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F 1 HE K
Chippewa FnllH tlio Tlircftcncil
Wisconsin Oily
McrcliniitA ami nil Other HuM
ncHBMtii IlnvoMotctl
Cliltmown Falls Wis Dec 3
An Ico gorgo has formed n dnm In the
rlvnr ni tho foot of llrldiio street
thirty feet high nnd tho course of tlio
river Js slowly changing until It will
eveutually cuicr tho town Evciy
merchant on Spring IUver Cenlml
and Hildgo etrccJas far up as Sta
ley sttcet cght blocks from the
rlfer has moved out and their build
ings arc abandoned
Tho Hood cxcltmout is at fovcr
heat for it is almost certain that tlio
comic of tlio liver will bo turned
ujHrn tho town some time during the
day and gicat destruction to projv
caty as well as loss of life may ic
BiiJt One thousaud pounds of dyna
mite wcro exploded in tho gorgo yes
tcrday without result
Debris and
anchor ico would flllln as fast as an
apcitiiro was made and those at
work despaired of being able to ac
complish anything
Tho situation licio was Interesting
in the cxtrcmo today Tho city wns
pal stricken and men with blanched
face rushed back and foilli scarcely
conscious of their net ons The alarm
mav bo unfounded but nevcilhecss
itolU and the condillou of the
river seems to augur ill for tho en
tiro city Wild rcpoiW reached town
of tho havoc w rought by tho sti earn
above aud a tcrilblo catastrophe
may ovcrtako the city at any mo
ment No one knows just what is la
store and tho condition of uncci
talnly adds moic to the crclicmcut
of tho moment than the actual de
alt uctiou of piopcity bv thctlver pos
sibly could Ono tumor to the ef
fect that tho river would cut a pas
sage for itself through thu high banks
north of tho city gave rise to a great
deal of apprehension
The rivers course Is seriously ob
structed by the gorge which has
nowrcaoicil to within a shoit dis
tance of tho dam and tho probable
turning of the course of tho steam
upon tho citycms so plausible that
ccry oi became even more paulc
Hundreds of teams started yestc
day to move the effects of mc
chants out of tlio way of possible
danger and Hnd30 and Central
streets were choked with wagons
loaded down with merchandise In
many instances theso wagons wero
filled to such an extent that the con
tents spilled over tho sides and ends
and the scene was one of indescriba
ble confusion Toil ay not a
building in tho business portion of
tho city is occupied Both the
Lumbermans and First National
banks moved this afternoon and the
higher por Ions of the city aro fairly
congested with the enormous amount
of material that has been stored there
for safety
At 12 oclock Spring street wns
impassable bttwecn llrlilo and Hay
streets and tho water was climbh j
steadily toward tho basetnenUof u
city hall Cellars on high ground i
that vicinity are filling rapidly nnd
tho water in many instances trickled
into tho sticets Indicating that n
great height would bo attained short
ly It is Impossible to seo how any
of the lower portion of the city enn
escape for the coming of tho water
seems as sure as it is deliberate and
tlm vnlluv mav bo completely inun
it i tlioticht the flood may have
mnt Its force in the outhiw dL
tricts Tho critical condition here
however continues to excite fearand
tho developments of tho next twenty
four hours will be anxiously awaited
Movement of Nnvnl Vessels
San Fsauclsco Cal Dec 3 The
United States gunboat Hcnnington
finished taking coal Monday and
sailed yesterday for Callao in the
wako of tho Philadelphia Tho
Marion which has been in Peruvian
waters for soveral months will prob
cbly bo ordered north and may come
back to this iost soon Tho guuboat
Petrel is already in commission at
Mare Island and her detail of olllcers
assigned Tho Cencord will bo tho
next to go into commission at the
navy yard The Peusacola Haiti
more and Charleston aro in various
states of repair
Females Fight
PalnUvllIc Ky Deo 3 Mrs
Puckctt was stabbed this morning at
Salyerevlllo by Mrs Jack Arnott It
fecms that Mrs Puckelt had been
8iircadiur rumors about Mrs Arnetta
litrnclor WHICH urcuiiy uiiumii u
io Mm Puckett is ill a serious
condition and may Oe No arrests
have yet beon made
Will Know Tomorrow
Frankfort Dec 3 Tho court of
anneals will tomorrow hand down its
wuinn In the caso of Jackson and
Walling who aro under seiitcnco of
death for tho murder qf Pearl
Ho Carried a Gun
Guthrlo Ky Doc 3 Mrs
V Watklna Worthlii3ton who was ac
cldontlyshot by her husband at their
homo In this town last night is very
much worso and her recovery is v ry
ihifnl Tho details of tho Bd
raflalrne vry low mo uusunuu
n ml n If o wcro Heated ntitu I side
when Mr Worthlngton ntnrtcd to
nrlfle mid tlio plslolin lilncoit pocket
struck tlio nrm of tlio slinir In such n
inniincr as to cause It to dlsohnrgu
tlio liullct passing Into his wifes
linck Wortlilngton Is ono of tlio
wealthiest inoii of Todd county
ThlnkHTIieio Should First He n
Friendly Intervention
Washington Ivc 8
Matlvo McCrcay of Kentucky the
leading mctnbtr of tlio foreign affairs
committee who returned to tho city
today said ho was In favor of tho In
dependence of Cuba First ho
thought thcro should bo n friendly
intervention with n viow to bringing
about peace but if that should not
cause hostilities to ceaso then civili
zation and humanity would justify
steps being taken looking to nccord
belligerent rights to the insurgents or
recognizing their Independence
Snow In Atlanta
Atlanta Ga Dec 3 A snow
storm of almost unprecedented sever
ity for this season of the year broke
upon this section yesterday morning
Snow began falling at C oclock and
fell without cessation until 11 when
It lay four inches deep Tho street
car service is badly impeded
Corheit Wants to Klaht
New York Dec 3 CotbcU lias
challenged Sharkey the winner of
tho Fitznimmons Sharkcy mill last
night at San Francisco
Arise Over the Election of a To
bacco Inspector
Warehousemen Withdraw
Anil Itefuso to Vote
No tobacco inspector for this mar
ket lies been elected and the affair
Iips assumed a inoit complicated
phase with liitlo assurance of what
the futuie outcomo will be For
tin co days tho brokers and ware
housemen have balloted andinvau
ably tho vote was a tie between
Messrs J C Pijicr and J T Myles
Mr PlMr being tho iment inuutn
bout The biokers aie for Mr Piper
and tho warehousemen for Mi
Myles The warehousemen are eu
lilcd to four voves iu the elecion of
nn inspector and so are tho brokers
Whatever number of votes the ware
housemen have tho brokers arc also
entitled to no more no less Hence
when tho biokers voted colidly Tor
Mr Piper and the wuiehousemcn for
Mr Myles the lesult was n tie
Yesterday it became known thrt
one of tho waiehouscmcn had changed
over and would vote for Mr Piper
When the other tlnvc heard this they
declined to take any park in the elec
tion Mr Piper being elected by the
Tboro 6ecms to be two sides to
the quesiion A prominent tobacco
in m who was for Mr Piper stated to
naiN lepreseulalivo this rooming
A tobacco inspector is apjwintetl
ns a protection to the buyci It is
hs duty to break each hogshead of
tobacco to be sold nnd iomoo fiom
the iuteiior from four diffcicnt points
1G pounds of tobacco that shall con
stiiiitc a fcir sample of each and
evciy iialily of tobacco contained iu
that hogshead A buyer always
buys by the sample hetico it is veiy
imperative thai the sample
shall show just Joxaetly wuat
kind of tobacco Is to be purchased
nnd for this leason the inspector is
lcquircd to execute n good bond of
ftom 3000 to 10000 rcndciing
him and his bondsmen responsible for
any unfair representation ho may
make in inspecting a hogshead To
illustinto it if ho scuds a sample
fiom a hogshead ho has inspected to
tho sale and thu purchaser leaves af
ter tho hogshead is opened that it is
not as good as represented iu the
sample tho inspector and his bonds
men are tespousiblo for tho mistake
For this reason I ho inspector must
know his business and must be
tizd in hs Inspections Some of the
fcimliiry Olney Shows a Hor
rible Statu of Affairs
Tlie Filibuster Dauntless Ilohijr
Closely Watched
Washington D C December 3
A prominent member of tho senate
committee on foreign rotations said
today that it would not be ossibIe
for tho president to send a pro
Spanish messago to congress iu view
of tho report which Consul General
lcc hud made to Secretary Qlney
Speaking generally of tho views of
cleoled Yesterday by only live smash liUstinmous jolted Sharkey
n inntnrilv nt nun tlirnn nf tin miller tllO Clllll With llis left and tllO
f tf
r jsuicii
wftrr w tudrawina In sailor went unchwaru
justice to tho wurciiousomoii nnd as
nnn nf theiu I would like for vou to
nt n utnlonnnt mniln In tin I iirtied UnUOllbCioUl frOlll tllC fill
morning paper that nu inspector The nllegeil foul u foul it was com
drovo tobacco to other maikcts I
dont think Mr lipern inspection
has had any such treacherous offect
as that aud suoh statements hurt the
city and the local tobacco mat ket
Tho warehouseman havo for some
time wanted two inspectors and the
broker havo conceded this but there
was only ouo man wo could agree on
aud somehow somoof them demurred
As it stands Mr Vipers election
may bo rrconiidorod
think it is likely Or
his head back every time and badly
punishing his opponent
No event in tho history of pugi
Usui on the F iolllo coast over at
tracted public attention hero as did
the battle between tho heavyweights
Assaulted lly llurglars
Chattanooga Tcnn Dec 3
Uev Mr Davis a prominent clergy
man of this city wns last night as
saulted by burglars and will probably
die The burglars had entered Davis
homo a noise awakened him and he
endeavored to raiso an alarm Tho
burglars assaulted him nnd escaped
Detectives aro now nt work on tlio
Held Last Nicht With 250
vorable to the Spanish contentions corner of Third and Hroadway
A Magnificent Supper and Splen
did Program Wcr6 Ku
ucti life tlio senator said that they mere was a long to no rcmcin
wcro well enough known to nvike it bcrcd reunion of Mangitm aud Inglc
clear that his report would not be fn- side Lodges I O 0 F nt the hall
It is known Hint the report which About 250 people were sumptuous
Gen Iao mndo presents n very grave ly banqueted by the hospitable Odd
not to say horrifying condition of nf 1 Fellows and an entei taming program
falls in Cuba One of the conditions was 1 endured
he describes is Hint of the situation A table was extended the entire
of the non combatants peaceable length of the hall aud tho exercises
izens who have no interest iu the war were opened by tho singing of the
except to seo It ended These opening ode followed by n selection
people whether within the Spanish iry llie malo quartet
Hues or the Cuban lines arc suffer
ers If within tlio Cuban lines
they plant their crops in order to
obtain n living only to have their ter
ritory raided and occupied by the
SpauUh foiccs who immediately de
stroy the ciops burn the houses aud
other property of the planters and
upon the slightest pretext it is al
leged put tlio iiicu to death or im
prison them on the ground that they
have been aiding the rebellion Iu
fact it is legarded as aiding tlio Cu
bans if crops are raised which they
might obtain Non combatants
wiihin Spnuish leititory when occu
pied by the Cubans are given like
Uealmcnt on tho giound that they
sympathize with Spain
Tlierepoitof Gen Lee besides
showing what dilllculies the noil
combatants have to contend with iu
the matter of booming euo gh food
to sustain lifo also points out how
they are of en hunied to piions and
ootidoiund without the trials Amer
icans ate u i iiotoiutsl to seo given to
Demons en aeu wiui oiienses n is
Riioivfl IJut Goueril
shows that uuelty is
both sides but it is said states that
mote cases have come to his knowl
edge of wiongs on the part of the
A very conservative member of the
senate committee on foieigu relal ns
Past Grand J C fully delivered
the address of wecomc his theme
being Piinciples of Odd Fellow
ship There was another selection
by the quintet and little Miss Eliza
beth Williamson cntci tallied those
preseutwith a recitation Tho exerci
ses were closed by a vocalreudition by
Miss Ella Palleison and the supper
ended festivities It was a most de
lightful event
Short Interview with Dr Park-
tile Proprietor of the Fa
mous Koncado Tonic
A reporterof the Sun called on Dr
Parker the discoverer of the famous
Honcado Tonic at his olllccnllld
South Third Street tins morning nnd
fortunately found him with a few
apure moments The doctor is a most
ii torostlng talker hiving travelled
cttenihely while perfecting his won
derful discotery of the medicinal
dualities of the Uoucado Tonic
i ii 1 1 i t
I ia i niri tiavu your saies iu i imuoaii ucen
piacliced on s arfec n3 Jou expected asked tho
until mini 1liif tlm rwilltlitinllL I
No was the answer not near
ly as large as I had hoped I have
bold in the same length of lime four
times as much medicine in towus
much smaller than Paducah With
all Ilia sickness there is in this city
P1 III Inlnrvnnllnn UjiY CUCO SllOUtll bC CroWUOll I lllll
thn ITnltnT Ktnti in tlm eaiiso c introducing Roncado Tonic at only
iiitianity was demauded and he
had no doubt thnt congress would
early take a stand in the matter
Treasuryoilcials havo boon nc
visoil that Jho suspected fililmsier
Dauntless wliich left Urunswick Ga
ycblerday hfci arrived ut Jackson
ville Fla Dust Monday the eom
inander of thorevenuc cutter llout
well who has been keeping watch on
the Dauutb ssKl Hrunswlekf obtaincnl
permission to steam down to Jackson
ville for stores t Within an hour nf
icr the ISoiilwcUVs dopniture the
Dauntless got u steam and without
clpiranee papers Matted for Jackson
ville but for whaipurpose it is not
known Tlie coiinandor of the
Itoulwell wns today instructed to
kcop tho Dauutlcssjindor strict sui
veillance It is understood that un
der uo circumstances will the Daunt
less be permitted for the preient nt
least to lcavo Jacksonville harbor
Sailor No Matth For
Hut Wins In tho Eighth Wound on
u Foul
Sui Francisco Dec 2 iriio fight
tonight at Mechanics Hull between
Filjwininioiw of Sharkey was award
ed to Sharkey in the eighth round
after ho hid so It is alleged becu
m m ttl ll lil I Ii illllltinllJ Ulllt Id Lnill
men claim thai ill r riper is too lomtu uj i -
sliict but this is not true Ho had to hnve KloKcu mm
oono moro to Insure tlio holiest me ueiam u i ti it
V tt 4iliarwwi llinn nn itlinr 111
v vi vw j w
spector wo over had with no tetloc
tion on any othor one
Mr Farmer of Farmer Ether
idgc was seen this morning and said
in suustimco Air riper was
lioioillHl uoiow ivuer f tvu Winnies
and a half of tho eightlf round had
ex plied FUxsiiimons landed his right
on Sharkers law and then iut his
I famous left crook on tho chin which
1 nut Sharkcv on tho tloor with a
ccnis ior a uouar oome ami i
guarantee a cure or refund the
What diseases arc most common
here asked tho reporter
I find that malaria with the
dangerous coughs and colds
that attend it is distressingly com
mon while there are more people
suffering from rheumatism and liver
and Jiidney troubles than I havo ever
known before in a city of this size
I suppose that Honcado will euro
all the ills of mankind humorously
remarked tho Sun man
Well no oaid tho genial doc
tor wodout euro everything but
wo do euro whit wo claim to cure
Wo absolutely guarantee to cure
rheumatism cjills and fever kidney
and liver troubles nnd especially fe
male weakness and the general de
bility peculiar in this city You see
said the doctor I am no humbug I
stay lieie nnd watch tho effects of
my medicine I havo takcu
over forty people out of the sick bed
light iu this town I only charge
5 cents for n dollar bottle and 1
havo given aw ay a great deal hero to
those unable to buy it I want tho
people to investigate tho testimonials
1 am publishing iu tlio papers
How long will you remain
Only a short time longer and I
really feel w hat the people of this city
aro losing a great opportunity to pur
chase my medicines nt so low a price
They cant possibly losen cent for 1
will refund the money If It fails to
make u euro My motto is no cure
no pay and all I ask is a trial I
have a wonderful mediciuc and I
kuow it and 1 pin uot afraid of any
test of its qualities
Shot llis NoplieW
Jim Harris colored who lives up
about Stiles eight miles up tho I C
road came to tho city this morning
with a shatercd wrist Ho had it
dressed and proceeded to tho city
hull wliero ho swore out a warrant
As ho fell ho amiinstTol Ilairis his uncle
put his baud to his groin He j lug him with malicious shooting
intiilo no aiiem it to rise mm wiu iue com iininiui swueii io ow
i reporter that ho liaa been living wiui
d I his iinelo and thnt about 5 oclock
not bo seen from tho press stand but yesterday iifternaou thoy had nn nN
Ileferco Earn gave his decision
8lto of Fitslmuions protests
It s IiUsimnions light fioin
start llnish Ho fought Jalrly i
wldtotho sailor coutttiunlly used foul
tuutlcs He would cliuuh and lift
Fltssiinmoiw fiom Ids feet strike Iu
n clinch though tho muii had re 1
ously agreed not to do so and ho wns J
uenerallv unfair Sevornl limos
but I dont during Hie light KlUMiiimons had tho
thcro mluht sailor Koinir Init could not land
r J TStoiiii J 1 v lm
x kh jMamnMJBMHMtmtfmmmmmmi tJ Jg J
K l rl wan rdsMsaajssjjSjjjjjjjji
teicution nnoui 91 ins uuvie claimed
he owed him aud wl h h ho refused to
He walked out Into tho horse lot
and in a short timo his irato relative
issued forth tirtucd with a pistol mid
adoaire to hit something Ho liognn
to do hitttlo nnd tho llrstshot struck
him Iu thu left wriit but tho next
tlew wide of tho mark
Ho rcmalued at tlie liouso of a
neighbor and ciuno to tlio olty to
for al I know bo another Inspector knock out blow day lhv wound Is not dmgerous
elected for tho warohouseiiiou orl In tlio eighth Shuikey started in to Judge Sundors Issued a warrant
ilmsft who want some ono olso do tho leadlnir but seldom lauded naliist Tol Harris and it was placed
Messrs Carney Herndou aud llUlinmoiis continually sent In left in the bauds of a deputy sheriff for
Miller liud Jabs on Sharkeys fuco sending exeoutiou
Now Sins Ho Did Not Kill
The case against Town Marshal
Linn of ltrooklyn III charged with
killing Miles llradshaw alias Light
ning Hug is set for today at Me
The case against John Lemlcy nnd
Hart Linn father of tho town mar-
shal will coino up as soon as the ono I
against tho latter is disposed of
At the examining trial Lcmley
who Is a well known saloon keeper
test I lied Hint he licnrd surcains of n
woman in distress on the night lien
Ladd was murdered and that ho
shot and supposed he had killed
According to reports however
when lie went before the grand jury
a few days ago ho said he desired to
change his former evidence and thnt
he had nothing to do with the mur
der ot Ladd Accorditig to the
statement of people from Illinois he
now claims that his first testimony
wns given In order to save old man
Linns ticck Ho said before the
grand jury it is alleged that on the
uiglit o tho killing Hart Linn came
to his house aud informed him that
ho had shot Hen Ladd nnd that the
body was lying near Ids house He
then asked Lcmey to go out and
help him carry it away iu order to di
vert suspicion and after this was
done asked him to swear him Linn
out of it
If reports nro true Lemlcy told the
grand jury that ho and Liuu wcro
good Odd Fellows and that he swore
he ki led Ladd simply to extricate his
friend The grand jury then indicted
the whole lay out aud they are now
iu lull at Metropolis
Tlio murder occuned last May
one Sunday night Hart Linn was
living wffii a notorious woman named
Moll Edvnrds und his son Hob was
keeping the womans half sister
Ladd wnulso au associate of the
EdwsrdtiVivmau and Linn feared
that lie would murry her To pre
vent this it is supposed that he killed
Ladd Lemleys later statements if
true will at least send him to the
penitentiary it is thought There
has been n general revival of interest
in tho case and what the outcome will
be is left to conjecture
Reported Dally by Lacy Grain Company
Chicago Dec 3 December
wheat opened at 70 14 its
highest point was 808 closed
at BOH
May wheat opened nt 81 7 to
82Js its highest point was 837e
aud closed at
Dec corn opened at 2234 7 its
highest poiut was 23 14 and
closed at 23 1a
at 188
Ladd According to Reports
oats opened at 184 its
point was 188 and closed
January pork opened nt 770
and closed at 772
January lard opened nt 400
aud closed at 8307
January ribs opened at 390 and
closed nt 392
January cotton opened at 7 CO
and closed at 749
March cotton opened a77C and
closed nt 5702
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