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J. D. Bacon & Go.
Proscriptions filled at all hours.
Night Noll
sitlo of door.
is tho day for-now Spring clothes.
No man should, let Easter pass
without Riving J nn order to his
tailor. If you nnt to bo sure to
rocelvo your alothca In time, to
got tho latestpatterns, stylo and
porfoct fit, vou should visit my
tailoring establishment.
W. JiDicke,
425 Broaflway.
per hundred.
iimixxals iill lie rf
11 Clerk 61 tho i
Staled rwlved at thr office
of the Council City of l'.i.lucah.
Kf up toso'clonl April ;i7, ItW. In furnish
theclty VkinM.MUyaMaoiKravel uin M.tmplo
i""'i"i i'j mo Birrrt ryii.t prrvei
to t delivered nn thatretN nr.i.r.
"t by ihe airs, t Inipwtnr or flr city council.'
4iMt ... ud kiviii launiui ot
any hlil accepted ty the council Thiirjir re-
c co iud riii hi rr. 'v mv una nil dpih.
i J A. YElSKll. Mayor.
Louisville, April 8. Rain tonight
nnd Friday morning, followed by
clearing and slightly warmer
Will Take IMhcc Thursday.
The Masonic fraternity has fixed
the date for instituting a lodge at
Grahamville, this county, April 15,
next Thursday. The instituto was
postponed on account of inclement
weather from tho first of last month
Monday, April 12 at tho Robins
Glass ctJiiceiiswaro Company's low
prices. v 7a l.
See Scott Ilardwao Company's ad
about granitejiron ware. 6a4
Funeral Today.
The funeral of the late Air. L W.
Emery took plncc at 10 oYInt k this
morning from Grace K
church, quite a crowd Ueiu in u
Iron .Mountain Itoute.
All trains via thu Iroli M..iiiil:iin
Route arc riiniiiiin llirmlnli In m St.
Lonito Memphis. Hot hprjugs nntl
all Texas points without delay. 7al4
Whether it's a stubborn cold or
just a snillle, joti can cure it for
good with Dr. Bell's Pine-Tar-Honey.
This family remedy taken in time
will stop tho progress of consumption
and bring the color of health to
the pallid check. Sold by
it Walker, Fifth and .Broadway.
Attention, Republicans.
The Lincoln Club Is called to tnecC
tonight at Col. John J. DoriarTe, at
8 o'clock. ' J. II. Fonrv Prcs.
FusfcJUnil Last NJlitv
The well known play,Fn9tMail,M
was played to a good crowd nt Morton's
opera liouseMnst night. It had
been presented licrcsscvcral times before.
Elegant cheese of all kinds served
with a cold glass of beer by S.Slarks,
S. 2nd St 7a3
Committee Meeting.
The Republican county committee
is called to meet at the Siw olllcc
Friday April Dili, nt 7:.'10 o'clock. A
full meeting is desired.
F. M. risiiKii, Chairman.
For Sale.
At the Sun olllco old papers, nice
Horho Tor Sale.
fScntlc tlrivcr, safe for anybody to
drive. Will sell cheap if sold at
L. M. ItllKS.NKIfe' liAKLltr.
purify Your Blood
..Ily TaklDK.
Dr. Claxton's
GDmpound Extract
Honduras Sar
Yellow l)ok
MllllugU tguc n's Uellfe'lit)
i.iroruu no
Iodide I'otnih
Iodide Iron I
Aak )our family doctor If It In not a
uioou meuicine
t only at
137 South Fourth Street.
Ambitious, Cnpalilo Yoiuik .Man.
Wants position of any kind where
advancement is possible. Knowledge
of dry goods, book-keeping, collecting.
He i a stayer ai reasonable
wages. Address X. Y. Z.,Sr.N of-flee.
of Sarsaparilla
It it not a patent tnnUclne. lie makes
nohecret of ltd fornaula. it 1k made
from tlio follow lot? ell kniran
J. D. Bacon & Go.
Can prepare your family or private
rcclpos, from a llnlmont o a corn
cure,' and do it right.
Mrs. Ed Ware is quite i I I tiny.
M. T. Hjugliter, of Kuttnnn, is at
t to rainier.
CI W. Thorpe, of I'ottsxillc. Is at
the I'tiliner.
Clias. O'ilaia, u( Cincinnati, U at
the rainier.
Mr. J. V. Hard.v, of St. Louis, is
at the Palmer.
J. I). Watson cninc in this morning
from May Held.
W. 11. 1'renncck, of Kvausvillc, is
at the New Richmond.
A. Cunningham, of St. Louis)
is at the l'aluier.
Capt. itllly Crozicr and wife arc
back from Evausville.
Mr. Lee Crumbaugh returned yesterday
to Memphis.
Mr. J. T. Mylcs returned this
morning from Ma field.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Wiser arc parents
of a twelve pound girl.
Mrs. J. B. Barnes, of Grand Rivers,
is a guest of Major Barnes to
day, b
Copt. P. W. Hollingsworth re
turned this morning from Cape Gir
Miss Lena Henncbcrgcr is visiting
her sister, Mrs. John Alexander, in
Midway, Ky.
Mr. Henry J. Powcllt of Cincinnati,
manager of the Manhattan Insurance
Company, is in the city.
The many friends and admirers of
Miss Mattic Baker will regret to hear
that she has gone to Kvausvillc to lo
Miss Geraldiuc Dillon, who is
very popular in Paducab, will arrive
this evening and accompany her
aunt, Mrs. Dr. D. G. Murrell, to
New Orleans.
lI'sNnmo ntitl Home Awaken Of.
ficlal Synipnthy.
An itinerant banjo picker was
found about daylight this morning by
Ulllccr Crow, in the doorway at Bowman's
grocery, at Tenth and Broadway.
He was somewhat befuddled,
but not quite ripe enough to "pick."
Tho man's name is JimCollins,and
his home is in North Carolina. Because
his given name is similar to
that of the olllccr, his home, North
Carolina, was originally that of the
officer, and his surname is tho same
as that of Marshal Collins, the unfor
tunate musician was released. At least
this is what they tell as a joke on the
At the Term of Uncle Sam's
r our government prisoners were
carried away at 1 o'clock this morning
by Deputy U. S. Marshals Blackburn
and Hawes. Orey Turnbow
and Andy Sanders, given a year for
breaking into tbcpostofliccnt Brown's
urovc, and Cuas. Livingston, sentenced
to four years for counterfeiting,
were taken to the government
prison at Columbus, O., aud Oattnan
Sanders to the reform school at
FIro in a People's Lino Car This
Motor No. 5, of the People's Line,
caught fire in some manner about
I :J0 o clock this morning nt the
company's sheds on Madison street,
near Tenth, and was damaged to the
extent of 1200 before tho Ore depart
ment extinguished the blaze.
Louisville lNpiil!ht Name Hint
T 4 T...l . 1 ...
and clean, just the thing to put un- ."e1V.,,"r.m,cr 1c,"lof or
der carpets and on shelves.
2iirinlji . ' 1U"""1 ,U!re' was
Mcstcrdov nominated bv acelnmniimi
at the Populist convention at Louis-
life lor Clerk of the Court of Ap
C. M. McFatlden and flllh.s Debby
Moody United.
f If f f nn .
vy. ax. niuriHuiuii, ugeti za nnd a
farmer, nnd Miss Debby A. Moody,
aged 23, Iwth of the county, were licensed
to mnrry yesterday aud were
united last evening.
Patrons of the Water Horn.
jmny are reminded that rents for
this quarter were dueApril 1st.
Those who intend to renew their
rents should do'so by Hip 10th,
ns all premises in arrears after
that date will be shu'toff. 7ai
Cases Dismissed.
When tho case against Geo. Jones
colored, charged with cnminallv n.
saulting Alice Mitchell, his step-sis-ter,
was called in the circuit court
cstcrday, part of tho evidence was
heard and on motion of Commonwealth's
Attorney llradshnw the case
was dismissed, there being nothing in
The case against John Mutch.
cuuiig wiiucss having left the coun
J. D. Bacon & Co.
Wo mako a specialty of obtaining
all kinds of barks, roots and Herbs, so
that you can RCt anything y u want
In this lino of ojr business.
Pharmacists;" Druggists and Apothecaries,
it Sundav
Ctn. Seventh and Jackson Stkkkts, Paiiucah, Kv.
Finite Sanders Says Tlioy Have
No Uight
Todnj's SesMonof the l'ollco Trib
unal Short Dot'kvt.
Judge Sanders, of the police court,
stated to the press representative this
morning that there wjs a Kentucky
statute prohibiting gypsies from pass
ing through the state. He declared
by way of parenthesis that as a rule
this class of nomads is simply a set of
thieves, and said that
afternoon late a young man
of Mcchanicsburg, whose mother
is ill complained that a gypsy
woman had llccecd his mother out of
$0.20 in money, four old-fashioned
quilts nnd a looking glass on the pretext
of telling her fortune, insuring
her a speedy recovery, and
her tho receipt of 8100 about
May Gth.
Tho woman of courso was nn
and simply stole the misguided
old lady's goods.
Thogypsiei who had bt.cn in camp
up in Mcchanicsburg all left on the
Ma (lower yesterday for St. Louis.
Monroe Veatch. colored, pulled a
pistol on Tack Armstrong, colored.
at Seventh and Adams night before
last. He said the pistol had no cylinder
when questioned this morning,
but afterwards professed to be ignorant
of what a cylinder was.
He was lined 850 and sentenced to
twenty days in jail on one charge, $5
for a breach of the peace and narrowly
escaped being fined for prcscutinc
a pistol at another.
In the same case Armstrong was
fined So and costs and Tom Parker
was released.
The case against Kos. Little,
charged with striking Burnt tt Beauregard,
colored, with a spoke, was
dismissed. The evidence showed
that the darkey advanced in a threatening
manner towards Mr. Little.
Thomas Ross, the painter, who was
cut on the head by Mrs. Robt. Hook-day
before jesterday at the Hook
Hoarding House on isoriu linni, was
fined S3 and costs. No other warrants
have been issued, but it is said
that some of the neighbors have been
complaining of tho boarding house.
Will Ho (.len nt the Residence of
Mr. J. R. Purycar.
The Pastors Aid Society of the
First Baptist church will give a
calc tomonow night at the residence
of J. II. Purycar, 328, North Eighth
street. The following program will
be rendered :
Piano olo . .. Mr. Miron CTiand'rr
Vocal nolo . . Mrs. Utile Stewart
Violin nolo Mm. Will Clark
I'lano duel . MMm l'uryfar
Vocal olo Mr. Walter Clark
Piano folo Mils Katie Koblni
Vicalanlo Maater John .Mewart
Mandollu nolo MUiUussle Herring
Vocal nolo Mr. Cray
PlanobOlo Mlt Em ltl
Mr Will Ilrarrlton
Vlollnmiln . . mInh AI oh
Vnciliolo Mrs, I). I !
Admission, 10 cents.
Mil field Court Utilise Catches for
the Second Time.
Fire was discovered in the court
houe nt Ma Held yesterday morning
but was extinguished before much
damage was done. It is supposed to
have caught lire from a cigar. This
is twice the court house baa caught
iu a mysterious wit'.
'I'lio Flint .Hull.
Lincoln J. Cniter's famous scenic
MThc Fast Mail" appeared
l the Opera house last nig'it
to a fair si.ctl and very appreciative
ntidiencc. It sustained, its former
reputation here, that of being one of
the best plays before the hublic.
'The Fast Mail" is a great play
and will never wear out. U will always
receive a hearty welcome here.
The . M C. A.
Tho board of directors mcc at the
Y. M C. A. nt 7 .-HO tonight. Mr.
II. K Hoscvear, state secretary, will
meet with them.
The ladies committee will hold a
spechl meeting at the Y. M. C. A.
Friday morning at 10 o'clock. A
full meeting is desired.
For Salt!.
Two new bedstead witli
Call it 320 North Fourth street.
Will bo sold cheap on account of
room- 7nlt
Another Republican.
Another Republican voter camo to
town today. Louis J. 1'etter, the
popular butcher, has a new .i
is as proud as a youngucr with his
one-armed railroad man, charged with ' "rst l)a'r ' trousers
stealing 875 from n section foreman
of the Illinois Central near Hcrbst's
grocery a few months ago, was dis.
missed by the grand jury, the
Cii)9 anil saucers it Mt. Bcl (Cl
at Jh6 Uohlu flhvSs i (jiicctiswuru
Couniany Moiitlny, April IL'. 7nl.
Electric lliht (holies kiTIi.. iii,...-
. - , .W..,I J
Glnxs niUJitcmisviirQ oompapy.
Conviction Made
Tlio Case Against
Now on
The Paducah Auction a
111 Hudson Is
Dcmpsey Hill, colored, broke into
Mrs. Carrie Johnson's residence,
410 North Fifth street, a few months
ago and stolo a suit of clothing, some
shirts, etc. He was captured iu
Union City, Tcnn., and brought
back for trial, admitting his guilt at
the time.
When the case was called this
morning, however, he pleaded not
guilty, but the charge was proven on
him and he was given two years in
the penitentiary.
Several cases in the common law
docket were called and disposed of.
The divorce suit of SallieM. Elrod
against Jerry Elrod was dismissed.
In the case against Will Skelton,
charged with house breaking, the attendance
of John Lchnhard, of
wai ordered.
The case against Will Hudson,
charged with obtaining a watch nnd
other valuables from Annio Harper
by false pretenses, is on trial this afternoon.
The grand jury will likely make a
rcjiort this afternoon. A batch of
half a doen or more indictments will
be returned, but all arc in jail cases.
William Schumacher Will Soon
Complete Two at Metropolis.
Sa8 'I hey Will
l(o u Sitocchs
Mr. William Schumacher, who was
manager of Jtamona park last year,
was m the city today. As stated before,
he is constructing a Hying ma
chine at Metropolis, III.
lie is now building two, one to use
ns n model in securing a patent, ami
the o her for his own experiments.
He feels confident that his invention
will prove a success, ami will complete
it in about a month.
It is said that hu is backed by the
New York World, and when asked
about this today by a Sr.v reporter
replied that he "was dickering with
the New York World."
linnortnnt Notice.
All persons Know lug Jnemsclvos indebted
to the llrms oMcogcrs & King
nntl John Ilogers &Sou arc hereby
warned to cull andscltle the samo at
once at my ullloe, No. 127 South
Fourth stredt, ml thereby save to
themselves cost, as I will bo forced
to procectl ly law to collect same,
unless otherwise settled promptly.
Ell II. l'UUYKAlt,
Receiver of Rogers & King and John
Rogers & Son. d2Ctf
I)r.tIwardsflpecinItyr,Eyes, Ear
Noso and Thfoat,i l'aducah ,Ky ly
lid Storag
e Go.
IV sntlri stock of Shoti. Clothlncr. Drv Goods. Hatl. lewelrv.
Furniture and Carpets of the Louisville Department Stow wspurchasd
at SHERIFFS SALE at a very low price and, we are sell
iMn 4ti artnrle ctt t ifi.ltl tiVtrmf adturaVt rfic&. Cnmi CAflv AfiA
secure bargains are gone, Remember' the place",
Corner Third and Court.
Occasioned Ureal Consternation
in the City.
Ullt PllM!iCl Otcr Without Uoinir
Any uniiinue.
An ominous looking cloud passed
partly over aud partly around Paducah
shortly after il o'clock lliU
The Western horizon became very
dark, aud in a few seconds, it seemed,
tlie atmosphere became
dark, with skurryiug, twisting
clouds, aud the indications were that
there would be a cycloue. There
was nothing but a heavy ralu,
however, little wind being felt. The
storm was too high.
There was general constcrualiou
all over tho city, nevertheless, aud nt
the court house llscal nnd circuit
courts both temporarily suspended,
while frightened attendants and
rushed excitedly about, not n
few going Into the yard to watch the
clouds when it seemed ccrlain that
the storm would not be felt here.
There was also great alarm at all
the school buildings, but fortunately
the gloom aud the accompanying fear
soon vanished. Ihe lower currcui
air seemed to be from the cast, but
the terrible lookiug cloud came from
the West or Northwest. At Cairo
this morning there was almost a water
spout, one inch of rain falling iu
teu minutes. There was little dam
age, however, from wind.
bo far as could be learned, lucre
was no damage doue in aujuccm
tow lis or territories by the storm.
The Commit tec Makes n Partial
Is Waiting For tlic CUtlnell
Take Some Action.
The most important feature of today's
session of llscal court rfas the
partial report of the committee appointed
to imestigatc the purchase of
the gnncl roads. Tho report was
accotnpauied by a request fur further
tlmci which was granted In order to
give l'ic coitimitto tlrtlc to hear the
decisions of the council relative to
donating its stock to the county should
the latter make the purchase.
The report shows that the Paducah
and Ballard county road consists of
nine nnd one-half miles of the road
proper, with five miles of the llinkle
ille road. The outstanding stock at
face value Is $20,350, of which thu
city owns $10,350. The original
cost was $23,150.
The Paducah and lanclaeevillc
road includes seven and one-half
miles, outstanding stock nt
face alue being worth $28,000. The
city owns nothing iu this road.
xiiu ratiucau and iienton road in
titules ll'j miles, 9 miles being in
McCraekeu county. The outstand
ing stock at face value is worth $58,-
000, and of this the city holds $10,-000
in bonds. The original cost was
The Paducah and Ma field grael
road comprises five miles. Outstanding
stock at face value $0,325, of
which the city owns $1,000. There
is n debt of $3,000 on this road,
which cost $9,825.
The prices asked for the roads
Paducah and North ,..
Paducah and I,orl icivlllo , .. M-on in
Paducah and Ma field (Oc u I in
Paducah and Iienton . .. 40c on I (
The cost of the several gravel roads
to the county, minus the stock the
city owns, would be:
Paducah and North llallird .ro,uiv,cni
Paducah and IxrrlaceTlll . II hi)
Paducah and llfiilon in (UP
Paducah and Ma) tlrld . . not known 3.MI
A tax of two cents on the $100
would pay for the roads if the city
would double its stock and accept
therefor portions of the roads
lying inside the corporate limits as
The committee will await the action
of the council, and will them
probably meet in called session.
Fiscal court has been paying more
attention today to bills than anything
This afternoon the levy for the ensu
ing 3 car will likely be made.and it will
probably be the samo as heretofore,
SI. 58. Tho two cents taxmentioned
above is for maintaining the roads
each year, and not for buying them.
A special levy is not required for
cleaning cloves.
A Ve nl nitration, Hut llrinlta
Dr.med. Albert Bernheim.
J20 North 5th Street,
Office Hours
i-3 1' M.
Telcphon $64
(imxl If Wrll llonr.
The ilcanhic; of jrloves Is n vexed
tpiestlcn. The great estnblMimrntu
for hcourlnjr nnd clothing
Fecm to Ignore this xirtlon of their
work with n contempt for Mich smsll
economies tilto rhnrnctcrltitlc of the
AliH'ifcan triulexumn.
The Mnlncd, MlfT glotes that nro returned
by most of our regular courern
m "cleaned" in nmrketl contrast to
Ihe work of the French
A glaed kid gloe Is ilhllciilt toeJcnn,
hecatisu the K)llsh is rrinoed In the
procras of the work nnd cannot be re-
itored, but gloves of the
undrosMtl kid, If they nrc of first quality,
may Iks repeatedly cleaned, nnd
only grow softer nnd prettier In
They may lose. u. little of their
color, but tho more delicate and
the bloom on the surface of such
n glnte the more dcslrahle.
If tho gloves nrc very ninth soiled It
will take p.itleuco to clean them thor
oughly, but the result will amply re-pay
ono for the trouble, always providing
they nre gloves of fine make.
I'urcluifto nt n chemist's n pint of tho
nicest refined bcnrlne. Do not nttompt
to get the ileotlorlrctl Unit; If the glove
nre properly nlred every imrtlcle of the
nnplouh.int txlor will puss nwnv. nnd
they will quickly take on the frngrnnco
of vloIctH or any jterfuino which line
your glove wichet. Stretch tho glove
on jour hnntls ono nt n time. It is
n great convenience for twopenons to
do this work together, ono putting on
the gloves nnd the other cleaning them.
A puir of wooden hunds of the Me of
jour hitnthj Ik n great convenience,
llnvo n supply of small cloths of white
cotton, or, better Mill, of linen. Dip
die of these cloths In allttloof tho
rino nnd begin rubbing the gloves.
Clean them first carefully at tho tips
nnd wherever they tire most soiled. Do
You can,nako
bio duty iicr
-,y ivtt a ,
Dress Goods
ur dol'ara do
buying nil that if
benutiful amr becomingin Millinery.
wo pui nioro itieas nnucroauvo
Into our MIlllnoryliuhlnoHH than
all o tli or combined jfi l'aducah. To
buy your boot hat without
our stock Is doingyour Rood looks
Atld jmrio an injiiNtco,
Tho season Is rich in checks but
blacks and lulvy blues are great for
skirts nnd inAko drowses that nro
wnys ready roitl ntyllun and becoming
Wo Invito veil linMTo ntuior tho qual
ity and consider tho tfricffl to eoo it wo
nro not really saving yrfu 10 to 20 por
cont. Wo bebuvo wivarc nntl that
you will think so too
Splendid .1(1 Inch nllools in variety
Verv choice -10 Inch sorees at 2!e
High grade 33 Inch uoeltlis In variety
at 37 '
Fino (0 Inch Skirting Jackardmit 47c.
Verv lino 0 J liioli Mobnlr Chivlott nt
And hundreds of othor Myl? of
qually low prioca.
Wash Goods
A stock of nisUililc'M fifnfitVf atylea
beyond description. Prices uw wji;
do us credit and pleas our custolrlci
prices .15c, 25c, 20c, 17c, 15c, 12
11 10c, 9c, S 7 I 2 down to
stylish capes for better goods for only
20 styles of deep hambttrg cdglnga
trnt we clinnco to buy away under
regular price your choice for 10 nnd
Your choice of very fino torchorn
Ineos nt oc. tl 7 1 2c 8 10c nnd
12 n yard that you haio often
considered cheap at moro tl an double
tho nrico. TM newest hornitou luce
border vrlliniri at 60 nntl 75c n veil.
Mnlltie nntl dotud silk cllings even
down to 5c a yard.
Window shades tnorinted on spring
roller for 15c, 20c, 25cJ, 30c and 35c rf
Lice curtain's nt 0 xtrftmoly low prices
3i)e, 75c, 95o. 81 25 81. IS ?1.76 and 82.00
up to 8.1. a pair.
Soft finish bleachotl domestic at 4 1-2
5c, 6c nnd 0 n ynrd.
Tito best ribbed hoso for hoys nnd
girls ever polb iu Pnduenh nt 2 pair for
It is said that Cotlirrcus Is now
Intlni; a bill that will double tho price
011 all cheap inaUinu's and ntld l-V' a
yarn 10 mo 20 nntl 2&c iiiinlltles. We
avo just received a nice assortment
of straw nnd cotton fvurp niattinKsnud
will be plcaxcd to have you see them
for your mattings Wantu, prlceH 10c,
12 17c, 20c and 25c i ynrd.
North Third Street.
Morton's Opera House,
Three Nights & Saturday Matinee
Thursday, April 8th.
Producing Animated Pictures.
Producing Latest Vocal and In-mental
A Refined Exhibition.
Amusing, Instructive and Interesting.
-J) and .-ii ctnta Srala en sale
Touixlayat umial pltt.
A. P.T. L.
Tho American ProtectivoTariff League
it a national organization advocating
" Protection to American Labor and
industry" as explained by its constitution,
as follows:
"Tht otyaet of th'a Lm(u thavll b to pretact
Amantan labor by a tariff on Importa, whioh (hall
adaquataly tacura Amartcan Indu.tnal prouota
a(aintt tha oompatition of 1orf n labor."
Thero aro no personal or private
profits in connection with tho organization
and it is sustained by memberships,
contributions, and tho distribution
of its publications.
FIRST: Corraipondanea la oelloHaol rafardinf
" Mambarahlp" and "Official Corrwpond.nU."
8CC0ND: Wa naad and walooma oontributiona,
whathar am ill or larja, to our oauaa.
THIRD: Wa publl.h larf Una of dooumanta
eovannr all phaaao of tha Tariff quaaUon.
will ba mallad to any addraaa for BO oanta.
FOURTH : 8and poatal oard raojuaat for fra
aampla oopy of ,tna "Amarioan Eosnomlat.
Addraaa Wilbur F. WaVaman, Oanaral rotary.
0 Wtat 23d Strati, Naur Yark.
i.ot Kiturnto the leather with 1 pii.lnc
nt any time, but upply Just "iiough of
the with tho cloth to remove
tho dirt. It will ioi ii I re vigorous
rulihlntf to do thin, in a few
the cloth will lie ho foiled tint
n clesu one must he usnl. Iumicu the
cloth frequently, ns It uhhorhs tlictl tt.
Iitib the rIom'S with dovviiunrtl Mrol.CM
from the flnpiTH to the wrist. After a
shot I time the glow will un found per
fectly clean, hut they htive now tlm
harsh look of a "cleaned bIovc."
llrln,' forwnrd a howl of jkjvv
tier. Hub the. cloves thoroiiehly with it,
(i)ilylnfr It with a flannel cloth. This
jiowder iibKorbH nny reinnnnt of oil.
fctich ait Is found In even the 1cnt
beii7ine, mill rt'htoreB the I'tift,
velvety Kiirfiice of tlic clove. After the I
fflmc luutbecn rublied tliorotiffhly vvith
tho powder, clcnn It off with n fresli
fljniirl, HlinKlnf the (loves well. Iliinj;
them out In the open nlrforiifevv hours,
wJieru tho nun eiiunnt rrnch them. In
b little while tnlte them In nnd lay them
uvvny In jour flove
Some flovo cleanerH line n preparation
of one qunrt of dcodorlrt'd
with ono dram of sulphuric ether,
ono dram of chloroform anil two drums
of nleohol. The jloves nro washed In
Huh preparation. There U tlio Fiune
objection, however, to thlu jirooewt an
thcro Js to nil processes where the
Ictithor Ik saturated, tJint it Is apt to
make tho cloves stiff nnd hard. Talcum
powder may he purchased nt nny
pood druggist's Rhop. Philadelphia
a- -,i
4 "
6 "
5 inch
2 qt.
2 ll.
ii J in.
For a Few Days w'C will sell
Genuine Granite Ironware
. r f. .. r r ft
iiciimiic Lirauuu i ci or luncu
1 1 i
1 1
Pot 250 C.lCll.
iice Boiler (with cup) ,30.0 "
.joe "
Tea Keltic 49c "
Milk Pan , 100 "
Drink' Cup ) So
Measiuo y 220 "
wasli llu!iii S isc "
318 to 32d Brondway. Sign of Big Hatchet.
oc; ulCxiMXtf.
AsJTpr Them.
O.'B. feTHRKS,
Caligrapli and Densmpre
1 v
Typewriters and Supplies.
JoTWIII esclungo for old .Machines nt liberal figures
arid FHNCV
MtvsV'LJv I
r tVSl arf
I X. a?
103' 1-2 South Second.
Ii- nrvlrti mill if Miklit, ii.lnrti 1
i.ov u
OUK .Ml) 1"1().
We 1 p e to sluvo ami to ilr.ie,
in u
Ann io 11 witli
In tJnsorl il
Kaai- aij lialr cut well.
Torn atiriy i(iicliea Hit lit
lt.'im mill out of dlnht.
I.adlestulr oiit iinu
C;iliarenllUiiiiiyiilacoliot. A
WluVhave lliH llvtnc aAil Him ttvil,
Aua call an1 nliavn t ftlc InlUtl,
Our launilrt In on t)(u liooin, j
With clear. laco atiil ttvy nVuu,
Our fa low, It nulr Icnl
Our patrons art llm of
Ofcouma h(i iMiitulit It
Hut havo cleaned 11 upauil ip ulu a Ural clans
Keniember tho name inJ plan-
I ll llrnulwriv
New BarlJor Shop.
jccoiul. 1
srw crr.m nun Iter
ltirora .sliavlnuiiail l.ulritittliiiMirniii in t..
npiti'nt Htjle.
Fresh Meats, S &c.
Our Shoes
Practlco lij all courtji
Olhce, Uroatlvirry. bet. ath nnd
5th, over Thompson, the 'iulor's.
Low pncc, V d iiJito attent.on Give we ait rial uMfr nnd
will please j ou Fie tin i rj to a I pirts of the city.
Telephone 1 00. Cor. 12th & Madison.
Just Received Our
Spring and Summer Goods
We .ifo now i r pin 1 to diou nnn of t'n 1
Also very niaiiv liautrsopic ififuh m
ShirtWaists and Waist Patterns.
They y
fiom the licit olioc factories, the-
latest lasts nntl up to date in color ami
shape, nntl
e nave nil
ami men's
oiii prices on shoes suit
NCillcnt Hue ol lutlics
Purnishing Goods.
We want jour patronage and will be tlmikfulvfor lLioo. I
JN0. J. D0E,IAfH
205 Hrmdwaij, Opposite Lang fkrjs,' Urilg Storr
t ' "
T ai mm mm 1.1.1 tl N.
JricalSxiDc. ( People s Market,
..... .. . ... ..
ll..allalt, it... I af. .- .!. at I
IV 1111.1.1 aiin ! .a MdiL t u i j ,'iir -
cViin aud I tiko
ilraoiru in
liiKliitliK rltui'iia or ruin tli I Itta
tiinutilM rratatirJiil liristtl at
(jii ir lUtco in
l.vAi.TKi Kforr,
s- i x r a
l H1"1"' '.r' '! st' l-i 'I Mrta. I'lirJ
f l.rfil -Sin A, ,. I lujKll imililmj yS
ill I irtur nit; ili ,i , iiiruiii tlieiu to AS
nriu.1. J01N nilfcLI'KUT,
( S rir
ThcySccondlund Man,
214Court Street.
H. somp exeolloiiUbarciiIns In
Second HantfClotiiing
'and Shoes.
Sec his $3
aac Shoes.
Tlicc are nonr
HliocH reiiairctl and tlollvcrtl to
part of tho city.
Has 9ponetl n now fitoclc of
If you havo Cast Olf GlothIiiK or
SIioch to soil notify hint hypoHtnl card
ami ho will call and get thein.
at his stand on tio confer of Seventh
find AdaiiiH, CaII nnp'soo lilnwulKct
un iiiv.tn , hu aviiinvtiyouinx)iiey on
wvvij tiiiiin vtiu i-i. rmn in
oil .mil., rtf .I...TT?T.
X 4li JIIAiO Ul ktlU Kt) .
L "1

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