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i WM
Published every afternoon, except'
Sunday, by
P; M KlMlKil ... ,.., ., ..PHMtnCMT
J, It. SMITH .... ., VlCCl'llKMDEM
J. J. Dorlin . . .SKCItETAUT
F.M. Fisher, J II. Smith, It. W. Clements, J.K
Williamson J.J.Dorlau.
n III Btve upeclal attention to am. local hat
n.ulniraofliilereftlln I'.iducah nml vicinity,
itiiiirlctlnffiipnrr.il news, which will he
KItpu a fully as spice v ill verinll w liberal tv
gxrl to expense
Is dsTOtpd to the lntereUs ot our country pat
on, una will at all times be noway and pn
tertalnlJK, while Wrepliw U reader Itpd
on all political affair nndtopl:i, while It will
M a fenrleiM and llreleia exijiient lit the doc
trlnea and teachings ot the National
A special feature of the weekly edit n ol
Tll jBH will be in Correspondence
In which it hope ably to rei.ienent
every locality within the lluitui of Its clrcu
Rate of ndiert jslng will be made known on
omce, Standard Ulock, 11& North Fourth
Daily, per annum $ -1.50
Daily, Six mouths 2.25
T)aily, One month, 40
Daily, per week 10 cents
Weekly, per annum in advance
1 .00
Specimen copies free
We are glad to add to our exchange
list the Howling Gieer.
"Pre0,;," t'jc new daily IJepublieati
lapcr. It is a urcezy, newsy, win
edited little journal, and its adve.
ti3iug columns indicate a prospeiitj
that wc shall be gird to see glow
with its age. liowling Green b t
nice town and should have a good
HepublieiU papei. We most
extend our hand and g mil w'slr
to the "Pres."
A Ni:v Yoitic cabinet maker keeps
one man engaged who3e sole
i3 the piovidiug of flse boto di
and secret Otnwcis for dcki,
tabic for the pinions!" of the
metiopo'is. lie icm iks the
which f equeully occiiis between
the of one ol
th e soci:tre"e':cs or some wcrliht
Irdy nod ihe buslucs fr'luie of i.k
husb ud. fioiu wa'cii lie iufeis lu. .
the c c. pbee h nude the e
lacle ol v'li'.V"' winch oio 1'ios
f.OIll the clll.cll"' of
The popc'al'on if j,'1 ir New
York is a,40U,oou. nie o.u i .- r ti
cinployos of ihe city in all i ; !c
wilt aumbcr iiU.OJ'J nutl
the leveoucs required io ca, o he
ovemraeut n ill bu STo.OUJ Olw jio.
annum. What a fcirfu ilruy ' wih
be when a comipt ii.ijj, such, for " -ample,
rs was tle l'ltiuuuiiy com! me
under Tweed, and ind?d i"? it h
always been, only less mirkcii
control. New Voile is gieat in all
thiugs, not excepting the olllcir.l viie
and corruption that prevails at all
On it of thepo sibiliiies of
situation in Kuropo seirs to be
aa a'lianco betwsen Kns'and and
France. Heielofore France and
Russia have been said to be in al
liance but a diffcrenco of opinion
having occurcd as o the b'ookadi"H
of Grecian poll?, that s.lliauco
be ruptuied. England and F.ioci
being both far moie libcrrl and advanced
iu ideas of govonmcut than
the Muscovite, tho allirnic between
them would deem to be trr more
in the general fitness of
Wk are again a'sincd that a successful
process of photographing ull
the colots has been discovered by a
distinguished Flench photographer.
Fiom.iimc to lime such announcements
have been made and patents
have been obtained, but the
weie so intricate as to bo of 1 title
practical use. Now, however, there
seems good reason to believe tho discovery
of a dimple and piaclical
method of real value has been made.
The iuveulor has not yet made public
his processc', pending the issuance
of bis patents.
Mr. Edison is devotia3 coiicr -able
spate time io the idea of providing
for the hi yilo a Uie.tiis ol
s'siinj the power cieiu"d in the
detcent of a It'll for the purpose ol
when tho wheel xe eh'- m
level or ni .mp's to eseead anothii
bill. Ho t'.oes not bel'cto a moiivi
power cither by storage batleiy oi
other known ehrraetcr oan be inrdi
practicable on tho btoy le, but thin'.'
t'lete is a possibility of icachingpta
tier1 results on the lines ho Ins la'i.
down. Mr. Ediso.i usuJIy hn
of ncconipllalilns wla bo fc.
his mtud to.
Ax nrticle in tho "News" of yo
tcrdny was, as it wai Intended to be,
extiemely m'slcadbrj r to tho
posed action of tho Republicans. II
is certainly lino Hint on Republican
ticket will bo placed in the
field to oppo'o tho Democratic tickit
unless our Populist friends see fit to
form an alliaiico such ns tho Republicans
can accept. Dut tho
made that there isW Is to be a
M Hd ilrifdj.' tiokct iVuutrue and
u terly unfounded. Tho IJepubllcan
t'eket will ho uominnted in convention
rcgulaily ca'Icd in the usual wry
and all who desiro to place their
claims before the convention will be
invited to do so. The effort will be
to gel the bc3t men for the places aud
tlio men who it is believed can poll
the laigcst votes. T'ic cffoit of the
'News'' thus to create jealousy and
dissatisfaction tn the Republican
ranks will fall tl t.
Wiiktiikk Dr. Hunter is the bct
man that can bo secured for United
S ates senator is not n p cjtioii
olvcd in the scuatonal light at
Frankfort. lie is the caucus nominee
of the 'Republican patty ami ns
such entitled to the suppiit and the
vote of eveiy Repiiblicaa inemliei. A
member ca t well aTord tt) bin'; his
individual prefeicncos in subinissiou
to the will of the majoiby, anil tills H
U'piiblicanlsm. Ate men
iiihtiuctions of home boss wlio
will not penn't them tocxcicisc tlie'i
own free will and Inclement?
ably not, but they wilt undonbtciMy
2et some iii9tiuciions fiom thou
bosses, the people, iu their lcspcel'ivc
districts iu the near future. The
Kcpublicau parly is greater thru an
mm in it and its iuteicsts are IlisV io
be consideied iu connc lion with I his
matter. Its interests arc suffcriu
seriously by the a lion of the bolliug
Republicans. If the governor is in
any degree ''sponsible for Ihe action
of these men he is, with them, de
serving of the scvciest ODUileniu.t
Tiicr.r. are in use in Ibis eoiuiuy
ac.'ordi'jg to a bicycle aulhoJiy, no
less ihan 8,000,000 ij'cyclis, M'd tic
probabi ity U tlial the present oaion
will witness tlio addiiion of ano )p
nillioT to the number. The nw n-
t"do of the bicy.lc tt.ide .mil V
luicnce on Hie couuiry iu v.
wiivs is not apjneci.ttcd by ctPi;ouc.
lliu capital invested in he in:
and side of the wine' iu
runs high up !nto ibe mi'
ions and tho number of people wl'o
II au profliiiblocinploynieni 'u!ilsinc
' i many thousand. The evolut'o" of
i!ic wheel from I he :irc ult " e
uitiiacto the praelic.1, cvci dut
business vehicle has b en rapid. 1;
iMluence iu the dis;ilipenipnt o" .he
hi vali'o u no ., ii
il' j ;e. Not only () but livciimea
feel i in a muikptl dree.
effcci of the wacel ' ae
decu'ed improveinent in public -,-in'-.dent
on tho subject of ro.ti'. Uoji
toads arc a ppppisiiy to ' le
and the vast number iu u e haii c
liio good road thousands of .iuve
and caiacst tulvoealcs wheie
thete was merely iudiffeioacc.
li'i: lepoit of the "llcgisici" in
teference to tlie prilling bill uf lha
sc.v is misleading iu ihe extreme,
a its io nuke Ihe impression
'.lint fho Six is mrklng money out. of
ihe city illegiiimaltlj' ithiis not failrd
to take advantage of an oppoilimity
lo mislead its icadcis. In the firi
phce the bill of the Si x was noi
as repot tPtl 'jy tho
but Tuc impicsiiou s
created that this bill was solely for
ti'c in- list. the k !.
J'c.o weie a number of vdy 1 ige
oittin:' ices, inihuling the ia" o.'d o
for the seveiul insei'ioes of
which the Illinois Centi.d na'lio d
tiays, and the healing
u:'nco, 'o be paid for 'jy the
io whom the lauch'so sh 'I be
old. Tbcie weie a uu nb:r of
oulinnuccs pud nunierou? uoJ
l'uc list was published jut .s
o'ten as and no ofcner tliun it wus
ordered publish'd by
and Mayor YeNer. Iu
rltogeihir eleven iuseiiions at
i lato which makes the cost 1 .;j
i!'e lgal laic by at: iute or the
list, which lute, weie (lie law
' ieil, would doubtless apply
of the city 1U!. Tuo
3i x will peiform Us ili'ly
and ex..ect itslegilimatu com-
e isa ion for it3 beit'lic as iuoiilpd
or in tho contract. It will uk not ling
moi j and nccept nothing less.
O.Nrf ot the mast novel Uses of
electricity seems to be indicaied h
recently carried on ii,
iwaiCiland. lly accident it
on a rillo raii'o that ilie i
elephono wiicj tleileci"d Ck-
ni II els though at home 0 j.
the tango being par
tl'cl with the lines. This faut betii;.
ought to the attention of tho
Oiampnt oulhoiities a f.sciic"' of ox
w ananged whereby it
found that with a current of
i.OOO vol Ii sent through tho wii ..
ho detliCtiou of tlio bullet was nu
C4s than seventy-live feet on a langi
J7o yatds in lengih. A trial tarn
icing made "with n Japanrse gun
carrying an elongaUd piojeoiilo the
rjstilt was moH temiirkable, as "the
oullet went straight for tho wire,
broke two insulators and followed
along tho course of tho clcc'.rii
wires, finally wearing out its energy
with tho friction. Tho effcJt on the
heavy projectilo of n cannon was of
course less maikcd but wa3 still of
great importance In n distance of
3,000 yards, the wires being sitting
for a distance of only 200 yards, the
deflection amounted to fourteen do
grccf It ia suggested that an army J
might be protected by wires strung
on tho ground for some distance in
front by mcain of which the enemies'
balls would be drawn Into the ground
and fall short of tlio intended marks
Tho possibilities .in connecMon with
the discovery seem very grent.
Interesting: Session Held Lust
Two Investigations Ordered.-l -Mr.
W. Kuttcrjolm
tod i'iix Collector.
The mrelins of the count il lasi
v'l' w 'S wc" aUcndi'il ami :t 1. 1 e
nnoi'u of bu 'nns w."
Coi I'f'ai.'n Livii'islon h.itl a ion.
u'. appivut d Io ilte
lP3.'iiVof ihol.stio of SIOO.000 'm
uoii'it 'o il'o si. Louis and 1. tiuc 'i
l !'() d. .'id Coitufi'iu n WiMi'iiiko
h d : 'ornra'u'o ..ppoiol'd to inv
'rj ..I'ti 'c;h)i' on ilio '-i
ir e'e r")o'i Ovcire: of the Ch
(i.'i'j 1" 'or i rutl al'e'd npgl geaie
low. rd ,'ie h'moucis anile' h
'ii e. No oimvo diuauccs weie iu
oni'i",d at liiit m ei'ii, and tiu
..vol 'O'd i ou'iril. o asliril for
I'me iu wliich o iepo..
nr. Jii.trr'su.
A" 'lie ineu'bc s we e p o'n.
'J he ir'uui"of the i. -'a- "
. an a lit I of yr "leulay's cal-d we
we'o c;d aid apuroviil.
i'ixaxck con am ix.
Ch ir:i.jn R'lieMeff pir'cn cd tho
fo' Ivlls, which weie allowed
e Oerv .iir,i .'. t
f i i-
' ni
o "
,- .e urm....
,-) la W uitr.
ii I.
.n t;o
. l-OM' II
- o- -at Ct. ( " -
j Cl .( tl t. U')
o t
. ('
.- II..
'. VfH tc,t .
) he i oe pi fo.
8d. w.r ic d atK' i.Joi,i . u ia.
'J'he io o-i of 1 . Colt" ,or U
aowiug allrel'ous umonn -)
o SO.'.'iiO. ' I siii' e la- epot ,
'On n Oui;un:Plby the lien iC'
rto'i fo ili :'u"Ui'0l, v " c'V'il
l Uti I'l' l .
Oilli ft AH)? S"U T 'CIH 'u .-
onftni'ii'e..oos. -a iUhiciIio. i
he '.v ; co i 'ed io pv for Ihe time ir
w 3 'ell'd io be iiti.1' '"
m. .1 llf t
C' v o . lieini iti.n oi i . t. -
not, ai Ciceiif lud. Ho
ccirru no wi.nr ic ami to a
wreVs salpy.
A'tCi' oi n'cu Jle (left', o.i io
of pllor.'Iuj the oil' " i
wj vol d on and ir ill 'n . oit
of sit io ' ;, .'ud liio tur.or vo -'Aye.-'
'J ue in..M?i' of allowing Ohi .i
'ia. Ahocli 60 for bin. .ii!' . .
ii I- fall w i ': --d
. au evok'd ome illscu Ion. ; !
orniy p.ev;ot"ly cfa cd io ) t 'p
.)il" anil ihe voSe'uiiii! .oca i' .
i : io ;' aud ihe nuyo vo . i
The leoott of Cny Wcio'.ier i-.. W.
I',- , ihowiug i ollrciloii t 5 lo
io. ti and onei ived in.
'1 he t.u1: ' pay i oil was p.llow t .
'liio trainer's lepoit, 'hon-n
loial coll"i ion of fax Colic. o !
cijti'iin diuiii.'; ihe year io i)c . ,-
708.'(, a oiu;uu;pi! by iho to -
uti" a i"' el))' for 'he araoun
(i.v, w. io d, ami
he w,in. ju n aqriei .
'j : t Col " or K.. John
.ae b..luuie of ihe rouiu'i 'a
Ca. i .nan Rip Uleff s .u d .):' .
a)3. cot o'lriing !) !. .o'l '.
fu'ly disca )' ilio
'o foil ivovil M . iti .
loan lie .''"ow d ,o :ol i the
em. 'uuiT ot iiii!i..'tl doIU, am' 'ie
he. efor )e trut. T.i.
i'o on p.ev." u.
Mi. li'i)' ' eff a'aied 'n th's
Ion ihat Mi. Kat'eijobn
t.o a moit i III !enl ml popi, ...
o', oi.
. ihn'an B cojimr n.
C.' " '?u F 'levied ihe
io .. m a'lTi hoti'.e nxJiu. ir ;.
()fi '.i ihe 'liu'e
a u ' ! ')reu .epoi'i'i' inlvi e'y
i ati o ti mi. -'1-e.
i e o i' iMiieo wai given c o '
) I-
,) ii amending iho oil
i fin' tint m:iii)i''ii i,i, a
of . bi le- by prohi'iltiiig .'iuvoi'"
ii i . liy lo"k, coin, li ,.
i ',)! on lIih i!'iy u.iU j, ' .
Ci" "dbig. 1
t I'V'ley'i calP" in M"eh'n
. ,i , . .vo e i1 .eepifd iu iio o tl
. . ii'. i Ins t'l.r .in '111(1 no iiii
ui'nii 'i d. if. ill'.', '. Coijsldfi i"
0 w on sv.t ('"! Icicd yjii''.t i lie
D'i'ii u. Iiuweve , and lliu ' 'en
- ii 'i-i- ") 'ii''!i v '" in M
i . v.'.io .
ii-.e-i i '. i) 'li'in.'ico - .I)I"'Ioj
,n. o i i.' C.'-H ii K.mIo '.
- i,m r .' j'iiiitt: i:.
Ch 'iiii''i "Sui'l. i"coii:mrnn',l
i'l' A. M. II i'Ii.'c', .iu i''finn Ml
.S'. HO for tui over rs' men I, Oil'
the locoiinuendiiiioii w conuuii d
'J'hu tn.'iiirr of o::'iiiptlng tlio Y.
M. C. . fiom tcizai'ou on
o,' y vi : to a tperi d
roirililiti; of Coiiiieiliiif u
15.' i"., Sl!.i. luidCol, Hit?-:
nils, I ilcu'idu whether tho cly hr.
'e-l ii' htlo do it or not.
'J'he u'silci' of :i$ iiliny; Mil. C.d
Sroii'i w Tioii ider.'d. Mis, Sn ..li,
iu a coiPU)iiu)eullou,8.ild v'tiu ttiou;;lu
' tho c.'y would yel hern trnj
bittiherin lliu biirdiu hoiue bu i
11CAS, SJU iboilllt Kill! Hlljjllt 111:111 ije
to git vwz,. iTho commtiii'ual'orf
jjillllllll i i !"' immimMLH.iM
wa) received ami. filed, and no action
was taken.
Chairman ll.irnci, relative lo the
invesligalloii of seweiagc pjsteins,
wi'li the iew of ailoidlng tho best
system for l'adueah, reported thtt
the committee liaddoions Instiucled,
visllrd Evausvllle and found that the
combine syilein was In use there.
They roporlo I ntlverse'y on this sys
torn and reccaitnended the separate
system. Tho report was received,
llled and concurred iu.
Major Ramos stiled that Sanitary
Engineer Elliott, of Memphis, lud
been employed to draw up sewerage
specifications, and would bo herd for
a day or lvo nest week.
i.in:ssi: (OMMinKK.
Chairman Livingston had severs'
petitions lo be used in transferring n
ll(,uor license to the 1'ieper plaic, in
Howlandtown, but no application.
Hem c no action could bo talxcu.
Ml!"! COM"" "I 1 1 I'..
Chairman Kmuleilcr lead tho water
supply and Hie thief's repoits, which
were received ami llled.
W!K COMM'li'Ki:.
Chairman Kireho'f reportctl that
Ycncr path was now open, and every
tiilnj.' was i II right except the fountain,
which will bo given the needed
Nl-.W IllMNr .
Mr. Willi mson said that there had
bten some talk of tlisaMsfaction with
the conduct of tho chain gam; bass
lelative to prisoner., and moved to
appoint a loinmiltee to invistigate
(lie matter.
M..jor IJ.irnes said that it appeared
that there wis some dissatlsfaotlo'i
among the eh.iai gang bo, street
aid loeKiip keeper and
wanted the whole thing iuvistlga'o I.
Coiinitlmuu Farley objerlud,
ili.it llieie hadn't been u
:iij!'.h)bl Ihe lochti) keeper and strtut
iiisticulor and an Investigation would
do them an iniutirc.
Major RiiucJ b.ild he had
lien ul some of them complain
nd ihe thing ought to bo
in to all.
Fa i ley rid thai he
to .'lie no investigation, but
that mi complaint had tieoi made
ug'iiiiit -olio of them, aud he
lould'at -co tho justice in imlud'ng
ihcin iu
't'he moi'on to tho locatip
kieper aud si trot lor w:n lost
hy a voieoi ii to 0, Major
voting no. The motion to
Mr. Ft. hip'' was then carric'.
TIk. ooaimitlee appointed
M.itui i Cmiai iluien
aiu'i liull.
ViMi..mson said Ih't
bolii oily lo.'vi aie b illy out of i
p. ii. Ho moved that the public :m
pt'ovemcut commit.ee liavo them
am' itie muuoti pi. v iLd.
Coutiuilm u moved lb
an o be drafted prohibit1
an)-one ojtab ishing a nival to s
ing over :iny .".uli ' n the ity. Tlio
di- alvaolago of was exempl'li d
d .titi thr 'eeenl .r. "il, iiu a.i, whiiQ
manj weie washed away and
no .eii, doiag other damage,
ll's iiioiion was oart'Pil.
Coiin'llm.iu movellh t
iio Mavoi for 1000 yaid"1
of to be ilel'voiPd heio itib
ji'Pi o the ouIt of ihe lrePt !.i-' Yesterday afternoon about a
tho giavi'l to be enit.il to o'clock while Mr. Albert Railey, 5
LawionS IJhiff gravel. The motion 'young man living near Coy, was re-prevailed.
tinning home from Kenton, his horse
Conn iliiiuu 1HI moved that a ', became frightened at a pulsing train
committee be appointed to nrar the lleuton depot, reared up
j.x'v ihe udvisitbiliiy of getting a pa- and fell on the shafts, breakiug them
lol v.igon for the city. T'ic 0111- j and tearing himself loose from the
tuiltec '.s Co" uciliiien Roll. Iricbel aid ' buggy.
Dipplc. I After freeing himself from the
Councilman Livingston said ih:it hide, the horse backi I into a large
he had been renucsted by Scamon tl
Cninpanj', who will establish a
tory in Mcchfsrcsbiirg, to have 111 J
ordinance committee draft an
nance e- .'inpliug them from
for a penod of live years, iho factory 'of bystander he would certainly
to woik at least hands. I have drowned in a very few minutes.
His reioiiiinciidation approved j lly the as".stanco of several largo
and the oidinance eomniillec was in- topes and about fifty men and boys
stni' ted to draft the ordinance. tho in f jiiuna'o beat was finally
On motion of Count iluien Li landed on top side of terra llrtna,
slon the finance commilleo wrs ap, more frij'liteued than hurt. -Mr.
pointed In investigate the legafity of 1 escapetl from the buggy
Issue of the St. Louis tall- hurt.'
-o:i(l bonds, .
Tne ii'iioiled lluit it
li.nl ijecn tinaiile to n -ice on the
i!i 'so of propel ly at KlgliUi nml
Ailnms pi reels, ik iteil for upeniii'
..... II.. 1 !,., ., .. ,1...
IUU i. I, Mil-
iniiirc oc nniioiiitid to confer with
ihe otviieM lelative lo tlio puce, niiti
tlie street eoiiiu tiro tv;'s apioint"(i
CoiiiiuiliiK'.n ShirltS moved tlui tnu
in ij'or n)iioiut a coiiiiiiitlic obei le
wnli tlie ni'fcsor. 1 he linani e
co and I .is collector were appointed
on the coinuiltlrc.
I i.i.i ion ok i,v; io f or..
.Mayor Yei sulnl III. t the nest
in older w:is Ihe eli.. lion of a
uliy 'v collector.
Mi. Uinckl'ff nominated M-. !'.
W. K.i.teijiMin. the ptescul
mid llieio weie no oilier
iiiiiiiniH. Uu w 4 iinr.u' nuiisly
S ' C I Oil u
Co.iucilin.ii V! I . ii oi' of io
lriifiil t t anrnli.l . finimi Oi. Qfilfl
The . mi...iil. e Iiucl made some iuvc I
.i....,ion iclullvd to the jjiavel ioail, .
;.)i..w.)..'duppir i;.te a com rssion of
ni'iiu time. Tlio committee wasl
, . jinl futther i mo in whieli to tic
.'iiiiiic lliu icluiivo v.Ju - of tlio re-
County J mi:' o Til lly wai present
i ...t.i , .t i . .. ti ...i.. !
ami uuKiiivii i uui.uiiui.il i' i
ue nwii,
Ho then lead a f.oin
,)V lho 10llli ns nll ,,roni fno in
ofcipi.H .1011 tuat after tint iluto
re.,rs will bo shut
the si.au bo
.ho in "sMiieut li:il oceii i I'll u.
)er coil, on town lots ami 7 i)ei
cent, on peion:il p' ope.lv und
Using A nil 15 ns ihu iLv for he:.-
i0! )Cpl",Ctl'Ji'OII'J.
M". Iliuelileff movFil lo .ipjioiut
Cnpt. Ktirley, find Mi. a .m !: fa. M
Hut Mi. K. G. Ucouo would be in
LouisvMli about that, limo, und moved
ho lepic cut tlio city and cliatgo
only e.vpcii'.i s to 1'Yuiikforl.
On mot ou bo'.li gentlemen wero
appoint' d.
Tlio council then
Hickory Stove Wood
Fo: nice stpvo woodtelcplio till 29.
$1 ier load. tf
Ohio Itivxu beouR anoJCim sjo.
L f
Anil How It Was Celebrated hi
l.Vnton Yestenliiy.
Democratic- lMrty Seems Hutlly
Spl t In Murslmll. Coming
A rep:cseiitatlvcof lite Six visited
llen'on eslerday. It was county
court tiny and a largo crowd was
gathered to hear the candidate speak,
I y iu their stock of seed sweet potatoes,
swap horses, swap xarns, etc
The first Monday In April of eacli
year has become geneially known as
"later day" at Renton, and on Hint
day tho public sipiaic is anvnjs covered
with wagon loads of the esculent
lhc county candidates well, the
lown was just full of llicm. It seemed
that evi'iy one was n candidate
for somethii'g. There are
two of them: Some have
subiiKteil their claims to tho Democratic
primary election, which is to
he pulled olf 'next Saturday. The
other M't is running subject lo tho
action of the eili.cns' mass convention,
which is to lie held at
the first Saturday in May. Tin
Democratic party iu Marshall seems
lo be hopelessly .iit anil unalilo to
come together with any degree of
unanimity. It h tho opinion of
many Demo Tat, with whom I talked
that "the ticket to be nominated next
Saturday will not have a "walk
over" a' tho November election by
any means.
There are three entries now in the
legiilative race iu Marshall. Mr.
Il'auregard VVyatt, of Hiieiiiburg,
announced himself yesterday afternoon.
The oilier two candidates are
KUler I). M. Green and 'Squiro Rill
An mder was made in the county
court ji'itenlay appo'.ntiig a committee
to redistriet the county into new
magisterial districts. The number
of districts will bo increased from
live to elht. C. II. Utl'ejolm, N. E.
Collins and Isaac Johnston were
appointed commissioner- to carry out
i lac court s orders.
Mr. John Jeffrey, of Dexter, and
Miss Tine Solomon, of Hrionshtirg,
were nutted in marriage at the county
court house yesterday afternoon by
Judge Dupont.
Leo Rudolph, the young man who
was accidentally shot a few days ago
by Miss Itla Jones while the latter
was carelessly handling n revolver,
died veaterday morning lit his home
near Ronton.
The youug lady, it is said, is almost
cra.'iil with grief over the
well forty feet deep, in tho icar of
iJohnson's tlouriiig mill. The animal
went down with a dull thud, falling
into twenty-live feet of water aud had
j 1 not been foi the timely assistance
The Srv is ntiidly lieeoming tlie
most popular paper that re:i lies Un
people of .MmisIkiII. lcepiiijIieniM
and nlilie apeak in the
Vi'jhot teniH of eointucndalioiiof the
, ..,..i, .., ..ff...... I I I..
i iulmiu tut: iiitiiiii:
,.,. ..." ..
tlie liest newspaper iu Western Ken
iieky. hue in Ilentoii the names
of .sixteen new subiciibets for the
nee'.l' Si.v uud four for the daily
Jiux weie added.
I h":ud of Dr.llell's I'ino Tar
Honey, and teeiii many
fiom diferent persons, of it3
ivonilerful vnlnnblc uietits, I tliouglu
I would try bottle. 1 have been
seiioiibly tweeted for twenty-live
years w.tli c'puh and pains hi my
uido and brenst tha. were Caiisinj; me
a inUcriililo life. I spent hundreds
of dollais with iloctora and for
hie, put everyUiliiK failed until I
foiling this worderful remedy. It
I ents the world aud has saved mv
"I' i I recoiiimehd Dr. Hell's Pine
' f'r '"V. to vv'rybody wilh weak
,s !l 8 success. J. H.
lo3'. III.
1' or sale, by
ucineiiKieeri dancer.
vWiitcr Notici..
I'airoiH of the nterCi)in)!iny nro
11,,t111i,11i ,i,n, 1onU ,r ,U , ,
" " "t w'
were duo .-:..-. Aiuil 1st. Those who
... .
I !.! .1 l..l
lUIIU in uiu'i leilll HMIHJIU HO
off. 2n8
Kurl In the JiiMoi uf .Murianil a
lino of loo ,oiiikIh of IoIkh'co im
upon eery ileitor tlio to
icitc lit mi election. It Is sulil tlmttlie
only hlmllnr inniU' ulneo tlmt
time lo htliinihitu the e.M'relsc
u f the fr.iiii'liUu Ih ii prmlsIoM uf the
I'linrler of ICniifcas City, Mo,, Imposing a
tine of $.'.5I) npnn qunlHli'il niter
who fnlln to tote ut u gem-mi election.
Thin tvns niloptril In 1880, nml n
test e;iHo in it luis Just been ruled
upon by tint miprcnifi court of the
Htnte, 'I'll :it tribunal lias the
iIccIkIoh of the lower court, uhleli sun.
tallied the pratltiloii of tbw chnrter, nnil
tins pionounceil it uncenstltutlonaL
VouUi'h Conipniiion.
That we keep one of the
largest and best selected, stocks of
Dry Goods, Notions, Cnrpcts, etc.,
to be foil ml in the city.
Our styles nre new niul our prices
the lowest.
It doesn't cost any more to so
cure the newest styles than it docs
to buy old ones.
We nlso have ome special bargains
lo offer iu
too pairs of 5i Glove will le
sold tdis week for 92c.
These gloves arc new in style
and color.
too yards of silks in plain and
fancy designs at price.
25c buys a 50c quality.
50c buys a ?i quality.
iio nairs ladies' bttkaliuc hose
for 15c
2, soo yards eiiigliain in new
styles for only t,Ic.
Good quality linen crash for 6Je.
Chiffon ribbon in fancy stripes,
novelties in belts, fancy, trj mining,
new style dicss goods, etc.
Watch our carpet ad next week.
&, CO.
MILL LloHstore
sii nito.vmvAY. ,
' t !
Franchise Notice.
Mr virtue ot 'tht irovllonH ol an OrJIiunrr
of tbnl lljrol IM.lilch.
aojiroviHl Mirrti the Idih. IfT. entitled 'An
iTJUtlnit tht rlKhl Iu tl" . ll"Ir
aitrmi aiul umi.iii, to Ii)',
ana maintain a Kynlrmol pl- ami nrrrmarr
aiplUnc ttin wuu, l
le t ami public plarrM In tliw I III of luau.ah,
for rourrylim mram .'t lli.t lo crlrat. r.n
MitmTA, 1 "III oil llif IvlMUyof Atirll liVT In
fioiilfit tli rlty hill uutllnK In I'mliirah t
wrrR bnura at llana IS u rlnck in ,
oT! at UHtillc i fur ran In laiul to
I : bid--! tbfrancbl In
I 'errriM ordtnanr Any ml til
0 d thpflty Council rrwrvrn lb richt
or rrjt.
J j 4 March 14, ,W7
I) A.
.Vayorof Iho City of l'ducub.
Franchise Notice.
lly rlrliia or an ordlnaruM of tbn Common
Coiiurll of lb City of lMJucati apirorl on
thcleih day of March, lyr.rntlllnl. ".Miordl
iia.ic liiKfll th or Ik' lit if frDclil"r to
.ill Rtrrri rir Hue uion vwrifth
ill tbaClt) of l'aurab,ronjnrnrlnt;at a
, nt Mbrre llrrnhplni Airnui. Ir.ixwi
atrrrton to thKKraril .-in now laid
LirtrtnU th untir iMinn'Krr
oltbrrliv l Mill, onthe Idtiitlaylf Alrll. rji,
III f fin of th city lull trtllldlnirlu I'adncah,
iieltirrii the lio'olock a in .
a: imblle xat f.ir r.i h In had lo thr
b:ddir lbi franchlia UciH'tltil In thx
ordlnancr. Any And all bid tbr
t'lir Council rrxf rt. the rlubt lo accrpt or r
3'ct ,
IblJ March 18, IK7.
I) A. ykisi:ii.
Mayor of th. City of I'adncab.
Ntorlm of Tlirrr 'llnori In tlio
Scene: The Iliincomb comity ciro.
ner'H ofllcr.
I'lrst Witness Vcs, I Haw the whole.
nlTalr from the viry iitnrt, Tho man
what done the Hliootlnj,' was aKsliif,'
ilowii ouo Hide of the til reel, when be
wen three men running ncriws a in-cant
lot, trying to Ret awny from him.
Then bo ilrauH his "nun, nml fires aiul
that wns thociwl of oorJIin. Nobody
hoIiI iv word during the whole nlTalr.
Pecoml Witness Yen, I wus rlfiht
there through It nll. Tho man who
w as shot caiiie running' across the Rtrcct
timnnl Itotlgcri, -.ho wasKoinjr iilonj;,
mltiilltiB' his own business. Somebody
yelled: "Thero he po!" and then
Itodfjers was lilt on Uio hcnil with n
brick nnil knocked down. Ho tried to
pet up, but six fellows wero beatlnfj
him, anil, pulling out his revolver, ho
bhot, ono of bis nKiillunts falling ilead
Third Witness Well, I'll tell you how
It was. IiOilfjere, hero, was rlilinp ilow n
the street In a top biiRiry and pretty
soon Ilulloelc, tho man who wn Uilleil,
came, alonfr on n bronco. When ho
cnuijlit up to Iiodijers tho bronco bepan
to buck nnil thcro was n Imil inl.Mip,
iho btimry was upset anil Ilullock wus
fhnwii off. Then I henril the. report
rf a pistol and when tho dust had
rlenred nobody was anywhere to In
All tho wltnesscJ Imvlnfr been heanl
the coroner lllps a penny. " Tls'lieails'
nnil tho o.nlIct Is that tho dccenactl
camo to bis death becauso of ii fatal
bullet wound In tlwi left breast, the
Identity of tho shoote.is being as yet
uuliiiow n." Clcvv'land Leader.
When rbooHlnir mackeirl see that it
has a bright, nib cry appearance.
A mael.ervl should not bo washed If
you are going to grill It, but simply remove
the gills and Inside, anil then wipe
quite dry and clean with a clean cloth.
Next split It down tho back, and, If It
la n large fish, open it out flat.
Sprinkle oiern little pepper and salt,
and a lit tie oil, or, If you prefer, put here
and Uiero a few.Binall pieces of drippings.
Grill It over a nice clear fire; eee
thot Iwth shies nrti thoroughly cooked.
When It is sufficiently done, the flesh
will como away easily from tho bones.
A smoll mackerel will probably take
nlmut ten minutes, and Inrgo ones, of
course, longer.
Servo very hot. Iki(nu Globe.
-4 I I f
All the new spring styles and shapes of J
Men's and Women's high and low cut J
ou oroaaway. gf,
Prices thQ 'Lowest, J
Goods tl7e Best.-
RFFflRF Yflll RIIY ?
Holiday Groceries,
FruitCake Materials, '
Apples and Oranges, v
Fres Cailned Goods, &c.
Tclotmonc 1 lit. Cor. Dth nnil Trirablo Sta,
'226 nrimil(iy, Tadueali, Ivy.
L'apilal and Surplus. 170,000.00
Open from 0 a. m. to 3 p. m. On Saturday
nlKUts from 7 to 8.
Interest Paid onTlma Deposits
Jar. A. Iliniv I'roMilont
V. F. Paxton , OnMilor
It. Kuuv Ass't Oashlor
Jab. A. ItiJuy, Jas. It. Smith,
V. M. Fi8iir.il, Oko. O. Wai.i.ack,
Oko. O. Hakt, K. Fahlry,
It. Kuiiy.
Thousands of Homes , ,
gHS Aro being
!6rJ ilea toil by
G. R.
riiiiH : p ii
129 South Third Street.
Vo'ro always the first to show
In all tho lutes
dcslgni and colors. They're in now
ready for yqiir Inspection.-
Finest lino of J
Picture Mouldings
In tho City.
Have you seen tlia latest?
Prices Itcasonidilo for GOOD work.
L. P. aCSiasar,
423 H'wny. Under Palmkii II OUSK
Fine Boots and Shoes
Made to Order.
Itepalnucc all kttula neatly dons at.llock
lioiutu.. p cn. uvo 111m a Trial
' 104 lroawny.
SHOES ?- i
The . .
HoiiSE RjiOEi7,
I jwS team
I I tk Laundry,
list Pattern? i ni -
City Scavenger
Telephone 118,
Rea' 821 Campbell.
Prompt and careful attention glvon
o cleaning vaultn water closoto.c.
Thlrtoon yearn oxporlonco In tho work.
Calls from any part of tho
nt any tlmo from 6 o'clock . m.
to 11 o'clock p. in. (
IlltabllHhrJ IKii. IocoriirvJ I km
Johnson- 7
Foundry and
Machine Go.
Steam Engines, Boilej
HouseFronts, MilJ Machinery
And Tobacco Screws, Hrass
and Iron l'ttlneaf. Castings
of nil kinds.
1'AIlUCAII, - Kkockt.
Sale, Lawhead & Go.
liar opennl a
728 S. Thlril Street.
All kinds of furnituro repaired nnil
upholstered and rovnrnlsliciL nf reas
onable prices. Palntingirnd rspalr
work on buggies a.p1;cialty. Will
call for aud deliver work free of
Clarence' Dallam
Formerly of
BUItNKTT & DALLAM, I'aducXh, Ky.
loulivllla fruit Building.
iir.riii nr rmwiBiioN to.
fidelity aud Carnally Co. I
Jolm Mltei, V..f. Vfdellly fruat mi S. V. Co.
i..iMiuui. uiid .nuiailin society,
Mcuhh. Humphrey & Uarlo, i
llAau llnlr A Mitlv
" "
l'adueah Strrrlinitway Co,
National Ilanlc.
nun. iirnry iniraett.
l"r. ul(9y & Qulgley.

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