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The Paducah daily sun. (Paducah, Ky.) 1896-1898, April 08, 1897, Image 3

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T 1 "? ?7s.l v '
- ''' rA -V 1 k '
X ""i?'T".nAiovi).
. Omct 3t Ilroarlway, Te lephon 130.
ltcldenc, 10K) Jefferson HI. Telcphono MS,
Office Hour IMO, I S, 7-8
X' T
120SJFouravll ooin No. .
Will ! tha rnurtii nf itiA iiiu
Collection of clslms prnmplr attended to.
unnec tun c ' .....-,-
fflltH I
u""'..b AtiolUtrfV ooi) Kihisiic n,
lVrtmone 177
eiidnceMt8, nm. I'AIIOGAll, KT
i'i O. lUmn. T. L.Crlce
arris & cpioen
ttorneyBat - Law!
126 S. Vdurth Upstairs.
BtrnographeT Tn Ofnc.
J. 0. ROSS.
Moving Wagons
Ollleo nt Willcttsifcry Stable.
TclchhtJmT 353.
a ( a
f L Underia
( M," Store TelephiV)
Lj5i RlJnc Tshf
akcrt and balmcrt.
fie ISO 130 S Third
;PlalinO uruouieniai Sign Painter,
with DinnniHirni e unnifc
n iiiwil iiuiirwi
J Wind 128 N. Mh St.
(Ortlco502l S. Scywrth St.
ltMMfnce 723 S. Sixth.
(Ofllco HourirTTiU) to 9 a. m.. 1:30 to 3
p. in., A to 8 p. in.
Prest. Manigrr,
Hroaihvn Walnut sy
UppoHltrtlio S tltllLT
y ..
t'u cla.u'iii nil IIHII ntrrtentH.
1 s $2.00 nml 82.50 per day.
St. Louis, - Mo.
Jcrrr, M.D, II. P Wii.i.iansosM. U
ijsicians and Surgeons
Offlf ., i nun' .r
7 ti a hJmJQIP ru
OHIcc, No Broadway.
Tr'rnoNK 243.
J. W, Moore,
' ItllIkltllM
Stapleand Fancy Groceries,
Canned Goods All Kinds,
Free delivery to all partaof tho city.
Cor. 7th and Adams.
Horse Shoeing
a Specialty.
All kinds ofjlnipcrfcctton in
a horsc'B travel corrected.
I Di Repair Work oUverTjKind,
Always on hand ready for ork.
olictorlOkslon Claims,
Voteratt'of four yojirs In tho war of
Prosecutes claims
of ronslonsr
To MiMleri, wlJn ol oldler, of tho tiir of
Mexlcnn Wr (".ttIcb IV iialon Act of
July 1WA InctriHeof lVUBlon. I'rouiplnnd
thoroiiRi) attention ulTen to anil
inlon ilropivj from tta rolls, or any
which ihey i1nlr tranacll nt
capital honld wrlto m or ulvoihaa
call. J
Franchise Notice.
Ily virtue of the provisions of an ordlnancn
iifllisCiiinmnn Councilor of I'ailucah,
a . promt March thH 16th. Tw.Trnlltled 'An
Drdlnance KraullnK Ihe rlitht to.thp , their
renrfeniallps ami luMHiii", tJ lay. operate
and maintain a Myntcjm of pHwiknd mccMsary
a pilsners In the .tr.i. ';".
ley. and public placrs In the Oltj of I'aducah,
for conveylim ncam or hrat hi private con
iun",I will on the IDth .lay Of April. W, In
front 0 the city hall building In, I'aducah n
the bourn or II uud 1J o clock a. 111 ,
offiT at public ssle for cash in band, to
the hlubest bidder, the francblMi Uoscrlb.il in
to atoffsald cntlllcl ordlmuio. Any and Ml
bids the City Council renerrri the right to ac-
1 his March l. IH07. '
Mayor ol the City oll'a'lucab.
Franchise Notjce.
liv rlrluc ot an ordinance or te common
......11 .,( ihn pitv nf Padiicah . .r
The Mb day or March, IW.entlt d."Auordl
nance to mil the right to a iram M to hare
and operate a street car line Upon I'weirth
riiint where Ilernhelm Avenue l.ies Telflb
trreton to the end or thegrai I as no v laid
nnawclhreet toward lh rfuler bonnJery
S?ibe city I w III, on the I9lb dfy of April, iwjf,
?n rent of h city ball ImlMlig. In l'i..i,cah,
thehoursol II and IJ.'clwk 1 of.
fer between at public aalo for ca h In aud 101 ! high.
bidder tbe franchise de( rTn. d 11 II'..
ordinance. Antf I nil In tho
City Council resenea tho 1 1,3 one
U March ., IW7. iKm
Mayor ot th City or i'aducah
Major J. P. Olrnnlcy, despite his
mivaticctl ngc, Is qulto nn artist, and
some of Iho daintiest Keuler Egg
ever displayed In Paducah ore tho
Major's handiwork. They tiro of all
shapes, 8ir.es and colors, are taslcfujty
adorned, and made, of sugnr and
water compour '.nd. with n vnrlctv of
dccoratlo;,,,. Every year the
Bill, nrllal tnnbna Ilium f .1 III
cliildrcn and younger relatives, and
this year ho did not depart from Ids
usual cmtoin, hence the writer was
afforded tho plcasuro of inspecting
sonic of them.
Major jlr.irdoy is a very distinguished
gentleman, and was a renowned
soldier, being Inventor of a
celebrated bomb which has been
named for him. lie was prominent
in the ordnance department nt the
Confederacy, and attained to tho
rank of Major during the civil war.
A great deal of spccu'atlon may
be heard around "Monkey Wrench"
corner every day anent
the huge Island of sand that stretched
Its arid wastes before tho city in such
graceless conspicuity during the past
several summers. The speculation
referred to is In regard to Its probable
whereabouts, a great many old
marines professing to belle Ve that It
has shifted its position as i result of
the constant nd resistless current
that lins availed it for several Weeks
past. The big bar was not opposite
the city several )ears ago, and this is
ample to justify the assumption that
It lias been earned away as suddenly
and serenely as it was left there.
A great many Paducah !eo)le no
doubt remember Mr. Philip
Joniisun, wlio formerly lied on
South Sixth street, opposite the
court house, and several 3 cars ago
with his parents moved to Florida.
.Mr. Joliu'on has since developed
Into quite a horticulturist, and roues
one of the most celebrated varic'ies
of tomatoes known, which has been
named the "Phillip Johnson" tomato.
They are aid to be ery
line, and when shipped are wrapped
iu tissue paper as lemons and oranges
are. .fudging from reports, the
prosperous J"ng man is realizing a
fortune out of his tomatoes n'ouc.
"I was just supposing," mused an
o'd rner man je.sltnlay as he sat on
the hurricane deck of a s'eainer at
the wharf and masticated his quid in
a rather perfunctory manner, gazing
all the while at a little steamboat
plying merrily up the rier on the
shore, "1 was just supposing
that boat should gel hung up over
there and left 111 those woods until
another big rise comes, which might
be in a year and then again might
not be for ten of them."
He watched the boat and smiled
lellectUely. The little steamer
skimmed over the water, now in the
light and now in the shadow, the
sun's rajs g'lnting with dazzling
whiteness from her spotless sides when
she emerged at intervals from
half submerged thickets and little
clumps of trees upon which a gener
ous spring time atmosphere had bestowed
a welcome hae of green. As
the steamer ploughed through the Il
linois bottoms, for she had entirely
debated from tho river, the old tar
resumed, "If Hint boat should gi't
grouuded, as I said before, there is
no telling when it would ever get out
of those woods again, with the rher
falling as it is.
"That reminds 1110 of the Gus
Fowler's experience last summer "
the old fellow paused a moment for
encouragement, which he experienced
no dilllcully in getting. "1 don't
believe many people ever heard of it.
The Pels Line, however, chartered
the boat to till tho place of the Mayflower
for which they had found
a good sale. Tho Utis was
taken down and run into the Arkansas
bottoms during a rise nnd was
grounded. It was live or six months
before a riee sulllcicnt to float her out
of the woods came, but tho owners
received their pay for her just tho
same, because those who chartered
her had no other alternative. The
Gus didn't come back to Padiicah
until last fall. Hut as 1 said if that
boat over there was to get hung
up "but theboathad already passed
safely out f.'om oer the corn Ileitis
and bottom lands into the river.
A crowd of young ladies are learning
to piny ball, and every pretty
day they can bo seen not a hundred
miles from Seventh and Jefferson
streets, playing "town ball." They
have become quito expert, it is said,
and can play good ball.
TlicSiinsliino from Memphis passed
up for Cincinnati last night.
The H. W. Hutlorff nrrived and
departed for the Cumberland river
lato ycstcnlay afternoon.
Tho Dick Fowler resumed her
fips between this place and
Cairo this morning, leaving at. 8:30
The John S. Hopkins was tho mail
packet for Kvansvlllo this morning.
She was in and away on excellent
The Clyde is duo hero tomorrow
out of tho Tennessee and leaves on
her return up that stream Saturday
at 1 p. in.
Tho gauge showed a fall of about
four inches last night and registered
this morn'iig at 7 o'clock 10.7 and
Tho Ashland City is duo here from
Danville late tins afternoon and
leaves on her return tomorrow morning
nt 10 o'clock.
IIIckor Stove Wp&i.
81 DCr load. tf. f.
Ohio Utvi:n Srflkic amd But-Co.
WcVc Mado in (he Circuit Court
Delhi Allen Gets a Pino and Jail
Sentence til Mi'Keover
S WltCIICvMl to O110
Delia Allen, colored, charged with
maliciously shooting Whitby Howell
at Ukolona church, near Mnxon's
Mills on Chiistinan eve, '05, wns
lined 8100 and sentenced to six
months tn lull In the circuit court
yesterday for shooting iu sudden
heat and passion.
A Christmas festival wns in pro-
gicss when Allen, drunk nnd armed,
made his appearanco and created a
disturbance in tho church. Howell,
who was n deacon, attempted to put
him out, and in the inclec was shot.
Kd. McKccvcr stole a bnikct of
eggs not long since nnd obtained
money by false pretenses on them,
claiming that they were his own. He
sold them for 15 cents nrd was
given one year in the penitentiary.
Important .Notice.
All persons knowing themselves Indebted
to the firms of Kogcrs & King
and John Kogcrs & Son arc hereby
warned to call and settle the same at
once at my olllcc, No. 127 South
Fourth street, and thereby snvc to
themselves costs, as I will be forced
to proceed by law to collect same,
Unless otherwise settled promptly.
hit II. 1'UltVKAII,
Receiver of lingers & King nnd John
Kogcrs & Son. d26tf
Drnilly Crrfctnir TIihI Terrify tb
Dr. Itlehurd V.. Kunzc, a physician ot
New York city, hns Just completed a
cainpnlgu of vcternl months nmong the
Insects of Arironn, nnd Is i,o grently
with I'olorndo tluit lie hun decided
to lako up his residence in tills
Mate. Dr. Kune talk in a mwt
uinnnerof Ills trip through Arizona,
ami the peculiarities of insect life
In the fnr southwest.
"Arizona," said ho recently, "Is tho
Kl Dorado of the entomologist. The
tnriety of Insect life Iu Arizona hns for
jenrs made tho region a favorite field
for students nnd collector, but etery
tenr new species are found, and new
sieeles will be found for j ears to come.
I began work In Arizona in tbe first
week of April Inst, In the lclnlty of
Tucson. During tho season I worked
etery dny, for the naturalist knows no
Sunday w hen he Is In the field. He must
tnl.c the Insects In their prime. 1
in collecting lietween f.0.000 nnd
TS.ooo specimens. I could hnte
n much Inrger numtier In cer
tolu directions, but did not do so.
"The lenst numtier ot any one species
collected by inn during the summer
wni 100. I gathered In only 100 of the
scorpion, centipede nnd tnrnutuln
"?eor)lons," ejactilntod n listener. "I
should think they would tille."
The naturalist laughed. "Ves, they
might bite, If they had a eJinnee; but
It is the business of the collector not
to glte them a chnnoo. You see, wo
are supplied with nil scrts of
for hiindbng the different Insects.
Netcr let nn Innect seize joti. 1X the
M'lrlng yourself, Kenr Is out of the
question. Wo fnx. tlio music and take
the ehnuecs.
"The tarantula hawk," said tlio
learned naturalist, "Is one of the peculiar
little animals nliounding In
Tho hnwk tiHin tlio tarantula,
hence his iiniiie, He I built for
hunting them, nnd he does It to
You en n see the hawks crawling
nlong tlio ground In search of their
prey. They tino long legs nnd movo
like lightning when n tiirnntiiln hentes
In sight. In nn instant the hawk
pounces tion tho jKxir tarantula, nnd
before, tho lctlm Ls nwaro of the danger
the deadly weaxn of the enemy
is In hlt liody. The hawk
simply deposits u jioison Inside the iKxly
ot the tnrantuln, which paralyzes him.
In eonnectaon with tho poison ho deposits
an egg, which proceeds to hatch
out, nnd a caterpillar is tlie result Tho
young onterplllnr feeds on the liody of
tho tnrnutuln until h Is ready to undertake
housekeeping on his own account.
There are two species of tarantula
hawks, distinguished by the color
of their wings. A peeullarthlnglsthnt
each heeles hns lt particular kind of
tarantula." Dent or News.
(!)- Who I'naclnatra Mitinka,
.Slinks and I'oim.
Xordorf Preek, a gypsy, went to
Northwood, N. Y., a year ago, and eer
since hns amazed the natlveH b his
success In upproaching wild animal,
een coming up with u fox, und
It as If It were a jietdog.
llreek lhcs by himself In a ahnnty
on tho road to the old l'nrdy place, nnd
bluejays nnd squirrels, mink nnd rabbits
gnther about his door to feed on
the scraps that he throws to them,
or to listen to his toico,whlch Is so peculiar l.
that many Northwood men say
it makes them sltlter. If nil one misses
a dog in the tlclnlty of Northwood a
lblt to Ilreek's camp usually reteals
the wherealxmts of the brute, and ftte
cuts lire constantly hanging about anxious
for a word or caress frohi the
strange mnn, although they all belong
to families who feed them and pet
llreek laughs w hen mi body nsXs him
about his nnlmnl friends, and the other
etenlng, when a rkunk came w addling
luto the store nt his heels, Date Jones
felt cnllcd upon to protest. llreek
picked the skunk up. Kwr body drew
away hastily, but the expected consequences
did not come, llreek took the
skunk to the door and dropped It from
tlio stoop into tht road, lie came back,
purchased a sldo of bacon and some
cheese, and made his way up the road,
followed by the skunk.
The Northwood woodsmen would
ncter bellete before llreek came that
foxes had gono to men for protection
front dogs on their trails, ns foxes ore
nld to June gone to Thoreau. Now
seten persons hate seen foca seek
bhelter with llreek, and thcro ure no
It Is bclleted that Ilreek's e en are
largely responsible fnr his power otcr
animals. They an rather dark, full of
lustre, and direct in their gaze. While
not exactly fierce, they are rather menacing.
A dog, angry at a child for having
stepped on Its toll on the store porch
nt.,. ,iv. htm ted to sunn nt It. llreek
-- -- ... ,
,,,K nlvAtn, lis tall between Its
..v. v. sun.
"- "' 'C
a Little nonsense.
Mr. Diiknne ''Hint mnn yomtor
nrcms wry poii.slt Do loiiHtmiioMsliu
Is In lot..?" Mr.fJiisucIl "O, no; tlint'n
Impossible. I know lilm tery well.
IIc'h lunrrleil." Philadelphia North
Ames lean.
All Htylcs Supplied. "I want a
poMT Rot out," Rind U115 eominerclhl
rroutlcninti. "Cirlhlhly," imltl the hrU
Iht. "1 Ret tholn Upon three systems:
the opium, tho
flipper, nml tin Welsh niliblt. Which
will j oil Imic?" InillaiiiipollH.Ionrnnl.
Clmniley "I hear imrof your fresh-111011
was pretty b.nlly Injured the other
rlny. HowMnsIt" IIiiuklnH "Why,
It won In the elocution unil orntnryclofts.
Ho hnil Hiieh n hc.tty ovc tliat he
drained hix lmrk Iu trying to rnlc It."
Unlterhlty of Mlehlfriiii Wrinkle.
Allnt Marlu (nt tin?
do all those men riu.li out In breathless
linstc the moment thu curtain falls'
Pnelc Henry "Junt tnlt till theyeoioe
In opnln nnd joii'll understand it."
When they returned there tn not a
brcnthlexH one among tlicm. Iloston
"The Inst victory," remarked the
Spanish (rcnnral, in n tone of great Irritation,
"was not nearly ns brilliant as
I expected It to he." "Whom
blame?" "1 can't quite make
up my inlrul whether tlfh person who
polled It wns the typewriter, the
operator, or the compositor."
Washington Star.
-A Plhil. "I iloti't mlndtcilJiigjbu;"
raid the netor, Who wns in an
confidential mood; "that my
brother sorted n term In the Arkansas
penitentiary for stealing hogs." "(treat
Scott! my boy,"r.lioutcl hlsprewsngent,
"why hate you not told mc thin before?
I'll line him written tip for the pnpera
before I go lo bed.' Indianapolis Jour
.o Ollir Animal In So Clean In lis
I'emonnl llalilta.
In my fatorlte slimmer report at the
lower edge of the Illack Forest, the
quaint old town of Laufenburg, a
fnrmer's boy one day brought me a
otii.1; sipilrrel for sale. He tvas a
tiny creature, probabl not yetwonned,
n tarlation on the ordinary tyK of the
Kuropean Kclurus (Solurun n1gnris),
gray Instead of the usual red, nnd with
black tnll and ears, so that at first,
as ho contented himself with drinking
hih milk nnd sleeping, I whs not sure
thnt he was not a dormouse. Hut examination
of the paws, witli their delicate
nnsitoni, so lunrtclously like tbe
human hand In their flexibility and
hnndiness, nnd thu graceful curl of Ida
tall, settled the question of genus; and
mindful of in bo.thood and enrly pots,
I taught hlui nnd named him Hilly.
Trom the first moment that he became
my companion he gave me his eutira
confidence, and neoepted his domestication
without the least Indication Hint
he considered it captivity. There la
generally a short singe of mute rebellion
In wild creatures before they como
to accept us entirely lis their friends
u longing for freedom which makes
precautions against escape necessary.
This never npiK'arrd In Hill.v ; he came
to me for his bread and milk, und slept
In my pocket, from tho first, nnd en-Joyed
being caressed ai completely as
if he had been born under my roof.
No other animal is so clean in I If
personal habits as the squirrel when In
health; nnd Hilly soon left the basket
whlchcradlcd his Infancy, and habitually
slept tinder a fold of in
sometimes making his way to my pil
low and sleeping by my cheek; and
he neter knew what a cage wns except
when tratellng, and even then for the
most part he slept In my pocket. He
went with mo to the table d'hote, and
when intited out at on the edge of
the table nnd ate hlo bit of bread with
a decorum that made him the admiration
of all the children iu tho hotel,
so thnt he accompanied me In nit my
journeys. He acquired a passion for
tea sweet nnd warm, and to my Indulgence
of this taste 1 fear I owe his early
loss. He had full llbert to ro.un in
my mom; but his fatoriln resort was,
my work-table when I was at work;
and when his diet became nuts he used
to hide them among in books, and then
come to hunt them out again, like a
child 'with it.stos, I sometimes found
my typewriter stopped, nnd discovered
a hazelnut In the works. And when
tired of his hide-and-seek he w ould come
to the edge and nnd to me. to indicate
that he wished to go into in ockct
or lie put down to tun about tbe room;
and ho soon made a limited language
of motements of his bead to tell me
his few wants- food, drink, to sleep,
or to tnke'n climb on the highest piece
of furniture in the room.
He was from the beginning detoted
to me, "and natnralh became like a
spoiled child. If I gnve him an on-cracked
nut, ho rammed il back Into
my bnDil to bo cracked for hlui w Ith irresistible
persistence. I did as many
parents do, and Indulged him, to his
harm nnd my own later grief. 1 could
not resist that coaxing nodding, nnd
gate him what he wished tea when I
had mine, and cracked his nuts, to the
injury of hiateeth, I was told. In short. I
I made him as happy ns I knew how i I
W.J Stlllman, in Century.
Pro nnd Con.
Mrs. Todgers I nni always in favor
of giving the underdog a show.
Mrs. Hodgero It's a wonder, then,
thnt you don't remoto the pressure
from your husbnnd ones? In awhile.
The ensuing affair was not governed
Queenburvrtil s. -Cle eland Irider
cnsatlon in tlio tliront Is Instantly
rellcted by Ur. Hell's
II Wniiderrnl rn....,.n. r.., I
cniiKlis uud ftll troubles cnuscd by EC
,llllu,l,l,,..l.l. III 1IIU IIIIXll.
branea or (ho throat nml respiratory
organs. A purely tegetablo com- E2
iviiiiu, iv luiuuwis noining but f i
lugnndlntlgorntlngiiiedlclHiil i
V . Vr ii vu iu euro mo w
mot stuMioru cuuehs i.h veil im &
ndtliinn. hronphltl.. im.i !..-,. .. E
UrlpiHJ, wbooplng vougb) ana croup. I?
. '.. k
i sold everyn here nt JV, jf
0o and l (U h twltlo, nr
i Briii ujsjn receini
of price by
TheF. E. Hulhrrlnnd j
aieillclno ( niiipnni,
I'aducah, Krntucltr.
vrmaa' BtusJr.
For Sale by OqlilscliUcijcr
nnsvillc, Paducah and Cairo Packc
Owned and Oiwrated by th
Tennessee and Ohio Hivcr Transpor
tation (Jo.
hiffiivfc A
t?,.vz.UwII K3J!Ji
Kraust Ule utid I ailuiah I'nckets (Dally excel,
Leavu I'aducah ati 30 o'clock a. tn
Padtuahand Cairo Packet Line (Dally except
Sunday 1
Steainir 1)11 K rOWI.IIlt,
l'.ducah at 8 a, m.
J. II. KOW'I.Klt. Supt.
MemphjSrllew Orleans 4 Cincinnati
s pacKet uompamj.
htoatners .av Cincinnati for Memphl,
every w dnomliy nd at 5 o'clock p.
m.. passlnn I'aducah every Tuesday and Sat
urday f.eate Memphis for Cincinnati 'Very
Tuesday and Krlday, paVlngJ)nicah every
hurwlay and Sund iv. rHte Cincinnati for
New Orleans eery Ibiirsday, passing I'adu
cah cery hunday.
j it ASMciun', n. v. vviBi:,
Agent, l'nducao, Ky, Sutt.i Inclnnatl.
Husband Street Church (Methodlstl Sun
day school at a in, i reichlnu II a. m and
, p in uev i; iti. rainier pastor.
Ilnrks Chapel. ;ti and Ohio (VethodUO Sun
day school V a m. 1'ieachlng II it m amis p.
tn. Kev. k.s. num., past r
WasHngton Street llaptlst Church. SUnday
school 11 a ru. I'reacblsg 8 p in. Uev, Oeo,
V. Dupee, pastor
Seventh Street llaptlst Church Sunday
school Pa in l'reichlng, It a. in. and 8 p in.
Itev. W. S Hiker, palor
St l'aul A. M. K. church Sunday school 9 a
in., prenchlm; 11 a in 7 JD p m., lkv. J. U.
Stanford, pastor
St. James A M. i: church, 10th & Trimble
streets Minday school at 2 pin., I'reachtng3
pin., Kevj u. Stanford
Trimble Street Chrlitlin church Sund ly
school. 9 30 a. m , preaching, II am and 7
n m., prayer ert Ice, Wednesday ete' lugs, 7.
301 hUDilay school teachers' meeting 1 hlirsday
evenings, 7 30 All aiu corldially lmlted. b.
Ilr Colter, pastor
Masonic Hall m llroidH ay, Third Floor.
Mt McGregor Lolge No .V Meets every tlrt
Thursday evening In each month
Mt Zion Lodge No 0 Meets every first
Wednesday evening In each month.
Sussnnih I'ourt No 2, Uidbs Mests etery
rourlh .Monday Ineaib moiilh.
Stone Squaro Ixslije No. 5 Meets everj second
Mouuay In each month
Odd FellOHM Hall, se corner 7th &. Admit.
Household ot Huth, No first and
third Friday evening Iu 1 ach month at Colored
Odd Fellows Ha 1.
I'aducah Lodge No lIS Meets every llrt
andihlrd Mondiy Intaih month at Colored
Odd Hall.
I'aducah Pitrlarchs No 79 (1 V O O F
M.elsevery fecond Miilng In each
mouth at Coloied Old IMIons' Hall
Past (.rind Master's 'ouncll
everr fourth Frllaveienlng In each month at
Colored Odd l'ellons' Hal .
Western Kentucky Loli-a No 9CII Metis
every second and fuurih luesday evening In
etcu raomu at t.oiorec. uju fellows' nan.
Young Men s I'rlde Lodge No. 1783 Meets
eveiy second and fount Wednesday evening
al Hall oyer No, '."1 llroaduay.
S! Paul IrfnKe No (tt Meets every second
and fourth Monday venlng In each mouth ut
131 Ilrtiadnay.
Slaters lr the Mystrlout Ten, st No
! M. s the Hrt lu a J ay la each mottb at
131 Ilroadway,
Gold'n Kulo Temple -Meets second Thursday
la each month, at 131 llroaduay
333 U, K. T. 777.
Ceremonial Temple No I deets first and
third Tuesday night In each month.
Go'den Itule Tabernacle, No. IS, meets Ilrst
and third Wednesday nights In etery month.
Stral Tabernacle N'o 31 Meets second
lourth Monday nights In each month.
MidallneTibernacle. No 2 Meets first and
third Thursday nights In each month.
Lily of the West Tabernacle, No. (W, Meets
second and fourth ThursJay nights In each
I'rlde or Paducah Tent, No. 5. MeeU Ilrst
Saturday afternoon In each monlh.
sfir of I'aducah Tent Meits second Saturday
p m In each mouth,
Lily of tbe West Tent, Meets third Saturday
pm in each mouib
Grand Armv of tbe Itepubllc meets second
and fourth Tiusdsy nlgbts In each mouth In
U. K. T. Hall over Martm.s barbershop.
Two Colored Aldermen.
I). S. llrandon and 11. E. Scruggs
were elected aldermen at 1 1 nuts-ville,
Ala , April G. Iluntsvillc is
the largest city in the northern part
of the state and is situated in a very
1 lull mineral region. Some of the
colortd people bung there have accumulated
a considerable amount of
wealth and are well educated.
The Literary Social club will meet
with .Mr. Joe Hamilton tonight. Miss
Ophelia Prow 11, president, uud Miss
Zulu Brown, secretary.
Will soon lid here, and the la-
y should.' look their best,
jean on
J. B. Merriweather,
Harrison street, and shcAwill
do the rest.
lMiysicitin ml.Siivpcoii.
r i
onicn Tirj Waflilinoty'treet
iie'iuiuce luviiitriiyriu
OIBcn Hours SlUloa. m U to p.fn.. and
to 0 p. iu
Wllilcnt nml Porciipliic.
A larfjo wildi.tt that had been
three dajs Niicaletl down tho blj.' liecch
rldpe nhoio llnlifrtunp, .Me., ulth il
face Fcreed into ns nply a mieer a
ccr a wlldett wore. Ilcjond the ridge,
where the frrouml tnnl Into a gully liUc
staui, the wildcat found a fat poren
pine on the ground. The eat ctldentlj
found tlio porcupine tempting to lool,
on, for It promptly went on the hunt
with all the eraft It could
llolilnd a hummock, nlong a snow ridge
oter a fallen log and through a uprinl.
ling of litish tops the cat undo Its way,
nnd npproaehed the xrcuplne. Tlien it
sprang and gripped its claws mi Its
prey. It nought to roll tho porcupine
icr o as to bite It. on the belly. It
ftieeecdeil only partially and filled Its
Jaws full of short quills from the
side. The jnircuplno died
quickly, but tho wildcat, with its jaws
distended with the quills, could not eat
the meat, being able only to lap up a
little of tho blood. The agony of the
wildcat was ho great after awhile that
the brute rolled over and oter in the
miow. finally forcing n quill through nn
eje and Into Its lirnln. Sam llansonie,
of li.tl.kgiunp, picked up the carcass be
fore It wa cold. X. V. Sun.
In Mars.
.M.irt'rn ! elioolm.t'ani Now, Tshat
Is the i nr' ' of ll e hnct
'tn t ' lishrnr inui'lcatlonwith?
Mir" n I N. Y
Truth. .ijJ.Jju
PaducalT Electric
M. Utooir, Prcs.
II. KowiVni), Trcas.
You can turn your liirhls6n any time whenever you need them. We
give continuous service day im night. We don't use trolley wire currents
for lighliug. It's dangcrousOTlfTntes :
Over 10 lights to 25 lights, 3Cb
Over 25 lights to 60 lights, 35c
1 hese low rr.tcs for 2 1 hours
5th of succeeding month
Agent for Odell Typewriter, Price 820.00. Suitabjo for Ministers, Doctors,
Lawyers, Teachers, and in reach of all.
The Only Exclusive liieyclc House in the City. Hiding School free
to all buying wheels from us. WE invite you lo call and see OUP
WHEELS and get Bottom Prices on same.
J. It. FURYEAJi. Manager.
Faducali - Bottling
LOUIS Of St. Louis.
In kegs and
Also various temperance drinks
uiiicr, uinger Ale, etc.
Telephone orders lilted until 11 o'clock
Saturdr.y nights
Telephone 101.
10th and M ulison Streets.
The place to get the best
HOWARDBJROS., 417 N. 6th St.
we jS
that is handled in tin'-, totint' a piano that will last you a lifetime.
We mean just what wcVayf We give you he beM guarantee that is
given on a piano. All goods sold on easy payrftents. Old pianos and
organs taken in exchang. Howard Bros., salesmen for Harding &
Miller, hvansville. Quick sales and
Elegant"Uiirriages and Turnouts
J AS. a. a
Livery, Feed and
Cop. Third and
WaU Paper
IN TH -TEST pattern:
No. 132 S. Third Street.
You can
F. M. Fisiikii, Sec.
per Hpit per month.
per tight per mon'h.
service apply when bill is paid before
Vice Prcst. and Jlgi.
126 and 128 North Fifth Street,
Xeau Palmkk IIousk.
High Grade Bicycles
and Bicycle Sundrie?
Soda Pop, Seltzer Water, Orangr
at night tluiii "ccK andT2a'eloCH
PIANO for the least money
small profits our motto
Boarding Stable
T T!T T r
m 9
CT;T"ZF.T '5
Telephone No. 371
LX' Where wckeep the llncstpf
Whiskies, Wines, Bpeff Cigars,
Hardware, Cutlery. Tinware
And it at-
Cor, Court an 1 Market
E. Greif & Co,
P0)tfCAH, Kl
Give him a call.
Miss. Mary B.
i'e.'ephone 174.
p-2, 4 l -.
Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis
rADCOAtl .A Ml tlgMrltlS DIVISION.
dr. Tadncah .. 7 10a m 2 31
Ar 1'arls 93Sam. ft oo p.m
Hollow (lock Janet, ion in sspm
........ .. Op ra
Ar Ja-in , Itkjpm 30 a m
L.V. Jackson , I on Ji in 0 no a m
.r. Memphis ...... 3l p.m uuiarn
Nashville ai0p.m 8Jpm
Chattanooga 810pm 3 8) a ra
Lv, Chattanooga 600am
na.nviue 2 M pm s a piu
Memphis ...m IS 10am ft so m
Jackson , 3 lOtitn s no pm
Ar. Lexington llonm s
Lt. Lexington I m p ni ft ii
Hollow Itock lunct Mspm 8 07 am
I'arls Aftnpm Of aru
Paducah 9 15 pin fsiani
All trains dally.
Through train and cir service between
and Jackson, Memphis, Nashville, and
Chattanooga, Tenn Close connection tor At.
lauta, Oa.Jacksonrtlle, Fls , and b Southeast,
and to Arliamas, Texas and all rwlnw
Southwest. For tutther larormatloncalion
or address.
A.J. Welch. U. V. A . Memn'iU Tnn W u
Danley. O V and T A Nahvlll, Tenn.'.
J T Donovan, HP and r .. p Irnerllous.
Padncah Kt , K. S. Ilurnham. depot ticket
agent, I'aducah. Itv.
ut new urieans., TSkpm suoam
wempois 7t0am 8 oo pm
Fulton i mi run II Spm 6 (") am
r I'aducah 2 4Spm I 'JO am 7ft0am
Lvl'aducah 2ftSrm 125am 8 oo am
Ar Princeton .. .. HOpm 2 -is am 37am
Nortonvllle, ., a 33 pm 338 am lOftOam
, Central city n.ioim I in am It Ham
LVCentralClty.... N)pm 4 IK am 12 20 am
Ar Louisville 11 lOpra 7ft5am b 15 pm
Cincinnati .... so am 1155 am
Lv Cincinnati .IliMpm 2.jpm
i.ouuuie ... . a wain "OApin 805 am
LVCentralClty,., . 8 Maui 10 dpm 1 so pm
Nortonvllle.. .9 I.' am ll!7pm 2 35 pm
Ar Paducah; .... 1210 pm 12 am 601 pm
Lv Paducah . ... .K'UJpni I (7 am eisim
ArFuItoc . 2 05 pm 3 10 am 3 00 pm
LvFulton . 2 IS pm 320am
irMetnpbls. . . dHiin 7voam
.ti,..iH ewurieana .... 7 111 .nn TllOfini - ...... ..
ri ,i iua run uauy
Nos203 and 2W carry Pullmin bnffel sleeping
ars and tree reclining chair cars between
tl and New Orleans.
No 241 and Ml ran so.id btaeei.i nnatl
in I New Oilijanj, carrying j'u I an buffet
It el-re,
I lain .Ml carries Paducah 1 nnistllv
w In Pad in. an union deimt ai 9 p m
lUrect cnuiiectlons for ail lnuin - s, e.t,
i rtli and south Ticket onitis,
uider ue Comer, and at the union di (, t.
8T. Illusion.
NOHTII HOUWD, 302 .104
Lele l',kUUiab 12 In pm, G 15 pm
Vrrlve Meiiopolts 1 .10 p in I p m
" Grantsburg 1 I! pm s 11pm
" t'arker Cii . 2 IS p m, '0 u" p ra
.Marion . npni, n.vipm
" C iroond tie. , ... 3 '.5 p m,
" I lnckceyvllle ... 50 p m, 1:50 am
" St Loult ?:!Jp in, 7:10 a m
SOUTH HilUMl 101 303
L'aveM. Louis . S 0 iu, 8.C4 pm
" Lit M Louis s s l III, s is pm
" I'lnckrirj Wile. i. in in in 11 oipm
Carbondale.. ....ii ii i in.
" Marlon , .. 12 -I in ! m a in
" Parker City ,. I. 5.1 p U-, 3 Sim
" (iranlsburg .. . I 20 p III id, a m
" Metropolis.... ..... z i it p m, 4 rs a in
trrlvei'aducan , z i u p m, i aiaui
SlODtor meals All ir.iiiiM nm .laiiv
This la the popular line to at, Miuls and
Chicago and all mints no th and vest.
Train leaving Padiuah dally atd:l5 p m.
nas throuKb Pullnuu Falser Sleepluii and
Parlor Car for St double berth rates,
11.5); chair rates, 75 1 eun
For turther In nn lion, reservations,
tickets, etc , cllon ur s ,lnsJ T. Oonovan,
C. T. A., Calmer Ho'ise, I'a.l ich, or A Ii.
Uanson, Generjl Pasenwr Agent Chlcavo.
Illinois CentralR.R.
Has Through Passenger Trains and
Fast Ellicicut Double Daily Service
from Cincinnati and Loulsv.llo to
In connection th the 11. .V O. S. W. to
reachluir direct or lllsklni? rlosn rnim.i.
tlous for prliulpil iwints
On Its -own and connecting lines. Including
Vlcksburg and Jackson, illss , llaton llouite.
and Natchez, i n Little llockund llotsprlntri
Ark.. Waco. Port Worth, Dallas, ilouttou and
San Antonio, Tex,, and polutiou tbe i aclilc
Coast It also has through passenger trains
and tast efficient double dally sen Ice Irom
New Orleans, Jacksn, Memphis nod points
South aud West ou Its own aud connecting
lines to
miking direct conned Ions with through tialns
lor all points
Including St. Louis, Chicago. llulTalo. Pittsburg,
i lsvelaud Iknton New York,
llalilmore ana ltlchmoml,
Solid Vestibule Train'. Through
Pullman lluffct S'eeping Cars.
Through Free Heclini Chair Cars
Particulars or your local Un oid ticket agt
S.U, Hatch, Dlv. Pass. A -i ii', Cincinnati.
Jno. a. Siott, Ulv, Pass, i .. ut, Memphis.
A. tl. Hanson, t.l'.A. W.A .niaiNii.A.a.P.A.
Chicago. niilavlUe,
Tennessee Central an!
Internatioial Exposition.
ri'.'NI'ssl'H. KI'.NTUCKY C.KOKC.IA.
THROUGH Hoth Mi n. Hoi.i.ov Hock
Koute and the i.cKi.Nlu
and MKMPllls, unking
Ion at JI KM I'll Is with all lines to and ryihi
PULLMAN lietween .Ml urilis ami
Million Nulit trains, lie.
crrrniMr tweell .N Asllt.ll LK.
.SOOUl, hi C t 1 1 I K,
VII I.K, ASlllMITOX. lltt.TI.
jioiik. I'liil.islhla aud New
York, lietween Nahvll e and JacksonWilc.
Kluridn d illy )ear iou.nl lt ( htttmooga,
tlant i. M.icou aud 1 l((o j. Lxcurslou J 1 so.j
ill sale ilJlln season
On Sale at Keduced It let Iiom all points on
tali line aud ( oiitirctlnus to Nashville ai.it
Seltiru during Ihe the
c liteiil.il an 1 lmcllUilnu.il
pCPor turther inronnalUjii cll uponllckil
cut or address.
Western l'as Agt ,
403 Ry, Kxchnnge Iltdg , Sr Souls, Mf
Division Pass Agt , Mitsirins, Tunn.
Gcn'l Pass, aud Tkt., ArL, Nasiivillk, tkk,
Missouri Pacific Railway
The Greit Through
Line Kim
Or I nilio To KANSAS riTV, i-T, JOK.
St. LOUIS 5n!,AUr L. ' DtHVE,i
Iron Mountain Route.
Win most direct lino via, Memphis to
nil points in
Frco Reclining Chair on All Trains.
TllUOUUI! COACIIrM ilK.MI'li 1 10
Dallas and Fort Worth.
For in ips, rates, Iree books on T xn, Ar
kansss, ana all Weiiern States, n iirthf
informallon, call on your local IU i agei t
ir write
IC. 'I . (1. MA 'ITH EW- S.T.A.
t.lll'IsVII.LK, KY
.1. LOUIS,

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