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. i. ra mmrntmrn
"V arr en At a r ti n .
the eerner of Jackaon and Kentucky sts..
. - - , . ... . .. x"
(up stairs.)
iiw ml 1 1
Terms of Subscription to
53.00, Invariably in Advanf.
Club of ten, to the same pe office 52 Ot.
Address, Publishers Hickmas Coccus,
Hickman, Kt.
vol: : u.
NO. 21.
-ru m fit- J i i T " rr - vr:r- Ta. T-' - . .
h a v, t mii raw
" ; ; 1 - " ' ' 1 '
Hicfcmn Directory.
Attorneys at Laic.
T. O. Goalder. Handle k Tyler. A.
Kingman, B. R. Walker. John A.
uderdale, John W. . Cowgill, L. M.
'iehoL Oscar-Turner, J. G. Smith, Trov.
Fhysicians. .
Drs. Gourley & Corbett, Carter Blaa-
t, II. C. Catlett, A. A. Faria.
, " Dry Good.
J. Ambery, Wm. B. Ben oy, Wolf &
- Flaut, J. H. Davis, J. S. Hubbard.
-it . ' Drug Stores.
C A. Holconibe, W. R. Walker.
" IFAokjak Grocers.
" jHlTet i Roalhac, T. A. McCatclien,
K. C. Bailey, C. Ledwidge
- 'i Saloon.
Jhn Ueinxe, James Parker. Jsnn
Witiirg. Jobs Semoncse. .
Hardware and Tinware.
K. T. Harness, S. N. White.-
Commission Merchants
Bon JurantA Drewrj, Overton, Steele
Carriay Mauuactery.
Jlirkpatrick & Bro.
Francis Miller.
Tlertwiak & Baltier.
r- - -r '.7-. - 7bt2or. ' 1 :
1 Lui Person, E. Caw. -
,( ....- - .JSarbers.
E." JIarpraff i Co.
. iVutt , TVce J"ricry.
Ctorge E. Rogers.
llovn and Sign Painter.
Thoznaa II. Jones.
- Express Companies.
- MerehanU' Uuion Express; Southern
Eryrms; Overton, Steele & Co., Agents,
"wmirure Store.
rv Eartoldua, Charles Oswald.
jVuri'U WorLs.
Jl.'C. Ram acre.
':YofrtW Mills.
M. Robinson.
J. II. Dt1j.
.' ' Insurance Agent.
amuel Lacdrntn. "
Livery Stable.
B. Plummer. '
Watchmaker and Jewelry.
Jba I. Walker, A. Tlaut- - -
.'.- Boot and Shoe SJo. ' -Oeorj;
Wehman, Casper Sohai & Co.,
Juliua i renx. . -
, Ewing it Co., wholesale grocers and
remission uaerchauts; L. L. Coleniau,
wholesale drueist: Paul. Tavcl k Han-
Dr- bookaellers, stationers, bookbinders, 1
and job priutera ; II. A. IJ utitington, I
dealer in fine custom made clothing aud
ffentleiaea'a furnishing goods. Hotels
rt. Cloud, Stacey House, Mansion House,
Nieholson House.
Jod Bros., Cartmell & Drury, cotton
fators and commission merchants.
Gardner, Xoel L Co.,
Jg audi
. :
Ctl Oiaters.
' . 1
'' ' ' I
' JUayor. Sam'l. I.andruin.
'; City Judge. J . U. Davis.
Clerk. Jf 11, Morehead. , :
Martkal. Pat Cunningham..
"County Otacers.
Crunty Jndge. B. R. Walker.
County Attoi-ney. H. A. Tyler."
Crcui"f Courf CJerfc. W. n. Brevard
.'Cuuntu Court Clerk. J no. A. Wilson
. Shtrif.-Yiui. Herrin, office at City
" Deputy ' SheriJT. Henry ; Campbell,
ffice with fl. A.: Jianaeraaie. .
Coroner. M. L. McJilton."
' - Jaibr. 0. W. StubblefieU. .;.
Magistrates. District T Noj I, E. G
Kimbro. Jacob' Bushart: ' Constable-
George Morris." District No. 2, Owen
MiIes. and Alfred Naylor. Constable
Wm. H. Roper, t District No. 3, J. W.
!ays nd John Boyer. Constable
e JL"WU bourn, uistnct o.
Hawkins and R. Cross. ' Con-
L. Everett.
unfy Assessor. m. Hubbard.
. S. Assessor. T. C. Buck.
8. Rev. Collector. H. C. Catlett.
'udget. Court -of Common l'leas.
'd " Crossland. Circnit Court K. I.
ullock. ' .' .
Co-mmontceaith,s Attorney. J. Tice.
Register in Bankruptcy .Chxt S.
Mtrahal. ......
Sals, and Livery Stable.
. . " ' : "- y s ,
' . . . EEN'TUCKY STREET, j ; '
Wm. 33. Plummer.
Eoreea, Baggies and Hack keptconstant
ly onand for hire J1 sal.
Thankful for pat:onagi heretofore extead
4 and iiicits a continuance of saiae.
Formerly of West Tenu.
W. T. NOF.L,
EvansTille, Ind.
B'orvrardln? and Comnthsluu
J Sjecial Railroad and Steamboat
Agents, No. G South Wafer. Street,
.;. ;evaxsvii.jle, ixi.
" tST" Liberal CASH ADVANCES made on
consignments of Cotton, tobacco, Pork,
lour, 4 a. ive-,,il attention given to Jjuyiug,
vi-, und filling Orders.
Vk OSWALD announces that he has
't rvceived & large stock of FINK
IJRE the largest and finest stock
fired iu this town which he has
atedai very reduced figures and con-
. y-tHuB,lJ preprea to sell ou very low
term for cash.
CHAIRS, et?., et-.
lief the rot ppro'i ayle and qoality.
Itnte or Advertising.
One qure, ten lines or Ipsa, one insertics
fl.60; each, subsequent insertion C0o.
1 Square 2 months, ... 5 on
" a - " - - - 7 00
'-- - . 10 00
"12 ' - - . 15 00
2 " 1 " - - - - 6 no
" 2 " - - - 0 00
- 3 . " - . - - - 12 00
- " C " - - - 18 00 f
" 1- ' - - ?r co I
. 1 " - - . - 9 00 1
2 - - - - m 00 !
" " - - . - - is 00 i
" 6 " - - - 25 00
"12 ' . - - - S3 00 1
Fourth column 1 month . 15 00
" n " - - 2 00
.. . " 6 . . .55 00
" - - CO 00
Half column S montLi ... 4,) (,)
" " 1,5 00 i
M12 - - 75 00
One column 3 monthi - - 0 03
- - - - 00 00
12 .- . 140 00 1
- $10
1 For State Officers
For County
8 00
5 00
For Municipal Officers
ff ri rrln.itu
... . VI .... 4 It
fw?WMM or the
acoe cnaracter wiii he in-
serted free of charge. Obituaries and trib
ute of respect inserted at f 1 00 per square.
gy Advertisements in Loesl Column $1
for four lines or less and 20 cents for each
additional line.
fSy Voluntary communications, contain
ing interesting news, solicited 'from any
quarter. News letters from Western Ken
tucky and Tennessee especially desired.
T. O. GOilliDEIfc,
Altortioy at JLaiv,
WILL promptly attend to all business
entrusted to him in Southwestern Ken
tucky aud West Tennossec.
a. A. TVLER.
Collectors, Real Estate Agents,
Cs5F Will attend promptly tu all btisiness
eiitrnsted them in isoufh western Kentucky
and Northwestern Tennessee.
Special attention "tiven to the invest;-?:-.- 1
tion of Land titles,
aud the purchase and
sale of Real Estate.
dec2oly. I
b.-R. WALKEa,
UALKm & COU'diiX
"Attorneys at .tir,
1 J ILL practice together in nil th (V.tirH
t I of Southwestern Kem.uckv Ouintv,
Quarterly and Justices Court exerted
.. n .. . n ..r l 'I . ;
a 11 ' .ii iui. mjui 11 ui '.ri 1 1: innn.r .
"lim8 promptly collected au 1 reiuiiiiices ,
llvurtxan, Ay. . p. iianonr.i, uu 1
Amberg; Louisville, Ktf. R. A. llobinaott &
Co., Wm. F. P ullock : Cinrinnvii. . H iv.'.eu
4t Wilson; J'faUJHphtu, J'.t 1. . amp
bell & Co., Mo'itou, Sibley i Woodruff.
febl5 ly.
Attorney at X.atv, ,
".''Atcnicys'an-iCcuaseZrs At Livr, .
5 "'
WILL attend promptly to the collection
of Claims, to the investigation of Land
Titles, purchase and sale of Real Estate, and
the prosecution and defence of suits iu
Southwestern Kentucky, Northwestern Ten
nessee, and the adjacent part of Sli-sonri.
Jgiajr Office in Millet's Llock. deeply
J. G. S Til I TH,
' Attorney at Law,
ANJ -.'
Solicitor in Chaiicery,
"'. Troy, Ten 11.
SPECIAL attention . given to collecting,
and to the investigation of I.aud Titles.
, leblS lv . - .'
AND will attend promptly to all business
entrusted to his care in said counties,
aud al"0, ia th. oiliar ron.
dicial District.
StST Address either PADUCAH office, or
BLANDVILLR, Ky. aug31 tf.
L L i:HSS, M. 1).,
OFFERS his- professional services to ' tho
citizens of Hickman, and vicinity.
mar2S-ly. "
ES- Residence at MRS. ANDERSON'S.
' ap!20 ly.
Drs. (jourley- & Corbett,
Having formed a co-partnership, offer tbi-ir
united professional services to the public.
Over W. R. Walker's Drug Store.
Pr. CatlU cm be found at aigSt, at the
residence ef fr. Robinson.
When do I intenijo
arry? Well,
'Tis id!. to di Jut
it it' vou choiVt!)
tie Uh fare
But ii" you chovlrto hear me tel!.
I'j-ay listen while I fix the date.
When daughters haste, n itlr eaer feci,
A mothers daily toil to .""hare :
Can irnko the pudilings which tiiey ent,
And tix the Blockings that they wear;
Vlien muidena lock upou a man
. -V9 iu mmseii wa.-it tuey nouUt murry, j
A sutler or commissary )
When Brittle ladies, K-fao'have got
The offer of alover'a hand.
Consent to simre his earthly lot,
: And do nut menu bis lot of laud J
When younp mucitatilcs nre allowed
To nud and wed the furnier pirls
VTho don't expect to be endowed,
Wj'h rubies, diamonds, and pearl.;
When wires, in shr-rt, ghall freely jrivo
Their hearts aa 1 hnnds to aid their
And live as they were wont to live,
Within their sires' up one-story houses.
Then madam
if I'm not too v
H fMuirwd toon
t., linri" hit
-lnd look about tne for a wifo !
Council Proceedings.
TIickmav, April 27, 1S63.
The Council ruet pursuant to adjourn
ment. Frcsent JIayor Lttudrum, counciluien
BreTard, Frenr, Miller, McCulcben and
Case. ,
The miDUtes of the preceediug meetings
were reail, and adopted.
P. R. Cunniugli.tm, street coraniissionsr,
presented an aeeount for work done on the
streets of SO 75, which was ordered to be
K. S. Chapman was assessed $C00 on lots
104 and 173, which were not gircn in.
Warren Thomas (colored) appeared and
made protest against his asscstroent under
equalization law, and upon oath declared
that he had nothing subject to the tax, when
on motion his name was erased. , .
Mr. J. S. Hubbardwippeared, and under
oatb, paTe in all h''V's worth, und'er thn
cqualiiation law. amiTJnting to'J2S,O0O.
On motion, his assessment was reduced
j from $100,000 to S'iSjOOiK He also reported
ibis income on L S. bonds at $l,i00. lie
! gave in as administrator Wm. Heron's es-jtateS-SOOO;
also income on L. S. bonds at
On motion. Scare & Johnson was red-iced
SToOnn the Planter' Hotel for l'j'.i".
John E. Rowland j peared and mado oath
j that under the equ&iiiatioa law he had
nothing, and his name
was erased from tho
J. M. Durham aj eared and asked per-
(mission to hold cno.oseu certain puMie
; irronnd. ackuowlediujr himselfa tenant, t
I Granted.
I Dr. Gourlev was alowi'd to
put obatruc-
? tliift. in n wnci in Piii-l
tio'is m a wasfi
nran street, near
it damaging thu
t is property, ,0
r 1. . 1 vii. 1 1 t s n
. ....
: 1
s. lju urne.l to 7 o'e!.ck,
TiursdAv eveuiiiij
AtrJuVlLKKli MT-ETltiO.
Prcseut M.iyor Lunarum, C'ouncilTnen Mil
ler. Trent. Laudordab", M Cutchcn and Case.
1L Howard presented au
whii-h ordered to be pnid.
account of SI), !
Ou motion it was ordered that a draft in J
1 favor of U. W. Auderson for $70, nd one j
' in favor of Mrs. S. A. Roulhac for 570, in ;
- fiitt f.v tlirtlr rptc!('i1 fnr IfArhixi tl.i" fi'i'ft
.......... - - . - - - - - - - - -
schools, wore drawn on the Treasurer.
f)rt motion, it was ordered that the assess-
.i . . '
mentof E. Case it Co., be stricken from the
assessor a book, and that each member of
the old firm be aesessed with his proportion
as follows: E. Case $670, John Troutwiue
$o'3.", Chas. Margraff $6f.5. -"
Ort motion, Wm. Guthrie, Sam'l Landrum,
ageut, was reduced 'ou I of lot 17 from ?500
to j'i'.o. ' ' ' , . : - 1 , '
On motion, it was ordered that the tax Tr
Revenue purposes, be, and the same is, laid
at $1 50 per hundred, pjA ?1 50 per pole.
The 'ouncil then rurnrd to Monday,
May 11th. " J..II. SOREHEAD, Clerk.
Thk Power op Execution. Prof.
Griff.th, one of, the foremost elocution
ists iu the country, recently appeared be
fore a Quincy audience Among other
pieces he recited the well known little
poem, " Tweuty Years Ago." The poem
introduces two friends and schoolmates,
one of whom has been recently visiting
the od homestead, school-house, and
play grounds aud he gives his iinpres j
sions to his friend. When the ele-ocu-tiouist
reached the stanzas following, tiro
utterance was slow and thoughtful, as if
trying to recall the name of the old
play: : .
The boys were playing some old game be
neath that same old trne,
I do forget the name just now,
you've played the same with me
On that same sjvot 'Twas played with
kdves bv throwing so aud so
- - n u- Ktwn wr- msnfwinwWr
motions describing ' the game an old
irentleman iu the back part of the house,
arose and said distinctly, " Muiubley
peg, Mr, murubley peg." It was bo real
to the old man, that he thought he would
heip him- out of his difficulty, by sug
gesting the name. . Of course it brought
down the house.
What a Small Farm Will Dct.t
Tbose who desire to know how to utilize
to the highest degree every acre they
can cultivate, and to have on hand al
ways something for market, may get a
hint from the following Ukeu fruin an
Iowa paper: - - - ' -
Industry ami common sense are cer
tain guarantees . of success. Mr. Johu
Briscoe, in the Cedar Valley, Iowa, has
a farm of 3G acres. He raised last sea
son 19 acres of corn, of oats, 10 of
wheat, 2 of grass, ha!jn acre of pota
toes, aud half an acre iu broom corn,
beans, bops and cabbage, lie harvested
lOOU bushels of corn, 250 of oats, 1G7
of wheat. 200 of potatoes, 4 ton of Hun
garian grass, aud 2 tons of timothy hay ;
besides broom corn enough for 10 dozen
brooms, 1 1 bushels white beans, 700 head
of cabbage, and S7 worth of hops. Re
duced to currency, his summer's work
on thirty -six acres amounted to $1,016
50. Calling the land worth $20 per
acre, Mr. Briscoe could pay for his farm
and support bis family out of one season's
Ttie lAttle Heroine.
41 Jlornincr air.i i 11 !'' nd the
wasted iuvalid lifted his head from
. mi 11 1 ' 1 11 . 1 - ,3:
Tl" ic;i-3 n A a.i"iv Tnf tin m--q Mif
wean on inst comjuarK i'eceniuer ua
At best he had ahard Ftrncijle to s.0
food, and jJthe pat six months tllt
struggle had been desperate, for his wif
had bee
t nuabie to assist him in t
leapt, beinor confined to her bed with
slow, wastingdisea.se! His little 'daugl
ter, Marie, a pretty J child of tweh"
kept the room tidy, aud herself, andtV
little brothers, like wax. 'By-the nid
her mctfter's whispered direction,'"'"?
also managed to do up the weekly wis!
ing and mmm. r
" My little sunbeam
the father'.'
, -
Iv called her, while the mothe
vcr I
i sTv.
in her low. wert tones. on
t OtlA
V waited
until It was mw.
rtitt ,t lif .
father to come home to a
and then, with fearful fore'"' . VHJ'-.-lS
heart, un.3resscd the Irttl
them to bed. and tied on 1,
t-i nnv,vi
oxd , iA
a wildVrVA J
cloalc to vo lor linn. A cro
the very threshold. With a
she. rus!9l toward the inanimate lomi
tbey carried upon u board. It was horq
father, brought home with a broken leg A
A week' had passed since this misfor
tune. By the sal 4 ot the lew pieces or , f
furniture the wtdf had been kept from
ine uoor. jitit now noining remaniyu
save tha coar-p bed on wiue.'i Uie tus -
tressed oncf C?pt. So coal for the lit-
tie grate ; ,no ta for the feveri-h lips ;
no crust foy the famished children!
What could bedom?? It was a ques
tion little Marie, aske 1
thev lay thero watel
iicrsCtl sg -in, 11
the lew tiale
! sunbeams
that etrutaled throuch the
window. Aud see asked it oftener after
she had risen and dressed herself ami
brothers, and smoothed the tw o beds.
Bread they must have that day. They
v ere all faint even now, and the boys
clamoring lor their breakfast.
Suddenly a bright thought came to
the little daughter. She remembered
having seen in the coffee houses, young
elrls no taller than she, waiting upon
pillow una luokca pnnuny over me .!ni.ui;
room. "Oh, that the niirht had been '5 tij
longtrl to the wretched, sleep is dear.hi. till the flesh q-iivere.l with pain. ." 1 Marie's trouble, and the generous, kiud- j" Brick" Ponier
" My poor, poor wile tny durltwr Ulvf Take me home first," said ?be sadlr. I cess of little Tlu-re.-a. been trying to
-must they freeze aud starve?" AwJ-y will worry about me ho. M poor ! 'Poor ehtld! good child:" said the people that bivas
with t(!ir friicViinrT (Vnm pvi9.- the" ihfr tvil rtin ;' V.:.,1-.. T .. 1.. I !:,.. t.: . ..1...-... , . . . .
ttal nmi burieil hia he.-:.-l in fht jt?antv nr'.Thpv'll nnn 0rd i.ni trK.. ... ,-,. " . t.. T -.n.- ).,. !f T I l,o i '
covering andoroaned aloud. - ' V. 1 lie, e'rulilr. -4 ihid news is like room in inv own house. Go into court La3 ucceeded
the customers. I'erhaps they would try
her. " If thev only would," slie mur-
mured softly. " I am handy, quick, aud
patient and I would try so hard to ob-jhe
lige." I am pretty, too. she might have
truly added, bad there been a spark of
vaiuty in her heart ; for she was a sweet
child, with a brow like a suuny snow-
cVitt, and ejes like
the sprin-j
that nestled in the woodbinds.. " I will
try. at least, and see what I cap do,"
and after watching a moment the weary !
sleep ol her pareuts, she whispered
to 1
the little boys that she we.s going out to
; gjt some bread Kr them, and hurried
i away.
I Jhe did go to the taker's but her rdti-
; fu! story failed to tou :h his bard
(,u-j ilicie were, tears onj;vr cLl;
yiUrm evtutd " h"t nr 'no waire? nn
1 1 , -
j tii .Saturday, and there wero lour weary
j days before this and that. Bread would
ibe too late if sins waited till then. What
Bhouid she do beg ? .She ar-keel herself
j the question with a cjuiveriug lip. Never
before had poverty driven them to that
state, aud it wa3 hard, eveu now with the
picture of
LUJ V nV'taat'M v aa.i v aavai au
her vision.: Agaiu aud agaiu, she said
to the passer-by,
l'lease, sir, in:t'am,
buy bread for my
JMve me a penny to
- 1 . . . . i
lo'c parcuts.
But the gentlemen had their overcoats
buttoned up to their chiti3, and the la
dies were enveloped in furs, and it was
too much like trouble to find their pocket
books or purses, just to supply a beggar's
wants. ,
"Go to the sonp house," said one. at
last, more churlish than the rest. " The
city provides fdr such as you."
It was a new idea to her, and as fast
as feet could cany her, she went, and,
entering in breathless haste, told her
story to the attendant matron.
"I will report th? case to the com
mittee," gaid the woman quietly, making
a memorandum of the name and numbe r
of street. ' Come in to-morrow morn
ing, and I will do, what I can for you."
To morrowhe would become too
weak .to wane so far by that titue, and
what would become of the rest?
With a beavhca'rt,"fehe went home,
having no courage to present herself as
a waiter to any of the coffee houses she
passed on her way.
"Did you get some ?" cried the boys
I gathering about her and pulling off her
cloak to see it it were
cloak or under Iit arms.
hidden in her
. " Did you get some?" said two faint
! 1 : 1.
luivcii iiuiu i ii c uv'.i iu nit: luiiri, iLlttl
the. coverlet was thrown off, and troovc
n.nr nf" thin wbitA bnndj nnt fiirtli '
".io, no, sno
x- . ... II I
plaiptivoV ;
" but WlU..rv
Dun ii .. k iirtu
" There will be plenty out of the ove
now. Yes, plenty," she said to herself,
as she buttoned her cloak on the thresh
hoid ." plenty, and I'll have some too.
T1kV shall tt starve. Men nnd women
forsake me ; God doesn't hear me any
longer 1 There i3 nothing left for me to
do but steal"
Her face paled as she spoke it, end
for a few moments there was a wild
wrestle ia her heart. Then she went on
quietly, pausing an instant before each
baker's door andjkLng.a.nviously with
in. By and by fce found'one that seem-
ed 'empty.
A whole
pii oI stejirming
loaves lay
iinon the couuter
She rushed in and seized one. and,
hiding it under her cloak, fled madly up
the street. But the baker had seen her
from the little sitting; room, and was
after her crying lustily. "Stop. thief,
stop thief!" A crowd followed her and
the poor child was soon run down.
" A clear case," said the police officer
who took her. " She must go tho court
In vain slio pleaded with them, and
told her story. , 1
Tbey must do their duty ; she might
have beared, she misrht have gone to the
sonn house, there was no excuse for steal-
log, at any rate. . .......
No excuse, and ber mother was dying
for food!"
An important trial was just closing,
and all the avenues I j the court house
was thronged.
fiPj'll be through sonn," siid the
,,5-iiccr to the baker, " wc ll wait here for
tbtiVt - w minutes. No danr-or nf hfr trot, i
nv.iv while niv rin on hr '' n.l
irhteneil his urin on
t.iin,. it travels o fax
ji'ti 'tear, on i.ear i
V.'hnt v.ill be-
- - u i of them?" and ehe sol
forol aloud.
- V .tlitt
t tie girl about her age Va paslnr j
a ricli man s child you would
w u by the embroidered dress nml
08K, the rich veivet hood, and the lurjleeu broken he looked ur and said to
ppet an l mulF. But there was no fnlso ; the judge. "I withdraw the suit: let her
;:ile hidden under the expensive rains- j go with uie a.d t;ike all he want-."
a warm heart was beating there, and I The spacious room rang with npplau-e,
sympathies went out far towa the : and while the enthusiiu-ui was tt it
'r little prisoner. For a moment she j height, a thoughtful old tnau went about
ased, as if irresolute upon "her plan of j the room with his hat. People's fingers
I.in ll,nn 1iTirw t,o ti 1 1 1 ( ii n,l tifin.d ; Ci i II ii . 1 b n ; v riri'l:t.t Vinjlbl.TT i-1 t, i li ,a ti on. I
. r-..ii, I u. tl iu I iiic vi iihi.viiv . ......
-rlli'lv on the officer's she said politely :
" i- i oT.niL- tci n nr
rt . . ..
she is not conjmiite.i yet.
vt.--t-oV eiieeK cios ue
toiu her the touchlug
she would, by the love
... nt l n.l...,t U
jue. anti comfort the
l will. I will." the
litie.-tlr,v"an 1 don't y
Wnili1 uuiuuic.icive 1 ne 111 ai; tiiey wantca everv morn-
iU comfort the distressed ones. liny. IIow lie-hrlv sh b.mnd.d nr. thn
stranger replied,
oti ery any more,
'Judge andic'll
w. t.food bye
and off she ran.
t father
L- t, 1 1 w a Itui
f t von tfrt ir to.nifirr
een up a trood heart.'
: knew her mother to be one of the
ihariiable women, and hastened
l on.e t) tell her story of Marie, but inl
1 j f rtunateiy sue ina just gone to rid-j, aud
; v.'ould not be b.ick till dinner Jinn?.
j ("What can I du?'' slie Ulyl, and
wrung her hands. " They waut'ctjal and
bread, aud tea, and so many things, nud
I' have only ten cents iu my pocket."
v She sat down on the marWo steps and
Pandered. All ut once her eyes bright
eucdvand a beautiful color Hashed in her
1 iaee.
" I will do it," she eaid
mamma will torgive me when she knows
M... i .I..''U. Ul.. , II I I IIV II I
fit! if hnnf n rrt n-ithnnt I..,.! nnvl.r 1
naked, quite starved. Oh. she will be
glad I thought so far," and she bounded
down the .street, and ruihed arouud the
Pushing open the plate-glass dor of
the most fashionable hair dresser in the
jcity, she went .'uictly up to the
,ant ami asked to see Monsi-mr
j u.-hered her iuto an inutr room
would call hirn.
j Her heart fluttered" while she
j but her resolution did not fail.
B. lie
"Ah! it is my little Theresa, and Mon
sieur B. took her hand kindly. "Good
mcrning, dear. Come to h ive your ring
lets dressed for the bull to ni'dit no?"'
I she shook her hetd. "wbv not? vou
ertainly; vou are one of Monsieur's
!At t UTiils. Wlrtt is it then mv dear?"
for a moment her lips Cjuivered; she
1 sii-ke up (iun klv.
ou said once, sir, that you would
inn n anln C . mi.lz. 1 I I ......
SliJV- .n -.1.1 1UI ill, i'JII. frill u
now to-dny this mimm?"'
.'.fr hair dromon wss i-.-,v-,"!"l-:iAM?5.
mr tt'St r'in ' tirri.
f, ile gold of a stray sunbeam; to sell
i was really a crime.
)ocs slie, your mother, does she know
came here?"
No sir. but she will not blsmo me
n I tell her 5 i'v it as. 0-3, u
she I
00 gOO'.l. ' . ji'
And how is it, tny dear! 731 ike n
rTIake n
frfend of me, and tell me how it comes ago, when the anti-Masonic lever raged
yo r-sk me to buy your bsir," tnd he j throughout the country. Mr. Stevens
.-troked the glossy' curls as tenderly as a - had introduced a resolution of injury
fitter might. " : j into, the subject of Masonry, which wis
She hesitated, then opened her heart i passed by the House, and a committee
to him. There was a mist in his eyes appointed with full power to ntid for
when fehe finished her piaintive story, j persons and paper. A number cf well
lie walked the floor a moment, a3 if ir-j known Masons were summoned to attend
resolute, then stopping before her, . lie I the " high court," then in session, and a
took out hispoeket book, iaod banded i thorough investigation was to be held in
her two half eagles." She put theiu iu the premise. Tho fearful rites and cere-m.i-
nd mnb off her hood. ! monials were to be laid bare to the
Not now ray little angei! he said i
huskily, "not now, I am - too busy; to-; was to receive its dcatrVlow. 1 had.
morrow will do as well; or, stay I will ' Stevens was the St. GeorgVwho was to
come in this evening. Till then do not j annihilate the fiery dragon. On the
mention it to any one. Go now on your j day appointed for the trial every mem
mission, my sister of charity," and- he i ber was in his seat.
led her to the door. j The first and the only witness exam-
f&ow quickly her little feet flew over j ined was a well known Master of a Ma-thelfravenient.-
She could hardly ispeak I souie lodge, who was interrogated as fol
whVin she had reached the baker's whop. lows : "What arc the initial proceedings
"(rwo loaves, eir large ones, too' she j
led, and threw down one of tho gold !
K3- ... C7
lyie man stared at her curiously. The
r raised to her brow, but she sa'd
l . ,1 "1
ia", ana uurriea awav witii ner warm
Ifragrant bund
fs'tiiat you Mi
J'ttg. darling?
b, I am i'aiul
racrrant bundle.
arie? What kept you
9 1 4
? Quick, . break mo a
tke an angel tne little stranger loo
Tieni as she glided in, her cheeks
p!e blossoms, and her Hair lauing
r shoulders like npplos ol eun-
"jie cannot come
home yet," she
. She has
V per naps this evenim
7. . I .1 I , r,
seiij yUh the tread. !?ce the two
;.s --r.
ieLves I'
've brought, and she
CT-TV3 coursed down her face as sl
sa j-f'W eagerly tbey clutclied them.
Shot never dreamed of poverty like
this :;pever had known how hungry folks
mayv j p and live.
'!'. ust go now," shesnid, openiug the
doolf j i,but I will come ngatu soon and
nutfTc' fou comfortable, and she .hurried
to th tiearest grocery and bough tSJbas
keff (provisions, and epgaged.him to
se. ? some kindling and coal.
' TlJ little boys helped her to buili a
fire i the coal Etove, and when it blazed
nierrfi , she put on the kettle, aud soon
had tmelrt'shing cup of tea for each iu
valij, nud a platter of smokiug potatoes
for the children.
"Where is Marie, do you know my
little angel?" asked the sick mother as
she gave back the cup
"O, yes I know," she answered cheer
fully. Didn't I say she would be home
....U 1 1 . niArrnu ? Ilfin't wrirrv Bfttir
v" - - . . j .
days are coming. I'll bring ber in the
morning. Good bye."
It was as though a fairy had come and
vamsnea; a nuu dhtou ir, ior,
sides 4hc supply
ol. coal and wood, a
hall eagle lav in tho sick father's hand.
Murmcring to himself all the tender
adjectives in the French language, the
good i air dresser immediately hastened
to thj court-room. The' judce was a
frieucSof his too, and he b'pel to avc
shi A
'- - - ' r.
III t4
the child from prUon. She had not
been brought in, the court havinsr ad
journed for half :i h He nsked for
a private interriew wiintie jn ige. As
soon as Jt was irrautt, T!e toid linn all
snd tell the same story over, a::d it will
be better than a
lawyer's idea.
He did so, aud
there was net a dry f:ye
the au.iieuee when lie. censed, l-.vcn
' the baker hung his head, and seemed to
j lau.-e. Before the breathless silenee had
...i - ...tii.iL ,..-i-v..w, ...kuii-i gnu
i when he roured the eoliei-tiou in Maria's
: inrnn ki"' mii tai- i.itr x .
' j-v
', nurig.r, no more cold, no more tiaked-
ne that wlu-er: - T'ij ""' -.-L.it .-
told her at the door not to worn- about
j the bread till spring, frr his wagon wm'd
1. ,1. - . - Tl .1 - ' . ,
- 1 stair case. It was like a bird's footfall.
a sinking bird in the time of flowers.
' Have you come, Marie?" two voices
spoke at once.
'Ves mother, yes father, and we are
rich, sec!" and she emptied her apron on
the bed. How merrily the (diver aul
1 gout coin misled. It was like the echo
; of a harvest son '', the distant
rought by summer breezes.
"Bless you. my little sunbeam, bless
I you, my little angel. And two hands 1
were laid upon her head, aud tears arid
smiles strangely mixed together.
"What does it mean, Theresa?" an l
the mother looked wouderinrly at her
beautiful little daughter, as she came in
resolutely ; ; to the parlor, in obedience to a message
! hy a servaut, "Men
a servaut. "Monsie-ia B. savs vou
.promised to see
him to f i'.i
ma. D.V'yo
"I did, mamm:
ou bnnj.
scissors, sir? And the
earned a
stool to the sofa, upon which
sue sat.
and quickly nestled at his feet.
"Yes, my dear, see!" and she took
from his pucKet a shiuinr pair.
"Theresa, what me.ius this?" the
mother spoke sternly.
I hive sold my hair to him mamma,
and he has come to cut it off."
"Sold your hair cut if off! Were yon
crnzv? Are vou iu earnest? And she I
gathered her to her siJe, and laid her
t. i i ., ,.
uauu proieenngiy over tne origin curls, j
'Tell her how it wis. She won't be '
! anry then. Please sir, tell her."
He did so, and when it was finished,
, she covered her fcc with kises, an l
; s nd in a broken voice, "Of such is the
; kingdom of heaven.
A sini-!e rinrlet wis severed f r.'" ?ii the
; beautiful head h:it night r.ui'
rriir ijres"r
' ried liome n- fi'rrf nt!y
a tti-vic'.t It
.... i
rx?t?iM 1Z "iuS nyrsT;?i
or was ever afterwards
heart, a talisman ngaim
HV- IJ Uiu:i 11 VOW
wru next his
t. bpsettiii-r sins
EtlitcJi Slallcd.
Thad. Steven's schemes nnd efforts
have not always proven successful. A
storv is told of his experience In the
Pennsylvania legislature, many years
world, ana tfe mac monster, masonry.
consequent upon t!io meeting ot a dia
sonic lodge " llie : lodge is opeuea
with prayer." " H ell, go on and state
wfyat follows?" "I am waiting for your
questions." " Well, what ceremonies
are incident to the'admiesion of a mem
ber?" "He is balloted for, "d if no
votes be cast agaiust him, he is admitted
a member of the order." " What then?
Please state the subsequent questions.
What follows next?"
"Mr. Stevens," said the witness with
i mischievous twiuklc of his eye, "it on
I the of . IS
, you had been found j
worthy, you would have become a mem
ber ot the Jiodtre in . an a woy
i i j n .. " i ii. lit I ll . I .i.A."
he occomcs a member, no man ever will
possess." ;
The witness sat clown and Steveus
wilted. The fact was, obi Thad. Steveus
had some years previously been propos
ed for membership iu one of the lodges
of the State of ; l'euusylvania, but was
" black balled."
Conjcry. A necrro on tho planta
tion of George B. Holmes, Esq., bought
some calioo a few days ago and got a ne
gro woman to make it . iuto a spread for
her. ' When it was made and slept uuder
for the first time, tha owner became sick,
and suspicion of conjuring fell ou the
maker. It "was ?aid that the conjuror
blew her breath three times iu the mid
dle of the spread. The excitement on
the plantation was iutense. On Sunday
the spread was brought out and solemnly
burned in the presence of voters. Ou
yesterday the conjured womawalked to
town through the rain and id to give
$10 to the medicine man wrO casts out
the evil spurits, and the woniau who did
the conjuring also came with her friends
to be cleansed of the unclean spirit. It
will cost her also 10 to be absolved. In
the meantime the plantation is in a high
state of excitement, and no work is done.
It is the duty of Cougress to pass a re
construction supplemental act forbidding
coujury. Montgomery Mail.
A Chicago geuius has iuveuted an ap
paratus, by means of which a person
Jyiog in bed can light a fire in the morn
ing by simply turniug a key.
'Our HrleU."
The Motuid City (Illinois) Journal
ays tha. M. M. Pomcroy, editor of the
La Crosse Democrat, vulgarly self-styled
oy, has lor a loug time
convince the southern
an original, first class
eat measure, apparent-
in po doing ; but some
may prcoably change their
when thev learn that at one time dariuff
j ,1. wnr t1A ennbt nl,tnin.l T.;.n.
tsuatit'n commission in the Federal army
and tt-rved lor a while ou the staff of
Brigadier General Gorman, of Minne
sota, as A. D. C. The Journal says :
" In this capacity be reached as f.tr
South as Helena, Ark., where, after a
few weeks service, bis conuectieu with
tne army was suddcni- severea. r roni.
what cause, or in what manner, is not
definitely known to us, but it was whis
pered at the time that it was on account
of connection with cotton speculators.
erijuis. , bntit he bad vntared os
rojjf n a oca i u v i a osi-
y by that time be had seen enougli of
war to enable him to realize that the
soldier's place on the field of battle does
uot give a flattering assurance of a pro
tracted period of his life.
" But whatever the reason that caused
the severing of his counectiou wiih the
service it is evident his original disposi
tion was good enough for " reddening
his bands with the blood of njany noble
men slain." If the courage necessary to
enable him to meet foemeu on the field
of buttle oozed out of bis fingers' ends,
or that his rascally propensities were
such that his presence in tho rt-rvice
could not be tolerated, either of these as
facts would afford him uo excuse for
abusing men who were in the army with
him, but who possessed the noble quali
ties that enabled them to stick aud win
fame ; ueitheri he afforded any excuse
for endeavoring to palm himself off on
the Southern peojde as an original and
sincere rebel.
" The man whom Porneroy assails,
C!eii. Bragg entered the service as a
I private hi the 0th isconsin Iufantry
to. battle for the Union, lie rapidly
rose to Colonel, and before being mus
tered out was commistioaed a Brigadier i
. 1 Tl. ........ 1 .1
G c n oral
lie enrereu tne service ss a
crat still.
aud i tin unswerving Dc-mo-
" But onr principle" motive iu ventila
ting Porneroy is to open the eyes of bis
Southern friends and admirers to the
real character of hypocritical Saint
A .Strange Iegacy.
A more extraardinary legacy than tout
bequeathed to his fellow-citizens by
Father la Loque cannot well be imagined.
At his death his body was found stretch
ed ou a miserable bed in an attic of the
Quartier de Crenelle, which is anything
but a fashionable district of Pris. He
was au old man, had lived iu the simplest
i . l iii.. -- "1 r ' . r : i ".ii.--i
ffottnd littV-myVn-if s wnh Wiiicrc-us
shelves, and on these were sorted with
the greatest order rog ments of corks.
In the center was a manuscript written
by Pere la Loque. 'ii which he stated
that he had formerly een in possession
of considerable wealth, now squandered ;
that of all his greatness there remained
but theSe corks, drawn in better times to
welcome many a frieud.who now had
forgotten him ; that age aud ruin bad
tauuht their moral, r.d that on each
cork would be found written its history.
This the old nun did, hoping that it
would serve as a timely warning, and
that, placed on shelves of some museum
or of a philosopher's ttudy, they might
be found to illustrate human nature.
On one of the corks was au inscriptiou
to this effect : " Champagne cork ; bottle
emptied. 32th of May, 18-13, with M.
B , who wifabed to interest me in a
busiucss by which I was to make ten
millions. .This affair cost me 50,000f.
31. B escaped t Belgium.: A cau-
tiou to amateurs." . On another appears
the following note: "Cork of Cypress
wine, of a bottleWmptied on the 4;h of
December, 1S50, wi th a dozen fast friends.
Of these I have not fouud a single one
to help rue on the day of my ruin. The
names of the twelve are auuexed."
Once a Wetlc.
Age of Animals. A bear rarely
exceeds 2U years; a dog lives 20 years ;
a wolf 20; a fox 14 to 10; lions are
long lived. Pompey lived to the age of
70. The average of cats is 1G years ; a
squirrel and hare 7 or 8 years; rabbits
7. Elephnuts have been known to live
tc tho great ag? of 400 years. When
Alexander the Great had conquered one
Brims, kin? cf India, be took a great
elevhant which had fought valiantly for
tjie king, named him Ajax, and dedica-
ted him to thesno, aud then turned him
son of Jupiter hath dedicated Ajax to
the Sun. This elephant was found
with this inscription o50 jears after,
Pigs have beeu known to live to the age
of liO years ; the rhinoceros to 30. A
horse has beeu knowu to reach 02 years,
but average 25 to .'JO. Camels sometimes
live to the age of lOO. Stags are long
lived. Sheep seldom exceed 10.: Cows
about 13 years. Cuvier considers it pro
bable that whales sometimes live 1,000
years. An eagle died at Vienna at the
age of 104 years.- Ravens frequently
reach the age of 100; Swanus to oOO.
A tortoise has been knowu to live to the
age of 107.
The Eve uf the Needle. The
Scriptural smile, that it is easier for a
camel to go througthe eye of a needle
than for a rich man to enter the kingdom
of heaven, which has purled many a
learned head is clearly explained by a
modern traveler.
In the East all the walled cities have
a smll gate along side of the great gate,
which is called in figurative - language of
that region, " The eye of the needle."
When it is understood that the large
gates are closed at night, and that a trav
eller arrived afterward must euter thro'
the " eye of the needle," through which
he can take his camel, if he desires to'do
eo, only by divesting him of his burthen,
aulw causing him to kneel down, the
metaphor is clear au beautiful.
FIVE hundred pupils bavo been sup
ported sid instructed as Girard College,
Philadelphia, during the part yfar.
lie oi nimitiiiiiii. --.(--.
I?r. Wi!lril Pai-V-f-r in a recent air
dress before the Young Men's Cbriitu
Asocitti03, ttiveuKsed the subject ot
stimulants at some length. He said :
The fiVe chief ftimulanta are: t,
cofi'e, alcohol, opium, tobacco.
Stimulants, when taken iu a lhj'.tM
frm, go at mire into (lis blood, ami of
course operate promptly upou the tissue
of all raits 0 the bvdy. Tea fiU'.l eod'
: ttiiAulatc ; alcohol, opium, aud tobv
Tr.A and corrrs.
Some persons can use both tea snd
coffee with impunity ; a few coffee. Ta
and coffee u.-d iu moderation do t.cf
shorten life ; used in excess they do,
however, producing great rervons irrita
bility and exha-.istiou. v
Milk and sugar ought to be ued wiih
both tea and cotlt-e. Their nutriment
appears to . protect the system agaiiitt
over stimulus.
Man will have somethinjjo drink bfl-
siddi water. He is a drinking animal.
The thing required, therefore, is only
--,. - '.iA- v ... v,;
' There lieed be no quarrel with pure Tapef "
beer and pure light wines, used in mod
crayon. Crtlifomia wines arefrfmverj
sweet grapes, therefore rweutttion i
(which changes sugar into alcohol)
makes them strongly alcoholic and in
The liquors noff drank urn poisonous,
I have not seen a case of drliriurn tre
mens in hospital for years. Ther used
to be such, but now such patients coin
in crazy raving ; from the effects not of
alcohol, but cf adulterated liquor.
A 8 between tea and coffee on one band,
aud alcohol on the other, a certain good
man iu New York used to say that " h
was always glad to find that a yonDjc
man liked tea and coff.-.e, became then L
was not likely to become fond of alco
holic drinks." Aeain, tea, and coffee re
tard the processes of wa-te in the ys
tern, and thus enable the two nervous
systems to furnish working power to tho-
body lor a longer time. Alcohol has co
such power.
upium eating rapiaiv increases tri
America. The effects of it are well
known, yet its use does uot necessarily
thorten life. Otnum, used as a stimu
lant, gives very pleasurable sensations
for the time, but these arc followed by a
corresponding depression, a e'ough of
exhaustion fi'd misery which continue
UEtil the pleasure is brought back by the
n.ie of a little more opium than before.
The moderate use of tobacco does not
necessarily kill. But it ran not be said
that the moderate use of it is harmless.
I'erhaps tobacco is not quite so bad as
rum, but they j twin brothers, and to
bacco makes men diiuk. Tobacco d-
pres-e, aud the
user thm craves liquor
It is found impos.ib!
to stimulate him
to cure
iutbiiite patients of the use tf
1 .i
liquor so long a t tiev are
allow i
Pi to u?e
tobacco. The French
.crtT'trcre'ia "1 f-nut al uuv tiveii t;nij
! -..... . , ! .1
AJvU lunatics aud paralytics, now inie
are 4 1,000.
It will be seen that the two totals in
crease in nearly au even ratij tix aud
a half times as much tobacco, fire and a
half times as much lunacy and paralysis.
Those who live out-doers may uss to
bacco without feeling it so much ; but
not men of sedentary life. There Lsve
died iu New Y'ork, within a few years,
three cxcelleut clergymen, all of whom
would now be alive had they not u:el
tobacco. The difference iu the operation
of tobacco aud alcohol is this: while
alcohol causes tangible changes in cer
tain organs, tobacco gradually lowers tho
vital tone of the whole system, so that
the life euds sooner than it ought to.
gome Facta about Monarch1.
There are thirty-nine parson in th
!i?t of reigning sovereigns contained ia
the Gotha Almanac for 18G8. In thai
for 1859 there were forty-eight. Tba
war. of lSf9 and 1S66, have, therefore,
destroyed nine sovereign States,' great
and small, aud they have been absorbed
in Italy and Germany." ' From 18C5 to
18G7, both inclusive, the list of monarch
contained the name of Maximilian, Em
peror of Mexico. That is also droppttd
now in the new volume, and the final re
cord is made of Mexico, as a monarchy,
pimply to mention the death of the Aus
trian Prince. ' -'
Of the reigning monarehs in this years
1M, the oldest is Pope Pius IX, who will
be 76 years of age on the 13th of May
next. The Emperor of France .will b
sixty years old 29th of March, and King
William I, -of Prussia, in whose short
reign fuch great changes have been
wrought is 71 years of age. Queen Vic
toria will be 19 years on . tho JJltli of
May. Queen Isabel, of Spain, will be
?S veara old the 10th day of October
- ... . - - J -
i tru it;., p.
M TWt J Will WW X la4Q
14th of March, the King of Sweden 43
years old the 3rd of May'; the lrnperof
of Austria 37 on the ISth of August;
the Kineof Denmark 50 on the ISth cf
April; the Sultan 3S years old on the 9th
of February; the King of Belgium 33
on the 9th of April next; the King of
Portugal 30 on 31 of October; the King
of Bavaria will be 23 on the 25th of Au
gtrif; the King of the Greeks 23 on the
21th of December. Ilemrich XXII,
Prince of Reuss-Geiz. a mighty State of
about 45.000 inhabitants, and an army
of 334 men, is the youngest, aud will La
22 on the 28th of March next.
Among the sovereigns below the first
rank, the King of Denmark, who has
lost much territory, and who is person
ally not rich, may be remarked upon at
having made a good dispositions some
of his children. His oldest, daughter in
married to the Priocc of Wales, and, if
she lives, in;y be Queen of Great Britain;
his secoud daughter is married to the
Crown Priuce of Russia, and may be
Empress one of these days; his second
son is King of Greece, aud married to a
Russuu Princess. The Crown Prince of
Denmark and a younger brother and
sister rcmaiu yet to bo disposed of ia
marriage. .
It is anuounced that the reuoKDcl
Commodore Nutt(of twenty-five pound)
will soon lead to the altar the stvect lit
tle Minoio Waircn (of tucuty pounds.)
Their United fortunes, accumulated by
their public exhibitions within six years,
are sail to auio'tut to a quirtcr of mil
un of !! ! r-.i.

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