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L TmE pyjtn Daily
l innnc uniT 111 iir WHISKY DID IT I NATONAL
f4 JUUUL IIULIl 0 nation nnd the Integrity of tho
Mr people until they are swept out of
1 Isteneo In 1000
Ti 1 His Friends Will Prow ills houkkk s iioksij
mh Claims For a Cabinet j
Mp Cvklln IUVM fol
W r Posit ion 1100
U Mav
M v
Thrco Killed at a Ititllrond Cross
Frrtdfort Ky Nov libLast
plt n meeting of Judge W 11
Hull s friend win hold villi n viuw
of inking Judge Holt for a Cabluct
place In tho meeting wore
avid 5 Colson of
Uio Klovcnllt Seoigo M nvlsiiiof
tio Ktidli Stun 1 Iufth of Hie
Ninth bonntor V II Ulnrkc Dr
Tinner of Howling Srecu nnd
It wan insisted Hint Kentucky He
publhwis were ciiitcd to such rec
ognition fioin tho national nduiluls
JhIjb Unit attended loHegowith
Mr Mdvlnlcy nnd wiu one of the
orinnl MoKlnlcy men in he state
Confesses MiMdui
loulsvillo Nov 20 Alfred Al
ernndcr who in under nrrcst lice
toufsscs tho inn iler of loWcoimio
A li to of Owensjoro on olfotioo
TliccMcn Tested
New Yoik Nov 20 flnec uiPti
havo been jiljetMl under ninl for al
lege council on who the modcr of
I nnk AiutnUe found dotal yester
day inoi nn Tho evidence is cn
tcly ereuusiitnl
Dock lOitnn Dick
nil rllvle Ky Nov 20 Dock
Ci 01X01 slno od lolober 2llh by
Ann 1iotvir in n fight at this place
a ul who has si ice been hngcringJic
trccu lio ntid deth died this moru
leg C of on wll he hed for iutr
Mint Wiiilc I mil
In on Tetin Nov 20 While
0 iking ouo her last nlit Seiomon
Noolo and Kelly lnk dsnie d
nid in the fight Unit ensucsl Noble
iiol ami fatally wounded Kulk3
Noble hrs been aneeied and locked
Iltitilo with Outlaws
Sjur New Mrs o Nov 20 A
d panic battle was fougit liciu ir
I ifd Slides mariBls jeUiilay
n ih n bund of oulliws lesuhluj in
led rdiof Mack jack Havci and
tio serious wounding of Jeff Jpvis
vvro iiicmets of the wtist gang of
e enulo in A oia
1 1 rCo KmI at a Cross n
Viucebng Ky Nov 20
WuVc rdlpinplng lo eros in a em
r io j out of tue fast C
i at coven oclock last nijlu
t c r oaiiflao wes si tick nnd Jele
nnd lulu Liiid and
A I Pollock wtie
nstanlly killed
A 1 1 Voted for Mc Km c
Wej I Mm y Ky Nov 20
Stpilio K W Kng on whoisediy
yein of age and livos bi this eotmj
oke lie lecoid at Hie lsl eleoion
by ntiivtng fiuvonty five nephews
l Iuv ono eons ns nail one loIicr
auo voted for MjJ MoKioley for
I o ceiii
M s
Nov lib Keneli news
pi r m band Rule that Mis Seoit
S ous famous a number of yens
no n dramatic leader dlM Uioio
1 - w el and that her body wes
i pt5 to New York on Tuosd y
S io had lived nbroad in the iatle
jesis of her life in rokon health
A lloon to Mankind
City of Mexico Nov 11 Dr A
M Holmes of Denver who is here
by cchd invilatioti of the Me Veal
Congress today uvlnlned tho man
ner in waieh ho had riif covered tO
meliod of Uagnosing eonsumptt n
by tho examination of u drop of
blood enabling tho phyM lans lo
treat the disease while yet in tho
blood ami before it bad attacked tho
wlcm of the palieui
Coiuii y riiKcvJ Kcan
Waslilnsioii D C Nov 20
Nowa has been leeclved from Komo
to the crfoi I thai Ulshop County has
brcu bclecled by tho Topo - 6iiocied
llishop luviie as head of tho Catho
lluUulveiMiy heie llishop Keano
was teeeuly lemoved by tho lopo
for Ijo allecd leasou tunt tho good
of tho school demands changes from
time o luno and that llishop Keauo
lind held Hie position as long as was
rflvhmblo for any ono to hold it
NVattcrsonti NVords
Paris Nov ID Hon Ilemy
Wulteisoii ulltor of the Courier
Journal ban today umong othei
Tliu eleelou of MoKlnlcy is lau
tho Ualnnbisi l Cll lll
Higgle win- h one way and nnolhcr
lias been going on in to United
talcs for iveiny ycau It bo0nn
in tho Weil and Hodlh wliU a ik
jimnd for Mat money No sooo
was tho gieeihaek party disposed of
than tho fico silver pariy look iU
Wuh that defeat nnds Iho froo si
ver fioiiry and tho tlauger of a 10 to
I kind Hut lo o eincnia ot u -order
it has called Into being a 1
i the ugiatiiiu issues It has bet ino
jtloa are eft upoii mo secno nia
Richmond Ivy Nov 20
Thioogh Sen J II Cnstlcmnn of
lOiilivlllo llnlos MclClwnlii of
tills city sold yoslunlnyto lioirko
Jookran tliu famous ornc their
flue gelding Lynn II for 8i00
in ioiuik
lie lictldciil lileet
lej Sscritiry of nr
Ulovcland O Nov 20 Gen
Horace A 1orlor of New York wns
n visbornt Mr IIiiiiuiih olllce to
dn A long otifoiencc was hold
between the national chairman and
the New Voiker There is gossip to
iho uffoi I Hint Ooii 1orter will be
appointed secretary of war In the Mo
Kinley ndnihiislraliou
Mix Hannah Solomon of Chicago
Itc rlcclcd Prctddent
New York Nov 20 The fifth
Inst and in bomo respects most In
terootltig brssion of the otineil of
Jewish women was held today with
the prosidetii Mis Hannah 1 Solo
mon of hiiao in the chair Tin
work included tue election of na
tional oilleers for the next three
years Ior the past juar a great
deal of livaby has crojpe I up be
luecu tio Chiosi lion which how
domiiintot the oiim il and tho Now
York bciioti the inctabui s ol
whUb felt that lie were not utilll
ticutly tcprescntd on the nationa1
bonil The following weie put in
iioiniiUon nnd eleeUd 1iesident
Hnniiali 5 Solomon of Chi
enjo l iist VIc luUlenl Mis
Npliia Ileet of ew York Second
lie Iliwideul Mm E Manuel of
Chi ago Corresponding Secretary
Miss tlic American of Chicago
Peeording Se ic aiy Mrs Ceitrude
Hcg of LMiladelphia Treasuier
Mi Ca ic M Wof of Clucajo
I or the net conv nton of the
Omiiil invlnonsliavjben eeeived
f oin and Memphis Tim
niiiinont of the delegKife apneas to
As - pre Mid hy an I J Med Iitiiot
1 0 io
New Ycik Nov 20 Manuel M
Coronaeo tho Jltor of tho Ciibsn
uriot newopHpr La llsaus ioi
polWied la Havain who rwvd
fr it Hint city iJ tuts lust of
ibei nter en Woyior boil oue etl
n r i roaeiiod New York yo-
ljiryto a qneiHon as lo the
tecrai ice ng ol loopie ivcg in
Cn J lie saUl tliriii an iniei
mkHv TtHliywe might ny fiat
Snu Iioli una by sler foiec of
niis Tlie whole cotniuy Spansh
aio Cnbi aike tlesi e peace even
at noU any lac ilite and nlliouh
i iniiy wein iaue tlioSpiiiish ele
uiciil s ipdle its ptonuiinceil ii II is
feelii as he Cuban mid wish peace
ami iiiitioiiiiencu or Cti a
il s tliiMglil that Cuba njau
n r l Spaush nile would be unabo
lo p v iho cnoinoiis war debt id
ic tly ijcu retl or lo stand ttie lie
meiidous lMiioa which would bo
liivariibly iinpo ud by Sutlu unon
I ha and another upriiitig would
iintler Uiose couiliiiims follow Spuiu
would Ziavo lo csieiid giont sums o
iioneyf to kcopi tiiitt in submission
Tho wrr tlebt now is istmated al
P00 000000 ami is accumulating
n He I ale of 12000000 per
If Cuba gains her independence
in this slitgijle and I hope oiul
maintain that she will tlic will slart
tx wiin wondciful possibilities
brfote her Spil i will soon be foieil
lek of fiiuds to withthaw her
i oops The opinion I express is
ol jat of iriui ioiil Cuban losidenls
oik of uiovhauls and land owners
lanisb -vi well ns Cuban The
putKiids express His opinion
ui private only as public
eiuoS4iou of it would in
si0 ther as rebels
Vc ler does as he pcases lis
itisl cdt is that all persous men
women ami ebihbeii who nro found
m i oof tliu Spanish lines shall bo
crrd lebels and shot as such
T i e li I was ililisheil only in the
oi GvcUo in Havana vvldoli
e i lilcs among Spatiisli oilleers am
oiih ial only Theie is no way In
vlicii UiObO otilsitlo of these circle
loihl learn ef tho edict
There is no railroad to linar tier
Uio fiom Havana aud it is in this
piovncc H ut the edict has cost the
greatest loss of life People taken
under edict me marched outside the
gate of tho cily nnd shot down by
tho soldiers The icporls ol pritoiii
crs onpiiivd by ovlor nro only the
capture of lhfse poor devils Tho
fiiitner practice of tho Spauidi au
thorities of shooting prisoners
in Moo Castle and throw
ing tho bodies into the
water beneath ns food for sharks has
been sloppc I because not long ago
several bodies diifted Into Hie bay of
Havana Tho authorities ovplaiuci
to Inquiring citizens that they hail
probably been drowned Unlit
iiolos in tho lioid however dU
proved this Tho people would web
iono anything to hasten the out
not only on accouut of tho loss of
piopcftymid lifo tit oi account of
tho massuoroi
AMorncy English Buys lllo lie-
members Nothing
On Tills Account Ills Flncfl Were
dilute Light
An lionest confession Is good for
the floul remarked Judge Snndcrs
this fotenooti In tho police court nfle
Attorney YV W English of llenton
made a frank nnd gcnilcmniily avowal
of guilt and asked for tho lenency of
tho court
Mr English as detailed in yes
leu ny s Hev imbibed too much
whisky at n Couit slrcct saloon din
ing the day ntid In tho afternoon
became wild and wnntcd lo fight
even his best friends and companions
blandishing n knife very tin eaten
Ingly nnd being jievetitcd from using
it only by tho timely action of Kill
Hroyles tho bartender who knocked
htm down nnd covered him with a
Ml English was taken lo the city
linn wnero no could nanny Do con
trolled He sobered up and wns re
leased on bord nnd was ths fore
man niralgued on tin eo charges oue
tor nsisTng nn olllecr nnd tho other
two for breaches of the pence
He slated lo the court that ho had
no re ollcellon of doing aujthng he
ws Jmigod wilh doing That be
ws under the iulltictice of liquor and
that it completely unbalanced him
menially end moinliy He nsied
tha jit leii I wo wainints agabistliim
i edUnissfd
J ml jo Sauderf in reviewing the
lease saled liat on aciount o ine
facis eiposd y Mr Englishs ad
missions end gleaned from the slat
of olbeiv lie was disposed lo
lie lenient Ho admonished those
whom liquor affected as it did Mr
Kiiglijh to schew its use ar d save
themselves pefhaps dsgraco and dis
honor if not something wone
My advice lo yon Marahnll
foiinly fellows when you omo to
lndueah bald his honor is to le
whisky aloje especially somo kindi
of it
Thais good advice but pielly
liard for a Maishal1 lean lo
follow repled Mr English
A lino of 510 nnd cosis was im
posed in oue case nnd 5 and costs
in c h of the two othes
Icstimcs Work After a Several
Days Adjournment
Sevoral Caes Iosjjioned A Few
Orders Made
Wia S liauf ndmr of Willie
i iuitif who brought suit against the
i ity for 5000 damages made n
motion for a new trial a few days
ago His son was drowned in one of
Hie citys pits ami Judge llishop
gave peremptory instructions to find
ftrt tho defendant which win done
Tmliy lie ovetruled the motion for
a new trial irid the plaintiff asked
ut was jM ajlcd an appeal to the
hlghor ouvl
JtiUioeaM of Hartinan Lumber
Coiipuy against Langslaff Oimo
Sc Co a ui iion with reasons for a
new trial was filed
Tho ease of Cassio llarker vs Jas
ts wl3 continued
I lie cases of WeaKs llros ngninsl
iho laducnh Transfer company for
du agcH antl Hie case of Will Hnffey
against the city of lndueah for dam
ages wore continued
The ease of W S Kicliey against
the Peoples Slieet Uailway company
was oacd this afternoon aud will no
doubt bo continued
Captured in Metropolis aud
llroujrht to the City
Waived Evaininatloii and Wuro
Hold Over
Constable Anderson Miller arrived
this aftornoon from Gmhamvillo with
Hud Scott Chas Marshall and Chas
Woodson thrco colored incnYharged
witli stealing wheat from a man
namcl Fauntleroy They were
captured yesterday In Me
tropolis and taken beforo
Justice Hartley waiving cxamina
Hon being huld over to tho Decem
ber term of tho circuit court aud
committed to jail in default of bond
A warrant was issued against an
other darkey in tho gang anil ho will
likely bo arrested this afternoon by
the htulling constable
Panic the Interview Sent Out by
the United 1ins
Cleveland Nov 20 Tho Hon
M A Haniin slated to an Associ
ate d Press renorter vestcrdav that au
allege l interviow with him sent out
by the United Press wherein ho was
inatlo to say that lio was ineligible
for tho position of secretary of the
treasury wns entirely uutruo
Climbed Djwii
German critics assert that Lord
Salisbury in tho Venezuela case
iilnikliil iimvii mm liiit former
obUllm f ild thev want him to tall
Notlcoslf you want a cood Ho- down or would it have tickled them
an apply to CbirlloJJlook colorea I to luUu scon hliu 1 trim down f
flOIO Court at Lbllarinu a licsd
5 - - JTrisn x
fiS li
Ihsuc an Address to Sound iMoney
Tho National Democratic Stntc
Ccnlrnl Comtniltco met yesterday af
ternoon at tho Unit House In Louis
ville nnd issued an address lo the
Democrats of tho stntc setting forth
iho reasons for the organization of
the National Democratic parly nn
nounclrg Hint the organization in
Kentucky would be maintained call
ing upon Iho Demoernis of Ken 1
tucky whatever may have been their
Irlntitou Ihimclkau
Arch Holland the oltl gentleman
who was accidentally shot during a
fight between two boys on the day of
the Democratic barbecuo in this city
laid his leg amputated but on ac
count of his extreme old ago could
not lecovcr from the shock to his
nervous system Ho died Sunday
antl was buried Monday
Jor several days there havo been
reports that diphtheria was prevalent
in onr city People wero joalh to be
liiyo tho reports but Ihero js no
iotibt that the dreaded disease is
among us
Sohcol was dismissed Wctlncsday
afternoon until further notice
Amlo tho 12 year old daughter of
Mr and Mrs Oscar Cnntrell died
Tuesday night of diphtheria nutl was
burled cdnesdny Another of their
clilldicu is reported seriously ill
Tho recent international congress
of women at Icrliu condcmnptl tlP
peltjcnat as a ridicnous juveutjon
pf tho sitceutl ccntiiry The
largo majority of Intelligent men ami
women regard tho attempt to abolish
tho petticoat ns ono of tho ridiculous
undertakings nf He lllStCCStu cen
tury lemons vily Jotirnnl
Honoado Tonic Will Uiro Von
Of stoinneh troiihlw No ourc no
pay Olllce 110 South Third utreot
A lQQ uotllv for 20 ccats
Anil a CiilziV Kined
Tho Evidence Was Very Conflict
lug in tho IollcoCoiiri
Chief of the fircdcpartmnntCliarle
Volglit and Mr Sntn Liebul were
presented in Judge Sanders court
I Ilia Itwiftlttw frit n lipjifffil ff iin
position In the past election to tnko lunAn w uni v rri au
nopartinthopriuiaricswhlchmnybo befor last while the fire department
3 V wiiSengiged In tlnowlng
iiscn mo wcniociauc organization
but which under the guise of Demo
uoey has lust been dcfenled In its
efforts lo elect Populist electors and
the olllcinl Populist candidate on the
1opulisl platforms of St Loiiis nnd
Tho nddicssis signed by nil the
members of the committee some by
proxy Those who ntlended the
meeting were Chnitiiau Gcoigo M
Davie Secretary A J Cauoll Gen
Mnsil W Jiuke Col John II
man Mrack lhclps nnd Cupl
Frank Ilnguti of Lotiisvilic Scnntor
vv bleplienson of Mcrccf coun
ty Mr C U Lowr of Lciugtoii
A G DcJaruclte of Grant county
by Senator U II Elllslon as prosy
for Its Sale in
NashvMe Men Arc Trying to Uuy
it to Operate
Messrs W W Smith and J W
Hcr sc of Nashville left last night or
t Louis after a weeks sojourn fn
Hie city Mr Smith is a capitalist
and Mr licet n piominent miner
anil they weio here for the purpose
of puirliaiing the iron furnace which
was elected several years ago nt au
enormous expenso ami allcrwaru3
nbamlonc 1 to litigation from which
I has never since been rescued
JMe srs Hccee nnd Smith are now
negoiiatiig with the owners of the
ron rnnce who live in St Louis
for the plant and in n few days the
mnticr will be definitely settled one
way or the other
The pri e it is understood Is
75000 the ground itself having
1000 feci front to the river nnd be
ing valued at 40000
If tho gentlemen arrange matters
satisfactorily thoy will begin the
operation of the furnace at once and
tho good that will remit to the elty
rannot be overestimated
lion W J Deboe For Senator
The of today says
Keprcscntaiive J C Freeman of
this cily ycsteulay leeeived a letter
rom Stale Senator W J Deboe an
nouncing his enndi lacy for United
Slates senator For some time he
has been mentioned as a possible
candidate It is believed by some
of the Republican politicians that lie
is innniug in the iuleiest of Gov
Ilrndley whose policy they say
will be lo bring out candi dates in
eveiy section where Hunter is stioug
Madibonvillc Telephone Lno
The Madisonville Hustler says
The work on the telephone lino from
Madisonville to Dxon by the way
jf Maniton Nebo nnd Providence is
rogressing rapidly and will soon be
completed Mr J T Alexauder
has had tnis lino under contempla
tion for a year or more although
work was not commenced until re
O U It EXC 1 1 A NJ E TA H L K
Calls Telephone
Judge Landcs a member of tho
court of appeals has rendered au
opinion reversing the decisions of
the Loo circuit court touching a
number of prohibition cases appealed
from that court which may affect
local option in His county
Gen II II Lyons brick residence
near Eddyvillo was burned or tho
Dili hist Loss 3000 insurance
only 1000 The occupants of tho
house Joe Taylor antl family lost
about all their effects aud had no in
water on
Mr Labels stable at Ninth and
Washington which was on fire nml
the evidence was quite conflicting
Chief Volght testified that Mr
Liebul ruslieel up to him ami ex
claimed You s of b es if you
throw any more wnler on my wife
Ill hit you with this brick
1 6 chief told him to go nwny and
nvold trouble and afterwards they
met again and similar lauguage was
used He called Olllecr Crow and
donitjd using any insulting language
townnis air lilebel and dculcd strik
ing nt Mr Llebol both of which
other witnesses testified lie did -
Mr Licbcl stated that two firemen
were playing n stream of wator on
tho burning building when Chief
Volglit came along ami seized the
hose turning it upon las losltlohcc
which was oi tin aim nriek antl in ueu
imminent tlauger
Ho rushed up and told hm to
throw the water on the liro and not
on tneHioiise that he would do more
damage to tho latter than the loss of
the stable would occasion him
Mr Licbel admitted that he was
angiy tiud might have used language
that hei ought not to have used and
said lie picket up Hie brick beeaise
Chief oight cursed him aud struck
Judge- Sandcis said that no matter
where Chief Voiglit threw the water
it would not justify either an insult
or an assault That he thought
Chief Ypight was the Judge of where
tue water suoum nave been tlnown
Both men however were guilty of
an infraction of the law he said aud
they were each fined 5 and costs
John Cook Is Mulcted on Account
of Them
Ho Itcfiiscd to Get a I iuvnsc
Whim Ordered to Do So
John Cook Hie hot tnmalc man
has another hard luck story to tell
He retails tamales from n house at
island Creek bridge but comes down
to the city every night aud sells them
on the street
Lieenso Inspecor James notified
him two mouths ago to procure the
regular tamale license 10 a month
but he said he would not do it
This morning he said the only
time he had sold tamales on the
slrecjwas when lie furnished through
charity employment to a mail a id a
boy who hail notiing to tlo
He was lined 5 and costs ami
seemed distressed saving that he
didnt make a comfortable living as
it was
Ueforted Dally ty Lneytrilu Comjauy
Ciiicaoo Nov 20 December
wee opcncti nt i
liiglcH point was
at Ibi H
On the curb ot
May wheat opened at
71 Jb its highest point
and closed at 79 Jb
Dec corn opened at
to 7tiJK iU
77 s closed
4 vi
highest point was 184 aud
at 18 b
January pork opened at 7
aod closed at 710 2
Jauuarv lard opcncti at 8385
22 4 its
point was 23 iitul closed
4 us
02 5
closed at 8392
January ribs opened at 8307 antl
closed at 8372
December cotton opened at 739
nnd closed at 8713 1
Jnniiar cotton opened at 8719
and closed at 8752 3
liar silver 05 Jb
Mouoy 2 a 3 per cent
Forest Fires
Tho forests caught lire iu tho Mas
ons Mills vicinity hut night and de
stroyed quite a little property but
none of consequence
Koncado Tonic Will Cure Yon
of lUiciiiiiutisui Try t nt once A
81 boltlo for 25c Olllce 1 10 South
Third St
Will mako you a
Nobby Fall Suit
or Overcoat
P m flF J
1 V
Be Stke Youre Right t
on Footwear
There arc lots of tricks in the trade and they aro
prncilcctl more than you think but not here
This Store
makes you sure youre rigid This Store guarantees
you a safo investment for ever dollar you put
into the SHOE we sell you It is a GOOD SHOK
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fiMSv V
frtiirrr m ir a tim1 rm j7
msrsssrrrrrrTrirrrsfrxvFiry ri ww
GcUi t
mm d Calf
in all the toes lace or congress
This rice i3 gootl for one week
i nly
id and Bdy
d V Kll
lees sinng at illUU
Shoes bought of us Polished Roe
331 Broadway
a Candle
The kind of clothing some houses sell cant hold a caudle lo tliu kind sold by the Oak Hall
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over ail otlioi mokes for stj Io and lowuoss of iirico
Jiru llmrv Pfiby
lllblnl UtiJrVar l ill
HruHuiiil Hlua
MitrtiibHttlublirlliil I
billoi xvX iirrl but
inn Vr tuii v for
Uv u mmu at
Mrurt tUror IUird uu
tUnvwur h iy welghi
nou Irritating comf rt
tlil l wear 1 rUe vr
Hilt i l
llifl lilrOMlM
Mjiuir rut Mtrk
Iruitii rli u liuvd
unci till tvtil
iiiuruimnl uli
Mliil lltnl fxl nl
on 11 al
840 -
llluu anj black
henry ovrrcom
cut mylihh untile
with velvet col
lurN Italian hneil
auJ iltti Hiik
leevu llneil Your
choice ana UI tot
Men ililn lists
uraj UniwiM uJ tlack
I hv y have tan
Ilk lands and leather
sweul Yours now
alifaolcefur floo
Vtuhurea Unr ofllvr
tb eaMluieru I auu al
Man who tiava tttn
I tbtim sayttityru thbei
1 tnm tu tiiAimv
IWi IHV tuv
Advertisers Take Notice I
SUN aocepts advertising illstluct guaranty that Ua
v 1 1
y Kjj iTV
Large Stack
50j 07 Hroaihvay
100 117 N Third St-
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