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MUil Woylcr Crush tho Rebellion
In Culm.
New York, April f. It Is refuted
hero that the Madrid government
lias cabled General Weyler that he
must crash the rebellion ntonce. The
belief is that the order is dictated by
the empty condition of tho treasury,
and that but a few days longer can
Spain hold out unless victory perches
on her banners.
A 1'renl: of Nature.
A young man named ltuark, of
Pahnn, Marshall county, arrived in
the city today, en route to Loulsville.
with tho baby recently born near
1'alma with its heart and liver growing
on the outside of its body. It is
in alcohol, nnd qultu n curiosity to
the medical profession.
Urtcd Had UiniruKc.
Charles Cromwell, colored, was
arrested this morning on a warrnut
charging him with using insulting
language to Mr. Dan Lagomarsino,
at the New Richmond Hotel. He
charged Mr. Lagomarsino with having
thrown a glass at him, cutting
him In the face, but the evidence
showed this to be untrue.
Hot Afturllhu.
The conduct of a darkey in tho
presence of n number of little girls
near I'rof. Cade's school yesterday
afternoon aroused hu indignation of
quite a number of residents, nnd the
wretch was chased for several blocks
by one gentleman.
Irfg Tobacco Sales.
Today u scries of big tobacco sales
began at Maylleld, ami quite a number
of Paducah tobacconists will attend
tho sales, which will probably
last 8omo time.
A Few Small Discs.
In addition to the cases mentioned
clscvhere, W. C. Rowlctt, Mike
Giycus and John Curtis, nil charged
with belnir drunk, were lined SI and
co Us in thopolice court this inoruiug.
In the President In Itclmirof Itl.
vera by the Sciuuo.
Washington, April 0 The Senate
yesterday by unanimous vote
a resolution reciting Ct'ie reports
thatGcu. Kuls Rivera, tlio Unban
commander, is about to ln Med hv
drumhead court-martial and nhot.nnd
expressing the judgment of the senate
that If tLeso reports arc true the
l resident of the United States should
protost to tho Spanish government
ngalust such a violation of the rules
of civilized warfa o. , This resolu
tion docs not go to tho House of
Representatives and becomes effective
as a measure of advice to tho
President by Its adoption today. Although
opposition was withdrawn on
tho final voto thcru was spirited op.
position in tho early slaaes of tho de
bate and a J I test vole on thu comparative
strength of the Cuban and
"nil-Cuban sentiment In the senate.
Tho test occurred on a motion to refer
the resolution to the committee on
foreign relations.
A Republican Hoss Turned Down
at tlicOjiueit City.
i.iilcngouiKlSt. Louts Encaged In
Hot Contest Today.
Cincinnati, O.. April G. -The election
iu Ciuciiina'i icslcrday was for
mayor nnd other city olUccrs, and
membeas of the board of legislation.
The Republican ticket was headed by
lovl C. Goodale, for mayor, nnd the
Democratic ticket by (Justav Tafel,
the latter bejng elected by a plurality
of 7,320, nliilo the city gave
a plurality of almost 20,000 last
November and Caldwell, Republican,
for major, three years ago G, 75.1.
The Dcmooraliu ticket had three Republicans
on it for city auditor,
treasurer anil corporation counsel
but under the recently enacted Danr
law it could not be called n Fusion or
Independent ticket.
The ticket headed by Guslar Tafel
was victorious throughout, tho lowest
plurality being for one of tho Repub
licans, K. O. Kihelby, for city treasurer,
who received only 309 plurality,
and ngainst whom a light was made
on account of the construction of
new water works and for other local
reasons. There was a total vote of
over 05,000, as compared with 78,000
last November, being an unusually
large vote tor a local or spring election.
The issue here was on George It.
Cox, who has been recognized as a
boss in the city ami county politics
for years ard a controlling factor iu
state K)litics. Tho ticket headed by
Goodalo was named by Cox nnd the
issue was made against it ns a Cox
ticket. The Democratic gains were Is
made in Republican wards.
Cliinij'o, St. Louis and Many
Other Cities.
Hot Campaigns Followed by
Chica , April U. As was to be
expected from the heated campaigu
that has been made here in tho mayor
alty contest, the election today has
been very warm and exciting. The to
fnct that there arc several Republican to
tickets in the Held leaves little show
for the election of nuy one of them.
Carter II. Harrison, n Democrat,
hcciih to be iu the lead.
St. Louis, April C. Tho city election
is scorching hot, all fsctlous
work with nil possible energy.
The chances seem to bo iu favor of
Henry Zlegcnhcin, the Republican
candidate, who it is believed will
have a good safe majority.
Fifty-three cities iu Illinois, Iowa,
Wisconsin, Missouri and Kansas arc
today electing municipal tickets and
iu many of them the contests are
very close and exching.
Another Hieycle Shop.
Mr. Robt. McCunc, the well
known wheelman, has opened a bicycle
ami repair shop on Jefferson
street near IJishop's grocery, nud is
neatly equipped for business.
All the pastors nnd Sunday school
superintendents of the city mo asked
to in at the Firjt Christian chinch ut
next Friday evening at 7:30 to devise
means for increasing our Sunday
school attendance.
The U & Tribunal About to
(iiMiul Jury Gets to Work In tho
Circirt Court.
The case of First National II tnk,
of Union City, Tenn., against J . W.
Ktheridgc nud others, involving the
uisujipeuiiuico oi qovu irom an express
package, is now on trial in the
United States court, and may consume
the entire dnj and part of
The court has about
lis work, and if tho case can be
rushed through by night the term will
Chas. Livingston, the tramp ar-
resieu ai l'uiton a few months ago
ior passing iwo counterfeit half dollars,
and brought to Paducah and
conlliied until yesterday, when he was
indicted by the Federal grand jury,
was adjudged guilty and sentenced to
the government prison at Columbus,
()., for four years, and lined 85. by
Judge llarr iu the United Slates
lourt last evening.
In the ca3c of Hig Muddy Coal &
Iron Co. ngainst J. J. Lovcll, a com
promise was reported and the action
wji dismissed.
u. s. ciucut coniT.
Au appeal was granted in the case
of Mamie I). Mcachain against tho
Travelers' Insurance Co., and bond
was approved.
Circuit court got down to business
this forenoon, and the petit jury was
impaneled ns follows:
W. H. Jones, Thomas Clayton,
Geo. Langslaff, Jr., Joe Feast, J. a.
Durrett, K. Fulrcll, L. It. Rudolph,
L. II. Durrett, O. T. Torian, Joseph
Worth, T. A. Green well, Robert
Chambers, Thomas Meyers, L. L.
Dale, W. II. McKinnoy, John L.
Nance, F. W. Crawford, W. N.
Gran', Joo T. liishop, Charles
l'hipps, Charles L. Miller, M. II.
Nash, A. J. Decker.
The grand jury, with W. R.
Hoeker, as foreman, is today investigating
tho ease against Hannah
House, charged with criminal operation.
The jail ca'cs will bo considered
Tills afternoon tho caso against
Delia Allen, Kd Owens nndShaiirach
Gills, charged with shooting Whitby
Howell, is on trial.
Messrs. A. J. Decker and A. It.
Sow ell were excused from the petit
jury this afternoon, and Messrs.
James F. Kstes and John T. Hughes
The regular term of llseal court
began this morniug at the court house
County J udgc Tully presiding. All
the magistrates wero present.
llie treasurers report showed a
balance in the treasury in favor of
the pauper fund of ?5, 153.92. There
due the county a balauco of $18,-
The funding account shows n bal
ance of $30,721 18. to
lho settlements with receiver and
treasurer was all the business transacted
this moniing, and settlements
nre being made this afternoon.
The grnel road question will be
taken up Thursday and probably
XV. C. T. U.
The first meetiiig iu tho month i
evangelistic, conducted by Mrs.
Wjdlacejjjuperintcndeut of that
department? These meetings nre
very helpful, nud every member of
the Union should take p:rl in the exercise,
thereby strengthening herself
discharge more perfectly (ier duty
the orgHukatiuu. "Consecrate to
yourselves today to the Lord that He
may bestow upon you u blessing this
day." All ladies iu the city invited
attend the W. Cr T, U., which
meets Wednesday afternoon at 2:S0
o'clock in lho lecture room of the
Cumberland lVsbyterian church.
l'UIs SlTinilNTKMIKNT. in
Lincoln Uarlcrty Play at the Op.
eta 1Ioii Tomorrow Night.
"The Fast Atnil" will bo tho attraction
at the opera house tomorrow
night." Get your scats reserved at
"1'Illi FAST iUAIL."
At Morton's Umra Houto To-
morrow NIkIiJ.
Lincoln J. Carter's great scenic I.
play, "The Fust Mail," will appear
the opera lioii'O tomorrow night. 8
Seats are now on sab at VanCulin's,
where they can bo reserved without
extra charge.
A DiaMAL OutLooR.
TlioiiS.uidft Working to Sure the
Memphis, April G Tho Hood
outlook at this place Is exceedingly
dismal. While thousands nre working
nnd lending every energy to save
the levees, their labor threatens to be
of uo avail. Slowly but' surely the
waters continue to climb, except
when brief respite is given from time
to time by new breaks in the levee.
Tho situation Is gelling ib be one
of terror from tho fctacdpolht of the
food supply and tho horrors of fam
ine actually stare some sections in
the face.
Scores of families drircn from their
homes have nothing to cat, uod being
dependent on charity have found
thcuisclvc3 on the verge of starvation
from tho exhaustion of the lobal supplies.
Deaths from starvation will
undoubtedly occur unless upcidy re
lief shall come from extraneous
Stares Many of tho Flood Vic-
thus in the Face.
Seeking Aid From the National
Memphis. Tenn., April G. The
prediction made In these dispatches
Friday that great disaster to the Mississippi
Delta would follow- the breaking
of the levee nt n point on the cast
side of the river north of He'ena,
Ark., has bccnteiribiy realized.
The break at Flower Lake, whicli
occurred yesterday morning, has it
rapidly grown from u dozen feet in
length to n thousand. Til's was the is
conditloDof the crevasse 3 citcrdny af
ternoon at I o clock, when an Associated
Press representative left the
leveo north of the break. Effort is
being made to tie each end of the
levee, but owing to the dilllculty in
getting material from the railroad,
live miles the success of the
effort is doubtful. This crcynsso is
at the bead of tho delta, and will
eauso an ovcrllow of the northern
tier of counties in Mississippi, with
the exception of a part of Tunica. of
The question that now confronts
the planters is the duration of the
llood. If the water is out of the
delta 13' May 5 n crop of cotton
can be grown, but cotton planted as
late as May 10 has l.ttle chance of
maturing before frost. There is still
another danger. These crevasses of
must all be closed before the June
rise or there would be a second over-How. is
The delta country produces
annually no lc) than half a million
bales of cotton.
The river at Memphis was a
last night.
Much suffering is rcpoitcd from
the oversowed regions. Relief
sieatnciS arc making daily trips into
Arkansas nud Mississippi, rescuing
hundreds of people nnd bringing them
Memphis. Tho local lcl'ef committee
is doing everything possible
for tho unfortunate refugees. At a
meetiug of the committee late
afternoon it was decided to ask
other cities for help. The following
appeal was issued :
The cit3 of Memphis lias beeu providing
for lho distressed llood sufferers
ft oui tho ovcrllow ed districts
of and Mississippi with
some little outside assistance for several
weeks. Few Tenncsseeans are iu of
need, but the demands on Memphis
for others are very great and are increasing
every ihre. Indeed, the demands
on our pco le have grown to to
such proportions that we feel unable
uuet them alone. Heretofore we
have attempted to on this work
without soliciting contributions
from ulli r cities, although
main- cities have generous
given us voluutary aid If the kind
people of other towns and cities now
feel deposed to lend a helping hand
this matter all donations received
liv the relief committee will be highly of
appreciated and judicious' managed.
Donations of meat, meal nud money
are preferable.
The Memphis relief committee is
well orgauized and cau use money to
tho best advantage, as it is fully
cognizant of the necessities of the
situation. All remittances should bo
inndu to Run F. Price, Treasurer of
tho Citizens Itelief
To tho olUccrs and members of
Ingleside ltcbcc.n Degree lodge,
O. O F : You are requested to
meet ut Odd, Fellows hill tonight at
o'clock tf in '' i
Assa Kr,rs, N. G.
J. A. Ro'iu:i(T?oN, Sec.
April 0, '97.
If you believe you will need more coal during the month of March you
had better order it now. The waters are rapidly rising and may cut off our
coalfsupplies. We have a big stock on hand now and would be pleased to-have
your orders at once. We have only a limited supply of clippings for
kindling, so you had better order quick if you need them.
Our Patronize-.them Advertisers Are and Reliable. bIiow your appreciation The Paducah Daily Sun. Official Newspaper
of tholr ontorprlco, of the City.
So Many Sound Money Democrats
Vote for Him.
Failure of the Cumberland Coat
Ok, nt Nltirgln.
Frnnkfort. April G Tnero was
'not n littlo npntliy in ami nbutit the
tCnpltol tills morning when tliu
situation was tiudur discussion.
It wns nevertheless thought tlio voto
todny might bo closer nnd more
exciting than any that has occurred
lately, and every one win on the iil
vlve. When thu hour for the vote
approached members took their Heats
apathetically and manifested little
interest in the of thu hour.
Tlicro was some Interest awakum!
Lowevcr, when thu name of Mr .
:tln was called. Tnelvo
Ocmocrats cast their !, (ino'r
of Mr. Martin. This
WIH llic onl
wmiiRO irom luo "ast vote. For a
t uio it ootal a', f ,loru wolllt, ,JC
stamiKxIc loiarllj, but it was
by a ir,otlo!l to a(lj01irn w)lch
ItcMiltsin the Death urn.
Heaver Dam, Ky., April )'.. A
distressing accideut occurred here
lids morning, resulting in the death
of a prominent and wealthy farmer,
3Ir. Itollin Schult.. Mr. SohulU had
5bccn In town iu his wagon and had
started home, when his horses took
fright and heenmu unmanageable.
Mr. Schullr. was finally thrown out
and so seriously Injured that ho died
aoon after being picked up.
A ent to
tou for Aid to Flood
Washington, April G. A
of prominent men
states that are suffering so
from the ll od is now in
Washington apoa!ltig to Congrcfts,lu
'behalf of the stricken district. There
is no doubt tho national government
will be liberal in its treatment of the
que.ln.,,u,T 27 l'-.-i
I sowni uricirt o iiiiiii mo
fT mila ,6f lU w'"l tho
'XjQuia,bcny aliK ,t wouM ,)c
f to ii xo a cro), and this
ji'irr u u, K a ss of millions of
jiiptt ojM Jrvalloa to many poor
JUL I I inn appropriation of one
lof .and dollars byCongrcsi alxl
e tho crevasses In this
Councilman Livingston Says
They Were Issued
Tho City PnyH $1,000 n ycr In-
Which Will
Ho Saved.
Councilman Livingston was seen
today relative to his request made iu
tlio council last night for the appointment
of a committee to investigate
the validity of the 8100,000 city
bonds owned by the Chicago, St.
Louis and Paducah railroad.
He stated that he had already investigated
the matter thoroughly.and
had discovered the issue was illegal,
as the vote authorizing the issuance
was contrary to law, bonds for two
railrcads being voted on the samo
The Kentucky statutes expressly
forbid that city stocks, bonds, etc.,
for any . two railroads, .. or anvthiti!? f o
else, snail uo voted the fcamu dar.
This would render the issue null and
void, apparently.
The ci y has $100,000 in stock in
uic roao, ami pays I 'a per cent, per
annum on tlie bonds. Since 1887,
when the bonds were issued, about
$35,000 has been paid out of the
city treasur3'. If the council decides
that the bonds were notlegalby issued
this will exempt the city not
only from the further payment
of interest, bit the piincipd as well
and will save 51,500 annunlb. The
stock is not worth II fty cents on the
"1 have explained the matter to
several,'' said Mr. Livingston, "and
only one said anything about
being repudiation. I say it
not repudfa'iou any more
ban where a bank discounts
note with Livingston & Co.'s sig
nature and when it is presented to
inc 1 say it is a forgc. We are not
responsible for the mistake nnd the
city was not legally authorized to issue
the bonds. Hence if it is illegal
is unjust, and the city's money
should not be paid out unless it is
tLjht and legal to pay it out."
Hlight of Turkish Itule.
A look at the history of the Island
Samos since its cscapo from direct
Turkish rulo is proof enough that the
struggle of the Greek race everywhere
to shake off Turkish oppression
is justiflc I by every moral and
material reason. Samos is much
smaller than Crete and contains only
150 square miles, with n population
about 00,000. Hut the same unconquerable
spirit that exists in Crete
found in Samos, and it won virtual t
nutonoun' from the Sullnn nearby
fifty years ago. Iu tho Greek
revolution of 1821 Samos took
determined part, and for
nine years defied the Turkish forces.
After the battle of Nnvarino, which
established Greece as nu independent
nation, the Powers decided that
Samos, for geographical reasons,
should still belong to Turkey nud be
subject to n Turkish overlord. The
Samians refused to submit for two
years, and it was then arranged that
thoy should be granted tho light to
elect the'r owu couucil, with a president
jo.ninatcd by the Sultan but a
Greek in leliobn. lteyoud this, the
island was required to rsy to the
M'llan an nnuual subsidy of S1G,500.
'1 Ins nnaucmcut was submitted lo
unl'l 1S9, when a fresh outbreak
was threatened in Simiios on account
the abuses and exactions of the
Turkish representatives. The Sultan
had no relish fur another contest
with the islanders, and further lights
govern ihemsclves were granted.
These included the clect'on of a
nssembty, empowered to choose
iheir own pieddent. A senate also
was formed, of whom the Tuikish
p-'nee named one-half. Public
wera taken fiom lho priuce
ami turned over to the native council.
Kaeli village had n voice Iu
choosing its mayor, and the courts
were and given charge
certain enscj previously subject to
lln nrbllrt wi" of the governor. A
mayor, assisted b' a local council,
was rl lowed jurisdiction in minor
An Absolutely PURE
Bird Seed -
No dirt nor chaff, at
Nelson Soule's
Drug Stoie.
Try a package, it is tli HIvST,
Geo, 0. Hart &
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usually bells the first pair ; if the shoes wear, and are
the customer returns when in need of more.
Kvcry shoe we sell is stylish, every shoe wears, evar shoe is comfortable.
These three attributes Invite, Obtain and Increase ouf business.
Have you ever sampled our
i, V WW
lawsuits between inhabitants of his of
commune. In a word, Samos, won ing
for itself political privileges not far
removed from home rule.
The results during tho forty-seven
3-ears that have elapsed since these
concessions were wrested from Tur-key
have been of the first impoitnncc
to the little island. It Ins enjoyed
peaceful times. The population,
which was 20,000 in 1832, has increased
threefold. Its exports arc
eleven Mines wliatihey were in 1832.
There is no public debt, and the
renin r3 reports a comfortable annual had was
surplus. Complete freedom from
TuiUisli authuiity would lave increased
tlii allowing of
In tlio face of such evidences
of improved conditions nmong their
fiecr neighbors it is vain to expect
the Cretans to drop back iulo the old
order of things, subject to the greed
Agents, '
The filtering fibre is made of a solid granite rock,
insuring absolutely pure water.
-Granite filters have greater capacity than those of
othermakes costing three times as much.
' yxz is nothing about
order ; it will last a
Granite filters are easier cleaned than any others,
child can?oper,ate them.,'
Son Hardware
J09 -
Shoes? If not, why not
Geo Rock & Son
a Turkish Governor nnd the grind
presence cverywLcre of Turkish
troops. Crete lias live times the
population of Samos and the samo affinities
of race. The Powers will find
that it is nerved to a filial desperato
effort to drive out the Turk forever.
Didn't Use the Pitchfork.
Mr. lsam Reed, of Handana, Hal-lard
county, called at the Six cilice
lay and said the story about his
attempting to kill nman named
with a pitchfork last week
exaggerated. He admits they
some woids and he had a pitchfork
in his hands, nnd the other man
ihrcalcned to kill him, but denies attempting
to use the implement on his
Rail bloke Iu Jul!.
Hill Jackson, alias Jim liullingtou,
charged with robbing Mr. J. L.
' '
t ft I
s, vL! JAHSfilH
a granitelter to get out of
ant! Stove Co.
303-307 Broadway.
H7N. Third Street.
W i
Rickman of $85 in money nnd $20
in notes in Maylleld last week, was
captured at Murra3', Ky., and taken
back to Maylleld. He will plead
guilty, and says he hopes to get a
light sentence.
Alleged in Mrs. .Mattlo League's
Petition for Divorce.
Mrs. Matlie League, one of tho
3'oung ladies at the telephoue exchange,
today filed suit in the circuit
court for divorce against her husband,
The couple was manic I a kw
years ago in Memphis, and the
alleges abandonme it and cruel
That 25c molassps at JJ'ibWy's is
a corker. 128 Co,urt4trrct. 20mGtil
Telephone 70. ANTHRACITE PER TON $8.2

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