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The Hickman courier. (Hickman, Ky.) 1859-current, May 30, 1868, Image 1

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"Warren & Alartiri.
th ecrar pf Jft-,kou and lien lucky sta.,
" (up st&irs.j
Terma of Subscription to
T n K HICK M A N C O U R I Y. S :
?3.00, Invariably in Adfancc,
Clebs of ta, to the same post oftct '
Address, Publishers IlicaMxa . Cstaira,
Hickman, Ky
NO. 24.
. . .
Hisknaa Directory.
.4 ?i,'rnry f Xuw.
X. O. Goaldsr, RanJIe & Tvlcr, A.
B. Kingman, B. R. 'Waller, John A.
Lauderdale, John W. Cowgill. T. B.
Logan, Oacar Turner, J. 0. Smith, Troy,
Dre. Courier fc Corbott. Carter Blan-
ta, H. C. Catlett; ATA. Faria.
: h-it (Jewels.
J. Awnerjr, Wm. B. Benny, Wolf &
rUat, J. p. Daris, J. S. Hubbard.
Isrug Stores.
C. A- Iloleombe, W. It- Walker.
MTioItJah Grocers.
- Millet.! Ronlbac, V. A. McCuicfcen,
i. C. Eailsy, C. LcuwiJge.
- Saloon.
La Uio:, Jamea Parker, Jshn
"Tiisr. John Seznonese.
II hardware and Tinware.
,!i r. ItarneJP.S. N. White.
x,.or, J
Saddlery and Harness.
h. S. Anderson.
Carriage Manufactory.
urkpatrick & Bro.
Cwar Manufacturer.
Francis Miller.
iraywx Manufacturers.
Utrtwiek & Baltier."
. Lsais rrsooi, E. Caw.
S. Margraff & Co.
4"Kt 7Vre Xursery. . ,
George K. Rogers.
House, and Sign Fainter.
fhorcas II. Jcnev
Express Companies.
Merchant' Union Kxprcss; Southern
Xxpreas; Overton, Steele A Co., Agents.
lucnicure Store.
r. Bsrtoldus, Charles Oswald.
Marlt-e Work.
t. C. Itamsjre.
Flouring Mill.
11. M. Robinson.
J. H. Davis.
iTiruranes Agent.
Ssinael Landrum.
Livery Slatle.
"tTm. B. Fluaiuier.
H'afc mttrr a:i Jewelry.
JeLn 1. Walker, A. Piaut. .
i?or attJ iS'A'se Shcp.
Gsorgft Wehnisn, Casper Sohm A Co.,
J clia. Frena.
' fcwing & Co., wholes.' grocers and j
rmrt!sio3 merchants; L. L. Coleman,
bo!e-a'e druggist; Paul, Tavel Si flan
ttr, booksellers, stationers, bookbinders.
ii job priu'era; II. A. Huntington,
letter in finecu.-tom made clothing and
gtutletceu's f'arui?Ling goods. Hotels
tt. Cloud,? tacey House, .Mansion House,
Nicholson Iiouee.
1 t T
Gardner, Noel i Co., forwardiu aud
City Officer.
My Stw'l. T.andrain.
City JuJje. J. H. Davii.
CWk J. 11. .Morhead.
Mrka!. rat Cunningham.
County Officer.
fWrt Jndgc. B. II. Walker.
Co;ry AUyrnev. II. A. Tyler.
Circuit Cuvrt Clerk. W. II. Brevard.
ihunfy Court Cirri. Juo. A. Wilfon.
Sharif. Wno. Herrin, ofice at City
Ipyty Shirty. IfeDry Catrpbell,
A with J. A. Lauderdale.
Croner. Thad. W. ThoBits.
Jailer. 0. W. Sfubllcficld.
MajiHrat'. District No. 1, E. G.
Kitubro, Jaeob Buahart. Constable
Ueorge JIorri. District Xo. 2, Owen
Miles, and Alfred Xaylor. Constable-
Wm. II. Roper. District No. 3, J. W
Mays t.nd John Boyer. Constable
0rg 31. Willourn. District No.
J. H. Hawkins and R. Cross. Con
stable L. Everstt.
- County Assessor. Wm. Hubbard.
C S. Assessor. T. C. Buck.
U. S. Rex. Collector. II. C. Catlett
Judjri. Court of Common Pleas
jfcd Croesland. Circuit Court E.
Cvmrrttn if eahh's Attorney. J. Ticc
Register in Eankruptcy.Vh.HTlta
Marshal. . C-
Aa 1 PARIS, M. D
aFFEr.S his professional serric to the
.eitlieas of HiJkman, and Ticinity.
tST Heeldente at MS.
llrs. Gonrley & Corbett,
JiaTiaj formed eo-partnrsh!p, offer their
- united prOfesina sertices to the public.
Vr. Catlru can h found at night at the
rtfiaeaos of Dr. Kobinson.
Sals and Livery StabU.
TTxna S. riumincr,
iJV' P"'- cd Hm- '"r coasts at
,y ot, sd far iiirj4.nd tile.
Ttakfui far pirroaage heretofore ssleid-
- -a scli:i'.s .-t'utiuasa'.c of jaaii:.
Hates of Advertising:.
One square, ten lines .r less, one insul
51.5'J; each nuU-uent insertion GUc. .
1 Square 2 ruontLs,
2 "i
l .r.
f. " - 4
Fourth column 1 month
IIlf column 3 montliS
6 "
12 -
One column 8 month -
t:n 'oo
. IO u;
liu 00
c -
For Fiats Oihccra - -For
County " . .
for Municipal Officer!
- 6
Marriage and Ucalh.
-,iSotiee of the aboTe character will be in
serted free of charge. Gbitnariea and trih-
ntcaof resrect inserted tSl w)i,friM.
Pal- Adrerti.cmenw in Local Column
Tor four lines or less and 20 ceuu for each
additional line.
Voluntury eoccraanicat ions, contain
ing interesting news, solicited from any
quarter. News letters from Wentern Keu
tacky and Tenuessee especially desired.
A T 7 0 2 27 E Y AT L) j
Solicitor in Chancery,!
Xlleltmaii, Ivj .
REFERENCES GorfJ. L. Orr. Columbia, i
S. C; Hon. 15. F. Dunkin, C. J., Chkrl- !
ton, S. C; lion. J. A. IoIis, Apci' t Jud-;e.
Chcraw, S. C; Hon. F. J. Mof? J., Sumter, ;
5. C: Hon. w. 1). Johnson. Chsnccllor. Leu
nettsTille, S. C; General W.i... Hampton,
Columbia, S. C; Gen. W. W. llsrllee, M.sdi-
son, b. c. may m-iy.
T. O. GOilliDSH,
Attorney at Laf,
all business
"1I.L rrorrp!v atte-jd to
ectrustcl to hint in Southwestern
luckv a.id Weft T: n 11 fp.
Ken -
C. I. ti.VPlf.
M. A. TTLTa.
Collectors. Real Estate Ag
1.3" Will attend inv.mi tlv t. a
11 V,,c"
entnisrod them in Suihwe?i;rn
I nnd Nrthv'o-KTn Tt-inisee.
j f ecial attection given to the icr'-
i lion of I .aud titles, nnd the ti;ichai-
sale of Ileal Estate.
I deei.-.
tVL.il X IUI.UI1
Atloraej s at I.ar-,
1, J ILL practice together in all the Cnur:
If of Southwestern Kentucky County,
Quarterly and Justices Courts excepted
and in the Cotrts of West Tennessee.
Claims promptly collected and remiitanrcs
Tlichman, Ky. J. S. HuVhard, nd Joej h
Amberg; Louircille. Ky. It. A. Robinion A
Co., Wm. p. Iiutlock ; Cincinnati, O. Hayden
L Wilson; rhiUdrlphia, 1'a J. R. Cuinp
bell & Co., Motion, Sibley & Woodruff.
fcblS ly.
Attorney at Law,
Atorscvs ara Cctrel:ra At La-r,
Wlf.L attend promptly to th collection
of Claims, to the investigation of Itad
Tille, purchase mnd sale of Real K.-tate, and
the prosecution and defence cf suits iu
Southwestern Kentucky, Northwestern Ten
nessee, and th adjacent part of i sxouri.
ar-aT Office in Millet's Block. doc251y
Attorney at L:ur,
Solicitor inChancery
Troy, Teun.
PECIAL attention given to collecting;.
and to tb investigation of Land Titles.
actice or
Is A TV,
A ND will attend promptly to bnsiuess
XX entrusted 10 his care in said counties,
and also in the other countiee in this Ju
diciitl lHstrict.
fcsST Address either PADUCAH office, or
BLANLYILLE, Ky. . uug31 tf.
. Evansviilc, lad.
I ormerlr ol West Teun.
Forwartllny antX Commlss
and Special ,' Railroad
Aftnts, Xo. 6 South
and - S!"tiiLcat
Water A.'rctf,
B3 L!brI CASH ADVANCES mad- on
ensignnens ef Cotton, Tcl-aeo. Pork,
Flur, A. .y.'ri attention .! u- l-jn-j
-.V;P;.'. I! 2 I'.i'ilJ 'rJ'Tl. '"' '
.1 !i;stimi
ting Nnw b.r tUe rapl.Un queen.
! L" heave "be brfuM of sm eel sixtven ;
Lefort; iuy moruiu
tAr gre w dark
i liy Hrmeu t toi
; I'.y all thi thi
j The bright bin
I canitul citO'ijc
tt ' a Vision in inv
. ; I w row of
n , i Troiu vverr leaiu rope
-A I In eery rope a lorerswun
mru lun uue i cirr v
: Th.tf bade each lucklom lcxr
' Titi nJuidovvy lij.g said heart1
! AuJ ten Bievuaed tlia dsrker Uue,
i -
1 I Rskc.l a wntron hioh she deeiooH
wo j ViiU fairest light of beauty beamed;
"O i she npnerfj, sotae thought both were
00 ; fjivc her blue tru and coidcu Lair.
00 ujj.ht hve liked btr judgment well,
00 1 ti,j, a, ,.,,0t. fine rank i bell.
jf 'vur:.
mm m. stsss. -
LiV blue.
Cum iunrcbin in their eyes were blua.
00 J U.ribi4 a diamond in the Bun,
00 1 On me, until benenth its rava,
ti 1 I feU s if my hair would blaze:
' VW.. 1:1. . J . n .1
f " - -cm ami o, ii:ivIijUnMu.
"" n tjeg qui ere ot green;
She looked t uio; hat could Lo mean ?
Ah.' many fids loe lurks between
'"r.ma! m a coiorta ol hie em ;
51 ! nd nh?u "do? rrow' jr.
The rictini falls, but knows not'whr.
tiitte not upon b;s shield of jet,
The ihBft upou the string is (t ;
Look not beneath the azure viA.
Though erery limb v. ere caicd siil.
I Well, both might make a martx Ver
o toi Vii
And l"tu, irith but a 8inr!o 1k
j Can melt our terv h-r--
, .Ana noiu. uin.ti fjji.
; To stir the scsk-s 0
But that is dares?
; That wears for us 1
I 'I
Addresi of Jo. II. Itouliiac, de
livered Jaj 'jC1' bero,'e the
Mctiiodltt andtJitlst Smitt-.y
Younj Ladies and Gentlemen of the
Xiilbitth Schools :
Through the favor of an indulgent
: 1 r"N aeuce, tue year has rtdicd round,
J and firidK us actors in this pleasant scene.
-.rother anniversary of this the
, month of the vc.ir lias afmb!
ed us to
any one
j gtfther, aud in the absence- of
i'n :u ij i iiiMu, hum wining tu auurcss
! you. and through the kind partiality ol
; s nut; of jour friend.' and mine, it"ha
j fjl.cn to my lyt to speak a few words of
! encouragetuent and couasel to you upon
j the preeut occasion. And vs bile the
I -..tra .......T.. .1 ... 1 . . II" . ,
; voice of Spring is everywhere, aud h
! uui ue. tJuul an ! start the dor
j rpjrfc 1 1 life, wLkL ef.it, within the cidd .
' earth's heait; and a teuder frp.'i.n.'.. ;
: miotics the lu!i.-i Its l.ae t-o bare, and a:
I Coronal of .'t.itv i-ridj decks tin- C,ir...)'. '
uionan h's bro w,
member, that th
sliort ; and th.if e
beauty will L"?
i : i i. ...
vamuac you re-
: ua;urc s n i .l.iv is
! s!,ort ; l n thi. irc-hcess and
succeeded by
A utum's
m- J
o..v.l. ...;,-l......l,.i;
,-i ... V'.
barienos.s aud death.'
: i "U have ,not hat'biiv rereer.fod
v ... ( . . 1 .
. "u i.a.r uii'M un I'liii v rt)r"r. f . r! in
vour bc.iutilnl aik-urv to-iLiv tl.. f..r
- i
sca-ens of ti.e yer:r, aud I would im-
: press upon our young lainds the lessi.n.
ib.ic hie also lias ii.s Spring, .Suiuucr,
i Auliiwv and Winter: as ',.'! .-. i
' Morning and Xizbt. f
j You whom I espociJly address to day, '
; I,;y y ng friends, are just eutering the
j early Spring of lift- ; and it is viirht and
! proj.er tliat i'ur y.;u the flowers of eist-
I encc rhouid bio-jiu along your wy,
j mac ce;ytiuug should wear a smile
and I Would nut becloud vn-.ir eon.,,
' iiv'-s wi;h even a shadow of sorrow
lour Sprins-tlme VuU cn enif.v l.nt
oni-e; and 1 am uot one of those so far
removed from the froiicksomo humors of
childhood and youth, and whose heart ie
so fro.-ted by age, that I canuot remem
ber nnd sympathise in all that makes life
pk-asureable to the young. Iu one thing,
my young friends, if in nothing else,'
you are fortunate in your speaker to-dav.
it is no hoary -age vj-e intellect aud
heart is chilled by tlVvi-dom of rears
who wouid address you upon the "mere
ceeting character ol life, and by a cold
and cheerless phifosophy nip the bud of
j&jur eniiaisii -i piry-n . i n M i
.svrupatLies are
bostm yet glows
those pleasures thi
innosenisoi liie; and W
fore you iu a spirit of loveOs
i...: . .i .... . . . . v
Therefoie, 1 come with f
cynic s
sucer lor your youthful amuN&ents and
joys to-day ; nor would I over cast your
bright anticipations ot' future happiness,
by ruthb gsly teanug aside the veil that
hides the inevitable sorrows of life. 'Suf
ficient for the day is the evil thereof."
But I would rather say to y6u, enjoy
the beautiful Spring while you may!
Givo vent to the glad emotious, that ri'se
in your youug hearts upou nuch occasion
as this, and let these old hilh aud ra
vines be vocal with shouts of gladness,
more captivating thau the ghostly whis
pers cf a buried past, 'which, erst las
feebly broken their slumbrous stillness.
I would tell you that though life is not
all a May-day, yet every season has its
corresponding joys ; and would point
out to you a tray iu which if you will
1 wait, mere win ever Dloom flowers, as
beautiful and sweet as those
; even through the icinttr o
dowu to the night of death.
se lrac-
ranee will linger around and
low the
tomb itself.
Then I would haroyrof
though we niit'ht cJr
n r .
..t...... I . J
j.icj-aut ii'a purjr -eTTiie
cofctner 10-aay ymore
something nobIer iful frolic.
That you are Lere tSTTcTiTbiate not simply
the return of flowery May, but also as
little lambs of the great fold of the good
Shepperd, to send ut-wai-J to the skies
your blended tbankd praise that He
has pirmittcd you onee again to welcome,
iu such sweet language, tha cornation "of
your fair young Queen, and to praise
and adore Hin, for all the blessings b
has bestowed upon you as the children
I V IV:.""': ,'1 "r t'i" V'PL :4Iit:!e chiid or. my nefount re- WI,;V Aim-. i
41ce0f j
t the A
iiiirriPf I I
..of ,
1 1
r tha'
j of his loe.
1 1 would tell you, 0I1 ! would that I
j could tell you, how much the good Shcp
; herd love.- you ; and how secure you are,
I aud ever will be iu his arms if you litcJ ,
; his geutlw voice ! He who said, ' Suffer
. little children to come uuto me, and for
l bid then, not. for such is the kingdom of
j heaven," will never desert you if you do
' not forsake li:m. "
' You are now- being taught iu his way,
and icarui'ig of Htm. if yoor teachers
iu the .li- 1- ire faithful, aud
a irut lai'v are., uni near un "
IT'. ..1 M I 1 IT.
and follow his call I beseech voti. lor
ra InM itut u .v r.f tlii I.oi'il
T'leabaiituCsa nn. I peuco
huJ this U
fl.)erv way I would i.oiufc out to 3 on
this tlie wsy th.it rcn.k-rs ceiy sca.-ou
liie delijilitiV.'s tbisih.- that
through .nib-cros tli-r Jordan
xbLl. "street lulcl d i-.derii
ni j 1 w
'OUJU rr ,1 J
I. A)iirtiifc cj
kt vu'i m.iv be
s. -T ..... . .
m m ' v
I en luto the lold f lieavea. ! 'H'itHdt'. I
'iliir 5 c:d!.'.l tfitlier
a wech. o itio mellow ctiiuo; q r;
bell. iu order that voa iuav be
in all th.T4rcnd.'r lite truly fdrT7l'
bnjrLt ; but luost e-jccin.liy o-.
niav be taught how to cuidu v p S
1'ul footftcpM along that pathway" -rf
the Ij.uiio ol Uod, btcu will ult
lead'vou to that home lvvid
oar and rir!s. as wen a
0 11 r
juuina aun maiaeus, to De attentive
.1 1 - . . . - .
)uur teachers to submit wuh meekn
, . .
'u r Kuiaance, ana unve earnestly,
!uu it-sson.i or wiaaom they
neiore, ijy-e punctual m v.iur atund
ance, ana orderly in vour heliavir
; shunniriiir Jl rudnc-s and atrife. stud- to
couiorni rj-r viiUi:r hm to that .tr.p
r .. ' V
,ich ted!? ou. that
. it
, - ..ftu IU.IU) ii'ius
freulhed in sm:le-
friendi and relatives remorse is an un
known word iu voir voeibularr
yo"e Tonorent lou vl uiZv '
'Look around vo Do vcu n-. e
even in thT iWous , -c Ju f
.here csre has' c?i s w nkl S-
barren of every glad emotion, where sin
has b-ft it trices more indelible than the
to4ch.es of time? Do uot Purb faces
meet you daily in your walks? ALs !
for huiu.iuity, thtir tmirking misery,
and grininir bitrerin.-s too o!un glares
through their hollow miies, oud jci:c
tratcs the iujL wirh which fiutfering biu
tiers would hide their guilt from tie
world. Now .i'd you, my youug
friends, havu a "t;'nt charm a sure
preventatne a -um: t these CorrodiU
c;ircs? Would um Lave vcur brow
open and our fa -c ever lair Le iuuo
cetit! es, be iiiuocent if uu would
pis- smooth! v down the strc.ru cf time
t. ... . .!.. . 1 .
niuioui u:iuL';r ni oein wrccicej urou
tlie breaker-. Be
Wafted oaw.ird
of pure hearts, and uui
by the
fund of Him. tt
whose o.c
were st.!!, thom
c V i ia
Ch.irvbdi n-ftr I-.u-Jly en eft!
T,V -'J' sll'n.in? Uffsl, heave,, do alwavs behold tnc.t Y.JJ Vila
V. fcSte and beaufily-i K,llt.r w!,0 w i heaven.'"; 7-.7 f "Cl ,
f Jfc-V,-.Tikr evCO l.TZ"l. !-? ,ot rri IpI t.m .. . . . . : iijuu'i. .'uut
tC . '. . " In "i,-cver rcn.vc3 , wen as the f,Tv lone
.IU. Fn wora,an.,6weet laughters vc. : but w hoevcr enares one of " .,," 'Tj ..;,;... wV..V7TT,:it all j
i.!-'. n., constantly irom vour ins. It is btca . tl .1 ... 1.1: ... :. ----
.' - . . " Hi.n I'tiim- 1111:, 11 , tii hiriftcr f the worlds
you are all innocent of any great wrcii rT.f,,, ,L, ,ni,t..,. wi ri V1' ,0e tUe. ,l "."T V ' i , , '
o load cfgaiit crushes down the giad, - Vs4k nnd that he were f 'f 1, uHuccei of hiJ
emotions around by this gathering of drotV," a..t,,. r ,1.., IaW earne.tly lor the succeof lus j
- '"Viii-htt
J W U 1 .4
fc:-at wt!t ciide s'afrlr
tue daLgtrous ps ii.to tho
haven bevond.
... i . i - n
ou h ive doubtless often heard it ssid
' Lite bit thorny road ;" but I tell
that we ourselves phsnt tlie thorns
pierce our feet
own Miis renders
the way dark, chee-rle.-s aud rouh.
.Savior ot the world the juerless Prince
of 1
iigiue.1 up toe aarK recesses, aud scat
tered the flowers of happiness a!on the
whole route, aud has invited us to 'walk
therein to tke his yoke upon us, for
his yoke iu easy and his burden light,
and will give peace to our souls. There
fore, I say again, our own hands scatter
thorus where flowers should grow; and
if we are -unbar py it is because we do
I defy all that the world can do to
disturb the sereuity and peace of that
one whose heart, and whose life is void
of offense toward Go. II Trulv can such
exclaim in the language of poesy:
"Oh ! lis not in grief t'c harm me,
While my love is left lo uie"" '
When adreraw winds and wavefariso
When life her throng of cares ren Is'
Grateful I hear the kind decree,
That 'as my day, my strength shall bV
" When with sad footsteps memory rovc-s
Mid pmitten joys and buried loves ' ,
uewy uiornmjf armka my gichs
v, ; 1 1 .,. . t ' 1 , . . i o
414 iuy jji 'juiiat! i.ira : 1 nee
L,: i. urtnin snail be.
ucg friends, if you
Vigli every 5easou of
Vit sin to pierce the
-Jjj jour owd. but
nf atttwav with 'Jib
""'TN , ...yud kindness. These are
the fiowe.bV which I told, you that
bloom as brightly amid winter's snow as
in summer'sgcnial heat. No frost' can
blight thenf" add their fracrrancc is as
sweet as the inscense which arose front
Able'a altar and won the favor of God.
These beautiful Sylphs of the Seasot
have each, in thc-ir turn, told you of-v1'
glories of the.varied yearxrjta-:
delightful all nature is iu its btiujii
beauty Summer, how glorious in he.
us in txt-f
w doar?,
ding hues.
rtcner radiauce Autumn, ho
the heart her peu&ivc aud fad
i.ua m luier, now p:euuia,aud oiilliant.
1 1 1. , , ......
are er ,ev narn.s irt.i vt ..-. .t., 1
- w- - - - u . . 1.1 UJU( a LI u
Night have retouched the .scene with
adJed loveliness: and eveu the nivthieal
' . ;""vw
tastic elves have thrown,
s ana enenantine -.nn o. ,
- . vourv - paint ior you a
ruct-inT than this. It is the
' a Ynfrn ''lei rorjl youth to
V . -4wSjf?Tu d supported in every
no.N ;id that led Isreul'a hnat-.
sTJi--',r'hond'e. throuirh dark
waters, and barren wilds across the typi
cal Jordan, iuto the land of promise
that fruitful Canaan symbolical of the
Celestial KJeii. How tame are all the
scenes of inanimate nature compared to
the sublimity of this liviujr tiicture ! How
dull and vaiu sound the most trdendid
. 1
encomiums of nature's charms beside the
sublime pcan sung in praise of the living
grandeur of an upright life. If m- lips
were touched by. ths sacred fire that hal
lowed the -.prophet Isaiah's, aud my
tongue attuued to the sweetness of Is
rtal a bard, I could uot overdraw the
picture. Vain then must be any feeble
effort of miue to illuminate so fplondid a
theme! But God bo thauked, there is
oue drawing ouo
er Layd.;.
-fT-.r, "... .1, 1"T
the canvass of time, whose tints are fade- j ful h-n'reiifter hangs upon a simple, trusi-I..-
.n.i r..,.. ,1a., : ti ' ft :,. the crcat leacher, and an
.4-.' 4.441V, V4I... I'UlLiilT U t 1
ia LiilI'.ltBUUL litut IUC BITUC3 Ol UiUOnCT 9 i;iyi4 . . I t - .V J . 1'
.;..t. ,:r , ?.. .v.. . J IV t, that the creator of the peace, uudisturoed iu pursuing tf da- tew
i ... r ' l . I !. n-...., i: ..rdiuate meir w ms to uaruuu no eue,
c i u txj inn. tcii sl 1 t ii ii. i lii.il r i i i:;iLii - i . . . . i-i-i.
drawn by the Master Artist of the world. ! beaV and the earth is a God of mercy j ties of l,te-,n "' I
i ft.,,. .. r.i . I -m i . itr tirntinMr ness : ami if others will do the same I upon
I ina mne 01 ethict.cm-iue fluid ot and n - ""r- , " . i ,,u . , 9.mAw fln(1 fitable ; took
promise the man of sorrows the prince 'that ? : dc,rcs , a i"rH m v - - ,
i t .i v . . . 1 , . ,1 I.. ,,. t n..l to rum h thcut - and ?iii:dornM ut. 31 U-. t.. ?l. ?!C5r.. t vr
vi j' tu i't.-u- un .'iic'iiu-.- . t'll'.i'.: i' -
- (' , .Vi
n'St-tn.itiup picture I w
rouj, j
. ... '
' d. mr oyes to this 1'jultKs-
is : l Wdlllil h.iv v..n cnnfnrni v.mrt
that I ! v.ly voumjt ivUud. litea to one
li!,,! !,,., ,kJ i
r-t ri(j
,-lsures r;f the vorld.'tsisd win i
- - "-. iaa vii. e i r n u 1
lead. - I iv. 4
its ultitunto bitter-
ef!o - a
rii:g dniuuht may
lor a .imhi. l ut kWTX
ls-J rdrj
is.bioouiiug lurevtfr: ; lets are reached, and thci -tTT
V A V i . I . .1 . 1 . 11 .1
x 'tp: SJ disirit-t. Bat liLe the
UjC - 1 s cUl' If i.s dauu'Creus' -reic:t-
li:J 1 1 iieeucd renders ii f:iscinati
. . r. . . . .
warn ou ijicit'ioip.
oii'fVr. U
3 w r I'c.'icc iit:ie 31 1 iitre-
' .us a pe.-tilciice the s-t'ductibus
choose rntlier tlt trulvL
... . . . . - -
a , ri 11 i 11 eiuua iiii iu it: tr.v- t
, yctVeaehes fVmn tin v to eternity, j
.i.ijit Jitil !; t?.u will. i-iii V. Itiinid.
' . I
14 coimnit- t
ohipr f .. t .r:. s
l IHl'
kfnV J.oo... 10 11. mere
, 1'.. -
i t antT forbearance that
jom uuj witu
.2.i- ( 111. n n. 1
vou uiy
- !
to i h-Hhcn the hut echoes of
sot 0k e -.hill "have
arunsed the dull. ;
: I Jf' death, "tcll doue good aud
" c. -s.. .l tt,.,t .-f..r r.
iu as imii h as vou have don
i unf; le.ttt of thee "little
b1i.n-tnt.i n'io."
oneu, y.
; .' j. .- '
er Uut he who j okp as nev
m.e. has said
taka heed t'j
r uetr.ect ouc 01 o
4 r j
- L,rn:V V : l.rAr,. I i
s "Vv 'Vrl" )'r
not ouly lor time but
t Z? 1 Ur I,UWer t0
1 h t.-it m.tortu.e.
i "1: Cr'! T ' L
" ;V "u
upon .h0 children .n edu.,,t,ou such as
' trodmsn-m ...T: . , . . . " " , '
tn ornament. An education .
Shall chasten vice it -elf nuule
" - 4sc'viuju ruiav;. vai
. 1 ,-
virtu?, and give at once grace and gov-
....... ...... . : ll".i . .1 r " 1 !
ciuui-ii m s'joiu. niu out tuts rcu-
"iou.- rainiii'' ;ij culture, which it is in I
part nur privilctrs t bestow, wh it in
deed t man but a splerid.d alave, a
reasto'g cavaiie ?''
Bud; is no "littering - aud
hv which it is vour province to
No brilliant nnd ti:ie -fun th.'or-
Voltairc no soidiistieal reasoii-
a Mirabcau or u D Alcmburt,
the d.-eauis of a S'.veedeuhorg.
ke the airv fabiics ot a mi 1
night's vision, vauisii
it the
roueh of suiTerit, : and
atiiti when the misty shn
hadows !
am jrreuUMM.JS'. r. IT t
th theories h systems ;
m1 be compare
d to th
0 ,
teaching's of C'lui'-ti uiit V, as !
-vent meteor of ni'ht. to the j
.1 steady luminary of Day.
d cf these phantoms of nivsti-
!se dieaius ol cuthusiasm these
notions of logic it is your duty j
j ,0 frel,"elorc the minds of these child- j
, . s super. ative c-xceiitn- e 01 tnc j
CLris., f vstem to show them the sur- j
pavii. elincss of the character of the j
IVin' tho Honse of David." and to
iniPartto them the simple yet woudrous
namf ye of Jesus the Nazariue. Teach
l'Jfm lit though other characters have
asen, .flourished and fallen other cou
queror,.lve shaken the world with the
tumult of their triumphs, and dazzled
. . .... 1
me lUi.tsriuaUons of meu with the ppicu
dor of tXeir achievements and the ra-j
piditv of their careers; yet that none ;
may compare with .the rising ot that
iil'istrrrtYne whae birth "was herald
ed upiv , udea'fi'plaius by the harps of i
heavevi f.ir he uoi oolv shed a light
upon $s succeeding ages be not only
conqtittd the hsartf, and raised the
falleu pcs of man he not ouly carried
cant vi,i Vine of terrors and tLe sins
f 1'V .nitj ; but lie triumphed over the
torn . 0f nnd achieved a revolution iu
nature, dignity and destiny 01
The-plcndor of his victories casts ai
shade KTnt.iits nf pverv oilier
"onj;t,r for without a eword he n-r -
lutiou ,c,l the world, and beheld the
uatioiu thereof kncelius at his feet.
- If-c mi ' asked by what means did I
acniev; . .tlrm ? T dia7
invite t L- juJeraentseat of Pilate, '
"uree was so unmercifully
i-n-fl,-fw-its!,all point you to a bleeding
- 1
.-ipccu uv a
crowu ot thorns j
V, Vou to"o to the summit of the
pa varv tu tue scpuicnre cm
Yviiuathea ths tomb ot the
redeemer, and to., the in')-
" 'Mcnari'uca win leenc
V"10 ri'dciup
($ Vf tLerefore,
.ri e-onstaut stui
love which is the uis-
ption of man.
tny fellow teachers,
ntaut study to .impress these
,M1on the u
on the miuds of those under
Ii ."S'Fix their eyes steadily upou
r, '-?s greatest conqueror, who was
me ni , -r-'
yet tl- 5-1 . n'e"
ekest of meu. 'J
ns of love and ;
Teach them
.r c-nma o. iv . 4.
ana loroearan
m t ! fn 11 v illustrated in 1
his 111
- - -
..rifted iu his death. CI
'iunir hearts with the terrors
: lh he connueitd, but rather cli
LA clones of that lire wniet
. u " .. ... ... .
f-wtli.- IailUiUl BUiuitin ui i liuo;
r 'w " . r.l .'..I ' . I ..... . i.n.d
r 37nt
I m . n 1 .
Tcili tbcm of the brightness andbeauty
of thi heavenly Eden, rather than of the
woo a?- horror of the dismal Gehenna!
LearnTllc'" to ' love, rather than to fear
God - "'l peace, far surpassing the
peace world, shall bless both you
aDj,i 1 ess upon thtru, wbile'yct child
hood' -buddiug into youth, that the
pnth jllutyjs.the only one through
life's 1 iigcd tsccues, brightened by the
su..li-Vl'.t of happiness, aud where, flowers
bloomj'i-stead of sprouting thorns Let
them I indoisnd that all that is lovely,
bout Ful aud pure in this world ,s to be
udA iu the eninc pMuos-.puy u
...ill.. .j fh:it cverv hope ol a b.iss-
ICJT I I i'i I
' plnlosb
I teach. I
5 ics off
' nor il
- .1. . It
i. i.ii i .. r
mi V"
and 11
the t-ft'
'"" ! h:J-lf-
that r ;l
CIS 111. I
! .
tliat 11 thitij work tgetfjer iVr g
to the ! lore Go -J "
l'O thlf. ati'l 4 TOU
Do thi. ati.1
ul you w ill h.e furni?
d s::in.-t ihf ll 'TV? dart:
' M,e,, P'"'.!,t l'V,nT.'l3:
sin. ana auji-il ttie u-njc -r u:c s
li.lft the Xx-wMJ Xf life
tht-v i4cad Si?,, -at';
,..,. v. .
"'iliow ae
bid ilvihince ItnJt'OHCr .
tva:,tntidcl ne.er at all thi .f-'
riuhl'kiu.a lo'ik coldly on u-, (
nti'Jtt i'iiithftrl anJ cease uot I
nous 10 ao f'o. i, a btirc &
iso.iiiiir heaven aiovo, iuk
. . ...
1 i(iU iiiiyn wiil prepare 'ft .: oi-
TGr itH i!i that Ml.-iMul ai'OUi'. when
titne'.s cterttjl fpi itijj eli'til fetal t ar.cw the
iVttr.eti veins ol" U:ath.
And utiw, ladies and genilenitn, it op-
It remain lor me. in the name ol' thes-e
children aud tludr teacher?, to thank you
lor the libeinT and generous hospitality
disohired in the lrctn ration lor thi
joyous fc-uival; and. u my own part JV-r
the coioddoraic and kindly attcution yoti
.Jiavc tiVllH t.u p.,k,-r.
t-nv intit-st iu the
:!ie fcnecess ol
- . .
Sunday School education. I sdiall have
been more than piitd for this poor effort; !
, . . .,.. t,. ;,.c, i.lt ,.,:
1 note 111 iictiuo. Come lorward and lend
j your influence and assistance ti thoe
''f are laboring t fit tlicse little ones
per enjoyment of the present
the uneAo
come. Jtath-
atter iu vhicU
y coucer
and vou should
the training of
'! ' ""'e ""'V-O' C0Uj
beautifully described bv theTrophet
wllCf, the ,olf ji dwell with
the lamb, and the leopard hall lie down
wUh ,he 'ki(t aod tklf aud.tbe young
Hon and the tailing together, and a little
(child will lead them. U hen heavenly
, ovorshaJow tte worlJ with
her wintrs. and men shall etudy war no
mure, mm iuuj I'luuin' uujt..i cun
h j )Car ftuJ !jl0 Il!cilgL;3Lares their
l. i, i. t. r. hntt
. m
. ?Ioiiii.iii AVoman's IIeu Tor
Multiplying l.od'n Inia-re."
The following communication was ad-
dressed to the Desert .Salt Lake") Eve-
The reading of the articles of the Ar
gus aud Bender with your comments
i hereon, has inspired ac to pen ou a
few reflections.
The Argus truthfully 1
that, if the "Mormon" were vici-J
their fabric would soon crumble in-j
stead of gaining strength, aswe hae,Jn
ua - ttn ai'ii i.ur.-1
ous and corrupt people proverbially iu
dustrious, temperate and united? Aud
we are temnerate. not onlv iu the use ol
liquors, but temperate also iu the use of j
tobacco, coffee, tea, pork, etc., believing j
as, we d0 that the.-e articles debilitate
.... . t i, 1 "i 1
iloth body and m;ucl, and tend to aor:u-e 1
mau'.j usefulness by troaistiug diseases
an.J hboiteniug life. ...!
llow long will 11 te or. ore men win
audcrstaud that saints practice polygamy
auJ uionon-imv, and uot to pander to un
hallowed dca.res, but for the purpose ot
multiplying offspring; which, next to
the gospel of salvation, are the greatest,
the noblest and most precious gilts God
can beitaw ul'Om m.ui. Aud why not
adopt every honorable aud legitimate
lt5 .
means of n.ult:plviuy: Ltod s liuaire It i
S ol nult:plyiug Ltod
one sou or ekuthter so much bt-lovcd
i 0141
bv tender pareuts, aud when death scpa
rates them, so much lamented aud inias-
ed is valued and esteemed as a most
precious treasure, would not a niau be
correspondingly better oil if he possess
ed twenty, or fifty of such li-ehold
:s? Good old Gideou,'"' much
beloved, had seventy ous ; Abdon. a
Judge of Israel, hud forty tons; Jair
bad thirty sons; Jerubaal had seventy
nm s.ms. and how r.iapv daurhrii. these
worthy meu had boru t
hieoiiaii fulls to tell us
ALU ah wjxed mur,
4. - "
sious and.
, in the sight
lere auv
sane m.
of God
ie face of
,-uson, it iB uot as
a mau no
tfZo be the father
iwas in those
is"admitted God
jreu as
when it
tits mind with the utmost plain
no.s to his people ou he earth ?
1 am sati.-hed that these who talk and
write most against us are ignorant of us,
iTod workinirs ot ' M ormontsin, to
termed. If they were to visit us, un
prejudiced, they would soon discover
that we are not the degenerate and uu
Kty. r.riiil thiv have !een reprt;-
QJJu&-. ay w ou iu sua large
numbers of bright, intelligent children
growiug up, dearly beloved and cherish
ed by their parents, who love, educate
aud promote the happiness of their off
springs aud are bound by the most sa
cked aud holy ties to love aud cherish
each other. They would find, too in
dustry aud harmony prevailing iu our
T r . . . . ..
opinion declares tue adul-
i6utier deaths elsewhere, if
e the wriT; married and
jlulge in pVictices too wick
led to coijfaipUte. While
yVld be f Ofotectors aud
Vrouian v'aud t-has-
be f Vfotectors i
ian? vudcl
lin jl
tity lure her to ruin
their bad deeds are passe
of no moment. In del
ligued Utah, ladies are respected, virtue
preserved, aud chastity guarded with the
stneke?t care; and trusting, coundiug
woman is cared for with the tcodcrCit
and most delicate regards. -.
I am safe in saying that thftie is not
one iu every fifty of the ladies of our
Territory who could possibly be induced,
in the lace of all the maliguity so un
sparingly heaped upon their husbands,
fathers and brothers by pseudo regene
rators, to c:lmige situations with the
ladies either East or West. Nay, famine
aud the sword, throairb which ordeals
ifliinv of us have parsed, would fan to
. j . . 4 ,
iu. v.'. u ..4.V4W - j
All we ask is let us alone. Wer are
and desire to live
1 r;ige nnd
Let tli"
I our 11 r- t
; . v 1: mi- ! ' if
r I if h a
.. o-aVJ In .r,n,.arf fi
r r
fL -ft
of for .
f j uuuiarA
d ed and d
i in
1'fie CUIcuko Xoiuiitutinns.
.' The democrats Lave been indiff rt?nt
.0 the Chicago l.'oun'iiti.iti tliir tfn.
tiou bciiiK ciatuly coneeMtrafed on the
quei-tioii uf iu;t.Cachieut. and the itives-
iicatioa"iivt 011 toot uv the ruKnuiers the
siyie 01 CoiKiHCtiucr which thev utferlv
ueuouri'-s. content lor the ice j
Presidential ii'uniiiatiou was. interesting j
only to Kepublicaus. Democrats bay '
that the only waiter of interr-t to theni !
ik me noiuiu.iitoa 01 urant an item ot
news lou iiice diacounted. They do
not regard the Prcetdvdtiil race as be
jrtiu until they hare made their uomiua
t.on, viliich is rtow altoiiether uncertain.
Secretary Stanton, (jcneial Pile,' of
MNfouri, Messrs. Hooper and A mc, of
.Mas-aclm-ctta, aud eevcral other proua-
tiut.jutlijaeu wht wer prvti.Lt a 4 the
.1 'ornr !, tho d w.il
4 Mrmi i a r f.
soon after To Cl6ct71h"e.0itt'''he'a,-3cf his
nomination, which he had received, Fre-
ijueut dispatches L td been received at
the Avar Icoartment biuce 11 o clock,
and when the final announcement was
received, it was conveyed directly fo tho
nominee. The gentleman found Grant
at his office in the headquaitersuildiug,
on Seventeeth street, quietly engaged iu
business. His receipt of the informa
tion was characterized by the same quiet,
uudemoustrative manner common to him.
He Srst asked for the facts regarding the
platform, being evidently more anxious
ou that accouut thau about the manner
of bis nomination.
He was given a telegraphic synopsis of
the resolutions, which. he read very care
fully, espresniug himself perfectly a.itis
fiud with every plank.
While manifesting the greatest inter
est in the news received regarding the
canvass for Vice President, he expressed
uo opiuion of the various candidates, aud
gave uo indication of his pcrfeooal pre
feience. Speaker Colfax was surrounded by
twenty or thirty Senators aud represen
tatives, in the Speaker's room at the Cp-1
ito!, where dispatches were arriviug eve
ry quarter of an hour from Mr. Orton,
President of the Western Uniou Ttle-
graph Compauy. The piry had been
in waiting about five hours before the
news was received. It arrived at about
5 o'clock, and was in these words:
Chicago, May 21.--Accept my warm
est congratulations upon your nomina
tion for Vice Presideut on the fifth bal
lot, which was declared amid the wildest
enthusiasm and evidence ef universal j
satisfaction. Wm. OkioN.
There was tLe liveliest enthusiasm
manifested by those present, and the
.. 1 1 i. i ti1 'iu ir -irrii! t tr ri t i ! ITtsli.tii'. .
, , ret,irn..d ,he Lllowin- rcidv :
.' ij0"u. Wm. Ortou, President Tele
graph Company, Chicago: Thanks for
iiieiuauj ieirgr;iui3 you 11 J!1J11L ' J'- I
iu me dv ttifr- par
ty I Tine velrTrioTrer isirpVcWers ot lnipeaillTuei.i tirTT
, which myfeiblo words conviction would be ohtaiued by only
ress. " siur!e vote. We chall be surprised if
me with gratitude
are UUaO.e tC express.
ScuuA'LER Colfax. -
The enthusiasm in the streets and at '
the hotels was considerable. Mu't of
.e D.. ..ii! C...... a . ..1 I'.,....
:,, tue can..j c, th eandi-
1 , - .1 a even:nT nd also lan-e
crowds of stranyers aud citizens. The
Urpublicans declare that it is the ptroug-
est ticket that could hae been presen
ted. '
Senufor Wade wasjiLo
in receipt of
telegrams during the day. He takes Lis
defeat very philosophically, aud says that
be presumes the convention haa noinina-
I tetl the strongest ticket, aud he will sup- j
I, TT-i.t. M V.Icntlrrbf
.. . ., .
Corre.-poddence of the Cincinnati Enquirer.
Little euthusiasm was exhibited here
over the nominations of Grant aud Col
fax. Sevcnd Jtadicals express serious
apprehensions of the effeet upon the
country of the appearance of nineteen
j of nineteen negro delegates at tlie Cou
! yeution. Senator Wilson declares that
I the ticket will be beaten. 31r. Colfax he
regarded as the weakest nomination that
could have been mae. .'
Mr. Wade has been -consulting a me
dium for some days past, who ha? invari
abl' told him he would not be Audrew
Johusou's successor, nor could she dis
cover any chance for biia at Chicago.
Mr. Wade now owns up, and professes
entire confidence in spiritual cominunina
tious. Like Wilson, Le ridiouloa the
uomination of Colfax, and says the par
ty has gone to hell. Wade refuses to be
ISorrlble I)etli A wurulug to
The Holly Springe (Miss.) Beporter
says: '
Ou Friday evening last, A. A. Fur
Tear. Ksq., au old citizen of our couuty,
-. - .. .1 r T 1 , , C-
living ten nines norm 01 nouy opring,
was loami Jt fr1 rr t r-i 11 nlwirrrB t
a crisp. The flesh of his right arm was
burned entirely off, and every vctige of
clothing except his rest bad been burned
to ashes on his body. The fire burned
iuto his stomach as low dowu as a belt
he wore, which checked it to aome extenL
Wheu discovered, the poor man was ly
in" on the hearth in his room. He was
still alive, but iusensible. He lived until
eleven o'clock on the morning of Satur
day, wheu he died in the greatest suffer-
jug. 113 never spoae anr lie wo un
covered, and it is a matter ot conjecture
as to howbe caught fire. By some it it
supposed that iu a fit of intoxication his
clothes caught fire from his pipe, and
that he was too much under the influence
of liquor to extinguish the flames.
Agaiu, it is probable that, while attempt
ing to kindle a fire by pouring coal oil
upon the fire, the oil was ppilled upou
his clothing, and enveloped him in
flames. HU sufferings must have becu
terribly excruciating. The deceasod, al
though addicted to the excessive use of
intoxicating liquors, and seldom, if ever,
free from their iuflueuco. was a whole
souled, well-meaning gcutleman, and, in
many respects, a good citizen. His death
is a warning to all who drink of the in
toxicating cup.
Notable ConvekbIOn. A grand
daughter of Rev. Alexander Campbell,
bte President of Bethany College, West
- --,.. ,
j irgu.ia, was baptised into the Cainouc
iu'Cburcb, by Archbishop rnrceii, -oniy
day9 aice. it will oe rememoerea
- . . . ...
celebrated theoiogteai aiscussion
their respective religious tenets
place between the Archbishop ana
. Campbell sevTral years jinre.
Col. Uduiund Fooprr uml icna
tor roinrruj..
Col. Edmund Cooper, A.Haunt .wre-
refary ol the Treasurv. wai eaujiiid tu.
day by th-a llou-e mauMirf r. Colonel
Coopir wa a.-jktd whether he li bem
approached 011 lhj siJ5'ct tuinp
mouey for aequittal of :!..: i rVsidt fit T
He amwercd he had ; that u pen-on pr-.
tee.-itig to act 011 auihontj ot tlou. .i.
1 onjeroy, cenaior imui lnaJ, t rv
l"fea inst lor t iw.ui.ni, Ct-li 111 baud, be,
iPo'luetoy) would cutroV luur ILulr-nl
rotes iu tlie Senate and lAt own, fo ae u
'"sure the acquittal ot the Prteideni
uc wiiuura J'toicsf-eil to QOUDt hl ftU-
fchnritT. ahd th-o ihe ttr.-,i.n bro, -
1. M. . ... 1 . 1. 1
t-tterltoni Senator I'limcr y, date!
ite Chamber, day btauk; u'ot-utiall y as
t . w ......
, Nr. I will, in govd fUH, cary rut
any arrangement m tde wi:h ,ny broth'-r-iu-law,
Willi Gay lord, to which I am a
, rarT
5". C.
-00. Untie tioet.l wim.
terf ntytuf limxiut VaUtcr) mvmij pro'
produee it then.
Willis (jaylord was then introdned by
the persou who first called ou wimeM,
and iad the letter to witness and Uaj.
lord. -
Thereupon Mr. Gaylord renewed tho
proposition contained iu the letter,
uamely: ?10,0u0 to secure the five voir,
and the patronage of the; administration
to be thrown in for l'omcroy iu ihj
St-,te of . Ivanrtas.. . , .
The wituesi believed that this propo
sition from the Senator wa intended t-j
entrap him, and acting under that belief,
determined that he would lrad them on
until he could espo-e tl.cm. The wit
ness assigned as reasons tor thi. belief
that the Senator was a strong portisan j
that he felt bitterly toward the President
and that if money was his object, the
party to which he belonged ws much
butter able to pay thau the adaiini&ira
tioD. In addition to which, the person in
enumerating the names of Senators
which Mr. Pomery proposed to control,
included the name of Morton, of Indi
ana, and witness did not believe such aa
assertion to be possible. The name of
Sena'or Nye was also included.
The interviews with witness wcn
sought by the party professing to act for
Seuator Pomeroy. He brought letters
showing his authority. The terms vere
not accepted, and were not intended to be.
' The further tes iaiony of Col. Cooper"
was to the effect that Le was not advised
of any money having been used to inlla
encc the votes cf Senators.
Ben. Wabr. Recurring to the Im
peachment business, the New York Po.it
comes to the conclusion that,
" The only di.grseeful votn east on
Saturday was thai of Mr. Ya lc-, who,
with reckless abatvlomufiii of decency
and propriety, voted f it ronviciinn, and
for bis own cicvutiou trjs PrcsidiicT.
IU'-ik vote. MUPi.dii v. ru. n
Mr. Wado'a course iu this matter does
uot drive him out of pub'.is life; it Las
certainly lost hnn the respect aul couli
d"encc of all impartial minds."
How to Make a 1'ap..uise A la
dy correspondent of the 1'ariniugtoo
(Mo..) Herald furni.-hc; that paper with
the follo .Tiug receipt fcr mAing a pirn
disc :
Buy one acre of grrnr. 1. Fen! it.
Build a neat cottnge on it. Marry an
angel in hoops au J take her to th cot
tage. Go home to the cottage yourself.
Abstain from all vtlliauoua drinks. Join
the church and become a Christian, live
upright before God aud inati, and you
have gaiied all the original Lappliiesf
that survived the fall."
Perhaps it would be as well to ehan
the programme, so far a to become a
Christian, before you join the church,
although that may not be essential with
some people.
TnE Immensity or tuk Univejis.
As a proof what au immense book tKff
heaven is, and also of the indefatigabili
ty of the student, mau, iu turning over
ita leaves, Pr. Nichol, in his work de
scribiug the ui.tguitude of Lord llossa'a
telescope, fays that Lord Rose has look
ed iuto space a distance no tremendous,
so inconceivable, that light which travels'
at the rate of 200 miles in one second,
would require a period of 250,0UU,0UO
of solar years, each cootaiuiug about 32,
UOO,OUO of thecomas, to puss the inter
vening gulf between thii earth and the
remotest point to which this telescope Ins
reached! How utterly unable is the
mind to grasp even a traction of this iu.
nicuse period ; to conceive the passing
eveuts of a hundred thousand years
only, is an impossibility, to say noihinji
of millions and hundreds of million of
wg'a.J mimm lf rl ,li;. W
distance from the earth, yet a ray vf
light will traverse that immense dif.Cknt
in 430 seconds ; long as the distance
may seem to be passed in so short a time,
what comparison cau the mind frame be
tween it and that great distance, which
Drs. Nicholas aud Rosso demonstrate
would require every seooud of time to
represent more thau 50u,0u0 years!--
And recollect the study of astronomy i
not only uselul to excite emotions cf
grandeur aud sublimity at such disc or.
cries, but is the basis of navigation, su4
our uote of time, aud unites the strict
ucss of mathematical reasoning with tLe
mort certain calculation.
As Kxtinct K.u t. Uno of the
most remarkable races that ever inhabit
ed the card, is now extinct. Thy were
known as the Gouuches, sud were , the
aboriginees of the Canary Islands. Iu
the aixteeuth century, pestilence, slavery
aud the cruelty ot the Spaniards suc
ceeded .iu totally cxteruiiuatiog then).
They ore described as Laving been gi
gantic in stature, but of a singularly
mild aud gentle uaturc. Their food
. . . , I ' l 4 1
consisted ot oariey, auu gos
milk, aud their agriculture was . of tb
rudest kiud. They had a religion which
taught them of a future state of reward
and puni.shnx.-ut after death, and of g'!
and evil spirits. They regarded the
volcano of TencriJ) as punishment for
the bad. The bodies of their dead wcrr
carefully embalmod aud deposited in
catacomb?, which still continuo to be au
object of curiosity to those who visit the
islands. Their .carriages were very
Bolemu. f.ud, before engaging iu them,
tb? bride; were fattened ou milk.
; f
f A' .
; - .. -.r.iw.-r-"

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