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i. - V
verj nftcrnoon,
Sunday, by
vo u.
F .. MKllkK 1'liteillikur AM) .,IAKAI'K1
. K S4ITII ...VlUI.rili.3lUh..
J.. 1,1) llU .
W. f.l'X.tOtt THKASfHIH
P m. Kiorr,J K suiltii.tk.vV.UW meats, J.fci
A j j twmu.
Will lvn alteullon to AM. local bt
p liuk of tnterel lu I'aJncaU uud vicltil.j
u.ii Haernl newn, winch nlli o.
Kivcu a tull) pce will without re-Kara
Vo ex uc.
r aeiottfl to the lnivreu of our country t
I on, -d will at all Utiles be uvKxy una i i.
tenanting, while Is readers
on all political atralra anil topics, while It 1.
Oe a tearless and Mieleaa uxiiouelil ot the Ui.
MlQes and teachings of the Mallonal Keubil
can party.
A stcUl feature ot the n . .1) Ml Hon of
Tits "OK will De Its Correal ji unic De jurt
Ulent, In klch it hos nui tu reyrwmt
every locality wlthlu tu Itiui's ot to iip illation.
Rites otadtertlsluK will be wade known on
Ofllce, Standard mock, 115 North Kmirth
Dally, per annum 8 4.50
Dally, biz months 2.2o
Daily, One month, 10
Daily, per week 10 cents
Weekly, per annum in advance,
Specimen copies free
Clerk of tho Court of Apjieali, JAMES O
I1AILKY, of Maxomn Couuty.
County Judjre, JOHN' C I'AIILBV.
fberlfl CllAIii KV WILCOX
County At orney, J. HAIiUIN KOKI).
ivler. JOHN J. DOU1AN.
C. C.
'let D'strlct, II. HEHllsT.
Third V. II. HOOK
lVurlh Oln rlci, A. lOKKKNCE.
riflli District. It. S. IIAItXHlT.
V A. liL'NAW AY.
Elgtilh UMrlci, MIULUY llltADaHAW.
Hn.t OUtrlct. H. V JOIIVSON.
Fifth OMrlct, JOHN
ivriuti Ul.ul .,aNDi;UaU.N illLLElt.
ElgUtU Dlatril
Mayor. E. FAr LEY.
Cay Juui. JJ W I'HATT.
Iiy iop.uiiij HENSLEY 1
First Ward, II E mi.l W J. WHITE.
S-: Ward, 11. C. tl.LI ON anil CIA),
ni:uNU hu.
Tolni Wrd, WM. JJOKXhMAX acil O. II
Fourth Ward, T. I CAKTEK and FU B
fifth Ward. CUIUS LEinEL and JAtOIl
taUth W-id O. M. OEHLSCI!LAE.EKar.d
.School Ti usteefi.
First Ward. A E. HAXK.
S ond l ard. It. . CLEMriNTS.
Third Ward, W. A LAWKKN K.
Fourth Ward. E. I). D..V1D0N.
Fifth Ward. II. U. HALUWIX.
bUtb Ward, F. J. MUYUUi.
CominonweJiltlt'd Alton cy.
Sam HniiMoii Is a candidate fur tb utKw of
Comtnonwealib's Atti.rnry fortbe incoiiu Ju
dlclal nlnirlci coiup hi of .Mc rackiu aim
Aiarsnaii counuea at tue fitcu n
Thk Sun is pleased to inform i
readers that Mr, G. 51. Oehschlaeger,
Sr., who it has been report etl would
decline to run as the Republican
nominee for councilman from the
sixth ward will remain on the ticket
Mr. Oehschlaeger is one of tho best
known men in the city ; he has served
in the council for several terms with
credit to himself und his constituents ;
he will add strength to the ticket.
The Republicans are fortunate In filling
the vacancies on their ticket with
audi good men as Sir. Charley Wil-
cioc for sheriff, Mr. Fred Kamleitei
for councilman from the fourth ward,
and tho assurance from Mi.
Oehlschlueger that he is on tho track
to stay ami will swell the vicloi
which seem so sure in November.
Matou Yeiseu is a smooth pulitiJ
ian, but ho made a mistake when he
got his man Lang to insist as I'n
of the school board that a new
school house was necessary and
should be built this year, notwithstanding
the council had contracted
to have a system put in
which required a levy of thirty
on the one hundred dollars mukiii;
81.-15 biing live cents on thehundr d
tlul lii rs leu than Hie levy under tin
DiiUiiicnitio uiiunei, whieli iiuide ii.
Iinpioveneiits, The scIuhiI Inn m
us'eil till the law nilnvtud, llfty cell'-on
the hiliidrvd dnllais, liin llhtci'
ci'r.K. iiimu lian as uver a-ked f i
before, when new xchixil lit avb IiiiI
be. n built. It wm nut to etst tin
new bchiKil ImmeUiut piomptcd then
action, but to get the rate of taxaiit n
up. They did get it up by adilit,
the extra lllleen cents, but ihfpeup
know wlio is reipiuiiiblt! f"r the in
ci eased rate. It is the mm win
is now president of the school bur
and "fhom Mayor Yeiser desires t
bturVconliuin his reign as maj.irH
1 lie explanation Riven by Ex-Sen
aior Blackburn in his opera house
s ieech as lo why wheat and silver had
parted co pany was a corker. Ho ox
p almd Uiu whole thing by one wave of
his huiid as It were, and he did it by
asking one simple question, "Why is
It t'irtt since Sjptoinher 1 wheat has
fiillcu nine- cents uud silver risen
oiuht cents?" (Isn't that just as
clear, and so simplu. Tlio late lamented
Herman tvns a of
marvelous skill, I ut his sleight-of-hand
performances weren't a circuit!-
.. ....... ... lit.. ,n.i...it,t b1.M1 ntlil lfWO
whole campaign of 181)0 was fought
and upon which Bryan hoped to thut
into tho White II.hho ami litauk'iuru
into another six years of senatorial
The opponents of tho silver fallacy,
anil in fact all the people have
a right to more of an explanation
from the supporter of free coinage
diau they have vouchsafed us. Wheat
ami silver h ve parted company for
the very simple reason that everyone
understands obedience to the law of
supply and detnaad. Events have
proved the absurdity of the claim
made last year that wheat depended
upon silver; that prices could be
regulated by tho government ami did
not depend on the law of supply and
demand. Most elaborate statistical
tables were employed to prove tho
twiuship of wheat and silver. Countless
pamphlets were Issued to prove
the same thing. That one idea was
tho fibre of their whole campaign. It
is, however, cast lightly aside this
year; the ridiculed law of supply and
demand is recognized this year;
wheat no longer depends upon silver,
but with other products have a value
according to the deinaud ; and yet
with all thesB changes the silver ad
vocates stil claim that we can have
no prosperity without silver, that
free coinage is our only hope.
Why w'.ieat has fallen and silver
advanced since September 1st, is easi
ly enough answered. On that day
b.xr silver sold for 51?4 cents an
ouuee, tho lowest price that it
has known since silver became a
money metal and a record of prices
has been kept. At that rate the
value of tho line silver in the
United States dollar was 351 G 1-100
cents. On the same day wheat sold
for 31.03 a bush:!, tho highest price
paid for wheat for several years. One
year ago from the same date an
ounce of Une silver brought 67 2-10
cenl, mill a bushel of wheat sold for
07 cents.
On Wednesday, the day that Mr
Blackburn made his statement the
price of silver was 5 1 cents, so Unit
it but liseii then only ii cents instead
of eight cents as the speaker
Last Saturday the price of wheat
was about 00 cents anil of bar silver
about 50 ii cents. When silvtr
reached Its lowest notch ou Sept 1st,
largo purchases were made for the
arts. One limisclu Uincmuati, alone
took 30,000 ounces. This enormous
buying bad its legitimate effect, and
silver went up. In wheat dealings,
that date saw the culmination
of a mot remarkable bull movrinent.
From all the wide world over had
come the niariuiiig reports 1 1
short crops. Then the reaction i-et
in and now wheat between
5)0 cents ami a dollar, all showing
the operation of the law of supply
and demand, which last yeir the
framei s of the Chicago platform
scoffed at, but this J car they pretend
to adore. As has always been the
case Democracy comes In just in the
rear of the Republican party; accepting
this year what they ridiculul
last year.
Wheat us u Source of l'ro.perJty.
I'roru tho Sclentlllc American.
It Is nn ill wind that blows no-body
good," antl while we sincerely
regret the Ks which has fallen upon
les favored countues, it is certainly
for us a fortunate eoiucidetice that
the abundance of our own harvests
this year should have been marked
by a simultaneous scarcity in the
oilier wncai gMin0 outlines oi ine
wild. Not onl lus the comparative
failure of foreign crops raided the
price and increased the demand in
the irrcat importing countries, but a
favorable season has so tilled our
granaries that the United S'ates and
Canada will have no dilllculty in sup
plying their share of the
000 bushels which tho best million-ties
claim will be the probable
requirement of Kuropcau countries
Their probable export this vear mil
Iib .IdO.OdO.OOO bushels, which would
be 202,000,1100 bushels more than
was ever before I'S loitad fiom the e
cnuiiiiiitF) o Hurope, and an increase
tf over one huiulicd per i ent. above
lie expor s of the year ending .luls
ill, l.l". Willi wheat at a dollar a
niihliel, the truly enormous wealln
i Inn will bu poured into tlm lap of
i In f. inner is at once evident.
Frmii mi.'li llu urns ilieiu, it U
ea-y ii lea'iu h iv vattly the
of the country is affected b
inu ninx leiuy in tue lariucis, t hf
ttuultli tvhich bus come so suiMcult
aud to th'iiuauds of our furuiet
liu h.irvel will bring a positive for.
luiii' "ill uiu h, if not most of it, h
eireultted broadcast ihrough th
laiid. It till gu, ami has alreaiU
ioii, to pay otf the mortgage vtiiif,
'iui hung like a millstone about lh
neik of th hiiitbuoilinan. It will b
bp.nl in the purchaiC of much need
ed machinery, in tho rebuilding or
repair of farm buildings and in tlio
fencing of lands. The payment of
long standing debts nt tho country
and city stores will lighten tho burden
upon retail dealers, and in wholesale
warehouse and retnil store the
pulses of trade are already beating
with something of their old lime
vigor. The orders that nre llowiug in
from tho various jobbing houses will
bo followed by heavy shipments of
goods throughout the country, and
thus the railroad, which hive already
protl'cd by the transportation of the
wheat, will protlt again by carrying
tlio merchandise which the wheat litis
enabled the farmer to purchase. To
thi' increased netivlt) of the various
manufacturing intimities which sup-
, , . , , ply this increased demand unci
wuh nifi B acknurn brushes nsiilc ' ,.,..., ., ...... . , , ....
milieu tut: cretin"!, iiuiin m mi
t it one nrgumcit upon whlcii mo sttirt.,i ciMiiiiiirci:il
quickened credit.
V s -
'. '' V S r F
&:-,, j -XI? J iJ.1.. Ulk"a4
..C 5TtVi tMi
i v, a v.
;L Y a? i
rA& V
r.a .1. "h
The program presented by th
Wild West commences with a grand
review, introducing tho rough rideri
of the world Indians, cowboys.
Mexicans, Cossacks, Gauchos,
Arabs, scouts, guides and dcta
of fully equipped regular
of the armies of America, England
Germany and Russin J m
before this Imposing pajjeant begins
its journey around the areim, iliu
I cowboy band the only one on the
roatl plays -'The Star Spangled
Followiug the grand review the
specialties come thick and fast. .Miss
Annie Oakley, expert shot, illustrates
her dexterity in the use of lire arms ;
Johnny llaker, the young American
marksman, docs the same. The Cos.
sacks, of the Caucasus of Russia, appear
m feats of horsemanship, native
dances, etc. A group of rufliiii
Arabian horsemen illustrate their
style of horsemanship, together with
native spurts uud pastimes. Mexicans
bliow how 10 use tjie lasso a. id
cowboys ride bucking horses in spite
of all the curious capers wuiih the
animals indulge in. Col. W. K.
Cody (Buffalo Rill) is seen in his
unique feats of slmrpshooting, while
riding ut full speed, and very seldom
it is that he misses the object w
aims at. Thou there aro the cavalry
drills and the United States artillery
drills by veterans from Cajl
Thorpe's battery D, ulh Regimoi t
United States Artillery. The nu n
be on tho programme ere t
muni rolls to mention separately, bi
alt of them uru of itilcrett from a
as well as from uu ocul ir
sluudpi'lut A visit to Muffalo IIiI.'h
Viid West Is equal to volumes a .!
volumes of Malory, and ever thing i
so pietureiquely di'plutii 1 that peop e
who ilou'l like uiii tiling historical t,.v
(ileasud in xpllu of
Judge Cuntnll, ni Krankfu.'
kuoi'kod out the Louisville cli
luard, holding that bmnsville n i
119,000 Instead of 82 000 sc t
luldreii, as claimed, und reduti
Lie chool fund 211,000.
t it-
tind h
litiflTalo BIBS Wild '.'. st Ueoeivcs
n Wt iconic In M.
St. Louis
Sept. 28 When nu American env
alrviuun, mounted ou a
charger and heariin in his riuhl hand
a handsome silk Utii etl States Ibig,
came dashing across tho big arena ot
Buffalo Bill's Wild West show last
nlht the large audience present gnw
him n rousiug welcome. And it certainly
was an inspiring spectacle, and
became more so when a detachment
of soldiers from the Sixth Uuited
Stntes Cavalry made its oppearanee,
nil the boys on well-trained white
horses without saddles. Tho cavalry
drill of members of tho regulu'r army
proved one of most entertaining
features of a long and varied program.
It is said that the boys think
almost n3 much of their horses as
they do of themselves, and such a
statement is not dilllcult to believe,
for the animals arc so well tiained
thnt they lie down when told to tlo
eo, and perforin many other tricks
without any coercion being used at
all. The exhibition given by the detachment
shows how well drilled the
American troops of cavalrymen of today
are. The men ride standing up,
lying down, two on oue horse, ouc
ou two horses, and one young fellow
rode around the arena at break-neck
sjieed with one foot on one aiiiunl,
the second on another, while a third
horse ran between the two on which
the man was standing. This feat
won tho rider much applause.
The Buffalo Bill show opened its
engagement of the week in St. Louis
with tvo performances yesterday.
Both attracted big audiences, especially
the evening one, when all of
the 20,000 canopied seats seemed to
be occupied. The style of iho
seemed to give unieral
satisfaction, for everybody showetl
their enjoyment in one way or another,
from tho youngsters in short
dresses to the old gray-haired gran 1-fathers
and great-grandfather. The
evening was a pr ect o e f n su h an
exhibition as Buffalo Bill's It was
Are Milking a Kick Against
Qttrtil Hunting.
Say the City Chaps
Dally Violiitliitf tho
(jiuno l.nw.
Tlio farmers throughout this and
other cO'iiilfo. have biiun to organ
ize infotiimlly nguiust tin-
cunllued to the inone.v question, .Mr.
Wheeler seems to have spent a gn at
deal of time trying lo prove that Ins
o pouenl was not for sound moue a
few 3 ears ago, exhausting pari of tbe
Congressional rceo.'d on this point,
and also on the equally irrelova.il
question of whether or not the National
Democrats arc the real Democrats,
or the 1'opulists, us tuey were
tenuetl during the campaign, are the
genuine article.
Mr. Bynuui coiiliood himself prin
cipally tu tlio issue, wtnie .Mr.
w iieeler s spo.cli showetl many unnecessary
digressions, such as thut
Mr. Wtictlir had the timllenoe
neither l11""' wilh 1,im' U3 souml "loue.v
too warm ut too cold, and
Hie urouuds were in excellent condi.
linn for spectatori and p.rfir,,ii r.
NVith gooil neather iltirina the
of the week, ltiifi.il' Kill
and U
nii)tatits will
the bigger jiirt of S.
men lu uravu) c iiutv are as aearw
as hi i.-' Uuili. U lieu .Mr. Htuuiii
ni'.su I. if his b.'ief duller, tmw of
uiu rabid ilv!iui liU'tMl, but he
tcjir .nclicd liitui Ity
tu.il bo ual k.u if i one
di'i;miriy, mimI to b
lr. aiei wnu iIm rfur
u.i II. all HtSt l( ttuuite didn't
il'. - .i. t lilul (M Uoflld ! out
o.i, ,i e peoji't i oui
..i l .In. I.
lOI.'K Vh.tKs
the eu( iie
Arih ! I'tritr
I'op l'oimx
Ailliur nu, lh yiitintf man
who kll C I Wi'ii Mllltll Itl fteuliill lac1
l). - tiM fi.iir y.ari l Uir
jiirv. Wllirll iu VLM1CI luu
.hI'imIh clifi iiixiii.
The :te anmewlnit n
ou1 a vt'ty plea-ant one for tin
friu' da of the t riaoiier. utiu Hunk it
is liuht euoiiuh, oiitiiitleriug the
that he could, under t u initruutlnut
ot the com t, been giveii as many a
21 3 ears.
The killing took place on the
trading" square at Iteutoti
Sinilli lieing shot by I'earaot , who
niininled a huru and escaptttl, being
en pt u led a tlay or two afterward tionr
Hii minghaiu. on the 'ruiiiiessee river.
Until hud been dnnkiiig"liard cider"
tint local option substitute for tlio
gcuuiue article.
I'litiil,.', and Vamlell Will Swap
I'luccs in the Owciisboro Collector's
Washington, Oct. -1 Special cor
rospondeuce of the
Senator Deboe is luck aud doing
tit the old stand, not exa0ll,
ut tho olil .stand, cither, for he has
changed his hotel quarters from tho
Klibitt to the Wellington. Hut he is
here and accessible tu all who call,
aud it can be stated that the' arc not
fow. When the Courier-Journal's
correspondent called to pay his re
spects to the junior Senutur from
Kentucky today ho found him surrounded
by quite u crowd of Ivon-
tuckians, and he was giving them encouraging
news about the political
situation in Kentucky. The Senator
thinks that Mr. Railcy will win,
though he is not counting ou a large
ui'ijnrity. In his opinion the vote fur
Hind. nan nnd the vote for 1'jrker
will make sulllcieut Inroads upon the
silveritc vote to knock out Shackelford.
Indeed, tho news llut roadie 3
Washington from Kentucky, as told
b men if all parties, is not uheering
for the ouiiiinlii'cs of the silveritos.
Senator DoImu states that there is a
marked iuipiovemeut in business
through tho part of Kentucky he visited
The interchange
will not take placo until . ingress
roiivtiiiM. Senator Uebne of the
"pinion llutt if the cli.tue wore
uiudo now il wouul mo miii'ii
ro .ble und eommeut, Ir is bullevc I
& CO.
Colored Dress
The clever dressers of Paducah
have long since determined their
preference for trading here, where
they always find the greatest vart
-.crapulous hunters, who are daily cty of high class goods from which
. ..... ii.K ii. -,..,e ., tQ mafce a Seclion, Ths year wc
1 is 'ttd ilitti many hunters fiom , , A,
hve Ukcn 8rcatcr than CVCr
the iIhiI) go lu the m.h..H ttl. Pains
ilirir gun hihI iiiuirriog. uud under to secure the best for our patrons,
nu met. xi . f linn ing iiuuu hiNii The new fall styles are
qiHi as .tin us Diet run a tivclv beautiful, and the ladies arc
"".I. I; t ar uiiui'eeiui In
IiuiiIIiik i..v.. Hint ili. r"tl leni li
Hint are itiriml it I., aui.i i? In nrdt'i
tu II in I the pnruidt. I'lio furuirs
lme liccii ooiiiilniiiln to Hie local
tin tub l of the l'ltiliiutili (iii'i (Jlilb,
g iieir eoMiperHii -n i he flur
mkmciiii tlm ti lilt ii oi l iiv jjiini'
l:tv. whii'h 'lit-- not I'Xpire until
N'A i nilhr 10 li, .ud tiiu an ii oniii
.Mil in tue ruo iilliiii It
lalnir iliiti -ii i nr ut tue iiinil pri'liu
ni'iii if the illy have ignored
law. mid nre slioiiing tpitiii
ever,) lime go hunting. As a
ituiner Mini, it was a siiame thai a
man could uoi kill ipiail ou his un
(arm until Notemher loth. Yet tin
city .shoot with iuipuni
tvheuever they got ready.
Itotlt Aocortling to Reports,
Got 111 J Metier of It.
About a thousand people, according
to reports, heard the
debate at Mayflold Saturday
afternoon. The speaking took place
in the court house. As usual, the re
suit of the debate was satisfactory to
both the bound money anil free silver
elements, each claiming victory for
its champion.
Judge W. W. Robertson
.Mr. Bynuui, who spoke fur an
hour and a half nidi a llfteen minute
rejoinder, while Mr. Wheeler had an
hour ami minii.es.
hat they bitttl hod often been
said before during tho past two or
three vears, hut despite the fact that
the tiebate had been announced to be
already in love with them and fast
picking out their preferences. Suppose
you come in and pick out
Fall Hosiery.
Plaid hose arc the latest fad. Wc
have them for ladies and children.
Also a large line of school hose.
Nothing; that is not the correct
quality in this department.
Our strongest lines arc our ladies'
and children's hose at 25 cents.
Wc also think that we have the
best hose in Paduuih.
Wc have just received a lot
of Roman stripe and plaid percales.
They arc the very latest patterns
out in these goods.
A Special Bargain is ten pieces
of white dotnet flannel at
& CO.
will ruiign nnd Frmiks' name vill go
quietly to the Senate n- a ChrUtmas
Bjcpodltlon of Solontista to
Mooting with Suocoas
I'lirnrlli nf Kiliucl llrp.
tlio. tluit Will lllirlrh thr I ollrv
tlon nf llu AmiTlonii Vlnrum ,,f
.Nnturnl lllslor;.
An expedition on May last to o
filing bj the Amerioan Muaeuui of .Natural
lliktory nt New York to hcareh
for foils of extinct reptiles liaa
which vtill enrich
the scientific trwinury of that
l)r..T. L. Wurtnmn aud Ilunitim Drown
'ire in charge of the u. petition. The
nork of rrcitntlon ha a hern near Lnr
mile City. It liaa heii wore successful
than wax atvetetl.
The principal ork of tbe number
uf the expedition lnva Ikkii to unearth
foaail dinoaaurla, extinct lizard, which
exiated lu the ineaozoic age
Dr. Wortoiaa and Mr. llrowu have
lound two pig-antic dinowturia,
about U feet loaf. One 1m
Wen nnd -a 111 rtuil; - m for
tbiptneut. '1 lie other U ;
It Ik expected that u carluail i r t ie
ipeeimetia f II urrire soon In New rk
m ut work of the com
puuy la tbe exhumation of a linnl,
nboae projiortiona are "3 feet In lriipt'i
ind 23 feet in height, tlo luiii
ilaily eniiilo, ed. The Injr mill ilil i.uin
lied, ao say tbe atientials, ih'.oh,
eura ago. The American .Museum of
Natural Distort him not hod iiu.i ilmo.
luurla. The tliiilaof the expedition aie
therefore of tonidcralIe aatixfuction
to the miiacum autliorltlrs. The inh
jtlier collections of dinosaurln In the
country which amoiuii lo mi, (hlnjf nr
thoi of l'rof. March, of Vnle
and the late l'rof, !'. D. Cope, of
the Lnlerlly of I'cnnayhunln.
The museum hits nlao two expeditions
ttorking in Kaunas nut) .NtlinihK.'i.
In the fortuer utate the tviontUta nie
accurini foaailx of pteroauria or
In Nebraska there la an expedition
for foaaila of eainela nml eleplutntM
to the rcporta which hate
reached N'nv York t ity, these two expeditions
hnte alio lMen Miccessful,
Slrnnur tleaulls m n , t un lltm
Jiirj lo Ilia ll.nil.
In Malcolm Uaine!, uu eiffht J
(tatlent at the hoapiinl in St. I.on v,
Siiperlntemleiit Sutter has one of tlie
most peculiar aaen he ha- en intern
tl,e u.t .. iiunii
UU father, Julius llarnel, btca in '
St. Louis count , and uboui thrr
.teeka ago Olitaltnil nn oroer from thi
ounty court ut Clayton auiln nlnp
the child'a treaiment nt the rlii
at theroatof thecount,.
Karly laat aprlrg be vul kicked in
:he head, by a borae and hi skull fr
lured, llcneeer reoered from tl..
injury. When he was lecened at Hie
hovpltal it waa Ihoiirrht he waasulTer.
"K" '"'III efilaepay, reanltlii(f from the
pressure of the bone pt the fnuttirr
upon Hie bruin.
The rithir niomliif tbe hov lieirnn
prancing uliout the ward
h head. In ,tii. ,.,r,et
of a horse. When approailie.l
by nn ullni.Junt be kicked nt Iilui
nnd darted across l!u lloor
the door. The ntiendant elosid
the door just In time to prtvent the
hoy'a ene,ipe that way. Then tbellli',
fel'ow lurued and throiffti nn
pen wlidn Into the yard. TJicrc lie
'ontliiued his peculiar untie,-. During
the day the lit ilnnied at frrqitciit
Intervals. The nlivsiclnns believe thnt
Hip eireet produced on the hoy's
I "Schul's
Took Up,"
And now the children need good SCHOOL
SHOES. Wc make a specialty of School
Shoes of all sizes and styles. Wc can sell
you a good shoe for
$ 1 .00
Better shoes at better prices.
m . . 310JBroudway.
leiupuone jo. oiu.
Miss Mary ;' '. E, Greif &
ToloDhoue 17 i.
i -
-Manufacturers anil Healers lu
triTT.. r '-
r :surm2 ' ?"
Steam Engines, Boilers, House Fronts.
Mill Machinery,1; 3tc.
The People's Light
Power and M
Reaso ble Pric ea.
f A
M fcv
Vill furnish vott
j . - A,
' , y
V - . c
Inch a
tor ;7.t8..7t til
lmfMt. vv-:! .wtA
You Casit
v .-
.JJljflaiPiIi' !iv
Ta 2Cj.
r m - r
- ' -ar -as -at- t - aTav w arajy
s, .V) 'to I'tutno from a
Crov'j Tull, norn Rood
--,.' frm Castings.
h guctl all tlirougb.
w y 14 V -S
S S3
If .suffering from early indiscrc
ions or later excesses, power ant!
vitality gone, we nre just the par-tics
you are looking for. We have
a remedy which we guarantee to
do prompt woik ami give perfect
sati.sfaction a remedy very power
ful in its action, and absolutely
harmless to the system. Results
are obtained in ten ciays. i.osi
manhood, lack of vitality and im
potence are thingnof the past when
U-NO is so easily obtained, une
"eVte1n!.,aI!,b."t''',,,'nt.,,"1,U',,'.l''n'' dollar a" bottle;' six bottles for $5.
elteil IiIh Injun en uses the peculiar ,. , ..
,- i .....:.,.. it run 1..,
tore of ,. .Vis. It is probable llu", I'1.lclSL ,..aml "f 1,1
m operation to remote tin pleasure or I'"vate delivery at your address
the bone on the brain will he performed
I'nrls Ilejnleei.
President I'aurcereated acomniotlnn
recently in P.irla by ilrivlutrfihout with
i nuraa and lwihy In the aeat uauallv
oocupletl byhlsnlij. It j then learned
tnat lila in.irrkil iiiiujrlite3ui(l given
uir.n to iliu e before Paris
Is now rcfoii t , ,, r (.l0 ,,, ,ilat
lliui souio limo in UccemlKr Yandoll li""''".!'"! f ''": !'" ' eni'ttetor
ear s latest tlimirlitcr.
same day, Address postoilice box
359, Cape Girartleatt, Mo.
Dk. II. 1'AKKHK.
Brinton B. Davis,
Ofllco Am. -Gorman Nat. Hank
o r"w
V -i I'jtf'i'W,
d Wmip'A
v xik,yw
es x i -.
s -
Chicago Nciy York London.
' r ' i .n tue cent tiinp tor Munarch
1 ,3i.u crJ.. Hi t,ujr joccarJs.
fW&y "vkfit A&fv&'H'sm'mfr
220 Hroadway, l'adu n.i, Ky.
Capital and Surplus, $170,000 Ot
Open from I) it. in. to .'( p. m. Ou
nights from 7 to 8.
Interest Paid on Time Deposit.:
Jap. A. Kuuy I'resitlent
W. F, Paxton Cashier
H. Huijv Ass't Oanliiot
J.vri. A. Hudv, Jas. It. Smith.
1. M. Qko. O. WAI.I.ACB
F. Kamlkithii, v. F. Paxton,
Oko. O. k. Faulk v,
It. Rudy.
UltAININ. , t
U'.AZIM AN l Hil
T U' -If
ItuJlUf ncu (4 H.O
tvansville, Paducah and Cairo Paekit
Oftiitd and Operate! by th
Tennesseo nnd Ohio River Tiansjwr
tatlon Co.
AlltNT roit
Kiunavllln uJ I'ai1u th l'cheu (l)allr ezc
Htr. JOK Ft)VLi:it uudJLIIN S, UOrKINS
Lvave I'aiiucuh alf.Sio tic . In. m.
I'aducnb uud Cairo I'acltrl I
Htfatilfr DICK KlIW
ltta I'ailucah ji
Inn (
ally except
K .
S H, til.
'fi Kit, suri
Telephone 221.2.onice8, 427 Droadway
Ofllco Houra:
8 m. to 12 m,.'Jto 6p.m. andatnlgn
Undertakers and ombalmert.
txlJmrr r iihin IW
J. R. IIkstkk, I'm.
Itcst hotel in the city.
Hot accommodations, nicest rootni.
Mi US riR ou.
Cutlirr llt.ly and I'.ljhth ilrrcl,
Front Rank
and Triumph
Call on him a'ld gel estlinates
for hoaling ymr residence.
Tin, Slate and Iron Roofer.
l'-'D 8. Thltl St.
Solicitor ot Pension Claims.
Veteran of four j ears In tho war of
I'rosoeutes claims b.foro tho lluroau
of 1'ouHlons.
T.'x.l li. ra lJ..o snldlers.ot tbe war of
'"' Meiltan War twrtlrn l'.ntlnn Act of
July iw, in if im i, lVnlon. rrfimm aoj
lb,. r. ..ii s'irrii ,p irirmiorxjinlrasnt anil
i. limn ib rolU. or auy bi
Ji.iri tr&nt.tiMl at it -i.
tonal eniatal bmiMrit m or ct'iirit
Clarence Dallam
Kormrly ot
DALLAM I'aJucah,
tsall.ill Irast BalMlaa.
ridiujr .nd , to
I tin nJHItjrTTUstaadS. V. Co.
iiilt.ibl' I. lie Auiirsntw Soclrljr,
.. tiui.brr Jt Uatle.
iJunh Rtrrrt lUllwar fo.
I'aducali W.trrl'o.
Am Natlmial Hank
linn llrory liurnrti
Mai Thix li Mi..s '
01. i IX hv T pbon 139
J . 'i0 Jrt rM.ii Trleibuoe I If
nm.f ll.iiin.ti.io I 3. 7-S
Physician and
unto, ilium:
T toa, in., I in J p, hi
)lite. No II!1-, Un.miUju
riisiiiiui niul Sui'irriin.
!1. &M.' 1 li SVvinth St.
ltesitlente 7SJH 8 Sixth
Illce Hours 7:30 to 9 a. ni., 1:30 to 3
p iu., II to 8 p. ni,
To No. 120 North Fourth St.
New Machinery
Good Work.
tit-faction Guaranteed.
TKUil'lloNK 200.
J W. Moore,
Staple and Fancy Groceries,
Canned Goods of All Kinds.
Krce delivery to all parta of tho city.
Cor. 7th nntl Adams
How arc i Olutmcits
for C'hturrfi
thnt Contain .tlcmirv
i uiercurj U sureiriiciniv ...
' -II aim lOllip letel, "P wubb,. V.0"" of
,w when euterlnu li iltaM,',, f. ?
' ' '. Mini urtlrlea ,,r
sliuuMnevrr ,,.
' l'l on i,n.crli Iouk from i" imt'thii Vl
clans, us tlsoou'maue Oi"y will J h'?i" WW
t lie vood yoiicuu !k..im.iJ...." 'A'ni loM to
Hall's IMtnrrh t' ire. liat ufaeiiir. . "!""
lUii (ten iilin. It 1, ti. InTerii Ulf , 0" ?'
iiioiilulHlrra. Ill Tnleito, Ohio, by , J. (.'heiiBV &. V Tt. n!mi
i'Aiir.AuKv'1 llall'a
I'rlcu Ik. mr ltn '
i'amujr f ll ara tkritVt.

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