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Warren fc IMlitrtiti.
9m ths earner of Jtckscn and Kentucky eta.,
(up stairs.
CiBOHGK H iRBES, Editor.
MAY 2, 183.
The Iniprachment. -
The past week La been consumed io
argument hy the counsel and managers.
!r. Stanbciy will olos for flic oouael
to-day, and Mr. Hiuhini for the Mana-j-ere,
M-juthy aud TuesJay. A resola
t"wa has been adopiwd allowing each
h'ttuator on? hour's time to explaiu his
which wi!l no doubt occupy quite
all of tbe coming week. The removal
vf tbe President is now a foregone con
clusion, aod thj people should prepare
tr. meet the fact. .
I'arty Purity.
Aa we enter tbe pigantie political
truggle of 1863, it may not be alto
gother oat of place to couaidcr uot only
tho means necessary to success, but the
B.u9I&cesary to the preservation of
th purity of our party organization, iu
orrter to make tne comm" victory in
November effective, and toprevent
rtraugera from carrying the party chip
into nrDuowu and chartless seas. The
Pemocratie party hold to special priuci
ples, that were ouco clad in most gorge
ous tiasclry, trumpeted in the name of
things ruo.-'t sacred, and held to be ahso
lately necessary, and the true policy
pon which this government should be
administered. The perilous times have
ain called upon the Democracy to bat
ll with the ancient enemy of the Re
public now more dangerous because
more reckless and : in power and the
dangers of the hour have brought to
our sida, and .under the protection of
Oar banner, the gallant remnants of old
party organizations, who nobly propose
to make with us a common cause against
common euemy ; but, who, it cannot
b expected, have buried the old dogmas
of the party to which they belonged and
which they held to dear. To the friend
who in a moment of peril rushed to the
rescue of your family, you would wiil
iagy award houor and gratitude, take
h'.ia within your home circle, and freely
give him of the bounty of your table ;
but, an effort ou his part to take charge
of and direct your domestic affairs,
would be reaeuted as an act of impu
dence outweighiug the gratitude for his
assistauce. To the old . adherents of
other parries who are now Leroicly labor
ing to'assifct the Democracy to defeat
Radicalism, the gratitude of the couutry
ia due; but, we ask, if it is not immodest,
in a man, not a Democrat, to-attempt to
lead Democrats. The history of the bat
Kentucky Legislature undeniably estab-
tucse co-laborers never failed to thrust a
fj.ear iutothe side of the Democracy.
True, in the Contests between Kadi-
e-.::sci ana .Lenjocraey, tney noiaiy
rood bv our side and, should a con
t;jt ere or anywhere arise, between
them and the Radicals, we should urge
the Democarcy to move in a solid column
to their defence but wo do object to
these militia men, jumped up in an hour
of peril, ranking the regular army of the
Democracy. Thoa early ia the cauvass
we throw out these suggestion, end
while we trust the utmost consideration
and generosity may be displayed toward
curnew friend., the advice is not useless,
to have an eye to the purity of the party.
This should not be overlooked ia oar
National, State, and District Conven
tions. First, let us ,' inquire if he be
Auii-Uadical ; secoud, is he a, good aud
true Democrat? . . . .
Thk Paducah Herald, says Judge
Bennett, of Smithland, and others, are
tpokan of by their friends as candidates
for Congresv in this district. Judge
Casswell Bennett owes us a bill of $10,
tiiflt was authorised aud acknowledged
in his own hand write, which without
'? excuse, he fails fo pay If this is
as evidduce of the Judge's honor and
integrity, we beg to be cxcu.-.ed from ad
Visiug our friends to trust him. v
r .TniC Jvvozsmv. We" hear the re
port that W. J. Stubblefield, Esq., of
"Murray, Calloway county, is to be a
tindidl for Circuit Judge in this Dis
trict. He js a lawyer of ability and ex
jTlccce, and one of tho most strictly
oonect men we ever knew.
Tut Puduaah Herald puLliehcs a call
"goed Many Voters," fiom Graves
eouoty, calling on Judge J. M. Bigger
to become a candidate for Congress.
Ca all thU " tailing" make hia election
Mr.MORial.Pat. The ladies of Tcu
.uessce have selected the. 10th of May as
theday'on which they will deorate the
f-vcs of the Confederate dead. The
J-'th ult., the anniversary of the sur
render of Gen. Jos. E. Johnson, was the
tiay agreed upon, but owing to a scarcity
of flowers they were obliged to defer the
e remc ny. Tr a brave ma who fought
and sealed their devotion with their blood,
-would never be forgotten, or suffered to
Ji iu neglected graves. They sleep,
nany of them, fir from their homes, but
".m At r. e .t -i ,t i
. " : : " .
,d as their couutry. ;
Tlic Paducah Herald has appeared iu
aa enlarged form, and is much jmproved
tfcreby. Asthe Presidential campaign
r j. roaches it begins to assume the rigor
a id stylo Tlnch cliaracterized it ia other I
days, and
11.- r,.
'ic.ilt the enemies
'renr-naot. aci it avv
Our Railroad .Troubles.
We congratulate our citizens upon the
tirosnect of a treedv renuniLtion of
i 1
traiu3 to thirt pl icc. The suit iu the
Federal Court instituted bv the citv of
Hickman, and others, against Gen. W.
P.'Innis, and others, has been authorita-
tivelv withdrawn, so far as the city of
IIi km'an is concerned. The suit is still
prosecuted, however, by Messrs. King
man, Gleesou, and Podds, and the point
of snstaiuiug or dissolving the injunc
tion has been argued by some of the
ablest lawyers iu Tennessee. A decision
is uot likely to be obtained for several
days yet.
Our individual opinion endorse the
action of the City Council in withdraw
ing from the suit. "We disapproved the
move at the time it was instituted, be
cause we could see no good resulting
from it, aud bad no desire for our city to
become involved in tho personal matters
of ambitious Railroad mcu, or to ruiu
her business iuteiest by a fruitless strug
gle in Tennessee politics. We object to
being made a cat's paw of to pick ches
nuts out of the fire for other' use.
It is of little consequence to us who ruus
the Railroad, so they run it to Hickm.m.
Of course, we cannot now tell the re
sult of the, suitj. If jhe jfSAi notion is
anted, it will h:Vo effect of
keeping '.he new directory under re
straint, or possibly, the road may be
turned over to the company or an ageut.
From representations nindo to us wo are
quite certain that neither the company or
Gen. Innis will be able to run the road
without help of the bonds in dispute,
and we are without a doubt convinced
that Gov. Browulow will now never issue
the bonds to the old company, Judge
Trigg's decision to the contrary notwith
standing. Should the injunction be dis
solved, then the Railroad bonds will be
issued to the Receiver, the road Cou
tiuued in operation, with the terminus
permanently at Hickman.
Ilrare or If f&ckgruard.
We are glad to see that the Louisville
Courier Nashville Banner, and other
leading Southern papers, are " opening
out" upon a pair of blackguards who
have been and arc furnishing Radical
capital by wholesale, and sadly retarding
the progress of the great Democratic re
action. Such characters have no party
or supporters in the Northern States, and
hy their labored appeals to Southern
feeling and prejudice and vindictive
denunciation of Northern men and insti
tutions, deceive their readers as to the
actual situation of the country. Brick
Pomeroy and Chaancey Burr are North
ern men by birth, education and associa
tion, but so violently Southern in their
feeling that they wimid degrade both-the
men and women of their own section of
country and fatten on their degradation,
to laud Southern character and to write
a few bold, defiaut articles in behalf of
4 r '-' - VVk.t . M.n6.1iuu,
could Kentuckians place in a Southern j
who would laud the North auil
villify his own people ?
I li I .riTl 7tr I F ii
Courier says :
"The 'God and morality party' pro
fes to be terribly shocked over the
utterances of a half crazy sort of a ' J.
N.' orator who stumped New Hampshire
for the Democratic party. Tho ex-Reverend
aud ex-every-thing-else-that-is-deeent,
C. Chauncey Burr, a native of
Connecticut, is the individual who arous
ed the pious souls of the virtuous Radi
cals to such a pitch of indignation.
They say that he openly advocated
And there is another fanatic, whom
by a mysterious dispensation of Divine
Providence, has control of a newspaper
in the Northwest. He calls himself a
Democrat, and sets hiu.elf up for a
genius. His geuius consists iu being
different from every body ele. He is a
sort of an editorial horned frog a polit
ical showman and a moral monstrosity.
During the war be probably never
heard the explosion of a shell, yet now
it is over, he desire? to gather up the
Confederate flags, sacred emblems of his
"lost cause," that he may cherish them
in his heart, and get a few more sub
scribers thereby. '.
When President Lincoln was assassiu
atcd, an event which cast universal gloom
over the South, and filled the minds of
all thinking men with unspeakable dread,
this Northwestern editor approved of the
horrid deed, aud exerted what power he
had to secure tor it the indorsement ol
the Democratic party. The coarse and
vulgar allusions to Mr. Lincoln's murder
have been kept up by him from that day
to this, scrviug to shock the minds of
all decent people and furnishing a con
stant supply ot ammunition for the ene
niies of the Democratic party."
Not" Ge-verallt Ksowx, Martin
Van Buren is the only man who held the
offices of President, Yjce President,
Minister to England, Governor of his
own State, and member of both Houses
of Congress. Thomas II. Bcutou is the
only man who hel l a seat iu the United
States Senate for thirty consecutive years.
The onlynstance of father and son in
the United States Senate, at the same
time, is that of the Hon. Henry Dodge.
senator iroin v i.scoiiMn, aud hid sou,
Augustus C. Dodge, Senator from Iowa.
General James Shields if the only man
who ever represented two States in the
United States Senate. At ouo time he
was Senator from Illinois, aud subse
quently from Minnesota. John Quincy
Adams held positions under tho govern
ment during every ndministration from
that of Washington to that of Polk, dur
ing which he died. He had been Min
ister to' England, member of both Houses
of Congress, Secretary of State, and
f";we" OI Jue I te ' "a diei1
wuue memoer me uouse ot liepra
Br'jw.nlow ha? postponed the elec
tion of Congressman at large in Tennes-
j-fif-j; until the general election in Novem
ber. Good for tbe State.
The Springfield Republican, which
announced that there was "victory in the
air" for the Connecticut Radicals now
incline t. th opiuiou that it was alt id j
I the i;r aud Dvt iu 1b b' !?o "?x. ,
rroreedlnsrn Hetore Jiirtpe Trls?
tf l... !mlirilll' Hint .----
........ - ....
eteri Knllroaa n'J""'"
The ca-e of the Kentucky stockhold
ers and Directors of the Nashville and
Northwestern Railroad Company against
the parties now in possession, on appli
cation for atT injunction restraining the
latter from exercising further control
over the road, was taken up before Judge
Trigs, Frif!y, 2ith inst.
Mr. CCjar, for complainants, said he
would firt move to file the amcuded
bill ; (referred to laht week) and, secoud,
to enlarge the injunction already grant
ed, by preventing the defendants from
It was the in
tention of tb. complaiuants to aak to be j
put io po.ssessiou of the road. j
Mr. East, tor the detendavts. ui ."'"
he would move that the injunction against
the State oiLcers be dismissed, aud that
the amended bill be not filed.
.Mr. Colyar said the whole case turn
ed upon the acts of Assembly which had
bceu read, and as they fully raised the
question, the whole case might now be
disposed of. '
The act of, March. 1864, simply by the
7ti limi authorized the Governor to
appoint Stato Directors iu roads in the
condition of the Nashville and North
western Railroad.
These State Directors were appointed
shortly after that for this road, and they
were llowed by tho old Board to take
TtieprTraTX;Smte-urTrctory7Tn rue
They were composed of Judge Haw
kius. Judge Norman, and others, who
acted iu harmony with the old Board.
During this state of things the law of
the 7th of December, 18U7, was passed,
by which the Legislature gave or loaned
to the Nashville and Northwestern Rail
road Company $330,000 of bonds. The
Receiver managed to get SlUO.OOO of
these bonds, Unit upon investigation, all
parties conceded, so far as I know, in the
opinion that the Receiver had no right
to these bonds; that they could ouly be
issued to or by the order of the com
pany The Board declined to have them
issued to Inues, the Receiver, and the
organization which is complaiued of by
these bill (the original and amended
bills,) was set on foot with a view of de
feating the company and giviug the
bonds to the Receiver.
The plan adopted was, as nothing else
could be done, to 6et up rights under
the act of lie 23th of February. lStiS.
This act, vmjfh was passed for the bene
fit of an unaknshed road iu East Ten
nessee, provides that the overnor may
appoint State Directors in unfinished
roads, and although the preamble to the
act of the 7th of December recites that
this road is now finished, nnd although
the fact is that way, and the State direc
tors already appointed under tho act of
March, 1S07, yet as thee tonus couiu
be obtained in no other way. Commis
sions or appointments were obtained from
the Governor for these fifteen defend
ants, comparative strangers. This is
doue ou the 30th of March, 1SG.S, and
the next day, the 31st, five of these gen
tlemen made a call for a meetiug of the
Board of Directors ou the 2d of April.
On that da- these fifteen commissioned
gentlemen met (with oue of the old
directors whom they had purloined) and
then organized as a board and elected a
' President and other officers, and ordered
i tte ,otl to be is3ucd to the Receiver.
a'U.-UilLm tU.t tku-W) was a
fraud, that uiany of these directors live
along tne line or tne raiiroa i. some in
ii--... t. A i .. : r.' i ..
I . V
That it was iutended they should not be
present at any meeting they might have ,
that while it is no pleasure to impute
fraud to any one, the speaker raid he
could not retrain from referring to the
fact. The inquiry naturally comes up;
when this call was made for a meeting of
the Board, and only one day intervened
between the call and the proposed meet
ing, was it intended that Directors who
lived two hundred or two hundred and
fifty miles away should be prcscut, or
was it intended they should not be pre
sent? Counsel cre asked how this was.
Mr, Otis here rose and said he could
say in all sincerity for himself, that he
meant to give the notice fairly.
Mr. Colyar said this was no denial of
the stubborn facts that the call was made
on the 31st of March, for a meeting on
the 2nd ofpril, and that several of the
Director) tyled out of the State, and
others a distance of over two hundred
miles. The haste was curious, and the
facts must be met, as the conclusion was
irresistible that it was iutended to have
the meeting without the stockholders.
Mr. East : here asked, if the reason
they did not attend was the want of no
tice, saying he understood eight of the
old Board lived here.
Mr. C. said he supposed they had sev
eral reasons, this among the rest, that no
doubt this notice was news to them, that
the thing was just done, and he supposed
the Directors were themselves unable at
once to sa- whether they ought to at-
teud or not. This they could only learn
by investigating tho facts aud taking ad
vice. But one thing they could kuow,
and that was, that a call of this charac
ter was intended as a fraud, that they in
tended by keeping away all the Direc
tors at a distanee to have i majority
there being fifteen of ach set all told.
"W. 1 ------ --r - -', -O--'-I
ionra mei ana orguuizea, ana claim now
to have ousted all the officers of the
Board, aud to be the' true Board them
selvs, and they claim that they have
turned over to the Receiver this $350,
000. . Has this becu done iu law? is the
questiou. Can the rights of a corpora
tion be disposed of iu this way ? Have
we reached the poiut that vested rights
can be effected by such a proceeding as
this ? :
Since the great case of Dartmouth
College in 4 Wheaton, the law has been
well settled iu this country, that a char
ter if a contract, and that the Legisla-
ture"can Jass no lw affecting it, that it
is impairing the obligation ot a con
tract. But here is a charter several
millions of money iuvestcd under it a
Board organized, officers elected, aud
they with all the rights of the stock
holders are swept away in the-most sum
mary manner, by fifteen geutlciuen who
have no interest in it. hut flim to liv
authority CNiu the Governor to control it.
Has theovernor any such power as
this? If the act of the 25th of Feb
ruary jwas intended to apply to such a
caso as this, which it does not do, then
can tne Governor, by appointment of
Commissioners, displace the officers and
take control of the affairs ofi the cor
poration through such ppo?utces? If
the stockholders in this road have lost
the control of their property by this
movement, we have, indeed, fallen upon
strange times, llus movement is alarm
iog, and it is indeed, the first bold and
daring attempt in Tenucaicc, eiuce lb
war, to seize property. It isY corpora
tion, it is true, but there is no ni!igic in
that; it is still the property of the
stockholders, with a lien in favor of the
State, which is protected by law aod bv
the contract w hen the lieu was given, and
if this property can be seized -is' this
way, P-ny mau who can get authority
from some official, can come and seize
our house, land and other property.
But the great question iu thia tc is,
do those bonds go to the compact or to
the Receiver, who is making sujh ex
traordinary exertions to get them;i The
law recites iu its preamble the wints of
the company, aud directs the Governor
to issue the bonds, to the company An
other section gives bonds u iheJ'ldge-t.
field aud Kentucky Raif1-inl they
in turu are to be issu'iVBcciver,
showing thnt the Letr sltit to
make a distinction bct ipany
and Receiver. j
- (twer' "sewlions of .i ,-- Kv jpvids
that if the company, aK'er b. th'is
aided by the State, and having it ro id
equipped, 6hall fail to pay th in'crcst
for two years, the road shall bc.lfiU
Now, did not the Legislature mou to
give the compauy a fair triakjfV'! two
vears to 6ce if it- could pav the iut rest ?
fZr did it iutend to impose the heavV.P11-
altv of seliintrthe road upon the-ria"1"
"... r l? : cv .
me nt of an accidental Receiver t
But I infer from the charactcrV the
motion this morning, that the giver
iu this case is to be put u! ji
grounus inai ina aces eaauui, '
Now upou what is this baed ? There
is no magic in the name of Receiver.
Does the fjet that he is oppciuted by the
Governor put him above th law ? Ho
evidently thinks so when he issues his
edict stopping the cars from iunning to
Hickman unless this law suitis dismis
td. But is he out of the reach of the
law ? Who puts him above the law ?
Cau he take the bouds of this eoaipany
because he was appointed by tin Gover
nor? Like all other men iu tUs coun
try he is subject to the law, aud must
answer for wrongs and violatiois of law.
Mr, Colyar showed from the decisions
iu CfiAiecticut, as well as from the de
cisions of our own Supreme Ccurt, that
the Court had jurisdiction of tie case.
After Mr. Colvar had concluded, the
Court postponed ftfe further hearing of!
the case to Monday aud adjouricd.
Maj. Juo. A. Lauderdale, attorney for
the city of Hickman, appeared in Court
aud made the following remarksiu refer
ence to the dismissal of thebu.t ty the
city of Hickman : -
May it please the Court, I appetr be
fore your Honor as the repreientati ve
and attorney of the city of Hickman,
invested with no individual dikKtiou,
but under positive aud peremptory in
structions to dismiss this actiou eo far as
the city is coucerued.
I am directed also to say that the suit
was authorized by the City Coint'il, of
which I have the honor to be a member,
under a total misapprehension of its
nature and practical results. We were
well satisfied with the managenvnit f the
Road and desired no personal wirfare
the Receiver. '
Wu believed then, and do vet, tint the
appointment of a Receiver by tin Gov
ernor was without authority of lair, and
that the interests of the Road VLjld be
better protected in the hands aj ider
the eontrd of the company. ' 'eud
we thought might be accompli" ' Vid
out provdkinsr the unfortunate ' host
hiiitinl ics i!:a wl.'ch have lot, i"
tho train ot this suit, nnd wln'elA only
be p ""rra vait-it bv its contiiuiaii'oy
W e liuU uo iatiit to find lio at coitions
to i.i..ke ;ti;iiiist Gcu. Ii.nis. nor HI we
desiu that his connection v ith th? Road
Ehonid cef .e. So tar as the inse--ts cf
our city were concerned we h tev ry
reason to be satisfied with his tflicial
coiifluct. Nor did we understand the
suit to involve a censure upon hiu Dr his
removal from the Road. 'We; Merely
wished h'm to ho thj 'gnt of taer-om-pany,
not tho Receiver of th State.
Ignorant of the bitter personal fellings
and prejudices likely to be developed by
this action, and above all of its fatal
consequences in stopping the IloaJ for
l an indenuite time, to await a tciious.
protraeted aud uncertain litigation, in
volving the total ruin of our city hich
is nothing without this Rond, w can
well say in the light of present facts,
that this suit was ill-advised aud ught
to be dismissed. Counsel reprinting
the city are in error when they! a ledge
that threats aud intimidatiou haYc been
used to bring us to thi nonr;UiMii The
stern fact that our city was already cut
o3' and our trade destroyed, k 'ni the
certainty that without the Bonus rcent
lp appropriated, the running of fli road
must-fop altogether, the' facfc that tho
contcVf promiied no pofNible g4'd to us
as a city, but only inevitable rain, wore
reasons sufficiently powerful to in;i us
to this course. : j
It was urged, however, by other plain
tiffs and held as a hrufvm fulwn over
our heads, that we could expect no iivors
indulgence from the compauy H the
event of its success if we withdrer our
co operation. Wc are satisfied tfat in
its present aspects, and iov olviug these
results, the whole action is a blunder, and
this has been demonstrated to s : by
that stern and powerful logic, the ipp.xor
ablelogi. oflfactswhich .Jie -.vsfj iU"
of conviction. Our sole desireTTthe
matter is&that the Road bo ruuwith
out cessation by the company if practic
able, if not .by any one who can, and
that mau or setof men' whoever they
may be, shall have the cordial and leariy
Oipport aud co-oDeration of the city of
Hickman. Gentlemen who have less at
stake aud personal euds to subserve in
the prosecution of this suit may assert if
they choose, that we make " a compro
mise of right and honor." We will sutler
the imputation sooner than permit our
selves to be the tools and victims of
priv parties in a eoufest where $11 the
evils aud expeusea fall upon nsani none
of the advantage. " v" j
The city of Hickmair.begs "tof with
draw from the arena, where victory itself
is death to her, and if nhe must die pre
fers it not to be by suicide. - ?
With thanks for the indulgence of the
Court, I now beg permission to file the
resolutions of the City Council which I
represent, dismissing this suit. -
Resolved, That the suit instituted by
this city iu the United States District
Court of Tennessee, before J udga Trigg,
against W. P. Innes, and others, under j
all the circumstances, was ill-advised
and ought to be dismissed, and that the
attorneys representing this city be and
they are hereby instructed forthwith to
dismiss the same,
E. A. Otis opened the argument for
State Directory yesterday. He made the
point, that the Executive Department of
the government is not amenable to the
j ourtf
and that tbe Receiver was vacrcly ;
his agent, and could not be sued." Aud
thua the State Directors, as organized,
were the legal Board, and having organ
ized, they were iu office, and a bill in
Chancery would not lie against them ;
that the remedy was by quo tcarrnnto.
Judge Cooper followed Mr. Otis. He
said the Case of Ashburne cs. the United
States Bank (9 Wheutou) conclusively
settled that Stato officers were amenable
to courts ; that the courts would even
compel the Governor to perform a purely
ministerial act. This point he elaborated.
He denied that the new Board was in
office, and showed by mauy authorities
that they might be enjviued. He show
ed that the writ of juj warranto was not
io use in Tennessee, and of course not
in the Fedcnit Court, because the pro
cess iu the State courts.
Initiating a Candidate luto (lie
Cinod .Templars.
The method of iCaaliug a candidate
into the Good Templars 1b but a slight
improvement upon the same programme
so long iu vogue by the ancient aud
honorable fraternity of-the "Sons of
A chap who was takefrom a lager
beer saloon, where he got tight without
knowing that lager would iutoxicate, was
put through a course of cold water treat
ment by the Good Templars a few eve
niugs evince. He preaches on the Temp
lars, aud uives the following (..rouse of
fheirjnitintion ceremon
for which, no
tl'o u b t ,"TTe 'wTTI Te p u Enjr6ugu utr3T
course of cold water "sprouts" at th
next meeting of the lodge. Iu the first
place the victim for iuitiation is bliud
folded, bound hand and foot, and thrown
into a cider press and pressed for five or
ten minutes. This is doue for the pur
pose of cleariug his eastern ot " old
drinks." He is then taken out of the
cider press aud by means of a force pump
gorged with cistern water, after which a
sealing plaster is put over his mouth
and he is rolled in a barrel four or five
times across the room, the choir at the
same time singing the cold water song.
He is now takeout of the barrel aud
hung up by tho heels till the water runs
out through his ears.- He is then cut
dowu and a beautiful young lady hands
him a class of cistern water.' A cold
water bath is then furnished hiin. after
which he is showered with cistern water.
He is then made to read the water works
acts ten minutes, drinking a glass of cis
tern water between each reading ; after
which the old oaken bucket is hung
around his neck, and fifteen sisters with
squirt guns deluge him with cistern wa
ter. He is then forced to eat a peck of
snow, while the brothers stick his ears
full of icicles. He is then run through
a clothes-wringer, after which he is hand
ed a glass of water by a young lady. He
is then again gorged with cistern water,
and his boots filled with the same, and
he is laid away iu n refrigerator. The
initiation is uow almost coucludeJ. Af
ter remaining in the refrigerator for the
space of half an hour he is takeu out
and given a glass of cistern water, run
through a clothes-wringer, and becomes
a Good Templar.
Pacific Railroad. Pkouhess. At
the close of 1S(7, there were 650 of the
l.S'.'O miles between Omaha and San
Francisco spanned by he iron rail. By
the close of IStJS, we are promised 5UU
miles more, and by the 1st f July, 1870,
the locomotive will make the entire dis-
t.upo Ketwueu New York find the Oohlen
City of the Pacific in about six days'
time. No railroad enterprise was ever
carried out with sueh dispatch before.
When we consider that the two back
bone ranzes of mountains are being
crossed at elevations of 7,000 feet above
sea-level, the magnitude and energy of
the undertaking become more vivid.
Both the powerful companies, who are
building the line from opposite ends, are
.making com mend able headway the Cen
tral Pacific on tho western half having
10,000 men at work, and the Union
Pacific at this end having a force of 5,000.
The Pacific Railroad, therefore, may
be set down as an assured, enduring suc
cess. There will be no lack of means or
effort to finish it. The Government
furnishes about half the cost of build
ing, and private capital will do the rest.
Already the line is paying more than
its expenses on local traffic. What will
it do when through line is finished ?
In Louisiana, sixteen Democratic and
sixteen Radicals Senators are elected,
with four to hear from. The House
stands forty-four Democrats and forty
six Radicals, with sixteen to hear from.
It is understood - the Arkansas Sena
tors aud Representatives will be admitted
immediately after the conclusion of the
Impeachment tria!JThey are all in
Washington, hungry for a grab at mile
age. The South Carolina and other
Southern carpet-baggers will follow.
The telegraph informs us of the death
of Hon. Wm. C. Rives, of Virgiuia, a
patriot and statesman of national repu
tation, who during his long life was re
garded as one of the ablest and purest
men in all the land, and who enjoyed to
a wouderfuj degree the confidence and
esteem of his people.
The Frankfort Commonwealth of April
17th contained no less than six procla-
i iin tioMt iff - UovwBor btevenson,- - otter
ing rewards for tho arrest of assassins.
Trentice suggests payiug off the na
tional debt by selling tbe ice of Alaska
The unkiudest cut of all. to Grant
Counecti-cut. A'. J". Ledger.
'Tis a pity that every raging Radical
hasen't a belly full of negroes with no
obstetrician to relieve him. Prmtice.
Martial law, so-called, is no law at all.
It is no more law than what is called
mob law, or lynch law. It is the aoni
hilation of all tx!.-Lontsnille Journal.
Wholesale Grocer, Forwarding
Ohio lliver Salt Company.
LARGE suppl. v of SJLT, LIME, and
CEMENT, and heavy
a ii o (i ii u 1 1' s
Fuzsir. Coffee and Molasses, ettu, constantly
n hn i.
A Country Home Tor Sale.
A SMALL FARM, fire miles from the
towu of Hickman, adjoining ThoaOlee
on's farm on the Northwest, and nituated
on tbe Hickman and Mostow road. Said
farm contains about Eighty acres, forty-Sve
acres cleared. Verjr pood improvements.
For terms of sal, etc., apply to
maj2-2l - MRS. TURNER CARIt.
all persons owing Revenue and County
Levy Tax for ISO", to coiue forward and
make payment immediately, or I shall be
compelled to resort to the Jaw to collect the
same, without favoritism to any fie.
Longer indulgence cannot be allowed.
Those desiring to save cost and trouble
should come forward at once. I am now
the only authorized person to collect an 1 re
ceipt for the name, and respectfully request
citizens to come forward and settle up.
nmy2-2t Deputy Sheriff.
I, "j?. In my elweiie, Mr. John Andy
YVilsou, is authoriied to collect end receipt
for taxes. ,
J23 Reward. l'oelcet Roolt
ON Monday, April 20tb, somewhere be
tween Kentucky street, in the town of
Hickman, and tbe hill on the Dyersburg
road, I loxl my Pocket Book containing
about seventy-five dollars in money, some
paners, and Revenue Stamps. Also, account
of sales, receipts, &c. It is a small pocket
book with my name written in ink on the
inside. 1 will give any one finding the
above, and leaving the same at the I'oraiKB
office, ($25) twenty-five dollars.
aplio 2t. M. L. JOHNSON.
IS 2- c
A I L O Ji,
A AS removed to his new brick on Clin
I ton street, where he will' continue the
He has ou hand a
small stock of well
Particular attention given to the Tailor
ing biisinej, and competent workmen era
ployed. The
iost orriCE
linn been removed to the same building.
Agents Wanted for the
III Con'fi, Charnclrr, Cvwlvt and Rerultt
by HON. ALEX. H. STEPHENS, a book
for all Sections and all Parties.
IMS great work presents tbe only com
plete and impartial armlysis of the
causes of the war yet published, and gives
those interior lights aud shadows of tbe
great roudict only known to those high offi
cers who watched the flood-tide of revolu
tion from its fountain -vprinprs, and -prhicli
were eo Hccefsible to Mr. Stephen from his
position as second officer of the Confederacy.
To a public that has been surfeited with
apparently similar productions, we promise
a ehatige of fare, both agreeaMe nnd salu
tary, and an intellectual treat of the high
est order. The Great American War has AT
LAT found a historian Worthy of its im
portance, and at whose bauds it will receive
that moderate, candid and impartial treat
ment which truth and justice so urgently
demand. The intense desire every where
manifested to obtain this work, its official
character aud ready sale, combined with an
increased commission, make it the best sub
scription book ever published.
One Agent in Eastern, I'a., reports 72 sub
scribers iu three div.
One in Boston, Mass., 103 subscribers in
four days.
One in Memphis, Tenn., 100 subscribers in
five days.
Send for circulars and see our tefms, and
a full description of the vtork, with press
notices of advance sheets, &c.
143 West Fourth street, Cincinnati, O
T RESPECTFULLY announce to the citi
I tens of Hickman, and vicinity, and the
towns along the Nashville & riorthwcslern
Railroad, that I am now prepared to supply
them with .
wholesale or retail, 'at low as it can be ob
tained anywhere, having '
in my ice house. All orders from a distance
promptly filled. Terms, strictly CASH.
Clinton street, Ilickmau, Ky.
apr2i 3m
TVf".4NUFACTURED by the Massachusetts
J3JsArms Company, Chicopee Falls, Mass.
these celebrated target and sporting Kitles,
which for convenience, accuracy and pene
tration, have secured a reputation beyond
that of any other breech-loading arm; m.iy
be obtained directly from the Manufacturers,
on the most favorable terms. Circulars
with description, price list and Target Rep
resentations, will be sent, on reqnest by let
ter, addressed as above.
Looms lor , Weaving; ITaec
Side Up.
THE Bridcsburg Manufacturing company,
are prepared to furnish their new im
proved Looms for weaving goods face-side
up. They also offer their well known cot
ton and Woolen Machinery, including their
New Self-Acting Mules for Wool, at reduced
prices. Addrsss, No. Co North front street,
Philadelphia, Pa. .
restored in four weeks. Success guar
anteed. Da. Record's Essence of Life restores
manly power, fan whatever cause arising,
the efl'ects of &Isy pernicious habits, self
abuse, impotent? and climate, give way at
once to this wonderful medicine, if taken
regular according to the directions (which
are. very simple and require no restrainst
from business or pleasure.) Failure is im
possible. Sold in bottles at fo, or 4 quan
tities in one for $0. To be hai only of ths
sole appointed agent in America,
HERMAN GEKITZJSN, 205 2d ave. K Y.
"Mammarial Balm" and "Pateut Breast
Elevator," developes the bust physiolegi-
cally. Depot, 907 Broadway, New York.
Send stamp for particulars. Seld at Drug
gists and Ladies furnishing axorea everywhere.
The Hazard Powder Company,
IN kegaof 251b, l-'J lb, 6J lb, aud in canis
ters of o lb and I lb each. Their prin
cipal brands are aa follows :
" Electric'' Gunpowder, ia canisters 1 lb
"American Sporting" in cauietf rs of 1 lb
and kegs of CJ lb each.
Duck Shooting, in canifters of 1 lb each.
Kentucky Rifie, in kegs of lb, 12 and
6J lb each.
Mining and Blasting Powder, in kegs.
These i'owderf have mood the test of more
than twenty-five vears' trial, and are guar
anteed to give the mod thorough vatiAfac-
lion. Ihey cau be purchased from all deal
ers in guns and sporting materials and from
our local agents throughout the United
State, or wholesale at the oflice of the com
pauy, Noi 69 Wall M., New York.
A. O. Hazirii, President.
Tno. S. Popk, Secretary.
4 BEUTIEUL illustrated book, worth a
thousand dollar, aent free to any.ad
'. ilreMs on receipt of 2' cent, by addreaing
; Prof. John Vanderpool, Iio. i!C5 Wiathrop
Place, A'ew York City.
Slack Easp-
O RIG IN How and where to get plant,
will full directions for its profitable
'cultivation, all for ten cents. Addreis Rev.
tw. Ux. .S.-M. V. - -
CA. BULK LEY, Granville. Waehing
m ton county, X. Y., dealer in old coiua.
i Send 2 red stamps for circulars.
Every Hody Read Tills!
RENOWED Cough and Lung Eemedy for
the cure of Consumption and all dis
eases that lead to it. Read what Dr. Doran
4ays :
Rnshrulvania. Logan en.', O.J Aug.T-1," 'C7.
Messrs. J. N. Harris i. Co: I will say. that
I have been dealing in " medicines for the
last fourteen years, and have never before
found preparations that would ' have "sever
before found preparations that would equal
your "Perry Davis' Pain Killer" and "Al
len's Lung Balaam." They not only sell
very rapidly, but give the most perfect sat
isfaction in evei ',nne that has come to my
knowledge. I u my .practice I very seldom
prescribe a patent medicine, bat witfifjour
'Pain Killer" and "" Lung Balsam," having
entire confidence in them, and knowing that
they possess valuable medicinal properties,
I freely use them in my daily practice. - Es
pecially have I used the "Allen's Lung
Balsam," and with the most unbounded suc
cess. As an expuctorant it is most certain
ly far ahead of any similar preparations I
have ever known. The "Pain Killer" is
the most standard medicine I have for sale,
aud many families in this vicinity would at
soon think of being out of beef or bread as
without a bottle of a Pain Killer" in the
house. Yours, trulv,
Eold by-all Medicine Dealers.
"Worthy cf all Farmsrs' Attention.
BROWNING'S Excelsior Phosphate is
without donbt the best fertiliser in the
market, and is the only fertilizer that varies
in its composition, according. to the crop for
which it is intanded to be used. Pamphlets
giving full particulars, furnished "free of
charge, by addressing he manufacturer,
Geo. L. Browning, 20 Market st, Camden, N.
J.. The manufacturer is a practical farmer.
$5, 10, $20, 30, $10, $50,
IytEMlUM Club List now ready. Choice
varieties Grape Vines at wholesale
prices, post aud express paid: from "Han
inores' celebrated Grape Vine Aurseries,
adjoining Chas Downing, Esq. .Vewburgh.
N. V. Descriptive wholesale price and club
Hst wot frpe. 4ddres John W. Hanmore,
box 61, .Vewburgh, -V. Y.
OF all sizes, for fruit boxes, milk cans,
barns, railroads, stores, gates, cattle
yards, &c. Strong, safe, durable and do not
rust. Catalogues mailed.
H. RITCHIE & CO., Aewark, A" J.
1GGS always Fresh. Prof. Hall, 468 2nd
j .4ve. Aew York, has preserved by his
process at cent per dozen, 11,000 dozen
eggs for one mau which were sold as fresh
eggs in February. Scientific American,
A. 31, 1867. County rights, 500. In
dividual rights in uusold counties,
Furnishes the very bit Educational Advan
tages in connection with a pleasant home.
Board and tuition ?2U8 per year. For cata
logue address Rev John M Brakeley,- A.- M,
SEELEY'S Hard Rubber Trus cures' R up
ture, retains the most difficult with safe
ty and ease; never rusts, breaks, moves or
soils; always new. Sold by all Druggists.
Send for pamphlet. 1317 Chestnut St., Phila
delphia, Pa. ,
riffti distinguished race horse and stallion,
The sire of Muggins, Duke of Orleans, Mary
Wynn, Chickamauga, and others, will make
his next season at uiy stables, at One Hun
dred Dollars. . - '
Mares carefully kept during the season -at
five dollars per mouth. Mares failing to
produce may be returned gratis next season.
W. G. HARDING, Nashville, Tenn.
Self Rakers, Hand Rakers, Jroppers, and
' Single " Slowers r , " "
Warranted superior to all others. Send
for descriptive circular. :
1A by us, under REYNOLD'S Patents
for Tempering Steele, possesses the. follow
ing superior qualities.
- 1. They are tempered the same in the cen
ter as at the" edges.'
2. They hold a fine cutlery temper until
the iron is worn out. . s "
3. There are no soft spots in them. -
4. Oue of these Irons will outwear four or
five Irons tempered the old way. ..
5. They are sold at the same price of ether
Irons. .
6. Every Iron is warranted to possess the
above qualties or no sale.
We hereby authorize all Hardware Deal
ers to allow their customers to try our Irons,
and if not perfectly satisfactory, refund
priceiaid and charge Irons back to us.
Avery ru.vt lao.v made by us bears our
Stesl, Tempering Works,
Auburn, A" Y.
1 Establishment Janufactures French
Burr mill Stones, Portable Grist and Flour
ing mills, Corn mills and Feed mills for
Farm and Plantation use: Smut machines
and Separators, Improved Turbine Water
Wheels, Proof Stafts, Hoisting Screws,
Spindles. Flour Packers, Iron Bolting Reels
and mill Picks, w ith every description of
mill wearing, from the best patterns now in
use. Constantly an hand a larce surnlv of
Bolting Cloths. Address,
JOHN T. OVr, Bu5a'e, r. T.
Grc at Tt c m e d ie b.
" Arkansas Eeard Frox
t v cv-1
Biowst Poist, White ce., At.t MT
Da. John Bull Pear Sin rati F
I was in Louisvillo purchasing drug
got some of your Jaraparill aad
My son-in-law, who was with ma i 1
store, has been down with rhenmatitiiy
some time, commenced oa the Bitters, ali
soon fund his general health improved.
Dr. Gist, who has been in bad hcttlttri!
them, and he also improved.-
Dr. Coffee, who has been In bad health foe
several years stomach and liver affected
he improved very much by the use of your
Bitters. Iudeed the Cedron Bitters has
given you greati popularity in thia settle
ment. I think I ceuld sell a great uaatity
of your mcJicines this fall especially of
your Cedron Bitters and Sarsaparill. Ehip
me via Memphis, ear of Kickcit ana Neely.
Respectfully, C. B. WALKER-
r art nit Read thit Important Ltlltr Yvu mtt
Julerttted in iU Cvtitentt.
, Middletown, Ind., April 20, 'C6.
Mr. M. L. Duplan writes: 1 do not know
that Bull's Worm Destroyer needs any mora
recommendations than it has already attain
ed by its own merits, but will state that my
little son, aged about three years, was se
verely attacked last fall and winter with
light spasms, or perhaps more properly rks,
lasting from half an hour to one and a half
hours; at the samo time the child had strong
symptoms of worms. My physician ol
of the best in this pert of the country
hausted all his skill and the Materia Medicn
to expel Ihe worms, and entirely failed tr
bring any. I thought "John Bull ' covjf )
do it, and gave the child the contents! J
three boxes, in triple doses, night and BoJr
inc. with baprv results. The child has. not
hd a snasm for over three months, s.nd'ik
stead of the bloated mass that he was. he is.
loate l mass that he was. be' is
hearty. 'John B1I did it.' i
now well and
Yours, truly
Kixostox, P. O., Meeken eo., Min., Apl. 7, '61.
Mr. John Bpll Dear Sir. I movel front
Kentucky to this place. The stores have
none of your Worm Destroyer for sale. They
are greatly needed here iu Minnesota. A
trial is all thut is needed to ;ive them a
reputation. We can't do without them. L
send some on thia way.
Yours, sincerely, D. O. ARROWOOD.
a good reason: for inn
R:ud the Ccytaiit'i Letter and tht Ll'.ttr Ft
' hi Mothr.
Bexton Barracks, Mo., April 50, '68.
Dr. John .Bull Dear Sir : Knowing the
efficiency of your Sarsaparilla, and the heal
ing aud bK&eticial qualities it possesses, I
send you the following statement of uiy cast:
I was wounded about two years ago was
taken prisoner and confined for sixteen
months. Being moved so oftea, my wounds
have uot healed yet. 1 LirVe not-sat up a
moment since I was wounded. I am shot
through the hips. My general health ia
impaired, and 1 need something U assist
nature. I have more faith ia your Sarsa-
parnia man in anv tning else. 1 with that
that Is genuine. Please express tue half s
aozen dottles, and otilige
Capt. C. P. JOHNSON,
St. Louia.
P. S. The following was written . s
30, 1865, by Mrs. Jennie Johnson, mcthA
Capt.. Johnson :
Dtt. Bull Dear Sir i My husband, Urjf
a. jouiison, was a sauuui surgeon au.Tp
sician in Central New York, where be '
leaving the above C. P. Johnson to tar e,
At thirteen years of age he had a cbreaU
diarrhea and scrofula, for which I gave him
your Sarsaparilla. Ir ci'KKD him. I , have
for ten years recommended it to nan la
New York, Ohio, and Iowa, for scrofula,
fever sores, and geueral debility. Perfect
success has attended it. The cures effectes!
in some cases of scrofula and fever aorss
were almost miraculous. I am very saxioas
for my son to again have recourse to your
Sarsaparilla. He is fearful of getting a
spurious article, hence bis writing t yen
for it. His wounds were terrible, but I be
lieve he will recover.
.. Respectfully, . ;. JSNKIE JOUJilOX. .
; roa thk crux or
The proprietor of thii celebrated medi
cine justly claims for it a superiority over
all remedies ever otfered to the ptiblie far
the safe, certain, speedy, and permanent
cure, of Ague and Fever, or Chills nnd Fever,
whether of short or long standing. Ho re
fers to the entire Western aud bout h we x8
erit country to bear him testimony to '
trutn or tne assertion, to at in no case y
ever will it fail to cure, if the directior
strictly followed and carried out. j
great many cases a single dose bin I
sufficient for a cure, and whole fnicr
have been cured by a single bottle,
perfect restoration ot the gvneral lA
it is, however, prudent, and in every
mere certain to cure, if its use is com:
in smaller doses for a week or two all tr tha
trtha V
disease has Weu cheeked, more especially in
difficult and long standing cases. Usually,
this medicine will not require any aid to
keep the bowels in good order; should the
patient, however, require a cathartic medi
cine, after having taken three or four doses
of the Tonic, a single dose of BULL'S VEG
ETBALE FAMILV PILLS will be snfSoieat.
Dtt. JOHN BOLL'S Principal Office:
No. 40 Fifth, Cross street,
Louisville, Ky.
ftL. All cf the above remediea fcr stls
h." C. A. liOLCOMBK, Drugget,
lj- lic1ttf, Ky.

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