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excel t.
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J. J. Dorian . ,
W. . t'AT3N ,
J, P. IIoikji:
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, .1. .. .SECllRTAHV
FlJher.J It Smith, U.W.ClemonlB, J.K
Wllllamsou J.J. Dorian.
7111 Kir fprclal attention to AM. locil hap-V
mltiirs ot interest In I'.uliicita rind Mclnlty,
t pcner.tl ncwn, wblch will be
Riven iw fully as space w 111 permit w ltliotit rt
Kir 1 to expense
It devoted to the lnterets of our country pa'-ton,
and will at all times ami
while Ueejlnu lt reader wted
on all political affaire nml tojitcK." It will
09 a fearless ami extK)nent nt the doctrines
ami teachings o the National llepiibll
can party.
A ppecUl feature of the weekly edit'"-! of
ThkcUN will bo in Correnndence n-part
inent, In which it hoi- ably tn leiitenent
every locality within the Hum of Us clrcu
Hites of advertising 111 bo made known on
Offlce, SUndard Illock, 115 North Fourth
Daily, per annum $ 4.50
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Daily, One month, 10
Daily, per week 10 cents
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Specimen copies free
MONDAY, APK1L 5, 181)7.
Tiik recent registration of the city
of St. Louis shows a voting population
of 125,000, which on the usual
reckoning of five population to one
legal voter, the city has a population
exceeding 000,000.
Tin: government has contributed
8250,000 to relieve the Hood sufferers.
It should spend on the levees
$2,500,000 and enough more to put
them beyond the possibility of again
allowing such disasters.
Tiii:ki: arc now ready for
something over 2,500 fourth-class
postmasters, and iicadsuiaii
Uiistow will revel in blood for the
next few mouths. Very little lias
-yet been done in the way of
these offices.
Tiik wheat crop of Kansas is said
to be in fine condition and the prospective
yield is estimated at 50,-000,000
bushels. Yet the blamed
Populists will not give President
McKiuley the credit. They arc an
exceedingly perverse race.
The United Stetes pai.l Unsiia
$7,000,000 for Alaska, mnl .S
tary Seward came in for some ,.vo:e
criticism lor negotiating
Xue cold produced thciv nnr
will amount to fifty per ccut. nure
than the cost of the icrtiiory.
Tiik indications seem to be that
final action on the arbitration treaty
will be deferred for several days at
least. Its enemies are opposed to
immediate action and its friends appear
to be afraid that to press early
action will be to court defeat.
Tiik primary passed off quietly
and was in strong contrast to the disgraceful
scenes of the previous ten
dajs, when the Mayor was compelled
to send the City Marshal to disperse
the crowd of healers congregated at
corner of Fourth and Broadway.
Tiik entire population of Australia
is i,j'ju,iti, a trmo over mat or
greater New York and less than that
of a number of states of the Union.
But Australia can show more rabbits,
and more curiosities iu the way of
animals and birds, than the rest of
the world.
Tiik Democrats of Rhode Isinnd
failed to pass a resolution endorsing
the late Chicago platform. It is
highly probable several more state
conventions will be found overlooking
that courtesy to the last national
convention as the opportunity arises
from time to time.
It is said Clifton It. Breckinridge,
Ambassador to Uussia, is safe to complete
his term of olllce, which will not
expire for something like a year.
Mr. Breckinridge and the President
are strong personal friends, having
served together in Congress and ou
the Ways and Means Committee.
Ir is said a company has been
formed with Colhs P. Huntington at
its head for the manufacture of
plate at Newport News, In connection
with the ship yards, iu which
Mr. Huntington is largely interested.
Tko company will also manufacture
ordnance, and will thus be prepaied
practically to complete and arm a
battleship. I.eHlie good work go
on. Wc shall probably within a year
have four or five iustead of two com
panies to bid for armor plate con
Aktku naming the twenty-one
Populist members of tho House who
did not speak or vote on the tariff
bill the 'Courier-Journal" thus consoles
the silver Democrats : "These
arc some of the men who were tho
allies of the, Democrats
that tried to elect Bryan last year,
and nearly oil tof the twenty-one
wcro elected with tho old of the votes
of men professing to bo Democrats,
who Biav novv 'NVhow cUlcfent iu
Tiik mouth of March showed n
surplus of revenue above expenses of
a''out $9,000,000, the llrst mouth in
which there has been no deficit for
many. There is a dual ciusc for it.
Improved times and heavier buying
duo to restored confidence on the ad-
ent of the Itepublic in party to
power, necessitated heavier (impoits,
but the principal cause of the in
creased revenue is the heavy withdrawals
from the bonded warehouses
in anticipation of the increased duties
in prospect. It is highly probab e
the usual deficit, or at least a very
large one will shov up for April.
The comparison made by our
morning contemporary of the scenes
of last Thursday at:d Friday with
the Republican rallied before the
election of last fall is so "far
fetched" as to be ridiculous. The
criticisms of the Sun were ou the use
of money and the degradation exhibited
by the bum clement in loafing
about the corners to prey upon
the candidates. The scenes which
stirred the soul of our contemporary
were simply rejoicing and enthusiasm.
Money and corruption were as
conspicuous for their absence on
those occasions as for their presence
on this. But then the "blarsted
nigger" was there and therefore it
was a crime iu the view of the
" Register."
Tiik importers are endeavoring to
c.cate a scare by creating the impression
that there is a prospect of
Kugland's levying a retaliatory tariff
on account of the Dingley bill. No
well informed man would be imposed
ou for an instant by such a sil'y
story. England absolutely, must
have free trade in order to dispose of
her wares. She must have free trade
in order to supply food products
needed by her dense population.
The talk about ictaliatory tariff is
generally mere buncombe promulgated
for the purpose of iuflueiiciug
elections or legislation. They seldom
materialize. England's wage
scale is already at the bottom. She
has no desire to raise it. Her laboring
man is usually devoid of
ons to better his condition. Born
n laborer he expects to die a laborer,
uulike tho American laborer, who is
moved by u laudiblc ambition to
butler bis condition and that of his
family. So there is uo disposition to
l j what would iu reality be
on account f thu density of the
population and their environment.
A Kansas man believes the great
trouble with the farmer is that "loo
much land is farmed too little."
There is not a particle of doubt that
he has struck the key note to the situation.
That farmer who pursues
his calling with a calculating head
mid the same business tact he would
devote to any other business in which
ho should bo successful, finds no
troublo in getting on as well as ihe
average business man of any other
calllug. Tho man who cultivates or
pretends to cultivate eighty acres of
ground lo get the crop he should get
from forty acres is wasting his energy
and depleting his pocket. More
attention given to enriching and preserving
tho land and to the thorough
cultivation according to most
and successful methods is tho
Kkvoinui the Djuusratiu pipers
one would be led to bel'eve that un
allies arc in protecting the country demand of the times. Moreover Hie
from taxation (or private purpose
ml the aggrandisement of trusts.
Col. Fkkii Guant declines with
thanks the position of Assistant Secretary
of War. Col. Grant was under
the Harrison administration MluUter
to Austria, and resents the apparent
depreciation of hU importance, lie
espressos regret that he is not to
seivc the administration for which he
worked earnestly. The trouble with
the Ucptiulicnn party is that it hai
too many great men for nil to get
big plates. Col. Giant is a man of
dlslinuiluil ability whoso service.
to the party should be recognized,
but the kituation certainly preje .Is
It is stated that President Cleveland's
recent orler setting aart immense
forest reservations in the
West, withdrawing the lands from
homestead entry, will likely undergo
revision at least. The matter was
under discussion at the last cabinet
meeting and was discussed with livclj
interest. The forestry commission
was summoned to Washington for
consultation as n result of the discussion,
the providing opinum being that
the order was loo comprehensive. The
order meets with not a little opposition
from semttors and representatives
from the states interested.
Capt. Caiii. J. II. Fi.inkt is a
New York inventor, a retired sea
captain, who is constructing a small
vessel which he c'aims will make
fifiy miles an hour and cross the
o:eau in two ciajs. The captain's
improvements are iu the form of the
vessel and iu the screw. The form
of the vessel is something like the
whaleback and it is designed to run
practically under the water. The
trial trip is expected to be made next
week and if successful the captain
s.iys lie will cross the Atlantic at
oncj. He says his models are applicable
to vessels of all sizes.
tanner should give close attention to
his accounts. lie bhoiild know j"int
what it cols hiiu lo produce what lie
docs produce in well as what he gets
for it, else he does not know whether
he Is making or losing money.
der the protective policy taxes nrc
laid on Imports for tile sole purpose
of protection to Atnericau inn mfact
urerj. No protectionist oeetipleo
any such mound. A ccrtal.i
tinouut of revenue, an I it is a very
largo amount too, is necessary to"
pay the current and legitimate expenses
of the government. There
are just three ways in which this can
be raised. Fither by direct taxation
in the same manner as our stale,
county anil uiuuicipal taxes ate collected
; by specific charges on certain
occupations and products of the
American people, called internal rev
ctmc taxes to distinguish tliem, ami
customs or tariff taxes. The policy
ot the cover n men t from its founda
tion has been to avoid taxation b
direct method as burdensome and
offensive to the people, and only in
one or two instances have such taxes
been levied, when the government
was in great straits for money.
Internal taxes of the character
now levied are but a degree
icinoved from direct taxes in this regard,
and the bulk of our national
tax has always and very properly
been collected from imports which
.seek the privilege of our markets .
The revenues raised by tariffs constitute
a tax on foreign ina.K' goods
which is paid by the foreign manu
facturer or the consumer according
lo the circumstances of each cac
.Now tue protective idea is simply so
to levy those duties as to favor
imports which do not compete with
the products or the possible pro-
duets, of this country, and thus iu a
meaiure deprive our own labor of its
opportunity for employment, nml to
tax more heavily those aiticles which
are produced by our labor. It is
manifest that every dollar's worth of
such furcigu products sold in this
country displaces a dollar's worth of
that produced by our own labor. If
then the tariffs levied be so adjusted
as to produce the required revenue
and at the same time reduce the for
eign competition witu our own pro
ducts, then we have the protection
ist's idea of a protective tariff. Only
this and nothing more.
The Democratic ticket chosen Saturday
coutaius the names of some
good men. As a whole, however, is
weak ami will be soft pickinjr for the
Republicans iu November. Saturday's
primary demonstrated that the
day of the ward bummer and s'rect
corner politician is past. He has
lost bis vocation in Paducah. The
time has passed when a Democratic
nomination means election, whether
in the state of Kentucky, city of Paducah
or even iu McCracken county,
which was at one time considered be
yond redemption. Watcli the elec
tion aud see this statement verified.
(From Our tlcittilar Corrrgpoiuleut.)
Washington, April 2. Chairmau
Dingley is receiving numerous well-
deserved congratulations on his
successfully carried out the tariff
program to the letter, and the only
regret is that there isn't u Republican
majority in the Senate to hurry
through the good work so well begun
iu the House. There isn't the slightest
doubt about the Senate passing
the bill, but there is about the nature
of the amendments it may be necessary
to adopt to get it through that
body. Even admitting that the amendment
adopted by the House, making
the duties prescribed iu the Dingley
bill go into effect April 1, is of
doubtful constitu tonality, it is still a
g od thing, and will go far towards
accomplishing its object preventing
our markets being overloaded with
foreign goods while the bill is being
considered in the Senate. The doubt
will be sulllcient to scaic off the speculatively
inclined importers. Theie
are reasons to believe that the Seu-ate
may surprise the couutry by disposing
of the tariff bill in a much
shorter time than has been predicted.
A leading Democratic Senator told a
personal friend that he saw uo reason
why thu bill could not lie disposed of
within sixty days, and would not be
surprised lo see it done iu much less
The dinner given this week iu honor
of Chairman liabcock, of the
Congressional Campaign
Committee was a notable event.
Chairman Ilauna and many of the
men who helped to win the last campaign
were on hand to share in the
lejoicing. .Jiulgo J. JTanklin lort,
of Newark, N. J., was tho toast-master,
with Chairman Babcock
seated ou one side of him and Chair
man llauua ou thu other. Over their
beads was a large plaster of
a gold dollar, aud above that a gilded
plow, from the beam of which
hung a placard bearing tho inscription:
"The uioney of the plow holder
should bo as good as the money of
the bondholder."
Senator Pritchard, who Is chairman
of the Civil Service Committee,
which has been directed by the Senate
lo investigate the administration
of the civil service law, says on the
subje't: "I shall insist upon an
houist and a thoiough uupiiiy. 1
do not bclievy that the Republicans
want lo absolutely wipe off the civil
service law from tho statute b. -Oka.
I know I do uot, but 1 beliovo Hho
niimtiiUfrnilfiii nf ttm lmv f.'in lu cor
rected, and lo llil ! end I will bend all
my cnerKlos, believing that 1 will be
supported by tho best people of the
country. 1 inn not iu favor of allowing
incompetent persons to remain in
olllce under llio protect! m of the
civil ten ice law. Tlih is done entirely
too much. I have known
cases where discharged persons have
had to be cmplo.v ml to prepnre their
successor to flit llier places.'1
Senator Hansbr li will doubtless
receive the thanks of everybody
who opposes the Introduction of nefarious
and lottery
methods Into the business woild lot
having taken a slop towatds checking
the evil by introducing a bill making
it unlawful fur nny ptwoii or firm
engaged iu the business .of procuring
United States patents to offer or
nward to inventors or others any
premium or prize in connection with
any alleged competition of inventor.
The patent business Is one Iu nliiih
the United S'ates government is directly
interested, and if the men who
act as agents or middlemen between
the inventors and the government
the patent attorneys anil solicitors
are not honornble euiiough to conduct
their business on a plane above
that of a gtiinbl ng lottery, they
should be compelled by law to do so.
The title of Senator llausbrough's
bill tells its own story. "A bill to
prevent inventors nnd others from
being deceivcil and defrauded by alleged
patent attorneys."
A joint resolution has been offeied
by Representative Ileatwole, of
Minn. .providing for the creatii n of n
banking and curiency commission to
investigate and report to Congress at
the regular session. President
some time ago expressed himself
as favorable to this Idea.
Hon. II. ClaV Hvaus, the new
commissioner of pensions, is iu Washington.
His appointment, like all
tlie others vet made by President
McKiuley, gives general satisfaction
lo Republicans, and especially to his
old army comrades.
The selection of Mr. Frank W.
Palmer, of Illinois, to be Public
Printer, while apparently in conllict
with the President's determination
uot'to appoint to the prominent positions
the same men who held them
under (Jen. Hani-tin, except under
extraordinary circumstances, is not
in reality. The extraordinary circumstances
in .Mr. Palmer's oae
were his unexcelled lecord as Public
Printer, and the number of prominent
Republicans, including Gen.
Harri-ou, who asked for his reappointment.
A caucus of Republican Senators
this week decided to attempt to till
the committee vacancies, and the
assignments will be made by a committee
appointed by Senator Al ison,
chairman of the caucus.
C'niilllit ii f Vuliiurl.') mi tn tlir
11 lll( Iililr.i.
A IcnineJ k cYt., in rather unfortunate,
to Miy the Itust, when it U unable,
to tell whut iu name iiiohih. This
is the diliiniuu of the Itoyul
niK''et.v of Aiutruljmia. It asked tbc
! KTu.it'or.uI Cicugraphical ooiigres
in London List year to give nn answer
t the ipiestion: What is the ttuc dell-nit
ion of the term AimtralaHln? The
curgrejf, being very with other
tii.'.tters, hail no t ne for this conundrum,
and the qutrtlun l still
The Austral'an geographers decline
to accept thu Hritiuli definition of tho
vvoid as given in the lmierkil statute,
which declares that "the term
shall signify and Include New Zealand
and Tasmania as well as Australia."
Why, ask the Australian
should New (iulncn, l'ljl,
New Ciilcdnnin and tho other islands of
the Poiuh lie owlinledV In fiiet,
no geogrnph'enl sock-U and few writers
iicccpt the British definition; but
. infusion nr'siw IteeuiiM! everybody
uses the word necording to his own Idea
".f v.hnl it embraces. Tho Australians
tlit roaches lane tried iu valu to reach
a common understanding. A geographical
ei inference at Melbourne. In 1SSI
fgtiwl the question, but fulled to at-in
n any conclus'un, and none has been
irrive.l nt hinee. though tho great mi-
et j, with its branches in all the lea'l
ipg colonics, said in iti memorial to the
London congress that "we consider it
.i iinttor of daily-Increasing
'I lie fact Is, there an' few accepted
lioni'tl.ires for ports of the world
In a geographical Inxtead of n
poPtlenl s" 'se. Whii t Is the
I, u. called naturul, division between
rcurojie and Asia In the south-i
t? One famous authority says It Is
the M.i'iytseh depression north of the
rauensns; another, that it Is the line
following the crest of the main
range, nml still another, thnt It
In the southern lioundiiry of
nnd the latest edition of
der Krde," which dcnUt wiUi
Ihe matter, gives three determinations
of the total nte.i of Kurope, according
ns one nr other of these boundary lines
la ""ceptcd.
There Is no itgivenxNit even as to tho
number of ennt'uents, for ome distinguished
writers rceognlo only
three. Lum-Akia, Africa and America;
r.nd v hen thev toll: of the great
of the land surface the number
varies from five to eight, according to
tl (Terent writers. Perhaps In only otio
is this n matter of much importance.
V ,'u a v riter or speaker refers
to a legion It is highly deslrablo
lo know how much of the earth's
he Inc'iides under the name.
t'ntil half a century ago there was
much confusion in book, and atlases
with regard to the names and extent
of the Mirlntis neennn. The Itoyal
'i'ciiI society of London npKilntc
a coninittee In to etth
is, nnd the cniiclusloitH reached by the
committee, w't'i Mime modifications,
were Kviicrally accepted and hnve
proved niltnutncvou. Th'-re is much
le-s confusion Willi regard tiitlionnnies
nnd evlent of hind surfaces, but such us
elsts Is not likely to Is- remedied unlets
some nuthorlt.itlve tilbiiual takes the
matter In hnnd and I he rest of tho world
accepts its decisions. N". V. Sun.
In IlloloK' Tlmt
Xntnrnl Iiicuiiuriillli'H.
1'rof. I.loyd Moitiiii, the wrlM.niivvi
bIulop;lHt, has just published the result
of experlmeuto nml obborvatloiiH inndu
hy him ou tho Inilueiiee of habit on 111
tlnct in nulmalM. Jlnblt In defined by
the professoruRuetlonorconiliirt htoro
otyjied on the Individual by repetition,
while liihtlut't hi twofold, namely, Inherited
Instinct, comprising eonpen
Itally dellnlte fitculUc and Innutu eii
pti'Ity, nml ucqtiirv 1 Jnstinet Iciuling
to tho formutlou of hnblt. Jlotli habit
aud lustluct aro automatic, ulthunirh.
like Bin li iitiUimatif a Is nn iirratlilnf!
nml walking they tni.v Jieeolm Mibjeet
loi'oiiBelouNtiTL'ljrulloiuruetUihiif Uw
It Is instinct which, when n lien has
linteheil a limoil of iluclilltifTs, throws
lir into it lerrllih Mule nf ntrijntluti
when the brood, nlno actuated by flirt
net, t.ikes to the water. What experience,
asks Mr. Morirnn, lias the lien
o( ilrownlni,'? To adopt Mich un Inter
.relation l to credit her with powers
tf Jiit'elpatinc; the. resultH of
which It I" hard to conceive, clu
,,K..(,,w, H Is niorti probable Hint her
fnnnv k'lirtvlor l partly the result of
l,cr "little pobifT when.' fclie has an
Instinctive iucmIoii tn following them.
pmt parity iKiMiiji " t'W" '
i.ormal nsw'rUU9 Im ltoloiw ex
iwricnco With .' Tuo Instances
lire rceotiicl of liens untie,' ho ImpuUr
i, Imull. fflt Imil reared three un,;1"
of ilitekiinpx fit MicecMloflj hllu the
fourth brooil of each consisted ol
One of the hens used to fly
l.i n In the pond anil remain there
while Jier duckling swam nroumi her.
When liT Milekcus tere hntched nbo
tlnw to the acctlitOltted itiiii Mnl eajlqil
e.tcerl.v to them to follow her, but Hi
vnin. The other hen. flnillnpherci.lcks
d'.d not take to the water like Iht former
brood hail done, took them down
to the utre.uiinnil pushed them Ifi. Imitation
beget habit, mid hnblt Incomes
Of nil l'.rltlih nest blilideH no""
RurpnM the chnfilnch for IM nrlKlic
noKtK, vet the chnftlnelies nnttirnlcd
In New Zealand, having no nest o' '.he'r
own to erne, hnve Imitated tboe of
h.iiitf bird. Iimtlnet ptnmptM them tn
I tiihl liffK hut imltnttotj l&fntlrd inlil
piny to (Iconic the Mylc. Keneon. v Jileij
tied to be ranged u the imtltlifMs of
Instinct, Is now largely regarded n
fv iinnyr.inim with It. Yet It Is illllleiilt
to m lely ns Instinct the
of trout In n stream which
1th cons or horses to graze near tlirin,
l.nt will iliiih itwny In consternation If
.'ten a nlnnll child walk near the verge
ti th lirimV . "t Chrnn'clc.
llof tn Vl.lki' It nml
mIUi tvimt u
llll 1 1.
Tlii -e who have the care of little one
boon mili..; the neecslty cf a basket
to hold the uuuicioti: article of baby's
toilet, and It U natural for every mother
to Lave ever thing H'rtaltiiug to the little
: trargcr as dainty uiul ns
p xsiblc Hut one liuda thnt it re
ipiires a poohellnxiU to purchase
the hntidMune nlTalrs of this Kind
that are displayed in the show win'
(lows, and a Inrge amount of good judgment
to choose one that will not be. too
dainty and frail for every -day us.
After looking Iu vain for what was
v. anted a mother reevntly drfidwl to
innke one from the materials already al
hand, and the icsult was so thoroughly
ratlsfactory iu every way that other
mothers o'lght to Know of It. Two large
plum baskets were sclivtcd, thnt had
been saved nfler using the fruit; not the
straight wooden ones, but thie made J
of woven strips. They wen' IS Inches I
King, ten Inches whle nml alMiut seven I
Inches deep, with nicely rounded
Pour broomstick h.itidle were
2S I no he In length. These were
trsed ns jr four upright posts to sup- j
port the and win' placed two
on each side of the linskets ten Inches
nport. After removing the handles
from the Imskets they were fastened securely
lo these posts, one nlove th
ether, the top of the lower iKiikct lielng
r.nlled to the four posts IS Inches frotn
the floor, nnd the top of the
12 Inches front the lower. This left the
tops of the powts four Inches nlxive tlie
upper basket. After the iKisketS'Wcro
"securely nailed tn the four broom stick
ots In this nuniiir, the result wns a
gool stout piece of furniture, which
could lie reHillly carried from one room
to another and Mood by the mother's
ilmlr when ready for the bath or the
-Now came the rpieation ns to Isivv It
should Is decorated. The were
jminttil white nud the woven strips of
the baskets were nlntcil yellow nnd
white, so that the alternating strips of
white would overlap the yellow ones.
fter the Kilnt was thoroughly dry the
vcllow stris were pnlntcil In gold,
using a fine gold jmwder, mixed with
varnish as a medium. The effect of the
gild and white vvi very attractive and
(sisily kept clean, ns both the white nnd
the gold painting could lx washed without
The Inx'ile of the basket can lie
with satin m:d thin mull, but a
more durable llnlsh and quite ns pretty
Is an Inner llnlug of chintz bright red
or light blue- tael.ed on plain, with n
lining of dotted mull, quite full, over
this. Iu this InstRiici the mull vns
Hid Iu plnlts ou the 1 ottom and sides of
the basket and tacked securely, after
gathering It In n frill to hangover the
i (lire. A unirovv ribbon was stretched
along this gatheteil frill, ending In
bows of wider ribbon of Ihe ".nine simile
nt each of the four "suits.
The lower 1 asket Is used tn hold the
bllji, the bunds nnd the shirts nnd socks
and diapers. On one side of Ihe uper
basket Is fastened nu oblong cushion
large enough t' hold n plentiful supply
of all diflVreii sizes of safety pins aud
the little gold pins for the bibs. The
cushion Is covered first with the chintz,
then with the mull and finished with
ribbon bows for nttnclilng It to the basket.
On theother side of this basket Is
n jiocket formed from stiff imsteUiard,
also finished with the chintz, mull nnd
liblsin, to hold the comb nnd brush
This left room If the center of the bas
ket for the tov.els, iovvder bov, etc.
A basket arranged In tliN manner can
easily be kept clean and fresh looking,
as the mull enn be removed and washed
willed, n-.d the outside pnlntcil
nu face needs only occasional wiping
with a dniup cllit'i to keep It fresh ami
free from dust, and taking It altogether
tt Is the most complete nITnir Imaginable.-
f!t. Unix Itepublic.
Nlmpla lllntirrH ro Now Ciiimlilrrcil (lie
IMi'K.iiu Ulmirrii.
A dinner t'lipii ment, no mntler
whether the diniur be hir(,'e or sniiill,
foiin.il or infill m.'il. Ik the most exnet
Hi"; of Mieia! ohli),niJ(nH. In Kelevthif
IJe i; 1 1 it,! 8 for tl e Munll dinner eliocn
tluNo who nre conireuliil. If iimouj,'
your frlcndn jyu number ph.vslrian,
hivvyers or politicians, do not Invlteonr
f eaeh class, iiornll of onechiKs, tilmpl;
beeause their professions are the uiiuc,
but seleet cot.;enlal spirits. Then
small diniu'is. well nrraiiged, lire witicJ.
more enjoyable than one large enliven
tional dinner served to GU llbseleeted
people. The food is better, serv lee bet
ter nnd digestion better, and even when
trained help etinimt be employed the
hostess may enjoy Hie occasion iik well
ns the. guestn. The art of dining.
Is ijulte apart from the nrt of
giving dinners.
"A reform In dinner-giving is being
instigated. Simple dinners are now
'the elegant dinners.' The man who has
studied the art of living Hwh frugally.
A hostcsn ninst never forget that during
the short lime her guests are under hi r
roof she in recjioiiNiblo for Uielr happiness
nmleuiiifort. A huge dinner of 12
courses- of I adly blended f od s not con
tlucJjietiic!Uicr. Savurlu.huliii 'Xht
A 7
That wc keep one of the
largest and best selected htocks of
Dry Coods. Notions, Carpets, Jfcc,
to be found in the city.
UtiT fityrei irt new and olir prices
the lowest.
It doeMi't cost any inoW ( secure
the newest htylcs than it does
to buy old ones.
Wc alMi have sonic special bargains
to offer in
itsi pairs
nt M
tdfs week for
These gloves
and coloi.
Moves will be
du1 lit'vv
In style
300 yards f3ijks in plain and
fanry designs at price.
a.SO buys a .sotquality.
500 bit) s ;t $f quality.
150 pairs Jfi'ilies' sllkalinc hose
for 15c.
2.500 yards gliigiiiiui in new
tylcs for only n
C.ixhI itliility' linen crash for 6c
Chiffon ribbon in (nncy httijics,
novelties in belts, faiicy triininiiig
new stvle tit ess giH'tls. etc
Watch our cat pet ail next week
&, CO.
D t Tnlinn tore
li L
3IS iihoahwav.
Franchise Notice.
Ilr vlrtiin of th nt an onlliuiirr
i tnnOitnmnn Council nf tlixi It jr of I'ailurab
Marrti th irlib. KW.
to . tbilr
ttiufwn ilfci ami liljn. to l (ir.itf
ami malnuln a i)trin of and nrrrnurr
in lb1 .trt.!.!. amium. i
If)-, .itul publlr In thr I'll) of I'ailtiiah,
iiirronieiiw ei4m i( jii, (o riiaii con
siuiii'p.. 1 mm on Hi-.-ill .nof April, W? Iii
front of tli my bII liull.tinR In I'ailurab lw
lifn th bourn of II am) li o'rlork .1 III
al ptibllr Ir tof raub In rami to
tht blulii".. I'IiUt. Un In
Ihe furri.alil putttiisl orgluatur Anr nJ .()
btJ the I'll) Council rrrTci lbs rlKbltoac
cctr or nJwt.
Ibis March 14, f)7
Marofof ibet'lir cf I mlurab
Franohiso Notice.
Ily rlrtua ot .in ortUnanrt of tdn Common
Council of tin City of Approtnl on
tbrlftth ilarnf MjrrrvKr,rniirlnl AunrUI
naucp lo ll tb rljfbt lo fr.nhU to r
ami oiinralr h trt car lln iimn twnfib
Htrrrt inlbrt'llynf I'ailucb. ronunriK Ineat ,t
point h(,rllrnhelra Avrniif Icitr Twrifib
Klrrvton to tlii r nit of lbiirrarl a. nnw UM
on'lMtMftlmtrift lownrJn tfii outfr tKitiiiil.rr
nf the city, 1 will, on the Wf. Inlay ot April, i e7
tn front of tli city ball Piillillnir. In I'.uiucah
beiurfii the hour of II .ml I'.'ocIik 1 a in , of
frr at public ial f r ci.i Iu band to the bluh
eit tilJilff thefMnclil, Inthnafor'
k.Ii entlllnl orJInancM. Any ami allblJiibe
city Council rmrrvrx (lie right to acuept or
J" jk
IbU March 10, IW,
tljl. VKISKIt.
Mayor of ttm City of I'ailucah.
dinner table In a iilaco wliero mill nro
ncvtT bored for the !lrt hour; the in
Klmmtlou that a irroml wotilil irvcii
Uire Is rnthor iriiinhuiit. If M'ople In
the onllnar.v v;iII,h of life tire to innke
mch ciiterl.'ilnuirnta n micccph Ihcv
must nt'viT try new or
or even new twiyx of ktIii,'; thc.v
hlmply adil nn extra plate or two
to the usual number nml Invito tiielr
friendB." ladles' Homo Jourunl.
Tor Lean Wolnen,
Women ulio vv inh In (,mIii fle.sli nhould
l.ceji vtiirui. Olio plivsloliin putM his
liolc iri'Kiriit ion to Mich p.itlrnls In
one M'lite'iee: "I'at root vi'etiibli'H nn 1
l.ir.T warm." Sufi, vmiiiii, vtmlilcil
lonm,'ltii:rolie., deep downy chnlrx nml
plllowH lo ncsl In In, hhotild Ik; a j.i rt
nf the of the w (itnati
aiclrdiitmls N. Y. l'ost
"Ilev. Mr. Skylark has had a $5,000
tall." "Whewl J'rom Xew York?"
"No, from the teneher of the Infant
class, who pays he promised lo marry
her." I'lalu Dealer.
Mnybolle "And why were vou
pirscnt nt the marriage? vvoteyou
Interested In the event?" Jnek
".'o, nut directly, I vwih merely tho
bridegnxim." I'hiladelphla Iltilletlu.
The Ileal Styles. "I was downtown
to-day looking at tlie new styles."
"Hut Isn't It rather early, my dear, for
the pprlng goods to be In?" "Who n
talking about spring g(vxls? I mean
wheels." Cleveland I'lalu Dealer.
"Well, sir " The, of the.
navy turned to tlie. master of the shipyard.
"Is the new war vessel a
"(), yes, sir," mid the man,
"Kho sank right to the bottom the
minute shu slid olT tho ways." Cincinnati
Commercial Tribune.
"Doesn't your daughlerilance?" Inquired
the hostess. The lady add ressed
looked around at the tall, aunemle girl
against tho wall. ".Not unless she'h
nsl.od," i;he somewhat frigidly replied.
Cleveland I'lalu Dealer.
"It," said the grinning savage, ns
ho turned thu machine gun on the
Christian clvlllers, sipilnted
along the barrel, got the range, straightened
himself up, nnd set one of his followers
to turning thu crunk, "Is a poor
MiinIiii that won't work both ways."
Imllnnaisillw Journal.
.ln I llio Other Wiiy.
Western Transient Did you ever live
on tho border, inadnn?
Iandlady No, I it I've had a food
many hoard
I ( n t - Ilurtoi
'2'2C UkuhIwiiv, I'iiiliit'tih, Ky,
Capital and Surplus, $170,000.00
Open from 0 n. in. to 3 p. m. On Saturday
life; lit from 7 to 8.
Interest Paid on Time Deposits
Jah. A. iIuiiy.
W. F, I'AX1V?T.
K. llVUX
U-l-IH wM If KTT
f CnMilor
At't Cnnhlor
J.vf. A. Kuiiy, .Iah. It. Smith,
F. M. FiHiiKit, Urjh. ('. Waixack.
(li:o. O. Maut, U. Faiilkv.
H. HlIliY.
Thousands of Homes
Aro bolng
Heated by
Boo -
G. R.
129 South Third Street.
We're alway.tlie llrat to show
In ,nll tho laics
designs and colors. yThey'ro in now
reiiuy jor your liiBpociloil.
rincst lino of.
Picture Mouldings
In tio City.
Havoyou seen tligjHtcsl?
Prices Keosonalilo for G60I) work.
L, p, baTThasar,
123 11' way. Under Paluku IIousk.
Vim Bcots and Shoes
NLk1c4o Order.
atltiit tiST ulvo Itlm a 'liU
IW JJway,
ne at Hock
Just Come to Town! t
All the new spring styles and shapes of
Men's anti Women's high and low cut
310 Broadway. -.
Prices the Lowest.
- Goods the Best.
See This New Stock
Before You Buy.
-is EHA'' W
Holiday Groceries,
Bruit Cak Materially
S Apples, and Oraoges, ; .
Freh Canned Goods, kC
LYli'imom' 11".
Cor. Uth nnd Trimble Stv
A. W. 6REIF,
. .
Blacksmith anu
Horse Shoer,
iJ Steam 1
Laundry; 'i
! J
- Pfcprictars.
10(3 13KOAUWAY.
ti:i.i:iuuni 2oo.
Give ub your laundry if yoy( want
first class work tml prufipt tlo
City Scavenger
Telephone 18,
Res. 821 Campbell.
Prompt mnl careful .attention glvciu
'o cleaning Vaults mtor closets, Ac.
Thlrt('onyers.orporloncolutho work.
Calls from any part of t!)o city
at any tiuio from So'clock a. m.
to 11 o'clock p. m.
rJilitUhHl IttU.
Incorporated 1W8
Foundry and
Machine Go.
Dalen Iu
Steam Eiiglnes.Boilers,
HouseTronts, MiJ Machinery
And TolmccVSurcwj, Hrasa
and Iron Fttlngs. pastings
of all kinds.
Sale, Lawhead & Go.
Ilav ojviied a
728 S. Third Street.
All kinds of fiiruituro repaired and
upholstered and rovarnlilicd at reas
onable prices. I'aintinp; nnd repair
work on buggies n specialty. Will
call for and deliver work frco of
Clarence Dallam
Korrayly of
lolrnie jrat Bulldlaf. jj
rlileitty ami Canualty Co. H
John Mliei, V..P. Fidelity Trust acd S. V70o.
Kiiiltabl 1,1 Aiaurance Society,
Hrnnrii. Humphroy & Oavle..
Jlrnars. Mulri. Mnlr.
I'adurah Strwt Hallway Co.
1'aduc.ili Water Co.
Am National Hank.
linn. Henry lluraett.
. (Juljlev,4i (julgley,
. " "l uj.ir. -
Lii !-;

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