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':i THURSDAY, MAR. 11, 1HI7.
Thk pucrilo attempt of this morn
V Ine's "Register" to slur Mr. Fisher
is wholly lacking in wit and point.
But it helped to fill up those ever
lastingly long columns which give
the "Reeister" people so much
Jm Couiiktt is said to be prac
ticing a number of new upper cuts
t by which be expects to put a quietus
on his boastful antagonist. Among
.the witnesses of the battle will be
Trdin T. nlllvin tlin nhnmnlnn
UUUU U, ,.....-.., UW .......,...,..,
whose knockout blow Corhctt de
livered. Doubtless Col. Sullivan
would take some pleasure in seeing
"Gentleman Jim" laid low.
A iieiqx of terror has grown out of
tho Bhooting of Deputy Marshal Hyrd
in Breathitt county. Kuklux are
said to he active. Thomas Sizcmorc,
a witness against the man accused of
the murder, was shot and killed by
unknown assassins. A similar attempt
was made on the life of John
Arrowood, and the store and dwelling
of George Denton, a prominent
citizen, were burned.
Tub caucus of the Republican
members of the next Houe "ill be
held next Saturday to nominate can
didates for the offices. Tlmt .Mr.
Bced will be nominated uuauluioiisly
for re-election there is not the slightest
doubt. Mr. Reed hat been honored
highly in his repeated election
to this position, and the voto of
thanks tendered him with so much enthusiasm
at the close of the last session,
on motion of a Democrat, is
evidence enough that he has made a
fair and conscientious presiding
Silvku coinage is not the bugaboo
some would have others think.
"While capital is lying idle in the
United States it is pouring into
Mexico. There is no fear of silver
down there." Xews.
J. no implication tliat capital is
"pouring into" Mexico by reason of
free coinage of silver is false. Immense,
undeveloped! resources and
low prices of labor, together with
advantageous government concessions
of various kinds which it is possible
to get, arc the moving considerations
for the inllux. of capital into . the
Mexican Republic.
It is a popular claim of the trust
that they have benefited the people
by reducing prices. This is true in
many instances. But it is also true
that frequently after opposition
by the crushing of smaller
concerns prices are raised arbitrarily.
On the whole there can be no possible
doubt of the fact that the trust
is an evil that should and must be
abated. The attitude of the piesenl
administration toward the trusts
gives encuuiagement to hope foi
some effective legislation looked to
tho removal of this mcuace to our
national prosperity.
Tiik activity and strength of the
Sociallal8 or People's party of Germany
bidu fair seriously to courtnil
the poweres nud prestige of the emperor
before many years. The popu
larity of the movement is gpowing
and there is n boldness and firmness
in tho demands mode and a strength
in the opposition offered tho crown
bleh far boril of a confidence not felt
a few years ago. Germany is ripening
for a revolution and if the young
emperor is wie in his generation he
will I e careful how ho funs the Hume
of popular discontent, lest he fall before
the juggernaut.
The disposition of the nciv administration
to protect the lives nnd
liberties of Americans in Cuba more
perfectly thatuhas heretofore been
done was made known to tho Spanish
government by Minister Do Lome.
He also informed them that if harm
befell Sylvester Scovel prompt notion
for redress would ccrtninly bo tnken.
Tlio result was clcctrjcal. Scovel Is
now nt liberty. Tho proper determination
to protect Americans coupled
with nn nssurnnco tbat the rights of
our citizens would be enforced by the
cnliro power of the government
would have saved much suff cring to
American' citizens.
Fuom a dispatch to tho Louisville
"Times" it appears that Mr. Happy
pscnpctl removal by only one vote.
Governor Bradley moved that his
resignation be requested ; an amendment
was offered that the resignation
of Mr. Caufield be also requested;
another amendment was offered call
ing for tho resignation of Caulleld
only. His amendment prevailed by
n voto of three to two, Auditor
Stone, Attorney General Taylor and
Secretary Kinlcy voting in the
o, and Governor Bradley and
Treasuier Long in the negative.
Consul Gunt.iiai. Kr.K lias been as
sured by Secretary Sherman that lie
will receive the support of the government
in all reasonable demands made
upon the Spanish authorities in Cuba.
General Lee asked to be relieved but
was requested to remain and assured
that his retention of tho office would
bo considered a personal favor by the
President. General Lee's position
has been most uncomfortable for
some time, being unable to enforce
reasonable demands mndc in behalf
of Americans, which were often received
with contumely, as the Spanish
officials were well nwaro of the
of the Washington government,
Secuktaiiv SiiKitMAN has asked
the jSpauish government to issue
orders providing for a uniform policy
in Cuba with reference to American
citizens. Ho wants the trial and imprisonment
of such persons dispensed
with, and would hive them perempt
orily expelled from the island. This
rule he would apply to all persons
saVc those taken under nnns. The3c
must take the .consequence of their
acts. This policy will no doubt be
promptly accepted by Spam. It
could have been enforced long since
and would have saved many lives and
much suffering.
Thk arbitration treaty is again in
committee. With the death of the
fifty-fourth congress all unfinished
legislation of course failed, and all
amendments to the treaty, whether
pending or passed by the senate, became
of no effect and the treaty
stood just as it came from tho President.
It became necessary therefore
to re-commit it and the amendments
must be again proposed and
passed before they will be effective.
It is expected there will be no report
on tho treaty before tho meeting of
the special session next Monday. Tho
opponents of the treaty are as active
as ever and declare there will be extended
discussion of it before it
comes to a vote.
A start has already
been made by tho new administration
in the matter of testing the desirability
and profit of the beet sugar
industry in this country. Mr. C. C.
Hell, of BooneviHe, Mo., called upon
the President some weeks ago at
Canton, nnd had a talk with him in
reference to the matter. The Presi
dent expressed a disposition to do
what he could in that connection and
invited him to call again after the inauguration.
On Monday Mr. Bell
called on the President and renewed
his suggestion. He was assured of
tho continued interest felt in the
matter and was requested to go to
Secretary Wilson, of the agricultural
department nnd sny to him that the
President had sent him and to lay
the matter before the Secretary
fully. This Mr. Bell did. Mr. Wilson
promptly took an interest in tiie
matter and is making arrangements
to have beets grown by at least live
farmers in every county of Missouri,
seed for which will bo furnished by
tho department. Tests will then be
made of tho saccharine qualities of
the beets. This will be a big step in
the direction of n new industry.
Postjiastku Guxr.KAL Gaky is of
the opinion thnt the sound money
Demoeiaey may congratulate
on having lent their aid to the
election of Mr. McKinley. Ho says :
'I believe the sound money Democrats
wno voted with us will have reason
to rejolco over tho assistance
they gavo the Republicans in electing
Mr. McKinley, and thnt Mr. McKinley
will so conduct affairs that they
will have no reason to assume nn attitude
of opposition in the future. 1
hope wo nro about to enter upon an
unprecedented era of prosperity, but
I doubt if the silver issue can bo completely
removed from the field of poU
itics. It is, therefore, necessary that
advocates of a sound currency should
remain together to guard the country
ngaiust tho dangers which threatened
it in tho last campaign. There is
now very little difference between
good DemocrutH and good Republican
except the single question of
economics in connection with tariff.
We aro all, however, so much nioru
Americans than we nro party men
government or the stability of our
currency ia assailed."
Thk first official act of Secretary
Wilson related to tho exportation of
meat to European countries and its
object is to remove all excuso for tho
exclusion of American meats from
those mnrkcts. That tho Agricultural
Department is going to look
well after the interests of the farming
community becomes moro evident
every day. Nothing will bo left
by this administration that will
tend to the revival of business. Secretary
WiUon's order is as follows :
"That from and after March 15,
1807, all beef offered for transportation
to European porta, whether
fresh, salted, canned, corned or pack
ed, being the meat of cattlo killed
after the passage of the act under
which this order is made, shall bo
accompanied by a ccrtitlcato Issued by
an inspector ot this department
showing thnt tho cattlo from which
it was produced wcro free from
disease and the meat sound and
wholesome ; and in order that it may
be determined whether all beef exported
to Europen ports has been so
inspected and found to bo wholesome
it is further ordered that the meat of
all other species of animals exported
to such ports, which for any reason
does not bear the inspection stamps
of this department shall bo packed in
barrels, cases or other packages
which are legibly marked in such
manner as to clearly indicate the
species of auimal from which the
meat was produced. Meat which is
not o marked and wiiicn is not accompanied
by a certificate of inspection
will be classed as uninspected
beef, and will not bo allowed exportation
to European ports."
Tin: Republican members of the
Ways and Means Committeo of the
House of Representatives nro working
industriously to complete the
ttriff bill before the opening of the
Fifty-fifth Congress, next Monday.
They will hold three sessions a day
in order to get the work done it possible.
Man of the schedules arc
almost complete. Tho free list of
the new bill will be much smaller
than that of 1893. No important
modification of schedules heretofore
arranged was made. The free list of
the Dingley bill will probably be
much smaller than that of the act of
1893. Tho McKinley law was framed
rather with a yiew to reducing than
increasing revenues and now with
such urgent necessity for revenue tho
committee lias decided to take from
the free list such articles as will
stand a small duty without becoming
a burden upon the consumer. For
instance, chiekie, the basis of chewing
gum, is now on the free list.
Over 200,000,000 pounds were imported
last year. A small duty upon
this article will realize considcralc
revenue without in any way increasing
tho price of chewing gum to the
consumer. Orgals, the sediment of
wine barrels, which forms tho basis
of Epsom salts, i3 another article
upon which a small duty will be
levied. About 2,000,000 pounds of
this material was imported last year.
It is worth 10c per pound and n revenue
duty of 2c would raise $10,000
in revenue. The committee believes
considerable revenue can be raised
by the judicious selection of articles
on the free list to bear small duties.
Coloueii citizeusof Louisville held
a monster demonstration
Tuesday night. Quite a large
number of white people attended the
meeting and gave their countenance
to the movement. A number of
strong and able speeches were made
condemnatory Jof tho many outrages
perpetrated on colored citizens
of the state, nnd urging tho necessity
of speedy and effective legislation to
put down this species of lawlessness.
The voice of the meeting was unani
mous and a law was recommended
containing the following provisions:
Whenever the death of n person
charged with or suspected of ciime,
whether before or after the arrest ami
incarceration of such person, shnll
result from the actions of n mob or
collection of riotous persons, then In
every such case damages may ho re-covered
for such death from the
county in which the killing took
place, in a sum of not less than 82,-
500 or more than Sf),000. Tho ac
tion to recover such dnmages shall be
prosecuted by tho widow, heir or personal
representative of the deceased
in the Franklin circuit court, the
amount recovered, less funpral expenses,
the cost of administration,
and such costs about tho recovery,
including attorney's fees, as arc not
included in the recovery from the defendant,
shall be for the benclit of
and go to tho kindred of the deceased."
Such a measure is within the purview
of tho call for the special session,
nnd should and doubtless will havo
the hearty and undivided support of
the Republican members nnd many
Democrats. There is no good reason
why any law-abiding citizen any
citizen who is in favor of the impartial
administration of justice should
fail to give it his hearty support.
Kentucky must do something to destroy
the effect of tho torribc record
she has mado for herself in tho last
few mouths. It is a matter of simple
Justice to a largo class of her citizens
that such n law should bo enacted
nnd we believe it will ho done.
There should be added to tho paragraph
hero proposed, penalties to he
thut even that differcnoo docs does imnoscd on tho ncrnctrntorH f.mli
affect us when tho integrity of (bo' will (Inter them from taking part in
such unlawful nets. County or state
officials wLo negloct to perform duties
lnid on them in connection with
tho arrest and punishment of such
violator! of lnw should be made
amenable to tho law in such form as
will Indtico them to give proper attention
to their duties in the premises.
Let the legislature fearlessly do Its
whole duty in this regard and the
state will bo well repaid for the whole
expense ot the session should nothing
elso bo accomplished.
Whnt Constitutes Prosperity.
From the
There nro Democratic editors who,
after their several violent campaigns
of education for tho instruction of
the public, appear to be rlpo for a
course in a political kindergarten.
One of the leaders of this class, who
has no idea of what it is that constitutes
tho prosperity of the people,
expresses the fear that a Republican
Congress will find, in tho election returns
of last November, warrant for
a revival of protective tariff legislation
which, ho affirms, "stimulates
production and deludes
the people with the idea
that they are getting rich by swapping
jack-knives with ono another."
This means, it is explained, that under
a protective tariff the exports of
manufactured products do not in
crease in the same ratio as produc
tion. It is ono of the persistent fallacies
of the American free trader
that when our exports of manufact
ured articles are not enormous, when
we do not recelvo vast sums from
abroad for tho products of our workshops,
wo are not in the way of becoming
rich, but, as one expressed
it, wo arc in the condition of the con
fectioner who eats his own wnres and
fancies he is getting on.
It is absurd to make exports the
exclusive test of prosperity. If there
were a fixed standard of consumption
which all had reached and beyond
which all consumption is prolligacy,
then we could measure our well-being
by our foreign snles. As long,
however, 03 the American people
havo any want unsatisfied to which
domestic enterprise can minister, as
long as increased consumption promotes
the material and moral welfare
and happiness of the people, just so
long consumption must be tho true
test of prosperity. That condition is
prosperous under which the piano of
living is raised. When people wear
moro and better clothes, have
more and better food, more
and better houses, schools, homo
adornments, labor-saving devices,
books, picture?, musical instruments,
newspapers, horses, gardens, vacations,
excursions and whatever it is
that is'tbc object of men's tireless industry
and thrift, they are in the enjoyment
of the right kind of prosperity.
This improvement in the
conditions of living is the first nnd
highest aim of organized society, the
distinct purpose of all government as
well as of all personal effort. If this
end can be reached without the sale
of our manufactured products abroad
then such n sale is a matter of no im
There is not nn honest and well-informed
person of whatever party who
will not admit that under a protective
tariff production increased in a higher
ratio than population, nnd that wages,
capital invested, material used
and value of product also increased,
while prices decreased. Since there
was no excessive accumulation of
manufactured products on hand
when business collapsed in 1893, it
is obvious that consumption increased
in about the same ratio as production.
As the exports did not show a
corresponding iucreasc, it is clear
that the increased consumption was
domestic, which means that the
plane of living of the American
people was raised. The most common,
unskilled laborer of 1890 lived better
than the skilled workman of twenty
years ago. Luxuries that were tho
exclusive enjoyment of tho rich,
twenty years ago, wcro within tho
easy reach of tho skilled workman of
1890, and were even rnnked as nec
essaries. The raiser is never a rich
man, no matter how many dollars he
may possess. Ho is just as poor as
nny man who can not afford to live
any better than tho miser voluntarily
lives. That man is prosperous who
constantly enlarges his wants as his
means of meeting them increase.
When the American people increase
their product and consumption of
things they are prosperous, whether
Consul General Loc Reassured by
Secretary Sherman.
A Washington special (o tho
"Globe-Democrat" says:
Secretary Sherman cahlcd Consul
General Leo today that every
sonnblo demand or request he may
make of tho Spanish authorities in
Cubn will bo supported by all tho
power ' of the United States government.
Tho first dispatch received by tho
new Secretary of atnto from Gpnprai
Lcc, outside of tho ordinary routino,
came yesterday. It was brief and
simple, asking what he could expect
in tho way of being relieved from
further service nt Havana, and calling
nttcntiou to a desire herctoforo
oxpvcsscd that ho might he permitted
to return homo.
Secretary Sherman took tho dis
patch to tho executive mansion. Afterwards
ho Jcabled to Gen. Lee, requesting
him to continue ut his post,
explaining that no ono has been selected
as his successor, nnd it would
ho Incovonlcnt to consider that matter
for somo time Hp was assured
of fair treatment by the administra
tion, and told tliat uis remaining as
Consul General would ho regarded
by tho Xrcshlcnl as a norsonol favor.
Gen. Leo cahlcd to-day that ho
had found it not only dlfllcult but at
times impossible to furnish American
citizens that degrco of protection to
which ho felt tlicm entitled. Ho had
often been humiliated in the attempted
discharge of his duties. As now
situated, he (enn not obtain such
recognition asho desires ' from the
. ' K "" v ,' ''t? '. . 'VFmilM
..... I I 1 I. 1HH
The Sun Li authorized to announce
tr a candidate for sheriff ofMcCracken
subject to Democratic primary to be hold
We are author I.ih1 to announce
as a candldato for asiwuot of McOraeken
county, subject in tho action ot tho Democratic
prtmsrr election to bo huld Saturday.
Direction fur
tiieyscila dollar s wortn or not to THE WINTER
foreign people. A ,IarMllM,
April J 1W7.
Spanish authorities, nnd thus his
usefulness is impaired. Ho suggested
that a United States war-ship in
tho harbor of Havana would bo of
tho greatest assistance to him, and
asks how far the government will
support him.
Secretary Sherman caliled to Gen.
Leo today that his recommendation
concerning a warship will bo given
early and careful consideration, and
if conditions seem to warrant it nn
adequate naval force will he sent to
Cuhan waters Ho added that ho had
been assured that hereafter all
demands submitted by the
Consul General shall be respected by
the representatives of Spiln in Cuba,
nnd ho feels convinced there will be
no cause for further complaint in that
direction, but if there should bo, he
assured General Lee that this govern
ment will support him to the extent
of its power.
Sinking Home Toolhaom
Ktcrjone who hua tcMnl the bevt
homemade cnmlli'h knows t tint xUcy
aro equal to tho best l'lcucli bonbons,
and far better than nny candy that can
be found nt the fnine price.
The nlmplcot form of candy Is the old-time
pullul uioln.s.tos Mick. Tills Is not
often made to-day
pulled candy which pnwos
under the Mime name mny In; made of
lljjht brown 8tirnr. One reason for
this Is the dlllleulty found In obtaining
tho Ewcct, molasses of
yenrs ojjo. To make n pulled candy of
sit(far, put b!x cups of coiTeo "A" sugar
over tho Are with three cups of water.
Iloll It to the "crack" or until n few-drops
of tho sirup, thrown In cold water,
forms n brlttlo moss. A (rood way
to test It U with the teeth. If tho
cooled candy clings to the teeth when
bitten, tho sirup has not boiled enough.
When tho proper stage of boiling In
reached, add the grated peel of two lemons
nnd hnlf a cup of butter. Do not
stir tho candy, but let It boll again to
the crack. If you wlh plain taiTy tho
candy la now done. Pour It out on
grcneed plates to tho depth of about n
quarter of nn Inch. Sprinkle somo of
the plntes thickly with chopped walnut,
pecan or butternut kecncls to
r..nko nut tniTy. Crease the taiTy after
It haa cooled n little, so It can bo broken
Into candles of uniform sle. Itescrvo,
a portion of this candy to pull. Pull
this candy until it Is nearly white, nnd
about the. thickness of your linger. Cut
it into inch lengths and let It dry In a
cold place for an hour or longer.
To make ft puro white cream enndv.
use pure whlto sugar and omit tha
butter. Pull tho candy until It is
creamy and smooth. Add a few drons
of cochineal to this candy before It is
puueo, to make a pink nulled candr.
A delicious lemon candy l made of 3
pounas or wruto sugar, iy, pint of water
and a teospoonful of cream tartar.
Tut the mix turn in a bright tin or copper
saucepan and let It boll over a brisk
Are. until It reaches the "crack." Tour
It out on n greased platter, add. a
of tartaric- acid and tho same
amount of lemon extract. As soon as
you can boar your finger In the mass
work In tho lemon extract and the
tartaric acid. Mould It on the plotter if
you have no marble board for the purpose.
Do not handle the candy anymore
than Just to mix In tho seasoning,
or you will destroy the transparency,
which Is thecharacteristloofthiscandy
form It Into sticks an Inch long nnd
nan on inch thick in the same way as
you did the pulled taffy, working It rs
little ns possible. About four drops of
tincture of sniTron will ghe the candy
a yellow- tinge, without making it les
Therulcfor eJmoolatu creams Is glen
by request. Iloll half a pound of granu
latcd Htignr with three tnblespoonfulsof
rich milk. When the sirup makes n
foft lull when a drop Is put In cold
water, lot U cool. When vou can bonr
your finger In It beat It until It Is white
and creamy. Flavor it with a little
and mould tho mass Into little
balls tho size of the smallest marbles.
Iioll hnlf n iound of sugar with two
tablfttpoonfuls of water to "tho ball."
When It is benton to o. cream add gradually
four ounces of chocolate cut up
nnd melted. Melt the whole over the
fire until It Is glassy nnd ery thick,
and dip the creamy bolls In It from the
point of n long upholstery needle. Lay
them on greased papers to cool. Any
chocolnto left may le mado Into choco
late nut candles hy dipping walnut kernels
in It. The rules for many elaborate
fondant candle.s hate been recently
ghen In these columns. X. Y. Tribune.
Iotlon for tlie
of fair Facoi.
When tho u oman w ho ho dellfrhtnllr
lived out of iloors all muamor In rural
Bccnra nmiH Herself returned to brick
walls nnd city convBiitlonalltlo. hc In
abashed at tho condition of
hrr Bltln. IVecltlefl and sunburn an
rather effective than othcrwiso under
tho n,rden luit or mountain cap, but
with tho natty tailor-made pown of
early autumn and generally smart ef
feet of city toilets, ono yrlslms Borne
how theso skin blemishes had been
left In tho country nlonfrwlth tho lost
tfiink bulls, broken oars nnd other
tcldsunimer rubbhh.
Sometime tho simple washing of the
faco every night for a tow nJirhts wllh
ruro castllo soap and tepid water will
be nil thnt Is needed, but If tho freckles
still hold, a lotion published by the
Medical Itecord, and pronounced harmless,
will removo them. Tho fonnulu
for this Is: Tour ounces lnctla nelil,
two ounces glycerine, ono ouuco rose
whW, Aftrr using tho Jotlon armlv n
puro cold orcam to allay nny burning
nenKauon. vnBellno on tho faco or
hands Is not recommended by complexion
speclnllsts, as IthaB n tendency
after awhile to yellow tho skin. It U,
howwtcr, nn excellent thing to touch
the lips with on going out windy autumn
dnjs. It prevents the hardening
and crocking to which tender-skinned
peoplo nro subject at tha first harsh
brc7e. Touch only tho lips, nnd try
not to moisten them afterward .--Una
ton IJudgut,
Mother' Cruller,
Mix thoroughly together two cupful
of sugar, a tablespoonful of butter, half
n cupful of milk, a sennt tcaspoonful of
soda dissolved In boiling water, two
of vinegar, tho grated rind
of nn orange, a llttlo nutmeg nnd flou'
enough to make a dough Stiff though,
to roll out. Ouf In squares or clrclen
and cook in boiling lard. When cooked
nnd nearly cool sift powdered sugar
over them. Homq Jwrn.aL
Last Call
0: Biark;.
We haye. a few pair
left ana don't want to
carry mem to next
season. For this reason
we offer them at a
very low price to close.
Our stock of Cirpcts is very
complete in all kinds from the
cheapest Jo the finest. Can
make and lay them nicely on
one clay's notice-)
We arc rccstiving.daily choice
things irnhc newest styles of
pretty Dress Goods, Silks and
Have Just received some nice
things in Cipes and Ready
Made Skiffs inblack and fancy
effects. yrj
We arc closinjr out some odds
and ends in Corsets at one-half
Look at ournew Kid Glove
(white) with colored embroidered
Agents for Huttcricks Patterns.
'genome real bar
gains in fahcy black
dress goods; Don't
rail to seethe following
special offers.
2 pieces fincy
lor m.i
2 pieces fnncy
tor M..8.
worm j2 lor m.
htylceuvorth $1.90
4 pieces novelties worth $1 for Gfic,
4 pieces line noveltjcs worth M.25
fo: She.
2 patterns fancyjacqunrd weaves
1 nese gooas are
new styles and will be
sold at these prices for
a few days cfnly. Call
E. GuthiM Co.
315 Broac
Phone 155.V
()INI'Y Ol' MiK'ltACKKN. Ml-
th (lrcKry Hal I'ointkti
Mnsnt, N J lillilry.Hiiitvi that on Amrust
lf?'."YV iihtb wiuil
uai i.oniiany, n of In mU
comranv to jt ihi.ii ,i,i .......,
if., imj IM-Inu for thirty
Htl ir.M if I C n i tilt . I u. ...!. , ....... f
$Vlll.c!3ilfl,;",,".Y';lH 'l'"vcml to uniant for
VanSwrarlift Illlilky
AnuntHtutctiliimalil ccrtlrlc.itn 1ms nevrr
Im-i-ii endorsed bylilm, nor )y ViuiSomteti A
Dllilar, nor ly anfmiH for thun who wui aun'
llitsalil eminent Uagnuver
brt;ii pleilKetl by i ihcrof thi. holders thereof.
III Htntl'M thill I lm li
lor rin iuiwi'ii M
mi' has bleu l
Hu H.tyH th.tt on Urn imIi 1,ijJ
van KoiidenA DII.I.iv iln ,nu.1
tdUlltlll hH.irrh
rilllt.iti. mill th'it
mUl.ihUniulriimoi iw
of March ifOT.
.i!Unitlon lo
lor ,i new
rrrtniratnof Htock in Ucu ot oViitJcatt I
nforiwuld. (hat they
I way, a Kood anJ (.nnicluu bond, IbileinnlfyKiK
aM company niralmt low, hy rcamm of
newisHi!)', and that they will caiiMt MiH
lo (mi puliltilied la nim iiiiiair In Iho
city of l'jfucu)i for n iwrlod of thirty (lain,
rainwH, noinai urn world uiayjmvt)
.. u. V...I. rpV,.UU
for Dllday & Van Sendu
RncBoqts and Shoes
HOjKic to' i
Ifi'jialrlui,' n(
Uotium piidt',
aUklmiyfir.iily doniftt
tlJiru Ufln u 'trial'
4 If You are Looking for
call on
Also various tcmiioranco
tulcr, (linger Ale, ct
' !
r. .re-.
We arcHcadquarerr, for all kindsjof Shoos
at prices to suit yur arc
making extremelow pricS"fcrcducc our
stock and niakcroonvidfour Spriniri eoods.
up imay(jrroceriesi
Fruit Ctfke 1VL
Apples and
aiiit Im mil .fj
V jWWii,
always tho first to (.how
In All tho luioa
designs and colors. They're in u w
ready or your inhprrinu.
Finest line of
Picture Mouldings
In tlitf it.
Havo you soon tho
ArfC for (Jul
Prices JtonfiorfaWC (JUIOI) work.
ir l
123 H'way. Under Pai.mkr IIoisk
Tolephdno M8
EoaSI CAinpbell.
Prompt .rnflcnreful ttontlon tjlvon
0 donning vaults waW cIohoIn, &o.
1 hlrtcon vonra nxnorlmifflrtnTiiu
Cnlls from nnv ti.irt, nf tim .n,. ,.'
wcrcd nt nny thno front fi o'clock n. m.
to 11 o'clock p. in.
Havo oiiicil a
728 S. 4iIiPSfQt.
All Kinds of furniture rmircd nnd
upholstered and roviirnlied nt
prices, l'aiiitin mid repair
work on budgie it spJuinlty, Will
call for and deliver work tcfio!
.1 .!.
Y1 T sfsV
a vfm ill
if &J31 " f
$ ttft Telephone 3 f O Broadway g 5
Tclcjuioiio 1 111. Cor. !)lli and Trimble Sis,
H. Howard
:V. Sixth St.
nil fo
Will offer pv(m Jr4. ..-.-..! rv V
.. . .,. ...um.cuik.iub in rianos an
tJrof.in": tor tfu nvi an J
stvlcs worth Si.o AlJVU,,yi
Goods, &c.
Paducahj Bottling - Co.,
In koga jrbottlcfl.l
ilrfnl Vll Cl . IrtA CI-...
ms niii x. N. wvl ttvtm
Of St. Louis.
Water, Orange
Tclephoim onlers fillcti unill 1 1 o'clock nt night during week ami 12 o'clock
.Saturday nighK
TeleDhoiio 101.
10th ami Mail Iron I'ADUCAII KV
IR !-.. .. ft kt "
re m i i- cm inE f wm" ! m m m a.
mwm i"UHGry,ui
Give Ix tin
v- v
Cor. Court and Market
74 cBUBh
1 O Rtoflm
SSfef .
(Jivo us your 1
first claps mvoik
:iuimrjii you want
iirnmnt !
KitahlUhed yS incorioratiHl isnj
LFoiijKlry and
mm Go,
cturrrauiilifcalerii n
SfflanKh&lnas.BoilBi's, .
And Tohac
and Iron 1
of all kind.).
jjfows, Jtriuss
"k. Oasttngs
. .
SZfi&l Aro holiiR '
4h.ll")'lT Hentod by. ,
I K'ifeM'yi4 Front
mSwm Rauk-
sSnisWf i Jftfi&Jl irr
BBtifi&i'tt " "
I2t South Third Stro.
y i
t tt
r.. ,v.- : '-4. ,t.
- f"
ii V

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