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Our Mvtrlisecs An Reliable. Official Newspaper
l'Aironlzo thorn nnd show your nj The Paducah Daily Sun.
ptcclatlon of their ontorprUo, of the City.
A Formnl Ballot lit Frankfort
Again Today.
Ololij Savings nunk.of Chicago,
Frankfort, March 5. The legislature
mido no effort to elect u United
States Senator this morning, only a
formnl ballot of one vote for ench
candidate wns cast. Any prediction
s to what will or will not bo done are
merely gratuitous guesses that can
mot bo depended ou. A strong
is making by the anti-Hunter
faction to disrupt his following, but
whether it will be (sucecsiful or not
no one can tell.
v1 Judge Poland, jusl retnrti'.d from
Washington, says President
has Intely said ho wiP. certainly
give nothing to Kentucky applicants
no long as this senatorial im remains
WJI S'.,,i,rt Winner of the Oratorical
l'rlo Last I'Vhliiy
is Said to He.
Islington, April Jib There is
great excitement ,n l.'nivcrslty circles
over the charge- l,nt Will Stuart,
winner of the p'..c ,i Friday's oratorical
coiiic'., i n pagiarUt. The
charge is nmdo by friends of
his opponents and will bo Invest!,
t;iobcHttvlngs, of CIiIcuko. C1oi.cn
Its Doors.
Chicago. April 6. Tlia RIoIk.
Savings bank, loeatel nt the corner
of Dearborn and Jaeksou streets,
closed Its doors this morning as the
icsnlt of mil that had been (u progress
llio latter part of last week. The
paid-up capital of tills bank was
$200,000. It was organized some
jcara ago by Altgcld nnd bo
was formerly v'cc president of it. A
lato statement gave it deposits of
about $550,000, surplus ami
over $20,000.
Has Klght of Way In the Senate
Tills Week.
Washington, April 5. The bankruptcy
bill will be given 11 rut place in
the Senate program this week, but it
will give way to the appropriation
bills a'tcr Tuesday if the Committee
on Appropriations rcHrts them as is
expected nnd urges consideration.
Senator LimNay will open the debate
on the bankruptcy bill in its
favor, nnd it is presumed that
Nelson will follow in opposition.
On the Cumberland River.
Vessel and Cargo A
Total Loss.
SlrtKk a Lop; an J Sumo
No Fatalities.
Nashville, April 5. The Cumberland
river packet John W. Hart ns
.burned nnd sunk with all her cargo
al(iranllle Lauding this morning.
.Striking n largo log, tho stove was
overturned, and the llauies quickly
spread, enveloping the vessel so
quickly that to save it was impossible.
Vessel and cargo were n total
loss. There wero fortunately no
riuins DintributodJJHy ricsldent
Washington, April :. The
today sent to the sennte a
of important appointments in the
diplomatic- service, among them
Buck, to bo Minister to Japan;
James Hoylo, of Ohio, Consul at Liverpool,
England ; K. S. Dye, of New
Hampshire, consul at Iradford, England
j Fcnton McCrccry, of Michigan,
Secretary of Legation to Mexico
There wero also included a number of
minor appointments.
Bridge Collapses.
Pittsburgh, April 5. A wooden
bridge on tho outskirts of tho city
collapsed as a freight train was passing
over it this morning, with the
result that three trainmen wero killed.
Evans, the tank witgou man,
good goods mid doscrves'good
patronage. . 7la5
.ii w Li -
5- eiHPBL
Grows tho Situation Hourly on
tho Lower Mississippi.
TlioiiMiimlN of HcrngecH Huddled
Upon the Levees.
Memphis, Tcnn., April 6. Another
disastrous break In the Mississippi
levee occurred this morning at ti
o'clock nt Kroner Lake, six miles below
Tuuicn, Miss. The Cicvassc,
while not yet of grer', W1,uh, j8 fiy
fifteen feet ip ftn,i thl ,Vatcr Is
I0"r,.g through Ihe opening with
fearful Velocity. This will probably
he the most destructive break that
bus occuired in the delta. Tho most
fertile farm lauds of Mississippi,
lying in Coahoma, La Flore, Quit-man
and Tnllahalchie counties, in the
northern part of tho slate, will bo inundated
and the newly planted com
crops will be laid iu waste.
Fortunately no los of life is
the Inhabitants of tho etric'
v-n section having made preparations
for just Biieb a catastrophe us exists
there today.
The condition of the poorer tine
throughout the Hooded area is Indeed
critical toinght. Thousands of ref u
arc being huddled on the levies
and spots of laud, walling for relief.
The towns of Itosc laic and Tunica
report that everything possible Is be
ing done for thefo Hjor peoplo, but
that funds and provisions are fast bo
coming cxhaustd. In the little city
of ltosedale alone 1,200 refugees are
being cared for by the citizens.
Halt a hundred towns tonight
Stand iu six feet of water and the
yellow stream Is creeping up slowly
but surely.
Advices received tonight tell of a
break In the levee two mi es south of
Helena, Ark. This is tho levee for
which the peoplo of Southeastern Arkansas
have made such a desperate
light. Tho waters from this break
will llood a great nrea anil in all
probability will back up into tho
streets of Helena.
The relief steamer Orn Lee arrived
at Mariatma, Ark., lato this
afternoon, having made an expedition
up the St. Francis river. There were
on board I CO refugees and 200 head
of cattle. The steamer went up the
St. Francis river as far as Cut Off
nnd then worked her way down
stream, rescuing peoplo from perilous
The suffering along thcSt. Frauds
river is appalling. Tho water
throughout the entire neighboring
country is tonight from six to lif teen
feet deep. Tho relief boat had on
board the body of Mis. McMaiu, of
Kaguio City. The body was found
at ltnggio and it was taken to .M minima
for burial, there being no laud
at the former place on which to give
it interment.
The St. Francis is rising from
three tu live inches daily.
At Memphis tonight tho river is
slowly rising again, the gauge registering
IK!.-! feet. This is a riso of
one-tenth since last report. At
points below YicKsburg the river is
rising. It is the general opinion of
old river men here if tho levees below
Vicksburg hold the great volume of
water iu its regular channel, it will
be little short of a miracle.
Danur elation of His Campaign
in Cuba.
No Nearer Suct'css Thau When lie
First Hcgau.
New York, April I. C. E. Akers,
who has for two years been the London
Times correspondent at Havana,
has n four-column letter iu the World,
In which ho declares Ihat tho worst
horrors of Creto and Aruieuia are
equaled by Spanish barbarities iu Cuba,
and that it is the moral duty of
tho United States to stop the war.
Mr. Akers says:
"The end of thu dry season is now
at hand, and Spain has accomplished
littlo toward the pacification of Cuba.
Certain gains has most certain fallen
to tho Spaniards, the death of Macco
in December and the capture of Kius
Hivera a Tow days ago being the most
notable. Hut at what cost has tho
campaign been conducted? The
provinces of Piunr del llio and
and largo portions of Mntauzas
and Santa Clar.i nro one staring mass
of cinders.
"Desolation and extermination
meet thu eye at every point, ruin in
tho present, faniiue, diseaso and
death in the future, nro all that tho
If you believe you will need more coal during the month of March you
had better order it now. The waters are rapidly rising and may cut off our
coal supplies We have a big stock on hand now and would be pleased to
have your orders at once. We have only a limited supply of clippings for
kindling, so you had
Cubans can hopo for while Cuba remains
under Spanish rule.
4 Utdcr these circumstances I do
dov. think that (ho death of this or
that lender enn bring victory any
nearer to the Spanish arms. Where
one such man as Kivcra is lost to tho
Insurgents a hundred spring up to
lake his place.
"Moreover, it must not be forgotten
that this guerilla warfare needs
not any great military genius to conduct
it. It is to a very gtuat extent
'every titan for himself and tile" devil
lake tho hindmost.' Tho only object
In view is to keep the country in such
a condition of unrest as to make
imperative tho presence of an enormous
army of occupation. Small
parties of fifty or 100 men ecnttrcd
throughout tho islnud can do this
more effectively than n concentrated
force of 20,000 men, upon which the
Spanish commander-in-chief would nt
once mass greater numbers, equipped
with illpcrlor nrmniucut.
Gen, oylcrs policy uf cxtcnuiii.
ud on nnd devastation is nothing
short of tho nlmost insane working of
nn Ignorant and completely unbalanced
mind. To kill peaceful people
on tho technicality that they havo
neglected to obey the order to leave
their homes and take up their residence
tu sumo town where no means
of subsistence exist Is inexcusable.
To devastate the whole island of CM
ha on the pled that by SO doing nil
supplies will Uc shut oft from the rebels
only demonstrates the dense
under which the Spanish
is laboring.
"The rebels can get food enough
to live on for another ten years if
ueccssary, while tho cnttlo nlono now
roaming wild In the different districts
will supply tho Insurgents with
beef for at least a couple ol years to
"As for the foreigners resident in
Cuba, they havo but one feeling with
regard to Weyler's methods of conducting
the military operations.
They consider Wcylerand his actions
as ft reflex of the worst barbarities of
the mlddlo ages, far more brutal,
Indeed, than many of the most severe
means employed by the holy inquisi
tion tu attain its ends.
"Anil can lllcy be blamed for
passing such judgment on this fiend
incarnate in human shape? Is there
nn)' precept advocated by God or
man that justifies tho wholesale
slaughter of innocent men, women
and children ou no other pretext than
that they refuse to leave their homc9
anil willingly submit to die sldvvly of
strangulation in such places as
may order.
"The object of Weyler's present
jMibcy Is to exterminate the Cuban
people a people composed of some
1,200,000 whites and 800,000"
or of mixed blood.
"To kill every peaceful iuhabitaut
of the country is oue of Weyler's
methods aud to drive tho women nnd
children into the towns to die cf
hunger Js another.
"Not in one singlo case since Consul
General Lee assumed the duties
of the Havana consulate luive any
prisoners been accorded the prlvl
leges they nro entitled to under the
Spanish-American t ealy and protocols.
Gen. Leo &tntes that his efforts
to obtain the full trcoty rights
for American were invariably
thwarted by instructions emanating
from Mr. Olncy, in Washington.
"II 1 may bo permitted to givo
one word of advice to tho people of
this great country, it is to leave Armenia
aud the Turks to bo dealt with
by the European Powers, and attend
to their own Armenia, that lies but
a stone's throw from their own
Li'rgc Number ii Hofugees Picked
Up by tho Kcllcf
Helena, Ark., April 5. The expected
has happened. After weary
days and nights of watching, working
and waiting, after fighting the
llood from without, the winds and
riin from above amj tho sipo water
and back water from behind, tho
levees have gone to pieces.
morning at 7 o'clock the Will
iamson levee, two miles lielow tun
city, gave way at a point 1000 feet
north of the Long Lake levee. In an
inconceivably short time the crevasse
was 250 feet wide. At first it was
confined to a depth or about thice
feet, which is the height
of tho supeilicinl crown, but
gradually, it wore away tho main
levee, aud is now running through to
a depth of eighteen feet. The Long
Lake levee, which lias n base of
about :100 feet and is forty feet high,
is also Iu danger. It corresponds iu
size and impo'tance with the Yazoo
Pass levee, which is nearly opposite
it. If the levee should go it would
precipitate a prodigiuus volume of
water on the rich places along Long
Lake. As It is, the loss is stupendous.
It is safe to say Mini over ou,uuu
bushels of com are lost and damaged
by this break, in addition to the
great loss of cotton seed, hay, etc.
With the exception of two mules and
(.everal bend of entile, no loss of
stock so far Js reported.
See Scott Ha waro Company's ad
about graniwdr ware. fiat
better order quick if you
Swindler Uuys Goods for tho
Purchases About $15,000 Worth
of Goods, and Forges Mr-
Win. Morton'H Name.
A shrewd swindler lias been detected
in his attempted frauds against
n well-known local establishment
tho Harbour-Pitts Shoo Company.
Within the past two or three days he
has purchased from live different
linns in Huston neatly $15,000 worth
of goods, consisting of shoes, etc.,
nearly all of which have been shipped
to the company hero
slnco Friday. Mr. Harbour, when
the duplicate orders or memoranda
wcrcrccelvcdt promptly notified the
respective houses that no such orders
were authorized by tho company,
but most of the goods had already
been filled, and the houses will
now bo at a great expense to defray
Mr. Harbour was very much astonished
when ho ascertained that
thousands of dollar worth of goods
that ho had never ordered and knew
nothing about were being consigned
to him. Ono house telegraphed for
a vcrcQcatiou of the order, and Mr.
Harbour promptly replied Hy wire
that no slidl an order was authorized.
This Is the ouly house that
did not ship the goods on order of
the swindle.
Some light was shed on the mystery
this nionling, however, when n
draft was presented on the company,
with the name "Thomas Morton"
Mr. Morton is a well known resident
of Paducah, and was formerly
connected with the company, and it
was nt once seen that someone had
foigcd his nnmo to the check.
The perpetrator's scheme is very
evident, nnd quite ingenious.
He claimed to bo a representative
of tho Company!
bought thousands of dollars wortu or
aoods and then, claiming to be hori.L
ol lilmts, had me accommodating
firm cash n draft for him, which
was not n hard matter.
The draft ho then made on the
company, forging Mr. Morton's
name to it. How man' of these drafts
and checks be succeeded iu getting
money on is unknown, but it is probable
that ho defrauded several different
Ills identity is unknown, but he is
supposed to bo b. C. Carmany, who
was foreman of tho company here
aboiit two years ago, and after leaving
l'aducali worked a somewhat
similar scheme iu St. Louis by purchasing
$10,000 worth of .machinery
for a fictitious firm here.
Fifty Wanted Today But Only
Twenty-Five Found.
They Wero Talcen to Kiplcy,
Tenii., by the I. C- Crowd
at the City Hall.
At noon today an Illinois Central
section foreman left ou the southbound
train for Klpley, Tcnn., with
twenty-live colored laborers, to lay
slcel rails in the
yard Uiere instead of the rails now
It was bis intention to take fifty
incti down, but only twenty-live
could be found who would go.
Officer Sutherland addressed n
crowd of fifty or nt the
city hall this morning from the steps,
and told them that fifty were wanted
and would be paid 81 n day, but it
sseiiis few of them cared to go.
The crowd nt tho city hall early
this moruing was quite large, the
men having been told that the city
wanted men to work ou the streets.
Stieet Inspector Cosby, however,
could use but half n dozcu of them.
Now Fortifications Completed
l'ensacoln, Fla., April 5. Tho
new fortifications on Santa Kosa
island nt tho entrance to tho harbor
are about completed, and the government
has discharged about 300 of
the men who have been at work on
them for many months. The big
guns for theso batteries arc now
being proved nt the Sandy Hook
nroins: ground, near New York,
and "ill soon bo shipped hero for
Cannelton, Intl., April 5. Phil
Heck, a prominent citizen, was last
night called to his door nnd shot by
an unknowu nssnssiu. He is dying.
need them.
Fired Into Heck Jones by Henry
Whisky and Cards Itcsultcd in a
ltuvoltlui; Tragedy.
Linn Grove, Calloway county,
eight miles west of Murray, was the
sceno of a terrible tragedy last night.
Henry Carlton and Heck Jones
were engaged in a game of cards,
according to reports which reached
tho city this morning, both being
partially under the influence of
'I no two young men had an alter
cation and Carlton diew his revolver
and 11 red four shots into Jones, killing
li i tu almost instantly.
He then lied, but olllcers arc iu
pursuit of him, and it is thought
that ho cannot escape.
The City Council. 'Itcceived the
Assessor's Hooks.
rhoy We iv Then Turned Ovi x to
the Supcrv Uors.
There was a called meeting of tho
City council nt 11 o'clock this forenoon,
Mayor Velscr presiding.
Tlic mating ins held for the purpose
of receiving tho assessor's uaokSi
This matter had been overlooked,
and when the newly appointed supervisors
met today Mayor Yeiser instructed
them to wait until the council
accepted tho assessor's books.
This was done at tho called meeting
this morning, and the books were
then turned over Id the
John Keith Adjudged of Sound
Was Jail toAnswcr
for Assault.
Johu Keith, the dime museum man
who showed a petrified woman here a
few months iiiuce, and who was arrested
in Metropolis Friday fof as'
taulting Dan Hall and Hen Weavers,
the former being Ins
was tried Saturday in Metropolis
on a writ of lunatico inquirendo
aurt judged of sound mind, being remanded
to jail to answer for malicious
Sheriff Had ford, of Calloway, was
in the city this morning en route to
Ma field in search of the murderer.
l'aducali, KyM April 5. Receipts
for week 157 hogsheads.
licccivcd since Jan. 1 002 hhds.
Offerings for week 530 hhds.
Offerings for year 3,013 llhdiJ.
Net sales for week li8 hhds.
Net sales for year 2,300 hhds.
Common lugs, dark, 1, 1 's'c.
Medium lugs, dark, 1 ,'s , 2c.
Good lugs, dark, 2,'s, 3c.
Low leaf, dnrk, 3, lc.
Common leaf, dark, 1 'f , 7c.
Medium leaf, dark, 7's, 10c.
Good leaf, dark, 10, 1 lc.
About one-fifth of the offerings
this week was of new crop,
of which was quite poor, excepting
a few Mills. The old crop offerings
consisted largely of lugs and low
and common leaf which sold at unchanged
prices. The market for the
upper grades of leaf, both new and
old, was very strong. Weather
warm and very wet.
Stock on 1st 3171 hhds.
mnifiiiT itATKS lT.u iiu.NiiUKnrorsiw.
To New York, nil rail 12c; Same
water nnd rail 10c.
An Absolutely PURE
Bird Seed
No dirt nor chaff, at
Nelson Soule's
JJnigStora .
Try a package, it is the BliST,
BARRY & HENNEBERGER, Telephone 70.
080, 0.
Hart &
c usually sells
fortable, the customer returns
livery shoe we sell is stylish, every shoe vea every shoe is comfortable
These three attributes Invite. Obtain audiucrease our business.
Have you ever sampled ourt,
The filtering fibre is made of a solid granite rock,
insuring; absolutely pure water.
Granite filters have greater capacity than those of
other makes costing three times as much.
There is nothing about -a "granite filter to get out of
- order ; it will lasfa life-time. )
Granife filters are easier cleaned than any others,
child can?opcratc them.
Son Hardware
1 09
- v'iV y
the first pair ; if the shoes wir, and
when in need of more.
r(hopr? If not, why not?
Geo Rock & Son
w v,
man's alley. He camo in .Saturday
ou the City of l'aducali and succeeded
in eluding the olllcers, being
wanted for cutting Adeline. Morton a
few months ago.
The woman appeared at the city
hall bleeding profusely, nnd City
Physician Williamson sewed up the
wound, which is not dangerous.
The woman claims that she started
to tho dressmakers whan Wade, who
was drunk, started a quarrel, aud
pursued her to tho door, thrusting
iiU knlfo into her before she could
ntiPtt It, 11a was locked up to await
Exciting .Municipal Election.
Cincinnati, April 5. The municipal
elcctiou which is in progress today
is the mest exciting which has
occurred in ycar3. The contest is
hot and a big vo'e will be polled.
and Stove Co,
303-307 Broadway.
- J1 7 N. Third Street.
are com
Local Nest of Owls Preparing for
a Jolly Time.
Will Have Quito a, Number of
Candidates -April :U
the Date.
The local nest of owls is preparing
for a big inoculation to t ike place ou
April 30th, aud from present indications
there will be perhaps a dozen,
Tiie inoculation will be preceded
by the irrepressible etreet parade,
and supplemented as usual, by a
sumptuous banquet.
i: wv
Cut His Wifo About Noon
Is Now In liili on TU'o" I'Mony
t hargos.
Charles Wade, anas' Snake," is
aguin in durance vile, He ws ar-
res'cd about 1:110 this aferuouu at
Fourth and Washington streets by
Marshal Collin', h flipped up ou
the artful dodger by coinciding himself
on a street car.
Wade cut his wifo, Annie Wade,
hi lb i loiVci pill t of tile bnelc about
noou today at their homo lu Hoff
Pup li a n
PER TON $8.25,

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