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If it's Trde 'PHE advertisers arc i
You'll o The ADUCAri Daily Sun. the Sun it the best nice
Find it in 1 he bun by which to ach the people
Volume li NUMBteit go PADUCA1I, KENTUCKY, NOv "wxtntMj u.1""" 1!), li)7. TEN CENTS A WEEK
"Devil" Winston Died Game in Expiation oi the Horrible
Murder o! His Mistress,
The Last Hours of the Wretch's Life, and tlio
Tragic Dotails of His UntimoJyEnd.
tIik ksm nio.
Devil" Giorgc Wlnston.'iolorcd,
Wis hanged in lliu south jail yatd at
7 sUD's llih inorniiiir. in tlio nresoneo
of llfty spoctntrrs adinittcil to the en
closure nmi scoria who. occupied
seats in trios on house topi coil
barns. His tuck was not broken,
death resulting from strangulation in
eleven minutes.
Winston, as generally nnllelimlod.
died game Ho iii'iuntcd tlio scaffold,
null Mii'im iioiiauu on one side, nmi
Slier ff Toho ltogcrs ou the
with unfallciiug t;cA3Jut
p'nccil lili (oat uti the steps,
os nc
however, his hands began to tremble
violently. He was attired in a neat
l la'k suit, Ida k tie, black glovci,
b't'l new show. HU dmk klnkey
hair ghd tied in the lays of the rising
uu ao I itihnnccd the ghnstfy pa'lor
of Ins inky faoe. llh eves protruded
more thin muni, and plistcatnl wlthn
itrangc, lit lft1v li,h'. As he
titcpi'Ctl noti tlio scaffold, he gazed
orotiu I him at the crowd, with hands
clas, el behlud bin, and inurintired
fcoiucthliig that could not bo heard.
Sheilft Holland and Deputies log-cm.
I'ltcrbauk nod Noting, ntid lliv.
G. W. llurks, of tlu A. M. K.
church- stood ou the twaffold with
him In n few seconds, ono of
which seemed like in hour to somo of
the spcotalurs. Hoy. llurks rend a
(harder fioiu ihc btblc, oftcrnh'chh:
ang '-Nearer My Home " Ho invoked
Divine forglvcnoss for tho
sinner about to pay tho extreme
penalty for tho crimo of murder.
Winston joined in the prayer in a
raiubliug, unintelligible manner, and
aaid "Amen" with tho pieaclicr.
Sheriff Holland then nskod hlru it
ho desired to say aiij thing. Ho to
plied thai he did, and stepped (01.
ward a (ow feet. Ho would
1 lasp Ins bauds Just in front
of him. then behind. Ho poke five
qvjJMtcs or more? """" "
In a rambling, ttcfiiltnry manner ho
Bald lie wanted to warn everybody to
take example from his fite.
IIin words at llrsl were scarcely
audible but ai ho they
became loudor. and uhapged into n
sort of wolrd cliaut, something similar
to thai of seme insane religious
zealot an uncanny sound that sent
a momentary ehdl of honor through
tlioto within reach of his voice.
Once, when a ciowd of bojs on the
outside begau to laugh and shout nt
something that had lraup.rod without,
ho paused (or n moment and
a.:ed out towards the sttoet. He
then told tho olhYor Hint liu knew
they wcio only doing their duly, and
remarked (o Hie ciowd. '! his is only
justice Hesaid he hope 1
his words would ring foreer in the
cars of Ins hearers.
He then called for Polla Allen, u
colored trusty who has bicn in jail
(or some tunc on a chargo of mall.
,r ions shooting at n Christmas fodi
val near M axon's Mills two years
ngo. There was a quick mnvoment
of the spectators, each Involuntailly
casting hit eye in somo direction to
sco who it could bo Ihc doomed man
wished to hco
Allen proved to bo in tho upper do
parimenl of the jail, and n ciowd of
boys who were hanging out tho window,
were ordcicd asldo lhat ho
might gel within sight of Winston,
nnd hear what ho had to say. When
ho protruded his head, instoti, in
his own d nlcct, began:
'Delia, remember what 1 told
jou. Take wauling! Let whisky,
gambling nnd bad women alone.
Lo k at mo, and sco what I hoy have
brouidit mo lo." hi lids vein
he continued (or what seemed several
111 nutes, although it win doubtless
much less. Allen listened with rapt
attention, and tenia wcro visible in
theevis o( several pironcra who surround
d tho lower grating in tho jail.
After a few moro vemarks in fit same
trend, Winston bowed .o Deputy
Slieiiff Kcsrcra mid Sheriff Holland,
i ,di 'i irg lhat lie was ready to die.
Tho sheiiff and deputies assisted I1I111
on the trap, with his fnco towards tho
south, and all shook hands with him.
Ills arms wcro plutoned bohind him
by Deputy Hogcrs and nuolhcr deputy
securely fastened n ropo around
lit h'3. Sheriff Holland stepped
up, dtotv tlu blaok cap from his
pocket, 1 ml unfolded it. Winston's
lip moved in prayer. Ho nsked
.Icsus to 'org'vo him. When Sheriff
II illund 1 ullo I tho somber cap down
over Iho nurd irer's head and (ace
he (clt the mnu's fnco quiver with
(car mho tlool on tho brink of
I'Umitv. Do thou adjusted tho
The fluiiff motioned his deputies
awu from 'he trapr nud walked over
to tho woodi d lever, which projected
t ut to the S' crttiro that formed tho
oilrniTC to tho gallows.
Winston murmured another brief
prayer, tho movement of his lips being
dWecrtinblo under their sablo covering,
mid Sheriff Holland snld,
'Good byo, George," nnd pulled tho
ston's body shot like an arrow seven
(cet below. As ho went through tho I
trip he gave a most harrowing, blood-'
curdling cry. nt if ho had attempted
lo say n last good bye, nnd hN volco
failed him. The spectators began
Immcdhtcly to crowd around him.
Ho was motionless, and ,nt first no
muscular contraction was visible.
I'rcsenlly his fingers began to twitch,
ami his limbs t') slowly draw up and
relax Drs. Brother. Itobertson and
Holland, tho two former from tho
city, and tho latter o( Grahamville.
who were appointed to pronounce
death, stepped up and two fell
his p'llse. Winston's (cet were
within two inches of tho ground when
lus body was entirely relaxed, and a
spectator kicked a ruck out (10m uu.
der one foot, which touched it. In
eleven minutes Winston was pronounced
dead. His neck was not
broken, despite tho (all o( seven or
eight (eel, and ho die I of strangulation.
His struggles, however, were
not violent.
After ho wa? pronounced dead,
several lifted him up while tho rope
was out.
Sheriff Holland retained the knot
ni n Houvciiir. and part of lliu rope
each other (or a good scat or) tlclgh
boring fences, house tops and outhouses,
The hour (or the hanging wa 7 :0T)
and those with tickets did not lJgln
to nrrivo until 0 o'clock nnd later.
Doctors, oillccrs, and newspaper men
wcro admitted to tho jail.
Winston inlkcd.praypdand preach-fed,
alternately. Ho was asked where
ho was born, but replied ho dlln't
have lime to talk about It then, that
his li(o was too short.
A ciowd of prisoners pushed up
the bars ami Winston began giving
them good advice.
Ono youlli began lo cry.
"And I don't want any of you to
say you sec mo tiftcr I'm gone,"
Winston said slgnillcauiiy, "if I
go to heaven I won't want to conic
back. 1 ain't uot anything hctb to
ttay (oh ,1 Won't want to come
back, and I won't: If I go to the
bad place, the devil won't let mo
come back, and so I'll not come
back cilher way, and 1
don't want any of you lo
say you saw me, either. If I come
back 't will bo with my crown, golden
slippers, robo and wings, do yott
Then ho would rclapso into his
chant, and somo of tho prisoners
would continue to shed tears. Presently
ho saw several reporters and
began lo tell them not to say anything
untrue about him.
"Here they came up hero once and
talked a little while and then went off
and said 1 seen 'liruinta.' I never
seen 11 haunt in my life gentlemen,"
he said. "I've been away back In
IhN jail, and when I was out 1 used
to sleep in old, broken down h niscs
away off from anywhere, and I never
saw one yet. I' i feel a little funny
but llicu 1 never did bco a 'haunt '
Tlio worst 'haunts' they is, gentlemen,
is live hiiunts.' "
Winston nt limes nppctrcd to be
ictnpuraruy insane cuuer wuu uic
dread of Ids doom, or from religious
fervur. lint he would soon, by his
' I I
was cut up by Olllccr Orr and d's- common-sense remarks, convince hi3
Inbutcd among those who desired Ihc hearers that he was perfectly sane,
gruesome rcl'cs. I Among other statements, ono was
Undertaker Nance theti took 1 that ho had not scqii his mother nor
chargo of the remains, and placed sisters slnco 1881, and that ho never
them In a cheap colli u which was ' thought about them now.
brought in after the execution. j At 7 o'clock tho jail enclosure
l lie face, wncn the black cap was was thrown open, olllcer Sherman
taken off, was covered with l'hillips taking tickets. Sheriff Hol-
tlou, and horribly distorted.
Gradually the crowd dispersed,
those from tho inclosuro mingling
with those who had been on tho outside.
Winston's last .night.
Winston's last night was n sleepless
one. Yesterday aUcrnoon tho
Jad was thrown open to those whoso
morbid curiosity prompted them to
view tho rnutdcrcr iu his cell. Seven
hundred and pcopio called
to sco him before tho doors were
closed to visitors.
Ho nttemptcd to sleep last tiight,
but could only doso occasionally.
Deputy Jailer Chailie Honnin nnd
Mr.Chailcs Hart acted ns death
watch. Whenever they passed near
the cell Winston wna always praying.
About 2 o'clock tho prisoner managed
to sleep a little. Ho was awakened
at 1 o'clock, nnd tho first thing
ho did was vto dtluk tho last of tho
wiuo ho had in n bottle. Ho dressed
and when breakfast was served declined
to cat, saying lie was not hungry.
At ,'i o'clock his spiritual
Ksv. Uurks, arrived, nnd Win-
stoufwas turned into tlncoiilor.
Soveral policemen wcro placed inside
shortly afterwards, and Winston spent
mo?t of Ids timo praying nud talking,
pacing tho lloor constantly and
Last night ho Informed those present
that ho killed Viua Stubhlelield
becauso ho loved her. That sho had
somo IrresUtililo attraction for himtlmt
ho iinco told her himself sho would
sooner or later be tho death of him,
or ctuso him logo thu punitonthiry
for life. Iu spcakiug of tho woman
ho often lapsed into tenderness, and
his hut icqucst was that Ids remains
be buried beside her in l'ofdcr's field.
Yesterday ho had his photograph
taken, and appeared to bu plcaied
(when a proof was slnwu hiui last
Uiifuro daylight peoplo began
at tho jnll. A number of
Tho support foil noiselessly, small boys climbed in tho tree3 ml-
jjut likon Hash of lightning, and Win- jaccnt, whilo boys nnd men vied with
land and deputy Hogcrs produced
tho rope, and attached It to tho beam
of tho gallows. They then went
after tho condemned mau.
Sheriff Holland read tho doith
warrant to him, there was hasty
prayer, and the march to tho scallold
began. He walked, bareheaded, between
Sheriff Holland and deputy
I'ogers, with others iu tho rear.
The crowd pressed closely, but was
kept back by policemen. Kach one
strained himself or herself to sco the
prisoner, who looked straight ahead
1110H of tho time.
Tilt: ( IllMf. IIU UXTIATM).
Tho crimo for which Winston was
hanged was ono of the most horrible
ever committed in the
On tho night of Apiil 22 Winston
went to tho homo of his .mistress,
Viua Stubhlelield, a notorious
living in Duunoi's alley, nud
finding her absent went to sleep on
her bed. Shortly at' or midnight the
woman returned lo the houso and
nwoko him by striking n match
Winston asked her for a cigarette.
She replied that sho did not linvc ono
and ho became nngercd. They
n few minutes and then, without
a word of warning. Winston, in
u manner true to Ills namesake, tho
devil, drew a kuife.and stabbed the
woman iu full view of Kd Morton,
Isadorc Hetton nud n woman named
liny. After stabbing tho woman he
throw her bloody body on tho bed
from which ho had just arisen and
slashed hjr in a do.cu dilfcreut
places, cutting arteries with every
blow of tho knife. After finishing
his hellish work Winston took Ins valise,
wnlcli was being iu the room,
tin 1 walked out, shouting words of
defiance at thu astounded witnesses to
the horrible butchery.
Ho went iu tho direction of tho
lalltoad, but n careful search of tho
ynids nnd "Y" failed lo rovcal tho
niurdeier. Ho was captured by Marshal
Jesso Walker, at Fulton,
Sunday, and brnnul'' ' "
wlrn he had been ct ,
At his (Inal trial he did not testify
at all, and seemed to accept his (ali
as n maltcr 01 course. Jioiiiereo
no rensou whyscnteuce should not
bo passed upon him, wlrn Judg
lllsliou ashed him. and never Mncc
omplalned that the sentence was
although he once snld that
have been hanged tvilh him.
GcorcO Winston was horn in
Crockett, Obion county, Tenn., tu
1nv 9. lMfi.!. nnd mis .t'2 enrs old.
He wont south early iu life, ami uv,'
Ullll U19 liUVUt III 1 V. M VIIVHII4 117
cabin boy on n steamboat, afterwards
becoming a roustcr. He afterwards
went to Georgia, where in 18H2 he
was man led In butler, but lived with
his wife but sis mouths.
Ho leaves a mother, sister and
brother in Ublon county, but has nut
heard from them in over ten years.
Ho claims ho no-' ncvcj arrested lull
once in his llfo befora ho entile to
1'nducah, nnd that was in Georgia (or
carrying a pistol. Judging (rom
what ho said of the subtle power
Vinn Stubhlelield exerted over hurt,
she must have been a "hypnotist."
1 iust hanoix; sixer; '00.
Today's hanging was the first since
1810, when Jesse Urown, colored,
was executed (or the murder of
Uabe" Laurie. Ho was hanged on
Jan. 15, earl' in the morning, nnd It
was ono of tho coldest days ever experienced
here, tho thermometer
below zero. Notwithstanding the
fold weather, however, the con-dimmed
inau perspired so that steam
nroic from his face
s 1 ux.
One of the doctors present staled
in way of explanation of why Winston's
ucek was not broken, that it
was be uuc the knot clipped around
back of his neck, and because his
feet sttuck tho ground when he
dropped, breaking,, to soma extent,
however slight, the (all.
some or Tin: srixTToit'.
Among the spectators were Mayor
Vctscr, City lsielan Williamson,
many o( tho city nud county ofllcera,
Slicritf Starks, of lienton, and Detective
John Lehnhard, of Kvanavdlo.
Marshall Collins declined to go.
Coroner Nance will inter the re
mains in potter's Held tomorrow
morning nt 11 o'clock, beside the
grave of Ills victim, if it can ho found.
Tha coroner found it a difiieiilt
matter toil ay to keep the people who
wanted to sec the remains away.
This afternoon ho throw open the
rear of his establishment and let
them view tho body.
a largo muu'icr 01 pcopio visum
the jail during the day and took n
look at the suaffoldi
Si.v Puss Through En Jtoute to
New Orleans.
Making Their Itcgulnr Annual
Trip of Induction From
The following Ohio river pilots,
making their yearly trip down the
Ohb to inspect the channel, passed
through tho city last night en route
from Pittsburg to Cairo, thence to
New Orleans. Tho pirty consisto I
of Messrs. C. l- Owen. Da) Ion,
Ivy. i Henry Doss, Cincinnati 1 Walter
S. Conuor and A. Lyon, New
Howard Fun Ion. Newport;
Stewart Conuor, Citiehn.si'i.
These pilots, with many other,!
pass down from Pittsburg to New Orleans
every year, to find what chaugos
have been mide in the channel.
Damage Suit Dragging- Through
the Federal.
Nothing of I -rest in tlio Police
oi Circuit Cotut.
r. s. coutT.
The ptoicuutiou in the two niilioad
damage suits closed its evidence this
morning la tho Federal court, and
this afternoon several witnesses for
tho defense had been heard. Tlio
case will probably bo fluhhed by tomorrow.
George Pctway, Faweelt Claik
and V. K. llorrvnian, for violation of
revenue liws, were fined $100 nud
given 50 days Iu jail.
The caso of U..L. Poller against
D. G. Muricll Is now on tihd.
A motlou was today made for a
now hearing in tho caso of C. K.
committee, against Mrs.
roues coi in.
There was but one ease iu Judge
Sanders' court today. Hubert
colore I, was arrested by
Senscr and S medley hut night
for stabbing a couple of colored women
and drawing a pistol on them.
He had l!iu put"! on him when
Ho was lined $50 uu 1 givin
twenty days in jnll.
Tho Span sh steamer Monseiral,
boning Gou.Wcvier, leached
Spain. eterday. Ho will not go
ashore 11111 1 1 liarcelomi is lemiicd,
and meanwhile. Spain is lending itself
.i uil controversy as to tho
A'' of reVi'ilb 11 to bo accorded him.
injinnM 1 & vvwv
kUUUUIV .. ? w p
The Biggest Firo in the Ilistoiy jfttL '
of the City Jtnging. Loss nStH. '
' Will lie Untold S&WKK!
' 1
Tlio Conipctltot." Crjvv Has at - - kCji jijiSs 'iiSR
I.nst Uccn Released. l'lS?rr ftfe. .H
4 cb .vot Plca.scd With W& r K
London. Nov. IU The
lire In tuc History ot ivontion is now
raging. Fifty Hue stores have n'-'
rcady been destroy ed. All the etrcct
alonglho Thames is ablaze. The
r .
iVill be untold millions.
I'lie Competitor's Crew KcJcased
Jly After d
l'iinlon nt .Madrid.
Havana. Nov. 19. In pursuance
of cabled Instructions from Spain,
received Wednesday, Capt. General
Blanco yesterday released from
Cabana fortress Alfredo LabDrdc.
Charles Harnett. Oua Midton and
William Gilden, members of the crew
of the American seloon.cr Competitor,
captured in April. 1890', by the Spanish
gunboat Meagra on a charge of
Hlllbnstcring. They were delivered
lo the American n'Ul Hritish consuls
and have taken passagoon the steamer
Saratoga, of tho Ward Liue, for
New York.
A number of fauillcs who have
been at Las Fosos under the "concentration'
' order will be removed at
tho espouse of tho niuuiuipality to a
pi irate hospital. There is no diminution
ji tho mortality from starvation
and dltoose.
hlanco was hi:ci:ivi:,
Ami Iff Plainly Sny. Tlmt Ccn
vteler Did It.
Ni"v Nov. Hi.-- A dispatch
fromdlavana says:
"Tfcero Is no lgu yet of the full
tcxUof the promUrtl rsfOrms. and in
conscqiencc the hopes of tile most
opUmJjtio autonomist an dwindling
au). 1 he fnuit lias not with Gen.
lllnnco. There is cv. ry reason to believe
that his promises on nrrival
were made iu good faith. He is
deeply incensed at tho false
position lit which he is placed. He
cabled lo Madrid a day or Wo ngOj
saing Gen. Weyler had deceived
him as to the condition of the army
and the government had misled him
regarding their sincerity In promising
autonomy, and broadly hiutcd that hi
felt inclined to nsk to be relieved.
"Kvery military commander of u
lown met, said lie, had not jet received
any orders regarding the extension
of the zones of cultivation.
The condition of the rccouccntrados
i unaltered. Their sufferings are
appalling. Unless Gen. lJIan'.'o
makes more headway than he has
done yet, autonomy will be n dead
letter in the Cuban
A il' Polly.
Williamston, Miuh . Nov 18
John liurgM', a youth of nineteen,
list night shut and Mile I Go. re
Hart at Meiidun, a hamlet four
Hart, who was engaged to
marr) Burgess' sister, disguised himself
a- a cowboy aid trie I to frighten
llurgci?, who became nngiy mid killed
the tramp.
All Is culct.
KugUsh, hid. Nov. I'J. President
Weathers is hero and has updid the
bank's vault. Tliro has been in
dtmijijttra'.ion, n.id Weathers an I
his friends are trying to make a
Franks Takes LIi.uk. Next Monday.
Washington, Nov. 18. Internal
Revenue Agent C. W. Sew all w.w today
noli II d by Couitnhtioiiur Formal!
lo check up the aeuounls of
Collector Yiindi'U at tho close of
next Mond;ij , so U.u'. thu 1 lllec
may bo irnnsfuircd lu Colctor
Franks on that i'ay.
CIohIii;; Session-, Devoted
Ify Lending
l.lKlitrt id tlio Cliiireb.
Chicago, Nov. 18 This was the
last day of the llaptist Congro's
The morning n.id afternoon sc!ous
were duvoted to a dleiilou of two
siibjticls, "The Psyi'lrnhvy of Conversion"
and "The Power of the
Cross in tho Life of the Believer."
Six of the leading lights of Iho
el urcli wcto iippiiutcd to H'flk on
the two question. "The Pjihology
ot Conversation" was dUcussed by
Prof. Noih Diivis, of Mie L'uiversliy
of Yiiginii; Nathaniel llutler,
of Colby Univursity, Water-
ville. Mo. iProiileut W. S. Hjluud
Power of tho Cross in the Believer"
was discussed in papers by Kcv, J.T.
DukiiidOii, of Orange, N. .1 . and
Kev. Donald I). MeLaurin, of
'I'he latter was not able to ho
piesi it and his paper was read by a
HiibsliMite. Noplace was deleted for
the oojigress ot mvt year.
bluest a:. a
'rtOsf' '
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We carry the finest line of Neckwear in the state.
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