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The Hickman courier. [volume] (Hickman, Ky.) 1859-current, March 23, 1883, Image 4

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J iV
AnlnowlSohiirttol muiloawhn tabe
HCcanic a
Thoiirh llmilathrlllel with rapture and
cherub anlhema tlanie
InaoundlnOllirht on nweejlnr the ahlnlnit
ones decen
Toirve our earth the key note ot aon that
nhatthoilahthcroare who listen Id vain for
volcea hushl
What thouih them are who lansuish n eraweot
hopes earljr Crushotl
8tlll resl the E later choral adown the lonely
And ret theEaster jromle hath aolaoo for
ouctearv V
The Christ for us hath conquered our one re
lentless foe
Our Yenlsho1 cne torertr with Htm are late
wm know
O fragrant Raster lilies like tapora fair jn
Toilrht iliAjulportjsla IAluarJ th Jtlt
Icm land
Haste irentle Kaster anirclf who rolled the
stone awar -
Cometnrlt our lo eless spirit iharne unbelief
this day
And help us tread Itunder our footsteps as we
The Joyous hymns of Easter around our risen
Kin r
ATdiMrrt Sangntcr in lloritrt Wtk
1 1 spent every spare moment upon Uiat
My old friends Jack and Helen Bur- journal 1 thliik nothing ever so
nanic ten me misinv ouneir ciegant I iihed me It was a rcitlMion
mansion on uie iiuuon wmietney took
oneof thclruncxpcctod HrfiUtoKuroiie
This time ittnts for Ilirdies eyes Birdie
their Idolized daughter was then a
sweet girl graduate a fine type of
the frai American beauty She had
been abroadseveral times already but
no climate gavo roses permanently tn
her cheeks Jack was a big handsome
fellow hIio for soma years hail InSen
doing business In Wall Street- What
business precisely I never found out
When ho entertained his mnlo friends
they always talked of margins and
nutj and calls and straddles
and made mo think of whit St Augustine
saysi Thl tritllrip of wfnlfci il called
business Oiicel ventured to quote this
One of the heavy men present looked at
mo for a long time debating whether It
wcreworjh tho whilp to pay any atten
tion to mctind then he aiul jiotder
ouslyfwladaniwfl brSkeH are the
Atla Cs Umt boar the world upon our
houMtr All tiasinoss is supported by
and through I did not know how
to answer nim but all the same I felt
tli at he could ami should hftvb lo6n
silenced jtwtejd jjf me Suljsequeutly I
learnetl a great deal about thow Atlases
A few words will give nn idea of Tor
ricelli the rcedlv home of -the Durban
lack somewhere in his travels abroad
had beep greatly charmed by an old pile
with Jugar loaf towers utialnl pictur
esque tlrvftmy Helen Snared his ad
miration and Torricelli was the result
Tho towers already Ivy cluwr were w on-
dcrf ully beautiful especially in the moon
light overlooking tho lovely terraces
decked with fountains Matties and shrub-
bet that separated the mansion from
lho river
Onestimmcr afternoon I salvv ith Holen
on one of the broad piazas Jxively
citv antl there t lie v 1Ui1 kikitiiin
I uscdtt ihluk that those must hnve
been JUfJens dark davv
coopsd up in a
rlisnml country cottage working like a
Iavc from morning till uigt I often
thought of It when I saw her In
her blue Nttln lined landeati ttx llsTless
almost to hohl up her dainty parin ol
HutlhJjiuaden trip lo Italv It was
PrJrirJnK Uelc 1J fr
Blnllocojiliiiot s ndure thn en and no
li some mill h nee t fsrram tools 1 it
ly rno1 solid
I rauch want ihis win l Jiloo In
our rutfchanlr and tana ts wllhrat
araattresi and some U dillna with all our
t1fV Ifcourh we are S lhank II to
riiin lVn jaianis 7 1 he lw1 BltoiDur -
l ii
ritO nlH Work and t ht iuann
over a shlni
UbnVontlolS1 f
1JBI hnni t and I kept thinklur f
foreign country eer agreed with her Lt V Piiiatmry u
AdorTwo Un they Lm rffiSXmtiS
marked to Jack that it would forctrr andstartwi Mrs v aniotothartoo
had ilcliglitfiil homes
like romcclli
remain aymverytome why people who JSrVBiA TtoM iV4
Ing tttray oimHlrgcrmi biitInstcar fjj wjim hrV Iffniafw
hv dccJaivd thai J wos uuvioos of their liwidff ZlTi
ua JQ0WQ
couiaDTcrjcaveUitftnaiipiCMaiMlutfv in Z ri PM ln v0 wn
MlgM tiJlpfio and rton ihJJ
cclml leave them to roam orr the Yt liniiialit and thai n sd wta Jml what
world wliLinnysdfio -object sleep- SVrri
inff InlhedltlgylrJptsOf lllinmerV and iu dihaiiM wtthmt anTwa agresrf
nnyliif ilotiMo fur okI thnt mtiti biTn ln luaipbHi t
hoillU j if 1
Jalia3 lhttkffftviYuVithwhfh1 s huraetMrs
altUng all
rrlilDlc I
ur no
wMMMHii - - - -- j i rminA or aim nine om irrininn ucd an
w i npninaur ss ahm m - m i nmini - -
iiiiiiii iiii r1 7jiireau sss ik r cum request Mrs nuaiiury aara i was w
OKatlh lorget thr winter 0 nature bud and
And clulne slope with greenness that late
wpre hun with glnuu
OrlmtllrJT jllltsjwjr gteatnlng cen
sers llftl Mil
Kortlumtiie the mighty Victor the rooky
temliin IfM 4 1
Oscatlolllntterangeilsriawltt la greet the
When front Ihe guarded chamber the atone It
rollod iwiv
And Chrsi lh King strp onward with
Iftri beneath htm dead
And leads his ransomed homeward with gloty
on III head
Three days aro they Isll Dim all pulseless on
the Men
Th Ihom inaikcd brow wai pallid their
bert attvwl still In fe sr
Thrcetlayanl solemn atlllnces three day of
riff mhllme
A rittiso when aeraphs waltr d to hear the
inn In loin litem trl llinlie sl0
come to her sorte
Hut will ehe alt I
urirrA mo I tnlil Imp t all not re- asked I taken to nr placer Tltt eclatmed
rgen Jior I noUM A
That hen wilt tit In a rill nf water I
linquish IflO fun Of nmnlnc Torriwl tre In lea than ten minute that
con now rnonihi lornnvth tie Ann mi liranmanen ws niiuij miw
t 1 i it J til rr I twelve duck egg In the comer of my wood-
IwouldwnKer her Mlo
ladyships j iowni iMhey hatch Jack sj they
ntlU tvotllil not have quite M much ny rv t year egg for aught I know
fmnTf l r B ClX eSncVntehWVoVr S
IllO InmllV left nt nnon lbe CM Jrn mmiiiirinilmr bok hair Ilnla
r a 11T i
mummc j aeni lor llobson Hie nmici aiwaraienasin uaoa our i
I told him Hint lltlrine mv tiltnaetmnt April 2t 4ur pcaae planted aomthrr
Jv weeks are looklng loiely Can ttbos
T ttoumnavo nil bill soit
tradesmen iDht amfoenloy thedelUhtof preoar
tlirectlyto mo when troOilJ wre uo i in fn vi itrlicloiis urocn pease from my own
llvertnl Tliem C Dcarme I donotaattlmatopiit dawn
tvnull ilmneri
M n0 lln
li I l ii woH1 he tenth of what we do here How the
Hudson looked dinners I w umr mM when we first came we
reiwatetl onl V a llttla lunch t nno apt almot a whole day up IrartM In
dVlutb hrmAnl j I kmlirlit the wihuIs and packing them down In a bl
cck for mo and wnomtpii
any rrt nrp with the dirt re
call Then I went over thclarder tin lmnel piled nnlnnbankalonirttie north side
him aud took nntn nf uhat iUPIlira We dant ed on the leavea to pack them down
i Ti dmre down Hake around It and this wm our
llierowerc locked the wlne iellir and ht ri Two old ahectaaeweil together aened
uur nritnixir nan turn
kept tlic key Hy tint time I n I111 in place of aahe
id tie remimtlon from Imtlcr to acil ebeTwaJSre
lion lot bcitifr an awful screw It br a we were a Mlnr th t
short for aaian
predlctm cTlucame
tlnal touehca He
always fceemcil ul neither k nor I1 wht manurai w used for theleavea
Helen oral how mneh wm or n r IwttXSwXi Unier uS
notemlini ueh lack of stem iXtEStZl
lold Helen ro Q well re jtedcassy went by and Jack pulled a thei
nllcil ZiayolOl1on t Utinoso I COIlld I mometer nut of his hot bed and showed It
din atandln atelahtrdea reea Ilelonked lncrelu
tn flint lniln V tiniiln
nifll to Hint miliar for ernpio
v rtJ planta irow better ln hot
that hu Is not going nil right I Ixj Ue shall base iota of rlnitstoselL All
tie mv for wllto enouirh for lurire tine eml wedoioted toaweet
uZ S Hfltl I bh lr M
Wo at o r dm J J
tiers you know Hut what can be dono I May t W hase chrlslcneil our rlaoo
JaOkWont Intorfero With Houcniman Mount Hope lcause It Is on a hill and Hope
i it fii Is one of tmr watrh wonl Wedonot wish to
and tar frMd
npumenU at mo lmouit llflchi but picv llH hat our honest hard
of the 1retlurc ntl can owthvil his work may Kli u tho means to continue as
worksif you daw Itettc Ut him alone KrreVTh ard rVnLwCo
UlOUCll laKO OVCntlllnirrasV iiltn nwn a with Biirhmerrtlesanromnlltude
Joy this Kdeti as vou call it ashest you esery month and lake away our painfully
miv Ami Ilon aim m In u Uared up enrnltiw can not enterbere A lmr
7 - tramp came to our ooorut uay newante ito
herrocm and her writing desk anil If I work aiidwovavoiinntomeolothct
inn iintian aiiotiui o pl nn npe to anvo a i r - o J im i c
lout helntnr Jaek make the sanlen lneser
big ledger In lho under closc of It It
Is nn old Journal ixmalav Vn might
liku to look at It Dtu l wuiil prooaoiy
bore you Iorfimw It wouMnt thoujrh
You are a little sentimental 1 thought
tho speech rather strange ami efton
thoiljrlit of It aftonvanl
Dsjrpaaicd boforo 1 had leisure to
rummago In the closet of Helens beau
tiful ormolu desk Her oitrnal was
written In a cumbrous old ledger cover
log several years of Helens earlv life
blitnotono word after hff installation
TfiiMiliTMl m mlstross of Torricelli tor turoe tlavs
xxtniCTS raoM ncnViJcni
PHitaDcLriiiA March- v Jack has
decided that we are to Icarethe City How or
cxaotly when we dont know w chare auth
a hard atrurffle to lira We nsrer know from
month to month what our income la ruing- to
bo f rum Jaoka wrltlturs 1 it m dally appre
hension of the time when we shall have lo us
the tittle sum o carr fullj hoarded for lllrdlea
elucatlon Birdie la hatic rat trouble
with hdr nnd Jait loots at tltnea
atmoat hamynnl We tan- et out of these
little itntfy rooms tie fore anutbi r heate1 terra
t forthaaljtht of God a art en earth and for
one lonir breath of balrar air Jaek aayjs
Vea we must iro dear bit it is a leipln the
dark I dun t feel so I bellere In the
Irr flnit seems nenrer there Hired In tile
country till I wa twelre years odtLnow
bow to take enrsof chickens make butter and
cultivate dowern Ho smiles Incredulously
whru I tell him tuts and sun nr aisaca me ana
lllrdie I too hue had mniiTlnrs but not
now for the doctor h ntsthat Dirdie la In dan
ror andJackhsaayiieeliacbaai When
I think of my treasures In danjer I feel as If I
had the atrenaih of an army
rutlMViLLc New Jersey MarcO In
Dlrdle aeemed worse and Jack mada ma brlua
hor dowahcre toauy with the llodres IIU he
packa up our thlnirs It is too bad that the
dear boy has to do all the w -irk alone I hope
toe won t forret lo brlmr pussy We are to May
here wbllowelonk arouni for arottaieand
Ma acre of grounds The land here IS too blab
anil reel sure mere la roaiana inoonn ine
realdenlaortheoarpaU denrlt I feel tt tn
thedampalr ami smell It InthUnaslyatlcker
clnyeVaoiL oinliig down to the ferry I bouirbt
a bairfnl of areds O how t lone to berfn
rarminK I m not a bit blue over the prospect
though we must lake Ilirdies money to buy
out cutuir and laud Jack la a tittle dubious
about this leap In the dark thoujh he wont
admit 1 know thouxhbr the wiy he plays
hlssioiin I neser hinted this to mm and eo
hla precious old friend Is my accnt ally
Jnuiiv ritenlUtiKiia April
wo ara actnally aettled Inour new home almost
month Itlrillfl haa leanien t ralk and Is
already much better Jack and I can not
Dressnuriar over id cusnn mil nimcirnui
rensure our folly In lirlnrso lonreoopedup
intnecity we are nan a mne rrom a lime
settlement that Is sure tn urow rapidly aa it
has a railroad iuat opened A nlc rottaarti of
aeren moms a chicken sard and biua and a
over the bek oonr There la
no well tboiia h and Jack has to brlmr all the
water In a ker placed on a whcelham w lrom
a lake almost a ouirtrr of a mile awar for
that Is only a llttla further than our nearest
trailing vinos curtained tu from a t4K nlD n1 JCV VtfS bTi
Wemutbare well Wa all
i7 I a hyind put
ntt n i koi tinn by
and cast their shadows
glaring light our fcpt a few dollars turn this
upon the floor of real mosxlc Binls
sang in the Rhnibbory or bathed them-
wives in mo fountain basins bees
hummed abovo the cups of luxuriant
flowers of even kind tjat an extravacant
profeuIoMsljjtorist ewridfraake growhnj
the open airpr fithis greenhouses Helen
lanning tveweit languidly as alio tax in a
luxtiriatitarrtvchairtldSHow are
you ever going to amu xi yourself In this
barrack while we are away
You call this a barracks and yet the
drapery of a single wfndow has cost a
thousand dollars I spoke reproach
fully for kl felt that Helen was an un
grateful woman I ditl not understand
then what became very clear to me
afterward f t
O wellpnusln You know tho
rl pita ant omega of Jacks bn i neii crwd
is visible opulence Ho tav s nobody Is
rich only o longnspple believe liim
to bo so We hie tvyo home full of
costly things that wo can not use anil
really do not want and all the world
envies us our grand fortune Io you
know I nti er Ihink of us hs fortunate
And with Ibis Helen made a turn
acrovi the rerandaf and then dropped
back into her seat with a sigh
Helen Hurhank I- cned Do you
mean to tell mo vou aro not a happy
woman r Is not Jack the best of hus
fQ yes I fcUHiq I 3ma happy
woman antl of course J ictf is a good
husband but Come Ponsln Jane
let us ride around tho ground The
esrriagejms been waiting an agu And
Helen dragged on her hat indgloves and
her costlK dglmank Vj we descended
the brosdlcp7ofthTi mansion a footman
in blue and creani colorcdlUery ceremo
niously oienud lho carriage door shutit
when we were seated and then mounted
his seat behind the elegant barouche
where ho sat like a statue with folded
Thopaikof Tun infill win beautiful
Ihe day iiiagniliccut yet ustheltuurlous
carriage rofcfl nofvessly over Ihe
crudeil roaila I could wiiVlmV Helen wsus
ill at uase I thought It was that
geons loolinan and told her so She
enilicu unustUl
lmvo even thin
cotclinian ami footman In limy I halo
Dlace The Doorman who built ltontiid not
pay his inorifl iure and was on the point of loa
nr 11 lit Urn As It la be rot In m West
1 with for we trave f vo The plaer If any
where else couiit ecu lor IlUJUcmilr There
lseter so much land all around with little
plnea and Oakland Ihe fciuikleberry hushes are
just a tancKk How IlaaaT for them to ret
ripei jm t
There Is alula iranJcn apot tlearcd Tba
little trees cone quite up Id the ent of our
raranda on the norlfa aldeu O It Is dellilitful to
alt on our little veranda and listen
in the woods Jack can imitate them
nnhlssiolln To day Idldallmywasluiieand
Ironlnir Jack helped toe w ashlnr Is not
hard and Ironing Is really artistic work
April 10 Vesterdar Jack ipit our nela
bors horse and plowed for the tlrst time I
auch crooked furrows I led the hone at
first but lie soon sent me Into the house that
he might tie free lo express his feeiinirs I
think While I wna therebnaald 1 know the
Klnte of plowlnr 1 know what you do to
make the plow ifo rteht orJefUdetppr shal
liw but really you dont plow by adonce but
by Instinct I stopped the horse and looked
liiusrely at lack and aaldt Jack I know you
can plow Why anyc unnvin man can learn to1
plow Just bare patience- Than he made
me come In nnd 7 Kotjhitn a nice d nner
When he cams tn at aunsct he looked tri
umphant and tired n be was his face all be-
fcrlmed he rlpd me and waltzed me around
the little aininj rooin till nc nearly upset
Ilirdies cradlo Ho bad xot th knacky be
said I never saw hlin I ok so hsnl oma
April It -To day f rntde my Brat loaf of
real raised breL It was anotbor rrsnd tri
umph I set the spnnre lato last mrhi with
hair a yeast cake It was cold am I did not
know how to kevp tho rponro warn Finally
1 act my ooticrupon ino aiunen laoia piisco
on four boillca and with a tin lamp unler
neath Then I put on Uiemrerof ibu tioiler
and went to bed I rot up before Jack My
aponaewaa ready to run orer I miied my
bread and ael II In the boiler ttlinel on tta
aide before the slose the douirh covered with
a cloth Jacktuklnntaeenltanditwastuiely
bakel and col I at dinner time whin Jatk bad
finished pownr and barniwinjr the rround
What a surprise It wail or Jack Is parUcu
larly fondtif rood bread He aakd where f
rot that ipleiKtld loaf euppoalnz aoai neiijb
InrbadMntll tniue I did not sniwpr him
dlrectiy and Jack turned to Dlrdle seated In
her hirb cbslr and rrawdy aakel her where
that loaf came from xiHfto - she re
plied pnundlnir her plate wltbber spoon I
thournt Jack would not undentandber wurd
for store but he did and express d rreat
pride In my skill Idnntlhlnk beitss proud
as 1 am of bis learning to plow and told him
- LUriia tz csptr bouse uilU lil
laan waa burned down act on dre accident
ally by tramps It Is said We must he doubly
caret ul of fire Vo flro enrlnoa owned here
Atml iaTke Dntlvlrottw ami Jatk
twentr dollar lat weekTfor two biorlals
Ubiiwitbhue Itll We Immediately tmtigbt
ana set nut a lot f fruit tress and shrubs also
mnni vvvrKnnsnnisnauotriOs I inaaojaca
hire atnan a wili in hin Tkn is mn
lack thinks wo must I w fltd strawberry iau h near the cot-
unit that Includes I aaiitMCQPiws of runtierry busbe I
n have spent hours on my banta n kneee null-
lllir OUt ara nttm anflitl i Am mm
lira liul iliing and 1 know ho does and hTorKlnwrv nn J 1
mw Cousin Isno never mention the SSR rV K
nib eel ngain themi I wonder If I nil bats no strawberryf
My couktn Heleu had chunsetl wonder I prl - hap sue u insnie to make my
lerttUtAalUhe pleasure In Ihe world mxclie my bns by pMcndtaa toi
Mie was a buxom losymlnxat twelve i iih1 IiJL V1 ot that aeemilo
ns I rluVjnbtrcd her Then fortunesenl I WuVX J1SSi
aniltMl tia forjars I isltotl her once in rinr at aln I am mid thit this I a feat-
tiin euy ol rhlliulelphia w lit n Jack was think rry Dauone
cent calico die then and did all her iy bMay We are sorri e Sun to lose
own Murk After that TttSJ lole belplna
- they bouuht Mrw
n M
lilllefaun some tiiiitv nnli fmJ i I tWx Cwp fVfUS J2
worked iutif toors before w canie here It
la tnsplrltlnir Tbodav lllplle
ti tilled aliout frtlllnvdown arer other tnln
ulo but always rrowlna with dellcht She Is
the dearest little cherub In the world Vrater
day Jack lay down on the lounre and fell
asitcp ne nan been up lotur peiore auon e
anil was urea x was noinir ior wora ana
wati hlnj her She went about trery softly eo
as not to wakw Impa nhe was atruvsiina witn
all her little mtghl placing- Ihe chalra care
full in a row Uifore the lounre so that papa
mirni noi laii ou
May 10 Jack a ham work instead of hurt
Inrhlm all lesrw1 Is inaklcranew man nf
hlra Ho will not wear a broad brimmed hat
He wants to irti brown beaaya
Jlay Ii Sureka My ducks hare hatched
at leaaiaeten of Ihe t well a cars Almost
all our planting la done The tramp that came
to ualaat month returned some days aro and
asked to stay and work for Ins board He
seemed honest and we enulJ not refuse I
took Mr lltlsburvlntnniroonndrnerand she
lent ns some thlnrs tc ax up a room tor thts
new comer we can aim our u u trooa
because he Is ao hanJy ami so helpful
le took some blr crates which h mail him
self ailed them with sweet potato plants and
carried them down lo our one rroosry store
and to our meat market He expecta that they
will sell at forty lit e cents a hundred
May I Our arardrn rmws apace We
have lettuce from our hot bed and also
radishes We undertake el erythlnr Jack and
1 When we first came we rend how to plant
asparagus and raaJc a bod dura irrmtilwa
feet dcepIHed Ihe bottom with old boot a
rubbers straw weoda and escry rubbish that
could decay Abore this a load of atable
manure bought of Casar then the earth and
the plants we ae t down deep Into th la the other
day Jack sars we are capable ot starrer
Ins Intoanythlnr At last one of my lcr
bnrnsdkl seriously alt and I rase her nine
turkes errs bourht of a perajn In town who
wanted Lerborn err I O made the ex
change He flndsout ererylhlnr
MayJrt We bare rot a welt O what a
treasure For week Jack and I bare been
calculating the pmalbllltr ot paying for a well
al the rate of one dollar a foot for lbe
libor and on this hill we should hare
to dlr at least forty feet It did sesra
a horculean task It must be that Irori
dence has special charre of such I be
In tba arooda aa Jack and I The other atj at
tablet said to Jack Are not we three irrosni
people competent to dlr a holer There are
the llck you know It will take about three
thousand an 1 me deir boy looked melan
choly 0 O c mid dlr a well he be
Iteinl The next day 1 left lllrdie rrilh lira
rillshury while I went to diid Ihe owner ot tho
house that lately burned own found him
and went with htm to look al the bricks of the
fallen chlmneya 1 bourht them all for three
dollars and arrang vd f or their dellrerr at
Mount Hope Jack laid nearljr all the trtcka
The well was finished yesterday It la rloee lo
the kitchen door In the shed O II made Ihe
curb and buns the bucketa over th wheel
Jun8 Tu day we had rrcen pease err
In an omelet and a lettuce salad for dinner
allfi jmourown place and the work of our
own nano
June R Memorable day Jack went to
the posl ofTlee this mornlnr aa usual
1 wa out sweeping and retUllnjr my duck
ponL Soma ono was leadlnr a cow ud Ihe
road that roes by our house I kept on my
work dreaming of the time when Jack and 1
would own a cow and hare cream with our
strawberries which are rlt now and we hare
more man we can eat I leu mat uirnie must
hare milk tiefom she ran become robust I
had scarcely rol Into the house when I heard
Jaik calling JIturglns I went out and
there Stood Jack with a little clock under his
arm ao1 Nxiing a little short hornet cow by
a chain which rested on hi anil In folds Hla
face was radiant It fairly took my eMb
away for I felt that It wa our cow Her ud
der waa large and of a torely cream color
She rare tallk then lllrdie toddled out
clinging to me fhe hadnerer been so near n
cow before JWbo shall aywc aro not richr
exclaimed Jack Tlcb beyond thedresmanf
avarice irsirtcancoie four years oH threa
fnurths Alderner and gentler than a kitten
I screamed with delight and then Jack told
me he had bouaht the row of Mrs Wayland
who waa selling out pre pa lory to mot Ing back
to the city She wanted a good home forthls
pel cow and happened to need a watch ao
there waa a swap made cow and twenty
dollar for tho watch Jack went and brought
a two dollar Connecticut clock at once for wa
have none How fortunate ar we to secure
this Inrelycowl We call her Brownie
June t Jack got me a dozen milk pan
Brerythlng In the house waa fuU nf milk
Muih heavenly cream and trawterrteI We
Just lire on flrabam bread nnd cream and
Aunt Judy who sometime doe work for
me cam by yesterday rooming and evening
and milked tor roe My handa were rcryeilB
ther are retting used in rnllklnr now Jaek
currle Brownie carefully erory morning If
I could only milk use niam Aunuuiyi now
willingly I would excharnto what I know of the
piano for such a useful acconplUhment
Juno ST To day L chutued the second
time and sold aialo two pound of butter for
eighty ci lit My chum la a tall little yellow
rsnarn ctws jscs msua mv s nun iur ii
and a little dasher The butter come In lit e
minutes The man who owns the saw mill
say my butter is the rwiat be has ever tasted
anawaniaail l can uparo i cn wiLaamuo
Mimiiinv anare at least a dollars worth ererr
week and so In this war we can ret some lunv
ticrioritrowuie anouae icannnppay
for it We hare now n temporary shed for ber
about six feet square Ilia itilte touching to
see the ariatooottlc blooded creature stand
under II chewing bet cud
July S We had new pniatoe green pease
and Isttuoe for dinner all from our own place
also itrnwberrlea and cream buy very
little meat for It I eipenalse and since we
hare milk and bulter we dont seem to nerd It
HnraMrnMs hate a can of corned bef 1
iut It In dellcateslk es and make It lalH week t
Jack aay my one toed ni economy is siarriiur
him I answer by showing blra his bonny fane
and form In the glass He watghanflten pounds
morethan when we left the city O II ha
cleared more ground and sol out ibadctrres
and erergrreo This la Ihe beglaUDg of our
lawn Our Horlsl and inirserjioaii came to
Jack for help In waking hi catalogue Ha
wanted to aay good oeai to nts customers
but had no literary culture He wa glad to
pay In sbrulr and flowers It does w era ail r
cvcrytfiingJxtBniliWtastJdlnnurbxnaa not
that we hate any rold or money In any form
hut I reel all Ihe time lhal f am rich and cer
tainly wear wonderfully happy
Julv s Another aouroeof wealth 1 had
so miub bonny clabber rcurdlel milk that
1 flld not know wdrxxooo who n napenraeuv
developed a nine oottagethecae which Jack
aay la a Utile like Ihe famous Ncufchatcl He
liellered they would aril and carrlrddown a
S MM wtr l VT SJw 4 esnpn stj jjjj IS
demand for Mouot Hope Cbeoae Rteryrtay
I send from tea to twenty and get three oent
each Of course they ares cry amall Wears
feasting now upon bluwborrM they grow all
orer our wood O bow delicious they are
with eorn cakes and i rcaml
August tlrownlo bouse 1 finished It
Is a Utile barn with two stalls nolle a loft fur
bay three bins for grain two little windows
aooimmitmvot to keep a aupply of leaves or
nthrrlvddlng for Ilrownle and quite a Utile
room for a workshop
Augustan- em Writing my Journal tn an
old ledger which has V err little willing In It I
meanliesldomynwn I slwasaJiad a pleasure
In keeping arecordof whalldo Tbials for
lllrdie when shegrowtup I wanlher always
to remember her home with rap and mamma
with pleasure and I I mat abe will With all
my work and multiform care I trylo keep
ineooiiagu crr ii mk -
without putting on It aboiiuuelnf llowerlf
thero I anywhere flowcrtolie found The
blersed Ilowcrsl How many people hare I
known who adore Mowers are alway ex
iimin ahout their loiellnesa ret wilt not
give Hie minutes adar to their iwre nn cult
rMi thing Ihey love now-
cr When lower do really gltethotn great
satisfaction their lltes will re iulrr them and I
become expert at mandlng and thl rrenlng
konpis nnenf the mirtl delightful of the day
f October old oolleue 1 hum Jam
Norton just ooiiiu inim niimisiiiwiin
a visit of three days pnd weniuchenjojed It
Luckily I knew he waa coining and prepared
aa best I could How fortunate that we had an
- tliMl rininnll aai klnv atutfed with
nine needles made a ery fair bed for our
room whllo our one snioii niai rets did mrj viuv
of atone
otleredto ill the rblcVe
ena Ha aM IW
It Is aodlsitrrAhlA lb l I Ml 1a l miI
Now that showa just what Jack la noble In
erery thought
This trtcnil of JacUt la a broker and
rery rkh He aakeit ma If I wnnij nit
kj tiir furnicw In the cellar and
a little nnwer roora with double sashes
for winter flower Mr ere nnrnol 11
I The thought flashed upon mn that lom
iiunr ue ineae were to be my Christmas pres
Here ended my copying from Helen
Ilurkbanks journal My Idea was to
elve it lo the world aa an cxamplo ol
hppineas independent of outwartl elr
cumstaneea I knew my cousin would
give mo realy iermlsslon ivj that I
substituted olhernamea for hers and hei
husnanil There waa not much more
roconled On the winter following tlu
lata rlsto there was a dreadful snow
storm and fearful cold lho strupgl
wai rather hanl that winter but the
next saw a man elou change Jacks
friend the broker lent him money with
which he made additions lo hN build
Ings Improved Ida ground and gener
any atuicti luxuries lo mat slmplo and
bliasful home moreover hu inveatotl In
stock through tho advice of Norton
1- rum that hour mem was aahailow niton
the worst was feared though Helen Uwl
creat lalth in the physician nttetuliip
her The letter disturbed me emit
t felt anxious anil nervous Ml my ex
pected pleasure In runnlnp Torrid III
had proved an Illusion Hobsnn Lot
mail corrupted allthoerrsits and l ft
I was glsd when he vsr pne and ot
aloiii larN tter without hiri despite tho
Insolence of omo of tlio ervants and
the laxlnev of all of then- The isro
of tho placo was n bunlen to mo and I
lonircil for the return of Its owners He-
sides there was sornethirjr deprc omp
about tho place despite it
This I had not perceived at tlrst but
now It prew upon me Ono day tho
cook whoso salary was fvo thotind
Hollars a year threaten to leave
Merry Jack would cerulnly stare
though it had not been very long since
he found a dinner of csux bread and
milk with a few blackberbcs
Another letter from llilen a fi
days after tho tirst I will qiote entire
Hotsl t LKDHors Knws Auxtst M I-
MrDsiaJsK -I am Ihe mst wretebst
of women lllrdie I dreadfully II Tb doc
tor and the nurse sud me from lie root l II
matters little for my precious chid doet not
know me They urge mo lo rid- end car
riages for me continually but I mtt stay near
her The dm tor has Just ordered m lo write
lo some friend II iK olds rne tor rar dis
tractrit state as If4 could be leas oiorvome by
thl aalicilmi than I am I will open my heart
to Mi my dear old fneod Jane Cod Is pun
ishing roe for my atna Jack will t I aiiinttt
but I know It writ The II nrer of iJod could
not write It plainer upon my heart We were
happy oh so happy f In our draroM M Hint
Hope cottage for are srere aerrltg Oisl
labor for our own and all tho sroun s
The wilderness about our home we made
toil tike the rose lllrdie rrew strong snd
beautiful etery dsy O those dar when e
were really rich I forall we had wssours hr
homst right not gained by somo Irti k cf
speculation Our elmple fool wis sweeter
than all thananntieta nf mtr rraivlee state
Jack waatemMetl by huold rt lend to r into
what ho called snd lbe world calls legitlraair
busliK as They were finally two nf eifht tu 1
whobingbtup all the Hour In Ihe market t
enouan of It Jane to make errry starvirt
chtlda loar ut bread coat its wretched licJ
aennymore for they held on to this fl r
until It went up and up Then Ihey sold srl
Jack became a r h man Jane the raifl
Torricelli 0U so rr ich admire wa built with
r uch money as that I Mf that Jarka bus
new wa an unrlgbteoua one but I alloe
my Instincts to be argued down There was
my great aim but O God my punlsbm
seems greater than I can bear Be wllne s
you my cousin Jane for her I anlmtvr
weartbatlf my Heavenly Falher will spa
my belored child I will relracr my atepa ao I
go back to my clmpler and nobler life flu I
can write no more
Krer yours dear cousin
IIilks llcnnn
This lellerexnlained a creat ileal
saw just why Helen hail not appreciated
as i thought her lovely home itiring
foundations his wealth had reals d Ken
thu stately Torrioolll withllstvy cniwni d
towers mut navn nocu 10 nun 11 s fum
ble castle In the nlr M UovcUtnil In
Utrpri Motitil
Our Ureal riourre r Wealllt
There were in the Iliiled States m
1880 100907 farms tunbtiwlng IM
77101i itcro of Inipruveil land Nip
Mc there should be rijtul to one re
mine planted In corn loeach farm the
result would bo al forty bushels to the
acre lGOOWUW bushels Theo tiuna
servo to show what fiiriinips arc m n
little extra effort capable of aicomplidi
This country la gruit in reviinvos am
varied In climate and a fow fiet fn n
tho t eiDiii hovy that we lmvo nol owr
rntctl the agriuiiltttral Interests In then
relation to the wtulth and IniMiitn ot
tho Nation Here uro tho liguru
Nuinlierof farm lis r
Impmttol lands ttl 1 ii
Value of firini I Wlfln n te
Value of iinpleinnte Ilfclsi
Value ot lite slock IVUmiu
Valuo of farm product UUii v
Iliero nru millionalrui in cities ami
Ihey will make aaiirlftwlotditalntbeiii Tvt merchnnll lllld lIMHUfaetlireiS id
WZXiWSff SwHoSSr7Si tlio great wealtli and that which A
inn sum iiiiiuu nun is iiiiiiiiiu nt s in
our fnrnis and iIiomi as wo Imve nl
ruaily said are tlio oasis of all our m
m Fiiatln f mines the white llltisllii HllnIHi
iiimniii it 1 i uiuiiiDss ion iimt
not likely to Iki oveitlone nnd tit- r
had farmer u lelir pnxpecl ahead or
greater inducement lo plant ono a re
1 dj i
nibegueat fiiini inn chaml r set i mull man ill till your ieeo i imi
china thecotlago airtnlsand this also bml to uuti Vomintrvitl tiiutlte
lo keep company with our lit st bed When
showed the giie1 hi room t hyiwcrttlcally -
spologlred frnoi v1 l0 I 1 An iixilutiigeatinouiico In a Iiiiih of
asi seal sanifiriiiiiiaw Baa a nisiiti iiii u
Vir nnd Civiiua have
crurUlus irted lu the oeuirr where hung a m ilanellig at n billl
mi flrat
aacriri ui
Mn lull in sc
utKMUDUtshillhoiiglnirlaskst lit which giew I 11111111 nlaiilt ill Im
J r miJT i Ivor
beautiful trailing plant ib lovely nuwi r f r
hi table and aoeined charmed with bis I In Plllffig tliarrlctl peoplr snmitline
er next iii iil tlaticfl logolhcr II tiDioiiiieiy nceeari
bad lo tut
chicken pie Twochlcken
1 hi 1 1
thadvblore for thli luiurv 0 0 to IJiaku up a bet hUmlJpuU SWi
ntt ivn wiaegtiia
-Old Ilachs pudding Heat up tlirrs
ipgt flavor with esxenco of lontoti ani
rrnted nutmeg and add lo them fotti
junceiof finely minced apples currants
rralfl btead cniniln nntl two omicus ol
MigiM tn ix thoroughly anil boll In
jutUiid motiltl nearly throe hours
v rv with lemon sauce The cum-
An animal that has been Injured by
jrer reviling cannot bo again brought
iito as gootl a condition as one that lias
irown poor through lack of food Over
ii hogs can rnrely be brought luvck tc
v pKiif healthy condition The resulu
v over feeding are derangement of tin
histivc organs loss ot appetilo and
dually loss of flesh V 1 7crnM
It is a well known fact thnt treet
vlong highwitys trees In towns am
dies trees in groves HmltUt agrlettlttira
cgiom reudcr the atmoaphero purer
lliev bv their foliage abtotb hurtfit
jaewltloli would olhervito be breathet
is Hit inhabitants ol me iiensoir popu
Ivletl villus thereby nxxllfjitig tlleeajca
Hope Finally Jack liecile ti I nlnr leTcrs of epidemics am
to New York and Into business n11 J llrovltig the healllifiilnes
111 U
with Notion Helon nrolosteil but Jack lf ivnimiinitics
was quite heavily in debt and ho saw a i The wild cherry Is a tine tree foi
way to relleuvo htin elf Hu liecame the lawn is very symmetrical In growth
lie fi sjienl niouc lavishly traelttl has a beautiful follnge and In Slay i
abroad built TuiticcIII gratitlcd everv roveml with sprats of while rngrn
whim ol his or Melon sor llinlie s but lioweis atrbniinir aountiani lcd fornze
hsppiness had forever tied and In autumn Its boughs arc lideu witl
tin Ihe day I made my nl oxiraet festo ms of nrtgiit oiaeit mill niuci
fro n Helens journal I received a leltel I ouelit by binls antl highly appreciated
trom her She was In Ivome lllnln by lovers of old fashioned cherry
was alarmingly 111 of malarial favor ami bounce- fanner Home Journal
are constantly rubbed of leaves and
blades It Is rnssltlvely nectssary for a
good and proline pasture to havo enough
of it so that the trrass will be long antl
then It trill be thick lender and succu
Clear out your hazel brush your
mvIiiim f w mira ml all if tla WII
places on the farm and tow them to tho
tamo grasses There has been publlahtvl
these lonely weeks as mfstress of n abtindanco of advice by learned men
oelll I reflected tleeuly upon tho vanltv of extierienrr as to what kiutl of gras
of riches the covotlng of which hail seed to sow on special soils snd locations
wv im mv lwrtiinw aln It was s If vou htt not been pendinir jftmr idle
discipline I necdeil and It taught me to time the past winter In running to town
distinguish between real and apparent but in study ing your business and plan-
wealth Helen inner poverty nau ai 1 ningiur grvawx suaxxs m umimc iuu
nicast every blcssinoji in her wealth aro now well informed Juat what kind of
beggar might Ravo pitied lier could he grass seed to sow and when lo sow It
have read her heart It was plain that Itutlfjou do not know lhoo tilings get
the great love oncfloxlstinglictweenber thegrw seed at random any kind or
and Jack had become as cool a thst of all kind and sow it a you tlltl ymr
the most worldly husbands and wives wild oat recklessly and prodigally and
Then 1 saw by this letter that Helen had it will bo the beginning of widora with
forgotten how to txi nl hrislian else suo j
would not have made a conditional tow Some of you complain of high taxes
to God She would have simply bowed And yet probably you havo ben paying
her head and promised to return to a taxes for twenty years on some of your
better life land which by yournegleulhasnot been
My suspense was soon relieved by n gelding you icontof income Anyone
telegram or cablegram ns some say traveling through any part of the conn
Simply the wonls God bo praised iry can see on almost any farm many
llinlie is saved A month afterward iutps of wast land which it caret ull V
Holen wrote gav letters from Paris nnd sowed togran would yield a Urge protit
spoke of soon returning home She htul i per acre as the best plow land And It
bought home wonderful picture and i i perrulUnl to Uc Idle and tho plow
some old carvings worth tLelr weight land is critLciifU over vtairlr to nue
In Rold She wrote of certain chunges money lo pay taxes on land which has
shu was contemplating In Uie decorations never yielded a cent to the present own
of Torricelli and gave me directions t er and never will
which she had not dono before Iwasi Rut nc trust our appotl wll fiaxe
lerrilieil Had she utterly forgotten her J some influence on those who aro nolloo
solemn vow Them was a ensc of un- old in tierversltv Sow moreirrass seeil
rest continually with mo and when a have more fortune ami not particular
dispatch tame that tho family had taken have niore stock but lietter ones Toll
passage on tho tity of Lyons my lint less for thu proxluctlon of grain crop
ihnugTil was There is a Jonah on thai but manage bttrr and wateli more care
steamer fctill it was an Idle thought fullv the improvement and growth of
which did not prcur ncain when weeks stock Illles n life of servitude and
anil months passed and theru raine no I more certain In It results State
netrs til 11111110111 1 1 111a ft r w 1 firyicr
sutiDosetl that she foundered in mid
ocean und that every soul pirished
Jack left no will and when bis estate
ctmc to be settled theru wa not one
dollar for any of his heirs though he
had naised for a vcrv wealthy rain Kv
Molasses vmddlnc Votir cupfuls ol
flour six eggs two and a half cupful ol
molasses one and a half cupfuls of but
ter or butter and lanl mixed one cup
fill ot butter or some cream and a tea
spoonful of roil Season to your taste
wilh cinnamon ginger or cloves nnd
eat with tint Ixtllml rnola a is aaiiiv
or else hot molasos prepared by add
Ing a small pinch ot soda and stirring
until It froth up well It may be made
more palatable by thn addition of lemon
or nutmeg a flavoring 7Vffo ttlade
X Katuuu farmer trives lho following
directions for raising artichokes How
the ground very early in the spring cut
Ihe tubers to one eye in each piece plant
three and one half bv eleven and one
halt feet apart and cultivate the same as
early potatoes the richer the ground tho
belter This will yield from six to
eleven hundred bushels per ftcrc in rich
soil with good cultivation The tops can
bo gathered and cured same as corn
fodder- Stock will eat them a rradilv
as hay or corn fodder Should J on wjsn
lo clean your ground of them let litem
grow twelve or fifteen Inches in the
spring then turn your stock onto them
tfisy are as easily destroyed as potatoes
Mere Iras
Tastures are too limited in number
and extent- Too much land which onn
never be properly cultivated Is lying
idle orralslngcrops of pestiferous weeds
to have the seeds blown over the land
devoted to crops The psturf aro
never loo large but they are nearly
always overstocked There Is greater
Ignonftjee In tho proper management of
uopastiira and mtNC neletl cf its re
quirements to rnakr i profitable than
frobably any other branch of farmisg
n our dry and hot summers It will not
do to hare pastures cropped short The
grass most he left long enough to form a
shade ami mulch for the roots Ilesitle
I he leaves of t recs and tho blades ot grass
are thoir lung nnd limited growth is
adding to Arable Sell
1 he welcome news ha been published
that an artesian well not far from Den
ver has tticctedctl In reaching water
rry lualy preaeutetl claims 1 thought of 1 should this news be tree It is of Immense
Jacks watch word Visible opulence momem the neoolo of Ihe United
IIu bad known thou iiion what frnli vtatCJ Forilrenders it poslbht lo nifke
arable land of millions and millions ol
acre of aoil which Is now waterless 01
which bus but a small downfall ol ruin
In n short period of tho year His the
leculiaiil of our western deserts that
ots little water makes them nmaziigl
fmilful It now seem a if the timn is
mining wtieu hi thu iomiI of llm tollli
will lie rendered useful In inan The
French engineers Imve for years pasl
been stuaifily nt work reclaiming the
Desert of Sihnrn bv means of ititeinii
well A great numtx r ot lliexi have
been sunk along thu vuturn lionler UG
of whlcJi ara in the proviueu of Couslaii
tine kbd they nru prugruuvlnir Mettdlly
liiwartts Ihe Interior nf tho desert At
Jtiii who lias for twenty years superin
tended these inagtiitlcent works has re
cently reported on this Interesting toplo
und among tho rlirloti phenomena he
notice is the finding of fishes nnd
crab In these waters at inry great
depths lie suys tlio urab when
rooked havn a dellulou llavor It
I clear tho world will not havo to pay
licctl lu tlio dreadful foreboilfngsof Mai
thus for many years to come for tlio ro
claiming of deserts by artesian vvclli
would furnish soil to supply fond foi
hundrtdiof millions of nooplo Some
day no doubt hnninn Ingenuity and ln
iliistry will lind some means ot utllixing
rocky soils Jcrhaps stones and IhmiM
ors may lie crushed nnd pniier clirnil
Ct1 mlihtl to make new soil in elouv
placo And so in Ulne It may como to
pass that a mold may cover the granite
hills of JtVy j riiglnntl which will buns
fertile as thu rich river bottoms nf the
west- The earth is cnpablo of supjmrt
ng twentv times tho ntimlxT of Its pre
ent Inhabitant It I said If Irelnnd
vvciti ns Mipiiloii nthtlvelvn lliiltud
of Jtierusoy It would cuiiUiu IUihkiihs
of pcuiJlc That X is nut npially fruit
fill and pns nnii lteenuatt of pervenm
human inilitutlon In the way nf wicked
laud laws Domri n Monthj
SiiltRf Made Fair
Tn lh lime of Napoleon It was rail
mated that it took six hundred bullets to
lie fired in battle before a man wa
killed la oilier words every dod sol
dier represented his own weight in lead
Bat tho recent Improvement In firearms
ha added to the cflloioticyof the soldier
The greater range of the rifle aa well as
the rapidity with which it can bo fired
has made it tblrtytwo time more
effective than the old smooth bore
To put it more accurately a military au
thority nays that the modern rifle is
superior to tho old tmooth bore in the
following iwrUcularsi It is eight times
mors effootlvA In accuracy two third
greater in range and penetration five
tiratsirrratcr in rapidity of aimed fire
while tho weight of the cartridges iter
man nas aiminisneo jet in uumixci
that my He carried has len increase
Thn added efficiency of the heavy guns
la no ices nirprtsinR ins famous
Krnpp now makes a gun of nine
inches calibre and eighteen Ions
weight which will send ball
through twenty ladies nt solid iron and
hla field Ktin wlthlu a range of more
than a mile ami a half can be tiepentlen
upon to put every projectile into a space
of lens than two hundred square feet
Taking into consideration the breech
loading lifting better powder improved
Ot lighUr earn of U1
te science of artillery has been revolu
tionized and one battery to day la more
effective than twenty of those ao till
folly handled by the Great Napoleon In
the next great battles some dreadful
engine of dostrnetion will be brought
into play The IlotchkU revolving gun
can tire bursting shell at the rate ol
elflhtv a minute It can noat oat a con
tinuous and deadly fire of seventTtWe
pounds of metal or 1JOO hits every
slxlr seconds It Is fearful to think of
the I1M00 which would be caused by the
sntna of twrnsMk fuimjki
nt 1
The Philadelphia Jrft speaks of
the rorouallon of kalakaua aa an eblon
saant speetaolav We had snpiKMed II
waa to be something distingue a sort of
a royal rennaiasance as it were 1ml
dear dear that it should be so aggra
vated aa eblcmlssant we hadnt
dreamed If we had we should have
been there Hartford lt
Frederick Lunger who died at
Davenport Iowa a few days ago at the
age of seventy five years rsn the first
passenger train out of Philadelphia and
took the first train into Indianapolis Ha
waa the guest of Thomas A Bootl at the
Centennial xpostiau
Oca cf tho gold misisg ropnt
operating in Kulton County New York
hu cleaned up about two hundred tons
grate the amalgam yielding 760 in
old resembling the Australian prod not
1 a -
A rTrenaana ynrlsa
The aa frutco Cat I SrtwWa la aa
arttol on th Fir pepartmant of Ben Tran
claeo files the following fiora JlssL Chl
Knglarar MstUisw ftrajy I hste tt sub
jecl I as aaxratatlcs pala to ray cheat for
ttr foot rests 1 roaocUd to various tne lf 1
ot Ireatmsat to obtain fellst I tar hail mj
ebeal terribly Hlsterrd No physician eoull
tell wb it was thsniatUr within Two week
ago I rommsnisi usiag 5U Jacobs Oil It
has eurtd me
AVlaat I know therw I aiieh a Ihlagas a
cold anajs temstknd th bnrjlar k th
Sbtrlfl aa b clspprd th ittsl shsckls on
lb tektl lalr
LordCtrox ta ufsrshc te a veaotlful
lady wrote u a frtenj Ily haa ben
danrtrouslr 111 but now b I afMsereualv
maile of roots bodv or branches If thev 1 rll igaln American bailee whea attacked
by any 01 in Ilia toai srta is osir an may B
kept WW nl avoM tolas kUtet bv laklor
Dr R V rUrcVe ravortl PrsacrlrAloti
vhtch bsntsli feminine wsaknrsse and re
toret th bloom of health Hy all drurjlsts
Mtsrs male brute who ssarlt and growls
at his wife In public la rerr losing and len ter
wbei no tine els la around 11 haa la l
Fust a coagn carried me oft
And then a corna User ctrrkd m oil In 1
This Kill not be jour epitaph It you tab
veer c nigh sol Dr IL V
Vlsdlcsl llscoTtf7 In tlm
narc a uojid
Ills spicule for
west tssga sptlllne er Blood hlght swtala
Dj tt4 sally sUss ooouwplkiw By all
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aspedsjlr csnJ two itamna for large traalls
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A rotXTh position but nol Ilia TToat
Is rrohably the reason why so tnaay fall to
An Ladoabted rtleaslbg
About thlityesra ago a premlsent phral
daa by lh sarae of Dr William Hall dlacor
ered er produced after long etperimental
rssestch a remedy for diseases of th throat
cheat sad lung which wa otsuch wonder fui
efnrscy that It soon g loed wbde fsputstlon
la thl eountrj The nsra of Ui mejlcn
Jarsu Wat Halts ilJiw rea Tus Logo
and may U safely rellod on ss a speedy an I
Vltlre cvr fur coufhs cold tors throat
iU Bold by all DrunUU
A ran fighter should b paid la fngllsh
trvftoey The pound re symholleof hi pro
fMslon ystladWAfci CArpsWr IJtnXd
il I sld that Ilsnlsn has ma V by
hi good sculletstilp Hooey could nertr
run base health nn bath will
heglra hxirhasre for his lf Mlshlers
Herb Bitter Is a preparation that eradicate
Uoaws from the human systar ltlatr r
for an liirdlmabls Ivon to ns k L ibis
jrepi ratios eurea ryipersla In estlnn
Nrrou Dsblllty Ilbeumatl n mil all dla
of the Kidney and Mvrr All nt Ihes
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txlltie thstn too beoc th 100mooa sales
Tssdot who stepped on th disc oxer a
coal hoi Hopped long anough todlscorcr
thtt II wia caljr a slip pup
Tux palUnt suffering from dtsppla I apt
tstratgjn blmaelf snetM with consurnp
llon organic disease of lb bttrt or son nth
ar Incurable disease Jasrsiss ear
nsld ey all dnirrtis
Tits new pslent door dnura ara called
Vherks treatise ther prevent a draft
Union Ctmumtml UmlltUn
A LiakURK dlrty fv V YlHifttK
A rxta of til ppcra Orange and banana
It I reported bat a lady In Boatoti wa
p4nulc4 iMifti sauicioaa if she would not
apsik for a quarter of in hour Hie set her
lip for silence but at the rnl nt a ftw min
utes abe iclalmed Mind yotu lis trot lo
be a 2M ODC r Zostos Jnat
Whs 1
crease the
drumoier rets iha numni it In
lis of hla face without ajjtai
njlhlDg lu hi Inhere eheet
No IMkiXJOKNT lawyer will ever take the
-ill for the deed
A atxTirviM who bad taken th right nf
shooting orer a moor In Ayrshire at a hljb
rent Ugge1 only lwi brace tbe nrt day
After counting llc price he ctu nbllngly
remarked to the ten oil of lbs moor
that the bird had it hlu to guinea
Ihe brsea lho tensut very Innocently re
plied Awrel sir t may be thaakfura
liae pitlen ae fow o tliem thttre far too
dear1 rtchumjt
A win mar be a blessing but s dumb wife
Il an unspeakable blessing
A ncxr mule has beu arrested la New
1 oik for stealing two shirts lie 111 now
havo ajie rlnj
UttT II much Ilk a In being
kealy msceptible tu the actloa ot a damper
Al author who wa eulojrliltie M own
aorks at conisliilnir much fool for
thouilit was rath r taken back by the re
mark of a friend uoutda food
for tliouht but It I wrctcliell oooketl
Is riKixa urouod aualnst a man the ssrae
thing as thro Inn muUat tilio I
Tub slowest man errr ha nl ufwas one
ho could hot get csit of Mi own way
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iunrUr follow
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alslrsd troubla guarantaetai speedy and
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Nowhere Else
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Survival of theFittest
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