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The Hickman courier. [volume] (Hickman, Ky.) 1859-current, January 26, 1883, Image 2

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Ic Jt jii V ia m
roiusnxai it hit rtiBAT it
Fill DAY
JAN 2G 1881
The Ktniat penitentiary piyi the State a
Kan Atinln TVxat Is lit largeed woo
market in the ttottth
The forestry law in KtniatMi led to the
planting of B30U0 tree
The president lignwl tlie Pun J Ic ton Civil
rrlc Mil It It now law
It it ttid there en more women by 60000
lilAiaaiaekueettt thin men
flan YrJiet of Indiana It In fn Tor t
ileclliig in Hit IoMmutrre
Ten tear o lliriulnzhain Ale iti
cm nidi Ti day flit ba a poulaUui o
arij iifwr
Hob Cllat Alklnt member of Congrei
l a Candidal for Clerk of the Home of
IteprmnUlive OeMci nfOlito prevented
ft bill to allow nwuiier tn be civl
through Ike mail to actual eubecribeft 7
The cold t vrloue jwlnlt In JcwHWnp
Mr nJ Vermont hue U cn very Intern
the thermometer baring touched jOdegrnf
Lwlow Mro
e- -
rxiwtxu y aieminem Klclimotxl Va
ouiptor njjael mock ling the statue of
lonn u urecKlnridretliirb it to be erected
at Lexington
Thtraav now at teetl on uunded m
twenty flea Ihoncmd penooo employed
KIM puoii trvie anil drawing pay
lirrjr or ledlroetly from the Treaiury
0t Hub bur say that he Lai rant
d M parJo thai ke would retell ei
pt oat aad that ke hat la all tbtnge
sight to discharge kit wkela duly
Wbea a lady who hai been taking rnneic
jemont for the pat eight yoart hunt back
an I btuho and iavi the really cant play
dont Iniiitoo It The chances are ttivlsbe
JnJg lawlt of the Oiurl of Appeal
n decided that magistrate tilting in fel
ony ce ar not entitled two dollar In
each caw but to two dollars fur eacb felony
Imprisonment for debt le now a rare1
eeenrrtoee and tan only It retorted to
uuJerlb Kontuoky Btalulei when tbi
dtblor li about to Uait Ike Slate wiih
fraudulent intent
Thorn who lire in wooden lioutca new
haiebul little fear of eartlntuike bucke
linluw the are uflicntly vloW to upheave
the earth The danger It In briek or itont
Home crank signing hlmitlf Oulteaj
HI htaui a teller lo Major Palmer
of Uncivil tying he it going lo kill Uov
raor tuner la He nteutbt auJ twenty
1U diy
Ctrrt Dorados hat accepted Dr Caryera
cuaiirng in rvmi oiw much in lXMlia
Title fr fnaj J100 to 10iiu0 a lide Tlic
watch will Im hol betirrcn the lit and 10th
of FrUutrr
Tom llulnrd liaTing ceraeJ from a
lunatic Mjlitni In Kentucky it mini to
urn a urm in unto ow wo know liee
crair to ly a aiylun to
wora vu a larm lx
If Mr 1eiMlIeton will kimlly holl op hit
in we win uuaeriare to anow
that hit SnMrt are badly burned It it al
read known that the Republican monlccv
got the cliMtnuu Cincinnati Eiujuircf
Tbe real uutio fettlral at Cinelnoall
ti atlmtiuit uuueual allcntlou imoD the
lotinofiausio Jlany of Ibe great eiog
ere of turope and America will take
part InduJInr Die great 1tttl
T Mhwlnic It nU lo
be a cura fori
ate Ourcrnnirnt in e I m v In the
altvriirtiif Ilia btrnl nf lnur vu Jurd
tb list Illcliinnnd tirljiri Twrlrc
iiuiidred ilollar wirth nf Onnfi iril Inrdt
rcnow wort 4 tVre that turn
aiji uuy a tan el uf b our-
r tfj
Tfe kuow no man In Chimm to able
at Sir fftlal l 1 Mmllf
1 nilPtllArl Mn n - II I im lfnl I
- wmi vv iiiurP i urn i
the hiterriti of tlie reiie aiinH IB
bountlti and monniollrt tf tlie ruiec
llonitlt iaduuth Newe
We know of no editor It Kmlneky to
able to analyte the eeSipln qnnlion aa
Col Nuble editor of it rluath AVa i
and for the pnrpote of frmtlon lo ilia j u
readeri of the TaJneab AVwanJ the lllV l
man Cotatea but wlilinw ta eon
iroeertr w mbmiC t jjcse ijnrailoni lot
had In culllyallon oyer fij00000
tcrei of
land butllie produMfrou crei
onlj brought tmr Xenfuekj Itrnm 87-
0000 The lane jear New Jfritr far-
re caliiyatedinlT aoooOiiO aorn and
tilted H20OOl0O aewlr onebalf at
ueb roonejr onJn fourth ti much laud I
nd Ihii in faeaol Ibe fact that Kentucky
and it bj far the mott fertile
1 TIia amM y I -
- rf TOURYfTIIDia innri
Pulraleil 11000000 acrtino J realned
rrjni III pwduetS183OObC0l bonlone
IbirTmorl land bul Ibjy get IOO000OOCi
more forlhelr prodoetil
Why lilkliT Why do Iht farmenon
Ihe poor bleak barren hllhniNew Eng
land a7naa nalj tnlc ti much ptr
aoro at iTie Kentucky farmln
the lamrvtatieUc ihow lltl Kentucky
had ewCOSOOO yeiled to ninufaeiu
rint employing 30000 banJr tnd Tenn
ylfanla bad WlTJ000000 anltmplojlng
819000 veoplt nj t mriton sota
with olhtr Cittern SJat UlJit c faet
that thate New KogltnJ farnere Heed
star the tirat xartctJ created by thue
Induilrial coieuniere hare anything to
do wilb Iblr rcalulng aiert ptr acre
from IbeV product than Ibe Kentucky
farmer Uld protection high low
tncldertal direct dltcrlinlnatlng jiidl
oluutor any other kind bay anything le
do wlh crekling tbeie homo Darken and
If a bat the Kiternjrrr been Injured
or bentfiited thereby U btaeaitedi
will not Ike now Infant Indutlriei of the
lupoTerlibed Southern State be eooourf
agtd by Ike tint lolluenoei and Ihe
grtat man of Soulbernjrmrri ultimately
benefllted in the not wty j
Xexv Ihiglniiil IcmerraM
jroomliii II ini For
Special CarpvDJnc or ih CunnntnUI
The lreildential bee It buitiug blithe
ly iu Den Uullera bonnet all report lo
Ihe contrary nolnillnitndlng When 1
intimated aa much lo you latt mouth a
man wao prlilct Limit f unou hln M
poilelinilty Stale polillct booh pooed U
the Idea and declared lib Innocent la f
uigoaiton mat Ibe Ueoeral bad o other
ambition lhan lo round hie publio sareer
ae Governor of Maeiachmeili That man
It now on IbeOovernort etaff and with
the change In hit notiiloa baj come a
cerreipondlng change in hit vltwi He
it for Uen Dujjer firtt latt and alwaya
iur i rtimtni iu ibsi andean nt 1
you 100 reatona 100 why It woold be a
mair uroa in pottiict Tor the National
Democracy to nomluala Iho old man
And there are many more like bltn
Tbli week about 300 of Ik moil backa
and ytung eaglee of the Democratic
party of tbli Comaonwtallh and front
other New England States aal down lo a
banuuel al the Itevero Home Thei
were oalled together lo pay tender tribe
uie lo Ihe memory of Andrew Jacktou
and at Ihe tamo lime lo exprett their
dtepdevelion to Oenerat lluilr Hut I
aw jH0ljatf 10 tblmk IsaC jf
insaaciarnina anf nil iriorv aiiii imLt I
l l Pklloionbleally Look
a It carefully Heu01tcr In the reat
fiViV rk fc Jrt
r MWXI 1 think Wk r ilia llamn
cralio Uoieruur that h tli ini relv
tubtltntltlly more vole iban the
Otter itieigflin li n luun I
A vmrnvn intlnla nt In a Uiihnioiul bat but Go to leumyleanla and you
Ilwk Kllrr TliOiii CiuteiliTatu IhwH in 1 I1I ud Ih tarn thing Uo ltwhere
lutnienl for l Ixxk and rrK ml l I aud you will dud ih i H -- r 1
m m
fresh gfouk of
In OlotTi i
Snita worth 22 for 17 00
Suits as low
20 for 15 00
18 for ii ro
1G for 12 f0
15 for U 50
11 lor 10 50
as 50
New Tvrk Jirut
The Hon ltnetell Sage wat found In
bti offioe Saturday afternoon
I dont generally like to be interview
ed aaid Mr Sage politely I am to buey
and have to many Interruption that It It
aluott itnpoitlble lo talk with any degree
of comfort
What the remit of your itudy on
the pretenl lilualion atked the Jour
Iltltjuillbleaild Mr8ageIlMnk
tka outlook attogelber favorable Ameri
ea it a nation of great ponibilltiei We
had population of 50000000 lobani
ante a few yeara ago now we have 30
OoOOOO The wonderful flow of Immlcra
tion hai never been anrpatied In Ihe bit
lory or our country over ball a million a
earofnewand luJutirlont people com
ng to our ehorct and bringing with Ihem
eacb bit Utile capital lo locale on our fer
tile Itnda
You believe then that our protperity
dependi upon oureelvee aud natural ad
x oicatoci cunXTti
KmH tald Mr 8te In lull par
ticular America It bletied above all na
tion We are liolated from diiturblna
ibfluencei and have an unlimited terrl
lory Our mineral retonrcei have tap
piled both conilnenlt wilb preeloue and
uteful melalt The extent of Ihtie re
eourcei tun not yet be eiltmated
Our coal Slide and our foreete are un
limited In eattnt and capacity Even the
bllltlilta eupplj Ida airM wilb oil Thou
rwv n innirn in 14 ri 1111 in i na
w - on a coal of flre and let lb the hll be would have foundV
after Ibe yet known tb bubnman plough
fa riat T iaBleJr Tbw national V
will ln are treture un
la tbo mi will turn irblte and l Jrop that w rliTf
bj j tb zssi inown wllhln that broad expiate of
oul beroofWUreani
The way In which country away lo tb wet and louth
TIi Ceritiw of 180 ehowt that of the I L P i Pil V Lur ih uff ald Mr Sage with an expreulve motion
white iK pulalion of Kentucky over ten AJtb l lbVoU of hit hand a be awepl an Imiginary
year of a that cannot read or write it L ncb1 Chairman of Ihe I boriicn
twenty nine ier cent and the culured opu
latiovi that cant read ur write terenty er
Her Mtjonty of Eugland hat been mak
ing a bedqullt with her own royal handt
workfl a crown on It and lfWi and don
ated it to the ltoyrl Victoria llntpiial The
IlllenU wlvo M under it will iloultleat
all Imprure rapiuly
Mtyori differ In grammar ai for In
eltncet Miyor Low of Uruoklyn de
crlbt that city by tb pronoun ibe
Mayer Elton oi New York call the me
tropoli ii whil Carter Uarriton Iniliu
upeu pulling Cbictfo In Ik mtieuline
A majority of Ihe Select Miiiliilppt
Kiver luveiligatlon Canmla will re
poll that 00 more money thoald b p
proprlalcd for leveeo aud Ibtt lb prtt
nl plan of Improving lb llvtr thoutd b
In tkt dltatlroui art al Milwaukte
Oen Tom Thumb valitollf walked out
of ikt froul entrane of ibe burning ho
tel aad lei Mr Thumb lo be brought
dwuibe ttr eeoapt iu tk pocket of a
Cor nulWrlhBetef Mefichii eltt
ayt in hitlna Uurai that at lean pno thinl
o the office hidden of that Male are ajiver
fluout and miflit to bo dinteil with and
that tSe tiUrira of the r ninlr nhojld
be mduced to ouehalf There are varijui
inperfluout ofliw bolder In Kenimky
State Auditor llawlit htt iirued a cir
cular lotkerllTt urging dillguneo iu col
Icetlng in rcvnu and In inikiug their
iu nrder that Ibe tU per cent due
puhlie tchvul teacbera In aalarlri may be
promptly met when drafu from Ibe Su
periuiniUnt or iubtle Inilruetlon begin
10 arrive
The 3ii in Germany aid Auitrla have
juadehiiMamleuf jiiple nbuutiileiy twine
U mA wilLuiii
uww u aupin WW
tuwnt lave Ukii wa liwl awuy ini
ring and want id the iiihabitanti It terrible
hilhtttiptlmia arc Uiiv ralvd all orer lioth
Oeu ilenuregard it a ihnrl thtpely old
gemUmu ui
gj r wf
muelti keanJ a uddy face He hai tbe
appearance ohi aocuiupllbuiet l of n cour
tier of tb a ur Louie XIV u I nllbal
bt alanffrlendt 11 bat l two ie
and hai a married ton aad daughter iu
New Orteaut
A famly of Mallton 0 nlnleen
yeare ago pitrti a ptptr of pint
When a pin wna needed It wae lak n ffoui
Ihe ptper and afler ll bad rr I iu pur
pme wae n placed If a pin who IoiI
Xenerll eraicb wa mtdt umll it wt
fun ml In Ibi way ileom paper of pint
bt kept lb family euppliedfor uineleeu
1h winter floodn thai htv been 10 d
arriieilea lo llTr prnprny and agrlriiltu
ml protpeel in lb v1Iki of the llhliie
wild Ibe Danube bate aubildej but Ibe
peattnlry In many placet art unalila to
return lo heir furmpr hornet un aoeoum
of tbti loe whleb bat ririnrl In and
around tin dwelllugi In ibe oeoi flowed
icmoerkiioatai conmitiee wa mailer
of Ibe ceremoniei in bli opening ad
droit be dtelared that Oen Ilutler wa
in every rcipect tbe eaual of On Jk
on and in effect le tb man lo lead Ih
Democracy lo victory In 1831 tekion
mver forgot laid tb btnutome Colonel
Ibtt what be was be owed to Ihe people
and Duller never wltli r
Then ex Oovernor Snrni nt rtki
Iiland wai introduced
By ihe way be la tb ilUtlngulibid In
dividual from whom the boaullfal Kate
Chat Sprtgu tecured a dltoroe eeveral
nonlhiago aud wbo baa been conducting
an almott infinite number of tuil against
Truile Cbcffee lo obtain poticiilou of
Ih vatlHpragu ell ale
In ibeeourie of nn aloouenl inter I-
tald I would not eommeni Ota llm
Itri nttae ani cbaracltrj but ilr 1 be-
o pariiea oi ino country lo be
vergiog upon a dangerou abyn and thai
he ii iho beil man of ail tbli country to
guide bltdctlnlei Into a life haven
Oen Harris M ItaiiUd who hai bten
eueoeoded by Col lloble a Governor of
Maine in J Un tho night or Ih eleo
tion I wai In Michigan aud all Ihe an
tbueiaim of lb local ueecii wai quilt
ouidou when Ihe announcement wa
made Culler I elected- They look It
bomolo Ihemtelva a their own ptnonal
triumph Intvereaw anything Hke ll
moog Ihe common people the laboring
clanei the mmtt -1 truit the lime will
com when tbi illillnjjliljed ion of
Maiucbuiitti rIII ba able lo ipeak not
only to Ihi whole pavbU ii bi dsni
but for the whole neonle I treat
ihal be will follow In lb footitep of that
illuttrlom man Old Hickory and bring
tick our Oortrnmant to the equal prin
cipln of Tuoraai JeOerton
Iljia Alklnt of Vermont then pop
ped up and expreued Ibe wiih thai bi
olatt mlbl b purauadel to cait five
tlccloral vcte for Ilutler in 1881
Tnli wai tb ilgnal for grtit cheering
aniXtniu laa atntvl ftjuf utlW una
oy uov Duller blmielf bowed bluabed
andipok After placing bit band mo
tapliorleally epeakiug upoa tb bead of
the three previoui orator ind laying
Uodbletyou my children for their
very kludattntioniOav Holier proceed
ed to dilate opou ioui of tb eienl Id
Jaekioui illuilrioui carter nd thu
tald bat had a great elotory for
the Democracy in tbit country bul 11 u
undtniaud it and tt exttui It ouo
and lit purpte and ronrn ourlve
aocordlagly U it true a frind of
mine atated the olber tight that uo man
can go by land to tlifMBJs gyf r h ae
cuttomed routei of traitl without ptiting
through a Uialt ou Jje with a
Democratio Oovernor Why bit tbi
grt vlcury been vouelfedlO ntT
It it btcaute Iht popIt of tbi coun
try are tired to uta un krki lm
of tbe raaouer in which atTair bv ben
eiuducled of latt jeri U ba not been
eo much for tbe lov f UI different
looting to tboie wbo bare gorernei
rVe may hav yar o limited grain
crop continued Mr Sage but tbe
ihorlnti of crop ii in or than compen
sated by tbeeicett of olhtr prodnct We
bav juit experiioeed a slight depret
slon Id th grain lupply and molt of
tb Wtitirn farmere latt ataion began
tb year wilb empty cribs Th harvnt
was most bountiful and whin lbs Ian
cropi were gathered in thete granaries
were refilled again and protperity now
brlghltntlht farm boui
Th country storekeeper Is doing a
thriving trade and can pay Ibe city mer
chant The utrebant oan aettle with the
manufacturer and lb wheels of builneia
again raeolve W hav grain enough to
hip auroaa and nuropo nuora ui a mar
1 1 II l lAmi il -Ma will allow uij fulur IU IO TVUiaia In
n VI Tit f h 4J V VP1 Ur1f 0lohavbu tlect 1rreliglonnorwilllofer her any In
lKtr it I UHkiler dbsrdly ovenop i ltj Hn duemenl In Iho allgblit to abandon It
jijujiniwurina iiiuctij a ouiy letpiln -to that rule
nine at tlu y wvr in IS I alien lh Aiif Ibat I know of i Mhnli
Utighttr aud appu i a ji suppoee
lollowing ou the loge4 result of toy
thought it wat beoiuie you wera mora
dltgutlidlu Miiaehiia Thtt I lo
y lhal Ih people cryui JtiWa want a
cbang IV will ullvn tkJDcB3tre to to hell
i i
I have at bom two lliblt if ibtt it not
enough for htr I will gel her two mar
Moreover it It hr body not kir oul I
Uk I bl r nit in In my religion
lit wliloh I have been brought up line
my Tonlh I know ibat I am on the right
road If the wont go lu heaven let her go
to the trntling public generally tltut wo an oiijr f rl once more and have on hand
purchased eince fhe Are nt iiku kock rjtlCKJB Owing to the latexes of the miusoii wo
hi uuv K J i IrK fTi rilKAlEll titan tllO SAMK trootli lrro W If evfl oil fur
endeavor to deserve eatno favors hi future
go into power In Congreie We can not
ebanae ibe National eieeutlye Wt nlll
change Ibe executive of Ihe rjiatet We
will lee Ihe power In the Democracy and
tee If Ibey can do any belter Aad If we
do not do any betltr or at any rale try
lo do belter the power will pan away
from ui at It ought to do for If we can
not do any better let lomebody elte from
eomewbere ccrnc In and do Ihe work
Orn Jacksen it ruck every priflleged
clan whin he elruck hit sturdy blowe
leaving tka people only untouched He
waa for ibe people forever and wat ever
doing alt that be could lo raltt Ihem up
They loll ut we art levelera Vet I am
a leveler of the mott determined eorl I
hall do Ike belt and all bat Ood will
permit me to do In Ibe remainder of Ihii
bort life to level up and not lo level
in the
Alexanded Maxwell
lVnrlnl Story of lnrvrii
lien IB impeicws Toll
Roitox Jan 19 A ipeolal dl
afforded by aeatl
north of Ireliml li In
tpaU lo
Ibe Herald from Dublin layi I bavtjutt
returned from Ik ftnitn dlilrlet elthe
county Dontgtl where more IbtnjjW
people are In a ilarelag condition tl
Ing n
from day la day on the meter trllef
lor ebarllr Tkewole
a moit wrilhtl
condition The earn nature of bi
eilile I aUreeitenl In lb Weetbut
thr detlltnlion It not aa a rule e
plot ai It it In tbe place whlob
Jutt Com from In many cabint ltier
ed during Ihe pail Ov daye Ike tol ril
elet of eoniumptloo wet limited totn
Illy of Indian meal and a tltght poiion
of eea weed In mott of the villi
whole famlllri exlit in that manner On
the north and weal coailt where 0
I either taoiily compoiri of rooH or
mud ipeclal detlllullon prevail bit
tenon owing to Ihe complete dtilriMon
of ihe grain cropt in Seplonber by i ter
rible tornado and th rolliig of Iki en
ttre potato crop hy Ihe constat rain
Thr wortt etiet of famlni I taw h the
caritbet of Klllybeg and Gencoluaikilt
in he Utter inrnh Rev father
gher wai working with utrhnraai en
ergy la ear Ihe peorl from dealt 1
found Mm Iu a driving rain In mm np
to hie ankles euperlntendinit a gan of
lofii who were digging drtlui to bentld
for from Ibe fundi teat In eharily The
Inbabllanle are afronrjy t r
celling money ai a gift but ibe nvage
application received by Father iallber
for work art between two and tbrfitun
dred dally About fonr bundled m are
now employed at a hilling per dir for
which many of them walk len milt be
fore daybreak and work with ntrltb
nergy until dark before relurnlnikamt
The women and filrll ar all empUrtl In
kniitlug and other work for tmajl om
peniation Many iptclaolei I obttncJ
la bsrets of fraHe f Ihe mott rfoll
lag and ptlhelia character tee
thirty Iriib ralltt bevrtnd Ibe rdlty
ueb general deilltutlon prevail hi
twenty torn of Indian mitt per wfci are
reuiilred to keep Ihe people barely
Alt the farmt are email and wrtlclid In
quality and Ihe ptopl ar honett uber
and Indutlrlout The place wai ri tiled
by Mr Traotyan Chief SecriltriVor
Ireland ouo week ago Hie ptrly
nlftcently left ten thillingi among tbi
ilarving people bul would promiti
official relief In Ibe Klllybeg ditri
Ibe famine though not to eitemlv l
equally painful The eomllilon of Ibe
people ll bopeleti Doth the prlettejil
trolettant clergymen are very old anJ
Inetpable of elbciently caring for the
sufferert While here I aaw a ilekman
whose three children were abivluteljl
ked ihlverlng over a fire of damp sty
almost asleep under a pile of filthy ran
the rain dripping through the roof Ile
Ilefls coming vtry tlowly and dupilr ii
staring everycojy in ins race
KxctlfinrHl In rranee
Prince Napoleon baa produced a tints
lion In Trance by bli manlfeito aad lb
action of the Oovernmiut In arrtitlng
him li generally approved Ite will prob
ably be exiled but I III doubtful If fcblle
opinion will favor Ibe expultitn cf Ihe
Urleaaist and Legitlmiit prelsndvri at
rii tor Ibe republlol generally te
fall e intend to sell our ntnrk cixisb in onler to ivjMra for anrintr and will give our customers
some gciiulne barennm Oiir Clothing which was saved from bur int will bo cloed out imivitni w
lo Bhow wo mean nrflixiss wc give below a few price
Idol Dry Coods
Imnicnso nick of Prints -1 to 5o per yard
A beautiful line of Mctaliqtio Dress goodii at Co
A ItamUumi hue of Pacific and Mauchciter Al-
jwccaj lud Ctwhmeres for 10c lSjcand 16c
lcr yard worth 15o and 20c
Ueautiftil llroeades at 18 mid 20o nlwnya eold at 25
Iarm Mohtilrs for 25o worth 35c
its uhoicm to enumerate ihvc tis a call nntl be convincetl w w foninl mm Iru f
a 1 wm iiuwa va VI I
xorttincri tirug store wc cxiemt iteaitielt tltanka to our fricndtaml iwtrons for tast favow and will
11 1
Vtlrmpe Cll IV llai Tklca
Tlie Sew York 8uo prlnle Ihe following
from Washington Oen Irani m oae of
th eommiisioneri on Ih part of lb
Untied Stales lo negotiate a new treaty
of commerce with Mexico Tbli le the
ottemible object of hi pretenl vlilt la
W aldington bul ll It nl by any means
Ik only or Ih mott Important oa That
be came to help Fill John Porter is openly
leeUred by himself Uul II li a curlout
fact Ibtt with all bla military prtitlgt
and kit political aruailiee Oranl wat not
lo be able to affect a eingle vote In the
nl with in txeeption of mar Tbe
llepablleani who voted for Porter were
all committed befor Ornt eipouied bit
When Oan Irani got th announce
ment made that he bad withdraw from
polltlci be did not accompany Ibe ajvir
can it list uied ouu loey claim lie
condulens hat arltn tine IPSO and
tbil ihe prjudioei againti Grant bad
alto ctaied to exlit
One nrgumtntnied lo promote lie new
eohem I Ihe tupptrt that Urant gave I
UtrneUt In tbe dark bourtot tbe campaign
manufacturing corporations tb banks
th ringi Ih ipteolaiori tka jobbers
th contractors th thoddy prlncet and
me aavtnturer mat warmed about Ibe
Whit Home from 1870 lo 1877 will rally
and put forth all Ibeir power lo elect
Orant They believe In a lrng govrn
mtntandln on man rue eueh ai wai
audaciouily exerclied In 1870 when lb
Prtidency wai tloltn backed by foroe
and by tlitealt of civil war Ovargrown
- -
klforall biurplui W hav money mar- I ded a strng inough to b lib1 -- lo j h TZmU i iTt
PPl uniform th viellmt
Ih Uourbon in eipreuliu bli bilttf y
enough for all demands of trade and I
ay knowingly tb thr I vail I h nceiiy for nrlblcillbrr fer It I
amount kvviiine Inveelment at Ibis llm
In almost any security that promlie a
reasonable profit
to mobe risics
To what I tbi due naked th Jour
Juit tbli said Mr Sage Tb pret
enl generation have patted through two
panic and hav had Ike experience of
bard time They learned much by Ibe
leitpn and acquired babll of ecouomy
and the dlipoiltlon lo lave Tbe Ian de
prenlon did not culminate In a panlo from
Ibe fact that there wa loo much money
lo publio and prlvat bands Tb ur
plu In Ih National Triaturr wai suppor
ted by a surplus in tbe banks and money
was plentiful at all limn all that wa
needed wai security
Panlc ar Ih remit of an a but nee of
money and a want of publio confidence
If confidence for a lime in railroad docks
al blgb prior waa wanting and dull
builmst owing to ihorl cropt tbli eoofi
denee waa bound lo return wltb a bounti
ful harveitanl lb Inereate of freight
irafBo that wae ur lo follow
Da you look for adeem leglilalton af
ftoiing railroad Intercut atked tb
rum in Ttieriortr
I have loo much fallh In tb good
sent and Intelligence of Ihe American
people W bavo men of tober Judgment
In our politic Irreipeetlve of parly
whole knowledge will act a a cheek aod
aaafelyvnlv on meaiure affecting Ihe
general Interest
HMn oh of Ihe clamor that it current
nowaday wMI eetll down la healthful
and proper leglilalton In th coura ol
time W ire all right and on lb road
lo naltonal proiptrlty Tb lid ba
turned in fatorof railroad itoeki and a
boom I comig It may not b tbli week
or Ihii month bul It It on lb way and
you may lll yourreadtrt that I ay io
A Curloun lHrrlage Vote
LonJo Htanttr4
In a trial In Germany recently a eurlou
dooument wa produced which wae called
fourth by ihe marriage of Count dSult a
Roman Catholic lo Agatha Counlt of
llanau a Proltetanl In tbe year 1076 Al
Ibe wedding lb bridegroom toleroly
awor lo rttptelbltfutur wlftt rtllglou
vltwt and ligneJ sealed and delivered a
deed lo that effect It wa vouched In
iho following lermi 1 lludolpb Count
of Bnls bsreby promts on my honor a a
noblemau or tb ileen tat me Inst I
wif remain
it continent for elx or ttveo year o teparate ai a clan from tb tollers and
hs advocated tuch a vol lo slp thi ftgl tbe oommu Ui payera
latloa carried on by parties wbo seioi lo The poiititori of tbli wib art rtady
bttonumtroui but who in rtallly ire for un tnplre an llboy would pay liber
bul two that of reaotion and that of pro lJr lr H abont They have long
ii i o9i i ni i - ti aned In nomn In narada and In mairl
addretted lo Ibe elector dielsred hlra 4 J Pla hvanllls and vles of
a t i n r wniran at sraraa a s ai aa a a a a
ttltln tavor ol granting municipal ani i
other local rlglilt full electoral pen n Oermsny Bred overthrew It
for the peopl economy In admloli erlng JlJ rolUnneii -
Qovernment free lohooti religious J
lv the dlvnrc of Church and tftate Fhll -T UnUermlutn liaft
Is eery Democratio polloy for a llantpart laaiiJan 10 There Is th wiideit
lit bul the Prince bai never been aMt to excitement tbrougboot Ihe clly to dty
tecure lb entire conSJenoe ol tbe pee- oantu iy tbe tiaieraeni in tbe Journal
pie in hit professed Itepubllotnlsmbe that a vail and eomprekenslye leglllmeil
cauie they believe Oambetla wai MtV eincpiraey against tbe Ooierun eot hai
when bo loll Ibem always lobe upi been diicovered by Ibe police No lime
etoni ofa Ugnaparte Jutiin MtCirlhy has been lost by Ih offictrt In searching
a few yeari ajo expreued Ibe opiolou t Ih houeee of tutpeoled Indivlduati and
that Ibe Prior li a linear laoct I It I rumored that evidence bti beta
genulu love of liberty and proirt found implicating as convpirators tiiHi
lacklnc lb backbont or earneti atrstig clalt perioui of rank and even officers
linnllelly and faith wtlbout wblck Hit In Iho army of lb Ilepubllo lo a now eon-
moit brilliant taltnta oin hardly elltve eplracy named tbe LaluoUo Alliaucr aud
political giealntte Prince hat dlmciid by Cbartll
ertalnlv mltunderilood France If i he i It purpot it lo overthrow lb Curro
bIlvts apUbitoite would now reij in mut aui detry lb Ilepubllo by fore
popular deolaratiou for oOniuixAa1
monarehy The pvrant Uuvtrtuienl
would not ut ll enormous power ii ibe
department for lb rciloraliun et the
monarohyi nor would the people coiile
nanci iucU n schsiue at pretenl
Stale Cauveullun Set Too Laic
rraukfurt Taom
The lim Bxd forth Ueraocratlcitte
Contention Is tbe latit dto at tbich
such a body ba ever convened U this
Stale Before tbe war Ouhernnirlal
conventions were held generally 09 the
otu of January tboueh tomellmesat ite
a tbe J of tebruary Sine tbi r
except In 1807 when It wai luld In Feb
ruary Ihey hav been held th first sek
In May Uut there arc n n ir good rea
on why an earlier day Is belter fer the
party If bald even at late nt the first of
May by lbs lias Ih nomine for Uov
ernor pot his bouse in order ctiftr
with lb committee publithet bit Inc of
appomtmtnii and gtl oo tbp ttuip It
i ta urn oi June ii man nstr
Ma in nuiou iv cauvaia ill eomtiss
flit couaequenci It b tpaak Iu itout
outbalt at Ibtm aud thot tht onul
wuiou no cm lei by a railroad Ai ibe
rtult of Ibl policy a large portiu of
lb atate nt long been ntglecfed br qui
ipeakers and the direct fruit I
In our having two Republican Con
tonal dlilrlet There are other
none to a mo convention in tbe eipMite
to candidates of a long eanvtes anJ it
addlllonal ft list an early convitu
gives llm for tb hot bloo I of am go-
nlsm to cool down beforo uclutl citrass
by ih nomine begin
Uen Urent has joined a number tf oth
ers In recoraiueuJIni Oen Jtitri u
Johnston for Commissioner of lb ujr
cioi iiuoiDia
of arms If utctitary ll has been dltcor
ered that tber ar tblriy ibr liglai
of theto cuntplvatori forn Jln lb wetl
aud entire of France Thete leglom are
well equipped and gather upplie from
armed depots matntaiud by the alliance
aud guarded by Its agent Tbe air Is full
of iu Tilery The Government Is active
aad Ibe police with their search war
I rants are peuetratlng Into the home ef
prince aud peasant La Itepubllque
rruacotl coullnnes to attack England A
Irong popular feeling la being arouttl
lu favor or lb ilepubllo and against Ih
disturbers of tbe peace
IU orlennlst Irluees ara expected lo
resign their commlttlou In the aimy
and navy They ar uaklug prepara
lion o ear France
Ilutler ou KitncHtlun
Gov Duller of Matsachusills has been
highly commended by nswiptpers of all
politics for tb vltw on public education
tiprenej In bis messag Tb principal
point Duller aid Is a follows
Keittict th branohea taught In Ihe
primary seboolr by law specifically to
spelling reading wrillug grammar
arltbmillc geography history prefera
bly of lb United blalei and require
Ibat thote shall be laughl upou lb same
ylem lo lb tarn grade of scholars
n every common school In ibe Coiuiuvn J
wealth lYheu the icbolar can tbow by
an examination ibal b I well grounded
In lb eliraenttry Iingllah branohih then
let him be admitted lo a school of hither
grytdr wbrr line drawing for Industrial
purpofcaaball be taught lookkeeriDg
algebra geometry lb rudlmtnl of Ibe
Latin aud French language chmltlry
rliTtict with natural phlloaopby In a ru
v n uiirrRXHKX
rretldenl Hietlrr A Arthur
VlcrlrelJenl Uvld Dttle
Seey or Male Tkeo Freliihiiyen
5wttary Treaaury Jtmrt Kelgtr
Sveriry of War Rob Lincoln
Secretary Navy Wra Cmllr
Setlry Interior B JKlrkwood
Toelmaiier Orneral Timmliy 0 How
Allornty leneral llrewiter
RTATt orrirrRn
Oovernor Luke I Ulacklnirn
Ll Oovernor J 8 fanlrrll
Secretary of Stale Jamea Ulackhurn
AaeUt 8eof 8lal Thi 0 Iltrrlt
Stat Auditor Fayette Hewitt
Treaiuror Jroee W Tale
Attorney Uinr r W Hardin
RegltUr Uad Offlee Alph Bhtlden
Sap fub Intlruellan J D Ilcteil
Statj frlnter 8 1 M Major
Mayor W L MtCulobtn
City Judge leorg Warran
City Manbal J 0 Uarnri
iij Ulerk R K Millet
CHy Treaturer T V Fortune
MarkimMcr J O Itarnet
CHy Tax Collector Jl R Walker
Wbarfmatler J 0 Damn
peter Htorge
Counellmen T M Frewth Jao Wll
ling It Deekman M II Shaw Jat
Sivet 0 Moor
cxrtTT orrciAiJt
Conaly Judge K
County Cltri tf
roijur eOCRTSI
Fnllcn Coliutj Court R a Mnrrell
Jadge held very 2d Monday la aek
Fulloa County Quarterly Court II C
f alley Judge held lib Monday In Jap
nary April July and October
counr of appeals
Jottpk Uwlr Thief Joillee Tht I
llargle Tboaiat lllnt and J I Iryor
lit Dlilrlet - F q Daaai 2d Balurday
lUsment ai Mr Cnkllng did with a no
lice fan engagement la another pur sh
uit IU Imply retired on hi lurlel b Vi
v- i i in i lame aantht
totlrtly new f
djmrnlal degree and here a common j ny at
cooui euuwattou suouiu nop
T Tailor
oriu i u jonnton
Clreult Court CUrk T M French
Atiitttr J Cooper
V1 vV 1 Kingman
Jailer Frank Thomaatan
Mailer Cemmltoloutt leo Warrea
Cpty Saryeyar Habert MeCannel
Cirtult J udie Jtnrt Campbtll
Cotamoawealihi Attorney C Tboati
iMpimber and Irctin
mend 1st Batorday in
ll l m viu in II 1 I Oil llll HU Qfttt V n aa t
it a- a I i J Dlitrlol EtqOoir 3rd Balurday In
March Ju September and December
i h ik oi k
-If and Urant hat long since Uen con L1ltK1 Vl V
rd llilrlet r need Ird
vlncid that Ihe sbilf is a bad place for hit Etq Mody In
Marek June and Deeemtr
merite msvtmul it rgtalied 8epiembr
bring Qnnl sot oexlyear at a full BeJeeJ rtqMayeelh Saturday In tarn
a t a w ilk lllsit tTI fatal IllaaW 1 aw s Aam lal Maa
earu tor ini rretueney lb managvre -
think th third term darner a they JTln MMh ffi 8plmbr aad De-
ember IUq Day net Ilk Tueeday la
etmt moalb
olh blttriet Etq Boas 11 Wedneeday
ta March June Hplemberaad Dee ember
Eq FlelJe 3rd Wdaetdy In am
Oth Diitrlel Eiq Jonei 41b
when Ulalne had toil bti own Suit auJ i day In March June September and V
in onttooa eiery wnere
nai dlimal aodlember heq Thot Dradtkaw id
Strang at It may mm tbli icbcme le
advocated br certain 10 called Demoertti
who have failed to grillfr tbelr ambition
intid of lb ptrly lliitt Oranl aid of
Kits Jbti torttr naturally ilrtnglhtat
him with Iki Uet of fertont and tk
effett of ll It partially tern In the atten
lions of MeClelUn and bie immediate
frieuls I lb aeplrlng third ter ner u
ring bit pnttnt villi to Ibe cardial
Qraut ctme her a lb gueel f Ned
Ueale who manage at tiirveyer general
of California lo put atide a valuable
ranebo which I Ih baokbon of a com
tlderable fortune He It auw at on of
tbe ttrgo aoieW wbre fanilur lalr
couree wltb Ibe Irautient ronulalion It
more Iban at a private houtt and where
ui moreracuio win oe leei remarked
When th quetlion It tike 1 Wktt are
the eaune of Oianle ttreuglb ai i pet
ttble eanlldite for Ihe Pretldtney 111
ipecltt friendt answer without reierve
They ar to be found In different dirto
lloul toiav of which are regarded as un
needay In taut monlkl
siw isui low jicatov itasrr
dally Job Work eolielied
rupeUfully anaouneea U th uublie thai
ba baa reenmed Luilaeta an Cliaia
i - - 7
popular by th prett bul all of which are l V MV - J
believed lo have elements of ilrength fori IBW C pie did Hoek
a pillllcal pnrpote
It li alleged Ibat Ihe great railroad and
and would be pleevd to hav all friend
and eutlomtr la call and lee him
Thot Indtbted to him an Lit yvtri
boilneee ar ropelfully requeued le
cm frward aid clll up at ht standi
gnatly la uetdf cttb
Is not sfgninff pledge
or takine a solemn oath that
cannot be kept because of
the non removal of the cause
liquor The way to make
a man temperate is to kill
the desire for those dreadful
artificial stimulants that car
ry so many bright intellects
to premature graves and
desolation strife and un
happiness into so many
Itliafctl DaowwiriOK
rmuatru non alcotioU
e tonic nude la Baltimore
Hdby lb Brown Chemical
Company who art old drag
Mi and la every particu
lar reliable will by remov
ing the cnvlsa appetite of
r curioa
tbe drunkard and by
tb nervousnets weakncsi
sma genet iu neattn result
tng from Intemperance da
more to promote temperance
in the strictest sense then
My other means now known
It is a well authenticated
fact that many medicines
especially bitters arc noth
ing but cheap Vhiskey vilely
concocted lor ux in local
option countries Such is
not the case with Browns
Iron Bitters It isa medi
cine a cure for weakness
and decay in tlie nervous
muscular and digestive or
gans of the body produc
ing good rich blood health
and strength Try one bot
tle Price ec
Maple Myrup
lly lb lltrrl Half riarrel and amallir
liiantltle Alio Kreth Qrlls and Hum
JACK Iloiigii
Tho Shoo lWCaker
One ifi1 t nOor aaj SIIUBMAKKKM
nettern Ke ucky Paliroaaaa Mn i
ed Satlifar la gaarnnteed
ItEPAlni deae promptly and neat
KifiriHi ChiisSKgi St Lew Riihij
Ahead of all Competitors
UIHllllS IV KA M I iI KHftaUitSU
Tin HrT Itot tr to the Summer twirti
and Mtiuiilaln rrlrralaof Tenoraarv Vir
ginia and th Carolina via MtKuurr
and Nsiivilu
Tilt IIixt HotTX to tvr relshrated Collrgni
VidxMHira Seminsrie and other Kdti I
rallntil inMflntMie In the Soutlwaat via
MtKisnt and tvtviiijc
Tux llivr llonr tiCharliaiton Savannah
Aiigiila IVIuiubia Krnitillr
HrUlul Uirhiuond Norfolk lYeihinglnn
viaMtKutia Namivillk and Ciiat
Dont Forgot It
llr tli It Idnryuu n cure Ihe
mm m i n
for lbs accociaodallon ef paiicsgcrx
Each liamer carrita a full tiring
htai R VT LiailTIllIIM
fltneral Freight and Ticket ice I
No 7 Monro itrt tlMtmf bltTtnu
11 mTT - p
E T Gardner I ProlSJzal
niiinuD inenew tigyi running no
iclor 8ewlng Msehln Woodm and
Melall Coflint furnlihid on hrt nolle
New Grocery
rtitir in
My Stock Is New and rreeh aad a III
be sold at prices that will be es
pecially atlrtclli lo buytrt
vloee to Ih olllitDt of Hickman and
Ulfiee Corner room In Laclede lloun
W T Plummcr U D
vice lo Ike ellliem cf Hickman and
UfBce Ceraer room In Laclede lloute
ArtERB kit rrofinlnal Services le
J Ihtcllliiasef llltknaaaad vlelalty
Having permtatMi Itcated In tbe elly
ef lllekmaa 1 woold reiftelfnJly eollell n
ihiire of practice f Ih elllierJ of Hick
man and aurraandlag country Having
been a regular nrailltle kkvtlelaw far
37 year 1 bill I can slv entire ail
rtetlon I all wk wtald pit it git
rat a call
n ft OLI OE
Offlca In Mllltt Btoclt
ALL ptrlln perfarmtd la tkt
rtltllt manner 8ptll allealton given
I Ik regnlalUn f children leetb
H A RT Tyfe7
Attorneys at Iawr
nlrnitid ta thir car
Of9e Mlllit Dloek
C L K A uN D L E
Collector Real Estate Agent
mr Will ail 4 promptly i alltul
net trutled kirn In Hulhweeiern
Keatuki and Norlkwetlera Tennetree
itpelalattntio given to lb Invetltga
IU r Labd titles and tb prcbasc
tilt rKl Eilat Uanl
0 HMfiklcUo Wilson
IU sure lo btir your Ikfcrtj over the
Ttirvvnri Ifcnt COUECTIONS prmpily rirltit
ruxd t eq arniaa few change are nn
h unsroIdaUe nr rm
in I nton IVit
niTw crx
Mrmpliie and Naliyif Cilnmli 1
Nabviilr Hu Iutt ami Xahville Mo
Kcuue ami Nailivitlr Naahvilln and
ttvillr Xsabville ami Chatlaivaa amli
NahVW irnl Mlnla miuiecting will
rlrri r In Florida t niita
IaAbilrai f till a ijecUlly
- t7 latmaiBaLamjtaw
DCallX 11
Italia amii Am cm can SIarulk
rnr lurtner luliruwlutu rail nn vuur U a i u reeelved a One lot of Aur
i 4X lean and Italian Marble I am pro
lueirvt I 11 Station Ajful or nddrrat
P A DallaTrx I Pd to fill all rdtn
J S HVt KKTickrt gtiilMrniillTrnn Ork
W I IIAN1KY 01 ami T A kOrderi from Ike
- - - -
lan aud eitmne
country promptly
m y i
wir tllirwied laaarlkaali
JMoTiitiliiu tinim - t
Louisville and
Cincinnati Steamers
james vr aAr r
1J dy al 6 p a for Cairo Laltvlll
and Clnelaaall connecting at Cincinnati
wilb Rallreadt and 8tramer for
Entire Mm ui Koilhtn Fsiaii
Giving through tickets I 11 polnlt tbl
etf Toledo Baffalo Ulehmaad New
York Wihlglta Clly 1hlladtlphla aad
Uotlo Eatl North and Teller lur
li will Ind La llelle River real safe
delightful and eeoenlt
II lee by Ibl Hn eheyer Ikta any
other Aril clan rout Mai and Halt
room frt Daggag cheeked Ikreutb
SeaJT Ptntngort can rly a tpltndld
rip by tklt lint as Ih Humeri are all
Brtl clan having betn axprttily built
aalarv a taia1 u i iki i
Ulanvrt MII aa ltfu1 1
lar4lawalt la Mltl 1 - t
ladnnlby lr lalliic
f laal III a a It
TWclilJl la Iki aH r
eUarl4aiaaalrlM traatalbrtr j a
tlaiiala raaia f
Iw u rttklljrcr pututaai a
KWrnii t ani it at4rnai
Vi eaarblaetri ur 11
f ere aiall iUHi
rilllr 4railalt
Tklt bvli tawll ba I I VJ f
aal W al a j m Ia at
4ra a mill 1 H t KfJ
Tha OtJerwell Kadlcal Ca
1 Ann Iwrh Jt Vl
Im VBK Has 1
B 8 RHEA etc SON
lisiLtsi is
C ci
AJtTCHIOl LISTIE IT trPii ir lk Mf
- vudvwrii fivmyiii ituu
t MBkJLtoLlka
JOHN A BCUDDER rrtaidtnl
JOHN 1 KEISCR Supriulndent
TIIEO L ZElOLKIl beoy aad Trial
and i
t irnm hi watj lo Memnbla a
irl weekly lion from Bl Lout lo Vlck
Memphis hoal pan Hickman Tuesday
nights Tbutdty nights nnd Balurday
nlghls Vlektiurg boala Monday
WodnetJtyi and Satiirdayi
Mimphli boali pan Hickman Tuudar
nlgblt Krlday nlghli and Sunday nlghli
Vlektburg boat WeJuetJtyt frldtyi
anu oumiHji
Mimphis boalt Sleamers Clly of Hel
eoa Hie Utnlvleve and John II Maude
Mcktburg boali Suarosr CHy of
rrMiu U4ii4 or Minpbi aald yw
CHy or Cairo Ulyef Jrctnvlle and
Cliyef Vlektburg
A LL perann Indtbltd lo Ihe 11 of
r n w tABLUV ded ar reepeol
fully nollBed lo com forward and III
up by tlie 11 of January or Ih claims
will he placed In th band of an officer
forenlleeiloM Sav aotl hy paying up
io VJW llTTVLiuAKr
LvE151 klnJ of itaple and ftcy
tuJ L6itettlonerie Will be pletetd In
tee bli old customer and will both mil
I bom In prlc and quality Call and see
us Quick dale and Small TrcBils
Wont be undertold fjnuitf
Hamily Grocery
All kinds of
usaally kpl in a flrsl elass bouts al Lot-
loni prloei
JCi AT Cg J J MM m9
rvtiKHr tUoilViN HoapN ale
caVlTllluot b undertold
fflllpsy fall price for Duller Eggs e
25cts Lower than the Lowest
I have no clerk expeniu no itore rent
and pay eaiS fur all my Gronerlc and
therefore can sell chp a Ih cheap
U Ileal brand of Wltltoberg and Lone

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