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lTcrtdlns Fees
irhll4li h Times
The llcv John Hall D D of New
York has one of the wealthiest churches
in this country The Btateraent is jriven
that the Doctor receives about 10 00 a
year in wedding fees This is not sur
yrisinc for many who come to him to
be married are millionaires or the sons
and daughters of millionaires Dr
Hall rushes into print to correct the
Ftatement He says If I publish
the actual facts I have a little appre
hension that I may lose the respect of a
part of the community that part which
always looks deferentially on large sums
of money I am aware that a slight
utrcak of envy sometimes mingles with
the respect but that is neither here nor
there If I tell the readers of the por
tion of the prtss that deals in informa
tion jf this kind that I never per
sona ly knew of a wedding fee of more
than a hundred dollars and that I never
received as much as five hundred dol
lars as marriage fees in one year why I
may go clown in the estimationof my f el-
low citizens I shall be to them no more
than one twentieth of what I seemed
My shadow will be less Not only 60
but I may seem to reflect on that
particular part of the press that affects
this kind of news and I may not get
credit in the future even for compara
tive good looks
Having thus knocked 9500 o3 of
this wedding fee account Dr Hall pro
ceeds to denounce the whole weddinc
fee business He asks Would it not
be a good thine to cut off all the small
favors given to ministers such as half
fare passes on railroads wedding fees
and even donation parties and let
TJiinisters be put lite other men onliv
injr salaries 7
This is toe sweeping As to railroad
fares and donation parties it is well
enough but the wedding fee is alto
gethera different aflair and rests on
a different basis Thet ia no reason
why a man should ride for half price
simply because he is a minister If ho
render a service to the company trans
porting him he deserves pay for it and
should be rewarded accordingly The
donation party is anoutrapeous nuisance
which should not be inflicted on any
decent minister Bat the wedding fee
is a fair compensation for a special ser
vice It is r matter almost impossible
to fix as to definite amount Hen pay
all the way from a dollar to a thousand
for getting married A man who is very
poor or very mean or who doe3 not
think the lady of his choice is of any
particular account majr satisfy his soul
by handinz the officiating clergyman a
dollar or two A wealthy man or ono
who marries an heiress can as easily
payra hundred or five hundred or even
a thousand dollars There are many
cases in which a hundred dollar bill is
gracefully slipped into the clergymans
hand although Dr Hall does not seem
to have had much of a run of this sort
JVtf luck The average fee among well-to-do
people is probably about 10
3Iost clergymen give their wedding fees
to their wives An bpscopal clergy
man who made a practice of this was
embarrassed by the receipt of a pair of
trousers as a fee from a nice young
tailor for whom he performed the mar
riage service
The Xcvr Kentncky Law
- tthnGttJtJ
The whipping post bill has become a
law and now if a fellow dont want to
tshake persimmons for the State at large
he must larceny thirty dollars worth
of moveables Dr James E Neely of
Simson a young bachelor is said to
be the author of the bill and now his
marrying prospects are variable This
is the bill Be it enacted by the Gen
eral Assembly of the Commonwealth of
Kentucky that persons other than fe
males guilty of the larceny of goods
and chattels of value less than thirty
dollars shall be punished by stripes not
exceeding thirty nine on the bare back
to be well laid on or in the discretion
of the jury may be punished as is now
provided by law for the larceny of
goods and chattels of value less than
ten dollars
Sec 2 When the punishment shall
be by stripes they shall be inflicted by
the jailor of the county in the jail yard
or other private place and no one shall
-be present except the county officers
and such other persons as may be des
ignated by the jailor or county judge
Sec 3 If any person other than a fe
male thall steal money goods or chat
tels of value less than thirty dollars
either from the person or possession of
any one or from nis house without vio
lence or putting in fear he shall be pun
ished as herein provided for the punish
ment of persons guilty of the larceny of
goods and chattels of value less than
thirty dollars
Sec 4 If a female be guilty of the
larceny of money goods or chattels of
value less than twenty dollars she shall
be punished by confinement in the
county jail not exceeding sixty days
Sec 5 This act shall take effect from
and after the first day of Mav 18S0
Bob Insrersoll
ew York Tliaei
Col Robert G or as he is general
called Bob Ingersoll is a native o
the western part of this State but
when very young removed with hL
parents to Ohio afterwards to Illinois
His youth was passed on native prairici
and in primeval forests and he grew ur
Independent in character and ruggec
in constitution While in his teens he
laft home drifted around picked uj
an education studied law and soon ac
quired a local reputation in Southern
Illinois as an eloquent pleader Hii
father was a Presbyterian clergyman
who was very strict but allowed Bob
always a skeptic to express his radical
opinions because he wanted him to tell
the truth Ingersoll is said to be one
of the most if not the most popular oi
lecturers His infidel opinions prevent
his engagements in regular courses and
Lis dissertations on theologic topics are
attended mostly by men either jounc
or old but womeu flock to hear him
and are greatly pleased when he speak
on subjects of domestic nature Hs re
ceived 1200 for one lecture in San
Francisco reported to be the largest
amount ever made at one time by any
lecturer His wife and children
fhare his heterodox views and have al
ways done so They are said to love
him devotedly and his home life is de
scribed as happiness itself Neither of
his two daughters now young women
has ever been inside of a church even
when the were traveling in Europe
From his profession and lectures he
earns from 40000 to 70000 a year
and spends most of it He gives away
a great deal in charity believing that
when a man saves he becomes felfish
and begins to petrify He now calls
Washington home and his practice
there ismainljr parlimentary law He
has a host of friends who are warmly at
tached to him and he is reputed in
private life to be as lovable as he ii en
A Curiosity
For some yoars the following sentence
has stood as the shortest into which all
the letters of the alphabet could be com-
J Gray Pack with my box five
dozen quails
The above eentence contains thirty
three letters A Utica gentleman re
cently improved on it as follows using
only thirty two letters
Quickglad zephyre waft my javelin
George W Pierce a Boston lawyer
lias now forced the twenty six letters of
the alphabet into a seutence of only
thirtv one letter as below
A Badger Thy vixen jumps quick
t fowl
A Startling Prediction
We extract iha following hiehlv
sensational article from a Cincinnati
daily to the authorship of which we
are indebted to a Polish gentleman
named Jules Brolaski
Havine devoted manv vera to the
1 1 ilent study of astronomy and what in-
nuence me planets or the solar system
have upon the earth in reference to hu
man events I beg leave to make a few
statements in reference thereto It is
not necessary for me to enter into an
extended explanation by what hypoth
esis I have arrived at my calculations
It is not generally known that a grand
conjunction of the foufprlncipal planets
occurs in the latter part of the year 1881
which is an event that has never been
recorded in the known history of the
earth and as to the consequences in re
ference to our globe nothing but con
jectures can bo formed I have how
ever a few prognostications to forecast
which you may accept for what they
are worth
1 That Rutherford Hayes will be
the last President of the United States
as a Republic and no successor to him
will enter the office on the 4th of March
2 That as the event of the aboe con
junction referred to approaches the
electrical powers of nature will increase
in force The coming summer will give
evidence of violent storms with unusual
display of thunder and lightning Great
damage witu some loss of life will oc
cur particularly on the Western level
and rolling lands and on the seas The
destruction of crops will be large
3 The winter of 1880 lSSl will be an
open one with indications of great rain
and dampness and wlHT5rolific in a
black plague of a violent ana contagious
type Death and diseaso will stalk
4 The United States wiirbecome in
volved in a war before the 4th of July
1881 either by internal political strife
at elections or diplomatic difficulties
with other nations that I am unable to
5 When this conjunction of the
planets occurs if the electrical equilib
rium of the earths axis is disturbed
its extinction will be accomplished by
one of two processes either by a
violent upheaval of all natuie to destroy
all animal and vegetable life and con
tinue to revolve around the tun to all
essential purposes a dead world or to be
shattered into infinite spaco and fall in
meteoric fragments as to something that
has never been
Sniolco Ifot Cheap Cigars
To the world in genera the -cigar is
merely a tight rolled packet having
brittle fragments of dry leaves within
and a smooth silky leaf If or its outer
pvrapper When it is burned and the
pIeaantly oavorea emote is inhaled
the habitual smoker claims for it a
soothing luxury that quiets the irrita
ble nervous organism relieves weari
ness und entices repose Pcierir e scout
ing so superficial a detcription ex
amines first the smoke second the leaf
third the ash In the smoke is dis
covered water in a vaporous stape soot
free carbon carbonic acid and car
bonic oxide and a vaporous substance
condenseable into oily nicotine There
are the general divisions which chem
ists have still lurther split up and in
eo doing have found acetic formic
butyric valeric and propionic acids
prussic acid creosote and carbolic acid
ammonia sulphuretted hydrogen pyri
dine viridine picoline lutidine collo
dine parvoline corodine and rubidone
These last are a series of oily bases be
longing to the homologues of aniline
first discovered in coal tar
Applying chemical tests to the leaves
other chemists have found nicotia to
bacco camphor or nicotianine about
-which not much is known a bitter ex
tractive matter gum chlorophyl malate
ot lime sundry albuminoids malic
acid woody fiber and various salts
The featherly white ash which in its
cohesion and whiteness is indicative of
the good cigar yields potash sodn mag
nesia lime- phosphoric acid sulphuric
acid silica and chlorine The ingredi
ents extractablc from a poor and cheap
cigar would be fearful and wonderful to
contemplate Here is a list from a Par
liamentary report on adulterations in
tobacco Sugar alumn lime flour or
meal rhubarb leaves salt peter fullers
earth starch malt commings chro
mate of lead peat moss molassos bur
dock leaves lampblack gum red dye a
black dye composed of vegetable red and
licorice scraps of newspaper cinnamon
stick cabbage leaves and straw brown
Casts from living Tornis
I was taken by a friend says a Parit
correspondent to sep the wonderful
plaster casta of living human beinpi
which are among the curiosities of the
Russian department How the thing
is done it is impossible to imagine but
there the two statues are recumbent
female figures undoubtedly taken from
living women One lies slightly turned
upon her side her lips parted in a smile
as though she was trying to suppress a
laugh The other who was much the
finer of the two lies face downward
her feet crossed and her head pillowed
on her folded armB as though she had
thrown herself down to sleep The
minutest details of the -texture of the
skin nails eta ere very perfectly re
produced the gooseflesh wherewith
the skin is covered being amusingly
noticeable and showing that the pre
paration used for these casts the com
position whereof is a secret must be
applied cold Then all the little in
dentations in the soles of the ftet and
the palms of the hand and the curve
of the nails and their rimmings of skin
and flesh are produced with startling
accuracy The profess by which these
figures are produced is still a secret but
it ia certainly a wonderful discovery
Leap Year Difficulties
He was a nice young man with can
high hat and patent lo ther boots Hh
strolled leisurely down Fourth avenue
tjumnfr daintily unon a ciearelte and oc
JgbjRT f jp
casionally twirling the waxed ends ol
his mustache He was accosted by a
stout woman with a florid complexion
Tod of the mornin to ye Mistei
Charlev laid she
0JL Gobd morninp Mrs McGainnefs
said the nice young man
Me darlint bov would ve and
she bestowed a bewitching smile upon
him He dodged out of her reach The
recollection that it was leap year rushed
upon him He answered
Madame really I cant I am very
sorry if 1 cause you pain but my af
fections have already been bestowed
upon another and mdame I cant
I cnt marry you
She gezeu at him in aatonfrhment
and then said indignantly Who
axed ye to marry me Theideaof the
loikesof me a poorlobe widdy wid four
children to support by washin axin ye
to marry me I was only coin to ax yo
for that dollar for washin
He sighed and gave her a dollar and
walked sadly away
In Belgium both the husband and
wife generally mend the evening at a
cafe he drinking trice or beer and she
coffee One of the peculiarities of
thtir dinner wheD they cat at borne
i that they are very apt to have
lnueic between the courses The pi
ano an upright one is always la the
breakfast room and after the soup has
been removed and beforo the fish has
come in the host turns his chair
arouuM to the piauo and gives a few
bars of some popular kong of the day
Human life is everywhere etate in
which much is to be endured
The necesities that exist are in gen
eral created by the supeifluities that
are enjoyed
He is wise who does not rp pine for
what he has not but rejoices in what he
If you boast of a contempt for the
world avoid getting into debt It is
giving to gnats the fangs of vipers
It is better to wear a poor vest with a
royal heart behind it than to wear a
royal vest with a beggars heart inside
Modesty promotes worth but conceals
it just as leaves aid the growth of fruit
ana niae it lrom view
Time is infinitely long and each day
is a vessel into which a great deal may
bo poured if one will actually fill it up
Do not consider any virtue trivial
and so neglect it or any vice trivial
and so practice it
A QEEAT man may be affable in his
conversation yet abominable in his ac
No grander thing can a man do than
to give a helping hand to a young man
who has become discouraged
How many men there are who tbink
they are making themselves populai
when they are only making themselves
Advice that is given arrogantly or
sharply can scarcely be expected to
be received with humanity ana grati
Thsrh in Eowhere an anoloev for de
spondency Always there is life while
it lasts which richtlv lived implies u
divine satisfaction
Ambition often puts men upon doing
the meanest offices so climbing is per
formed in the same posture while creep
A LETTEB timely written is a rivel
in the chain of aftection and a letter
untimely delayed is as rust to the
No man will ever find out fully what
he is by a mere survey of himself
He must explore if he would know
If every person would be half as
cood as he expects hs neignoor tc
be what a heaven this world would
The temperate are the most trulj
luxurious By abstaining from mosi
things it is surprising how many thingj
we enjoy
for a Pbptograph
Dutranr Xeiral
Having a photograph taken is one of
the great events of a mans life The
chief desire is to look the very best
and on the success of the picture hinges
in many cases the most important epoch
in life To work up a proper appear
ance time enough is used which if de
voted to catching fleas for their phos
phorous would cancel the entire na
tional debt and establish a New York
daily paper When you have completed
your toilet you go to the gallery and
force yourself into a nonchalance of ex
pression that is too absurd for anything
Then you take the chair spread your
legs gracefully appropriate a calm and
very indifferent look and commenco to
perspire An attenuated man with a
pale face longhair and Boilednoso now
comes out of a cavern and adjusts the
camera Then he gets back of you and
tells you to sit back as far as you can
in tho chair and it has been a remark
ably backward spring After getting
back till your spine interferes with the
chair itself he shoves your head in a
pair ot ice tongs and dashes at the
camera again Here with a piece of
discolored velvet over his head he bom
bards you in this manner Your chin
out a little please The chin is pro
truded Thato nicely now a little
more The chin advances again and
the pomade commences to melt and
start for freedom Then he comes back
to you and slaps one of your hands upon
your leg in such a position as to give
you the appearance of trying to lift it
over your head Tne other is turned
under itself and has become so sweaty
that you begin to fear it will stick there
permanently A new stream of pomade
finds its way out and darts downward
Then he shakes your head in the tongs
till it settles right and says it looks
like rain and puts your chin out again
arid bunches out you chest and says he
doesnt know what the poor are to do
next winter unless there is a radical
changa in affairs and then takes the
top of your head in one hand and your
chin in the other and gives your chin
a wrench that wouW earn any other
man a prominent position in a new hos
pital Then he runs his hand through
his hair and scratches his scalp and
steps back to the camera and the in
jured velvet for another look By this
time new sweat and pomade have
started out The whites of youreyeH
show unpleasantly and your whole
body feels xS if it had been visited by
an enormous cramp and another and
much bigprer one was momentarily ex
pected Then he pointa at something
for you to look at tells you to look
cheerful and composed and snatches
away the velvet and pulls out his watch
When he gets tired and you feel that
there is but very little to live for he
restores the velvet says it is an un
favorable day for a picture but hopes
for the best and immediately disap
pears in his den Then you get up and
stretch yourself slap on your hat and
immediately sneak home feeling mean
humbled and altogether too wretched
for description The first friend who
sees the picture says he can see enongh
resemblance to make certain it is yo j
but you have tried to look too formal to
be natural and graceful
The Labor of an Editor
The London Times speaking of tho
wmk of an editor says it can only be
appreciated by those who have had some
experience in it The meerest slip of
the oen ah epithet too much a wrong
date a name misspelt or with a wrong
initial before it the misinterpretation
of some passage perhaps incapable of
interpretation the most trifling offensa
to the personal or national susceptibility
of those who do not even profess to cars
for the feelings of others may prove
not only disagreeable but even costly
mistakes but they are about the least
of the mistakes to which an editor is
liable The editor must be on the spot
till the paper is Eent to the pras and
make decisions on which not only the
approval of the public but even great
causes may hang He can not husband
his strength with comparative repose
in the solitude of a study or tne iresn
uess of green fields He must see tho
world converse with its foremo9tor
busiest actors be open to information
and on guard against enor All this
should be borne in the mind by those
who complain that journalism is not in
fallibly accurate just and agreeable
Did you ever know such a me
chanical genius as my son asked an
old lady He has made a fiddle out of
his own head and he has wood enough
for another -
thousand bills arc pending in
glM Quit Mil
iimmiiiuiHiiiiiiij iiuiinLiiuuiuiLj
Drugs Patent Medicines
Pocltet Knives Itasors
Prescriptions Accurately Compounded
at the Drug Store of
e o t S3
s c h S zn H
- a Sh
a jggJ
Impare Bl Carb Soda la of a
slightly dirty white color It may
appear Tvmt examined by lt
ciiuitcir cos ARirx and
HAM1TIE BRAND will show
the difference
8ee that yonr Baking Soda Ia
wbl to and PTJRE aaahonld be A LI
A simple but severs test of the comparative
Tlue ot different brands ot Soda is to dissolve a
dessert tpoonful of each kind with about a pint
of vr atarthot preferred in clear pluses itirnny
until all is thoroughly dissolved The delete
lions insoluble nutter in the inferior Soda will
be shown after settling some twenty minute or
sooner by the sulky appearance of the solaUoa
and the quantity of floating flocky natter ac
cording to quality
Be sure and ask for Church Cos Soda and
see that their caiae is on thapseksge and you
will get the purest and whitest made The uto
ol this with sour milk ia preference to Baking
Powder saves twenty times its cost
Eee one pound package for valuable
uoa ana resa rotciuut
The Cheapest Newspaper in
the South
Weekly American
The next Presidential election will de
termine questions of vital importances to
every citizen of tbe Union Upon its
results will depend the perpetuity of our
republican form of government All
these questions will be thoronghly dis
cussed in the present session of Con
gress It b our desire and our purpose
so far as we can contribute to that end
that every citizen shall be fully informed
upon all these questions of such vast mo
ment Is our national government la be
henceforth an imperial despotism Is
the bayonet to rule the ballot Are
the rights of tho States expressly re
served in the Constitution te yield to
centralized dictation Sail I arrogant
and imperious party leaders under the
cry of Liberjy rob the citizens of4iberty
Shall Mammon be the only deity who
sb all be acknowledged as having divine
rigbts7 Shall labar be deprived of its
just rewards In order to bring it within
the means of every man mechanic fsr
mqrand laborer in all vocations even in
these hard times to inform himself what
political parties are proposing we have
reduced the terms of the Weekly Ameri
can to ONE DOLLAR a year For six
months 75 conts Three months 40 cents
Tho real value of the paper will not be
decreased with reduction of price but
will bo vastly lucreased in proportion to
Nashville Tcnn
ggggFeFwV ff 5j i
edition of Da Culver wells
Celebrates Essat on the rad
ical cure without medicine of Spermator
rhea or Seminal Weakness Involuntary
Seminal Losses Impolency Mental and
Physical Incapacity Impediments to Mar
rlage etc also Consumption Epilepsy
and fits induced by self indulgence or
sexual extravagance c
The celebrated author in this admir
able Essay clearly demonstrates from a
thirty years successful practice that the
alarming consequences of self abuse may
be radically cured without the dangerous
use of internal medicine or the applica
tion of the knile pointing out a modo of
cure at once simple certain and effectual
by means of which tTery sufferer no mat
ter what his condition may be may cure
himself cheapley priTately and radically
2 This Lecture should be in thehands
of every youth and every man In the land
Sent under seal in a plain envelope to
Any address post paid on receipt of six
cents or two postage stamps
Address the Publishers
41 Ann 8t New YorkP 01 Box458
always Cores and never Disappoints
Tli worlds great Paia RelUvar
for Kan and Ssast Cheap quick
and reliable
Narcotic Children grow fat
upon Mothers like and Physi
cians recommend CASTORIA
It regulates tho Bowels cures
Wind Colic allays Feverishness
and destroys Worms
oblained for new inventions er for im
provements in old ones Caveats Trade
Marks and all patent business promptly
attended to
Inventions that have been rejected may
still in most cases he patented by us
Being opposite the U S Patent Office
and engaged in patent business exclusive
ly we can secure patentsrin less time
than those who are remete from Wash
inglon and who must depend upon the
mails in all transactions with tbe Patent
When inventors send model or sVetch
we make search in the PAtent Office and
advise as to the patentability free of
charge Correspondence confidential
prices low and no charge unless patent is
We refer te lion Postmaster General
D M Key Rev F D Powers to officials
in tke U 8 Patent Office and especially
to our clients in every Stale of the Union
and in Canada -For special references
terms advice c address
Opposite Patent Office Washington D C
50 10 54U per day at home -Samples
orth free AddrM3 SIJU
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is the best equipped safest and most
pleasant line it being the
between the Northwest and Southeast II
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sorts of Virginia and East Tennessee
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f ivrmtruj jjr craws jluuuv Lvrc1
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trillion broueut on by excessive drlnlc
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turbed Nerves it never injures tbe system
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Torpid Urtr and cure Coitlvestis Synttprti Zil
h I my IjlVlIdJ
i i
xces MiUrU rTtr
ana Arst and should
be used wbeuever
bowels do not operate I
rreeiy ana reguisny
Us tilt nu rvir
Hull dvf tmr lbOTk
wort Trie tea cu b
Warer Safe ItenKllM r
MM kr DngsUt Unkr
la BKlclsc twrjwktn
H HWarner Co
T7Su4 fr FwMtt
ml inliomin
f The CotjrieV Job Printing Office is the
best appointed y
iii Southern Kentucky or Western Tennessee
New Type
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Bill Heads Letter Heads Envelopes Etc
will only cost you a fraction if any
- more printed on than as you now
use them Make the calcula
tion and give us a call
The Courier will be greatly improved
during the enaning year It will furnish
all the local aews notices of meetings
assessments tax and otaer sales markets
etc etc giving that every
resident of this county ooyAi to- have and
cannot deprive himself e f withot being
likely to lose many times the cost of the
paper The Village Parra Towa and
County Talk on subjects of local interest
will be tupplied fully in our laaans be
sides mnelr interesting reading All thi
can be bad at scarcely 4 cents a week or
only 2 for the entire year
An Better SUIJ
Almost everybody knows the high value
of the American Agriculturist a Journal that
has just completed its 37th successful
year It U a large beautiful Je arnal
full of plain practical reliable- most
usefal information for every bhib woman
and child It pi tats every year 700 lo
800 original engravings of laoer savine
labor helping contrivances many of thenr
home made also of animals plants con
struction of buildings etc etc The
American Agriculturist also constantly pub
lishes exposures of the various humbugs
and swindlers that prey upon the people
with their artful schemes These expos
ures save tens of thousands ef dollars to
ils readers every year
With all its splendid feature and an
outlay of over 26000 a year ia collect
ing and preparing information engrav
ings etc the circulation is e large thai
it is supplied to subscribers poit paid
for only 150 each year
VTe are happy to announce tfcat we haw
mads arrangements to famish to cash
subscribers BOTH the Covsna and the
American Agrieulturitt for the snail suraf
of only 265 a year both post paid
wbten is but a trine over five cents a
week Who will not smoke one cigarless
a week or save five cents from some other
needless expenditure if secessary to
constantly supply himself and family
with both of these jiurnala Remenber
only 265 pays for the Corsica and the
American AgrieuUmui both seat post paid
for a whole year Please tel your neigh
bors of this
Send in your subscriptions at once
The American Agriculturist is just entering
its 38tb annual volume and bow is the
time to subscribe
And Still Better
The publishers of the American AgricuU
turist have secured Marshalls new large
magnificent Steel Plate Txs Fakhiks
Pride one of the finest works of this
great artist whose pictures of Washing
ton and Lincoln are of world wide repu
tation So fine is this new work tBal Mr
Marshall received 3000 for engraving
the steel plate alone It was s highly
valued that thirty good jndges sntoeribed
25 each for 30 copies of the first or artist
proofs and no copy of the picture can be
bought for less than 500
Hut the publishers of tbe Amenean Ag
rieulturitt have just secured the Plate ana
having large facilities for multiplying it
they propose to present this Splendid
Engraving on fine Plate paper 22x28
delivered past paid to every subscriber
for volume 38 of that Journal who send
20 cents extra to cover cost of packing
mailing and postage on the engraving
Subscribers can secure through thisoEee
the Cockier and the American Agriealtwritt
both post paid for -an year and also
delivered free a copy of the above
named Steel Plate Engraving that will be
a great adornment to every home AH
THtlEK lor only J55
Within the last few years there has
been expended a great deal of inventiva
thought and genius upon what rrny prop
erly be classed as honsehold articles the
most noted resnlts of which are the pro
duction of the sewing machine the wring
er the washing machine the carpet
sweeper etc- Almost every week we
chronicle tbe advent of some new inven
tion by which the cares and labors or
honsekeepers are lessened and womans
work made easier
The newest thing to challenge onr at
tention and gladden tbe heart of th
housckeeper is what is called the Novel
ty Brush Holder Carpet Stretcher ana
Sweeper a very simple contrivance de
signed io firmly hold in position any kind
of a brush or duster having an exten
sion handle that enables one to wash or
dust windows walls or ceilings withont
the aid of a step ladder That is one of
its conveniences and it is also one of the
best carpet sweepers in the market hold
ing the brush firmly at an angle
cleans the carpet thoroughly raises no
dust and does not wear the carpet like
the ordinary broom or brush and will
outwear a half doxen brooms As a han
dle for the scrubbing brush it is tbe best
device over made no more kneeling on
the floor no more back aches or sore
fingers As a carpet stretcher It is worth
its cost as a carpet ef any siie can be
laid evenly without any of tbe labor and
vexation usually attending such work
It is strong simple thoroughly made
cannot get out of order has no serews
lever or hinges is compact cheap and
It is mannfactnred by Brown Co
Cincinnati the well knows manufactur
ers of useful household articles and is
sold only by their agents to housekeepers
The real utility- of this article will at
once be seen by those most interested
and we predict for it a large sale Every
housekeeper in the land will want one
Any reliable lady or gentleman wish
ing remunerative employment woqld do
well to secure the agency for this county
which can be done by enclosing a stamp
for descriptive circular and terms to
Grand Hotel Building Cincinnati O
Written chiefly by himself The latest
and best and only authentic and satis
factory low pried volume published
600 large octavo pages 60 illustrations
Price 260
terms Address at once
dlS 6ra New Tork or Cincinnati
1879 XEW YORK 1879
As the time approaches for the renewal
of subscriptions Tuk Sua would remind
its friends and wellwishers everywhere
that it is again a candidate for their con
sideration and support Upon Its record
for the past ten years it relies for a cen
tinuance oftthe beartv sympathy and gen
erous co operation which have hitherto
been extended to it from every quarter of
the Union
Tbe Daict Sux is a four page sheet of
28 columns price by mail post paid 6
cents a month or 26 50 per year
The Sunday edition of The Sux is an
eight page sheet of 66 columns While
giving the news of tho day it also eon
tains a large amount of litorary and mis
cellaneous matter specially prepared for
it Tbe Sdndit Sox has met with great
success Postpaid SI 20 a year
TTho does sot know The Weekly So
It circulates throughout the United States
the Canadas and oeyond Ninety thou
sand families greet its welcome pages
weekly and regard it in the light of
guide counsellor and friend Its news
editorial agricultural and literary de
partments make it essentially a journa
for the family and tbe fireside Terms
Ovk Dollar a year post paid This price
quality considered makes H tba cheaper
newspaper published For clubs of ten
with 10 cash we will send au extracopy
free Address

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