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ur l'atrontzo Advertisers thoni Are nnd Reliable, show your appreciation The PaSducah daily Sun Official NevvspapSi
of tliolr onterprho. of tfie City.
10 LcgiHliitors Tryiuir to Find
Out Wlmt Tlicy Will Do.
(fin. Sungiilly ICcturns lo Culm to
f FlKlit.
Frankfort, April 3. As to the
prolmblo result of the senatorial fight
nil Is yet mcro matter of spccirtation.
No voto was taken today, except a
formal vote ofoncforcnuli candidate,
no quorum being prcsont. Whether
llin nnnfftat will Iia miiitttiupil tti
"U half of Dr. Hunter next week or not
i matter of grave iloulit. There is
no ttoulit that a number of
who have supported lihn thin far
ju tlio caucus nominee now feel that
the tunc lias come when hu Hhotihl bo
(IropiHnl for some Ilcpubllcan on
wliom tlio party cauuiiito. Whether
such an one can be found Is a question
of some ililllculty. II Is
it will be harder now to unite all
x. tho Itepubllcans In favor of an man
limn it would have been at the be
ginning oi mo session, as more or
less friction has been engendered.
Hi:riNi:Kir.s io klslmi:.
All Philadelphia Factories to Hun
With I'iiII I'oicc.
Philadelphia, April 3. Owing to
tlio strong condition of the refined
sugar market, by Monday every refinery
in the city ill be running with
a full force on regular time, which
means employment for about 2,000
Nearly half a million tons of raw
Higars are now en route by vessels
from Germany, the Kast Indies,
Kgypt, South America and the West
India islands.
a diuulv im.acli:.
Twchc i'orsous Die Within a
Week In Dnvlexs Count.
Whitesvillc, April .1. In the
neighborhood in this county known
as llccfxhido Cirik a deadly dNca.se
prevails which bailies the skill of the
Lest physicians and threatens to decimate
the country. Within :i week
&io less than twelve persons have died
and the physicians are unable to diagnose
the disease.
no noi'i:.
Higher Wiitor for tin Lhhit
Jackson, Miss., April 3. The last
hope is gotio for saving the Ion lauds
protected by the Mississippi levees.
The waters continue to rise and reports
indicate they will do so for
days to come. Already a vast territory
is inundated and with further
breaks in the levee, which seem inevitable,
it seems iniposs'blu that any
portion of the Ion lauds should
;i:n. kivi'.ka nui kiij.i:i.;
Ills Trial Now In
Havana, April !1 A report sent
out from Key West to the effect that
ticii. Itivcra was Mint al sunrise this
morning Is uutruo. The trial by
court martial of Gen. llivern is being
proceeded with behind closed doors
at Sau Ciistobal.
tii i: oxroiti)sv i n.
In tlio Itoul Ituco With Cniuhrldgo
This Morning.
London, April 3. In the annual
hoat race between Oxford and Cam-bridge
colleges, which took place
on the Thames, the gallant
Oxfords came off wisy winners
amidst the plaudits of thousands of
Now Orlciim. in Good Sliupo
New Orleans, April 2. Tlio river
here is 17 5, being inliueuced somewhat
by the tide. Tlio levees protecting
this city nro reported in
excellent condition, and arrangements
have bcou made villi the railroad
companies for moving material and
men promptly to any threatened
p. iliit.
Louisiana Levco llrokcn.
Itaeeland, La., April 3. During
the night the luvce in front of the
property, four miles below
Lookport, on the left bank of bayou
Lafourche, gave way and is now 100
feet in width. The strain all along
the bayou has been relaxed to a
great extent owing to the crevasse.
The fall hero has been one foot pine.)
its oiciirreuce.
Itnc ntir oihnmi iriiVolino from II
II. Kvnn'(ankugoiii Ibvluidles
tlio hc3l lire proof oil jutLKed Crown
"asolinc. laO
i:n. tiui.io saocuili.v
Takes Ills Life in Ills Hand and
Again Goes to Cuba.
Jacksonville, Kla.. Annl 2. Gen.
Julio Sangully, who was secretly
smuggled Into this city by the Cuban
juntn Wednesday night, succeeded
in getting away tonight for Cuba.
Since arriving here Gen. Sangully
has kept from the public, and his
pretence even was denied by the Cuban
leaders. This was because
live Spanish spies had learned
of Gen. Sangul'y's Intended arrival
here, and were on the lookout for
him. He succeeded in evading them
loingni and was taken to depot by
friends, where ho hoarded a train
hound for Miami. It is understood
that he will go to the western end of
the island in Pinar Del Hlo Privlnce
and assume charge of the army formerly
commanded by Gen. Itivera,
now a prisoner.
When It was rumored that
was here, scores thronged
about Cuban headquarters, but the
leaders dented his presence anil
would give no information on the
subject. This was because
isii spies were watching the headquarters,
and following every one
who might lead to the famous patriot's
hiding place. 1'ho spies
camped around different houses,
where they thought he might
be, but the Cubans stole a
march by putting him In a room
close to a well-known Spanish resident,
where no spy would think of
looking. He escaped Into this even
ing, and look the fast train for Miami.
It is stated that a swift-sailing yacht
is there ready to take him over to the
A visit tonight to the places where
Sangully was supposed to be concealed
showed five contented Spanish
spies lounging around the corners,
watching a house where they believed
him to be.
Sanguily is reported to bo in good
health and spirits, and eager to strike
n blow for Cuba Libre.
uki:i:ci: hound to win.
On Declaration of War Itlockuilc
Would Liid.
Athens, April 3. Whether, in the
eent of war, the Powers will abstain
from a blockade and leave the Greek
licet unfettered, is debated here with
great Interest. It is oiuted out
that, should war ensue, the Powers
could uot, as neutrals, hinder the
operations of the CJrcck navy, which
might iKHiibard Smyrna and Saloulca
and capture the Islands of IhcAegear.
In case the Turks should be vict
rious on land, which is not expected
al Alliens, Greece would be more
than compensated by victories of the
sea. It is assumed, of course, that
Huropc would never permit the Turkish
army to advance to Athens.
Thus, whatever happens, Greece
stands to win; at any rate, not to
loe. These calculations would l.o
completely overthrown should the
Powers compel the Greek licet to remain
inactive. Hut this course, it is
contended hero, would be tantamount
to an offensive alliance with Turkey
against Greece.
A number of Italian volunteers
have arricd here from Crele, Inning
safely run the blockade. They say
there is no bread in the island except
in the camp of Gen Vassos,
which is provisioned for threo mouths.
The insurgents are not orgsn!.ed,
hut consist of bands of armed peasants,
who leave their homes for a day
or two during ncthc operations.
The real head of the Greek army
of occupation is Col. Limbrici, who
directs all the movements of the insurgents.
Replied With a Shot and Disabled
a Spanish Gunboat.
Jacksonville, Kla., April 3.
from Havana statu that a telegram
has been received there from
Trinidad stating that the eaptnin of
the Spanish gunboat Portos states
that his vessel was fired on by filibustering
steamer i n the southwest coast
last week. He sighted the vessel
near land, and shortly afterward discovered
it was lauding supplies, a
largo body of Cubans being discerned
on tlie beach. Steaming
within range, he began firing at the
filibuster, when, to his surprise, she
replied briskly with two guns. A
chance shot from the filibustering
steamer disabled one of his steam
drums and his vessel lay
helpless on the water for nearly half
a day. The filibustering steamer,
noticing the fact, leisurely landed
her cargo a.id then steamed out of
the harbor easterly, making n long
detour so as to escape coming near
cruisers. Tho Spanish olllcials nro
wrathy over the leport, and on investigation
has been ordered. v
Water Notlco.
Patrons oTjthe Water Company are
reminded Unit rents for this quarter
were duo AnVil 1st. Thosewho
renuW theirrents should do
so hf tho Kith, a nil premises in ar-rears
after tW(lalo will he shut
! 2uH
Tlmt 2tfu molasses nLlJulaney's is
a corker. 128 Coujstrcit. Synillt.
3 -v 7
... ,um,Mh Tymgm:
MJ7 .. -" iMiTlfcC i HTtT i- ifr iT
W-, k5RaBIHfiW
m:v in run rr.ooni:i
Tlie Flood Sit nut ion in tlie
South Lund (trows.
St. Francis Nm- Threatens Helena,
Memphis, Term., April 3. The
flood situation has once more become
acute from a point a few miles nbovc
Austin, Miss, as far down as the first
break at Perthshire, Miss., and a
crcvase in this hue of levees would
not be surprising. The pressure on
the leee is brought about by the
waters of the St. Francis bxsin which
is congcMed between the levees in
front of Helena. There is no levee
Oil the Arkansas side from Sans
Soiici to a K)int above Helena, a distance
of 100 miles, and it is at Austin
Hint the levee system on each side of
the river begins and goes to the passes
below New Orleans.
The waters are now so high in the
St. Francis basin lint the current
rushes from the west and cuts nlong
the east shore levee for miles and
several alarming telegrams have been
received from near Austin todn' and
Hie situation is most grave. lioats
have been requested to run on slow
bells, mid laborers are constantly
strengthening the embankments. A
crevasse at Austin would inundate a
strip of fertile country in Tunica and
Coahoma counties, twenty miles wide
ami sixty miles long.
Reports from Helena, Ark., show
that the river there is still slowly rising,
and it is almost miraculous that
the loces al Helena have not been
swept away. Thousands of people
have been working day and night
nnd tneir energies are seemingly
Tho Missouri Pacific nnd Cotton
licit have rushed trainload after
tralnlond of sacked sand into the beleaguered
city and still stnml read' to
help the Helena people. The railroads
have rendered great assistance
to the levee boards. The Illinois
Central, Missouri Pacific and Cotton
licit railways have devoted all their
great forces to work of saving the
country, and that without charge.
Greenville is on nn island and
Itosednle, Miss., is in water fro.n live
to ten feet deep. The funds of a
bank In Kosednle have been moved
to 'hesecoud slo.y. Thousands of
head of cattle are standing on tlie
lavee, and many unfortunate refugees
sleep there witli no covering to protect
them from the
winds of night.
Hack of Kosedale and throughout
the lower and middle Delta country
everything is under water. In many
villages no communication with tlie
outside world has been had for several
ThoUhreatened rise at Cairo is now
a certainty. Tlio Mississippi above
Cairo and tho Cumberland and Ten
nessee rivers will send a great Hood
into the already filled St. lr.ineiS
Iinuin. mill frnm P'llm to Mcmtiliis it I
is feared that the dehigo will mark a'
high water figure that will be without J Assistant General Superintendent
a precedent. At Memphis tho river Hartigaii, of tho Illinois Central,
is slowly filling tonight, tlie gauge accompanied by lib wife and Chief
reading 3)5 3 feet, a fall of one-tenth clerk Tony Waggoner, and
a foot since last night. 'tendent McCourt, of tho St. louis
V The calls for assistance from num. ! division, arrived hI H o'clock this
ciiis points along tho river are be-1 morning over tho St. Louis division
in . . . .i
coining more and more frequent at
tliiT'nwidiiiMtcra of the iclief committee
In jcmphls. Tho committee is in
g if
distmcts oi the south.
receipt of Information to the effect
that there are some fifteen or twenty
white icople, principally women and
children, in great distress at a point
near St. Clair's Landing, about fifteen
miles up the river, which is
some six miles from .Mound City.
These people are located in houses,
the lower lloois of which are
and they have no food and
no means of obtaining it. Arrangements
were made to send supplies.
People in St. Louis and VI :lnlty
Wnrned of u Flood.
St. Louis, April 3. The heavy
rains or the past two days are having
an effect on the streams tributary to
the Mississippi and Missouri rivers in
Iowa, Illinois, Missoui! nnd Kansas.
As a result they are pouring torrents
into those rivers and Hooding the lowlands
through which they llow,
causiug considerable damage, but,
as far as known, no casualties.
Wealhar Observer
has warned people on this side
of the river and m Fast St. Louis,
wIiom: places arc in danger of being
Hooded, that tho danger lino will be
reached within the nest forty-eight
hours. In addition, the warnings
were nlso sent to Clarksville, Canton,
Lagrange and Louisiana, Mo.,
and tiuinev, Alton nnd Grafton, III.,
apprising them of the expected rise.
Mr. Frankenllcld sajs the two
points wheru the greatest danger vfill
eusi for the next twenty-four hours
are Hannibal, Mo., and Qjiiucy, III.
The Largest ISIock in the City
Two Prominent Men Cremated
In the Hiiildlng.
Chattanooga, April 3. Chattanooga
tliii morning suffered the most
disastrous lire that has visited it for
ten years. Tlie ltiehnrdson block,
the largest and most expensive building
in the city, was completely destroyed,
entailing a property loss of
more than 8100,000.
In the burning building were
caught Uoyd Kwing, receiver of the
Harriman Land Company nnd Sam
Patton, a wealthy architect, both
who were unable to escape, and perished
in the tlames.
Minlmp to a Hlg 1'ovv of tho W. W.
Vick9burg, Miss., April 3. dipt.
Starr, of the United Mates steamer,
Thomas II. Florence, reports that the
W. W. O'Neil wrecked her tow at
Ajflv bar, striking tho bar under full
headway al the highest point, sinking
ight boats with ttvo mure in a sinking
Assistant General Sunt,
jran and Sujit. McCourt
Cauio In On a Uriel" Visit and Lclt
At Noon For Chicago.
. -. . . . . . ....
on a lirlct uusincss visit, iliey remained
at the Union Depot until
noon and left at 12:10 for Chicago.
during the month of
rapidly rising and may cut
now and would be
limited supply of
need them.
A JU'ccnt Tragedy Jlccallcd to
It Is Now 'I liought That tlie Unknown
Victim's Identity is
The mystery that envelopes the
terrible death of an unknown man in
Autioch church, near Florence Station,
a few weeks ago, on a Saturday
night, may yet be dispelled. It Is
now thought that the identity of the
man has been discovered, and interested
persons are busily working on
the case.
The supposed name of the man is
Jacob Keiper, an old German farm
hand who was expected at the farm
of Henry Kortz, a son of Mr. Jncob
Kortz, of 317 South Fifth street, this
city. This old man, if the poor fellow
were he, had forbears worked
on Jacob May's farm, near Nashville.
111. Years ago he in some manner
bound himself to May to pay off an
obligation of some sort, and in time
is said to have become virtually a
slave, and was not permitted even to
write to any of his relatives, who
soon almost forgot him.
A few months ago his debt was
paid in full, and ho left. He had
previously signified nn intention f
coming to this county to work for
Mr. Kortz, a si n-in-law of his unclr,
of whom he had heard last summer
through a young man of Illinois who,
while making a blcyc'e lour of this
locality, stopped over with Mr.
It ha been several weeks since he
left Nashville, and he departed on
foot. No one knows anything of his
route after ho lefl there, but he had
for several days been expected by
Mr. Kortz.
This old German, who was illiterate
and very simple in Ins manners,
had his eats pierced, and wore small
gold ear-rings. Two or three lingers
on one of his hands were cut off years
ago in a threshing machine.
The pierced ears and the
missing lingers correspond precisely
with the blackened corpse found in
the little church. The only differ
ence was that the corpse had no earrings,
lint Keiper may have
of these while on his tramp, or
lie may liavo been robbed of ihcin.
Who knows?
The most startling feature of the
case, however, is that those who are
investigating it believe the iuoffeusive
old man was murdered.
A try of the residents of Floicnce
station who were inside the church
the morning after tho ghastly
was mado in the slowly burning
structure will attest the fact that
there were evidence of a struggle,
there was blood on the Hour, nnd the
uisiorieii remains, nllliougn uiirncil
on mimic poi turns until they were en
tirely uurecogui.ahlc, were in a corner
of tho church several feet from
the fire.
Then two tramps were been going
away early thai Sunday morning just
about the time the church was discovered
to be on lire, and one man
and his wife who live near the church,
now have an indistinct remembrance
of hearing cries some time before
As to the appearance of the ancient
German, this is given by the gentleman
who gave him a quilt and saw
him before he went in to be cremated.
The description tallies exactly with
that of Keiper, the only thing that
cannot be reconciled is thai the
tram) informed the gentleman when
he asked for the quilt that he was
bent on reaching New Orleans, when
Keiper's destination was Florence
Station. He may havo given New-
Orleans, however, to make his case
more appealing.
The age, almost uuintelligi
bio Gei man aecen), pierced
ears, aiuputnud lingers and locality,
however, all indicate strongly that
the unfortunate wretch burned in the
little chinch was Keiper, whether he
was first muidered ur not.
In reguid to his having been murdered,
no molive has et been found.
The old man may have possessed
money he had houidid, by saving a
pittance now and then, and tli'u may
have impelled casud companions to
taku his life nnd attempt to conceal
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the evidences of their crime by setting
tiro to the church.
He might have been killed for his
ear ru.gs, his borrowed bed clothing,
or lor nothing at all. It is a very interesting
case, however, and the gentlemen
who are investigating it nro
determined to persist until the mystery
is ferre'ed out.
yTm. c. a.
I'ninoirow being tho first Sunday
m Hie inoiilhthol o'clock meeting
nl the Young Men's Christian Asso-
eia io i will hu open to the public,
l.idiisand gentlemen. The address
will be delivered bv UeV. W. K. Pen-
rod on the topic, "Iassiuis from the
Life of .Solomon.' hveryone
di.'ill.v invi.eil
Mr. Sclriad, the retiring secretary,
h'fl at noun lo lay, and Mr. Workman,
tho new general secretary,
comes to taxc ms place. I
The filtering fibre is made of a solid granite rock,
insuring absolutely pure water.
Granite filters have greater capacity than those of
other makes costing three times as much.
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order ; it will last a life -
Granstc filters are easier
child canopcratc them.
Son Hardware
1 09
Geo Rock &Sorh
Goes Down At Hunters roint
MCth Full Cargo.
Tliroc Houstnbouts Ami One Other
Person Drowned.
Nashville, April 3. Tho steamer
K. T. Cole, with a valuable cargo,
sank this morning at Hunter's point,
and is doubtless with her cargo a
total loss. Three roustabouts are
known to have bien drowned and
one other is reporteiUlrowned.
S VAn.T atwOtitiltf ?a I--
I'UnuiMi DIA;ViUM . f JiYvJUiUy
Nie and T4noat(fucah, - - Ky. yiy I
BH''k 'rfJ"' ; w aiiissrSm!i S'tB
granite niter to get out.of
cleaned than any others. A
and Stove Go.
303-307 Broadway.
- U 7 N. Third Street.
(KeioitHl Dally by Lucy (i rain Company,)
Chicago, III., April 3. May,
wheat opened at Tljf closed
May corn opened it 21? and
cWHedat CIb. c
May oats opened aU7;W?!
closed at 17,'ii.
May pork opened at 88. M anil
closed at S8.33.
May lard opened at 81.22 and
closed at Si. 17.
May ribs opened at St. CO and
closed ut 81.67.
May cotton opened at 87.01 anil
closed at $7.07-8.00.
N. W. receipts, 250 cars.
The relhiblc blind medium has
fcmovirtf tfj 535 South Sixth street.
Headings 2fand 50 cents. 2a2
U ARRY & Ee, Telephone 70. "PER TON $8.25

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