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The Usuul Number ol Fatal
Crimes Reported.
A N'j;vo nt Cloycrpnrt Who I) OtfM
Nut Want An Office.
lliilscy, Ivy., Jnn. 18. George
Curd, of Willhimsbuig tndnv killed
Albert Fee. 'L'lic trouble noo over
a moat bill. Fees was a butcher, and
l.o ami Cunl wcro endeavoring to
rracb n settlement.
Jullleo. Tcnn.. Jan. 18. Klibii
llmlillpitiin. an old clti7.cn, commit-
tcd miielde last i.Ight by hanging
himself wllb n trnco chain. He it
Ibought to have been demented.
A 1'al a I Trade.
Danville, Ky., Jmi. 18 Mm
llniley tndnv aliut and killed Clms.
Stewart. Tho quarrel was over a
horse trade. Bailey has been arrested.
Tlio Tcrrlblo l'liigue.
iltnnbay, Jan. 18. Thousand of
deaths are occurring dally from the
plague. The situation is hourly
growing worse. Starvation is adding
1U terrible effects to the fatal
scourge Businus is paralyzed and
the city Is almost deKpulatcd. "
The Cni'talii Falls.
Louisville, Ky., Jan. 18. The
UIJou Tlicater Company of this cltj
Aisigncd oday.
' ttink l'allure ul Newport.
Newport, Ky Jan. 18. The
National Hank of this city
closed its doors today. IU capltnl
ntoclc was $200,000 aud IU deposits
about 8150,000. It is thought that
depositors will be paid in full.
Will lie a Member of MclClnlcy's
Itcccptlnii Committee.
Danville, Ky.. Jan. 18 Hon.
Johu Ycrkci has been selected as
Kentucky's inemtjcr pf..MuKiulcj'B
at the inauguration
ceremonies. This is a great
compliment to one of Kentucky's
most opular men.
Till: ST.liltO V.'ITllHHAWS.
Suddenly l.earns 'Hint lie Don't
Want Otllce.
Clovcrport, Ivy., Jan. 18. Fred
Jones, the negio who has been an
for the postotllce here under
the incoming administration, has
suddenly withdrawn his application.
His neliiiu has occasioned considerable
mid comment, as it was
on all hides that lie hid his
tight won. His is veiy mysterious
and many think that n secret
deal has been made.
as iixTT;c'n:i) faii.uki:.
Tlio (ierinan National Hank, of
Louisville, (;ioMi Its
Louisville, Ky..
derma.. National Hank clo.e.1 Its
,,ors today bvo.der of he Co
of the Currency. 1 lie fail. re
hero as it lias
creates no surprise
been expected f,,r Homo time. Its
Htock for along tlmo has been worthless
Sixty thouaud dollars in cali
are 'on hand, and its loans aro about
5300,000. It it bard to gel a correct
statement of its eomlilioii. ll
deposit is unkiioK u tixlay. I lie failure
was caiibcd bv bad loans and
reckless management.
WnsiiTruMy. Hut He
Jim Holder
Can't He Trusted.
tin, ii.,iitir is n man who doesn't
.inrniInt u iirivilciie when it is ox
n.i.i l.lin. llo was In November
n.,r.i fiioo nnd srntenccd t'J sixty
.io..a :., tnil liv tin- federal court for
violation of lulrrnal revenue laws.
His homo is in Fianklin, Ky., and a
.inv or two auo bo was made a tins-
... Kiitimliiv. his partner. Hob
ntllllLraii. colored, also of Fianklin,
n nlciiscd bv taklmr the Insolvent
.lMitor's oatli, but Holder liad nearly
thirty days longer to nerve, and
could not thus secure bis liberty.
Yesterday ho disappeared from the
'lull and not turning up ' a
instituted for .nil. He
search was
i.,.l. lust nulit with n ood
load aboard, and it was learned that
ho got out with Milligauand they
concluded to celebrate together, lo-day
ho is in cell Instead of being a
;as men.
Meeting of Stockholders This
A meeting of tho stockholder of
the Faducah Gas Company will bo
hold thin afternoon nt o i JO o clock
of electing directors
for tho purpose
and olllcers for the ensuing year.
rw .inlm Gilbert and Mr. II
Wilkiemeycr, of Evnusvlllo, me hero
to attend.
A Delegation in I'lulurtili To
Illinois Central I'lans of Interest
to tlio Public.
Chief Conductor Isaac Wright, of
Motion division No. 89, O It. C,
Seuietary, uml Treainrcr '.'. h. Hudson,
bolh of the Louisville aud Nash-
ville, lioul.sville, Dave Kinney, of
the flulf, Colorado and Santa Fa,
nnd Comltictois .1. It. O'llrien, V.
C. Henlon, N. F. llunsiile, II. C.
Melvinncy nnd W. II. Dyer, of the
Illinois Central, arrived at 2 o'clock
this morning from Louisville.
Tlicv came in pursuance of a call
from the O. It. C. to hold a meeting
for the purpose of reviving the local
division," which Ins for some time
past been dcterl'iinting. They held
n meeting at the Campbell building
this forenoon, but at noon adjourned
for dinner witlfout having done anything.
This afternoon they met again
to organize.
Supt. Kemp, of the Memphis ill.
vlson. and .Sunt, llaralinn, nf the
Louisville divisoii, have notlllcd all
train men that a men hero on this division
n great deal of vandalism has
been practiced by cuttii'g Pullman
Palace cans with knives. Tlio blind-some
coaches Imvo been badly defaced,
and ho far the perpetrators
have conducted their mealiness In
such a mysterious manner that discovery
has been impossible. Tho
superintendents aro of tho
opinion that the vandalism Is prompted
by malice, and instructed all trn'u
men to keep a close lookout while at
Chief Civil Engineer, C. II. Hows-
er, of toe Illinois Central, spam yesterday
in tlio cily, and went up the
road today.
Traveling Freight Agent It. C.
Watkins went up to Kvansvllie this
This morning No. 281 pulled out
of the yard here with forty-four
empties for Central City. It looked
like a pretty long train.
Tho pay train, according to an
advance notice received from Assistant
Paymaster Howell this morning,
will nrrlvo in l'aducah next Satur
day at 3 p. in. and pay off the Illi
nois Central employes.
This afternoon tliu delegation of
conductors reassembled ut 2:15
o'clock. In response to mi inquiry
of a Srx lcpo'rtcrlhey slated that
thov had tiansacteil considerable
biisluoss but none that could be
iriven out for Diiblieatioti vet. Hie
division will be reorganized some time
this afternoon.
Indjri" Sunders' Court Soon Over
.tlont of the Dismlssvd Olio
I'liic Ascs"el,
Judge Saudi r' emirl vvas soon 2
over this morning.
Dabi.cy Aiidcr.s'it wn arraigned
on a chaige of duiwiug a
shut gim on Lou Farrar.
Ho pleaded guilty anil was lined S.I
and costs.
The cae against Thomas Miller
for bieaking uiln Warren's slaughter
liouec, was dismissed.
The case agiilnsi Will I'ryer, col
ored, chaiged with cutting Iluek Mc-
tichee, was dismissed. Hoth are
boys, and Metleliet bad attacked
Frier's sister when ho rushed to her
The case against Klla Hrown,
charged with robbery, was Hied away
witli leave to reinstate.
di:ath ofdk. .muosky.
Dies of Dropsy at IINIImno Sear
Dr. J. M. Mooney, aged fifi, died
last night at his homo near
Marshall county, after a lingering
illness of dropsy, Tho deceased
was repoitcd dead a few weeks
ago, but It was mistake.
He had been practicing inedfelun
in the vicinity of his homo for the
nasi iiu vcars. ami was one oi ll
. i t . , I. . . .
(1 (,(l ,, a.(, rm,t0,l Uirougii all tliesix
most proniiuent men of that locality. , . matterif fact, he did not
lie leaves a wife umI several ehililrenj,,,', , rmil J,ltit the fifth. He
two of whom reside in 1 dueali, L,!,?,!,,,. uiaJled llin ryllun and
Messrs. Itufus Mooney, of houlli
sheet, and Mr. W. A. Mooney, of
South Eleventh ntreet. The funeral
will tuko place tomorrow.
Ileal Imitate Trans fern.
A peculiar deed was filed this
afternoon. For the consideration of
two mules Mr J. M. Cotlirun and
wife and Mr. L. II Cotliran mid
wife bargain, sell mid convoy to G.
W. Coyer a parcel of land on the
south bank of Island creek
Jesso Grcif and Millie Wolf deed
to Mil. Surah Hlrclictt, for $250, a
parcel of ground on South Fouith.
Mr. H. II. Scott and wife deed to
tlio Illinois Central railroad, for
3i:)3.:)3'a, a tract of laud at the
intersection of tiie railroad and
Clark's river. Tlin company will
put in n siding there.
Y.M. l.Nmko.
All members of Janscn Council
No. 282 aro requested to ntteml an
open session nf tho Council tonight
at Ccciliau Hull, important imsl
ucss. .M- F. Kuuti, Secy.
Slipt. Letcher and Warden
Happy May lie
TIioOiiim's Alleged Arc Incoinpo
tency and Inactivity and
Lack of Kxecutlvo
Frankfort, Jan. 18. Mr. C. W.
Loiter, 'lie state Inspector nnd Ex
nmiuer, is about to create n sensation
in Kentucky Itcpiiblicnn politics. The
inspector lias begun tho preparation
of his reports to tho governor on tho
i audition of tho recently investigated
affairs of the Hopkiusvillc Asylum
for tho Insane and tho Eddyville
branch penitentiary.
Mr. Lester admits that he has
taken 300 pages of type written testimony
nt Hopkinsvillo and more
than 600 pages at Eddyvillc. Whnt
all this means or will mean is positively
learned from another source
The inspector has nlrcndy demonstrated
tho fact thnt he is a cour
ageous olllccr without fear or favor
for those whom his duty compels him
to investigate Ho has some heroic
remedies to suggest to tho Governor
nnd through him to the pris on commissioners.
Mr. Lester is going to recommend
the displacement of Superintendent
Hen Letcher, of tho Hopkinsvillo
Asylum, nnd of Warden Happy, of
the Eddyvillc prison.
He is also going to recommend tho
appointment and election in their
stead of a new Superintendent nnd n
new Warden. In doing this he is
not going to reflect on the personal
or olllcial integrity of either of these
gentlemen, but will ascribe the tangible
and unsatisfactory condition of
things at the two institutions to lack
of competency, inactivity aud lack of
executive ability ou the part of the
Superiulcndc.it and tho Warden.
. Ilumordiss it that n' third institution,
closer to Frankfort and of a
different character, may come in for
the same sort of recommendation in
sofar as its head is concerned.
Two Young Ladies to He Tried
Information of lunacy was filed
with County Attorney Johnson
Ilouser this foieuoon against Misses
Hettie nnd Ella Torian, daughters of
Mr. Wm. Torian, who reside in the
city near the old Hoyil homestead, a
short distance off West Hrondway.
It is understand that the young ladles
have been in this condition for
several years. The case was set for
o'clock this afternoon.
Tlio case against the Misses Torian
was this afternoon postponed ...itil tomorrow
at 0 o'clock.
It is understood that thty have
iteii victims of epilepsy for eight or
ten years, and it is desired by the
family to place them where they can
get the best treatment possible.
At Morton's Tomorrow Sight.
The (young tiagedian, Mr. John
(hllllllinivl his excellent company,
liieliidinA Miss Elialetl(Monsarratt
well knowV in this city lmying
rciided nere, will mnPu their
llisl appearance in Shakespeare's
Kiehard I (J. on the stage of our it
theater Mmoiiow night. The
Courier-Journal, of Louisville, of recent
date sjicaks as folloivdof their
peiformance in that city.
.Mr. GiillillAis young, and th task
of sepamtliig that which is to present
day ears poiticly offensive from
what is necessary Mil not obviously
uiiplenug in they tiadiliun is a delicate
and laboiioqs one. ltsliould
lather be set to ris credit tliht hN
work bhons as little as it does oj the
eallv eoiruiitinti Ohl intliieuees. He
.' w
tlmselise, as many of, the "'forceful'
have been won to di); as it was, his
reading was itmarkablo for ibtclli
irpiii'o and Joon balance It u
inuitle to that close and
lea oils altcntioii could milVydiscovcr
two falh enii bases m allhis lines,
and those in scene in ywhicli lioine
hitch in tlio stiiue macliinerv was
probably riiponslble fof his passing
i i 1. III.. I :. .1... .-.1 nj n
inanveiieiiyv. " ivhhu.,
whole, mv bo csllo I Irviugesipie
His rcadi bit is uvcullont und with the
ripening that voais will bring his
Richard iiil bo n wholly satisfactory
charnctcilzatioii ou tho traditional
Failed to Comply.
Tlio 10th inst was tho last day on
which practicing physicians could
lilrtbs nml deaths of tllO liast
year, yet two thirds of them have!
laid themselves liauio to n ueuvy unu
for a failure to comply with the law.
(.yer. 'inci"1
Two Aged Citizens Pass to tho
Great Beyond.
Yonng Dies in
Toxarkana, Ark., of
Mrs. Susan Ward, aged 75, died
yesterday at her residence, 203
nesseo street, of pneumonia, after a
brief illness. She leaves a family.'
The funeral took place at 2 o'clock
this afternoon; interred at Oak
Mr. Lafayette Schrocdcr, aged 70,
died of narnlvsis vcatcrdav at his
homo on South Fourth street near
Norton. Ho leaves a wife The
It.. 1 ..III 1-1.. ..! . in n'.ilniW
muurui Will IUKC JII1H.U OK " vv
tomorrow, interment at Oak Grove.
A child of Wm. Dismorc, of near
Stiles, died yesterday.
The remains of J. W. Jennings
were brought to the city and buried
yesterday at St. Johns. Tho deceased
was a young fireman on tho
Cotton Hell road, and died a day or
two ago of pneumonia at Tcxarkana,
Ark., after a brief illness. Ho formerly
resided here and has a mother
and several sisters hero now.
The funeral of tho lute Mrs. Gus
Friant took place yesterday.
A six-months-old child of 'Walter
Gordon, near Coy, Marshall county,
died last night, of whooping cough.
Will Dedlcnto Tholr Hnndsomo
New Castle Tonight.
L'aducah lodge No. 26 will be at
home to all members of the order
this evening at their now castlo hall,
third floor of tho Hcrnhard block,
30G Broadway. They have now perhaps
tho most convenient, and among
the handsomcit sccretsoclcty quarters
iu l'aducah. 'iho hall proper is 21
by 61 feet, neatly papered and carpeted,
and furnished in oak and bard
maple Tho altar and olllcers'
tions are the product of homo manufacturers,
in ado in tho best manner,
and of design consistentjwitb the
symbolism of the fraternity. Connected
with the lodge room and to
one side of the anteroom, so that
degree work may be done with the
maximum of case and effect, is the
property room, and nmmcliatey' beyond
thesc'two, comprising the entire
front breadth of the building, with
a Uroadway view, is tiie reception
room, commodious i.nd beautiful.
It has connection witli the stairway
independent of any other apartment,
and is intended to serve as a library
as well. This latter idea is one of
the strongest marks of the new ambi
tion which thoroughly permeates the
inembeiship. and they anticipate no
such tiling as failure The location
of the building for this purpose, as
for nil other uses they have for it, is
perfect , aud altogether, those who may
take opportunity nt any liino to look
through the premises will hold
Faducali's 1'ythians blameless in the
pride they frel.
There have been two regular meetings
of the lodge postponed on account
of the unavoidable delay iu the
completion of the rooms, nnd members
should not forget that installation
of the will constitute
a part of tho evening's. business
mid pleasure
Man-dial Collins "Light Dusted.
Marshal James Collins was bubbling
over witli ire this morning as
he wended his way towards town.
Not long since he hud hung in
"stingy alley," the pride of tlio
South side, an electric light, which
completely illuminated tho narrow
and peculiar looking alley. Last
night some miscreant saw tho light.
Ho hunted him up a rock, nnd a hard
one, and smashed it into the light.
Tho alley is now in dnrkness. and the
Marshal says if he finds out who did
lie will prosecute him to tlio full
extent of the law.
Peculiar Freak of Nature nt Cab
yert City.
A most rcmnrkablc infant was
born "nt Calvert City a few days
since. It was dead, aud had two
hearts, both, together with the liver,
growing on the outside of the child's
Otherwise tlinn the above, the infant
was perfectly formed, and the
doctors have it in alcohol and express
themselves ns being of the opinion
tli.it it is one of the most remarkable
human frenks ever seen.
Tiavcllng Man .Meets Market
House 1'rojeetorH.
Mr. W. A. Fiihrmaun, of S.
ec Co., Milwaukee, arrived
this forenoon to confer witli tho projectors
of the now market house, aud
to maku theai figures on ico boxes,
stall appurtenances, etc. No
net bns ns yot bceu made, however.
The nrolcctors will not divulge tho
pioposcd location of the projected
market house.
As n settlement of tbo cstato of B
Weillo. SrTSvfdccetvein. must be
made by Febrrt 1807, all par
ties knowing thenl Elves indebted to
tho' linn of H. Wei & Son will call
nt once mid settle ItBspeotfully,
)5tl5 Wbjlle & bos.
Charles Livingston Brought
Here From Fulton.
ouo of Ilia Victims Overtook Him
nnd Shot nt Him.
Deputy Sheriff M. L. Roscoc, of
Faltou, accompanied by Mr. J. D.
Taylor, of tbo same place, arrived in
Hie city on the 8o'clock train over tho
Illinois Central this morning in
chargo of Charles Livingston, a
young white man who is charged with
counterfeiting, and with passing
counterfeit half dollars. For some
time past spurious coin has been in
circulation In Fulton, and yesterday
Livingston was detected in the act of
passing it and promptly taken into
custody. Ho had been in Fulton but
a Abort time.and claims New Albany.
Iod., as his home. He informed the
ofllcer who had him In charge that
ho had been "on tho hog'-' since
J8D4, and his appearance bears him
out in his claim.
Oue'ot tho half dollars was passed
on Mr. J. D. Tayloronc of the men
who came up this morning, and after
the' arrival of the train, the trio, with
the prisoner frequently blowing on
his manacled hands to drive away the
numbness, proceeded to United
States Commissioner Furycar's
oflice, where Mr. Taylor swore out a
warrant against Livingston.
. The three half dollars were left
nlth the federal officer as evidence,
size and appearance arc
being deficient only in weight.
John Barnard, colored, one of the
witnesses, testified before Commissioner:
I'urycar tuistnorning that Saturday
the defendant entered Jim
Barnard's grocer' nt Fulton, where
tho witness is a clerk', and called for
some tobacco. He tendered a half
dollar, in payment, and was given 45
cents change. When the money was
dropped into tho drawer it sounded
like counterfeit and the witness
it and ascertained that
HR He followed "Livingston
lloHbilroad track and oidcred
hinWRft, drawing a pistol. The
tramp also drew a pistol and tho
cictk fired to frighten him.
Livingston bad previously passed a
similar coin on Mr. Taylor, who
keeps a butcher shop, for a nickle's
worth of cheese lie said he was
hungry, out of work nnd almost
penniless and at first Taylor did not
intend to charge him, but saw him
with several bilf dollars and then
concluded to exact the usual amount.
Tho half dollar proved to be
Livingston himself told Commissioner
I'urycar at tho preliminary
trial that his homo is in Louisville,
nnd that ho did not know tho money
was counterfeit.
He was held over to await tho action
of tho next federal grand jury in
April, nnd in default of a 6500 bond
went to jail.
(Ueporled Dally tj Lcy Grain Companjr.)
Ciiijaoo, Jnn. 18. May wheat
opened nt80 -80 U its highest poin
wns 81 l and closed nt 8uH b.
May corn opened at and
closed at
May oats opened at 18J and
closedat ISU-H.
May pork opened at 88.10
and closed at $8.07.
May lard opened at $4.12 and
closed nt $4.10-12.
May ribs opened at $1.17 aud
closed at $1.17.
March cotton opened at G.97,nnd
closed at $0.1)8-99.
May cotton opened at $7.08 and
closed nt $7.11-12.
Clearances today of wheat and
flour. 180,000 bushels.
The visible supply of wheat for the
United States has decreased 1 ,41.'),-000
bushels; of corn, increased
bushels, and of oats, decreased
65,000 bushels.
I have udw received my new stock
of good, nnd'nm ready for bustuess.
Thoso'who did not receive souvenirs
Saturday ou account of the in-
weitlier may call any time
this afternoon orHoinVlit and be
' "
1 don I do things by halves, nnd
want everybody to call on me and
see for him orhcrself how well I am
prepircd to give th best of , satisfaction
to ai ;
All arc assuretj thejnost courteous
treatment nnd hi' filling prescriptions
and supplying everything in the drug
Hue, we arc second to nope
Northeast qorupr Fouriji nnd
Uroadway. -
V . .. I
Nelson Soule's
I'riocs guaranteed. VrtvY! y-
303 -
, 2
n"V, H-
V, -
-' ..?'-
., ..i.
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