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To Appuir at tlio Opofa Houso
Tomorrow NUiit.
. Edison's 1 itcst nnd most wond
fill the
niiiemntoseooe. will rtchlblt nt Mor
ton's opera house ior three nights
nnd Saturday mnUitfc beginning tomorrow
night, nt populnr prices.
This marvelous istrument, tlio latest
product of tlnj Kdison laboratory,
projects nppnrerttiy uvuig pictures
nnd actual secnerf a canvnss or
7 .1 1.1..1.
screen. It represents 1110 very
cu, branch in tlb6 art of photography ;
that of bringin before ths eyonn exact
reproduction of life mo-
tion with all thbnceompnuying effects
of light, shade and expression.
double will
be cxhibitcdin conjunction with tho
cinemntoscoe. Admission 10, 20
nnd 30 ccns. Sontu will be on sale
tomorrowat Van Culm's.
Will I'robably BoKnn for Clerk
of the Court of Appeals.
Convention nt Lmilnvllla Held
Tills Afternoon.
Tho Populist State Central Committee
will meet tonight at 8 o'clock
at the Enterprise Hotel for the purpose
of outlining n plan of organization
of the party to be submitted to
tho tonvention tomorrow, says the
Louisville Times. The plm will be
drawn up for mi out-and-out fight,
and no word will bo minced. Chairman
Parker expects a full attendance
of the committee, which is made up
as follows: First district, J. K.
Keys ; Second district, C. E. Sugg ;
Third district, W. S. Flower; Fourth
district, A. S. Worslcy ; Fifth district,
Clarence S. Hate ; Sixth district,
J. J. Marquette; Seventh district,
W. F. Nickles ; Eighth district,
J. C. Sutherland ; Ninth district, Dr.
11. II. Ycntes; Tenth distiict, W. G.
Patrick; Eleventh district, J. F. Mc-Quary.
W. P. Marsh Is secretary.
A strong effort will be made iu the
convention tomorrow to give the
nomination for Clerk of tho Court of
Appeals to Jo. A. Parker, of this
city. Mr. Parker has been asked to
take tho nomination, hut he says that
he will not accept it. His friends
say that ho can be induced to make
the race. Parker is ono of the best-known
Populists in the state, and ho
has certainly worked hard for the
party.- The only other name mec
tlonctl today is that of Marry South,
of Frankfort. If Parker can not be
persuaded to take the nomination ho
will probably be selected.
The convention will be called to
order at 10 o'clock in Hall H at
Music hall by Chairman Parker. It
Is expected that there -will bo 200
delegates on hand. A great many
will arrive this afternoon nnd all will
be on hand tomorrow morning. The
Enterprise hotel will he the headquarters
during the convention.
Louisville, April 7. The Populist
convention in session hero today is a
complete farce. The attendance Is
very slim. Thomas Pcttit was chosen
chairman. In taking the chair Mr.
Pettit took occasion rouudly to denounce
all attempts at fusion for the
(Upotel Dally by l.cy drain Comiuny.)
Chicago, 111., April 7. May
wheat opened nt highest
G8'B, closed at C558'a.
May com opened at 2 1 Hi and
closed nt
May oats opened at 17 'a and
closed at
May pork opened at S8.20 and
closed nt 88.07.
May lard opened at 84.07 and
closed nt 81.05-7.
May ribs opened at $1.47 and
closed nt 81.12.
N. W. receipts, 2011 cars.
Clerenecs, L'12.000 bushels.
Hrndstrecl's increase iu wheat,
Returned this Morninjr From
Only Seven Paducali Darkles
wanted to Vote.
Detective John Thompson returned
this morning from Evansville,
where he went Sunday to attend tho
election yesterday, and sec that no
Paducah darkles wcro lung in.
There wcro two detectives there
from Uniontown, Henderson,
Mt. Vernon nnd Princeton,
three fom Ilopkinsvillo nnd 0110 from
1 Paducah, Louisville and Cincinnati.
Only seven Paducnh darkies show
ed up to vote, and four of theu
proved that iliey had lived thero for
six year. Tin others wcro roosters
and were "induced" not to vote, and
went back to tho boat.
Common Law Docket Called in
tlits Circuit,
Fiscal Con rt Transacts S01110 Important
Circuit Court
The case against George Jo.ies,
colored, charged with criminally as
8atiltlng Alice Mitchell, a 12-year old
colored girl, wis called in the circuit
court this iiftcruoon, and will go on
The ensu against Delia Allen was
given to the jury this afternoon.
The cacs again't Ed 0cns and
ShadrackGill will be tried tomorrow.
(Judge Hishop called the common
law docket today, nnd in the following
cas s judgment was rendered by
Chas. Sexton ag'dust Oliver Al-lard,
for 81.'5 85.
Isaac Russell & Son against W. L.
Heck for 852.
II. Weil &. Sons against C. W.
Klug for 82 12.51'..
.' Plymouth Cordage Co., against W.
L. Heck for 851.
Wellhouso & Co. against W. L.
Scott for 852 10.
F. W. Cook against Josephine
Worth for 871.
An answer was filed in the suit of
Clint. Wallace agaiust the Adams
Express Co.
The ense against Ed Harris, col
ored, for setting up a game, was con
Fiscal court considered some very
important matters today, and among
other things appointed a committee to
forthwith look into the matter of
heating the county court house by
This has been talked of several
years, and recently a petition signed
by all the circuit court otliccrs and
many others was submitted asking tho
county to heat tho court house by
steam. The committee appointed today
is composed of Justices Winchester,
.Little nnd Anderson, and is a
splendid committee for the work.
Fiscal court has consumed a
of today settling with Sheriff
Holland, and nt noon nnd almost fin
Court today appointed, in ad
dition to Sheriff Holland and
Assessor Hyrd, who. go by virtue of
their respective olllces ; Justice J. II.
Harnett to go before the equalization
board at Frankfort this month and
show reason why the county assessment
should not bo raised.
The gravel road question is set for
tomorrow before fiscal court and it is
desired that all citizens who have
ideas to offer or suggestions to make,
go before the court nnd make them.
At the session yesterday afternoon
Mr. T. J. Atkins was re-elected
county treasurer, nnd Dr. C. II.
Brothers was re-elected county
v. s. COLI1T.
Federal court is still in session and
may not adjourn until tomorrow.
The cae of n Union City bank
agninst J. W. Farmer and others is
still 011 trial, nnd it was doubtful at
;S o'clock whether all the evidence
would be in by evening or not. There
has so far been adduced no evidence
of a sensational nature, and it is impossible
to even guess where tho
8500 extracted from the express
package went.
St. John's Day.
Local' Masons are makinj: elabor
ate preparations to celebiatc St.
John's Day, on the 21lh, inst. Tho
commemoration has been annually
observed by n public reception anil it
is likely that no invitations will this
year be issued. At a meeting ot
Plain City Lodge last night a committee
was nnnointed to confer with
other Masonic organizations hero
wiih n view to celebrating the event
Cliargd Willi Carrjino; a Gnu.
A warrant was issued by .Judge
Sanders this morning against Monroe
Veatch, colored, charged with carrying
concealed n deadly wcnpin.
Veatch is one of the darkeys who engaged
in a tight on South Seventh
sheet last night.
An Absolutely PURE
Bird Seed
No dirt nor chaff, nt
Nelson Soule's
Drug Store.
Try a package, it s the HKST,
usually sells
the crt'stonicr returns
Kveryshoe we sell is
These three attributes
Have vou ever sampled
Telephone 70. anthracitei
M.'ir, ..
the first pair ; if the shoes wear,
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stylish, every shoe wears, evershoe is
Invite, Obtain and Increase our business.
our Shoes? If not, vvhy not?
Geo Rock & Soru
4,' ,WWb
Mr. Lorenzo W. Emeiy was one of
Pnducah's best known and most
prominent citizens. He was a son of
Wilfiam nnrt Sabiiia Finery, and was
born iu Maine on Ftb. 5th, 1837.
He went west when quite young, but
came to Paducah iu 18G5, and engaged
in the marble business until
187G, when he entered the hardware
business with Mr. M. K. Scott, re-tiring
from the business in 1882 to
engage in the tobacco brokerage business.
Ho was married in Albion,
III., to Miss Margaret Fcrrimau.
Mr. Emery served several terms ou
the Hoard of Education and for five
years was superintendent of the pub-lie
schools. He was n member of the
Masons, Ivuights of Honor nud A. O.
U. W. Mr. Emery leaves, besides
his wife, three sons, Messrs. Charles,
George nnd L. M. Emery, all
who now reside in Paducah.
"V77? '
,jVV ' "
r' Oir Advertisers Are tollable, Zj Official Newspaper
y The Paducah Daily Sun
proclatlon Potronlzo tliom of tholr and cntorprlBo. show your np of the City.
Ir y
A Crcvnsso Above Memphis
ItcnchcH This Immense
Now IIcIiik Covered Hy the Until-less
Memphis, April 7. The feature of
the Hood condition In the Mississippi
Delta, yesterday was tho gradual
flprend or water over nn area that
liitlicrto was never ovcrllowcn. The
wpcr crevasse In Tunica county is
'JOOO feet wide and so great i '.lie
outpour that water liclow the lireak is
being drawn up to it and hurled out
over the fertile valley through the
crevasse. All of the country cast to
tJio main line of the invoo and
Valley railroad Is Hooded, and
in many places the water has gone
over tho tracks, filling the Yazoo
Tner. Tho fall iu the iiinln channel
nt Helena, Greenville, Vicksburg
nnd Arkansas City is due to the tilling
up of tho Delta and the lower
White river countiy.
Tho supreme quostton is the duration
of the flood, If tho lower levees
along Louisiana and Southeastern
Arkansas should hold, which it it
believed they will not do, the emptying
of the Delta and St. Francis
basin will lie slow. If they break
and the river continues to fall at
Cairo the upper St. Francis basin
and the Delta will be clear of water
by May 5. If this should prove true
there will le no dilllculty in growing
cotton, lint breaks iu IouUiann and
Southeast Arkansas will hold water
in that territory until the middle of
May, far after the usual time for
planting cotton in that territory. Tho
river at Memphis U stationary to-night.
Mississippi Ni:i:s $100,000.
ClosijiRof Crcvu.otr Would
nblo tha ltnising of Crop.
Jackson, Miss., April 7. The
governor last night sent the following
telegram to Secretary of V ar Alger,
asking for an appropriation of $100,-000
from Congress to clone tho breaks
in the Mississippi levees:
'To II. A. Alger, Secretary of
War, Washington, I). C. : The
greatest danger to be apprehended in
the overflowed districts is from the
June rise of the river. With the
crevasses then existing it would be
impossible to make a crop, and this
would cause a loss of millions of dol
Ian, besides starvation to many poor
people. An appropriation of one
hundred thousand dollars byCongrcss
would close tho crevasses iu this
state, and would give employment to
all the needy and allow people to
work land in thirty days.
"A. J. Governor."
Ten Feet Above Low Water Line
at St. .Jo.ioph.
St. Joseph, Mo., April G. The
Missouri river is rapidly rising again,
having risen thirteen inches here in
the last hours. The river
is now ten feet above low water
mark and indications arc that it will
contlnuo to rise. Superintendent
Ilchly, of tho Kansas City, St. Joseph
and Council Illuffs railroad, is
stationed with a largo force of men
at points along tho river banks where
the liurlington tracks arc low, watching,
and hopes to prevent n repetition
of the ilood of several years ago,
when hundreds of yards of track went
into the river.
l.eccHonnls'AroundiVew Orients
Working Together.
New Orleans, April 7. This city
was visited yesterday evening with a
violent storm of thunder, hail and
copious showers of rain. It continued
for about an hour. Tho indications
now aro that no resumption
of the storm is to bo expected. Fortunately
all or nearly all, of the local
levees aro declared to bo in as good
condition as could possibly bo
What the authorities aro
now doing is exercising unswerving
vixnlanco In tho oversight of the earth
embankments. While tho river
cauco onlv indicates tho same figures
ns yesterday, 17.0 feet, a higher
etoge of water is anticipated, so that
when tho full crest of tho water docs
come, sooner or later,
the levco olllcials will bo
found equipped to meet it.
Tho safety of New Orleans nnd adjacent
territory from tho crevasses is
reposed in a number of levco organizations,
irrespective of tho substantial
help rendered by tho federal
government. They arc tho New Or-
Lm ik
leans Lcvcc Hoard, having jurisdiction
of the levees within tho municipal
limits, cxtciidhur from the
Carrollton lino to tho United States
barrack", a distance of about live
miles. This is on the left bnnk of
river, looking gulfward, and that
portion of the municipality sltuntcd
across tho liver known as Algiers.
The Lit Fourcho nnd lturns Lcvcc
Hoards look nftcr portions of Plaque-
mine parish and the Parish of St.
Hernard ; these two locations forming
practically, so far as business interests
aro concerned, what may bo
called 4,G renter New Orleans."
Kvcu witli a rising river and given
adverse climatic conditions all in nu
thority ore sanguine of keeping the
mighty rather of Waters within
bounds nnd nverting disaster. Perfect
(onccrt of action Is being maintained.
Askcd by the President in Iklinlf
of (lit) Flood SiilTcrwrs.
Washington, April 7 President
Mckinley today sent to Congress n
special message on the subject of the
Mississippi Hoods, urging immediate
legislation for the relief of tho thous
ands of sufferers. The President
urges Congress to tie liberal in making
nn appropriation therefor, in
view of the extreme and widespread
Rellof Hill and Money On
Way to Flood SulTercrs.
Washington, April 7. The house
and senate havu both passed the bill
for tho relief of the flood sufferers,
appropriating $200,000. The President
lias signed tho bill and the
money will lie on tho way to the Ilood
sufferers tonight.
President Mckinley leaves this
afternoon for a little trip up the b.v
by way of recreation.
Their Ierectitton by Military
Police -Deported to the
lute of Pines.
A special dispatch to the "Globe-Democrat"
from Key West ea3s late
news from Havana states that the
persecution of Innocent Cuban women
by Wejlcr'a military ollcc and
secret agents continues iu all parts of
the Island of Cuba. Yesterday be-
nor a Itafcla Perza, sister of the insurgent
leader in 1'inar del Uio Province
mid a woman highly connected
In Havana, was arrested as apolitical
suspect and subjected to many Indignities,
after which she was thrown
into prison to await court-martial.
Todoy fifteen Cuban women who
have relatives iu tho Cuban rnuks
were arrested on the same charge and
will be Ouc of the
saddest sights is the deHrtation of
women prisoners. Today twelve
women, who have been tried by court-martial,
wcro inarched through the
streets, bound in chains, and placed
aboard a trnnsort ship to he deported
to the Isle of Pines.
The sympathies of tho Kmpcror of
Austria hive been culis'cd iu behalf
of Senoritn Kvungcliuc Casio
nil 18-year-old girl, who is a
relative of the president of the Cuban
Republic. She is now imprisoned
nwniting court-martial on a charge of
hating led the outbreak in the Isle of
Pines last July. It is believed that
her pardon by the Oucen Regent of
Spain is now assured. The govern
ment of the Wo of Pines has been
advised hy the Madrid authorities to
moilify or withdraw the ennrges
against Senoritn Cisncros. This is
the young girl who is the victim of
the hatred of Col. Hnrrez, Vice Governor
of tho Isle of Pines, because
she resented Ins advances.
It is said that the insurgent lender
Gtilllermo Acevedo died in tho engagement
tlint took place at Alfonso
Dace. II was killed while leaving
tlio town. Acevedo was of a well
known family of MaUnzas.
Tho Spanish Generals llerunl nnd
Cirujedn have been called to Spain
They aro displeased with Wcyler.
The appointment of Cirujcda as aid-de-camp
of the Queen, mado by the
Queen herself, is considered as a deliberate
blow at Wcyler.
Froudeieln is seriously wounded,
us the result of nn engagement nt
Corral Wnx Falso, Havana Province.
Frondcvicla was tho military commander
of Gunnabacoa, who committed
so many crimes nnd outrages
in thnt town, Dr. Ituiz being one of
his victims.
On and after tbisldatomir rates for
current for electric fanswill bo 81.60
per month for calian. Wo nro
compelled to chargo this price insofar
ns the service has bocivdona nt an ac
tual loss heretofore which woure un
able to continue, Wo trust our disfavor
turners will conti 1110 to us with
their business.
1 Padu &Alt Kl .KrTiiic Co.
New line of hall lanq iaJ just re
ccivcd ut tho Robins (Klnss Mid
Quccnswnrc Company.
If you want to Ifidoy n nice, cool
glass of beer call rS. Stnrks,S. 2nd
street. 7a3
Only n Formal Vote Cast for Dr.
Toll Onto Haiders Threaten to
Hang County JikIkc
Frankfort, April 7. There was
not n quorum present in the joint as
semhly today and of course no election.
Dr. Hunter received n formal
vote. It has been said there would
bo a bolt of the Silver Democrats to
Martin today but it did not materialize,
possibly because of a lack of n
quorum. After the formal vote, tho
assembly adjourned. It is again asserted
that Dr. Hunter will be withdrawn
unless he can be elected this
week. How much basis there is for
the statement or belief remains to be
KxIMn In Mercer County Oyer tlio
Toll (Jnti.s.
Hnrrodsburg, Ky., April 7. There
is in this county a state of terror
growing out of the toll roads matter.
The excesses which the raiders have
committed threaten to be capped with
outrages of the most damnable character.
Anon) mous letters have been
sent to County Judge liurnsldc warning
him that if any more tolls nrc collected
ho will bo taken and hanged.
Tlio Judge has used his efforts to
sustain the law and enable the
to conduct their business,
hence the anger and threats toward
him. Thero is tho most intense excitement
over the matter, nnd regulators
will bo organized to prevent
thc.se law'ess elements from carrying
out their designs. The outcome bids
fair to be bloodshed.
elected Mayor of (.hlcniro Ily'nu
Overwhelming Majority.
Chicago, April 7. The municipal
clectiou result was n tremendous
to everybody, Democrats nnd
Republicans alike.
- Carter II.. Harrison tho regular
Democratic nominee was elected by
a plurality of something near 90,000.
There were a large number of candidates
and Judge Scars, the regular
Republican nominee was third in the
race being beaten by Judge Harlan,
independent. Judge Scars was regarded
as tho Republican machine
candidate and this made greatly
against him with the rank and file of
the party.
Zclgcuholn Elected Mayor Hy a
Plurality of Near 11,000.
St. Louis, April 7. The
carried the city yesterday, their
mayoralty candidate, Henry
being elected by a plurality
which will probably be 14,000. With
the exception of four members of the
Houso of Delegates the entire Republican
ticket went through. Zcigen
hcin polled about the normal Republican
vote. Tho Democrats were
badly split nnd lost votes to the He-publicans.
Incomplete returns from
the stale show Democratic victories.
They Visit Several Towns on the
N. C. & St. L. Road.
Mercer, Tcnn., on the N. C. & St.
L. railroad, was visited by professional
safe blowers Monday night.
Safes belonging to the N. C. & St. L.
R. H., McGee Hros., nnd McGarth
& Mercer, were blown open nnd
hundred dollars stolen. It is
said that fix of the N. 0. & St. L.
depots in this section have been looted
by the same gang within a few-days.
A Wealthy Stock Huyer of Wolfe
Hcnttysvitlc, Ky., April 7. While
endeavoring to cross n swollen stn nm
in tho county this morning, Henry
Nolin. n wealthy stock buyer, was
drowned, his horse nnd boggy being
carried down the stream by tlio rapid
water. Tho body was recovered.
R.pttbllcnn Victory at Topoka.
Topeka. Kan., April 7. Mayor
Fellows (Rep.) was by
1500 majority, ns was tho entire Republican
ticket. Tho contest was between
n straight Republican ticket
nnd n fusion ticket.
Hutterdlsh, sugar bowl .6r cream
pitcher at 5c each ut the Robins
Glass and Queenswarc Company on
Monday, April 12. . 7ai.
If you believe you will need more coal during the month of March you
had better order it now. Theaters are rapidly rising and may cut off our
coal, supplies. We have a big stock on hand now and would be pleased to
have your orders at once. We have only a limited supply of clippings for
kindling, so you had better order quick if you need them.
National and New Iceberg Refrigerators
Aro superior to an others 1.1 Conslruction, Economy aiiJ Durability,
Geo. O. Hart & Son Hardware & Stove Co.
303-307 Broadway.
Style ,
and arc comfortable,
1 1 U
Mr. Jj V. Emery Diod
ctlly Yesterday Afternoon.
Had Hccii III Uut a Short Time-Was
One of Pndiioah's .Most
Prom I lent Citizens.
Mr. L. W. Kinerv. of Sixth and
Jefferson street, died suddenly at
3:10 vesterdav afternoon of Hriuht's
disease, after a ery brief illness.
row of Ins friends Knew he was even
indi9)osed. and his death proved a
sad surprise to them.
REEIS1ERED JrnMl.aMii?.aK.rS&!5'W
109-117 N. Third Street.
Vk'VVV j
The funeral will tako place at 10
o'clock tomorrow from the Grace
Episcopal church.
Citizens Sign a PublU Petition
A large placard asking tLe ,city
council to donate the city's stosk in
the gravel roads towards their purchase
was suspended iu frout of
Wcille's this morning profusely decorated
with people's "handwrite."
Card or Thank.
We extend our sincere thanks to
our many friends aud ne'ghbors, also
to tho members of the "Golden
Cro?s" for their kimlnc" in our recent
bereavement iu the loss of our
beloved wife and moth r
W. I). Downs ami Family.
TON $8.25

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