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The Hickman courier. [volume] (Hickman, Ky.) 1859-current, June 22, 1883, Image 1

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mcE HtiM ntiiin ciuu m
IjKftto knorl r
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WAHIU5N Alitor
Prlco of Subscription 2d
They Mmvl hrMo Iho f irt1itl mto
JlxnnMh lharlmtmtiprritlnr tixlai
It w Iho olrmn hour of cvp
Tha wllrhlnjr 1 1 mo for later tniulo
Me wlrhtl Iho m1lnt cirha of nlcht
V ft
nnn ttr otift Ihor rrmnipl ihn mk vi
rarm lilKin hrr romrlv fnrm
lovcljr nrck ami Imtrmiarjo
Phe nitllnl rlnaolf to Ilia Mi
No wottl aim ihIii Irutonlx prraapil
With IruMfiil liMik ami ffnllo inlon
llrr ul hrail aKlnt hit lirvait
Il aN upon lh hair
which wi II ailnrnrM hat hxlr hpai
Ha look r I iimn hrrdalnly
An1 llirn Ihpwi lllllo wrniU IiomMi
CVmiM hp m hlJ and a in aakiol
II fomllr alrnknl thai chwar halri
Ohrpa lhoariiipraaM ImM tako
Two humlrrU dollars for llir maro
Drlwtl fnc riut
m i
McMlnh aal1 Jin MliMloton
jouwlll crrtnlnly IUil your ilayg In
tlm lMwr limmo
Tlifl lfncm nn n aJIn lila pnixr
ll DuiO -5
ii Jhnto7tl lio IiiTiI ot Iliipalila tlimii
Mr MliMlvtun n tail amit wdiiihii
tif sixty who by nil oiitwnrl
llin nclit wrtalnlv to hsvn Ixi n nti
nlil ninlil vtn vlonln him accrclyl
inniupn hit aiHiisuivs
1 lioiw not my tlyar Menlfl ylie
lloicon TI iM1 nt WISH alionld
kiicIi mi iinilpiutnt lilrnTka tliitt
iBtftvoOT m uir ff
JDonVlm n hycrlto 4CnionV
Mill Mri MldilleUm liiercjy f
i A lurpocrltr iltl m
IiVrit n h write anlil llio Jmly
nMiln ItMr iijI
hut liymKrlay f ahouM
to ll hrm jinlcnrt
iuat clvin IiaihIUiM
JilWrn to tliat tmipp who i
ljibpbif off rQM the pwAiiiiMut
tlUtoM tlio DrncHitVm Wd hMil
lliVnnl very ixt
iuiisi mi cniii unit linncrr
11 l7
hi 1ip Vfln lnuldiiave
III till
BI41 ilrinkiU r
r 1 Ut jitul rink oh iatMllyre
Vtl Ir Allddleton AVhal did
IJuClto lilm Ui dfiuk ifilllkb lo
ktiowr r -
I ttnly ntonuf cjd cofTeojny
in tyn ifiti iii iiiiirrxAiingiy
JrAud iliat Iml torofirtr liMiail
Mund his nrekr
tlteallT rov tlesr Ttaritdani UiV
mulller whleli Mlas Mitclie
for Christinas 1 did not iictdMhn old
feil comforter And Uto tWr
nt liliu u hi 11 I
IHoe Indeed ihrjllv celioed Mr
uvji vivii tivii piiu una jue
Mts Into enough sahj ho to hi
seir as ho lahl tho newnaior on tho
tablo and let his spectaoles fall slowly
Into their case Wo aro rtilnexj af
though poor Kllra dldntrealljodtAvhcri
sho spoko tho words 01 NIokitroiiM
s clamorous for his money nnd tho
interest is nit behind and thomortgngo
Is ftblng to bo forcfllosed next month
I really dont see tho poor Deacon
added knlttingliis brows togothoraft
er 0 puzzled fashion how Iliavo been
carolers or Improvident but somehow
everything has gono wrong Thco
ni nwi amiiircr s ury spell ami men
that sloknoss among tho cattle and tho
fall of prices In grain iuuI tho Ids Of
twenty tonsof hay lm tho barn th
Km inn DUt one continuous
rim of ill Illlii And ihomanniiii iv
Ing to fight agitlnut fnto ni Jnngersr
ii no 1 can aoo ivo must just let the
old placo go the place where my father
was born before mo -and try to rent a
llttlo house somnwhero nnd support
ourselves by raising m H fniit nnd
vegetables for tho summer hotels ns
best wo may I dont mind ft so much
myself but I dont know how to tell
And one or twp tears tho agonizing
tears of old ago escaped from under
tho Deacons eyelids and trickling
slowly down his cheek fell with a nolso
less nlash unon his knen
Im n poltroon to desunlr said tlm
rood old 1111111 to himself What iloea
Hiblu uy I havo bwm youngimd
now am old yet havo I not seen tho
ngnieous lorsaken nor his geotl beg
ging bread Cant J comfort myself
with fAffiT
rwnn liidMirn blafl
Jlt lnli I H Olsof colors be
in hit unit rTer rrniin lieiie Hut I
Oho t imiko nut iliruvui who it Ir o
Wist rhlietiloui tnitmreil up air he
fiia -an tiling win take you Iiil Her
fw nit iimeiii iiieseryiiousuiirrr otiru
neaiM mortgageil tliqj Intnl running
noiyi jor wnnj ot prowr attention and
tiirii Diimvjing nut oitr iHUMiioId
to rrrrv wrelelut laxt it
loafer and racalmnd that minis along
Mi ilnr mj dear feebly rcinon
nraiel tjip Icacon
Dont ell me ajild Mr MMIlMrm
walng atlll more wrathful na alio medi
tatnl iikii lirr wnmg All Ihn rmi
try know a HI Iliere Jnt a N ggar nor
a tram n but iiowi ho la a lire nt a iti
per and a shilling if ho comes here and
grta nmr ear -
My tlear wo arc told in tho Gom1
HookJy i
HtiiD told In tlwGoot Hook
angrily Intemiiitetl Mrs
thaichsrily begins at huino Orlf
I t ik tttinla lla II
a - J iiHi I I IIMT Pailll
Thert sMjimo Ieter like the
r I in fairly slek of tho anund of
hi squeaking old times I dyit iHdlcin
our barn would ever haio bitniiil up If
It liailn l lnim for his old dim tho night
ho slept there
It was Iho sparks from the toeomo
tlvevmydear which
Sparks from tho locomotive hV
deedf crle1 tlm lad Tho meals
youin glifii him tho nights lodgiliga
lioj had in our bam and onco live dol
lars toward buying him n now violin
when his got cracked by tho frost and
served him right I low and declare
Deacon Ivn no pstienco wlUi vou You
are niinlog us lea ruining ir
Deacon MIddleton shifted ttneastlv In
his chair and grew very red If ihat
sntlppsioiise tif his had only known
of the coins sIIjiimiI at odd times into
llionld llddlers lioriiyjhnti1 Ihn cold
meat and mugs of elder mirrcntltlouslv
sent Into Iho bam for Ijimn Icterfs
lieneflti tho ten dollar bill at Christmas
to help buy him a warm coat If
Hut thems got to Ik an end of all
thlsjsald Mrs Middiejon ewltedly
Ivohrd f liHk put on nlm lntttcry
door and Im going to buy Hobarl
Hogleys big dog that Is asaavagoas
a meat axe and then well sen
Very well my dear said tlio mild
Im tired of keeping freo taiertv for
all tlio wretches between hero and
Mount Kgawarge reiterated Mrs
Yea my dear said tho Deacon
Havent you anythinif to say for
iourself crle1 Jlrs Mldilfelon
What should 1 cnv my dear
ccntly ntteatloned Iho Deacon
And tho lady flounced Indignantly out
if tin room
Hut tho good niani ifacornwtfvrry
sr ii
i i i lm - ivvi a hi i i ill i i u i asm
i i i i i j m i w w - b i fi r i i i i I I i J I wvmmw -
t MMk im H bm m aH H M at A H w H m UK - iww K m aw Baa aa am aaa aa KB Bai Kajw -
ft - I - - V -- kt ill am way S-
i I I Pfe SfeAf
Inallnctlroly ho ronrlioil out Hi hamt
for tlio oltl fnmlly Illlilc with tlio nmr
blnl cocr anil tlm ilofaciil gilt linillnif
on tlm hncki but at tlio unniu moment
tlioni waa n knock nt tin ilimr anil In
cnmii Lnwyrr Hiiruco n ilnjiiKr lltlln
man with twinkling blue rye hair Iuat
roatoil villi fray anil a aun0n
oniy n auipioion 01 n reil noc
Iho DinrpnM hrart ank wltlun lilmi
ho cynl tho lawyer aa n ilri auijr
might lyo tho hungry vulture alrcaily
awooilng abovo him Hut with tlio In
alliHtoi Inborn hospitality hcofTcreil
him n chair
Iliankro Deacon thankee aahl
tho lawyer Hut I cant atny Ivu
coimi to aeo you on aomo bualno con
ncclctl with Mr IVlor Tike commonly
known na Mamo 1ito tho Hihller
Tlm Deneon ntioiipil hla mlhl eic
Khf aahl ho 1 ho Ick poor
lloa ileaill aahl the hwjer
I lio aahl Mlililleton IiKir
fcllowjMKjr vM fillowl I lwav
thouirht n ileal of Limo Ieto Well
woUrwo inuav tury htm itocitbi
to that hoiloiil lack n mitt tombton
Illgho my aharo towapia it1 and ho
put hla haml Into hla ocket
Tho Uwut amlleil ahruuilltv
Vouro mUtaVon Deacon MliMle
liroilainl iiunnlpt r
You dont s3W said MrDIMdle
Ion FiiirliuiiVKtiTiI ilolUra eh
That Is a deal ftf JnoiiOlV
thousand dollars now -
Hiil rad four
You have said tho lawyer
What oared tho Deaoon
That Is prtflacly what I to
tell joti aaldtMrrSpnicc W0
a dirt cnimblcl paper In ona of Ida
which prored to Ini a Ugalh
eteciileit will and which makes joti his
sole heir and legatee
Mr shouted the Deacon Hl
heir1 Hut Im no sort of relation to
So nor anjliody elo aal tho
lawyer nut that dont Interfetn with
Iho validity of tho will
iileaa me aaldj tho deacon Why
Ihits enoutfh lnrrauo the morfgigo on
tho old farm-
Of couro It l nrxlilid Lawjer
fpnuo -no saya in tlio will thtt von
arotho lieal friend he cr Sivl lm
that now i on will understand how sin
cerely grateful lie was for nl lour
fcim ntw I
rod IVtrlooj oM rctfsiid
the Dtaeom wiping tho jinoljluij out of
hlf lW thTmTarfdilVllnrs
and dont funrei thodlriTiioii ami lwt
stiVoltishakiwell Ufqrj mlini mterlng
good da maam and the doctor
usimI out In n brown study
iell I wonder what Kllxa will at-
Kor tho good Deacon had rrcejuilhis
rejinnl at jM jndthcro whs r din
gerof hlsVndltl his list daiafin tho
poorrhouso Y falser
Mr Jones uljurs Krom a Mlupplled
Jones atlll lives After prlu iln
crillos nnd tlio anger of a Juatlj In
cened iKipul trr nni aiirririiitiiatNat
lly JhtIIs of aiintMateurt debut ho has
como near to meetlnx death at tho
hands of tlio wlfeof hi lxxoni nnd now
Ilea weak and helpless ns n month old
baby trying lo plan out an adequate
revenpt when Jeptha is himself again
iwoiiiu no funny were ii not so latal
but Mrs Jones aai a no bones an broVeiT
Piid that he needed hiroietreatiiunt ho
Certainly got It
i You seo tho family doctor la an ab
sentinlnibil Wirt of iitaii and tlir other
day ast ho left the hoiio after giilng
Mrs JfonesaJiOttlq 0 Jinedlnno for
Jnnea tneasles ho was staring about
hlni In a ilajrod sort 01 ivay as lm went
out and Mrs J Ix gaii to tliink Jeptha
inlghrjx won oJian shj Imagined and
he asked rather anxiously
Is thcrq tuinjiig ell iloctor9
Siso iilitillin prraerliitiiin
11 aniu ineuotior in nllTrrtiaaioIee
TI III sltro 1 dont know how Im ro l
lugmnuii hata MrnxiJoncs with
icars itr ncr eyes 1 suppo I must
IJQgji but Hrldgijtwilljlino to help
Mr Jonehai fslleii imrta feiorisK
fltii liJTyb lhjiuelj ami Shuke
jtearo hud swonl sValliAiing wrro
Mtleraliyiuiyrfiib when he aiiddonly
fiwoko Rifll IHwMfa Iftues
looking nt him on nnn aide of Hie lull
and Hildgel heroically planted on the
Maria am f worse he caiied
wno n teellnjr tliht hiMiiill
TaVn hold aald Mrs Ji ne luxU
iliugto Bridget we niny h s wellgut It
over again
Hridget tixik hold It was methlng
lko the grip of a hull dog and t caught
llnni in tho ribs nt tho sain moment
that tho ticklish lingers of hi w ifowem
Insoiletl on tho other aide
Now ahakt directed Mri Jones
mid for thitioxl IliiiiiilniiiKui iKwirtili
Vd man had n iliailliig n iv of Iho
lieavena nod the earth ho irnd tonrnv
but Hildgvtn kniiekloH tiMikoifi lilt ol
un iiii nut 01 mm ami as lm roe anil
fell with tlio rcgulAi lly of n nig iiint
3n spring houso cleaning ho could mill
tako one brief and rnnlil survi I of Ins
Imst life nnd think with Indesoribnhli
tortiim of nil the wicked thin -a lm
finlght hnvn tlonn nnd hadnt Then he
was as It seemi d tohiu from
a fourth story window nnd ho felt
somo rolil liiitlid that tastetl llkn 11111-
tang liniment and St Josephs oil coin
blued going down his throat
So clad 1011ro lieltor aild his
wlfe when ho recovered consciousness
-no you Know near It It hadnt lieen
forthotloctor Id never thought 11I1011I
that old formula To Ik well shaken
before taken I havent a doubt it m
saved your life That rompi id lining
a doctor of tho old Nchool vonll noon
bo well now and sho put two mort
comtonaDies ami his nvcntiit on the
prostrate man and tucked him in so hi
wouldnt get cold
And now she says tho only thin that
worries her Is thoexiirealnn rr 11
llhey look lxt awl Trilh
Tlio Deputy Master of the Mini
notes tho remarkable fact that with the
exception of n small number of om
hunilrod friino nieces no gold whatmci
was coined nt tlio Paris Mint during the
wholo of last year and that there lm
benn no colnngu of French gold piece
for irenoral circulation alnon 11170 rir
coinage of French silver has moremer
iM en limited to thn Issue of haf fniii
pieces forming part of thu subsidiary
coinage authorized by the Monelan
Convention nnd commenced In 1881
TA oslon author has sued his pub
lisher becauso his book did not sell
The Drray of tho Hrpuhllcan Tart
Our ealeemeil contemporary tho
Tribune pnifeea to bo aatlslkil with
tho proapccl of tho Itepubllcan party
It aahl yeatenlayi
Having nolbln to bide It ran nominate
nw mni nr mfn aim turn iktii lon laontl
lled with 111 hMnrr a rlrruinatanrei In earh
ea may dictate It will not 1 fnnllfh
rnnnah to proicrvl that In ererr particular
rrrrr Admlnlatratlon Includln that of
rrealdrnl Arthur haamotlla hlhi t annlra
llona and jtpl It will have no x clnn or Af
ilmto illtavow or dlnown that Admlnlitra
Hon aaa whnlo or any olhert on tho con
Irary Itoan rlalin pulillo thanka ami hoDor
rorthna pneralmnduct ot the lorcrninant
nilrr tlio prewnt Admlnlatratlon
Who arc theao now men In tho
Itepubllcan party that can bo nnnil
naleiir Who arc tho old loaders
long Identified with It history of
whom tho Tribune apeakx
Haa tho Hcpubltcau party not been
lately engaged in phyaically mentally
or morally asaaaslnaling nearly crery
ilia of It former chieftains Ja thcro
alnglo former rrraldcntlol candidate
or leader long Idonlllleil with lu his
tory uall
Tako tho Irealdentlal candidates at
tho Chlcacti Contention la Ihrra nn
ol them still seriously considered
iiiaino iirant Waaliinirnn
nil Sherman were tho livn nrinclnal
lBtaken Kontestants nt Chicago Whcio are
Mr lsfr rikojhiis not died ly itihW iey now j
Ho has ulefv eoottglito bury fim and I rant the great silent hum now
a little bVldesti f J 1 i aootca jn stocks as tlio llcnt partner
tliitleptl said tho Deacon I am I f brokers In Wail street
glad to hear It nine the formerly popular plumed
Ho must hao Ixen n rnthn rnjcht Is out of tho Senate out of tho
trie character aald tho lawcr He net out of Ida former element re-
has left imltfl n mini In tin nvlnca Ureil to lirlt alo life absilrlied In build
bmiV ruiiritiuinimltitHmi i rflrd writ a bkL
Wlniliiui Is out oftho Treasurj out
nfthn Sijte out f i fonnerSlato
and out ot all rrcsldentlal iosslbllllv
Wall atreel
irjinglomakn a living In
ny forming another slock exchange
Sherman though in theScnato and
a man of ability has lost his prestige
atnl proinlnuiico Ho is mi longer in
the public mind
irlirld U dead -murdered by a Ho
publican soII politician
And when arc the Hepubllean candl
ilalns for the Ircsltlency in 1870 where
are they
Hristow -who even remembers that
Hri tow once was tho great reform
candidate fyr the rrerdeney with so
rioua iiroapeets of success Hristow
Hristow U pn tty Qompletelout
nf jMntlo J
t onkling the ablest and most daring
lender of them all has retlrvd to prao
1 I -
Haies who carried oft tho prize and
served jhrough Jils fraudulent tcrm has
mnk into tlofoliscuritr to which hols
6tmlneotlrntt il
Wio tliVn Is thero ldftipf the oldV
llepubllonn Tesilers f t
Kdniunils seems to lo the lnsl of
the Mohicans only 0110 of tlm old
rhlefs whotill has political life nnd Is
avatiauie j
lut tho Tribune speaks of new men
the lUpuClicah party cnti nominate
Who are tho new men who have
takon the places pf the old chiefs
is It perhaps tlio great nnd dlstln
rutshed Senator Miller of wood pulp
fame Or Is It tha great and dlstln
miiahed Senator Latiliani of this Stntn
lie Is a new man indeed as successor
to Conkllng
Or Is It that extraordinary mediocrity
Kelfer Or Is It cx Secrctarr llolicoii
thn leader of the last Hentiblican Houso
Or did ixisalhlv the 7ViAMir mean Sen
ator Tnbor of Colorado tho latent of
thcvrntwrU Itepubllcan stars Senators
and leaders
Tho di cay of tho ltenubllcan iisrtv Is
lerfectly manifest nnd Is owing to
naturjil catue 1ollllenl pnrtcs do
upon leaders itntl Issnns All tho
ssuej that haio en blel tlio Hepublican
i 11 intnl 111 ui i 101 iun jn
tnviili ihrcn ar are practically set-
tied The Union Is restored Tho war
Isoier nid almost forgotten Slavi
is1ioIhiil Heeonstniction Is a rem
Isamcc Tjio tmnback Is ns good
pld - Koroicpiitnctconysmrnprofou
if the real facts of Hi
St X Sf M
-1 1
iicaiui has now reigned tiroughout tho
Intnl Instead of political physical or
inanujal dUonJTi we havo a stmtigcr
a Itoitr and A noro powerful Union than
ever before A 1 HorW
Mhe Heal Issue
TJiero seein to bo K ilelennlnatlon
iipiln the part of tlio Heptihllcans to
forco the idea that the tariff is the
grcMV ifiiistlon with tho Demociallo
pariyju tlio ajipmarhlog Presidential
caniiialini In this thoy nrn vcrv
ly aldid by many of the DemiM ratlo pa J
pem iiiruiicnoui inn country alulsjl
tuaelly wliat thn Hepiiblicnns want
ihnngiill is not intended by tho Demo-
Wo are ypryniucli opposed to
graDfyiiig the enemies of Democracy
Hcsidcs there nro other questions of
equal If not of nioreurgent importance
atnl on whkh questions wo have the In
Ii rest thn sympathies and tho hearts
and ears of tho people A campaign
iiiion the proper crounds U won nlimwl
at the M it iinivided it Is entered upon
ny n milieu Democracy ivo agreo
with Iho New York Mir when It says
that while nil true Demociats bellcvoln
reiising tho tnriffasfaxtnud far as prao
licable mi as to lesson ihn burdens of
the pooplaaiulrcmovorctricllonsnn In
dustry and ooliunerco without disturb
lug Iho business of the country there is
no senso In making it fuss nbottt it
Tho people of thn United States havo
oilier subjects of greater Importance to
attend to than 1111 liuo which has
como ot secondary Interest
Most of the gVeat eontmversles and
questions which once agltnt l tho
country nml ilividcd parlies have lcen
virtuilly Mttlitl by tho changes of half
n century and tho growth of publio
opinion Hut Iho fundamental ques
tion 111 iriiicipin nnyn mil lieen settled
nnd remain ns Important and vital bs
eier And it Is the new application of
these fundamental principles which cre
ates tnu real issues ot our jHilitlcs
Democracy means tho lovernnicnt of
the whole people for Iho wholo iieoplo
and by tho wholo people That Is pro
clscly what Thomas Jefferson under
stood by tho ivonl And had It lioon
proposed In his day to put tho wholo
transportation interest of tho coun
try into the hnnds of Irresiionsibln
corporations giving them rights nnd
privilege undreamed ot hv the
framuK of tho Constitution leaving
mem 10 iix liieir own terms tor carry
ing persons and produce enabling
them to form combinations In del
nnco of the laws of competition In or
der to control parties and bribe Legis
lature and buy up Courts and pack
Congress with their satellites seizing
on public lands enough to found an
empire- ho would havo issued n pro
test ngninst such dangerous assump
tion of power in comparison with
which thn Declaration of Iudepciid
oneii would bo tamu as a Juno morn
ing In touiparlson with n cyclone
1 el an tins iiss necn
stealthily insensibly
dono gradually wl
No tUhcrlptiph a
is situation can be I I
JilO 01iMt VVMjm4
marto which noes not present ft ptcttt
full of tiorlcnls of danger to tho ronnb
He ami of doom to tho rights and lib
crtles of tho people Jf present forces
continua to ojicrato unchecked for tho
noit ton yean as thoy haro for tho past
deqado what our fathers understood by
tho freedom of thet lenplo will bo a mero
historical reminiscence Columbut
Tho Jjttc nayes AdmliilMratlon
Llttlo moro than two years ham
elatwcd slnco tho Administration of It
II llaycscxnlrcd Its tcnninallon nnv
dticcd a feeling of relief nnd gratihen
tlou tlirougltout tho counlrr in which
mon of all political opinions shared
How thoroughly dcsnlacil tho Hyo
AdhilnlsliDtlon was Is alwwn by the
manner In wlilfih it is remembered by
most renroicntotivcs of tho party that
placed It In power It is seldom men
tlotied by them without a sneer Whllo
an oinor presidents liavo Vccnjionorcd
approveiJhp frand lookcd wltli con
tempt upon Its creature Ycl it would
beftlangolf the most despised lresl
dent hadnot few defenders Indeed
Hayes has such- Wo recently quoted n
paiier that nt lids lato tiny siioke of his
clean upright and abl6 Administra
tion Its editor has long lieen an ene
mV of ltocoo Conkllng and naturally
liecame an admirer of tho man who
did his liest to overthrow tho power antl
Inljucace of the former Senator and
was conlially haled by the latter There
ar other defenders who wero connect
ed Id ontjwsy or another with tho
Hslyes Administration ir received fi
von from Uantltfl other Hcpublic
nniwhqliad toinakoup for tholr hos
tility towanl the Orant Administration
by profossod loyalty towanl its success
or like the llepabll aa Journals which
supported ireeltiv in 1872 and snbe
fluently felt obliged lo surpass in party
1110 Maunriiesi iteptunican otgans
which had never wavered In their jxlit
Ical allcclance Two New Kiulnml
wiiers whlcJi uiore or lessoiHiil
loreit illilens election in 187i endeav
ored to reconcile their Itepiiblicnu read
ers by tho pretense of attachment to
What will bqrtho finat Judgment of
history on tho Hayes Administration
No one should vetlliro to forecast it nt
present Tlm tlmo to spenk of the
events of thn lost few years without an
ger or partiality has not jet mri veil
SHU this AtliiilhlatniUon U as thing ot
tho tiaau Onaiirn can not luirt it
eulogy will bo of no advantage to It
Thero wero undoubtedly some able and
patrlotlj rlen identilletl with it but is
any Administration of tho United States
wholly unsupported by such men imag
Inablc Of the many thinirs which oc
curred Uuringthofour years of tho last
Isldentlalterm and reflected credit
upon the country a few vcrv few In
deed wero connected with its
mcni inn now count it Do olhcrwUo
In n highly elvillrctl and free country
1 ho thing foj which tho Hni cs Admin
istration obtained mo cretllt at least
from Its political opponents was its so
cnlletl Southern policy This policy
originated In 11 jiolltlcnl bargain but
when It was bitterly denounced by tho
Stalwart Hcpublicnns Haves chief Sec
retary John Sherman cflecttially lndl
cnlodit by showing that tho Adminis
tration had no chooo in tho matter and
at no time had tho power to treat tho
South as Grant hail treated It During
tho term of Hayes Administration
tho House of Hciuvscntatlvc remained
under Democratic control At thn out
sot tho Senate hail an Inslgnllicant
puuucan majority which in thumlddlu
of the term iraVo way to a strnnrrnr
Democratic majority Asltlo from thn
fact that Hayes only perfonnetl a duty
In not nirddllrig with tlio Jnal affairs ot
Iho Southern Stales Jie hail no option In
mts respect It ivxiuhl Jiaioleen pos
ibloforhtm lo rjfinu lio Clill Serv
vico To Its thorough and conjplelo re
form ho committed himself tlurliif tho
cnnvas of 1870 Hut thotio width he
made bf thd appointing jiower lo re
witnt political crimes was moro tlisered
lliblo Until the iiepolsni of General
Gj aiit Whatever miy hnvo been at
tempted or achieved In a few Govern
mcnlfl offices the result of Hajes Ad
ministration was to bring Civll servico
Kyform Into tHsrenjto Tho vitality
and strength of tho reform movement
was shown liy nothing more Hum bv thn
faH that it could live and prosper after
Haies had done everuliiott tomakfiit
ridiculous The Cliloafro Convention of
1870 at fiist wnnteil to ignore tho reform
question entirely such was the impress
siOn made liy the performances of the
Hf publican President
It has been claimed however that at
least tha llnanolnl achievements of tlm
Itnyes Administration werogrctit iy cn
this clnlm wbs uiifcmmleil Hayes found
tilts Resumption net on thpHtHtiitn lnwik
AU that liUyVdiiilnistMtipn did in Ihn
way of preparation unsfo Ibiw 1 onds
tothinnuntf some ninety million
at aiUuolihen tho Goicrujncutcu joyed
unlimited credit Hut lieforo the day of
resumption nrriietl Congress passed an
act which amounted tt a repeal of somo
of Its most important features It pro
hibited thn redemption of the green
backs and it revoked tho nuthoilt for
their reduction to thrco hundred mill-
ion lHlnli1 f
Independently of spede payments
This bill was approved by Haies F01
tlio high credit of tho G01 eminent which
mndatho refunding operation posslblo
lm deserve io more prnlso
thnn for tho bountiful crop or
tho magnificent results of the
tenth censn After the oxpiratlon of
von iiuyi H Auminisirntion a secniulrnto
Minnesota politician was nbln in wum
atlll better terriis for Government loans
than tho irreat finnnelnr from nil
Inthlseonncotlonlt should nlwnys be
remembered that Hayes Instead of con
tribntlng to thn reduction of tho publio
bunlen matle It larger than ho found it
at tho beginning of his Administration
by hi approval of the Pension Arrears
swindle He might have dono much to
let tlio country forget thu shameful
origin or his power but lio failed to do
thl Though tho Republican party as
a whole now repudiates liim it was ro
rponslbln for him Thl fact ought to
bo Impressed upon tho publio mind
whllo tho two parties aro preparing for
iiuit iSUUUIlHl CllllltSt HllHilh
nto n
i the
1 ini
bytho naming of persons nnd localities nhS
after them lunly anywihtllMwJJlii
respect and sympathy hag ever been
paid to Hayes To hjipreclflto thd ox-
iciji 01 win ponicmpi vita trstcir he Ss
reganieil FJy Rcplmlipflns ono need only
watch forn short tlnlo tho utterahces
maJlo by Hepubllcati jiApers represent
ing different sections of tho country and
their party whenever thnyMufTo oCca
sion to refer to thejjefunct Adminrslni
tlon Thero la reason to believe that If
Hayes were to run agaln fbr office he
would lOibcten In hlrnwn Stalo though
thq general political sjtuatlon wero fa
vorablo to his iiarty Tho
toTrsrS hrr tisdesbted Is rinr
fact that the existence of his Adminis
tration was a tlisgraco to the country n
10 our institutions inoso wno
Woisrn tlCnn luokj
Pippda VTIckcdHrothcr
Arrwl was wedded nlffht
lloonocf tho fairest vouni
tls community Tho aflcr
ffwas to tho oercmony which
fly linked his life with that of
w of his choice ho took tho
Mo precaution to ransack his
oro on Sixteenth street and
wmsilf with tho most
illy sunnlv of wcarinir an-
stock Havimr carefully
5cso goods In a largo trunk
oniqrfld sent to lits apart-
1 vonntr man thonrrhtlesslv
his brother Mr Jacob At
precautionary step
Vaipressions daicc snlil ho
ilcally aro always tlio most
It Is therefore proper that 1
tho vciy outset of my
reor Impress mr brlde with
1 that I am exceedingly dainty
iter ot my npparei
niaeeit in tho trunk tiia
MrJftctn Appcl grasped Moses by
thobandjtlI warmly tjongratulaiedhlm
OTCr ilS prinen n fritnii mi nlnaea
walked outMf Iho store and sauntered
up the elrei In a very delirium of self
approval The trim figure of his
younger lrothcr had no sooner
vanished frttn sight than Mr Jacob
Apncls Ace relaxed Into a
smile whichtunder tho circumjlnnce
wo Jeel Justified In designating as llcnd
Ish not to iy diabolical Having al
lowed this tinlfajlowed smllo to play at
hldo antl iecj for a few moments over
his fic5f Sir Jaeoir Appel caiicd his
clerks around him and unfolded a plot
to thent tholtdcofHmjssof which makes
its shtnlilcr ftfthe recital
Yestenlay nonilng Mr Moses Appel
arose and prccetlctr to mako his toilet
enrr ing on tt the same time ft solilo
quy intended for his britles cars
I bellcvtt aald he sotto voce 1
srlll put on this French silk suit of tin-
tlerclothingi tho gold and crimson Lisle
thread lioso one of the Knglish linen
shirts a IqHslan collar and the purple
and chronic silk necktie
With tfjeso Impressive wonls he
tlirpw open tlio trunk The sight that
m l Ids gftje made his blood ran cold
OlatupuTt Vox fauclbus hxslt Could
ho lio dreaiilng Was this somo hor
rid phnnUsni some incubils some
nlghtmaref Ho pinched himself Ho
rubbed hil fyes Ho felt his pulse
Thcro couH bo no mistake Ho was
pwpke nte ibU this svas Indeed a
dreadful reality Trcmbllngli he
stooped ilqwn and nervously ho began
lifting Iho contents out of the Inmk
Hnif Btlozencoars llnnnel under sWirta
half ntlonn lairs of unmstcd woolen
stockings three cheap colored shirts
two pairs bf blue overalls half a dozen
liory red ncek ties npd n box of No 18
paper collars tlioo wero tho dainty
articles with which he forsooth would
liivo Impressed his bride He was
ilnreil staggered ovcrome
I inally It began to dnwn upon him
Dint it wni a joke nnd ho tried to
liilgli ha ha but his laugh sounded
reire liko an asthmatics death rattle
Ills siillltieiit to aay tliat when Mr
Mosis AlUHl reached his lnn of lml
tiPiestoniay tho lemperaturo of tho
csplilihmnt ro so rapidly and to
such bright flint tho mercury fairly
in i ion inn iHiiuiieii in tno thermometer
Ikn ir Tribune
The Corn Dentist and Plumber
One of thnso mistake thararo liable
to occur In the liest regulated families
made quite a iatlgh lu it West sMe rcsl
tlcnco a few da s ago Tho lady of thn
house hail been gnimbling about a corn
on her foot for months and her husband
lintl tried in vain to get her to consent
to haio a corn tlvutist como up and
rcmoio it but sho was afraid It would
hurt nnd she suffered along until Tues
day when In a moment of agony sho
told tho old man to send up Ids com
dentist as quick as he had a mind to
Ho went down to his office and ordered
the corn niantn go up Ho had already
onlcred a plumber to go to tho house
and mend some gas fixtures that hail
sprung a lesk and tiie plumber got
thero lirt Tho lady give orders that
It a m in emeu witti sonic corn tools to
send him up to her room The plumber
rung the lieu anil on lielng askctl whero
the work was to Iki ilontvthu girl told
him to go up to tho tallys room nnd
tho man went up Ho had a roll of
doth with tools In it and as ho put it
down on the lloor to unroll tho tools
the lmlv look off her slipper and re
moved W stocking nnd placed her foot
on a hassock Sho looked nt tho
pIumlN r s tools on tho lloor and nlmost
falnleil There was n big pair of pin
cers atnl two fihs and a lot bf Iron
things 1 il looked big enough to remove
the coins fiom an elephant Tho man
iva sorting out thcTtoolsfand didnt no
tice the intns fright until sho asketl
1 Is tin going to hurt much If it
is I had rather sillier the annoyance
O no said tho man looking up at
the ga bracket by tho window which
had n nr wound around the ioint which
leaked I can screw the cap onto tho
joint mi the gas can not escape Sho
looked ut hlni and wondered why ho did
not goto work on her fool He was a
grefi big muscular fellow and he
look ilas llttlo liko tho way she sup
post il a corn doctor would look a pos
sibb Taking up a big pair of pinch
ers and taking a match to light a small
ciinllo which he carried to test leaky
gas fixtures ho i nldt
Where does it seem to bo tho
There sas tho little woman
bending over and placing her liuger on
the next to the llttlo toe Right be
tween thoso two too It Is a soft corn
and sometimes It makes mo wild
Now do bo careful wont you as the
man dropped his pincers and stood
bat k ns though ho had been stnick by
lightning Then ho laughed out loud
and sahl
Madame I havo been in the plumb
ing business twenty two years but this
I tho first tlmo I was ever tfnlletl upon
to repair a broken joint on a womans
too me and ho began to roll
up hla tools
Heavens and earthl said tho womnn
I thought you was n com doctor
There Is tho gas fixturo you aro to putty
up nndahnwoiit out of thu room in
her stooklng feet to blow upMho girl for
sending n plumber to plumb n corn The
onr doctor arrived soon and did his
work and when ho nnd tlm plumber
went put toguther they weio having a
great laugh a they turned tho corner
11 hen she tells her husband to send up
a man to do any work about the houso
now sho stipulate that lie shall not annd
n plumber whatever ho docs FteVt
A contemiHirnry tells of 11 llttlo col
ored boy who was badly treated ant
hungby tho neck until he vas Vlaok
a the face
Thfl1Ocrwin Emigrant
It was n sad sad sight In which was
blended tearsftiid laughter On tho
Santu Fe train was a largo family of
Germans so fresh from tho ship that you
could smell tho stcerago odor Thcro
wero fathers and mothers brothers anu
sisters and a raft of llttlo ones Somo
were able to crawl up and sit on a scat
others wero still at the breast They
wero all bound ftir the Neosho Valley
All were tired hungry and worn ou
from a four weeks passage They bail
loft crowded Germany whore they had
been struggling for an existence and
thoy wero going to their now homo fa
tho new world If thov started with any
money it gavo out before they reached
Kansas City for on the train they wore
eating black brovl antl salt When tha
children erlcd for meat or something
belter limn tlio stale black bread the
mothers hushed them and told them
that they wonld soon be at Tlymouth
beyond hmporia whore they would
ipele ttetnrlhwiAutI
ilTSmfrrrsriiiiinIri Jti q
thoy would all have1 meat ami inflk
0 it will bo Hoaven said one of
thn woiiion i ww n a iitrv whom
our children van have nil tho milk antl
meat thoy want
As the train pAsjcd Kmporia tho poor
Germans began to raiso tho windows
and admire the beautiful country along
tho Santa Fe Hoad Tho next station
was to hothn long-hoped-for new homo
Tho mothers wreathed in smiles liegin
to wash tlio chlldrcnN faces for the last
time Then when the rosy checked
children were tixed they took wlato
hinderchiefs out f their bsg and put
them around their own necks Poor
women they had but ono dress on earth
but ns they wcru going to see brothers
andslstcis and neighbor who had been
away from Germany nnd living In Kan
sn for five years thoy wanted to look ns
well ns they could
The next station is tho Mace said
a big healthful German us he lied n
blue handkerchief over his old soiled
collar nnd hero well never bo hungry
again Hero my little babies cu hnvo
all they want to cat
Will tour friends meet ou at tlio
train 1 asked becominir
ivresicu in tno poor uui now happy
Ytw tliry know we are coming this
week and theyll bo down to eiery
train Hclnriclis farm isonly two miles
Thero they are waiting for us said
tho wife stretching her head out of the
window and sure enough there stood a
crowd of twenty American Germans on
the platform a Iho train drew up
Soon tho fathers nnd mothers lead tho
way off tho train carrying tho big
bundles the children following with thn
doens of little packages As they struck
the platform brothers nnd sisters nnd
fathers nnd children came together in n
long embrace Ki ery e was dimmed
with tears Fvcry volco faltcred and
every throat choked with emotion It
was the pother of great joy Hut soon
they wiped their tears away and began
to litigh and put nnd smooth each other
onthe back Then the Knnsa icrmnn
lead them across the street to a hotel
It T
Soon after wo
svav neross to
looking old chnptMi
nml croancd nndV
like 11 man terribly d
we nskeil him srliarH
it tho worst he rplt
Gentlemen llu
good looking yotwijr
car ami suo n4iai
of a human hyena
Ho snouw 11
at onco r
t Yes Indeed
Ing wolf n tiafs
tako note rep
gland raaehlniyi
inif of her hand
hi love nndrktji
rUrht into thetrai
sen It nnv lOnsrM
---- -A
- - v
nerc uentiemn
Yo there sy
uawf hii rm
sotlo that I could not keep ray eic
of them It wn a scene of tho most
heartfelt joy I ever witnessed I could
not look at tho scene n ithout wiping
away a tear myself and I cannot speak
of it now without my throat choking
with emotion
When tho dinner was over they all
went out ami got Into now lumber
wagons with bright green boxes ami
rotle out to tho new homo on the farm
Having occasion to lay oier in tho
town I rotle out to tho new German
farm tills morning to seo how tho new
emigrants were getting along I found
the Kansas Germans hail had them all
over tho farm lieforo breakfast When
I got thcro they were showing their
stock The happy emigrant would put
bis hand ou a colt s back antl smooth it
liko a kitten Then ho would cxainino
a harness then take hold of a plow
This said tho Kansas brother Is
tho span of horses Ive got for you
Then John would go and pat them on
their faces and look into their eyes
Tho talk of the women in tho houso
sounded liko a school Intermission
Thoy wore showing their stoics ami
kettles and showing how they burned
coal and wood instead of sticks Hnd
telling how in Kansas every ono has
all tho white bread and meat tlicy want
Then said one woman Iheio is 110
nrni here to take our men away Wo
are sure our husbands will nlwns stay
at home
In two years theso German emigrants
who looked so hungry n the cars will
own good farms They 11 ill have horses
nnd cows and a green wagon to ride to
town in and In ten jears fhelr farm
will bo worth forty dollars an acre
Their grandchildren will go to college
bo perfect American and fill positions
of honor nnd trust in tho best State for
the nor man the sun over shono on
Kansas Kit Tcrkitu in Chicago 7rifc
Thurlow Weeds Earliest Labor
In his forthcoming autobiography
Thurlow Weed sa8 I felt the neces
sity at an early ago of triing to tin
something for my own support My
lirwt emiiltinent when about eight
years old was in blowing a black
smiths bellows for a Mr Reeves who
gave mo six cents per day w hlcli eon
tributetl so much towanl the support of
fho family I stood upon a box to
enable me to reach thu handle of tho
bellows My next service was in tho
capacity of a at a
tavern in the iilln of Jeflerson two
miles from Catskill kept by a Captain
linker who hail I remember mado a
great mistake lu exchanging the com
mand of a ship for a tavern After the
Sheriff took possession of Captain
Unkers wrecked hotel Igot a situation
ns cabin boy on bnnnl the sloop Ranger
Captain Grant This gratified a desiro
Iliad to seo tho city of New York I
was then 1800 in my ninth jenr I
remember a If it were but yesterday
after carrying the small hair trunk of a
from Coentles Slip to Hroad
treet finding myself in possession of
tho first shilling I could call my own
I remember too how joyfully I pur
chased with that shilling three two
penny cakes and threo oranges for my
brother nnd Bister how eitivfully I
watched them on thu passage back and
how much happiness they conferred
JV Jst
It Is said that decaying cabbnga
will produeo diphtheria sooner than any
other nuisanco about tho house
JerMlan on tha
rjT a solemn-
nto thn smriknr
eTd and took on
fsseil and when
seemed to feel
sis a powerfully
nan In tho neu
Intalhe hands
1 -
ur inur voices
If I
wmo New Kn
ifes a aoiieez
i wfilsnerirur of
fjhhs has fallen
fonidn U bear lo
no I camn In
1 01 you navo
us who had
two to seven
Tata rf - W f ITav
kayjoled by a Philtainel he conute j
lie s talking and rlattcrinr nnd prem
ising nnd shes somebody s daiishtar
Gentlemen somctilnrorterbe did
Wo ajrreeil We all loiiniredln nod
saw that sho was n gootl looklng hap
py iaccugirioi twentvnni weretumea
and held an indignation mectlnr Afmr
a fine display of eloquence nnd oratory
it was unanimously agreed that If tho
masher got off nt Jnckson ivlieru wo
wero to wait twcnli minutes the irooa
old man shsnld gn is jszA tell that girl
what was what Jackson was hnally
reached and siiro enough the human
hyenn got oil and ran Intotho hotel He
was not out of sight when wo all on
tcred the car and tho philanthropist
took n scat beide Hie girl and bpgan
My dear loun lady ray heart Is
sad ofi so sail for yon lou are on
the roid to dostruellonl
W what tlo you mean she fal
I mean that tho Ulaln who left you
ii moment Hgo 1 aenking to ensuatu
ihe y viiialn
Yes manm tho wolf In sheeps
clothing the hien1 in human form
tho scoundrel whosn vnry look proves
tho vilcneis of hi heart I warn you
to beware of him as you would of a set
Why hes my husband she
shouted at tho top of her voice and tho
next instant sho had her fingers playing
through his venerable lock and exca
intlng channels down hi wrinkled
All of us got away nt last and found
hiding placet in the baggage and mail
cars all but tho old man When ho
managed to get clear of tho bride ho
slid oil tho car and took a bce lino up
town nnd though he met several people
ivhilo in sight of in wo couldn t o
that ho stopped to answer any ques
tions Ditruit Free resi
Are You All Head j I
Ono of tho roost rcmarVablo
1 lI 11 - 1 1 1 vn 1 Men- 1l V 1 J I
Fine Job Printing-
With Neatness and Dispatch
SWZX3 uixis
Thcro 1 a colored churok In New
York City whoso leading members havo
property valued at 1000000 If r
Tho Reformed Episcopal Church In
General Council at resolved
to colcbrato tho tenth anniversary of iU
urgnnizmiun weccmocr iu next
Ive novcr saw tho book
marked a member of tho Haltlm oro
Hoard of School Commissioners In a
discussion about Introducing a new
grammar Baltimore Hun
Dr Lyon Ilayfair in a recent
speech on tho Scotch universities said
Whereas tho Knglish universities
taught a man to spend jC 1000 a year
with dignity ami intelligence the Scotch
univcrsitlo taught him to makelt
Dr W W Macfariane has offered
a twelve dollar medal a aprlze to tho
young ladies of llanlln Collcgo Mis
souri for the best essay on any subject
tilling at li aat threo foohesrt paiea and
uiJHimmtijj uvwtmitH more taan two
MSidli J i 1 -
ir SeJI
largest coniervatoryof mtisto To th
couutry whether maured by tha
numler In tho faculty tho attendanco
of students or tho number and excel
lence of Instruments nnd accommoda
tions for pupils Doston Transcript
Union Theological Seminar New
York has property worth 1730000
which is an increase of nearly a million
dollars as compared whh what It pos
sessed ten years ago Liberal donation
f wealthy friends and tho rise in cer
tiln pleees of real nslatn havo united to
bring about thl prosperous stato of af
faw -A Nun
-Rev Dr I II Wheeler formerly
Unitsd States Consul at Genoa subso
qubnly Professor of Knglish Literature
and lllatory In the Northwestern Unl
versJtyW Kvanston III and for tha
past fey cars editor of the Now Yorkr
Jtelhoiut hr3 been clcctetl President of
tho Allegheny College at Meadvllle
A report from tho records of tho
courts of France upon the relation be
tween education and crime describes re-
silk directly opposed to thoso obtained
in Ihe United States courts Of 25000
Iersons wholly illiterate lire wero
crlnitaalo of tho saint uumber able lu
read and write six were transgressors
and of an equal number ot persons of
superior instruction fifteen wore under
tho ban Kelapc into crime were
found much more numerous among
educated people ATK Htraltl
Nearly two hundred women of
Now York wives of some of tho best
known citizen havo petitioned tlm
Hoard of Education to make the teach
ing of sewing to girls between ten and
twelve compulsory in tho primary
ichools A dan of teaching ac
companies tho petition and pro-
vide that after attaining a certain pro
ficiency tlio children may bring their
own work Thl is a step in the right
direction Tlio tendency of our modern
education I too often away from home
it train tho brain but doc not make
housewivc Hut a theo good women
point out sewing Is of much moro lm-
T w urucrr rm -ht v VriT RorUvnc0 to tho of a poor
hi lull
hist lime mTlg
me 111 nit ir uvea iiii m luin - -
German emigrant nto beefsteak and Street broker jestertav Ihavoheanl hlton LTFrriZn e Ki C
fried egg and cake anil pie antl fresh of Kod many wonderful dreams but I
Texas cabba re It wia north n iltv thl has somo features about it which I
travel to seo those appetites appeased bonier on tho marvellous I lUAUfcJl lAltliilUIIIS
T luuiiiinn un nlnnrliAii In alA llit Whif l 1I10 ctakv1 niinrifid nnnfriAr I a 1
m iruiiMiuu nM uiisui uiu lis ill iuiiii f iiia ni j tiw nini iuiiivi iitiiii y ni 1 1 1 11 d r 11111 lm haa m
broker whoso business was apparently
dull enough to allow him plenty of time
to sillily tho nilraiilous since ho had
almost forgotten how to buy and sell
Well replied the fir t speaker I
wn told to day by a leading city hall
official whoso trustworthiness is un
doubted that a daughter of the lato
Hanev Jewell who was so well and
fnvoraoly known In loton in legal and
business oireles and was a brother of
the late Marshall Jewell had recently
a very queer and unusual experience
and ono calculated to make a deep im
pression upon tho strongest mind
Some weeks njro sho had a dream in
which sho distinctly siwaa undertaker
drive up to her residence In a hearse
Ho iva a peculiar looking man His
quecrly shaped nose which looked as
if it had been broken ami tw isted to one
side giyo hi countenance an expres
sion which would haie ninlo identifi
cation easy and certain Hu camn di
rectly towanl liorvaiiil as ha said Are
you all ready she suddenly awoke
Tho dream seemed a peculiar one
but did not attract icry much attention
in tho household until a few days or a
week later it wa repeated with exactly
tho same characteristics down to tha
Are you all ready and tho awaken
And now comes the strangest part
of the story Some hill lime nftcr
ivanl the young lady was vi iting in
Cincinnati nnd wont to an apartment
hotel to call upon n friend She stepped
into thu elevator with other mid was
startled to hear -Are lou readi from
the man in charge She was Mill more
startled on looking around nnd behold
ing the exact picture of the man of the
dream oven to tho miliapened nose
It made such nn impression upon her
mind that she request -d to be let out of
the elevator at the hrst linding She
otepped out nml the other occupants
went out t tb j lindliur and Uie
man remained Tnu elevator machin
ery gave out suddenly the car went up
and then down aul the man was in
stantly killed
You haio all heartl of tho warnings
of dreams Alt I can say I that thl I
tho first well ant le nticated case 1 hnvo
ever Lnoiu nnd if It doe not bonier ou
the supernatural I do not know what
does It was agootl way lo restore
onos peace of mind but a most re
markable sequel Itoilon Olobe
He llMiit Know The Man
There wi a musical entertainment
In the palatial mansion of Colonel Duby
Hlgbug Mi Hinliu Higbiig plnis m
the piano She is not much of a player
but her folk think there Is nothing luro
for her to learn Among tho guests
am 1 stringir wno iiappttieu to po a
musical genius After Mis Highlig had
pounded tin instrument until tho houso
shook to In foundations a ouiiggen
tlenian asked tin stranger what ho
thought of th young ladys playing
I mits HIV viiftntlriid I
11 J a
replied -
You dont sa so said tho delighted
young man
Ye 1 do- I never expected that it
wa possible for anybody to day no
atnieiousli a that
The Joiihk man was Tom Hlgbug tho
brothel of the unsurpassed pel former
a fact that Hie stranger did not discover
until le ngaieed onliusness iu the
hospital two hour niterwanl Tans
Da by day good old cilzens gather
around Huston Common and lament
railroad encro ichnicnt and tho gradual
mln of tho field Boston Journal
Iv onn sea
son it I always a beautiful soring
even if it Is backward Spring in this
caso is always followed by an early fall
An exchange sny all the cotton fac
tories in tlio South aro making monoy
That 1 queer Isnt the mint in run
ning onler Ilurlinrjton Ilmcl Eye
Somo ono wants to know why Nil
son announces every concert she give
in Ronton a a farewell Hecauso
she does fare well every time Milton
Hero is proof conclusive that a pig
may bo a fish A tautog is a fish an
edmiited pig Ii a taught hog ergo thi
metamorphosis is apparent A 1 Ad
Hafo bail fashion for 1883 Fingers
will be covered with cotton cloth enfc
a la mode antl held in plncn by splints
eyu patchc will bo tlark blue In color
nnd without fringe bandage will bo
cut bias atnl court plaster will bo worn
on all occasions Chicago Times
A weil meaning person gives hint
telling How to Tiio on suvcnty livfl
cents a week There is such a thlnsr
a licing too dose nnd must editors will
just keep on siiirtudering eighty cents a
week even if thovseiiniTii starfmr them
In the face Texas Siflmts
The Toronto Olobe ha found the
btno of Manitoba It I fho too eager
iiuisuit of wealth Wehad an Idea that
It was forty eight degrees below zero in
winter and good sleighing all tho
spring hut tho Olobe probably knows
best Detroit Free Press
Mis FitJoy aw are you not
fond of etchings aw you knowthov
aro deuced clever -some of them are
Ah its indeed Mr reatlierweichtN
And do you know there Is something
about you that reminds mo very much
ot au ivny rcauy -aw
how charming- Yos There Is
about oil such a foggy suggestion of
komelhtng that isnt them uii know
A few years ago two boys of the
ninie of John Smith wero sent to tho
same school whero thu pupils hail
learned that n roo by any other name
would smell as sweet Hence they
wero more protllgil than particularln
conferring now name upon each other
but the twin name of John Smith for
n time staggered them At last how
ever they discovered that ono of the
young gentlemen wa the son of an
auctioneer and the other thu son of a
waiter so the former was at onco
iliibbed Going Smith nnd tho latter
Coming Smith name bv which they
aro still distinguished Chicago 7Vi6
Their iratitiufe
For some years jiiat two ladies havo
been seen passing dull through Ninth
Street to Prospect Park HrooUU with
an evidently aged but slill noble-looking
Newfoundland dog Hu usually
walked slowly ami painfull In tween
them They often stopped for the ani
mal to rest onl mm Ing when hn
evinced a desire to proceed They
were permitted lo bathe him In the
park lake A few months ago he died
made for hlni and
a costly i oillii was
hu wa burled in thu family lot in
Greenwood Cemetery Inquiry revealed
that several years ago the ladles
mother and daughter wero wrecked 011
thu Jersni coat Whllo bring trans
ferred with thu dog from thu ship to
tlm benli tho boat capsized The dog
rescued thu daughter ami returning
through tho serf aided thn Life Saving
crew iu bringing tho half drowned
mother ashore BrwUvn Hujie

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