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Clinrjrcs of llribery Against Dr.
Hunter nnd Congress-limn
Senator DnnUI of
Dlosnt Washington.
Frankfort, April 10 Thoru Is Intense
crcitcnicut In tho city today
Itccatisc of the report that two indict-menu
will bo submitted to the
Franklin county grand Jury, charging
Dr. V. O. Hunter nnd ex-Con-pressman
John II. Wilson with
to bribe and conspiring to detain
by unlawful means.
These charges are made by Capt.
Noel Gaines, who claims that largo
sums of money were offered him "to
securo his vote or absence from the
Mr. Wilson was seen In lit- room
nt the Capital Hotel. In tl.u pros,
enco of Judgu French nnd nnothur
gentleman he matlu the following
'I may have been at Cnpt.tinlnrV
bouse, though I am not sure. I hae
called upon several persons in South
Frankfort recently. There is nothing
in tliu charge. On tliu contrary,
Capt. Onirics, 1 am told has been
hanging around Hunter',,
to extort SUJ.OOOor $10,-000
from Dr. Hunter, and you may
say also that when Dr. Hunter
refused to walk Into his trup he
demanded $1,000, nnd said that if it
was not paid by j o'clock this morning
he would go before the grand
Jury and hae Dr. Hunter and me
Indicted. It is a conspiracy and
there is nothing in the charges. 1
have no objection to your publishing
Capt Gaines' statement, but don't
say that formal papers luno been
drawn up to be submitted to the
grand jury to bo considered ty them
as indictmenU, for that is not true
'It is all n conspiracy to defeat
mill WINon
Iloth Mukit
Frankfort, April 10. It is claimed
here that the indictmenU against Dr.
Hunter and J. II. Wilson have been
presented to the grand jury ami that
they will be returned this afternoon.
Hunter claims that the charges arc
malicious and that it is a" k'Iiciho to
defeat him.
Iliintente and lie linlulgo
In a Knockdown.
Frankfort, April 10. Koll call
showed no quorum. The llrst formal
ballot gnvo Hunter o7 votes, the
Democrats refusing to vole as usual.
After some delay the Hunter people
forced n second ballot but with the
same result.
The assembly then adjourned. Ile-fore
roll call there was tho greatest
excitement. All kinds of rumors
wcro rife. As a result of n heated
argument, Tom -Morrow, n
nnd Peter Sanders, n staunch
supporter of Dr. Hunter, became involved
in a dilllculty. Sanders struck
Morrow with a pair of knocks
considerable damage. Friends
interfered nnd put an end to tho altercation.
Sanders was ai rested
shortly afterwards.
si:n.vtoh daniki, .voohiif.ks
Dies After
a Lingering
Washington, April 10. Senator
Daniel Voorhocs, the ''The Sycamore
of the Wabash" died in this city
early this morning. Senntor
has been n conspicuous llgurc in
jjolities for the past thirty years and
at tliu time of his death wns n Senator
from Indiana, His home was
nt Torre Haute.
Tin: sunath m:s"i.u riox.
Secretary Sherman Will
ly I'ut it Away in u Pigeon
Washington, April 10. Tho
frcsolution protesting against
summary proceedings by tho Spanish
olllcials in Cuba against the captive
insurgent lender Ittvcrn, has readied
tho state department through the
While House Secretary Sherman,
regarding it as merely diclarntory of
tho sense of the senate and offered in
nn advisory rather than n mandatory
Spirit, 1ms filed it away and is not
likely to enrryout its suggestions and
Jo Igo n protest with tho Spanish
'- a
Our Patronize Advertisers thorn Are nnd Reliable, bIiow your np The Paducah Daily Sun. Official Newspaper
prodntlon o( tholr ontorprieo. of the City.
eminent, particularly In lowof tliu
ftiformntiou liu has received Unit 1(1
vera In not to bo shot.
CO I TON YIULI) itui)i;ci:i).
.MIsM.silpiil Floods Will Cut Oir
1, ."OOO 000 links.
Memphis, April 10. Cotton Is tho
iiiensuicof values in tho South, nnd
when it tinted on the opinion of nn
expert that the territory along the
.Mississippi river now under wider
Unit will be inundated produces annually
l.nOO.OOO bales of cotton of
the highest grade, one can estimate
tho piohriblc loss.
Tin crop of 1897 will be out this
number of hales if the waters do not
get out of the country in time to
make tho crop.
A bnlo is worth $10 in Now York.
The whole of tlmMisi'sslppi Duitn,
from a point in Turilcn county, the
extreme northern one, to tho mouth
of the Ytuoo liver, Jut above Vio's-burg,
is it vn. t inlaud ton. Ten
counties in Arkansas nro for the most
p:irt inundated. In Mississippi nine
nre whollv under wulcr. 1
the IliMiil should not leave by .May 10
planters will ho put in din straits
and labor will be unable lo provide
for Its own. Debts can not lie paid
and great lluaiioinl trouble will
The sugar plnntutions must
also suffer.
Still Klslng.
New Orleans, April 10. The outlook
here is liny thing but cheerful.
The river is still rising rapidly and
the outcome is n problem. JIopo has
given away to ilispnir, seernlngly.ind
the end Is not yet.
ll Is
Anticipated In The
Athens, April 10. Tho royal
yacht, Sphsktom. ha- sailed for
olo with tho chief of tho Hod Cross
A squadron of ironr'n W has left
Skintlum for Oreo ami lCiiroltou.
I he lla'iau sailors were able to
save the eiitliwlrnl at Cimha from Urn
lire which broke out Tm.lnv. ami
which doairovesl the residency of the
bishop. It is tho damage
from tho eonllagrutlon will
130 000.
The opinion o( the Greek news
papers is virtually unanimous as to
the recent declaration of iho Power.
It i that the Kuropeun concert, after
a conspicuous failure s to Crete, is
gradually tending to dissolution, mid
will h obliged to content itself with
a mere ttdtuonitioi).
Ttiero is an evident disinclination
on the part of sonic of the l'owers to
carry out any program of coercion,
and n weakening of puroo in the
European federation,- which is show
ing signs of decrepitude The
of InuKiiage bolwcon the declaration
and the recent warning of the
'Journal do St. l'ctur.xburg" has
been noticed bore, nnd this latest
step of the Towers is attributed to
the Itussun initiative.
Count .MuraWcff, the
Forcii;ii Minister, lias already become
the bete noir of the Greeks. His uniformly
hostile attitude lias produced
great indignation. Well informed
persons hero believe Count
wiio inherits tho traditions of
an autocratic family, is resolved U
day a masterful ro'e in Kuropeun
politics, unil to leave an impresfion
upon the history of lilt lime
Ono of the opposition journals
profcsHs to know that a proposal ha
been communicated lo Grceco
through one of its representatives
ibroiul that if Greece will Mihinit to
the powers in the Cietan affair she
will receive as n recompense tho
included within tho frontier
lines traced by tho lterlui conference
of 1NH1, together with n portion of
Macedonia, including Snlonicn.
Opposed hy T,vo of ihc Powers
l'iiris. V ril 10. A dispatcli from
Constantinople to tho ' IViu" says
the proposal to leave I he choice of a
Governor of Crete to the proposed
Cretan Assembly liaj been neceptcd
by four of the powers, but, it is
added, Germany and Austria still
oppose tin proposition.
Tho Iliirlnrji Then Went
Tlii'oujrli the Carney House.
Wcs 1 frown Had Out III-, Blood-
hounds, Itut they Couldn't
J'liid tliu Trail.
lturglnrs made a big haul at
Welsh's boarding house, the
Carney place, at Itrondway and the
railroad intersection, sometime earl)
this morning.
'llui thieves forced up nn cast side
window near the rear of the houoand
placed n barrel stave under it to keep
it up. They then found the button
a d turnod out the electric ligh's all
out the house and proceeded to business.
Judging from the condition in
wlli'li things were found when tho
boarders awoko this morning, they
let no room escape, but turned things
In each.
They entered the room occupied by
C. F. Underwood, a fireman on the
yard engine, ami stole n 21-jewel Kl-gin
w.ttch, one black overcoat, two
suits of derk clothe?, ono bat and a
pair of shoes almost new.
From Calvin Kwlsher, n brikeman,
ono black stiff hat, a black coat ami
vest, ri brown suit of clothes, an Odd
Fellow pin which was on the vest,
and a traveling card. The marauders
almost completely divested these
t'Ao men of all Hie clothing they had.
The burglary was not discovered
until tho cook arrived, but several
since remember hearing a suspicious
noise about '2 o'clock.
Mr. Wcs Ilrowii, the railroad man
who has two bloolhuind pups, took
the dogs out nnd attempted to put
them on the trail of tho burglars, but
the dogs couldn't llud it (Juite a
crowd was attracted by Brown and
his logs up to about 8 o'clock, w'en
th- attempt was abandoned.
Turn Anderson, colored, was
before noon on suspicion of
being the burglar, and wns locked
up. It was reported to the police
thaVho shipped ,:i big
to contain the stolen goods, to
Cairo, on Hie Fowler this morning.
Collins telegraphed to the
( afro authorities to seize any bundle
that might be found.
Two Uiul Darkeys llefore .Inline
Sitnilers Today.
Ono Gets, a lllg Flno Tim Other
Ciims Vas Continued.
ltob ltlauk, of Mnylleld, is a
darkey of much volubility. Judge
Sanders told him this morning that
ho would sooner or later talk himself
into the penitentiary, ltlank ami
John Henry Carmen stole a rule on a
"blind baggage" yesterday and wore
arrested in iho Illinois Central yards
by one of tho railroad policemen. A
was taken away from Blank,
ami when the citr hull was reached
Lockup Keeper Kellar searched Car
men and found a pistol on him, uNo.
A tramp doctor named Itoht. lteldeu
was arrested nt tho same time but
released when the city hall was
The cases against the two darkies
were called this morning and Carmen
was lined SAO and costs and sentence
1 to twenty days m jail, lllank
claimed he was only bringing the pistol
to Paducah to have it repaired
1 1 is case was left open.
Judtre Sanders told Blank that an-
Uproar In the ItallutiCliuinb.'i'. other warrant would bo issued
Koine, April 10. auainst him for izrnnd larceny on an
uproar attended of !ld charge Three vears ago Olllccr
the government by Sig Irnbrlana, i Ual Smith hid the warrant in his
tho Social leader, in the Chamber of I pocket on the night ho was
today, who referred to the niitcd, and it was so saturate I with
"cdious policy of lending free lia'y
iu uuiiiiiiii iiicouceivauie acls o
against Greece and to trample
upon the laws of nations. "
Continuing, Sig. luibnani asserted
that Italy was playing tho rolo of u
vassal to the Unbuild, nnd he eulo
gized tho conduct of Greece. In so
doing tho Socialist Deputy vigorously
auacKcu mo riots of Italy nnd tho
concert of tho Foweis, for which ho
wns frequently called to order by the
President of the Chamber and was
loudly cheered by his followers.
Tho Italian Sennto todav iinnmvnl
a reply to the speech from the throne,
expressing ine hopes that tho govern
ment would sueccd in inuinluiuing
its present aeord. wi h tho other
powers, niul would insure pence by
rendering justice to tho peoples of
Greece and Crete.
blood that it had lo be destroyed.
"I tievah stole iiullln at no time,
jedge,', remonstrated Blank.
"Now, look here, you don't mean
lo tell mo that you never stole anything
in you life," tentatively suggested
the judge.
"Nullln ino'n a waia'inillioii,8lio,"
was llio reply, which evoked great
laughter from tho spectators.
The case against Charles Wade,
alias "Snake," charged with cutting
his wife, was lo lay submitted to the
grand Jury by Judge Sanders.
Tin: nkwtakiffTm ll.
It May lie I'wo INiforo it Is
Presented to the Sennto.
Washington, April 10. The Ife-
n oi tho senate com
mlttcc on finance in tliu preparation
of tho tariff bill arc inclined in thci
estimates now to postpone the dnto
of Its presentation to tho sennto a
beyond the limit originally fixed
by them. They express the opinion
that it may bo two wcels
from tho present tunc before it will
bo in shape to lie reported. Some of
them postpone tho timo until two
weeks from next Monday. Tho committee
is making very satlsfalory progress
Willi (ho bill mid ninny of the
schedules have received final
'lion, among them being chemicals
nnd cottons. Nono of tho more
puzzling questions, however, has
been disposed of. The committee lias
deemed it wisest to leave the rales on
wool, sugar, hides, coal, lead ore,
add all other important subjects until
tho simpler matters can be deter
Itightof the
To lie
I bat
President ts Make
V, It bout Cause
Passed On.
Washington. Ap.il 10. Tho Supreme
Court today listened to arguments
in the case of Lewis K.
Jr., against the United Stnlcs,
which involves tho question of the
right of the President to remove an
olllccr without cause before
ho lias served his term.
Parsons was United States District
Attorney for the northern nnd middle
districts of Alabama, was appointed
by President Harrison nnd was removed
by President Cleveland in
May, 18l);J, after he had served about
three years. Parsons declined to
surrender his papers ami nfterward
applied to Iho court of claims for the
fees for the remainder of bis term.
That court overruled bis contention
Hint the President had no power to
remove him except for cause, and the
case wns appealed.
Telegraph and Telephone Vlrcs
Prostrated Hy the Storm.
Indianapolis, April 10. The heav1
rain and snow storm which prevailed
in this vicinity from 0 o'clock yesterday
afternoon until 9 o'clock today.
did great damage to the telegraph and
telephone facilities of this ciiy. It
was not the wind that caused the
damage, but tho heavy water-la len
snow. It accumulated on the poles
until cither the wires broke or Hie
poles toppled over under the wcuht
Up to 7 o'clock this morning it had
been reported that "HO telephone
wires were down.
oi Gun. Fultorton, Lost
YoiighloKhiuiy Wreck.
Wheclinir, W.Va., April 10 The
body of Gen. Joseph S. Fullerton, of
St. Louis, who was killed in a railway
accident on the Billimore & Ohio
road near Oakhnd, .Mil , some weeks
ago, wns found this morning in the
Youghioglieny river. Tho body will
bo scut to Chillicotho for burial.
Work for IliinJreJs.
Bellaire, O., April 10. At Dillon-vale
and Long Kuti, just cast of hereon
the Wheeling and Lake Krie Hall'
road, the two largest coal mUics
were placed in operation today. Over
800 men given work. These mines
liavo not been runninj' in full for a
Cairo's, Streets Under Water.
Cairo, III., April 10. The streets
of Cairo arc Hooded. Tho heavy
rains have raised the seep water until
it lirst filled the gutters and the
down-town business streets, then
ovcrtlowed tho sidewalks, and finally
covered the floors of several business
houses nnd is still rising.
Meet iu a Short Time For
A Li"' Bird Mutch
Arriiiigetl Traps
publican senators who are suting ns appreciated.
is Now Item;
All Found.
There is to lie a called meeting of
the Paducah Gun Club iu u short
tbuufor tho purpose of reorgnui.itlon.
It is also likely that a change of
parks or shooting grounds will be
made, owing to the "occasional
dampness" of Itiyerside'Pnrk.
All the club's elect lie traps, which
were washed away by tho Hood, have
been recovered, and are not greatly
damaged. A live bird shoot is being
arranged for the llrst part of
Tho Baptist MusUulc.
The muslcalo given lust night by
tho pastors' Aid Society of tho First
Baptist church nt the residence of
Mr. J. It. Puryoar, on North Kigiith
street, was well attended. An enjoyable
progiani, which included
several well chosen and fuulllcisly
rendered vocal selections by Miss La
Fayette La Heist, of Clovcrport, one
of Paducnli's must chaiming and
talented you nc visitors, was duly
Another .Minder b'ase Set tied ut
Thijoi.c AguhM Frcit Conuunis
Continued L'ntil
The jury in Hie case against Dock
Oldcu, colored, charged witli killing
Gcyrgc Filzpatrick, this afternoon at
J:$v o clock returned a verdict of
not guilty, and the prisoner was dis
charged from custody.
iho killing oceui red la.t December
nn llrv Ifiv.r l.r.nit I.-I...
'. -. . .m, in..u
eutii and Hubands streets. The two
mel had u quarrel over Fitzpatrick's
striMng ore of Oldcn's chtldicn.
Tho evidence showed nnd the jurv
decMed that tho killing was done in
oo!f defense. Olden hail been in jail
for several months. Fitzpatrick's
body was embalmed, and is still at
Ctsc against F. Cuuneriis, charged
w lilt-maliciously striking Will oday
at to I. C. shops, was continued
until the 2d day of the next September.
A motion for a continuance
was this afternoon filed in
the case of tho commonwealth agiitist
Kd. Owens and Shadrach Gills,
charged with assaulting Whitby
Tho graud jury returned no in
dictments today.
County Committee Deoitles
Have One On May 20.
Tho aro
Fur the Itcpublk
Very Hright
Tim liepublicau Countv Committee
met last uiglit at the Sin olllce and
unanimously decided to hold a
county convention in Paducah for the
nomination of candidates qr.CQjinty
ollices oil May 20.
There was a good attendance, and
reports fiom members in eacli precinct
showed the Kepublican party to
be iu excellent trim everywhere.
This was exceedingly gratifying, and
conclusively demonstrated Hie absurdity
of Democratic lies of the
whole clolh that have lately been
woven by Democratic alleged newspapers.
The convention will bo held probably
at the city hall, and while" nothing
as yet can be forecast, it is sr.id
that a majority is in favor of not allowing
politics to iuterfere iu the cir
cuit judgeship race, where political
prejudice should be entirely laid
The outlook for the Kepublican
party iu McCrnckcu county and the
city of Paducah was never brighter,
and the indications are that it will
sweep everything before it iu the
forthcoming elections.
The Republicans arc very
and all statements about internal
dissension and no harmony are
false from beginning to end.
Unnnnl Chilliness For this Seu:
son of the Year.
I'Iow.ts and Fruit May he Dain-n;;ed
by P.
Karly risers wcro surprised lo liud
a heavy frost this morning. It looked
liken light snow had fallen, and the
atmosphere was excee lingly chilly.
Maikete.s report that there was
probably much damage done lo vegetables
and plants taken from ihc
greenhouses within the past few day.
Tho fruit crop may have been dam
aged to some extent, but whether, l
has or not ioniums to be seen.
Klojtrto liiht Globes ill the Uobms
Glass aid luicciifWtuu tVnipfliiy
An Absolutely PURE
. Bird Seed
Try a pick
If you believe you will need more coal during the month of March you
hac( better order it now The waters are rapidly rising and may cut off our
coal supplies. We have a big stock on hand now and would be pleased to
have yourorders at once. We have only a limited supply of clippings for
kindling so you ha'd better order quick if you need them.
I No dirt nor chaff, at
Drug Store.
re. it H the HKST,
in 9B& jHpH'rkilH
usually sells pair ; if the shoes wear, and are comfortable,
the customer returns when in need of more.
livery shoe vcgelj,is stylish, every shoe wears, every shoe is comfortable
These three attributes Invite, Obtain ana Increase our business.
Have you ever sampled our Shoes? If not, why not?'
A Deputy I
pointed by 31 r,
nun rator
I he public fchools are nourishing
and Hie nvciago attendance during
the part week was 1S0O. There was
quite a difference in the number
present Wednesday ami the attendance
of Thursday, however. On
WedneMby there were 1 Th,, and on
Thursday flOl pupils were absent.
This was an account of tho heavy
& Son
National and New Iceberg Refrigerators
Are superior to an others in Construction, Economy and Durability.
Geo. O. Hart & Son Hardware & Stove Co.
303-307 Broadway.
Third Street.
$o&?yvv' ' &-$
i, $y v v'W
A Sttihloti Slump in Attendance
prevails a great deal of measles in the
city. The interference of liigl
waterispast, but an epidemic or tno
above named malady has seriously
interfered with tho attendance for
some time.
An-J 7
and Turnouts
. ,
Mr. J. Morton Moore has been
appointed deputy school ccnsiu taker
by Mr. W. A. Wicklilfe, who is on
the grand jury. Ho has the First
ami Second wards in which to work.
Now lineof .hall hurijls iirt n
ucivcil at' Hie Itobius Glass smd
Dr. Kdwurds. specialty. Eves JJar.
Supt McBroom reports that there Nose nnd'Throat, Padpcah, Ky. ly
- - -
Speudld Kntcrlnlnnient.
IB' t
w i
. e Cinematoscope entertainment
at Morton's opera house was well
patronized last night and this after
boon. Tho exhibition gains In popu
larity at each performance, nnd to-Ar
night the entertainment promises lo
p be attended by a packed house.
Soeuil Purity.
liu There will bo a meeting of tho
Q married men of Paducah at Y. M.
C A. fj Sim day afternoon nt I p. in.
to further consider the Bureau or
Education for Social Purity. A full
attendance of married men is desired.
Ho Was Lowkcd Up.
Wm. Borncmann, a stranger, was
arrested this afternoon by Olllccr
Win. Whcelis on a charge, of indecent
exposure. S. II. Denton is tho
plaintiff. -"
Try Bocl'jnou'S entire wheat Hour.
Phono 259. :
- -
Wtfll B 3fil !l J BKriiiiiiiTfiB
f li.'hK'WiMMMiJIB
'registered &26fcj&&&
y BARRY a HBilPRGER, Telephone 70. TON $8.2!

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