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Pill DAY
ll r
rs iJ
Local Items
ggjShort communications en public
questions printed but not responsible
for sentiments or expressions of
where we refuse to give
name of author
Prof Tice predicts that lat Sunday
Vras the lRst oold day
Next Saturday is the county iir
Workmen are rio engaged building
ft new Episropal church at Fulton
Wood The crj is wood frota a large
number of Hlakman families Bring it in
The BichmDnd MoElrcth Dramat
le Company are playing in Fulton this
BLACK DRAUGHT cures dyspep
i a indigestion snd heartburn
For sale by Buck Cowoill
Capt Tyler and A E Coleman
cade large purchases of lumber in Dyer
county last week
The Laolcde House is the
d farorite with our traveling public
It is a first class house
Leo Faxon of the Paducah JVetcs
thinks that there will be an extra session
of the Legislature this year
WE have the latest styles of Pinafore
Slippers Newport Ties and Sandals very
Some one is advertising in he Cin
cinnati Commercial for a practical miller
to take charge of a new mill at Hickman
Mr S N White and Capt Handle
re putting up a saw mill at James Bay
ou and have made extensive purchases
of timber
line of new Spring Goods of all kinds
at very low figures Call around and
examine for yourselves
The river bank at Neiv Madrid is
still caving in Tho Record says on last
Thursday it caved in at the rate of GO feet
a minute
On Monday ntshtu a vacant houe
on the railroad the properly of Mrs Mur
phy was destroyed by fire Not of much
value and no insurance
The Cincinnati and Memphis packet
Jas I Parker is fast aground on the dam
at the head of the Louisville canal The
boat it is said will prove a total loss
THE place to get your Spring Goods
the place to get the Latest Novelties the
place to get the finest selections of Dry
Goods and the place to get the cheapest
L goods is at
The Nieics Fays that a boat builder
JjSFjiinrinnati contemplates moving bis
ne vay and boat factory to Paducah
rcady a contracts for building
lit- harirpa
Iks aftefrLe deniaN nl
ed llel inln thfl arms of Torn
tuuauay uigai luey enjojeu
uance atMcCutcbens Hall follow
another equally joyous one at the
Laclede House Tuesday night
Mr R E Millet has been elected
collector of the District Sckool tax re
cently voted and tax payers are respect
fully notified to come forward and pay
We believe the law expects the collection
in 30 days or something to that effect
ALL that want Cotton Seed will please
leave or send us their orders that we may
know how many seed io buy
Seed furnished at actual cost
Let us have yonr orders immediately
The physicians of Cincinnati have
been interviewed on the sanitary effect of
the mild winter As might have been
expected they did not agree several of
them ridiculing the idea that an open
winter was necessarily followed by a sick
ly summer and others predicting an epi
LADIES buy the celebrated Groves teen
Fuller Piano These instruments are
conteded by leading musicians to be the
finest toned instrument in the market
Call and get an illustrated catalogue and
reduced price list at
Our friend Harvey Caldwell i
reckoned a splendid and accommodating
conductor of a railroad kecr but not
until Wednesday evening last had he won
Lis spurs as the pilot of a Mississippi
water craft
Farc you well my own Mary Ann
Fare-you-well for a while
The ship is ready and the wind is fair
Im bound for a sail my own Mary Ann
A CHOICE eclection of Ladies Kid
Gloves Berlin Gloves and Laoe Gloves
Ruching Silk Ties and Handkerchiefs
Joesand Embroidery Fans and Parusole
and a complete stock of Fancy Notions
which we will sell very low Give us a
trial and you will be convinced
The Mississippi at Hickman con
tinues to fall at a very lively r te and is
now well in banks All the upper rivers
are falling or stationary and the pros
pects now are that river will continue to
fall here for some days yet The weather
ycetcrday indicated falling weather and
another rise during the month of April is
not improbable but we incline to the
opinion that the danger of a damaging
overflow this spring has passed
WE have tis week received and opened
an elegant fine of CLOCKS direct from the
New Yorit manufacturers in 1 day alarm
calendar and 8 day Mr Goldberg nil
be phased lo show Ibera All clock will
be guaranteed for three years
IIaiiRO AD Mattkbs On Wedqes
day Mr E W Cole resigned his position
8 President of the N C St Louis rail
way and Supt J V Thomas was elected
President Mr J W Wreun was ap
pointed Superintendent in place of Mr
Thomas aud Mr J Montgomery su
perintendent of the St Louis and South
Eastern in place of E Culverhouse re
tigned Ex Gov Jae D Porter will not
be eligible to the office of President until
the 2nd of June at which timo he will he
elected and Mr Thomas resume his placo
83 Superintendent The Louisville road
is now in complete ownsrvbip
tw v- -
Election op April 17 By refer
ence to the city Council proceedings pub
lished in this issue it will be seen that
an election has been ordered on April 17
to tcBt the sense of tho qualified voters
within the corporate limits of Hickman
on the proposition to build a gravel road
to the city cemetery The tax if voted
is SI 00 poll and 20 ccnls on the 100
Wo publish tho Act below The Council
as will be seen by rcferenco to proceed
ings have made a change in regard to
the fence
AN ACT to authorize the City of Hickman
to control it Cemetery and coustruct
a gravel road thereto
Bt it tnaefed by the General Assembly ef
the Commontcealth of Kentucky Sec 1 That
the city council of the city of Hickman
shall have power to exercise the same au
thority over the cemetery grounds wher
ever -located within the limits of Fulton
county as they have within the corporate
limits and miy pass any and ail ordinan
ces and fix r penalties for their viola
tion as may be necessary to protect the
grounds streets alleys graves monu
ments stones hedges gales fences ami
other property therein and to regulate
the mode manner time places of inter
meuts disinterments and removal of dead
bodies therein
Sfc 2 The jurisdiction of the city court
shall extend to said cemetery the same as
within the corporate limits
Sec S That the city council is author
ized to construct a gravel road not ex
ceeding thirty feel in width from the cor
porate limits to said cemetery anPto
plan it tence on cacn side or same and jre
hereby empowered to levy and collect one
dollar poll tax on each male resident over
21 years of age within said city and 20
cents upon 100 worth of property subject
to taxation in said city limits
Sec 4 This act to be in force from ajd
after its ratification by a majority of the
qualified voters within the corporate lim
its of said city voting at an election lo be
held in said city the time and place to be
fixed by the city council
Atrial package of BLACK DRAUGHT
free of charge at
Bock Cowqill
The Richmond and Southwestern
railroad recently chartered by the Leg
islatures of Virginia and Kentucky if it
is ever built will enter this State at
Pound Gap Letcher county and proceed
through Ilaxard Perry county Proctor
Lee county Richmond Madison county
Versailles Woodford county and the city
of Louisville to the mouth of Otter creek
on the Ohio in Meade county From
thence it is lo extend to the Mississippi
river its western terminus in this State
being in Fulton From Meade county to
the Mississippi several routes are under
consideration Surveyors will be at work
in a short time on the route mentioned
Courier Journal
WE offer the best stock of ready made
Clothing for Men and Boys ever brought
to this market AIs the latest novelties
in Neck Ties Collars and Silk Handker
chiefs Also fine Fur Hats and Straw
goeds both for men and boys Also cus
tom made Boots and Shoes all very low at
A Paducah negro has been robbing
the rural colored folks of Hickman and
Fulton counties On Tuesday some Hick1
man count darkies from near Columbus
pursued him to this counteIIe wns
charged with stealing cr J5Md
borrowing a horse wh
in this county borrow
to Paducah after his
he had some meat at Col
familvT Bt
going to bring down stole some meat from
another colored man here representing
lo hi employer that be had bronchi it
frora Coluaibus Sc On Wednesday the
Columbus darkles reached here obtained
the aid of Marshal Warner proceeded to
the country to effect his arrest but he bad
vamoosed They found kowever the
horse and they saw that the horses sides
were greasy showing clearly that he had
carried the bacon The negro robber is
yet at large
BLACK DRAUGHT cures costive
jsesa and Sick Hcadachc
For sale by Buck Cowgill
Any one passing the house of Stea
gala Co on last Saturday can have
some idea of the amount of business that
is being done in our city Although their
clerks are energetic thorough going
young men and good salesmen they were
compelled to call in another clerk to as
sist them through the rush They are
just iu receipt of as fine a lot of Saddlery
as was etr brought to this market which
tbey will sell at bottom prices Also a
fine lot of Red Onion Sets Give them a
call and you will not regret it
Millinery and Dressmaking
Representing the Fashions of the season
together with a fine assortment of Laces
Ribbons Flowers Gloves Hosiery and
Notions The steck being the most com
plete and elegant ever introduced in
Hickman Thanking all for their kind
patronage in the past we hope to merit a
couliuuance in the future
SSyBridal Trousseaus a specialty
O I C We want to tf ve our rcaden a piece of
gratuitous adrice anil that Is in rrard to preserv
ing and protecting the eye sight IT Jon cannot
read tills print distinctly j lamplight in the rren
ing at a distance of ten Indies ynur eyeH sro fail
ing no matter what your age and yntir ye neJ
help and they can lie improved and prewrrcJ 1y
gooJ glances If you do not need glasses this print
will look plain natural size and not magnified To
prove this and to test your eyes go to Plants and
barn them testitl by King system and if J our
ej C need help let them lit you with Kingd jjsteut
combination perfected rpectacles Some in Hick
man who have tried these glaenet assure an they
are the best they ever used
IN Stock we will sell the remain
der of our Fall aud Winter Stock of Dry
Goods and Clothing at greatly reduced
prices We mean what we say that we
will not be under sold Call and examine
before buying
The favorable reports concerning
the condition of the winter wliu it crop
which came Irom Teune ee and oilier
Soulic rn some week ago of
rectliood from the Northwest where
it is ctiiwaied that the increase over
the crop of last year will he about GO
per ceut ThU climate is bnsed part
Iy on tho excellent condition of tho
growing plants hut mainly ou Vc in
creased acreage this year devoted to
winter witat by Northwestern farm
en ibe larse acreage devoted to
winter wheat will probably cause Rome
decrease in tliu arejs sowu in sprin
wheat in that rcjjioo j3t Louis
Hickman Ky March 29 1880
Council met Present Mayor Tyler
Couueilmen Buckncr Plummer Handle
French and Campbell
The minutes of the last meeting were
read approved and signed
Mayor Tyler made a report that upon
the approval of the street commmittee ha
had had ordered issued checks for street
work as follows
For the week ending March20 S21 25
For the week ending March 27 47 76
SG9 00
On motion said roport was receiveJ
approved and ordered to be filed
Councilman Handle submitted an amend
ment to Sec 18 article 3 of By Laws and
Ordinances as follows That after the
words or public grounds of the city
and before tho words and filth wash c
there be inserted the words or privato
property of another
On motion said amendment passed its
first reading
On motion the rules were suspended
and said amendment passed its 2nd and
3rd readings
On motion said amendment was put
upon its final passage and unanimously
SamI L Landrum presented his bond
as Tax Collector with SamI Landrum C
L Handle and H A Tyler as securities
On motion said bond was received ap
proved aud ordered filed and S L Land
control the same as also to codstre4 Wtrm sworn in as tax collector
On motion the city clerk was ordered
to place in the hands of S Landrum tax
collector the tax book for the year 1880
and that he is hereby ordered to collect
5 100 upon the 100 ad valorem and 150
poll tax and it is further ordered that as
all taxes are due the first of April that
he proceed heiewith to the collection of
the same
On motion it was ordered that An
Act authorizing tho city of Hickman lo
build a gravel road to the city cemetery
and to build a piank fence along that por
tion of it from the Dresden road to the
cemetery gate and to levy and collect a
lax c be sabmittcd to the qualified
voters of the city of Hickman
On motion it is ordered that said elec
tion he held at the city hall in the city of
Hickman on Saturday the 17th day of
April 1880 and that J H Montgomery
and W L Gardner are appointed judges
Jas A Warner sheriff and It E Millet
clerk of said election
On motion Council adjourned
Attest R E Millet C C
Tyee Loooe No 278 F and A M
March G 1880
Retolted That Tyro Lodge No 278 has
received the announced death of Brother
Marcus L Glover late treasurer of the
lodge with profound sorrow
Resolved That in the death of Brother
Otover we have lost a faithful and con
sistent member whose place cannot be
easily filled
Resolved That to express some estimate
of his many virtues a memorial of the
deceased brother be written and spread
upon the minutes of this lodge
Resolved That as a mark of respect for
the brother the members of the lodge
wear crape upon the left arm for thirty
days after the procession
Resolied That we as a lodge tender our
regrets and sympathies to bis bereaved
Resolved That the above resolutions be
published in the Obion Arews Hickman
Courier and the Union City Chronicle and
that a copy be sent to his bereaved family
G W Whipple
Geo Cnoss j Com
F M McRee J
U- BoniiiTvSsy
DIED on the 24th of March 1880 at the
residence of her eon R C Everett in
Lake county Tenn Mrs CnaisTitiK Eve
BKTr in her SJth year She was a native
of Scotland and came to America when
about 10 years old She was happily mar
ried in early life to Mr Wm Everett
in North Carolina She professed reli
gion years ago and lived a cbiistinn life
She was the mother of several children
all but three of whom Larry H C aud
Njthmt nrirpipi1 hpr In lh nniriL wnrtfl
We have a nice line of ladle clotks mid
shawls halmuniU ootton and wooleu
hose nubias hoods and furs which wo
will sell very low Call and examine
Vote as You Please
BDT remember that you oan buy tho
best quality of Grociries at the low
est prices at
ISTotice I
All parties indebted lo the firm of J
Arahergs Sons are requested to call and
make settlement or their claims will he
placed in tho hands of an officer
jalG 4w
lid Us Have Pence
THE WAR in the price of Groceries
ceries only shows that you can buy
the very best quality at the very lowest
prices at
Take BLACK DRAUGHT and you
will never he bilious
For sale by Bcck fi Cowoill
marvelous cure for catarrh diptheri can
ker mouth head ache With each bottle
there is an ingenious nasal injector for
the more successful treatment without
extra charge Price GO cts For sale by
Tho Sett I Ever Knew Of
J O Strrkey a prominent and influen
tial citizen of Iowa City says- I Iiavo had
Dyspepsia and Liver Complaint for seve
ral years and have used every remedy
without relief until I tried Shilohs Vi
talizes which entirely cured mo Price
76 cents Sold by BUCK COWGILL
A Mothers Grief
The pride of n mother the life and joy
of a home are her children hence her
i grief when sickness enters and takes them
uwaj xnise warning men tnat you arc
running a terrible risk if they have a
Cough Croup or Whooping Cough which
lead to Consumption if you do not attend
cure is guaranteed to cure them Price
10 cts 60 cents ano 1 For lame back
side or chest use Shilohx Porous Plaster
26 cts Sold by BUCK COWGILL
For Circuit Judge
We are authorized to announce Judge
W W ROBERTSON of Graves county as
a candidate for re election to the office of
Circuit Judge in this Judicial District
Commonwealth Attorney
We are anthorized to announce Mr B
A Neale as a candidate for re election
lo the office of Commonwealths Attorney
Peter Semonin Trustee Plff
against V Equity
J S Richardson et al Defts J
By virtue of a judgment for 3007 43
dollars with 10 per cent interest from
the 26 h day of November 187d and an
order of sale of the Ballard Common Pleas
Court rendered at the January term
189U in the above styled case tbe un
dersigned will on Monday the 12th day
of April 1880 at the court house door in
Hickman Fulton county Ky it being the
first day of the April term of the Fulton
county courLexpose to public sale to the
highest bidder on a credit of six and
twelve months an undivided interest
in the following tracts of lands The
fractional section wonth jf jffctTori 3G
township i range 6Jwest containing 492
acres more or less Also the fractional
section south of section 31 township 1
range G west containing 480 acres Also
the fractional section south of section 35
township 1 range C west containing
391 acres more or less All of said lands
kare situated in Fulton county Kentucky
ou the waters of the Missisippi river and
was patented by tho State of Kentucky u
S S Richardson deed father of the de
fendants J S J A and M W Richard
son The purchaser will be required to
give bond with approved security for the
payment of the purchase money to have
ii i j ij i i is o I the force of a RcDtevin Bond bearing
since which time she has lived with her interest from the dny of sale with a lein
children who dearly loved her and she
loved them There was nothing that she
needed or wanted that they did not pro
vide for her For many years she was
expecting the summons and was as well
prepared as could be She possessed re
markable traits of character which was
also developed in her children among
which may be mentioned honesty truth
fulness and plainness Granny Everett
as sbe was usually called in the neigh
borhood always said what she thought
Sbe knew nothiny of deceit was honest
plain fair in all her dealings and did
not know what hypocricy was She
leaves many friends and relatives to
mourn her loss May they all be prepar
ed lo dwell with her in the land of bliss
is the prayer of the writer
J N Hawkins
New Madrid and Tiptonville papers
please copy
Attcorgnntzetl Hiitiin
Such legislation by CoDjjress as will
promote the organization aud training
of the militia as a State organization
until it is called for by the Federal
Government lor actual service will be
a policy confOnant with Democratic
principle according with the Demo
cratic policy ofoppoition to standing
armies The principle that a well
regulated militia is the only safe re
liaoce of a free people and that a
standing army is hostile to the genius
of Republican government is thor
oughly Uetnooratic i nereioro we
approve of the proposed consideration
ol ther subject by Jotigress It may
be well for the Democratic rnsjority to
consider it now with a view lo any
possible unfavorable turn in political
affairs While we regard an augmen
tatioo of Republican influence io the
Government a most improbable result
it is vet well alwavs to provide again t
ooihiliiies In the consideration of
thir question the Republican party
could make the organization of the
militia as deadly a blow ns could he
truck in the direction of centralization
A national militia such as the Rf pub
lican party would provide would be
only second to the standing army as a
part of the scheme of centralization
holdiog as thpy would provide not
only all supplie but all commissions
from the central power With the eu
lirc organization and tho officering of
the militia in the hands of the States
it would be the militia of a republic and
of a federal government belonging to
the States and subject to their entire
control until such umi as it was called
out by the Federal government for
actual service American
There has been for some weeks pas
anile a reinicincr amoncst tho colored
brethren of this oily over the pardon
by Gov Blackburn of the negro
preacher Wilson who was convicted
of attempt to rape His eitintship is
I am told to preach to the Brethren at
MayGold and as in tho case of Parson
Ueecher his salary will bo incrcaead
MajCeld Pad Cor
reserved on the property until all the
purchase money is paid Due in six and
twelve months T B WHITE
Mast Com of Ballard C P C
Hickman courier urncK
Fridat April 2 I88C
DRIED FRUtT Apples G to 6 cents
Peaches 7 to 8 cents
1KHEAT market active SOaSltio per bush
MEAL 40c from wagons
BEES IPAX 20c per lb
HIDES green 0c dry salted 12c dry
flint 18c
IfOOL 48a52c por lb tub washed un
washed 22 to30 cts
FEATHERS 3340o per lb prime
TALLO H 5c per lb
BDTTER fresh 25o por lb
POULTRY Spring chickens 160 old
S200a225 per doien
EGGS 10c per dozen
BARRELS -Cypress Molasses Barrels
150 iron bound 1C0 Flour 45U
Apple and Potato 35c Kraut and Pickle
Stands 7fic to 150 Cypress Kegs iron
bound 10 gals 90c Oak 90c
BACON sides lOcte ahouders7efs hams
CHEESE 12al4c per pound
COFFEE Rio 16a20 per lb
CRACKERS 7a0c per lb
COAL OIL 25 per gallon
CANDLES star 15alGc per lb
FLOUR Hickman Mills 5700
MOLASSES 35a 40o per bbl 45cts per
half barrel
LARD OIL 100 per gallon
LARD 8ca lOcper Ih
GUNPOWDER 5050 per keg
BLASTING POWDEH 3560 per keg
SODA 3Ja4 per lb by the keg
SUGAR brown le hard 12Jal4o
SHOT per hag 2 00
STONEWARE lOper gallon
TOBACCO manufaed per lb 50a75c
SALT No barrel salt in tho market
sack salt 1 60 fine 2
CASTINGS 3a5e per lb
IRON bar size 2ic per lh
PLOW STEEL Co per lb
IRON AXLES 5c per lb7
NAILS 5 00 rates
STEEL cast M 3 A 20a2oc
STEEL PLOWS 8alJc per lb
HUBS 126a22j per sett
PLOWS Hertweck Baltxer Knoerr
Steel Plows No 1 S600 No 2 S700
No 3 860 No 4 900
Baltzers patent one horse Plow S600 ex
tra plow moulds 703 each Cotton
scrapers same
Powell Bro from various factories one
horse plows jfjOOaSOO two horse
plows 5ibUUaIO00
BAGGING I0al2c per yard
ROPE machine 15a20c
TIES 5aoc
LEATHER kip skins 150a850 sole per
lb 30 a 35c upper side 450a500
PRINTS 4al5c per yard
DOMESTIC 3al2Jc per yard
JEANS 20a0c per yard-
An Ordinance Policeman
Be it enacted by the City Council of the
City of Hickman Sfc 1 That the mayor
bo direotodto appoint a polioeman as is
quthoritedby sec 1 art 4 of the city
ohartor and the compensation of said po
liceman is hereby fixed at 25 per cent
upon alltho fines imposed and collected
from persons apprehended by him
Sec 2shis ordinance to be in foroo
from and after its passage
An Ordinance-
Be it enacted by the City Council of the Cita
nickman Sec 1 That hereafter the wbarf
ags tax upon all steamboats landing with
in the corporate limits shall be 20 per
cent upon the amount of their freight
bills where thoy do not exceed ten dollars
and two dollars and fifty cents where
their freight bills aggregate ten dollars
or oven All wharfage collected less
commission forcollecting to be set apart
os a wharfage fund to be expended only
in constructing anl keeping in repair a
good substantial wharf
Sec 2 Tho owner or captain of any
stoamboat failing or refusing to Dav said
tax shall be fined douhlo the nraount of
tax due to be recovered by warrant in
the city cutirt of Hickman
Sec 3piiis act to take effect and be in
force from and after its passage
Headquarters for all Kinds of School
Books and School Supplies
School aijd Miscellaneous
Stationery Wall Paper Pic
ture Frames
Pocket Cutlery Toys and Fancy
ESSend for copies of my Nem Reduced
Price Lists of IHcture Frames Chromos
Brackets Croquet Set and Base Balls for
R 38 Brevard
Hardware Cutlery Guns 2
tSy JOB WORK done to order suoh as
Roofing Guttering Spouttnz c
Sjn of the Gold Slove Clinton Street
Hickman Ky feb7 79
rMtm zmj
natural vitality and color
It Is a most agreeable dressing which
is at once harmless nul effectual for
preserving the hair It restores with
the gloss and freshness of youth faded
or gray light and red hair to a rich
brown or deep black as may be desired
By its use thin hair is thickened and
baldness often though not always cured
It checks falling of the luir immedi
ately and causes a new growth in all
cases where the glands aro not decayed
while to brashy weak or othonvisa
diseased hair it imparts itality and
strength and renders it pliable
The Vioob cleanses the scalp cures
and prevents the formation of dandruff
and by its cooling stimulating and
soothing properties It heals most If not
all of the humors and diseases peculiar
to the scalp keeping it cool clean and
soft under which conditions diseases
of the scalp and hair arc impossible
As a Dressing for Ladies Hair
The Vioon is incomparable It is color
less contains neither oil nor dye and
will not soil white cambric It imparts
an agreeable and lasting perfume and
as an article for the toiiet It is economi
cal and unsurpassed i its excellence
Practical nntl Analytical Chemists
Lowell Mass
wirt wr a noifHmnr
Hickman Kentcufcy
WE keep on hand tho finest selection of
c cheaper than any house in tswn
Meals and Lunch at all hours
Oysters and all kinds of Confectioneries
always to be had d2078
John G Griffin
Merchant Tailor
Report of latest Fall and Winter
Fashions and a large lot of samples of
French English ariJ German goods
Gentlemen are invited to call and ex
ii sept26
IS Refurnished
Full board and Large Handsomely-furnished
rooms S3 per day
novlC 4w J W ALMY Manager
I reasonable terms lying one fourth of
mile south west of the Court House in
the town of Hickman embracing about
of land nearly all under fence with a
good Cistern and Stables young bearing
Orchard of selected fruit good Garden
spot and good lots of never failing water
for Stock For terms npply to the under
signed orT M French C F C C
j30 S0 B It WALKER
Farms for Sale
Having determined to change ray busi
ness I will sell the place on which I dot
live 7 miles nearly south of Hickman in
Obion county Tenn containing
150 of whib is now in cultivation The
place is susceptible of being made a No 1
Stock farm Terms liberal Will divide
SIMIAJLiIj tbaots
if desired
Also 93 acros six miles north of Mem
phis situated on the Paducah Memphis
fe20 6m L B SHAPHERD
a iS M H S r
S2 5hSK
m r j vi r n
g IS fa a a30 g
2 m i i 5
P in S
obtained for new inventions or for im
provements it old ones Caveats Trade
Marks and all patent business promptly
attended to
Inventions that have been rejected may
still in most cases be patented by us
Being opposito the U S Patent Office
and engaged in patent business exclusive
ly we can secure patents in less time
than those who are remote from Wash
ingtou and who must depend upon the
mails in all transactions with the Patent
When inventors send model or sketch
wo make search in the Patent Office and
advise as to the patentability free of
charge Correspondence confidential
prices low and no charge unless patent is
We refer to Hon Postmaster General
D M Key Rev F D Powers to officials
in the U S Patent Office and especially
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Opposite Patent Office Washington D C
Lookout fountain Route
MBsMty yni MBsff wiCSsj -
is the best equipped safest and most
pleasant line it being the
between tho Northwest and Southeast II
is tho shortest and most direct route to
the celebrated Springs and Summer re
sorts of Virginia and East Tcnnesseo
Connections are made with trains for all
points Pullman sleepers run on all
night trains Through sleepers from
Memphis to Nashvillo without change
Double daily connections on all through
trains Business men and pleasure seek
ers bear in mind that the Nashville Chat
tanoogo St Louis Railroad offers better
accommodations better time and connec
tions than any other route between the
Northwest and Southeast
Leave Memphis 1210 a m 820 a m
McKenzie 415 a m 145 p m
Hickuian 800 a m
Arrive at Nashville 1000 a m 730 p m
Leave Nashville 1010 a m 815 p m
Murfreesboro 1127 a m 040 p m
Wart race 1222 p mM 1040 p m
Tullahoma 113 p ra 1120 p m
Dccherd 145 p m 1155 p m
Cowan 200 p m 1210 a m
Stevenson 815 o m 130 a m
Bridgeport 337 p m 200 a in
Chattanooga 500 p m 830 a in
For information lime tables and list of
summer resorts reached by this line call
on or address Geo W McKkszik
Agt McKenzie
C P Atmoue jk Passg Agt L M K
Memphis r W I DANLEY
Genl Pass rkt Agl Nashville Tcnu
N P Harness
Official Notice
State or Kejiiucet l
Fulton Coustt CouaT or Claims f l
Adjourned Torm March 9tb 1880
On motion it is Resolved by the Court
of Claims of Fulton county that no allow
ances will be made in future for poor
persons or paupers out of the oounty levy
unless made upon the written order of
one of the JURtices residing in tho civil
District in which the party soliciting the
donation may be found
Ordered that this resolution be pub
lished in the Hiokman Courier and
tonisn three weeks eachV
A copy Attest
Commissioners SToiice
Geo B Prathers adrar pi tiff
against if Equity
Geo B Prathers heirs and J
itors defendants
Notice is hereby given lo the creditors
of Geo B Prather deceased that the un
dersigned Commissioner of the Fulton
Circuit Court under an order in the above
styled cause will attend at the County
Court Clerks office in Hickman Ky from
the date hereof until the 4th Monday of
July1880 to receive anhear proof of
elaims against said dcccuCTit and that all
claim- not presented to him and proven as
required by law within the time specified
above will be forever barred
Master Commr Fulton Circuit Court
march 1 1880
Commissioners tfoticc
F UJTON nrtfrrjjr CCLURX
adra r plaintiu
N P Harness heirs and cred
ors defendants
Notice is hereby given lo the creditors
of N P Harness deceased that the
undersigned Commissioner of the Fulton
Circuit Court under an order in the above
styled cause will attend nt the County
Court Clerks office in Hickman Ky
from the date hereof until the fourth
Monday of July 1880 to receive and hear
proof of clnims against said decedent
and that all claims not presented to him
and proven as required by law within
the time specified above will be forever
Master Commr Fulton Circuit Court
march 1 1880
Commissioners Notice
W H H Hawkins admr pltiff
against J hquity
W II H Hawkins heirs and J
creditors defendants
Notice is hereby given to tho creditors
of W n II Hawkins deceased that the
undersigned Commissioner of the Fulton
Circuit Court under an order in the
above styled cause will attend at the
County Court Clerks office in Hickman
Ky from the date hereof until the 4th
Monday of July 1880 to receive and
hear proof of claims against said decedent
and that all claims not presented to him
and proven as required by lawf within the
time specified above will be forever bar
Master Commr Fulton Circuit Court
march 1 1SS0
Commissioners Sale
Fallon Circuit Court Kentucky
Jno Simones admr for use of c J
pltff against Equity
Fred Knoerr defendant J
By virtue of a judgment and order of
sale of tho Fulton Circuit Court renewed
at the February terra thereof 1880 in the
above cause for the sum of five hundred
and fifty dollars with interest at the
rate of 8 per cent per annum from the
23d day of August 1878 uniUpald and
53 35 costs herein I shall proceed to
offer for sale at tho court house door in
Hickman Ky to the highest bidder at
public auction on Monday April 12 1880
at one oclock p m or threabout being
county court day upon a credit of six and
twelve months the following described
property to wit Lots Nos 83 and 84 in
block No 2 as designated upon the map
or plan of East Hickman Fulton county
Kentucky For the purchase price the
purchaser with approved surety or se
curities must execute bonds bearing 8
per cent interest from the day of sale
until paid and having the force and
effect of a judgment Bidders will be pre
pared to comply promptly with these
Master Commissioner
Commissioners Sale
Fulton Circuit Court Kentucky
J B Douglass executor pltf 1
against -Equity
E M Bradley defendant J
BY virtue ef a judgment and arder of sale
of the Fulton circuit court rendered at the
February torm thereof 1880 in the above
cause for the sum of seven hundred and
sixty one and 33 100 dollars S7G1 33
with interest at the rate of eight per cent
per annum from the 14th day of Feb
1880 until paid and S43 30 costs herein
I shall proceed to offer for sale at the
court house door in Hickman Ky to the
highest bidder at Public Auction on
Monday the 12th day of April 1880 at 1
oclock r m or thereabout being county
court day upon a credit of six and twelve
months the following described property
to wit The south half of the north west
quarter of sec 9 t I r 4 west lying in
Fulton county Ky less 20 acres in the
s e corner of said quarter fronting 40
poles on the east and running back west
80 poles The tract to be sold contain
ing sixty acres more or less or sufficient
thereof to produce the sum of money so
ordered to be made For the purchase
price the purchaser with approved surety
or securities must execute bondi bear
ing eight per cent interest from the day
of sale until paid and having the force
and effect of a judgment Bidders will be
prepared to comply promptly with these
terms JKO A WlLSUiN
mch2C 80 Master Commissiner
Commissioners Sale
Fulton Circuit Court Kentucky
7 C Todd plaintiff
against J Equity
Nelson Clark defendant J
BY virtue of a judgment and order of sale
of the Fulton circuit court rendered at
the February term thereof 1880 in tho
above cause for the sum of one thousand
three hundred and thirty six and 86 100
dollars with interest at the rate ten per
sent per annum from the 14th day of Feb
1880 until paid and S1G 15 costs herein
1 shall proceed to offer for sale at tho
court house door In Hickman Ky to the
highest bidder at publicauction on Mon
day the 12th day of April 1880 at 1 o
clock r M or thereabout being county
court day upon a credit of six and twelve
months the following described property
to wit The north west corner of the
northeast quarter of Sec 23 T 1 R 5
west beirinuine at the n w corner of
said qr sec running 50 poles to a rook
and blask oak in the lane lu front of S
S Watsons cabin near the gate thence
south 128 poles to 2 hornbeams and 1 oak
thence west 50 poles to a stake sassafras
aud poplar in the line between Cowgill
and said quarter section thence north
with said line 123 poles to the begin
ning or Sufficient thereof to produce
the sums of money so ordered to be
made For the purchase price the pur
chaser with approved surety or securities
must execute bonds bearing 10 per cent
interest from the day of sate until paid
and having the force and effect of a judg
ment Bidders will be prepared to com
ply promptly with these terms
mch26 80 Master Commissioner
All persons indebted to the estate of R
S Johnson deceased are requested to
come forward aud settlo Also all par
ties having claims against said estate are
rcquostcd to file the same
ialti It Lliao rnrj
wifc isrMiQsisii i3TtrJiyriii
Health Ordinance
Be itordained by the Citv Council of
man 1st That John W Cole Is berebyp
pointed health officer in and forthe xity
of Hickman for the ensuing twelve month
removable however at the option of the
City Council
2 That it shalrhe theduty of sad health
officer to Watch over the sanitary
of tho cily and to carefully guard
against all cause of disease to use all
known measures to prevent the introduc
tion and spreading of conlageons or in
fections disease and to perform such-
other duties as the City Council may from
time lo lime determine necessary to pro
mote the health of the inhabitants of th
3 Thatslagnant water or other mattor
or substance deleterious to health shall
not remain upon any vacant lot or lots
and it shall be the dnly of the health offi
cer to have any such water matter or sub
stance removed froai such lot or lets by
the owner or agent of the same and if
such water substance or matter is not
removed after three days notice to the
owner or agent of said lot or lots then tho
health officer may have the same done nt
the expense of said owner or agent and
the cost for removal or abatement shall
he assessed against such lot or lots and
the cost thereof be recovered by warrant
in the city conrt of Hickman and for hia
services in abating or removing such
water matter or substance the health
officer shall be allowed three dollars per
day to be taxed in the cost of abating or
removal by the city conrt of Hickmanand
recovered as the cost of removal c
4 The health office shall have authori
tv to order the removal abatementtand
I prevention of anyAnnd everyfaanttary
ify a reasonable time within which it shall
be done and in the event of the failure of
the owner agent or occupant of the prem
ises to comply with the order of the health
officer to so remove abate or prevent any
sanitnry nuisance within the time given
he or she shall oc liable to a fine in the
city court of Hickman of not less than ten
nor more than twenty dollars to be re
covered by warrant taken out by said
health officer in the city court of Hisk
man and for each of said warrants so
taken out the health officer shall be al
lowed 25 per cent of what is recovered
and collected in such case
5 It shall not he lawful for any perstn
to suffer or permit any decayed vegetable
or animal matter slop trash dirt or
stagnant water to he and remain upon
their lot or premises in the city of Hick
man and it shall be the duty of the health
officer after two days notice if such is not
removed or abated to have warrant issued
from the city court of Hickman against
the persons owning or occupying said lot
or premises and upon conviction of a
violation of this ordinance such person
shall be fined by said city court not less
than ten nor more than twenty dollars
6 It shall not be lawful for any per
son to permit any kind of dirt or filth to
accumulate be and remain upon their
premises in their privys stables cellars
or out houses or upon their lots and if
any person violates this ordinance they
shall be fined not less than ten dollars nor
more than twenty dollars to be recovered
by warrant in the city court of Hickman
7 Be it further ordained that all vaults
or pits now in use or heretofore used as
privies be thoroughly cleaned out and
then filled to the level of the earth with
good clean dry dirt or clay on or before
the 15th day of March 1880 and upon a
failure to do the occupant or owner of the
premises npon which said sink or pit may
be found shall each be fined in a sum of
not less than ten nor more than twenty
dollars and each day after the 15th day of
March next shall be considered a separate
offense said fines to be recovered by war
rant in the city court
a The health officor is authorized to
have all pits and sink used a3 privicjL
cleaned out and filled up as above direct
ed and the expeuses thereof including
three dollars for his services for super
intending the cleaning and filling of such
pit or sink to be taxed against tho owner
or occupant of the premises to be recov
ered by warrant iu the city court in tbV
name of the city and the premises npon
which the pit or sink is found shall be
subject to the payment of the same
8 These ordinances to be in force from
and after their passase
Human Misery
Just Published in a Sealed Envelope
Price Six Cents
Treatme it and Radical enre or
Seminal Weakness or Sperma
torrhoea induced by Self Abuse
Involuntary Emissions Impotency Ner
vous Debility and Impediments to mar
riage generally Consumption Epilepsy
and Fits Mental and Physical Incapasily
D author of the Green Book c
The world renowned author in this ad
mirable Lecture clearly proves from his
own experience that the awful conse
quences of Self Abuse may be effectually
removed without medicine and without
dangerous surgical operations bougies
instruments rings or cordials pointing
out n mode of cure at once certain and
effectual by which every sufferer no mat
ter what his condition may be may cure
himself cheaply privately and radically
SSyThis Lecture tcill proee a boon lo thou
sands and thousands
Sent under seal in a plain envelope to
any address on receipt of six cents or
two postage stamps
Address I ho Publishers
41 Ann St Now York P O Box 435
Magnificent Watch
Tor 2 60
most Beautiful Cheap Watch which
TnE Science and pauper labor of Eu
rope nas ever prouueeu is tue iamous
Geneva Gem Gold Chronometer It is
no gold nor heavy gold plate as NY
dealers claim it to be but is such an ex
act imitation that no one but an expert
can distinguish it from the purest metal
exceptjby chemical test They are stamped
18 K will not tarnish under two years
the movements are of the latest style of
the greatest accuracy and each and exetf
purchaser receives our written guarantee
that they will remain In perfect order
with fair usage for two years Thoy are
used extensively ou railroads and steam
boats whero ace irate timo is required
For all practical purposes they are in ev
ery woy equal to a Solid Gold Watch cost
ing S150 one hundred and fifty dollars
These watches are now being sold at
S12 each iu N Yj and are quite a sacri
fice nt that price You have doubtless
seen them advertised in prominent papers
at that figure
By special arrabgements we are now
closing out a large stock at prices just
sufficient lo pay import duties freight
JEJafFor only S2 00 wo will mail one oC
these Genuine Geneva Gem Watches to
any address in the U S This inclu jsaa
handsome exact imitation pnld eh Sa of
nobby pattern Ladies si Ara
watches very btauliful witii f licd
neck chain at same price Two Uadches
and chains for 5 No further discount
no matter how many yon order Sent C
O D if desired and 31 is sent to insure
express charges
N B After this stock is exhaasted we
cannot furnish the same watches for les
than S12 and as the stock will be closed
out very soon you should log no timo in
securing one
Send any Atlanta friend to our office to
examine the watches if jou desire
Address A HENLEY
Sole Southern Agenr
Atlanta Gn
SSRThis is a rare opportunity for Jew-
ft- r
fwMS r5

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