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Wfr - 5 h
WHAT IS IT? A HEAT CURER. If you nro broken out FKObi' will givo jou
innnt rolief and will euro you in ono p'-V. ' ' &Mo& or blistered by tho heat you will alwaja
... .l.-i...i it .... r .! nronnrfttioiv. Chi mr ilriiR Btoro, Seventh, aha Jackson, or send jsa
in i iimiiviui
.i i. rii .iniiimr n im!tl tn
auu no " "'- ""-
J. D. BACON & CO., SolftJMEaEers,
Complete LlMtf
of oar
Years of
Sead (or Catalogufe.
6efia olftf two-en tUBip. oi a deck Monarch Plajlrw
, Uhwirienr UIHan KaaMll, Ton Monarch Cooped
RICBafdaon art Watur Jooe. lguljr 50c iM.
Yes, we're overstocked. Who'll
help us? We've got to get rid of
Summer Shoes. 1 This is July
and just the timeyou need them
60 Cents.
Buys choice of ityle and quality in
' Nos. i to .1. see our oaus ana
VrWCanvass Shoes.
i tot child's, 8 to ii, 48c; one lot
misses' J 2 to 2, 58c. Just the
1 lot women's (sizes broken) white
duck, 50 cents.
1 lot men's pat. calf low shoesV
$1.19, cheap at S2.00.
1 lot men's Kangaroo low shoes,
$1.98, were ?3 to $5.
1 lot misses block and brown strap
slippers, 75c, were gi.oo.
20 per ct. Discount
Friday; July 16, wc will give 20
per cent off on any and all low
shoes (jobs not included). Goods
sold in this sale must be fitted on
and paid for to get benefit of distant
Bring us yotp repairs.
Ellis, Rudy &
. . .
Contains some of the oldest
drugs known to man, yet the
application of them is the newest
thing underilie sun. Have
you used it for heat ? Stops
tiint burning.itching
that kept you awake last
night at oncej It sells for 25
4 T.H Broadway.
MofiSy refunded If itjdoes not cure.
TPrtiea leaviniytlio city tor
tho summer can iuro me uaiiy
v.iNBintHedto thqir address for
- -
... .
anv part ot the c v. A trial bottlo for
Ml the
World Loves
a Winner"
Louisville, July 17. Showers.
Probably fair Sunday.
For a few days only. Riley's
Oab. Photos 9Gc per doz. 13J3
gentlemen r ladioso travel for
snnnsiblo. bouse in
cah. Monttu$b5.00jand expenses
Position stead v. Refererfci. En
close self -addressed s(anrpcdj envel
ope. A no dominion v,uiujmuji
DcpU Chicago., 17Jlm
lOo wall paper fofUKc per roll
and flno emlpssed paper for 10c per
roll at C. C.TTeo's. . "10j2
Edit, ai'.ln Retires.
Inbdnvls issue of
Cities, published a Eo&ly ville,
tor'W. w. Martin-, wiiouiau 1 icecr in
oarge for serenyoars, Vretiri jMr.
ohn L. Smith having putcli sseu tuc
ntire paper.
The Bicdcrman. Grocery Co. re
eelved a crjoad di v chicken
W I ' I - ' "
Kither in Yeiser Park or on SeV'
onth strcdt between Washington and
uouri, niiDiiiuu vyuui uajic
blue and wUltc. ?inderNwiil
brine to E. V. Bocki
andFo rewarded. 6j2
Oranscs and Bananas at Jake
Biederman Grocery..
Keal Estate Transfers
JolurrJ.'arker deeds to Ma uici
Parkarf for$ld atidJaopjUsffec J
tson; propcrvUSTxth and
nee Directs.
Jloatiujf the Jnil.
It is likely that, arrangements will
be tho Committee appointed
to look altetheating tUfljajl to have
tho heat fureisheArom
boiler by whiWtbe court house is to
bo heated.
Wc have fitted up' ono of the nicest
barber shopsjtrthc state in tho room
next door,wDctzcl, formerly occupied
byJeAisettDr n restaurant. We
have employed Kelly Aycnt and Sandy
Slayden, two well Hnown barbers,
to assist us. Ourmptto is polite attention,
clean towels, and sharp ra
zors. Thanklne.lour customers for
past favors, and' asking them to con
tinuo with ill, and the public at
large, wo remain,
Will Lott and David Taxnku
Fiftvccnt window shades for 30c.
The largest pictujresVancl fraracs'for
the least money nt Q. CSds. g2
Dr. Edwards, Specialty, Eyes, Ear
Nose and Throe, Padocab, Ky. ly
Xho Robins Glass atntQuccnswarc
Co.'srtjeclal sale, Mondiy, July 19,
bctrins on:
Glasses' at aac per
Glass Top Jelly Ghuses at 42c per
Water Bottbs, LOc each.
China IcoEtcajh Saucers at 75c
set (G), worth $1.25. Somo moroat
81.00 set (fj), worth $1.50.
China cheap at 81.25
set, willsell or 75c per set July 19.
ChiuaVButtcr Dishes, woro 75c,
now 3Cc each.
In Bluo Bonn r
Cream Pitchers at 10c each, wero
20c. I
3-Pint Pil chcrs, 25 d each, wero
Ico Ucara Saucers, 15o set (C),
woro j c.
' w t, VCcoa eh, wero 35c, I
p 1 1 In Mantle and
Table V in" 11
Mondiv V lf. For Cash
Only. 1!)J5
Fred Ruby, of ETanitille, is at the
F. P. Macheo,yof EddTvllle, is at
tho Palmer. '
Jerro TT. ReasqrjOf Mayflold, is at
the Palmer. "
A. W. Younf , of Alton, 111. , Is at
the Palmer. J
Frank P. Kidd, 0 Lexington, is at
the Palmer.
A. L. E. Morton, of Baltimore it
at tho Palmar.
Miss Jennie Schodell, of Benton, is
ft". Hotel Gllberto.
C. II. Eggner, of Aurora, Ky., is
at Hotel Gllberto.
Mr. T. C. Leech and wife leave tonight
for Crcal Springs.
Mrs. Victor Tan De Male returned
at noon from Cernllan.
Judge Bishop west up to CalTcrt
City today, on business,
Mr. H. F. Lyon wont up to Gil-
bortsvllle today, on bnsinefs.
IGcorgo Bcrnhard, the retail shoo
man returned home last evening.
Miss Lottie Boswcll left at noon
for Hickory Grovo qn a visit.
Mrs. Gus Thomas, of May field, is
visiting Mrs. Gcorgo Flournoy.
Mr. Lee Mitchcl) ot 913 South
Eleventh street is on tho sick list.
Mr. and Mrs. II. D. Phillips are
parents of a girl baby, born this
Mr. Julius Rotbchild is expected
tomorrow from Louisville to spend
Mr. J. Leslie Thompson loft this
morning for Elkton, Ky. , to spend
Mr. C. C. Covington has gone to
Ashcvillc, N. Cf, on a visit to
Mrs. George flournoy has
from a visi to relatives in
Messrs. Harry 'Livingston and
Adolph Rotbchild loft at noon for
Chicago on business.
Attorneys Gua Thomas and J. T.
Webb, ot Mayfleld, 'cams up this
morning on buslaess.
Mr. Z. G. Tanscl who works at
tho I. C. shops is n very sick man
at his homo on South Eleventh street.
Mrs. Minnie Elmore left at noon
for her homo in Memphis, after a
visit to her father, Mr. J. M. Hut.
Mr. W. E. Grigsby, reported yesterday
as threatened by blood poisoning,
is better, and it is said is in
no danger.
Misses Dora Davis and Ina Vincent,
of Fulton, passed through the
titp at noon en route to their home
'in Fulton, from a visit to Calvert
Mrs. W. M. Mitchell, of (the city,
was called to tho bed side of her
mother at .Calvert City, who is reported
as being in a dangerous condition.
Mrs. John Perkins, of South
Eleventh street, has gone to Todd!
county to attend tho burial of her
grandfather, who was
years old.
Mrs. G. W. Buffalo and son, Mr.
Gfp. W. Buffalo, Jr., left at nooa
for their home In" Oxford, Miss.,
after a visit to daughter, Mrs. Ed.
Overs treet.
Mrs. Win. Janes and dan
Miss Williomotta and HttloJolTBrent
leave on the ClyJtkiiui&cnJnff for
f Paris Landing ron visit to
For Mason Fruit Jarf und i'.h fruit
cans at the lowest ices go to
17J3 M. h. JoNr.9.
Nice ash 8tovpjrood, delivered
promptly to any part pf the city.
Telephone 29. E. E. Bel.
Found by Electrician Suilfh Wlioro
1( Und Ucen Hidden,
The clothing stolen from tho residence
of Dr. W. II. Sanders, in Arcadia,
was found yesterday by
Smith of tho Paducah Street
Railway Co., covered up in the corner
of a fence where the thief had
concealed them.
Mr. Smith lives fully a mile aad a
half from Dr. Sanders,
Barnes' home, henccfhe thief
held to them a long Vay. Tho
jyatches and mopcy werenot in the
Last call for ason class (ruit
jars and tin fruit cans at M. E.
Jones. 17J3
FoLsoJe, I
At the Sum ofllco old naners. nic
nnd clean, just the thing to put un
dcr carpets and on shelves. 35 cents
per hundred.
Highest Honors World's Fair,
Qold MMUI, Midwinter pair.
m I is to
Q . A
powiiui aqt buu
A Hn Oft-K Cntm fc( TerUr Pit itr. and
The GreH.JiMale
At Paducah Auction
Just received from our eastern buyer an iir,v
slstlngdf Men's Ladles' oud Children's SI
AIcn Jrlno Shirts and underwear,
iuw (juuus nuru iiyuguv lit i. (,'to' miti
rcccivo tho bcafltSof our purchase.
Thoc"aTly bird secure tho choicest woj como early to sccuro
tho best bargains Tho weather
begins Monday morning and continues until every thing is sold.
250 prs mon's best work
BhooB. regular f 1,60 quality, .1 nn
go In this salo at 5J..UU In
200 pre mon's One dross
D,.u,BU. r,'uu 'iulimJrji ok
go In this salo at Jpl.iOl go
200 prs nion'a very flno
dross Bhoes, viol klcl, ox-bloods
tans and blacks
In. " m W... ! l.l
M.i f,uv ijuumj', jju 111 turn (ti i
salo (or JpJL.I
Ladles' flno elippors, nil
stylos. Tnoeo :oods ranged
In prices from il.i ,00 to fl,20
and co In one lot (or .50c
Ladios' flno kid shoes Inco
or button, regular f2,00 qual
uy, go ror $1.00
You cannot afford to miss this snlc
238and 230 Court St.
Accident nt the Piiducali Ice
Factory this Afternoon.
People In tho Neighborhood Ab
most SulTocatc.
An ammonia pipe burst at tho factory
of the Paducah Ico Company.on
First street near Broadway, about
2:30 o'clock this afternoon in charging
a drum, with the effect that for
half a square around was rendered
suffocating. People seated on tho
pavement at Hotel Gllberto and
others in the neighborhood rushed
hither and yon in the search for pure
The coil of pipe in question
is located in a lattice work dome on
top of the middle section of tho
building and it happened that none
of the employes were near at tho time,
Tho fluid has been shut off from below
pending the escapo of tho vaporized
ammonia when workmen will be
ablo to get up there and muUn the
necessary repairs. Tho damage was
Won the Events at Ycbtcrdny's
Practice Shoot.
Tbo Paducah Gnn Club held a
practice shoot yesterday afternoon at
La Belle park, and Dr. Jiinmic Lang
carried off the honors of tbo day.
Tho score was :
First event, clay birds,
won by a store of 24 ; Bailoy, 19 ;
Lewis, 18 ; Tagg, 20.
Second event, ten clay birds, won
by Mr. Lang, 9 ; Bailoy, 7 ; Lewis,
8; Robertson, 8; Richard, 7;
Rives, 8.
Third evont, ten cay birds, won
bv Mr. Lane, 10 straight ; Robert
son, 9 ; Richard, 8 ; Bailoy, 8 ; Lewis,
9 ; Rives, 9 ; Beadles, 8 ; Tajg, 7.
Fourth event, five birds, won by
Mr. Lang, 5 straight; Robertson, 4 ;
Rives, 4; Taylor, 4; Bailey, 3;
Tagg, 4.
Thos'boot Monday wjjl be for club
medal. All tho members arc expected
to contest.
Two Local Steamboat Mon Hnyo
a New Fan.
Engineers Jim St. John and Fay
Lyon, of tho city, who run on tho
steamer Cljdc, bavo applied for a
patent on an ingenious fun operated
in the engine room of thou boat.
It in shape and. general appearance
resembles a steamboat wheel, and Is
run by a rope attached to tho electric
dynamo which generates electricity
for electric light. It Is very
and simplo for steamboat uso,
and stenmboat men bclievo the in
ventors hayo a good tying in i.
It Was Sent to Evansyllle This
A family named Blevins, who have
been living in a shanty at tho foot
of Campbell street, were sent to
Evansvillo this morning by Mayor
Thcro arc besides Blovins nnd his
wife three small children, and tho
woman Is about to become a mother.
They were sick, destitute and with
out friends, and desired to go where
they havo relatives. Tho family hnd at
been hero for somo time, and, Wow
tlns " PVr Known 10 worK.
Overtook the Yeltoinn Family
Last Evening, f
Justice Winchester issued a war 11
rant last pvpnfng ngalnst Alex
tema charging him with assaulting
bis wife, Maud Ycltcma. at La Bella nnd
park last night,
Tho particulars o( the trouoioscem
bo that ho charged her with being
with auothcr man at tho park, and
struck her several times. Her face
badlv swollen and bruised, and
Yellcroa ha3 not yet been arrested. 0
lives un tho North Kldo.
ETeryboJy 6ji.bo
CasooreU CandiCathartW tho most won-
is cx v e rXc tlio ceo, picas-
od lefreilitnn to tho iip, net Kenny
posiiivciy on Kianoya, 11 nn.l lunvnla.
cleAiitlng tho cntlro nysWinJ dispel colds,
cure tioailaclio, (ever, liabttuifl ronstlpatloa wero
blllouiDosi, I'leaso buy hod try a box
cfC, O. C. UHlny;lo,S5.60c4nu. Muldaad
guaranteed to cure by all dni'glits. of
of the Season
and Storage Co
nso baukrupt stock, con-Men's
Flno Clothing,
and lJrj h of every description
ul o'ir customers will
is hot jfnd to nro our prices. Sale
M s sn onuiu ousiuorh
suit recular prico 510.00 co lt, m - c
tb s biiIo (or Ot.OU
fllon's flno drosa
mndo regular jirko f 10, Cm r a
111 tins snio lur f -v
Mon's vory flno dross Riilte,
custom math) mid silk lined
mndo to soil (or 52.00 ,, n r r
2.r.00 go In this salo tor JplU.DU
Men's fllno iorsoy nnd
bnlbrlgarnindorwoar, regular
00 quality goat .25
Sfoif's fniicylsliTrtH,
or unlauudrlcdArogular
000 quaiuy go mr
150 lion's straw lialB, reg
aalfii "T iihiI 1 IU1
iiiiu luuuuui.vuuHir rt Ct aa
aUU uuu.
tho opportunityof a life tiunv
tuo plac.
Cor. 3d & C mitt.
(Jn Jutliro i iiTijInrfi Tlmtlriit This
Morning. v
All Wore Continued Until .Monday
Ono Plain Drunk
There woro four felony ciwei before
Judge Sanders .tbiJ morning,
nnd all wero continued. The case
against Leo Berry, charged with
false swearing, wn called and the
evidence was partially heard. Thus
far no incriminating evidence has
been introduced, nnd the cao was
left open until Monday.
The case- against Will Haffey,
chargod with stealing Will Thompson's
skiff, was continued.
The caso against Will Araiok,
chargod with cow stealing, was aUo
The caso agaiust Will Slmw, colored,
charged with setting up n game,
was continued, all the nbovo until
J. G. Ga laghor was fined tl and
costs for a breach of the peace.
Announeciiipnts or Servioes of
tlio Various Cliutcjies.
Lutheran Ciirucn At th Lu
theran church. 412 South Fourth
street, Sunday school nt 9 a. m.
services in German at 10:15 n. in
nnd in English nt 8 p. m. Subject,
"Tbo Two Callings of a Chrtatiau."
II. Bruockner, pnator.
Ccitnr.nLAxn Purjunr.niAS The
luunl serviced will be conducted at
Cnmberland Presbyterian church,
corner of Sixth and Court street, M.
E. Channel!, pastor. Preaching nt
10:45 a. m. and 8 p. m. ; Sunday
school nt 9 :S0 a. m. Prayer meet
inp; Wednesday evening at H o'clock
All arc cordially invited to attend
these services.
Broadway Mitiioihbt Sunday
school at '80 a.m., Prof. K. II.
Fox, superintendent, I'rohuhinx at
10:15 a. ro. and 8 p. m. by Prof. J.
II, Harrison, principal of McTyre
Institute, McKinzie, Tenu. Junior
League at 4 p. in. Sund'; Epworth
Ltguo a 8 p. m. Monday; rirayer
meeting Wcilnosday at a p. m. All
aro welcome at these services. II. B.
Johnston, pastor.
Ciiiii3TiAN Following
services at the Tenth street
Christian church tomorrow: Sunday
school at 9 :30 a in. ; communion hit
10:45. Jso services at night. All
ofllccrs and members of tho church
aro requested and urged to bo at the
morning service to consider the matter
of calling a preacher. Show your
interest by your presence.
Fmsr Christian Southeast corner
of Seventh nnd Jefferson streets,
services at 10:45 n. m. nnd 7:30 p.
m. Morning subject, "Life's Response
to Love." Evening subject,
"Our llcnvenly Home." As these
will bo the last preaching services for
some week3 n full attondanco is do
sired. Sunday school at 9 :30 a. m.,
G. O. Mcliroom, superintendent.
Junior Endeavor at 5 p. m. Senior
Emlenvor at 7 p. in. Mission Sun
day school on Tooth street, between
Cloy and llarrlsou, nt 2:.10p. m., E-E
Bell, superintendent,
Kev. W. II. Piukerton will preach
Friant'a Hall, on Tenth street,
between Clay and Harrison, tomorrow
afternoon nt 3 o'clock. AH
Skcoxd IlArTisT At tbo Second
Baptist church, corner Ninth and
Oliln ... atrf.ilci llmr. .:tl I... L' i .
..uvu, uiu tun uu
nt 9:S0 a. m., W. A. Van-
trceso Siiporinlondcnt. Prcachinir at
a. m. niulS p. tn. by tho pasFor,
Subjects: "ProfiQiico nnd Glory tf
God in tho Midst of His People,',)
"The Wisdom of Moses
Choice." Tho public cordially
to nil bcrvicos.
services at the Second Presbyterian
luiiiuiTow inoriUDjj nt 11
c lock, oiui in tho oveniug nt 8
o'clock. Sunday-school at 9S'0 a
Kveryoiio very cordially invited
attend i;cse service!.
Thrco member of tho mob that
lynohed tho negro Anothony
nt West Pojnt, Point, Tenn.,
ncciueniniiy snot during the
lynching. Ono of them, tho father
V illlauii' victim, will die.
( Matters
Disregarding aest !
Prices cut to move out Atock tircnar
lug (or 1'ull tuulncM. Jjxtrnortliimry
and uupreccdciiteu vnini
l'recly cut prices A nil rcninlnliii'
silk pnrnaoU. 79c life the white that
itliouM tiritii 1.55.
I'.iupitc folding CAus (or 5c, 10c, 15c,
30c ami axe
Many 2So valutm In dross goods nro
now boro (or 12W,o a yard.
lOo dimltloB we mako vorltablo plums
nt 60 a yard. 1
Co lawns In all that Is cool and cooling
tor 34o a yard.
Common lawns (or 16 and 90c (or 10
vard lcnutliH.
Crashes and ofJior olilrtlnirs rodoood
to Oc. lOo and 11 Vc n yard.
Calleoos (or 3Kd, 4c, 4Ho and 60 n
Yard wldo so(t flnlsjiod bloachod domestic
(or this HAlAit 4o, 60, flo and 7o
a yard.
Ynru wino urown (luincoiio ror 00,
40. and 6c a yard.
6 and (la apron cluttkod ginghorna
rt m .4 n .! I L n n en n.1 ,
1UI t I 1111 i - 4j at
Illoachcd tabic dnmnsk (or 26o, 39o,
4SlandC0cnyard. J
llonvy half bloaciied damask,
cini ior u, is nui 000 a ynru.
Poles and llxttiras furnlnlnil frrn
wltlAll lace lurhdns during this eolo.
ae' belts r 0 now lOo each.
6O0 bolts 25o each.
Our gause tunimor vests at 3c, 7
and 9' jo eaii'bo matched In prices, but
not in quality nt Uioho prices.
200 doni flno val lacos now on salo
nt 16e, J0c, 20c, 33c, nnd COc (or 12 ynrd
1000 yards line Sheer India Hnon.
20c valuo will bo rlosod out In short
order at 10c a j nrd
Mos(iiito cniiopioti on umbrella
(ramus lc nnd 51.15.
I p.drWoiiian'H fast block lOo hoso
(or 26c.
2 pairs woman's (nst black Hoamkws
hose (or 16o.!
2 pairs womnnV 20c (ost block hoo
(or 26c. .
Thomen'H 81 ana 81.2.'i hhlrtewo arc
hellliiK (or 6O0 a nro going rapidly
; don't delay it yJu want any o( thoni.
No houHO will Hi-II you mlllinory at
our low prices, anil wo guarnntco you
tho bust o( Plylcs.f
2 Oxford ties ii oxblood and
(or this salAnt 51.39
1. 76 Oxford yos with silk vesting
tops, Hjucial (0 this salo nt 1 26
600 pairs ft Vf) l 60 Oxfords In brok.
on lots (or 76a n pair
2,600 pairs ot brokon lots of womnn's
man's, hurhim' nnd children's shoos
and slippers!)!! salu in our nnnox in
rear of mail building athaK of original
prices apd loss
HARBOUR'S. y I J 2-J J 4 N. 3d
Persimmon,, (he Prince of Wales'
coll, won tho Eclipsu Stake nt Sundown
Park, London, wurlh f50,000.
The Third ltcgiment of tho Ohio
National Guard is camping at Ludt
low Lagoonlon Kentucky soil.
Isaac Sadler, a farmer, was struck
by lightning and killed in the harvest
Held near Earliogton, ICy.
homing pigoons have
been released nt New Orleans to lly
to Philadelphia.
Inspector Lester is to make n trip
to somo of tho counties in Western
nnd Southern Kentucky soon, and it
is intimated that moro county clerk's
ofucos arc to bo investigated.
An olllcial report from the war department
says the proposed ship canal
from tho lakes to tho Hudson
would cost $200,000,000 ami,' would
uot bo worth the money,
A Western aeronaut proposes to
take a llycr from Pike's Peak to Colorado
Springs, a drop of 9,000 feet
and a distance of ten miles
It is now estimated tha'tho school
per capita In Kentucky this year will
bo $2, against 82.20 Ust year and,
52.SO tho year before,
SOVenlccri cotton mills nro incourso :
of construction in North Cnrolina.
The South Is getting ready to profit
by protection and to stnnd by It.
Gov. Bradley has Issued a requisition
on tho governor of Tcnnossco
for M. S. Funk, tinder arrest at
Memphis, wanted at Bowling Green
for forgery.
HAfttr a consultation between the
President nnd several members of tho
tariff coufcrenco committee, it was
stated last night that sn agreement
had been reached on everything except
sugar, and that tho' Scnatn
would concede fcubjtnntially
Vie House rates on sngftr
A fac similaTrat
Material good as grows.
ion chapiber.
you buy.
See it before
r a
1 II I M mm ' "i I 1IMP
. 1, 1 ,.. . 1,1 1 ,, 1 , . ,
-.A- -a .- fa 1 -- -- .- . BBM
Corner Twelfth and
Burnett Streets.
The Neatest JS)tore,'
The fewest Stock,
The Lowest Prices.)'
(icxxls (icJivcml to nu part of city.
Dr. in
120 Nortlvah Street,
f am.
Office Hours
I 7-S) I'. .M.v
Wo buy Men's Second - Hnud
CLOTHING, such a Coals,
Vests, Punts nnd Shoos, nnd pay
good prices for nr.tuTff 'not worn
too much. Ton can send tl.ein to
us or wc will 'call for thorn. We
havo no solicitors. '
LAWKENCK, 213 CotirVst.
President McKinlcy's special message
recommending a currency commission
will be hold up until after the
passage of tho tariff bill, says the
latoat atory, and it is probable tkat
me uepuoiicans will then consider
the demand for curreucy reform
met for the tiro being by
having the houso pass a bill nuilmr.
lzing tho commission, whl'a tho senate
will postpone action until Decem
Mr. . I.. Scott FlroH Yiir Shot
lit Ono. I
Mr. Will Scott, of 4 li Monroe
street, discovered n man in; tho nut of
tlfAMl'In. I.itn ,, l.t.. ....II ',-.. ...
Mr. Scott 11 red four shnN nt 'i.im
but did not succeed In hitting bVm
The mnn wns large and nniNiUr
and his color could not b lUicornml
in tho darknoKt ami t ri.i.
made n search oj the nnm.
ibub, u'li wuuoui uiscovring trace
"'1 itMwwwJry"1
- -
" m
5c. the
Tclcphon ZU
1 "
From 118,
Tho Hcst LonfKvcr Draw
M -
r rom itjf Oven.
A lar imlrVjU.
TIh koniirir. wuli DraJ
Utui on haUrt I
11 IV ItAKI.ilYllllKA.r,
A yt lUr 11 BoiBitlrf itMt r -..
Prank KlrcttM.e nvi ih. ..w" t
rw lt ,.l Nur Jti.o'
! !M KUu twVr, '..,., .
Sar ntttrr loam at H
iwmivu nariRff
vlt'. nvim
' L', anirw.
A as.l t.
S"".r,.u T a bo .iiiy W.l
i- viv iurr iiKaj u, uotk.
.& own oh ..-
'. II ., a Kr.a IImjk VS- ail t,o.l lmaa
ur folk, win w.njo SVriiua.
A Uttv.Drat M-V V. KlirLLfT. &(,
OpU cBiitlna,, rtinnliupiirkM. I iVn
hf 111 ICIT , ,r..;::.i.r:
Ana Klri'bhoS'a luin "i;.joi.
itiiu 'rwta ana k Dit
I allalrmliihk
AiiJ etcVf Ulnic M)
(TuU J lui.r. v,i-..-.1. . .
Ami il.il.U .': ' "1W1 inwi kckw
l1i: - Muntfr.1, t . cry., ink. r I
- ., . "wmt
' 1 1L1
Big Cut on Bicycles ! i
$100 Halladay
75 Etna
50 11
Jas. W.
-You wantdie best you can '
C, find, atytne least money
wellaBtnat's just what we
Refrigerators. . .
We have the only one with
the ice between the provis
- - v
26 in, Wheals
24 in. Wliee rL s
uni to m i
1 h40 1
r n U
I RiBH n3
6 'i nt" s
. ?n m
k- . - m
r. 1
n ..
'3il.V tt : 'STSS. Al

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