmed tho accuracy of
his first Impression Whllo Iris held
the light ho opened up the scam with a
few strokes of the pick Each few
Inches It broadened Into a noteworthy
volcanic dike now yellow In its abso >
glute purity at times a bluish black
when fused with other metals Ibo ad
ditional labor Involved caused him to
denly the Homo of tho latnp began to
passage between cave and ledge
They camo back Into the external
glare Iris was now so serious that she
forgot to extinguish the little lamp
She stood with outstretched baud
There Is a lot of money in there
she said
Tons of It
Nt > need to quarrel about division
There Is enough for both of us
Quito enough We can even spare
some for our friends
Time hour drew near when Jcuks
climbed to the Summit rock lie shoul
dered ax and rlflo amid set forth Iris
heard him rustling upward through the
trees Sho set some water to boll for
tea and while bringing a fresh supply
of fuel passed the spot whero the torn
scraps of 1IIIIIer littered the sand
She was the soul of honor for n wo
man but there was never a woman yet
who could take her eyes off n written
document which confronted her Sho
could not help seeing that one small
morsel l contained her own name
Though mutilated It had clearly read
Dear Miss Deaue
So It was Intended for much she
cried throwing down her bundle and
dropping to her knees She secured
that particular slp and examined It
earnestly Not for worlds would she
pick up nil the scraps and endeavor to
sort them Yet they had a fascination
for her nnd at this closer range she
saw another which boro the Ilgenl1I
love youl I
Somehow the two seemed to fit to
gether very nicely
Yet a third carried tho same words
I lovo you They were still quite
coherent She did not want to look
any further She did not oven turn
over such of the torn pieces as had
fluttered to earth taco downward
Opening tho front of her bodice sho
brought to Ihht n muall gold locket
containing miniatures of her father
and mother Inaldo this receptacle alto
carefully placed the three really mate
rill portions of the sailors letter
When Jcnks walked down tho Ml
again ho heard her singing long before
ho caught night ° f her sedulously tpud
lag the are
As ho camo near ho perceived tho re <
mains of Ids useless document Ho
stooped and gathered them up forth
with throwing them among tits glow
tug logs
By the way what were you writing
while I had my bath Inquired Iris lIlt
inurclySome Information nbout time mine
aft second thoughts however I sale It
nua unnecessary 1
Quit was that nil
Practically all
Then eoino part was Impractlca
Ho glanced sharply at her but Bho
was merely talking at random
Well you see ho explained QUO r
can do BO little without tho requlslta
plant ride sort of oro requires A
crushing mill a smelting furnace per
Imps big tanks flllod with cyanide of
And of course although you can da
wonders you cannot provide all thoso
h1l11J81 calf you f
Junks deeme hula query to bo tawn
Tbcy were busy pgaln until night
fell 8Utlt > g < o wa JOt ia lulls I wimps be I
Use Shoffners Sure Cure Me
The Great full M imi hrlflir ifti l liitlfcullon
Nowhet I
where does the blood come from Everybody known or should know
that t it cotitesi from the nutritive eletiieuto extracted t by the stomach
from the food f we cat If the digestive organs do not perform their
functions by reason of disease germs there is no nutrition extracted
I aunt the food might better be thrown lit the dump to decay ohd breed
I germs In the open air than to remain In the stomach and become a r
I rotten putrid mass as It naturally does If there is no digestion No
disease germ can live anti find lodgment IM n human body that uses
the Shoffncrs Sure Cure Price too
What Pcopld Say of the Sholfncr
Sure Cure
PABUCAH Ky March 5 1903
To Whom It May Concern
MayThis Concernthat
This le I to certify that I was a luffcret
wit It Indigestion for five yearsand could
Crt no relief until I bought one bottle of
5hofnera Sure Cureamd It helped ofI I
so mink that I took tix bottle nud It
hit ctred me sound and well thanks
to Ibo ShoWners Sure Cure
110 Mss JOHN SMKOLKV 806 S Third 9t I
Leaves Paducah for Tennessee River
Every Wednesday at 4 p m
This company li not responsible for
Invoice charges unless collected by the
clerk of the boat
S P POOL Manager
705 South Third StreetReildence
Reildence oyer ore
Both Planes no Prices Reasonable
Office HQUTI 609 Broadway
8 AoIU to 4 pta Paducah Kj
De A salk 7 t Prop
Newest best hotel t In the city
Rates 300 Two large sampl
rooms Bath rooms 13lectrit
lights The only centrally located
hotel In the city I
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rook 1111 Hjdg I + gtlpm tad 1rostwa y
This is l to certify that I bellete the
Shotfuer Sure Cure Bayed tny literI
was not able to lit up In bed when I
began taking the remedy I had inch
a severe CouRts 1 thought I tad con
aunt tlor lhlIlclull had given 1IIe up 1
tn die After taking one bottle I wall
able to alt up some After using five
bottles I was fully restored to health t
derfut remedy for Indigestion
lea aUK ORAHAM Moscow Ky
If after using one bottle according to directions you arc not bene
filM your money will be refunded
For Safe by All Druggists PJDMAH J KENTUCKY
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UmliCr3mleZNS7 2 ZLZB
Tbo groat rcmeo > tor nertom erosuation nrt f ni diwntitr ot Iho rencratini
organsof eltbep cr such Ai Henoull Irntretlon Pdmtnq or ton Manboo1
InnpatencrNIghtlyLmlssionsYouthful Errors MutaiWorry exeesttrouse
or Tobacco or Opium nblch lead to Connutniulon sue lotauity With iGtlfflI
t > 3 order ws uuuranleo o nu e or rnuu > l the Money Hold IU alOU per hot
0bees rOt esoo JJUllJorH cnJI 1LCO ciovoiauu UbI
fflCK River front between Ctnrt and Wash tixton streets liltpbcuf fit
400 All niters iirce or malt IIFtc ivc I omnt nttentlnri
foro retiring to rest they discussed for
the Hundredth time tho probabilities oi
speedy succor This led them to the
topic of available mipjillra amid the
sullor told Ida the dlsposltlous he had
To Be Qontlnufd
Cures Coughs and Colds
Mrs C Peterson C25 Lake street
Topeka Kan says Of all cough
remedies Dallards Horehound Syrup
Is my favorite It has done and will
do all that Is claimed for Ittu
speedily cure all coughs and colds
and U Is so sweet and pleasant to the
taste 26C50C 1 bottle
Sold by DuBois Kolb Co Pa
tlunah Ky
St Louis and Tennessee
liver Packet Company
Tho total number of all known va +
littles of postage stamps not Includ +
Ills errors Issued by all the got
ernments of the world up to the pres
ent Is 10242
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w + tnucntav PARK
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WA nswuIsY
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irreter them li I I paiR
i ilatorshoei4 baapplle °
heWMtltm Colds
occh Weak Ckeett
Weak Back Urn
bare Selatloat
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ji sticgtatcr I
Fear pains In the region
of tho Shoulders or for t
Weak Back tho p aster
nhould be nplillril All
shown In illustration
Tlila painful
troulilo can bo reo fft Ii
lyu lnf nn HQ Lr
cUtloPortutPliiir j
ter Vrm tho
plaster before up
plyinalf not re l
deist b bedtime I
place ft not water
ball agaliut tlie f
planter out tie + 1
boulder a
Formerly of Suilthland
List of new subscribes added by
the Hast TeaHtMce Telephone
company todayx1
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shop 823 Ky 1 aye
1879 Tllley Ellen Hctfdance
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723 8 Thirteenth
1870 Perryinan Itlll p 13 HOB
Idoncp 1S40 t 8 Sixth
1877 WnlHar danli Realdejiqe <
80Q Uockman ave
Remember we Hire tree country
service complete long distance con
nettlons and a Hit of over 3ldO w j
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