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llio Ijidlcii MUc Society
Ituptbtt Church. Celebrates.
The silver anniversary of the Mite
Society, of Ihe First llapllst church,
held at tho residence of Mrs. J. It.
l'urvear yesterday afternoon, wns o
most enjoyable event, end was at-tended
by ti largo number of members,
ex-members, and invited guekts.
The society In honor of its
anniversary, wan presented with
p. (.liver coin of soma description by
.h who attended, and nulto a neat
.aum tvn in this manner netted. Ite-
reshuitfuLs were served, and a
that s'f mod to do all good was
ithti principal fealuro of tho
lg 5hlpmt Kpcelycd by the
.Kentucky Ulum mul Queens.
ware Company,
lvei.Mlcky G,n8a nml
mule In Vat b ' U.ve
carU)u;l of lampf a
received a
Pd on Ibc
carton.! ol quccnswnrd
,..n,i I n carload of I imp nd gob-
.. TMannternrisinv (Inn is brt'uu
to keep in front. They buy their
coods by the carload and by means
Mh..ir big purchase tliev can sell
. .. i !,.. tlinn nil COmnctU
n9 low ii --- -
tow. 'i'heir goods
nniu Tink out for
o granite ware
are ursi viata
their big bar
gains for the holiday trade.
ri'i.. ...1. enamel ware now shown
. .r....', lir.n Si Jones has three
"L. nf enamel, which Is far superior
See it.
Tho United States Court Adjourns
This Afternoon After
a Session of Much
In tho Circuit Court the Illinois
Central Win the Big Damage
Suit. Other Newa of the
Variou Courtis.
v. a. count.
The two suits for $25,000 each of
Choatc and Itlddle, administrator of
tho estato of Wm. hades and James
Hollfleld, against the Illinois Central
railroad, were decided la the United
States court this afternoon about 1
Notice to Shippers.
The Illinois Central Railroad company
is now prepared to bandlo all
shipments through Memphis to Illi-n
tis Central and Yazoo and Mississippi
Valley stations, Arkansas,
Texas and wpstern points; clso
t'irough New Orleans via Southern
Pacitlu or Texas and Pacific railroad
to Louisiana, Tcxus and western
points. J. T. Donovan,
17n4 Com'I Agent.
M.U I-1 " '
llcata 10 to 1,
Proctor & Grlsham, Bcgcnt, La.,
wile: uWo have sold twenty-four
b Hies of Ur. Mcndcnhall'a Chill
G iro to one of any other since we
have Lad It In stock, and we havo five
other brands.'' if II is not the um
rmiv .ii" malarial complaints you
hvo ever tried, uu c vo. m
refund the money. Price 00c. tf
Lunch Tonight,
Grand Lunch tonight a', the Mer
..t.Htits Exebaneeat 7:00 o'clock,
Oyster stuw, barb cued squirrel
I noodle. Italian Uyl1, potato saiau,
The Yellow Fever Scare is Over
in New Orleans More Toll
Gates in Jessamine
County Gone,
Three (.ornered Duel Over tho
Mobbing of IconoctiiHt.
Waco, Ter., Nov. 20 J. W.
Harris, the editor of the Waco
Times-Herald, a morning paper, and
W. A. Harris, his brother, on one
side, and Judge G. It. Gerald, a
prominent citizen, fought a duel to
the death on the street last night at f
o'clock. W. A. Harris was shot
dead, J. W. Harris was wounded fa
tally, bis body being paralyzed, nnd
Gerald shot In the side and may die.
The trouble was the outcome of mob
bing W. C. llrann, publisher of the
iostofffk:e iiukns.
Other Buildings In I'lnevllle
Ablar.e and Doomed.
Plneville, Ky., Nov. 20. The
postofflce building, owned by Capt.
A. A. Edwards, postmaster at this
place, and in which tho postofllco is
being kept, was destroyed by fire at
2 o'clock yesterday afternoon. Most
all the fixtures and papers belonging
to the ikjatofTlcc were saved.
The loss will reach $0,000.
Of Wiley Parks' Five-Year-Old
Killed In Marshall County Ry
Runaway IIor.se.
Carlton Parks, the 5-year-old son
of Mr. Wiley Parks, of Oak Level,
Marshall county, was Killed yesterday
afternoon near homo by a runaway
The boy asked permission to tide
horseback while his father was leading
a horse, harness on, from a
neighbor's. Tho horse become
frightened, ran away, and the lad
was entangled in the harness and
dragged. Ills skull was fractured, a
leg broken, and his abdomen torn
open by the anlasal's hoof.
Attempt Maito to Break
Engineer Winfrey's.
Mrs. Wlufrev Shot at the Would-He
Paducah saems to be infested with
petty burgulars again. Night before
last Dr. C. E. Whitesldes' residence
was broken into, and n quantity of
silverware was stolen, and last night
they attempted to gain entrance to
engineer Al Winfrey's residence on
west Broadway. Mrs. Winfrey was
awakened by hearing a nail, which
was dislodged by tho thief in raising
the window, fall to the floor, and ran
to the casement witli a pistol, firing
two shots at the fleeing intruder.
If you want an English Fruit Cake
go to the Dkmcatksskx, S27
A nice line of shot guns at Hark
Hroi.ct Jones' cheap. 20n3
Democratic discontent has seem
ingly developed Into democratic dis
sension, and a movement is now on
foot among disgruntled democrat to
hold a mass meeting In the near future
for tho purposo of demurring to
tho action of the recent council cau
cus, lots mass meeting now seems
probable. Democrats do not like
caucuses in tho first place, especially
those where, It U alleged, relatives,
old cronies, intimate friends and
others, are boosted into oflk'e irrespective
of politics, qualification,
reputation, or anything else.
Tho three score or more candidates
who wero turned down by this new
council in a star chamber caucus
at the county court house
don't like this sort of business, end
many of them havo como to the conclusion
that uow is as good a tunc to
say so as any. I licy also have a few
friends who will stick to them.
If a meeting is held it will be simply
to request the council to ignore
the proceedings nnd nominees of the
late lamented caucus, and for the
sake of tho parly to elect tho city
at the proper time next month.
Should the mectinti materialize it
might at least boast of an attendance
of a hundred or more whilom candidates
and their friends.
Hut not only is there an ominous
discontent among the rank nnd File.
on account of the defeat of somo of
the candidates, and the resentment
of the many candidates' relatives and
friends, hut right in the midst of the
council itself, it is said, there is a
growing dissatisfaction among the
members, who hive seen some of
their pet candidates go down in de
feat, and do not think it should have
been so.
And rcall . it is hinted that there
arc three of the nominee whoarenot
the choice of tho council, but rat! er
I of the mayor.
It h said that in tho race for license
inspector the vote stoyd six
to sir, Messrs. John O'Brien aud P.
D. Jnrvis being the contestants.
Mayor-elect Lang Is credited with
voting for Mr. Jarvis, and thus turning
down Mr. O'Urien, one of
cah's best known nnd oldest citizens
and D;mocrats, who has perhaps paid
as much taxes as any other man in
Paducah during his rcsldcucc here.
Mr. Jnrvis is no doubt a worthy gen
tleman, but who ever heard of him
Somebody has also said that when
the final vote for city weigher was
taken, there were six votes for Mr
Thos. Baird and fix for Mr. Fcrd
Williams. Mr. Lang is also given
tho credit of having cast the vote
that elected Mr. Williams.
There Is also some other ofllcc that
was D'led by the vote of Mayor elect
Lang, It is said, but which one it
was could not be ascertained.
A reporter called on Dr. Lang
this morning and asked him hew-many
of the nominees he was responsible
for, and ho laughingly de
clined to answer the question, saying
that the had been
sworn to secrecy in everything but
tho result of the caucus.
And so it goc3. Some of the
councilmcn are mud, some of the de
feated candidates are mail, and there
is every indication of a "hot old
time" tonie of those days.
One candidate was heard to say,
"I don't mind being beat by n
mau, but I don't relish the
Idea of being knucked out by n bum
or a drunkard, or anything like
But the Sun docs not desire to re
tlect on any one of the nominees
of the worihy council-elect. The
people know those who have been
nominated. If the council-elect nnd
the Democratic party nre satisfied,
there (s po rpasoti why the Sis should
not be. The trouble is, neither the
council-elect nor the Democratic party
is exactly pleased, and this is one
reason why some of tho best Democrats
of tho city arc talking of protesting
against the recent caucus, aud
asking their representatives-elect to
reconsider their action and choose
ofllcers at a regular meeting of the
council, open and above board, whire
relationship, friendship, political
spite and vindictiveness thall uot exist,
and the selections shall he made
in accordance with the respective ca
pabilities and moral character of the
various candidates. Tho people of
Paducah do uot Ik Hove in making a
public trust a privsto snap.
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and seams trimmed with wide and
narrow braid.
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A beautiful n -4 all-wool white
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wool and having attractive borders,
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t fr 11 1 1 H'fflK 1
;H .l(AS-
If it's Tn)ie The Paducah Daily Su N. 'THE the Sun advertiser is the be!
The Sun
Find u in by which to reach the
A Few Hrlff Items Only Could
Ho Gathered To-Dav
Dullness I'crvndi's
Ocoro Vli!tton'rt Kcnmlm Nut
Yet Depot Fljrlit Create
Other Ncwh.
'IVo stranger, brothers, who
started to cross over from llio
to Uiu St. Louis traiu ut the
union depot at noon and were both
pretty full, hail a Unlit, in which one
was struck n mighty Mow In the
right eye, which brought the blood
out in "spurt and fixed it in s
condition to get black. The men
then boarded the train and left.
Dr. A. S. Dabney lost the finest
cow in the county night before last.
At any rate he Bays slio was the finest,
Mug worth $100. She nas an imported
ami died of
Contractor l'nt llnlloran left this
morning for Central City to meet his
oldest olater, .Mrs. Catherine
of Howling (Srecn, who is here
on a visit to her sister, Miss Mary
llalloran. It is Mrs. Stickncy'a
first visit for twelve years. Her husband
it now n government engineer
in charge of Green Hlvcr.
Judgo I). I. Sander, Jailer Joe
Miller, Col. George Oct .el and Mr.
Clio. ItKc left this morning for
Squiro Ware's country home, lclow
(rahamvillr, to attend n big reunion
and barbecue tendered the tobacco
men at that place. They will cnd
the day, and it Is safe to predict will
enjoy the hospitality thai is sure to
be cxlcnJcd them.
Tho next attraction at Morton's
opera house will be Olc
Uleson, on Monday night week, the
The ladies of the Catholic church
nre nrciiatinir to clve a big
Hiving supper next Wednesday night
in aomc building on Hroadway, probably
at Itasor's old stand.
Dr. J. T. Htddlck, one of tho
school trustees, whose
" friends desire to see him President of
the board, has declined to allow his
nnino to go itcfore the board for that
honorable poslthn. The doctor says
ho feels thst his professional duties
would handicap him in the discharge
of his dutks as l'rcidcnt. aud hence
Mr. K. CJ. Terrell, who has for
year Iwen treasurer, is now mentioned
as a probable nominee, but
tho board could to lose him
n a treasurer.
Judge W. I). Greer returned this
morning from Murray, where he won
a case In the circuit court now in
aesMon there. The style of the suit
was 'Groau Craig, adm'r., of Or.
John I. Grogan, against tho Connecticut
Indemnity Insurance company
for $'2,000 on n life policy.
The plaintiff won the case.
( One of thcscvcral 510,000 damage
suits against the N. C. Jt St. L.
whluli resulted from the
m KYiilmlnn last aprine In which
seven colored men were killed, Is now
.on trial.
The remain of George Win ton
Mf llll nt Nnuco's undertaking
and hare been cmbalimd,
They will l' burled tday, and
mav lm kept for wmietimc. l'coplo
have Hocked there today to see th.ra.
ausi'M annivi:ks.ky.
of the
o'clock, the Jury returning a verdict
for the defendant, tho Illinois (Jen
tral. This will probably end the
case, an attorney for the plaintiff
stating that it would go no further.
Kadcs and Hollfleld were well
known young men of near l'ryors.
hurg, Graves county, who had been
to Mayflold to learn the result of a
primary election last Spring. Driving
homo after m dnight they were
struck by tho I. C "cannon-ball"
and instantly killed.
Ilio priucipal allegations on thorn-
Hjwctivc tides were, for the plaintiffs,
thst tho engineer did not blow tho
whistle nor have the bell rung, before
the crossing was reached, while the
defense denied this and claimed that
the two victims were drunk.
The interesting part is that several
farmers and others residing in the
ucinity of the tragedy swore that no
whistle was blown on that particular
night, one man claiming that he knew
it to bo a fact, because he was up
looking utter somo caltlo that had
been lighting.
On the contrary, however, Engineer
Mcrecr swore positively that tho
whistle was blown and the bell rung,
and was corroborated by the Qreman.
lie said when ho saw the horse, it
was runlnng as rapidly ns It could gc,
aud he thought it was only a loose
horse. Ho did not see the buggy.
After ho struck it ho stopped ihe
train aud went out to make an examination.
He found some spokes and
other parts of a buggy In the pilot of
the engine, and the bodies were found
some distance back, having been
hurled thirty yards by the tremendous
blow of tho engine.
The livery man testified that Hades
and Hollfleld, when they left his stable
to go home, were drinking, and
had a jug. He put It In the buggy
for them, after taking a drink. He
created some" amusement in court
when he ssid ho remembered telling
them that it was the biggest jug he
ever saw to have so little whisky.
Federal Court, having wound up
Its business, adjourned this afternoon,
and the ofllcers left at 2:45 for
United States Marshal A. D.James
and family, who were guests of Rev.
W. K. l'cnrod and family, made
themselves very popular while here.
Marshal James is one of the most
popular ofllcctB in tho service, and
has made many friinds here.
It was nothing but tho inordinate
verdancy of David Nelson, of Caldwell
county, that saved him from be
ing mussed into a line in police court
this morning.
David's lire and experience have
I ecu limited to that of rural vicissitudes.
Ho came down yesterday,
and, after transacting his business,
started homo last night. He may
have taken a "dram" too aiany.
When ho got into the Union Depot
supply room the colored watchman
asked him out. He thought the man
wanted to rob him, ho said, and
picked up a monkey wrench to object
with. Tho watchman decamped and
returned with two ofllcers, and the
old fellow and his monkey wrench
succeeded in making things quite
lively for them, also, for a time. He
thought they, too, desired to rob him.
"Yes, 1 reckon I am kinder green,
Jcdgo," ho admitted, "and 1 didn't
know no belter, bein as I am so
green." He was released.
Susan Ford and George Mitchell
were tried for a breach of the peace,
and Ford was fined $10 and costs.
Chance For a Lynching In New
port if Greer, One of Mn,
Gleason's AasallnntM,
I not Hanged.
New Orleans, Nov. 20. Every
quarantine has been raised and the
yellow fever fright Is over. Business
is resuming its natnrat cuanneis.
Princeton Is Favorite.
New Haven, Conn., Nov. 20.
Dig odds are being offered on the
Princetons In the Princeton-Yalo fool
ball game today.
All Gone.
Nlcholasville, Ky., Nov. 20.
Every toll gate remaining in this
county was destroyed last night.
A Possible Lynching.
Newport, Ky. Nov. 20. It la believed
that Greer, the second of Mrs.
Gleason's assailants to bo tried, will
escape hanging. If he docs he will
be lynched.
Talk of Holding a Mass Meeting
to Protest Against the
There In Discontent Not Only
tho Party, lint In the Conn-ell
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