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The Ilnvrulinn'TroAly Will Oct
fiti tii Iifltnlli .Mottled And Will
(in lo Suiuto boon.
Offimngtoii, (Juno 13, A. fnjatj
rer tho annexation Hawaii to
Slates will lib sent to the Senate
booh nftr tlio return of the
linlcss present plans nro niter-
'bd. Tlio Irmly has been written nnd
nil IU detnlU were lully agreed upon
burorc tho rrcsident nud .Secret nry
.Shcrmnti left for tlio South. There
Is. no doulit. 11 . In . nlil. , lit the l'resl.
cut's aauicceneo to the terms ol
Iho treaty lor the reason that lie was
lully aware of them before lie left,
Tlio Unity is on tlio general lines of
tlio treaty negotiated during the ad
ministration of President ,HBnrrison,
mm wmmrawu oy l'reiiucw
land. It provides for annexation
without the exaction of conditions on
the part ol the Hawaiian as. to tbu
form of e.o eminent to Ikj vouchsafed
to Hawaii, Icating that question to
lc entirely dltpoied of by lliu
titcnt of the United States
The United Staler will agree, how-ever,
to aMiitne thu dehl of Hie
Hawaiian go eminent, hut will
conic into itmsvitsioii of nil tlio
Hawaiian crown lands and other
Several senators liavurctCHcd
information concerning tlio ex
i.tcucc of Iho trenty, and aro well acquainted
with its terms, though thoy
refuse to discuss thu tnattcr, having
received tlio information in confidence.
Tlio knowledge, of the existence
of the treaty ha Urn
lo ineiulterd of the coniinittce
on foreign relations, nnd alio to members
of tlio finance ruiniulltio. In
the Itcpuhlicau caucuses the subject
ol tlio tivaly had been hinted at, but
in rather a vagtio Iiuiiincr.
Senators asserted that there
were in progress negotiations looking
to annexation, lint they would not
ti that they knew a treaty had
loen drawn, nor would they give any
assurance tliat it would noon bo sent
to the Senate. In private conversation
with other Senators, however.
thoygaxo Information that wai definite
enough to tlio? with
whom they talked that the lrcat3' was
not only to Ik sent in, but that it was
uow already drawn mid only awaiting
the the signatures of the ollicers
of the two governments to complete.
Jt is known tliat Iho approval of
the Committee on Foreign lteliitiotis
is assured, as eight members of the
committiti liave approved IU terms.
This will enable thu commltto to
report Iho treaty to tho Senate,
so tint it may bo taken up immediately
after tlio tariff bill Is
of. , ,,
Tlio Senate has )on canvassed to
ascertain the extent of Iho Senators
favoring annexation, and while there
nro some Senators who aro non-committal,
the supporters of tho proposition
say they believe that thoy can
count upon the two-thirds vote nee-
isuijf f lustuu laiiiiviiiiuij,'
l'Ki:SII)i:.NT AltltlY.iS
And Takes, Up Appointments T'liin
Slohilng. ut
Washington, Juno 15. Tho Presidential
party arrived as per program
this inuniing and the President at
once wcvl to his olllce and took up
otUeial bigness. It is believed a
number of important appointments
will bo made today. Kcutuckluiis
aro consumed with expectancy'
A Tilt Ilutwccii Hoar and Till-Mini
in tho Senate.
' ' '
t j
One voto TaUoii 2 to 2!) In' Favor
ol Suifar Schedule, ,
Washington, Juno 11. Tlio Senate
dcbat6'on"lhc sugar schedule of
tho tariff bill proceeded today with
only one diverting incident to relievo
tho monotony Into which tho discussion
had lapsed. Thjs was thu sharp
exchange between Mr. Hoar, of
Mossacliuscttsj nml, lr, Tillinnn, of
South Carolinn, representing tlio two
extremes of senatorial procecdure,
Mr. Tillman again referred to
charges ol Irregularity In
with thu sugar scheduloj and
asserted Hint tho Senate would aland
convicted before thu American
plo if it failed to Investigate Iho
charges. Mr. Hoar calmly and impressively
repelled this statement, his
toiiu and lauguago.bcing, calculated
as n rebuke. Ho declared tho vagno
charges of irregularity wero not only
preposterous, but infamous.
Mr. Allisou, iu charge oUbp Jill I,
made another Hpeooh defonno of
tho sclu'ditlo, probtntlng tables vhlch
ho declared proved that tho sugar
rwuivod loss iirotcctlon, tuider
.i... u,.nnt schedule Willi Tinder the
cxistiug hw. Mr. I'ulUgrow $..)
spoko at length in lavor ol his amend-
mont to place on tho frco listfhrjioles
controlled by UubIh, arraigulng tho
various largo trusts. Mr A'len
(Neb.) urgctUegal proccdurtfitjnlnsl
tho trust. $ '
Only olio, roll-cull occurred jlilrmg
the tlay, on Sir. Lindsay's
to placo nil sugars on tho same
basis. This Was rejected 20to 2f.
Mr. MdKncry (La.) oted with: tho
Kcpublicans lu Iho negntUe, and
Scirators 1'ettlgrew nnd AInntIb villi
Iho democrats lu the nlllrmntivo.
Tor un'Old Crime. s
rrinecton K" June 15. Mosel
t,.Tf.;. . :,.. 7j.i ....t" -i ...?. .. i
uuuoy Aiueti i.eu iioiiuau. imy id
years ago. No a6llonrwai'takeri
Saturday, when tho grand
him for murder. Ho
and lodged in Jail an'l h 'trial
will take placo Friday ncxt.l'ho
principal 'tuessMis to the uffalr aro
still livln.'. Ho man .'nuimcwu
on account of illicit relations between
Hobby and his wife.- "
To l'lll n Vacancy.
Princeton, Ky., Juuo IB. A j)
Moore was sclectcil by the Joint all-
vcrito and l'opulist committee
lillthc vAenhcrrfW3ooirtv
attorney taiused by Vif
J. T. Coleiutui, tliuiresut iioiuliuw.
Mr. .Moore was n candidate for tiic
position before tho' April primary.
Chargoil With Abilucting a (ilil.
Mayilcld, Kj'., ;Jimib 1 1 lldu
Harney, white, lias been arrestdd
charged with going, with Jack John
son, to tlio House ot J. M. Kirkiaivi
add nbdueting KlrkTand's tlilrTcci
year-old daughter Uarircyf adtilils
beiair an accessory w rth t Jiditibtn
The latter hits not Ijccil fouuil. .
J. It. KHVlli
Noinliuitcd by Democrats Hor
Mayor of Princeton,"
l'rlnecton, June l.'i.Ai tlio DOiik
oeralie city convention this morninc
J. II. Kevil was placed in nomluatioo
to bear tlio Democratic standard j a
Uccwutjs thu.Will roscy Murder
vS' Case.
.. :. ( . ....I .-. m .; -
.iiutcJiouiini wut!oii i iiiiiecr
hiiics Today. What
lie Sajh.
, f !
Tom Jackson and William J h
son, Hie colored suspeeLs under
at MvuiphU chtu'ged with the
murder uf Will l'oscy hero l.it week,
will be releaswl. Tlio case
is now shrouded in mystery, and the
pollco here aro doubly perplexed.
Mate Hunan), ot the towhoal It.
A. Seetl, on which Will Steenson 'y
and 11l Posey wSre deck lifliiiU be
fore tho murder, was In nbotit -'daylight
tills morning and claimed to
Olliter Jones that ho saw tho two
men under arrest - at Memphis-stab
l'oey on tho bow of the boat at
Cairo Friday before she reached here.
He read a dispatch in a paper announcing
Posey's death in the hospital
here, and supposing the murderers
wero wanted here, wrote to
Marshal Collins.
To all appearances, however,
Posey's wound was fresh on Hie Saturday
night it was dressed hero and
was Itilllctod in tho coopur shop nt
First .ami1 Washington street by
Grant Stevenson. Tlio 'wen In Jail
at Memphis admit they killed a, wan
at Cairo, and tho toatc on tho boat,
who saw tho attack, said Posey was
the victim. Yctl'oscywas stabbed
here on the night following tho affair
at Cairo, and by n man ou tho same
boat, the Speed. Thus tlio matter
stands, and tlio authorities hero will
order the men released so far as tiny
aro concerned. If, I lair 6 wards thcrn
miio 6an order llio'iu. holdi il'l.
'J,'wo l'ilils Last Night That
T NVro Almost Serious. ,
(lie JNirtitdpailtH.Vrs,
r re n mm i and MM'kcd Up ,
; 'JJob Sraithtiljl, nojJiiTuMolrn
g:ipc( in i'0gi.th&t q$A tUj
sun of winch iMolctt was badly cut
about the heaibwjlh the butt end of a
pistol. Moth urrested this fore-
i il"'r
CliasDiiernnd Chas Pool, colored, pc
engaged In" 'ti " flghV near Tnnth"nrl
Waslilngton streets hwt iptght, and to
Pucr Ciii'at l'oil.y slash'iug his coat.
Both we're arrostod'by' Ofllcer Crow
and locked up to aw,ajt adicaring.
'opspiooirrutjsi i:l
)Vin.LWlitnjKAvked tp Hocome
- - -
ir tandidato.
MiJ Yw. J Wbllu..' :'
Knowing youjo, bo u livo,rprogrc3i
si'vd'.nmii, witli'UiQtlutcrest oftthocity
at heat I, ivujaskyou to , bjonM
caudidato for school trustee, aiul
promise you our vote and lsur6
. - - i -iy
eating, if tho
food baa beou' kept sweet mid tasty
ill n.iKjmi or i.ijouaru
t J&r
" Wanted, jv
""ftvfRQPfli'Jl'OCtaJtlelold persons
to live on and take euro of a place.
tjo rent for ho right person. Ad-
dcs L, c M&,
The South African Diamond
King, Jumps Overboard.
I'lesUeiil ArYltcd at WiiHliliictun
mid Takes Up Appointments.
London, June It. A special dig-
riin Tnnr1lft1 lulntnl nf
""", ""v "
Madeira, off the '! C0ist
says that on tho arrival ''f'rc
today of tho llntlsli steauiship Seol,
which lelt Tablo liny, (Capo Town)
on Juuo H, for Southampton, It was
announeed that Harney llarnrtto, tlio
South Africa "diamond king" who
wris amoiig'lhe piissngers, had
suicide by le:ping oycrboanl.
Ills ikdylwna rt'ioviircd.
Iondou, June 15. The 'Uailv
Telegraph,'' which announces the
deatli of Harney Harnato while a
on the Scot from Capo 'lowu,
says, on tho authority of a
news agency, that he fell overboard.
Harney Harnato was In many respects
the mosircmarkahlcipcculator
of the century. Uf nil the
who have? tnkcn part in the
Uevijloprnciit dfl .So'titlj Africa two
only have 'secured a -world-wide
Thcso hayo been Cecil
llhodes atid'lWniclllsaacs, more of
ten and less respectfully styled Harney.
Harnato was an assumed name
u sort of stage name for he began
his lifu in South Africa by exhibiting
trick donkey, some twenty-live
years ago. He was then nbout 20
years of age.
Harnato was an English Jew mid
lljustrateiLJu way
the (lnancinl genius of his race. Up
to the point, fbcre Ids fortunes begau
to decline! hu iflade'iuouoy by leaps
and bounds, and in 18H5, when his
good fortune was ut its zenith, he
was estimated to control interests
Kortji lu tho neighborhood of n hundred
million pounds. It was the
fashion to call hfm tho richest man
in the woild.
Slocks l)eiiioralW.c! ly
HI SiilcMo.
The wnsatlonal suicide of Harney
Harnato tlie hoiilli African diamond
ng, has li:id tlio effect to
isontn African stocks lu
which lhirojaa u tlcl'idcil ' panic today.
Tuki'ii Up jit llontouriiis Morn-
- )
Will ill nil Probability Coinu to
. Trial.
ru'i v --.
The Ioah Franklin murder case
alledjn the Hauton circuit court
uiis morning, ana uie worK or
aqry, liich jnay consume a
ilaypr Uo. liegaL'
Judgiug Irom appearances, the
itiso wjll go to trial. Attorneys
Cjrossliind, Hradshaw nnd Harris will
prosecute, tint Greer, Heed an,d
Oliver will defend. There is considerable
interest manifested In the case.
lujt no cygjlenicnroTcr.it.
I .
And tlio J'redlcanlont Hi AVhteli It
' (Jot rl Voting .linn.
An amusing epccldolc w.i3 presented
this morning? -n Tltinl and
Hloadway. xfr, Fomjoellumctt was
stiKtiiig ncarlho crossfng when a
f:riuer (JrovtLpas.t iu WAgou.
MrJ Uurr.eit parried ufi.lcr his arm
liniT)rellnwitli hooked handle,
and tho mules passed up near tliat
tlje bridle caught In Ihb lldok of the
linibrclla. Tho occurrence was so
ijdden that Mr. Hurncttdid not have
tiyie.to lliid out the occasion of it,
bijt hgld, horoigally to the parachute,
and was" dragged for sbino little distance
before lie recovered his com-
sure extricated himself fiom
ins mmum auu.jw.es.. ;ruo jarnier
i. '. .i . i.i'
tliouglit Mr. liuriclt Imd made con-
nection ohTviitriloJ, and 'wanted to
us : ; n club on Uiui for frlghleuing tho
mutes, l '
VdiiiiK I idyof Collieinvillo DIch
JUsgJ.Collilfj 'ngcl 1GL u well
kinJwn young lady
dieil.last uiiihlt runw burns received
,Vyer h nnriitu.fngt)rvTbo remains were
buneilidtlio:fa graveyard this
Sojeral Speeclies Mado nt Ilcnlon
it r -ft '. i
'ljicre wasYspcakInir ntlHcnton
terd ly by thoi various it
beii tho first day l circuit court.
T m1 leglshttivt) caiidld,ales, J. l. U
Wy ttfJWi Ot Holland and Elder'D.
M. preen spoko, being followed by
Dr. Hobb3and Joe Kdrington,. candidates
for the slate scnatorshipj
It is understood that tho' candi
thtfbcijltaianlwure Co. V nt
. V
Y .H 111 J" f
- 4
..J I y ' " r A . - . - I " r - jw j
I,, i nr l l
f ,v TPBr
ff ; J v4 -A v" TV-
mm am ot I .!4AW' I"Mjivi 1
dates for thq circuit Judgeship nnd
Commonwealth attorneyship wprQ
present witli exhaustive addresses
enumerating their respective merits,
but tho time required to hear (hem
Was not forth, coming.
Two Popular- I'adiicnh Girls to be
Married. i
Tho hirirriagb of Miss Louise
Speck, of Hid city, 'and Mr. Snin J.
Holcntinc, of Nashville, will take
place, as previously announced, at
IS'XO tomorrow morning at the Ger
man Lutheran church, llcv.
At f o'fcloek tomorrow morDiu
Jilss niiiinle j'iko, dadghlcr of Mr.
W. II. Pike, will iio tfinrricd to 'Mr.
Kobt. J. Stockman, Rev. lrlmi
Janscn olllciating.
A Short Session Held This Morii
Three Alleged W Ho Heaters on the
Conrml Hoyd, colored, was charged
with slnppiug his wife, iu Judge
Sanders' couit tliis morning.,,. Aa it
wits bis first appearance for sueli offenses V
he was lined $20 and'llip
costs. r
ilames Campliell, colored ,wafihe3
$10 and costs for striking his Wlry1'' i
Tho case against Phil Stephon,
charged with keeping, .1 'disorderly
house, was continued
A oa.se against Hd A.veritt, for A
breach of the peace, was r, continued
until tomorrow. ,
Albert Itoofmurk was. fined 814for
drunkenness. i
TUP. W. C. T. l.
District Convention to hu Held
Hero Next 'lliiirfdny;
Tho W. 0. T. U. District
will be in session ono day nnd
dvcninjr, Thursday " Jllue. ITtlu in
the Cumberland Presbyterian church,
Padueah, Ky., The. program is as
' '
MuiiNfNtf Si:.siTNr yocr.ocif ,.
I Ounrnllna t.illil lu order by IibtCrlcl G
i. neoli(iuulxcrcM Mrs, Vxxl
3 llll'lllC Ol
mi i.'nirtrultt'DS oa
ana I'nlii Slcnil.
I JJVmfvrtttca lA'Kion"
Mm. lloweB.i UKcr,;':;
S l)luislon by.JelrtfBtpij,
8 I'aper'Vonng Women' Work ' MIsj
lliiflah ItongUor. '
DUruMloD byV, Worknr.
Wurh Mi. Inrr.
i. ()ufj.tltn Uox CuJil'il l'" Mm. Finn
i:. licmchAmp.
0 barno to lio CoiiKiittyn Mrs Dorothy
10. bt OfflnTt lit .ILstrlct. '
It .MfioaUdt) IHtMlUouul Hour Ciinilucuil
by Mrs. AtnanJa
KVHNINU Sllhsltl.V.sOCUK'IC. '
I. ' DerotlouHl Keclo Mrs. (cVulza
8. NIiiuki rf Momlutf ' '
X lifforttil i:.rt'iin('ouiwlltta
I. .Movlir'Mtilluj CViulucloil, by Ifs.
k r)lMuim byibe Mothers.
0, lTutvc Wlllaid tllHinn, rpcue xitk
tlieillrcus.iloiiJv.il'' Mm. KriniuJ K. Ueau
aluiutK t ,
7. Work-Mr. Knnu Kojc.
H Haiia "IIUtt n tho Tie Vbat tlluds to
lloyutlotnl UXercLie,
,tiMreits by ihaSJUtK l'reciaenl, Mm, Krin-
Visitors, to W. C. T. U.. District
Convcuiion. Mrs, Francis C.
State President Kentucky
W. C. T. U., will be Iho guest of
Mrs. Dorothy Koger, Mrs. Martha
Grassham tho guest of Mrs;
Vox; Mrs. kallie Hubbard, the finest
of Mrs. John Hall; Miss Hculah
llodghbr, tho guest of Hector Reed's
family. Delegates from Fulton,
Mnylleld.JUeiiton, Murray Kddyvlllc
and Smithland names not given.
To Kentucky and Tennessee Inventors
during the past week, ltepotted A,
by 0. .A. Snow & Co.j talent
Washington, 1). C,
J. K. Hsrelay, Hunting Green,
Ky,, bottlo.
W. K. Haxter, Frankfort, K'y.,
cooking npaiatus.
Mv M. Lyon, Coiugton, Ky., typewriter
f "
cabinet. T
J, l'ciiniiiglon, KdiiKiiiton, Ky., a
M.1I. HuthtixfolfCoxrytonlcun.,
" '" "-'-,1.
wgeil or
iVIieatley, Mempui8,Tcna ,
UAlly bv l.cyualti Coraimny.)
Phicago, HI., Juno 15. "July
wheal gpeued ntT 7038, highest
Sept. corn opened .Rt MH amj
doled '" 1 ' -
Sept. frija, iUbiittilljIfeiJa and
closed ut lBJe .
July pork opened at $7.(15 nml
eloiel at $755.
July lard opened at $8.75 and
closed nt $3.72., at
Sunt, ribs opened at 'JI..VJ and
closed nt $4. 47.
" "
Hradstrcet rojKjrtoJ of
(Jit'i orn ...'i.'rA y '- ...
iu'j"iuu uiiuviB wueai lor worm's
visible supply.
I p-" ;
It,'8 u very good wbrld lo Jive in,
you own (i Jqwett or Leonanl
cioannuu rgfritertUof, atu Uiem ut 1
On Hie Jlustliiitr Illinois Central
t, K?' VU ':'.. .
KltlitNew Depots Jiiht Finished
Up the Hond IncrenBC' Iii
' Speed Coiitcmpiatcd.
There U .how more work being
done from Louisviilo Jo Memphis on
tho Illinois Central in one w"eU than
wiu luc in former times in rt year.
ThU Is no exaggeration. A person
who has not seen for himself has no
lde tthat.a vast amount ol
is being done.
Workmen yesterday began laying
henyy steel tracks from Louisville to
West Tolut, a distance of
miI5J, In order to reduce time. The
nlignment of the road at this point is
the best on the division, being almost
Htralnlitj and fifteen or Iwenty rnin
lite i of lost t'um ihu )m made up there
without dillieulty.
The, intention is to from time1 fo
tlmo lay hcav' steel rails all over tlio
Hlvnioa,'fiUimately rcdiiCltrg the time
"iight'nejv depots llnVCjust been
coiuplefed, seven passcligcr and ono
e:ombinaHom'deprrtr,tlliIattef 'at Central
City. All the rdeputa have slate
" '
Tin; heat was so excessive- in, the
IlliiiQU Central. , yards, yesterday,
wherq finprovcmentf aroundcj (Way,
that.$cvcral pfhc brek. masons, jlnuj
to J-y off,, auij' ,gq lyiaie , .to escape
prostration byjipat, vTho
jusrou)s(ije,Cle;c jqjwa' . olicp,
at if :30. registered LUi dcyrevst(bul
it w.1 intVe sun, t fToda,),, most ,of
tho workmen, reu,iifc their, labois,
ChlLT K. ' W.
Howscr jmssed throtfgli tn'o tlifs
iiiorninfjr, eh rotrteMf thfc'road from
Fultou. "" -' ",rJ -'" '
. -. - - " i H ii i'
, Ticrcwore eevoral wiud nnd raini
sic.iils all up and down the. Illinois
Jast, night-but thero was no
damage except iu the temporary derangement,
of a (ok. wtrw,. . - .
Capt. Jacobs came ocr pus, jr)Prn
ing from Hrooklyn on, the transfer
boat, to purchase a new shaft for. the
Freil elH..
Supt. Wv-J. Harahau and family
left last night on their private car for
W. A. Vnntresc. n blacksmitli at
jthe sh6ps, liad his left had painfully
ljiirned yesterday, men temporarily
tlisaliles him.
Tbo shop soon
flnlsheil, ttio briok work being
Traveling Auditor H. Adams, wife
and baby, were in tho city today and
went south at uooit.
Mr. A. J. Mclhjtt, formerly ntghl
watchman at tbc Short l.ino dfcppt;
will nrrivc in a day or two on a isit
friends. He now lives at
The rier front grading is progressing
rapidly, ami today twenty
seven tennii were at work. Contractors
Harnc9 nnd Halloran say they
will complete the work before the
specified thirty days.
Agent John MiiMhill, of
was over this morning to kcc his
daughter, Mattie, who 1ms been
ill of malarial fever. She is
now better, however.
Two Vt'ttrs' Sufferer From
Clironic liliuuiimtisia
Casts Ills ' Crntf lie.s Asid'o anil
WautsjTliopi No More.
The following written tflatcmcnt of
wonderful cure accomplished by the
boy faith direst. Brown, Is furuidied
us by a" col hjslJuinlent 1
JYcsterday afternoon at tho homq
of i.. 2. umnaugii, 7iu jonth
.Mr. Troutman, formally foreman
of the 1. T. & ,A. sloops, was
ntpst wonderfully healpd, of
tddtigh he hnd been
unliblc to take 'a step without
help for more than two years.
Hu was cairled In.on n'chair, nnd after
hq had cierctbcd Vjs faith ai,o)o
slid walked out of (he liouso to his
carriage, with n lilte aid of two people.
Ho left his erulcljert bcliiud hijn,
saying ho didn't want them, any
mote. Klder Hrown nnd his son, tlm
Hoy Treacher, arc holding meetings,
Itho N6rthern Methodist church,
mid' klndl' inite nil to hear him.
fioy say, nro iho food of
lovii, but fool brings the. smile of
lovq if it has been kept iu n Jewett
or J.eonard clonnablu refrigyrator.
Uoit't mako a mistttko ami gc Iho
wrmg kind. Scott Hardware Co.,
havo the genuine. lljt,
W-i --- Jn.
I cndli r .V Iyddu, the shoo
ers, for
Rubber Hose.
Wo handle only good hose, of recognized quality,
which we sell at the very lowest prices, ranging
irom uc per
in flhe cr
Bo you
Hardware and Stove Company,
109-1 17N.
"We Have Them."
Graen and
in Oxfords
Cheap Goods for
Great Bargains
Come and see!
On account of damage by fire to my stock of Dry Goods, Clothing-,
Boots and Shoes, Hats and Caps, etc., I will from and after this date
continue to retail my stock of goods, at No. 215 Broadway, Padueah,
.Ky., at very low prices. Come and see if you want great bargains.
Call and ee our
St)les in
Quick Sales and Small
is Our Motto
Boys, you can buy
Shoes bought of US shincd Ircc
loot up. The best hose
need a Lawn Mower? We
can sell you one fbr $2.
321 Broadway.
Green, Patent Leather Tans,
Chocolate and Ox Blood Oxfords
Tennis Shoes from us
You Neea Nice Suit, .
1MMCK to with . Urn Umcs.
suit iu compare
When you call on your best girl, and of course ,0.1 want
How would an Kngllsh Serge, Clay Twill, Clay Wowtcd, or ono of those import, dbcotcl. iNovcltto. suit
you ? ro"liovo them at nil prices in summer weights If you want to appear well call at
Suits made to Order, I1JII TflM'O TAILORING
$3.7i and up. 338 Broadway.
t' 1
303-307 Broadway
D Lace
, , j iu .'.fi iii
.,.)' ! il
at 20 cents a pain

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