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Ihj MMMkik i -
tl jJVlfclllW I II T - 1 IWV1
- runuiHHt btft rnnxT bt
it us w a st it k x
r ui raxe
j riiocron KJCOTT
if Xitio Oiarjr
IUR Mantua A ill ikmixNuU
Of AMr County
fy lrtwr tvv t
nit annuo
Of Hardin County
Of rivrUii Clarify
tjB lerMlHTINniXT moLtC jSSTlttCTIGN
Of Fayette Ceunty
ion itaitTXh or Tin nsn orrtce
y lie Cosiity
Tho Ciar of Russia was croaned Sun
W I JV lll MRiS rfttp3tlLln
Col Tlios L Jours says he in loo olj
soldier la bo used bj I be Loailillle foil
at a boiler
The nomination of Mx Knoll le belied
ll oer Ihe Slnlo with loud plaudits of
If a candidate hoists of nbit lie ltaa
dons for the party b ilnnce Ihs account tij
seeing If the party hasnt done more fur
xiiru vj electing mm to oiucc
luo now rosimaster ucnerai tins uei
ded that pustrasers nho fall lo notify
publishers wiieu subscrlborj remote or
fall to tAke papers from llio poMolEco
shall be rciponilbla for ijio subs crlptlon
The action of the ConTcntlon at Loala
vllle in reconstructing Ihe Central Com
tnlllee and realorlhf I he headquarters to
Frankfort Is heartily applauded bj the
press of the Stale
Tho Republlcms nominated Rot J V
Atbury ft colored man for Register of
the Lanl OSes lie elands no chance
whiteier but iho leaders want lo placate
the colored voters
The Kentucky llpiscopals hate decided
In contention lo ilitide the Diocese of
Kentucky into two Dioceses which will
becestitate Ihe election of a new Blshrp
It cannot go Into operation for tiro years
In roiling tip a crushing majorlly for
Mr Kiioll In August Kentucky nil
sound the drat bogle nole of tlctory for
the Democrat Presidential nomlacc of
Some paper are honllng because the
Blate Democratic Contention failed lo
tote a special plank fatorlng the Walter
son IdeH for Tariff for Rotsnue Ony
Well it was left out because Kentucky
Democrats fator a Tariff for Uivtnue with
Ike word only omitted
Lush Andersnn the old original boss
Republican cf this District Is furiously
mad with tho doings of his parly He
Bays their late Stale contention was a
conclate of office holders pos mailers
collectors deputy marshals gaugors Ac
nho met lo burn Incense uudor Ihe case
a a 4i
Tho Bepnbllcan Slate convention noral
nalci Morrow a Federal Brigadier
In Ihe late war for iorernor and Qen
Fry a FeJeral Major fleneral for Lieu
tenant Qoternor The Democrats nomi
nated J Proctor Knott n statesman with
out military honors What ptrty is
eourllng the Brigadiers aoit
Lush Anderson denounces Arthurs aj
ministration for rcmotlng each old tet
eran Republicans as V Case from the
illckmiaulul omce and says their late
contention was no belter than a let of
U d rebels Anderson and Case ought
to quit em and coue oter lo the only
loyal parly the Democrats
The Republican Slats eontenlisn eel
down roughly on Lush Andersin and Jno
D White hiaiing tbem down when they
tried to speak This Is hard on old tet
ran Republics Democrats bellete In
free speech but Republicans hiss down
old members of their own parly who dare
to oppose I lie machine And this parly
expect te grow In Kentuekjl
Mr PelerLyles went Ifitu the Orates
county contention was defeated fur the
nomination aud now bolls Wfcatoter
difference of oplnlou may exist between
Domocrali to goinj into eoxvenUuiu Dem
ocratic sentlmeiit is united and rolid in
the opinion that when a man does go In
ho ought to abide Ihe result If he refu -
ccs to go In at all thats a different case
The Lontsrllle Exposition open Aug
1 The important railway systems of the
Loutftllle Nnilitllle railroad and ihe
Cincinnati Eoulhern railroad hato enter
d tho lists each with a corps of agenlr
In Ui5tfifil making careful and
the natural wealth of the vtsl territory
penetraledby Their respectlrc lines of
I ail way
Frstnlhe New Madrid Reeord we learn
that a stock company a hat city has
been organised to properly put Into the
field a fctnlall nine lore was no Iron-
hi o In securing subscriptions for Ihe
stock forty live shares at 3600 each br
ing laker at the first ta eetinj by mor
chanls hustnrss men and ciilrjcf the
Uce Qrcund barer leen secured and
will bo surrounded with a eight foot
Anartlcle aftcari In iGe Dcnrocrat of
yrstcruay morning suggesting me name
of our fello t townsman Hon A R Iloons
as a suitable man for Atlorney Ooneral
under Kentuckys future Qoternor Hon
J Proctor Knott It Is only necessary for
as to say that ws endorse the article from
beginuing to ending The standing and
ability of Judge Hoc ne catiuot be loo high
ly cstlmaled and as he was a strong rup
porter of Mr Knott during Lis cantass
ws think be merits at least this much
from Ipat gentleman Mayfield Monitor
The CouitiiK noutdrejoico to eee Judge
ltoouc honored but In this cantass the
Democracy kai a declared and worthy
nominee Mr P W Ilardln of Morcer
ceunly There muit be some tnlitakc
about this For any poittlou other than
sgalnsl ihe regular ticket hurrah for
P S bines writing Ihe aitne we teo
thnl lh W u id Secrelury of 8as Is the
CMiii i u f r juilv Ujjih
DniMrraitr put
lirM tu staoKal ay
t4ntt lliform In astati i
luxes U
Amending Ihlff TS
con ram lo lb b mnrvcirkf i
reiinii ruclvliy IselaHtiKii iiKj
pi In I and lAimiftrattoti lalth 1
The Kntnckr Deinnpmtrfsiai
Men wisely and ffpperly decide I brow
aildo litnos ojJfntroival t Bnt
plate the purtwRjpSn a f m r rm cf
State Uui auMueboe f ir p11
emuadies the rosull t jhai irilmi
In otiroplnlon ILthonld hat e fufth
ar and glus usYrl d r
of a letter pudllo rol syilrm
llio Dciiiocrulo rniers the lr r
progress anl Improtemenls km S1
toilemand of candidates for1 in hr
ltglrUluro lo Ilef4lr and i11 I
lions on these Issues t The r rlc
parly of the Slnlo lays down n llL
gnage lis position ntid llici as jrls
ibat latarones and jerdaireciir liiatl tiCI
despoil lis purpose of detrfmn n1
Imptflttment bar equltocal atJ Joublful
poiltious arsuroed to calch tgltl
Tho randldale for the Lurer llOltS
from Hickman and Fujlon we under
stand Is fairly and equarVly ia harmony
with the State platform I
Thocandidateafor 8ilt nator aro
esteemed good democrat iJ are proba
by eouud on iheas lu s H I t
more than courtesy to t teWtt rarJr tf
wblch ther belong hat ijetibould speak
irtw LUBduumUtJiiusuge Inl
adtccaey of these lsns r 1
The CooaiiU la ucoMprmliingly op
posed to any uncesury taxation and
these of cur dtltens who hart road this
parir the 23 years of Hi life must attest
that us record Is consilient nllU this as
sertion but It Is mire deraagoguery to
pretend that either Jof line Issues iub
tallied brthe Slate Dim emtio conten
tion cau U utw9funaaKomplItatd
withouf rtere norfy and more money
means mors tdiatmn
lsl IlTakcs more money to mako nr
school syiltmmoro etficiml and hence It
Is demagoguery lo ntitmpl lo dodge
around ihe Issues ry f itorlng a more
elSctcnt system and at ihs same lime
offering no plaa lo ram mors miiiey
Crd It nlll cosl 100600 to raake a
new cou3tltutionnnd it ought to Ix ao
elated to Ihe people
Jib lt 1H1 Tjulr anpriptlallon
of money to Intile capital and Immlgra
tiou and there li no uie obscuring the
facts by any rl etorlo of ipeeoh
2nd The Democracy means bjf this
plank that any Asesor who undertalues
properly In atseeilng slinlt be deemed
guilty tif a misdemeanor and lined nol
less than 50 nor more than 500 forsuch
olTonse Upon the proper enaclmtut and
enforcement of this pi ink depends our
saltation from moro taxation so far as
the 1st 2nd and Srd planks are concern
od It Is inivn not beljttrd that a fair
and equitably aiiessmentof altlhe prop
erly in all Ibe counties opina ptaiooable
and equal tattlnllon would secure all
ihe money necesrary to he improtemenl
of ouf school system iLsiiuaklng of a
new constitution and tfci voouragemenl
of Immigration without any ailJitwnal
The press of Ihe First Senatorial Dis
trict composed of Ihe counties of Urates
Fulton and Klckman are clamoring for a
primary election to jetle tno contest be
Ineen ths SeuatorAl aonlrauts The
Hickman Courier aora luo plan because
-- -
hiy hate ruale Tliay IHU
lm MaiWtjVjwe
a Kiaiiut3ii iVMit iw
to titD anltllr
rKClH ypati
nKlup rniKix AlrniiiM Jim
i llncklicr
Letfattoa Ifj to tl Indnitall Nma
IMittr Feeling that a gen
eroii publle who hats really heard but
one litis of lbs slory of ihe lais liasely
in Ilkrrodshiirc may jet relnlh enough
intrrt ai Ih ihe mattrr to deilre ths nhnle
truth and urged liy uit iiuciSntralUble
deilrc lo Um broro the public ueh et
tdiMire aa 1ll telitn my late Litbanil af
Iho pllguiii now rest lie on hia naftle I
hate prepared the following statement
with ih areoniiaiing letters nhlih ihe
parnalliy of ill- court oriranised for the
purpjte of aeiiuililiii lliil llloinptun
Jr at Ihe late trial prtstrhted the lno of
at that lime Tho lips c my huihitnd
are eraltd by ths falul bulic lho of
the Innocent wiTo could not be heard du
ring Ihe excitement anil olamor preceding
Ihe acquittal Without father brother
or powerful friends lo aid me In the ter
rlble crisis that came unexpectedly
uruihtd to the tery earlh by the horrible
suddclinctl bf I tie blow t h it widowed ma
and orphaned my darllnp children i II
atay wonder tbit despair aralyied my
self aud friends and that ws wen help
lets lo pretenl the wrongs perpetrated by
Ike JuJgo and Jury who extended their
ympathy and fator tothomr son through
out llio trial and thus completed Ihe
great wrong which was hatched In Ihe
scheming brain and retengelul heart of
Jessie Duckncr MrsThcmpson has been
a delicate utteasea woman ror ten years
ami she uoes not neiltals to say that tier
husband tittltoVCHer months agahat he
would netir lien with her again bet
would glte her 30 a month so lodg as he
was able clie Is a bright pitgbtly and
pretly woman very popular wltli her
female frlcnde ttltb Ihe rare exception of
Jessie Ilucknur who hai like a dark
spirit of etil thrown her shadow acrom
Ihe threshold of more than one family In
llarrodsburg What mischief iho may
yet accomplish remains scaled in ths rays
leriou future The Inquiry has been
made why did not Waller Datis see Phil
Thompson or wrle lo him explaining Ihe
circumstancra occurring in Cincinnati ou
Iho 2Sili cf Noteraber 18S2 The fol
lowing letter addressed to Thompson rras
found on Ualter Datis person after hli
death and was doubtless inleuded to be
tent to Thompson soon after it was nrit
len and why it nai not sent la explained
by ihe extreme delicacy of the lutOct of
nhlch it treats and the further fact that
Waller Datii did nol beliefs Thotnpion
gate credence to the loul slory idated b
Jessie Buckner
a kote to Tiiovrtx
lUmotwuuBo April 20 Dear Thll
A mutual friend tells me that Juste 1
wrote you thai I bad gotten your wife
drunk Surely you dont bellete a word
of It I can satinly you when 1 see you
thai it Is a falsehood 1 dlillked lo expoie
a fricnj and tell you of jour couiiua
predlcuueul Ibal nighl but In
will do 10 on light Your
The following letter from t J Fisher
who was nol permitted by the court lo
testify in the trial throws a tlool et light
on Ibe eutijccti
turn OATIf
lUkKOvsuvao May 21 83 trl Thurs
day ereiiing before Walter It Datis was
killed I had Ihe following contersation
with him after telling h n that lliil I
Thompson was In town who owed us an
account and akd htm lo see him aud
colled It lie said 1 suppose you hate
heard cf ihe report nbout yirt Ihompon
and myself 1 told him 1 hud lie ihec
aid You know 1 would hate no object
in telling you a lie for If I was guilty
and would admit It to you I know you
would nCrer repeal it but I will hold up
my hand and swear so far as criminal
intimacy Is concerned 1 am Innocent anil
If 1 could hate flee miutes talk with
Phil Tbompeon I could fontlnce him eat
i tri- air h i i n
ths Fulton counyDmocra1xprsdn
and the Democrat wants
mealing MaySsld
It thai some kind or parly organisation
should be made lo keep the pary iu
flhti tri iWii -
The Paducah iWiet represents Ihs elluc
lion correoily and ly thc by is it not a
fact that the MnyCcld lt n ra and also
the Hickman Cousiei Us been criti
cise J at times for an alleged lack of anx
iety as to party organisation We hate
thought It a Utile incouiisleut In our
party committees supported by certain
prominent Democrats to shout themieltes
hoarse for parly orgsciiatlon when
some onr wants o tnaks the race tor
Congress against Oscar Turner but nho
are singularly oMStloua or indifferent at
to any necessity for part organization
at any other time or for any other office
If organisation la proper for one political
office in this section or atalnst one par
tioulir mans indepsudent action It l
equally proper for any poll leal office and
againil any In lependenl cindldaclei
KculurkyM Xext Uoarrnnr
The Hon J Proctor Kooil Kentuckys
next Qoternor nss born Anguit ii 1M0
in Marion county Ky ill recelted a
fine literary education studied law set
tled In Misidurt In 1850 was elected to
Ihe Blale Legislature In 1BJ8 and re
signed in the following year InlBuObo
was elected ntnria general of that
State was a delrgais to Ihe Miisourl
Contention in Wi returned lo Kentucky
in lBOJ in 1807 was elected a represent
atite from Kentucky Id the Fortieth ton
frcBi in- which body be has slnco itrrtd
llciiiiwrnltc Uoclrtiira
- ir
Tax luxuries
Tax Inheritance
Tax large InaoVes
Tax monopolies
Tax Ihe pritlleged corporation
A tariff for retsuuoj
Iteform the civil strtlce
Piiuiih corrupt otiee holders
PuultU Vote bH7lllH
luutata emntoters who coereetlielr
employee In eleotlon
This Is a popular platform n ten lines
We recommend It lo politicians in place
of longwinJel resolutions
A Jluti Dofrnteil
A large boey of pen headed by the
sheriff of Menifee county man named
Rinro made an attack unon the jail al
Mount Sterlloz hit Friday morning
Hie object being to lake and hang fire or
six men who ntre cuarffeil wltu tnunior
The Jull was guardel by Hires men rm
ed with doubiebarrelel shol cuns and
Ihev tired nnon ih mib mortally wound
Ing Itingo a young man named Clark
and a number of oi lien jthoso names are
nol knpwn Tl o miu was eomplolely
rophlsedand left iho town In great baste
It Is estimated that thero wsrsllfiy or
setenlyflte of tbem olllxens of both
Monlfeeand Monlgomery counties Tho
murder for wblcb the msn were held in
cuilody was comnltled In Montgomery
near the Mcoifee line
Mtn Ayer whose father adtarllied
hlmielf Into a calotsiil fortune reftfed a
European Prince who followed I
this country In hope erf rairrylng her
The conslanl Judicious ailterrlser oocu
pies a seat seternl tiers blgherlhan tnero
royally Courier Journal
A Ui ent Pniiersf TlcWf
Frjin the St Ixiuli lupubtlran f
Prottir Knoll will make a splendid Got
eraor for Ksnlueky indlli Demnerals
p in l i ncirinlll nnon Ihe choice
hat this talk with Phil lis said that
none rl lbs family had treated hiui like
tbey belletOJ II that John had been in
onr store cften gltlng us tolunlary ud
tics about our business and old Phil had
treated him just ths same as bs always
did besides he had beard that old Phil
had said thai It was a damn lie and that
he Waller did nut beliere that this re
port had anything to do Uh Phil and
Marys parting and that II wae a delicate
subject to npproaah a man on without
being accused or eten being treated In
such a manner as to mako Ms bailees
that they belieted It He ihen said Ibal
hla wife had neter heard of It about him
I tolJ hint he had belter tell her hlmteir
before some jne else did so Ho said Ibal
If they did he could contlnce her as easily
as he could Phil Thompson I bat il w at all
a lie TJ Finite
The following statement of V L Wal
ters corroborates Ihe shore
lUsnoDBOuau Mar 21 1833 lhal a
canteriatlon with Walter II Datis on
Thursday April 0 During ths confer
salioa he expressed hit Innocence of Ihe
charge afterward made agalust hira by I
II Thompstb Jr saying that if be could
hate Ate minutes talk with Ibil he could
explain eterylhibc satisfactorily to him
but did not like to approach a subject so
delicats without being accused by ihooip
sou lhal ihe family haj always treated
blm friendly and that he did not be
llete that the Thompsons belieted the
IlAnRODtnuna Mar -1 133 This Is
lo egrllfy that tu several Interviews with
Walter II Datis he alway protested lilt
Innocence of wrong or wrong Intention
toward Mrs Phil It Thompson Jr
on Ibe night of ths 281 h of Xorember
1332 and lhal his tlsit to Ihe ihtatrr
from IhcSt Clair Hotel wss the result of
lotitatlm and hf always stowed that he
and Mrs Thompeou nere nol Intoxicated
that they relurnrd lo the hotel st a reas
onable hour aud that Mrs Thompsons
preicncaln his room was duo to the fact
Ibat Ihry could not gain admtllanco lo
Miss Iiuckuers This is lbs whole slory
Jslt nislfcis lhVailsJMn
wttn propriety latue lauy io aia ruoro
on a cold niilil when no other lire Is
oontenient and when she was barred
tnlsalcnenlo Miss Uuekners room Is It
Decenary lo kill n man and heap slander
nnd aaperelons on his uama when ths
bullet lias foreter sealed bis lips and lbs
only litlng witness is suppressed by the
Judge who presided at Iho trial If this
Is so and Kfulueklaus look on with ap
protal Ihen Indeed it justice fled lo brut
1th beasts and men hate lost their reason
tns TiioMrsoiTs sttonn sTATrmsr
IlAnsonipoita Kt May 21 ii Mrs
Tbompton eeriiHej that It Is all fabrlca
lion of Jeuio Iluckner to separate her
selfmed husband and Waller latlt and
wife that tYuller Davis neter told her
there was any wreck on the train lhal
thoy aike 1 lim lo cull and go to the thoa
Ire with Iberu lhal they were not diunk
cither of them that tbey could not get Iu
Miss Duckners room when they returned
from the theatre that Walter Datis was
killed an Innocent man that shs will
ca until her death Ibat ho wai a per
feet ceulleman and detotcd lo her tins
band aud self and that he spent time and
money In electioneering for him nnd lhal
his seat In Congress to day ii due lo Ilia
Datises Innuenoe and their money
Another it front Cill Datis brother
of Waller nho reviews socio of ths evi
dence gitsu by hlnrln court aud refers
somewhat bitterly to what he waa not al
Jiitsd ts ray
A SOiilIicrii
Vfnin tli Atlanta Iniiitltntluo
Kanlirckv roul I iiil hate elected a
iniu of wider exprirlencn profuunltir
Koa I smpa ai If IY fftlS iLmneralf LhIWi f l U of prstl r
done well In ihen no liiaTlon tlmr will wUity ihrilirit lie Sita He rll
1 he no Ironba alx lit k
titnc In lie Ieiscirai
pTnl the UHOfyc i iot a ai mii puioiuii ym prsgnaana j
L orillui
StiU U4JKSJjJ lltfrs
Scion tiitliiumn A r lain lron
it l snll
Innor Jdiy 87 lbs ijufons cordt
Hon u now kuowu to ha suah a lo nKe
ranlalnriu etcu ou the part of thgpl
rtjlane and of her personal aliendanis
The haiaeisr of her illntis hat not been
well dtttned bxyond Iho point that It lsp
a nertcuj t po uud Is not readily com ro
l by ordinary remcOles Her comll ttkti
liaa been melt that for days It has been
I d ISeull to gei from berelfnny suflioienl
Akl lln rt f llaik nitlniAii lA kiAlli
UIvllllV vi ii r uiiiuiut iu 17 ilittaj
ths phyileians in net Ititelligemly IUr
Majeiiy a ucrtciitiiesl lias becoiie so ex
treme lhal eh Is frequently bteteilcal
aud sometimes alsej beyond til ind
bordeilng on delitlum
Ou lier juumey lo Ilalldtiral no cher
Ing oi utln r demoiialrailuns of
nnr kind Mil be allowed and Ipi eisl to
liie iirr mgt uatits hats ben unit tih
luleoliou oi l li rupul ir greet
Ing uf any sort shall be glten al any f
the latiuiis along ihe line The ttsulu
of the aecidoiti lo the iuetii s knee through
her tall at Windsor Castle are charged
filth Iho treeeiil tllneis Sbe baa for
yeara suffered from gout as the result o
liberal lltlug and lnulHcient exirdir
auJ the uieiubrnucs of tb jolbte hate
probably become more or less lutlatned
the kticc fluuin white troublraomt
eiiourh In liaelf was oulr stooMlii t
Ike larldhicli Ihe bin Joint was suV
Jtclcd by the tall This Jar lsd diieetlV
to sciatic troubles irom nnun tns roya
netieut Las suffered terribly After al
tighter means of relief had been tiled
ilia physicians wero competieu io reeoj
lo hypodermic injections of morphia I
order to secure to her Majesty any relit
whateter On many occasions nfli
great pla and loss of sleep she baa tat
temporality quits beyond eouiiot
Ths fill ipraln and lndanimatlen
lowed IheEcut who exlslenet andlt
denoy had long been known to aiceni to
ihe bin where ihe STinlUlliV of Ihs set
alio nerte was al once rxcllid Uiuallyj
In persons who trt other repeia 0
hate excellent health this il a fair point
In goul That ths phyeiciana belitte
lhal this may bs ihe cais with thi Uucin
and lhal they fear an nlmoil InmeJUIl
danger of fatal reiulls is beyd id qies
lion JJany minor facts tend to torrnho
rale this Impression not the teait ef
which is John llronn s unaffected tief
after Ihe fall on the sialrs and hisitl
dent fear that Ihe accident might hue a
more serious outcome than could pombiy
hate been foreseen from any lnfomiiioo
on llio subject which was glten lo Ihepub
lis The real trouble at outlined l the
dispatch his been carefully kepi int of
llio On n Vole
Al a gol deal ha been aaid aSu flic
0rcn county vote and some difCUi al
rtho wnuitlllctl lolt wcuipy the fo Birg
fruul llio New n Licit Is pubUalieJ li Uim
Sctedl papi rt liavc crlticlwJ V4 R
vills action in catinir tho solid tutc b Oit ii
county for Knott In JuMice to Mr till
wa will statu that ho cast llio tote iu kt
irdi imtnutel by thi convention Tic itruc
tloua were to cast the solid rote of Own iur
General Iluckner so loni at hm iinue waa
Uloro the cot rvnl Ion and when lie
withdrawn ordroppl to cat it mill fur J
Jnxtor Knott Colonel Jonea IrieityJ Wik
ndraiilagvut th niiinxluiriil to the report
of theoinimittec on ilelcgatia at Ifj Oieri
contention in ttddirg that all aooj V i
crata alleiid n detgataa rhlbh Uuaally
done and paiJ M tieniti of scJVordnf ia
ciJiKirters here tu attend the loiilit ille m
vrnlion and Ml inilruetunt ictetl i f the
Jnnra trailer nrknowhilgcl llml tit M
wruni In not carrying out the iuitructl oX
the 0n Convention an I all agree hai tfiey
defeated their mni
Tlio rtriiubllrmi TIrket
For Ooternor T Morrow Pulaski
Lieutenant Qoternor Ocn FlaaJkd
Fry Boyle
Allornay Ueneral Lewis v Urjll
r j n Vt
Auditor L It IlanlLorne Campbell
Treasurer EJward Farley McCracCen
Supu Pub Inst Jas P linkcrion
Register of Land Odes J V Asb
bury Ones
A Kentucky Wlll Jlrln
Ullliy Sentinel
rtenlon Mullen an Insane man sent to
the asylitra al Anchorage from Harrison
county recently escaped from that insti
tution and now makes hie home in cllffa
and buihes on Guests creek lis Is per
feelly wild gos near no habitation and
flies with lbs Oeelneis of a deer lo some
eeeure hiding place on the approach of
any of the human epecle lis spends the
greater part of his nights In some promt
nent place on lbs cilQs bowling tits a
lost dog Its lives on rpots and lib
Ills hideous noise at night Is tery annoy
lug to the people in Ihe neigliborboel of
hie wanderings Officer Taylor has been
requested by the aulhdrilies at Anchor
age lo effect bit capture and return htm
lo the asylum If possible lie will go
out with a pone for that purpose but ex
peats a long chate Mullen patsed
through this place when he escaped from
Iho asylum
Kfnly Married Conplcs
Itb tlus httpiileat nnil mwt virtuous
state of society in wliiclj tho hualiainl
nnd wifu sot out tojretlier miko Hun
lirojicrty togrther ruid with inrfoct npn
liatliy of soul rnulunto till thuir -
jK nmit plans cnlCTilitiont nnil deir
Miitlt refftvneo to their proncat tnctn
niul to their futures auu coinmon jn
Nuthing dliglit3 man mnro tliap ti
catir tho neat littb tenement of the
VuHIK UwJlilU Tilm Withll lNlIU two
or tlireo jenru without any neiKitirtsi
llllb llllll UVIti HilUilllUU V uiUltatJ
Iihto jomoU lienrt and luiud anl cue
to eluiro togottir ttio itiousiuivueu
iluttcn interests tnnln nnd jiloUttrf j ol
OI Ilia lco luuiwuiouM raie w ui j
fully emliloying uor Iiamu l dec
duhea traUlair her iiousa in iKL
nwllte iter litfnjnrrrn ctwtnea p
pirius diunrr tthilo porhnpa tho
ilarliutBiUtirattlin ou tho flour
loiimr in Hio prmllo and overy
Boetus iireimriiiR to tvclcximu tho hai iieat
of husliaudu luid tho l of ntlion fufn
ho shall cotna licruo from liia Utl J en
joy tho awoeta of LU little iHinubap
Thfa I trua domeeto jileidnrc
Henlth contentment love abtiuilnneo
und 1 night irticct oro nil hem lint
it hai lcAino n prevalent scutirucnt tlutt
a man must aonuiro hU fortuno Kforo ho
marries that the wifu must lava no pyin
tratby uor aharo with liitu ill tlio tmrsuit
of it tu which most of tho plctuuro
truly ponsists and tlio yours married
iieoiiU must not out with aa largo and
expensive an csbdiUtihmctit as in becom
ing thouo ttlio havo bocn for
twenty yearn This U very inibupjiy it
Ills tho communitv uith bachelors who
nro waiting to inAo their forttinett nu
dnngering virtuti promoting vicn itdo
stroyH tho trua economy nnd ihniguof
tho domentio institution nnd it promoter
imifllciency cnioog femaletr wlm uro ex
poctiug to bo taken tip by fortuno nutl
pjssively sustained with any care- or con
cern on their part and thus many rt wife
beeomeH iu n gentblnan onco runtarkcil
not a but a hcUibwt
Q olden Age
aw ant tnreO cIgltHis ot an Inch ItAtf
eUiTyhig 3 burden ot ne sixtli of a
grain moves at tho rato of one mUo in
eleven hours The weiaht fa small ono
compared with that tlmy cure carry is
Tigiiiivn limes tneir own iney ooin
naio with n mn tlvo and a half feet
liioli weiglilnn HO pound carrying ft
ufttihttf 25dO iwHimh ut ths rate of
17U tulle in ekven Iwtns
yw ixof I it
Tint HJtowNs Iron Hitters
will cure the worst case
pf ftyspepsia
Will insurca hearty appctitfi
and increased digestion
Cures gcricral debility and
gives a new lease of life
lispcls nervous depression
and low spirits
Restore an exhausted nurs
ing mother to full strength
and gives abundant sus
tenance for her child
Strengthens the rhUsclcs and
Overcomes weakness wakc
fulncss and lack ofencrgy
Keeps bff all chills fevers
and other malarial poison
Will infuse with new life
the weakest invalid
Sutrtrtr rrwn Woad Dm llT
a ptlAaaIContipailoaaDitbccacD
dtbtlUaicd lhal 1 could not mala
aaytklng oa raylloniachla tut
lif haif almoil btcoraa a burdad
TiaAlIy whtit ho haitbautltrl
D hulband taring llauwwa
laoi DmiM adTrrtiMul In ih
iatluttd ma talr It a mat
rlf nv uUu lh third tenia
and hava not felt o well la aU
yarn u I do at lha prtitni ilaM
13rovns Ihon BlTTCRS
will have a better tonic
effect upon any one who
needs bracing up than
any medicine made
ProXcssional Cards
ins ruoFESsioVAL ser
Ofnris to the cltiicus of Hickman and
OHce Corner room In Laclede House
VrPBItS his Prdfesalhnal Srtlees le
V the cltliens of Hickman and tlclnlly
-- a
Ottis Ih Jilel Block
ALL operoltons performed In Ih
manner Hpeete tttcatlea s
to th regulation of children tilth
H A R T Tyler
Attorneys al Law
entrusted lo their care
Office Millet Iilock
0 MuMeito Wilson
US COLLECTIONS promptly rerallts
BAbilracle of titles aireclelly
Collector Roal lktato Agenl
ST Will attend promptly toalllue
ress cntrustod blm In Boutkwestert
KentuoSy BDl1 Northwestern Tennessee
j racial attention given tcKbe invrsliga
lion of Land lilies aud lie purchase
sale cf Keal Estate fjnS
m frttTBAStJQN
Naslivillo Tennossoo
A JSV Tfl 2U C s
respectfully announces to the pithllo that
ha has resumed builneas on Clinton
atieel zround floosof CouBtca office and
that he Is now oienlng a splendid stock
entirely new of
and would he pleated lo hate all friends
and customers to call ami see Dim
Those lAdtDted lo hltn ou last years
hminesi are reipeellully requested lo
come forward aud Settle up as he slauds
reatly In need of cash
SHOP Notlh ttest corner of Moscon
ind Troy Ateures fiat Hickman Ky
fitrfattsfocltori guaranteed
Hub the
ana names
aCslEr SP
p - - wf r p wajnliia1iaaj ait laiairmwi
mm imii
rr A
Ull CV U i JL t
Inrgfest stock thljbost nssOltineni
prices that no other house call
Our oisHtomorauttiiiu
arc becoming more numerous every month
and wo are always prepared lo demonstrate
clearly to them that we can mivo them a
good per cent on all their purchases
our msam
is always kept coihlete at all seasons of the
year and you can always find just what you
want at the
T BA11 UMm
and the price is always lower than any oth
er house can name for the same goods
When you are needing aiiYthingin Iho line
Dry BUS Clotting
Carpets Wall Paper
Shoes Hats
mMlimt or mmm
Come to sOc us and wc Avill always make
it to your interest or if you cannot make
it convenient to come to Union City -write
to us for samples and prices which will in
every instance be cheerfully sent AsJAir
iiishers of
we are foremost in the ranks of trade nnd
we propose to maintain that position in
the face of all competition wc give tho best
values iforthp amount invested to be had
anywhere Come to the
Fountain Ebad
T- - - zrrtsiicS5
iaSrxiCT tl
W J irt
Alieiid cf all Gompelitoral
IUMNW MIiS UH IIlmtinijrri
KMtUKNI K i M I 111 lssslleJrtStit
Tlis twr ln it In i In- Nititnier irti
nnd MHiiitaiii rt fft id lenite vlr
Inia and tlir i rillna tit iIKlJJlH
Rnd NAstivtMr
Tin Urar Hurri tu tlio rritllitatcd Cbilect
Unlieifltita Kfttlnatii and ulher IMu
iitninsl liiaittittlnn in the Snutliatltk
MKni ami NauiTinr
Tun lltJT Hot r te Cliaitevloii JavtitinIi
AWKilstn Culiimlili Vlifcrlaaltr Kroxvlllej
llrialol itUhntoiil NotWk Wiialilugteil
via MtKtNfii NistiMiii ih1 Ciiat4
Dont Forgot It
lly Una Line tun mttirr the
AT Till
He sine to liny your tickets otrr the
3r as- o iYi
licaalhit RuaititMffaw ihmuX are liecrai
aarv and eut li w am uiutuldatlo ore mad
Memphis anil Nsslitille 0liifilllui ami
Naehtllle bt lxiltia olid NaUitllle Mi-
Infill in niH iiiTiirT amiw ami jaiu
lvllle yvlftiUe and CiatUifSa y
NaakvlIU ailt Allaits cjotinoctlnB wiXj
frlccpcra to Klorida iinus -
lorfurllitr Inforinallon call on jout
neat tat IL It- Station Atftrt or iiUlrera
A YKriVrli V A Dallas Tv
JAP KriKDTIii AftiitMiiitiiisTnii
Through Trunk Line
Wltboot tiiw ni H tytt Uirhalrf
rrvu MrtarUa Nlao iaJ llamtolst lalaa
FUllMAN CARS SiStt ffliE
tula iJ sl oaatkaas tatnlaalal
lly IMa llaa naltas
SjUmJ V Owl Oji Y
rMIPDIUTP BatSlfct hanca o Ihe
tinlunAn lo tin i imumiwiii
isctita racial low itttt
s Ipiucl Dili twHpanyliir lalta lW
Jieri C P AlXORt 0 P 4 T A
l LoiilatIHa r
inllV l W1PII HiinarlhlAnilaBt
TIIUO t ZUlllUlt iicjr an TrtM
A tltMYBtKLt UJjKef bsaU
RlNB St Louil Is Mtrnphls anil a
irl weskljr lius frm Ml Unit lo Vlci
Msmhis lioals pan Hickman TuesJa
nlflila ThiiriJajp rilgkls aaj SturJay
nlfVli Vlrkaburc Uals Huudajrj
WtJuaJas ami Irtjaj
Miui hit hsals pais llUVmaa Tfiaalaf
iilitili FilJa slihlsanJiuola night
Vukilnirj boats JtouJiJi VTtJntiJal
sill Halurilaa
Mturihla Uals Hlcamsrs City of IIsI
na Sir Otnlrlsf s anJ John D Mauls
Tlcksburj lioali aiesnisrs City of
rroilJrrcc Uslls of Memphis 0U Uuslj
City of Cairo City f Urefarllls and
CIij of Viskihurc
ly It i JJgJJs Uroa IItIoic nfo ami
har nnltl tail of lbs cur of Hickman
on ths Siats RmJ in KulUa oounljf Ky
on lls Slit Jajr of Ju 18ts TWO
ttrt CKH tgcU nUut ihrcs years On U
Itritaai nltlTr rVDKD ami ths ether1
a ltlU ami n1lt a tStCdtKLU ntlb
white ilrlj a on his tackj Iwlli marisa l
Mih crop ami unJrrMl in each enr no
Irand or other marks pirceltafcli ap
pralsiJ at Ihe valuei one at ten Jollars
and lbs other at Incite -
Witness tuy hpJ this 1st day iV
ruirr 1SS3
- m
mm us io river
Memihis Cairo
Louisville and
Cincinnati Steamers
Clucluriuil cotmectlntf at Cincinnati
nllh Hnllroa Js anJ blesiuers for
Eisleis Westra rJ Ncilks Pciid
OlilDg through llokels le all poiula ChU
esjo Toledo luirlo Illohmonil Nef
York Washington Cily Ililladelphla anil
Ildsloh LKst North and Western tour
ists will find La Hello Hirer f6ulo safe
delightful and eeonouilcdl
Italei tijr IhU lino cheaper than any
othir first claas roittfl Meall aud stale
rooms frco Haggojo checked IhroiiRh
lOT ratsengtM ten rely on splendid
trip by this line ss the steamers aro all
Aral tin hutlng teea eiprcslljr built
f6r the sccoiiiuodotlbD of psSieisIflrs
g3r raefa steamer csrrlea nll slrloJ
General Kreljlit and Ticket Atchl
No 7 Monroe elreetMtnjrhliiTihrl

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