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1 ti
t For Kentucky Tonight rnln
or w ow Cloudy tomorrow
orv A 9
m I t n uta 1 < l ti 1 < pO J
At a Meeting Held Last Night Reductions
F Were Agreed On in Several
A meeting of the finance commit
tees of tho aldermen antI councilmen
i and tho mayor and Auditor Kirk
land will be hold tonight to confer
about the appropriations for all thi
I departments of tho city governmon
j this year
I j A meeting of all of the mombori
of tho two legislative boards wai
hold at tho office ofoW T Miller
chairman of the finance committee
of the aldermanic board last nigh
to discuss the appropriation net In >
general way and exchange vlows of
t the question
No definite Information ns to whti
was dono wan given out today bul
rtnough Is known to know that the
Jr Appropriations will bo cut ton goo
many of tho department I enough to
make a big reduction In the general
expenses for this year and that the
tax rate can and will most probably
I be reduced at the toast 25 cents on
the 100 to about 150 or 1C5
Just what will be demo about ro
duclng the number of police was not
hon put but It Is understood the
1 c KC will bo cut but tho fire depart
v nt will not be
t Tho members of tho now council
will tako care of the citys electric
plant Most probably Iho cupacit
1will by Increased a hundred arc light
and machinery Installed that will on
nblo the city to furnlnh all the re
quired Incandescent lights for all ol
the city government and public
K buildings Tho appropriation lust
I year was 10000 and this year will
probably be 118000 The plant will
require 5000 to put It In condition
I to handle the present demands and
I about 10000 to give tho wanted
a filed improvements i
Tho appropriations last year welt
as follows
Salaries 17500
I 1 Streets 28000
Fjro department 29000
Police dept Jailer 21400 I
Electric plant 10000
Wator 11500
I Real estate 2509
a I City unlit 1500
Oak Grove 2500
Hospital pauper and chari
ly Including Homo of the
Friendless 84000 0000
Sanitary Including pcslhousu
T 3000
General expenses 5000
Contingent fund 1500
Costs and suits 5000
J interest 25500
Floating dobt 13336
Sinking fund 8000
Library 5500
School 35000
f For J lOG tho salaries approprla
tfqn can hardly bo reduced any but
T lliu street npproprlatlon will bo cut
to probably 2000 Tho flro do
partmcnt will require ns much Tho
electric plant will bo well taken care
of Rotting probably 18000 but the
I i water approi > rlatlon can not bo roo
duced Tho Interest unit Kinking
fund accounts will bo reduced it trl
lIe and there is no floating debt to
lake caro of this year Last year tho
tlty had an obligation of this nature
i of 13333 Just what tho schools
will got has not been determined
and the library appropriation will
bo about tho same as last year
9 The contingent fund this year will
probably bo mado a big ono as it will
be the policy of tho now board to lot
each department carry only what It
should That Is tho street depart
ment will not bo charged for pow
fills or engineering work lucldcnta
to sewerage extensions bridges etc
and where a permanent Improvement
Is needed by any department It will
come out of the contingent fund ap
propriation being made by special
Ii t I ordinance
7One thing tho council will got no
pay for special meetings The nppro
prlatlpn act will allow for only forty
meetings a year and as ono council
man wild It a corporation or Individ
eel wants u special meeting to rush
nay matter through tho boards It or
they will havo to foot the expense
The now council will soon estab
lish n system In every department
of the city that will place it on a bus
f jnesB basis Somo of tho offices havo
fiectV run very loosly and a study of
their requirements Is being mado b
roombors of the boards with a view l
to lmi roveraent Ono will be a mova
builaeMHHQ method of making purr
chases for the departments and an
other in allowing tho bills wlthou
Iho endorsement of the chief of lhe
deportment for which purchases arQ
mado But these matters will como
up later
The appropriation for streets will
probably bo cut sumo Last yea
the appropriation was 28000
A member of tho board of publi
works said today thero arc 42
blocks of Improved streets In the
city and the wear and tear on then
Increases such year rue suburb
are growing rapidly throwing heat
ler traffic on somo of the back street
soma of which have never bad an
money expended on thorn for 1m
provcmentfi but which It Is now im
pcrntlvo should be given attention
To sweep the Improved street
that U the brick and bltullthic both
those down and under contemplation
will cbst 5700 Tho board want
to widen Broadway out boson
Fountain avenue and to build a nov
street which would bo 2 let street
from the Hlnklovlllo road through
Broadway via tho old pent house nm
on to thin depot as tho people in thin
cud of tho city are clamoring fat
ruche a street claiming they now have
to come down to Ninth street to cross
over to tho depot
All tho improved street Intersec
lions will como out of this fund loo
the board claims as will tho intersec
lions for the pavements and there
nro a good many low lots and fills
the board Is anxious to fill at once
Tho board will want about 1500
of new machinery to complete the
Fourth street fill Tho board silks
for an appropriation of 35000 but
It iro6ably liIi l undcrstand tha
the bow council will not charge K
with anything but actual street
work In Its recommendations II
asked for 1500 for tho two bridge
across Island creek and tho council
will take caro of them It thought
with a special appropriation The
board wan also figuring on an ox
pcnio of 1000 for engineering
work on the now sewerage district
nnd this may bo taken care of out
of tho contingent fund as tho boards
have announced their Intention of
taking care of all needed Improve
mente of such n nature In this way
It may bo decided however that
tho now boards will deem many of
these Improvements as much ns they
are needed and desired unnecessary
this year and decline to provide for
them until other things aro looked
after and Uio taxpayers have had
a breathing spell after three yean
of the uriost exorbitant taxation In
tho citys history These things
will probably bo decided tonight
The desire of the boards t > ocm to be
lo rescue tho people from such stron
lions taxation oven If for only ono
Officials of the city think that the
Assessment will probably bo Increas
ed this year over last 5 to 7 per cent
At 5 per cent the Increase In rove
nue would bo 6000 The assessed
valuation last year was between 8
DOO000 and 9000000 Tho total
revenues of tho city were 252dOO
The new license ordinance will In
crease tho revenues some nnd there
Is no doubt of the council cutting I
tho tax rato at least 25 cents on the
lOOO and then making liberal al
owanccs for needed Improvements
A member of the council said tor
day that It is not beyond the palo
jf possibilities that the tax rato for
I next year would bo placed at 150
and liberal allowances made for all
tho departments Tho council has
Found about 20000 to 25000
which can bo cut from tho annual
appropriations and hopes that tho
assessment this year will run to the
F 10000000 mark which would tend
to lower tho rate
Tho appropriations contemplated
for next year allow 3000 for pre
liminary work on the now sanitary
< owcrago district which Is ample it
s thought nhd 4000 for the 11
ray which will give tho library
about 1800 for now books Tho
schools will get 35c as directed by
the law
Tho street sprinkling question will
bo left to tho street committees of
both boards and a plan for sprlnk
ling along the linen suggested by the
board of works will probably < boOb
+ tr
Proprietor of Oklahoma Dive Rcscn
Closing of His Plans
Enid OHlfrftfanJ 1 11John I Can
non shot and killed Chief of Polk
Tom Iladford at the entrance of tho
Tony Faust saloon The shots struck
him In the back of tho head and body
Sentiment Is running high against
the slayer
The shooting Is said to havo been
caused by the chief making efforts to 1
close houses of 111 fame conducted by
Cannon Radford was carried to a
doctors office Cannon Is In Jail j
Sheriff Campbell took the prison
er presumably to Wakasha to catch n
train for El Reno for safe keeping
President Roosevelt Initiated Into
the Mysteries
IWnHhlngton D C Jan 111rci
dent Roosevelt was Initiated as
member of tho Improved Order ot
Red Mon this morning Tho ccremc
ny was witnessed by a number of gen
eral officers of the organization Thi
Red Men boast of a membership o
half a million
Goer tll Washington Next Week to
Attend National Waterways
Secretary D W Coons of the Com
mcrctal club has returned from a i
trip to Chicago and Cincinnati and
leaves again tomorrow for Cincin
nati whence ho goes to Washington
to attend tho national waterway js con
vention next week and then on tc
Mew a York to study the foreign Im
migration question with the view of
getting some of It diverted to Padu
cah and thin section of Kentucky
Senator Wheeler Campbell has In
troduced the two bills the Commer
cial club sent him last week One U i
to permit cities of the second class I
and counties to contribute to tin
support of commercial organization
and the other to permit cities of this
class and counties to make donations
to colleges and such institutions and
Senator Campbell says ho will do all
ho can to get them passed
A Former Hough Rider Who is In
Colorado Penitentiary
Denver Colo Jan 11Oov Mc
Donald has refused to pardon Curtis
C Waggoner who fought with tho
Hough Riders In Cuba and for whom
President Hoosovelt recently Intel
reded Waggoner confessed to horse
stealing and his term in the Colora
do penitentiary will soon expire
II ty n Pullman oil Wnbnsh Train Jum
ping the Trucks
St Louis Jan llSlx persons
iero badly Injured this morning
vhcn a Pullman car attached to a
Vabash train from Chicago to To
peka left tho tracks at Carr street
hoso Injured plunged through the
windows of the car
housaiidH of Tourists Enjoy Uiuis
mil Sight
Naples Italy Jan l1Thoro was
n sudden eruption of MountiVesuvlus
uexday and tho resultant scone of
picturesque magnificence was witness
cd by thousands of tourists Includ
Ing many Americans Three streams
o d lava reached the lower station of
the funicular railroad causing seri
OU8 damage Thero are Indications
hat the activity of the volcano Is In
The eruption Is thought to be con
nected with that of Mount Etna In
Icily which III In a state of nctlvl
t y without precedent since the crop
lon of 189D
Mount Etna Is nqw ejecting red
ashes which form an1 Immense cone
over the crater These ashes are In
trlklng contrast with the snow
which covers the main portion of the
Three Hod leu Unidentified
Haverstraw N Y Jan 11 Thrco
odles burned beyond recognition
were taken from tho ruins of tho hor
ror which occurred Monday night
Victory por Revolutionists Es
tablishes tho Autocracy
Martial JMW to He Declared For the
Red Sunday Cele
brut Ion
Troops Flied On Crowd
Ohatoff Russian Poland Jan 11
Troops fired upon and charge
crowds hero for over an hour ester
day Many persons were killed or
wounded =
To Commemorate Red Sunday
St Petersburg Jan 11The
worklngmcna council Is arranging
for n monster procession which It Is I
proposed to hold January 22 the an
nlvorsary of nod Sunday In mem
ory of the Martyrs killed that daj
It is reported the government In
tends to proclaim martial law In lho
city January 21 to continue In cffcc
until nil danger Is over
Uprising Strengthened Czar
St Petersburg Jan HIn an In
tcrvlow today with several promlncn
Russian citizens Premier Wtto de
clared that the outcome of rcccn
uprising In various parts l of the coun
trj have boon to strengthen the auto
cratlc powers of tho czar lIe said
Tho failure of the revolutionist
means that all power remains in tin
hands of line czar and ho Is now able
to do anything he desires Tho pco
plo have no Voice In affairs
Kentucky Legislature Sets Apart Jan
miry 30th
Frankfort Ky Jan 11Tho
house of ofrrprescntatlves today unnn
Imoufly d6ptddteu8liittbIf ssttif l
apart January 30 as Goebel Memo
dal Day The resolution provides foe
1 committee to arrange a program to
select a speaker
It is I Iho Intention to Take FeintiU
High Financier Tomorrow
Cleveland 0 Jan I1Mrs Cas
iilo tJ Chadwlck is to bo taken to tin
Ohio penitentiary at Columbus to
morrow morning Orders from tin
United States court to that effect
have been delivered to U Q Marshal
Tho Vote Was Very Decisive No
Kxpensss Allowed
Frankfort Ky Jan 11Dy a dc
iislvo vote the SlmsMcNutt contest
was decided In the senate In Mc
sutts favor Tho report adopted
allows Sims tho cotttcstcc no cxpcns
Railroad Tunnels Collapsed
Pcpplgnnn France Jan 11The
railroad tunnels being constructed on
lhe Vlllo Francho line collapsed to
lay killing three men and burying
wenty othersalive Tho work of try i
ng to dig out the burled men Is pro
Hendersons New Postmaster
Washington D C Jan 11It Is
suld today that S L Ward will bo
appointed to succeed Worsham ai
loatmastcr at Henderson Ky
Vheat Open Close
May 87 88 t
July 84 84
May 45 45 i
July t 4574 45
Ollt r
May I2 VA 32 ys
I > ork 0
May kr1402 1420
open i
Dlay V11GC 1151
July i 1160 1159
July 1135 llrJC
Jlln 1135 11 20
Mch ll1i3 1143
I C 175 170
L N 1523k 153
T CI 151 158
nllg 144 143
Money0 per cent
Question of Statehood Has Not Yet
Been Settled
Washington o C Jan nThe
statehood Insurgents In tho house
according to the latest claims hae
secured pledged from 47 republican
td vote against any rule against n
stipulated time for debate for or
against the bill Tho democrats line
up with the republicans a hundred
and cjgtyyfour votes only eight les
than enough to defeat the Stalwarts
Tho Stalwarts claim that certain
statehood will win out under tho di
rection of Speaker Cannon
Negro Fugitive Enticed Hint Into the
House and Murdered Him
Stamps Ark Jan 11Clt Ma
shal Few was killed while attempting
to arrest Mathew Williams a negro
Marshal Few was led into a trnp
In the house Tho negro attacked him
and seized his gun but the office
drew another revolver and killed Wil
liams Two other negroes rushed In I
and crushed Fews head with u
spade Both Were arrested
He Is In Favor of Adding an Incaii
descent IMnnt Also to the
Citys Present System
Alderman > W T Mlllor Is ono ot
the hardest working and most Inter
cstcd legislators In cither of tho leg
islative boards and is always on the
alert for any chance to give tho city
a lift or boost
Ho Is a frequent visitor to tho city
hall and since his Incumbency has
boon diving into tho records of the <
city with a view of thoroughly uc
qualntlng himself with tho ordlnan
ccs and measures in effect now Hi
isvorklnFw1U Clerk Bailey to got
together ordinances passed since thi
city ordinances were revised so that
they may bo published In pamphlet
Another ono of Mr Mlllora Ideas
Is In regard to Improvements to the
city electric plant Ho outlined
briefly his views In Clerk Baileys
I have been out With other nl
dcrmcn and councilmen looking l at
tho city electric light property he
explained and we havo plenty of
room to make Improvements which
will beat great benefit to tho city
I say Install machines for tho Incan
descent light system and furnish lire
city with electric lights for buildings
furnish tho residents too and make
n little money on tho side This can
bo done by extending the plant back
or on the side and we have plenty
of room to do this I looked at the
lot and there Is abundance of room
I I havo studied this matter out and
think that wo can get subscribers to
the city Incandescent light plant If
ono should bo Installed to take so
many lights for five years at a cer
tain prlco Tho plant would pay for
Itself and would bo a sate venture
for tho city
Is Hcing Found In Cleveland Fiiiati
clerH Hooks
Cleveland O Jan 11Experl
accountants arc digging Into the
b idoks of DenIson Prior Co and are
finding a fearful tangle It will prob
ibly tako a week to unravel tho af
airs so the bankers committee will
bo able to tell where tho firm stands
chat Priors speculations Involved
lho firm deeply is not doubted
iud tho Itrnkcninn Met Death Under
tho Wheels of His Train
Lexington Ky Jan 11 Edward
long a Louisville I and Nashville
relght brakeman was Instantly kill
el d while making a coupling this mar
ntfvHIs foot slipped on the Ice and
h e tell under the train Ills head was
evened and his body badly mangled
lie lived at Covington
Ins Ihucmaoniaand Is In n Critical
Now York Jan HJ Marshall
Meld the Chicago merchant prince
Is said to be In the most critical con
lltlon at the Holland House It is
aid ho has pneumonia <
Was One of the Worlds Most
Noted Educators
Had IJccn 111 For Several Years and
Ills Case Was Always a Hope
less One
i I
Chicago Jan nDr William
Ralney Harper president of tho Uni
versity of Chicago since Its Inception
one of the foremost educators andi i
one of the most learned Hebrew scho
lars of his time died yesterday of
cancer of the Intestines Three years
ago Dr Harper underwent an oph
oration for appendicitis and syrup =
toms were then discovered which oJ i
the surgeons to suspect graver trou r
1bles 1
February 22 1905 an operation
was decided upon to determine the
nature and cause of severe abdominal
pains from which he had suffered for
several months It was then dfscov
ered that Dr Harper was suffering 1
from cancer Physicians decided
there was nothing that could be
done by them and that tho only
hope of Dr Harper lay In remedial
measures alone In a short time h4
left the hospital and took up his du
ties at the university as though noth >
ing had happened or was likely to
happen to him Although Dr Harp
er never deluded himself with talsoI I
hopes he faithfully attempted what
ever offered him a hope of recovery
He visited Europe and remained for
a time at Carlsbad and he consulted
the most eminent specialists of the
continent Despite all that was done
Tor him ho lost steadily
Just prior to the holidays a por
tion of his strength came back and
It was thought that under the luau
encl of a milder climate his health
would Improve Preparations were
made for tIm J6urneytbTho south ftjtjl
but at the last mtriute he was too feec
the and It wasI0Il
ble to attempt trip was
abandoned During tho last fort l
night his strength failed rapidly and
It was evident to his medical attend
ants the end could not be far off His
Immediate relatives were summoned
and all were at the house yesterday
when he died
The body will remain In charge of
the family until Saturday It will
then be transferred to the Haskcll
assembly hall on tho university
grounds where It will Ho In state un
til Sunday after midday under a
guard of honor composed of students
if the university Funeral services
will be held In Mandel Hall at the
inlvcrslty Sunday afternoon at 2 +
> clock Addresses will 1je delivered
by t President Faunco of Drown Unl
rerslty Chancellor Andrews of
University of Nebraska and DeanIi
Judson of the University of Clc gor
I Dr Harper was born In le Cont
I ord 0 in July 18CC graduated
vlth the degree of A D from Musk Y
ngum college of that place In I 1870
Then he wenlto Yale University
where he carried on studies of a spc Ir
clal character in languages Next
ear he acted as president of tho 1
lasonlc college at Macon Tenn IIIf
87079 he resided In Granville 0 J >
RS tutor In DennlsVm University and 1
irlnclpal of the Oranyllle academy
appointed professor fat
In 1880 he was
at Hebrew In the Baptist Union The
logical seminary of Chicago where
ho remained for five years Then Ko
rent to Yale as professor of Semitic
anguages remaining until 1891
when he was elected president of the t
Chicago University end has remajn
ed at the head of the Institution over
Celebrate EightyFirst HIrlhday
Hopklnsvlllo Ky Jan 11la
Jar John W Brcathltt the present
> ostmaster and the oldest living cIUI + I
zen who was born within tho limits
II Hopklnsvllle celebrated his elgh
l yfirst birthday Tuesday
Major Brcathltt was born In what
II known all the Hopson place one
or tho landmarks of this city on Jan
any 9 18 u His father was Jas r
Irenthltt for many years common
wealths attorney of this Judicial ills
net and who was w brother of ford
of Kentucky John j
tar Governor a
Jrcathltt who died while still In of
VIII Ho Appreciated by the Public
The street car company has put f
gnn on all Its cars stating whicht
line the cat runs which Is a great
onvcnleuco to Its patrons

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