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laWu A rat i A mJLLWt II - aa t u ana j Aa jiaaajsaaVolalaBVd aiajssr aeaiavav TitStM 1 T aasslBBsMfcv 1 maM at mmmmt m m a t riiiiaMaraaa imj immit auiaaini 1 irm ai rav wmmt mm 1 laaaA a liT 1 t v A a -
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JUNK 2i 1883
- tyJWMW IVtinfy
ty Jfirrsr Ctay
rort acditoi
VJ JUrttt Xunlg
rot Tiiin
ff trnnlhn Ctmlg
Von irMiTiriitjrT W nlie mrnm TicN
jbhLVll DK3HA 1icKirrr
iy Fayette Covnty
ton nrniwtm or tiik hsd c rrtir
Of IWt Ximty
The Illinois legislature passed a com
ll it l llll l in I I- 1 - -
Wenlh Hlate to recocnlic Unit If nil tie
children aro lo bo educate very many of
them muit be brouglit Into tbc schools bj
It Is edmtlttd that if Jiilgo UoadUy
he Democratic nominee for Goterrlor
carries Oblo for Governor litis year h
rnakee hie ehaucee far III Democratic
nomination for President ntit year
YThet kind of a Democrat li the man
Vvho is ever ready with voice and pen to
find fault with the- Democratic part and
leaders and ha never a word of dlaap
proval for Iht Republican II is what
bar wlcfceit would call a d p o
avcral Kentucky elltora are eandU
dates for I lie Legislature and tbsso eandl
daelti generally meet with fcriro crltl
clem from the chronto officeeekere It
1 mistake for cdllora to Tun for oSlee
biit when they do o they onghl to be
treated with the tame oourtesy u other
The Wlnnlilg InrltTIMnnk
2 We faror a lurid for revenue limit
ed to lie necessities ct the Government
economically adminialerod and ro adjust
ed to ita application aa to preecnt un
rqnal bnrdene to encourage produolire
induetnee at home afford a just compen
aatlon to labor but not lo create or foalcr
monopolies Ohio riitform
The Ohio Democracy sound the key
note of the Democratic position of 1881
It expresees the earnest ajrmralby of
Domocrata with Iho bose induatrlci end
yet takeaa firm poeltion against foster
ing monopolies by protection The Ohio
Democracr know that any hind of ft tariff
means some degree of protcelica and
honestly tay ao their plalform is not
for retenuo only but for harmony
Only It la the voloe of the Democratlo
loUTs ngaintllhs paTtyklbeorUla
TIIK CAJflllrt TltCllf
In all candor It doea appoar that the
party leaders aro ngalmt old Carro Gor
do Willlama and that hla great popular
ity Is with the people
Why IsthliT
When McCreary defeated bid for Dor
ernor it was an open aeoret that the
party leadere were for McCreary and no
one denied that a majority of the instruo
ld tote the voice of the people was for
Why wero the leaders against him T
We hare no prejudice against party lead
ers but on the contrary a due reipecl for
tbem because as a rule those who leal art
men of intelligence and if they can giro
bny intelligent reasons for always oppoa
log Williams perhaps wo may approve
their opposition
TalheLindsay Wllliams race the Coo
ntin was enthusiaallcally for Lindsay
but It was a clear indisputable fact that
the large majority of the people ctI
deneed by meetings and Instructions
were for Williams and yet a majority cf
the leaders were for Lindsay Willlama
was elected by the Leglalature and yet
there Is no doubt but that Lindsay was
the personal India idual cheico of a ma
jority of the membsrs but members
oDtjrea nome instructions ami voted lor
Why It Is that the leaders appear lo be
arrayed egainel him we dont know cor
can ne tell wby it ia that he aeems to
bold such a place in Iho affecllona of the
people over other Dotoocrats his equate
in ability Dut it is a
ThefigU In the same ebape is ooming
up this winter Why We dont know
but ltisplalnly vlelble
Sonud flense
El Courier
There are a number of prominent lead
fre of the party who are very earnest for
cany organisation wueu over lliero Is a
candidate for Congrese l lcel but now
when we fiave Ihreo demoorals running
for the same vffiee for Senator ami caoh
One rrolllnt the other tike wild tire ne
hear of no mo urging the neeeailty of a
harmonium action or the party This Is
nlml bring party dlsolpllne and party
duthdrhy IntJ disrepute- and gives to It
apitifffial the appeoranoo ef bslng actua
ted by tirnutt Jtito If trzcnUatisn
be right lei the rulo be laid down up
plied to nil alike and eaforood orr noy
and all Cccaalons
Now Mr IiJIlor I should like Co know
what Las beecme cf the Democratic Cos
uiticoef this- Senatorial Witricl They
raise a crsat furor when two or iliree
democrats announced tbtnaelVe candi
dates for Congressbut cot one wurl from
tbem now that we have three candidftlra
for the Senatj Our uotlou Is that it
would be beat lo treat all alike What
ay you Mr EdltorT
Din IMorpT
The Cocairx has on several oeasons
sought to attract the alleution of the
patty committee urging a primary ilso
Hon for the sake of organltaion and dis
cipline Kellber caadl3ates lenders or I
any considerable number if voters so
far as we know Vtve euJersed the tug
gettlen TLere ia no argument jueilfying
parly erxsnlaalbn n tie cougrcsalonal
lacea that la net equally applicable to the
race for beoator li action- ef tle Com
talttees or raihsr non action appears in
conelstenlj and Ibis Inoonslileucy wilt
vae aitiiirg ent ntt r riitn it
gtLiilloQ is alttmpled
rmwmLjttMmijdlr tMimiaiiimM
Pnlrt ttiirl IMeuti rulllr
8tciiim IViimlnll Wnt
Krlcf Summitry nl tfcp Tesll
Ilotli nro Ilnlil ror Jrlul
The clrcumitancea ef the raid if un
known rartlei upon the duelling bom
of Mra Llnlt lralher a nlJew lady
who Iltt l near Cayces Station 1 conn
ty on the night of the fllh el Mirth last
the sabsfjueat arrnl of one UtnJ Col
bert eoloreJ charged with the offenee
hli trial and commitment before the ex
amining court the proof on nl 1 lrUI
that Colbert bad ooufeeeed 10 JIss Mil
ford the crime and told blm the particu
Ian in which be claimed that K II
tYooIall nhito itud Tela Hurt iColcrel
were liia caomptlcca aul Ike subse
quent taking ol Colbert from ai I by a
mob are freih in the minds v the read
er of the Cottiutn
lote Hurt tha colored man Indicated
in Colberts confession wasfcajiurtJ at
Oictole Ark and city Marrjai IUckelt
went for biro brouglit
aud placed htm In jail
iBLaflV3i nctkanJ hla a
for Friday
On Friday a warrant
him p llickman
xJm jBcveaing
jJafPI -
t afore Esq Kailor fur tho arrrtl of E II
Woodall the wblic man charged as an
accomplice and en Friday evening about
4 oobcV city Miiaitl Ilacketl arrested
blui In the counhouae yard where the
etowd ii astciublid awa isg ih trl
of Iete Hurt
Owing lo the laieness of the hour end
the Information announced bj the County
Attorney that it wnt Impoieible lo secure
the protence that evtttag of important
Coin niireallh wlne9le the cases wore
continued to Saturday morulas and caoh
of the prisoners allowed l ll in the sum
J300 and failing to give it they were
committed to jail
Trui or x
On Saturhy the conrt rood was pack
eJ and jammed with people and evident
lj a large part ef the crjud irere greatly
excited The report had hlnlned that
lete Hurt had made a confession find
would testify in eoun for tlio Common
wealth charging teat Woo Jail was an
accomplice in the crime that bs hired
thca ta do the del ond ftnIly lih
cockcl pistol compelled him Fete Hurt
to go with hlmel and Colbert eorrob
orating the alleged confession of Henri
Colnerl to Most Wllford The exelteuenl
was so Intense that many thoughtful peo
ple were appeicnslte ibat If the test
mony bofore tho cirt corroborated out-
side reports that an outbreak of vlclese
might occur
In the examining trial tke Common
wealth was rerresontd by A 1 King
man C L Handle aul Tjrer k Tyler
and Uiedoieaso by U llngMatte Wilson
The case of the Com vi It Wsedall
was called by Hie Honor Ii8 Marrell
Counly Judge Iho Cemraanw6allh
nouneed ready and Mr Wilson for the
defense askedto filo an aEJailt
ui RSKti anoxa orr nsjiciini
Tho affidavit filed by the dafonss raid
as follows V
Com of Ky r
Vs i Afsdarit
E H Wsodill Uft -
The defendant II Wcodall makes
and pretends hla alBdavit that he does
not belief o that bo can secure n fair trial
and ciauilnUontefure Ill Jleaor B S
IMurraUt ovn vgatltKiiraaflllwlillDr tti
examining court In the wvs entitled
came and bo asks lhat auiaeethor
ees ox the peace for rullonl county bold
eald examining trial io tbii June S3rd
I8S3 M
EJII Woodaii
Sworn to before me CUi Wilicn a No
tary Fublic by S II WoolL this Jens
28 1883
C UcauLtTTj Tiuov N V
TL TnJ Rf lt mnil
retired from Iho bench and sheriff John
son Immediately returned Iks warrant and
papers beforo Oeo WurrenjJuJo of city
court of Hickman who happening to be
in the court room tho trial prccecdid
without muoh delay
Judge Warren on taking the bench
culled tha case td tha Ooumouwealth
and Pefeeee responded announcing them
selvea taady for trial Tho court then
read the warrant to the accuuJ to which
he plead not guilty
tub AccciATlor
Tho warrant against WocJitl read as
Tbt Commonatalth o Kmhtly te any
ikmjf eonitallt ormarikal c Aton county
It appearing that thero are reasonable
gronndc for believing that B U ftoodall
has In tho county of Fulton a tin Maio
of Kentucky committed the ofeose of
banding himself with Peter Hurt and
Henry Colbert the three together for tho
purpose of Intimidating altrn ing und
disturbing Mrs Llssie lrntber and to
foroibly and feloneonsly commit a rape
upon her and to rob hor of m jni and prop
erty within Iho laal six montbl iaeia are
kunlm l iu - m
B II Woodall upon eald charge and bring
him before me to be dealt with according
to law Witness my hand as cesnty Judge
ot Fulton oounty this Zuru J vf June
II 8 MunniLL J F C C
Mr Wilson for the tlefeme moved
that the wltucenes be placed undor tbc
rule and the commonwealth ilica asked
the same which was du lUe oourt
swearing the wltneaaea and innructliig
theui lu fcUout theru2tS iz i s ccur
room romaining ataconvenleil diitauce
to hold no coumunlcation will each olb
er as lo nLav Ln 1 u i vo t ba testi
fied e
Fete Hum was lbs finl nltneu in
troduced The oouuly Aiuroey sugges
ted that the oourt remind the wltnces in
view of Mi excitsaont sad itrnorenco
that the cblectof the Investlirallou tras to
ascertain tbe truth and that the object of
lite taw ii to protect tbe innocent acu
punish tbe guilty
Alloruey llileuu objeoled o Hit ougs
gesllon arguclng Ibat Here nas co
crecvJenl for auob cud that the witness
should go ou the etaud proslscly as oth
er witueeies
Ibefinrt rulel that It ssuR Pe no
harm ihattould result to enher side by
reminding the witness be tuggestcJ and
proceeded to do ao In substauce n
Fete Hurt inen prooeedci to tcsttry a
I knort cf llio dlJtarbanceat Mrs 1ralh
ers houso Jt w ou Monday eight the
6th of March Myself Henry Colborl
and Mr Woodall were the parties who
went there and earned the disturbance
Wo met at tLe gate Wcodall proposed lo
give uj W tc irijlilcn aer off 523 -piece
tald ho woufi nsf ot the rnuey
tc Ino or Ihreo Jays halii ho knew Mra
Iratbcr hadJJW because he Woodall
hal taid it to ber aud kuir the baj a
vL loUhiu tual TcJnt waul
dldn t flnallyasked who w
there Weolalt told her lhat It was
no np that wudliurt her and aakal
hir lo oan iliS Uior She eld us ia
leave there that the would alrnot
and commenced screaming Who would
scream a while and then Wewlt ll
aid clbrt whltpercJ lo each oiler ou
the porah Afirr the second screaming
spell Weedall fired ntfa pistol and Mrs
Irather Ceramfoeed eeroamlbg again We
tbesi saw some- one ooming through the
woeds with a laalain and all ef us run to
kilp from being caught It waa thia that
frightened us olf Woodall ran toward
his bout aiid we through the Uitola
Woodall said lhat while ti was getting
the money we could get what wa naoteJ
he mi an I raps and that is what we
meant I bad bean in WooJalla employ
ix mouths before while out chopping
stovo wood Hoedsll had said to me that
he won I J give HO to any 41 a to frighicu
Mrs Irather eS aome night that alio
bothered him About five minute afior
we fied 1 heard Woodall halloo at hla
home answering Mrs Iratbcr I first
worked for Waodall left and want lo
Sam Noonana from there to Dill Parka
from there lo Mai Jobhou s and then
back to Woodalis cams back boul tbe
first Monday in January lhe evening
of the disturbance Henry Colbert catao
nflcr roe mel blm In lhe woods lot r
tvrecn Mose Htlfords and Mr Stephens
We wero at Mis Ps house I reckon
15 minutes I rati Colbirt In Ilia woods
ilet about C oclock think it waa nwut t
ffaVTTWV till TW gT w
9 or half after when ne were at the fceaie
Zy ic Vifrnif I am 19 or 11 years
oli Have lived lu this oounty about a
year Commenced work for Wocdall
about 12 monlbs ago on January ttHli
aud worked for him until the 12th of last
bptember then went to Mr Koocane
tad trsrhed fr his tbca V
went to Dill Parka and elavad 8 or 0
darn from Parka to Mat Jehaiaons and
worked 2 or 3 days then back lo Wood
nlia a day or tnt then went ovtr Into
Tennessee days forgot lhe mans
name then came buck to Woodalis
stared about 4 dtys Ihcu went to Mr
Vuucee and then runoff went tc
Mra Prathara on Monday night the 6th
of March I was staylus at lhat time at
Vances I left Mat Johnsons bsciute I
wanted to left Noonnue became we had
words fell out about a while fallow
Woodall oUored ue HO between t e lht
was at the gale Woodall Crattalkelte
me about Mrs Prntber in the ecmoar
time but ne didnt go tbr un il after
Chrlitaas ln March It wa bslsjwa
0 and 10 o clock it night I rcekoo trfMi
ne were tit MrJ Praihors -about J nn
ne left ths gale -no wunl ettrjglit 16
Mr Pralhcr Her house- is alcut IV
yards from Iho gcte Mat Clbtt about
li o clock In Stephen wsils let and
Colbert said Wsclall wanted me lo cone
cp thore Ves I heard Wadall say eomo
Ihiflj about rape Woodall said to u
that iba hid 10 and believed ahe had
more moaey pd that we euuld do what
ever we ftanted lo do lea 1 t il tell
Moae Wllferd about it I aleo told Lee
Qranl I aid not talk with Dr Luton
My iU CbrtvfrtttihK 1 had ne llaae
piece I answer aa lo lima as I think it
JJ73S I never bad any talk nlln vt
It sounJeJ to mo like they wen prmag
under tbe doer I IL ought I heard ihedoor
pop There tfcro intervals between my
screaming I called for Mr Woodall all
the time ha was tho nearest and had
told me that If anything ever happened
to call anl ho would coma to my bolp
My third spell ef screaming Mr Wood
all answered Mr Luther Jones was tbe
Srst ono to get ts xsy bouse He told me
his name Hut lie was tho son of school
teacher Jones that he had heard toy
screaming and came lo ray help lhat his
father had beon answering lo let ue know
that help was coming I felt that I could
not trust him becauso I conldnt under
stand bow he bng so much farther cJ
than Mr Wcodall could get there befure
Wcodall did Mr Jouea held up his Ian
torn begged ms to look at blm and ee
thit he was1 my friend I did look
through the ransom over Iho door at
him and became satisfied thai it was Mr
Jonce son and then opened the door
Mr Jones sat la the room some little
time before others came then came Mr
U oo Jail Jehnion aud others 1 fall
somehow provoked at Mr Woodall and
asked hm why ho waa ao long coming
He said that he and Molllo his wife
were asleep that hie mother was awake
and that he ausworcd just as quick as
his mother woco him I did haro noma
money in the houso Mr ooaaiitaj
paid mo some week cr so before this
night 510 in luonay lhe last of
t ary i haJu t toii m rather the lady
who lived ue or nny one else about
it Mrs Duncan rczy have been In the
room but bin certain she did not know
the amount Ho one knew or It but
Woodall and myself That night I re
tired ubout 8S0 Mrs lUncan who lived
with me was not there No ono knew
that I was alone that night exoept Wood
all a Orally lhat evening Mr Wood
all came over to lee ne she caia late and
talkod to me a good deal about slaving
there lhat night alone caked roe what I
wnuid do if any one sboull corns I old
her I might be frlehtcned 09 bsdly to
halloo and couldnt tell what 1 would do
Woodall asked no If I hl that money
he paid me yet I anewered him that
I did He said I thought you wero In
a burry for tne lo pay you ueaase you
needed It to pay out I replied I
do but I haven t paid It out yet
Jly lU Vtftnit Woodall was always
pollti towards me ho did fall to do work
he ought to have done he did not refuse
on account of price I could net say how
ciiny men wero there tMnS tboro wero
two or mors by the whispering Culled
me Lime six or oight times I did not
recognise any voice Thought it waa f
natural voice not muffled but il was low
The plalol was fired after I heard whis
pering and Iho prising of the door oc
curred after the p ia tot was fired Vrr
sir 1 know Woo Jails voice atildll not
recoguUo it aa IilJ Woodall did ask u
that night if I thought the voice soundel
like a negro and I told him that it did
not Wocdall paid me tha SiO the last of
February and I never loll any one tbe
amount There were Intervals between
my screamiog and Woodall never an
swered until tbelhlrl effort aTecreamlng
Lutltr J net sworr vent
U Mu P h t at night wss tUrst
cd Ihera by the screaming and the pistol
ahot i live luliy liair o ulle rram sirs
Irall tr a Wo had not yet retired tt my
home My father first heard the scream
uj ana hurried me oil In Ita iiraotlon
have anything to do wuh it that 1 was Il was about 9 oclock 1 hal lantern and
afrall Henry Cdbori pursuadad tac lo i u lol know how long I waa getting
go that tui w I 111 i litgzilliiHi fi iiky a riu
plltOI III my Sip pOCXeiWUIe lirrry iHCJga l was cuuiuieu aeiu eiaci locality
was la kinz lo mo Sir moouaii i auu ovum uuiy icu iia jiiloiiou imtu
snatched my pislol suli tld nrc
she sortfamad Woodall ouly live about
that I In I ta n I niniel tiTback cut halfths distance that I do frrm Mrs Pra
lLav wouldnt let me We then went to diets I woe there aome inlniitea before
ti home It waa very darkfHenry nay elKera and il was iHmeuli lo got
Colbert wanted to break tboiloor down Mrt Pralher I ondersland who l was
but Wooiall said- not UallbVcould Ira- and llt I meant Is help her Woodall
i ii iuililrHifiihous cot there itx teme 1 Iclleve but about
I Vnrlrathere father andrtht she that tlsnt foUzWK nnd oiiiere froiu tho
or ft pall wSou
r u ia4
m w w UliHrf
Sm K JoMi sworn- I llvl aooea
half a mile from Mrs 1 rather Abort
9 a eluek 1 heard screaming kaew It nas
a lady in dlairtea and alnrtedt several
weal with me On the way Wooclal ball
ed them He frte hi a uaiae add Wood
all aid he was atwul tc aheL Ha then
wenV on to Mra Pa with n I eappeae
we were about ten alaulel in gelling
ttire from Ue fUUan Mra Irather
Uvea In Fullen coautr Ky
Ity Ue V Woodall s character
and general reputation ie hanorabie
J SMtt enern testified - I was
hi lhe telegraph office at Cayoes Station
heard a lady screaming went out heard
others hallooing went with George Me
nets The ohloo ie three quarters ef a
mils from Mrs Pralhera t suppose bam
Johnson Albri tonWodall and perhaps
others had reached thero whan I got
there lhlnk Jnbmona party was just a
liule ahead of ise
an JlrUi l arreeted trbodall
Friday in Iliektnan Found two pistols
on him both loade ffhetlefcnee ob9
jectcd to this evldrnee -4
wiTMsrt toa tux rrrrii
Ate rl recalled testified U rain
ed that iiight not while we were at Mrs
Prathara but later Mr Moodall ahot
the pistol that night in tbe perch I wae
alAudlng on li ground before Mra
a doer lloedall was on tbe porch
tod Colbert on the edge of the porch next
lo me lie didn l hate any axe 1 JIU
toil Mose mtfortl about the itlair I e lure
levraa arcslad be fare I ran oa
rtui nronifxi i r nr bot
I tell b n ibat Hooflall shbl
ih it nlcht an tave It lU i ms aa I
raa off
M ltifJ -Sworn toetined Pjlo
Hurt told ue the Mmday nK1it after thi
offense that he Henry Cat ert Woo
dall were the fiilh partira and that ha
ynr gJtng lo II d ld ttit he
tlelc Hurt flrrd the pieicl ou the erch
I don i knew if he told the truth er uoi
bat I hats vrbnt he aaid Pete said that
Dr Luten sua peeled bias
Jl imwttffHilhltu ritid that hef
ColoVrt aud U iwUll ware ihece l
Mr HatiU MviMtriU Smra lestlfiaJj
The defendant it my son I live nllU
blm ou Mrs Prntners farm I know sJj
the disturbance It wax oa MooJaJ1
ulgbt I know thalll H lloodal nyaiti
plowtd lu field up teOo clock that ha then
c tsae la Utc house eat hla eupi r ou 1 bj
and nffo west lo bed Uiut o clock J
nent 16 Sed about the same lire- 1 le t
ill qclll rceaa my bed In auah peaittjn
thht I eoald tee thMrSall the Urate I hi
doied off adl rss arakeatd by y jO
eattlnx l of -94-- be anew 1 Mra
Utte DMtktr sworsi IToJellan4 no dacra were opened er it wuU -
worked for roc rented my place On
tbe night cf the itt f Marsh aooe per
sons easae to say bje called soy name
oallxl ray given name LUtle all the
lime kseeked on tbe wall and shock tha
door At nrst I did aol answer I bees
than I sated who is It Some one re-
piled no our tail means to nun you j
heapjkeina loir voiae I tjld iisi f
leafe there th vt 1 had my plalol as
would shoot their brains out beard the
parties wbupeilng en the torch I tuL
commenced tsrtasaing ran to another
AAm aV A k H TUIIM ml plBfl
Will- w - f -
Iroken and scrcSmeal was fald le stay
there ran baak Into my room and looked
the door still heard Ihera on the porch
Home one Arid off a pistol I think there
was mere than one by the whispering
dint for trial before ths next term of th
Fulton Circuit court per alttlng him t
zlve bail in tbe sum of SIOOO and in d
fault of which he be committed to tl
county jail Ue
Wooiall falls J lo execute bond tea n
commltud to Jail The jail slnoo bis ln 1
carcslatloa has been heavily guarusj
rfTect of Iuiilfc Ktccutlonrf
rrunT JMSIftlrji J
I suppose there nere at lend 6000
peopU in Charleston to witness the ex
Afirtlnn nt this ntit iipifpa mt I VATT
much surprised to eee a conellerable
number cf white woman in mob that
was assombled outside the jail fsnes
This I regarded as n sad commentary ui
on the social status of a large portion cf
tbe population of Mtrilsslrlpi oounty and
was not at all astonished at being loll
ot me alarming tgnoranoeor the masses
lu this section An Intelligent gentle
man who had formerly taQghl aehool here
told me that he knew of school directors
cr trusleei In Mississippi eountjr trjisj
sigaeu meir naraev wiiu an yi maa
lhe conllmneJ culprit UndsrwooJ
who by the way had been a leli
deaoon for years was brought out of 1 1
oell at PJ3U At bis reifueet the abet I
bad provide I a suit or Immaculate whlli
lu which the prisoner was arrays 1 It
he had ouly butchorod a helpless woihit
I suppose Ibe white clothes were It ten
aa symbolical of hla spotless cbaraatcr
Ha cddrcned tbe assembled multiluda It
a firm loud vols s follows
y frisnda both white and oolered
I am standing upn Ilia Vre of aleim
ty In a few momoute my lifeless bolr
will be at rest within that coffin Vet i
am harpy I The Devil has no bold upoi
ms 1 pity yero all btitl ask no pity from
you becanse I don l need it Im gomr
to glory Ive fought the good fight 4
have kopt Ibe faith and now Im going to
near a golden crown a pair of golilaj
slippers ond a long white robe Loii
one another and meat mi In Heaven I
have nothing more lo say
Two of his fellow prleonere then hdj
ilia aong Take the Name of Jeau Wlti
Vaii lu wlilah Underwood joined Thei
lolloned a short prayor by Her A
Hess n Hapiiat minister wbeu the ether
iff adjusted Ibe cap aud tho halter aul
cut tbe stay ropo In aoven minutes tU
culprit was dead his nock iivitis bcs
Kow let us look t tbo moral influen
ces cf publlo ezecutious Hera is a rti
handed murderer of the worst charaoie
Ho has lean In jnlt for months duilij
wbioh time he has reeeivad marked a
tcntlona from tbo clergy newspaper ri
porters and other preaaluent Individ aal
partioiiiarly during tbo last few days i
his life
He Is made lo feel lhat he is an iapet
taut intuitu f isclety whose reuatur
4vili will be great low te unultud
JuJg Marrell hxvlnj resnned tin
bench called the above case and Pels
nun rcspuBumg tor iiintvii inwica uv
plea cf gulliy whereupon the court fixed
hie bond at 00 and In detault or ir men
he was oommltted to jail to await Iti
trial at the Auguat ttrm cf the Fultcai
circuit court
r IVw AWi gellH sWK
jlo lotiflor from Dyspep
sia indigesUoti want of
rTTnok of Energy Mftlnrla
Intermittent Fovors Ao
rjrHS nover fulls to euro
all these illscnoog
thai platellll
l i
1 - HA
I c v
I t
tVteii KoTlmtr4llJl 1
ditcraoi ler jnra I hire
been junvererrnmLippl
ivt i il I uS t i nlkf hlvtex ulM
evcrylli g hnh vrat reeomaini
rd uaiil ciin2 en ibaadvkerla
frknd who hid W0 UiHltlUd W
Ilnowna Uoh Uirtum I trtfJa
ttu with tnoetlurprlilrf malu
fitiKMi to ukltif IIhowks tuOK
Ilim Tr thine 1 alt dutrtucd
me amt 1 tuCaul crtaUy frca a
turnlpf ttmitloa In tn itenuch
srhkh ws unbeanUa SiaiU
teg IWnirHklKoH Ilmats tit my
traibletaraatanenit CantAlaay
llt ithout any dullrtotll n
lulu 1 aa fniciitAllr aaothti
biKa Sin W J Fiih
p MtTcnck Sl Lvttui
TERS nets llko n chnrm
on uio uiyobiivo urymiu
removing nil dyopepUo
tymplomoauch on
tng tho fOOcl Dolohlno
Hoat in tho Stomncli
Heartburn etc Tho
only Iron Preparation
that will not blockon tho
tooth or giva heudachc
Sold br nil Druggled
Brown Chemical Co
Baltimore Mil
See thit all Inn Ilittrra are nude bf
tlnnm CrffitcI Co- Ihlbm3raa
hire crcwed rid llnri ai
sulk oa vratr
a 1
ie ts alao made lo feel that the loss 1
imitr trri i i M rtntci ond tmnan sooletr win b erealiv
Kntw that be was la ihc heme elnee Q balanoed br the nddittau of his pare and
oclock lhat evening ipotlete spirit ta the oelealtat ewmmon
Bg VmmtaUk want to bed abonlinealih Ha goes through all the
alept next re I cowld sea hla twdrlln faith and rspanlaaee bnilaeas and
all the lime frees salne I ha 1 get te doi i ns tUsbl reallv feels that the heavenly
ing his wife Had Urn jitmpln oet e tevaia are greatly In aeed ef his Imleedi
their bed aeie Me auU I saw bio whea ale preseBM It is preclalmeU e the
he waj getilng oat of bed and wnn ue outnie world that Howard Usnlerwoad
went to beJ knvw thai he li lu i leave has avperieaeeai esjtlre pardon for the
tbe auuae whan I was dosing 1 li I neil Utile ludiaontioa of murdering a help
tell Mrs Pratber that I only aweke wl as lees woman and thai he le ready and
I heard her aereasalag but told hr tkat willing to die He repealed and
Heuatca a getting up taa me Vea mj eoaaeeuenily la prepared leexehaaje hie
aea ia easy to wake I J id not tell Mu iawhide Irogaaa for a lair ef tiainty
Pratbsr that he wont lo bet at T c 1 feliea sltppara and the long hesap rope
II VJn -Yes the doora wr eliisl er me I n wnue rlai
R J lm I plowed with B H Wool PfOf CgSiOtll ClVXttSa
all that day and was with b m up t
aooai uarx it rminea a urn i in
Woodalla reputation is genera it
lam hie brother la -law
11 Jahnton Woodall s ehanc er I
gond enough
A 11 v3rr tatlcl W
era reputation is very v 1
0 h Johaeon recalled T1
irons aouth wei I live nor
is net a wiad knt the air stir-
t Vr VeUar recalled I
Mra Wodal mother of the
two or three dnye after the I
the told aae thai ahe wast w t ci
nlebt at 7 o clocn an J never ttitJ i
breath of It until her son Lalooed aa
aweriag ise
This closed the testimony and
commenced Mr C Hugblette Wll oi
representing tbe defease and apt II A
Tyler the commonwealth
JuJgs TTtrrescpos he of the at
gument ennouueed that the mind of lb
court was very clear and iK iime as t
ita duty In this care and tl at was th
there were reaiouable grounds for belies-
Inc Iho defendant guilty as charged ml
that he should therofre held tha dsfe
- to the viisens of Hickman aud
r rtr rottn la Laclede House
rFFns hla Profaaalenal Services to
e cusena ef Hleksaaa and vicinity-
18- CO
Ottkt in Millet Block
ALL operotiens petfereaed lu th
artistic manner Special attention gr
to the regulation cf ehllJrens tcetb
jttlyi TS
H A E T Tyler
Attorneys at Law
entrusted io their care
Office Millet Block
0 HugMotto Wilson
Rjy OLLliC110Na promptly remitte
3UAbstracs of titles a specially
Collector Itol Eatuto Agoni
tSf Will attend promptly to all btijj
I I lt I 11-
noes umrufcvu nun iu Duuinwiaicri
fciafflty nJ Northweelern Tenneeeee
Spedalnttention given to tbe luvestlgs
liar a land tltlen IM the mrchwo
salo ef Heal Estate fjauS
11 vfi vfatW rtrA
Nashvillo To2no33so
iiEAitna im
SHOP North Xdi corner of tfefeVo I
a ad TreyAveuiMS East Hickman Ky
21 t
j1 r
Grasul clearing
Spring and Summer
Dry Qosdgj Glothm
i vmsbml
m vaiaaaaki
9 saVaV
I If
Qikm y MM UtMsi Bj
v I
out sale of
at prices unhuatnl of in the liistory of trnion
City Our stock is largo and complete in
every particular and must lie unloaded
which we arc doing afe sKori4tihg prices
Union City Toni
N B After sTuhr 1st we will have an
inexhaustible supply of tht Butt crick Me
tropolitan Fashion rlatos every month aud
we are now making up our new list for same
Every lady wishing the Fashion Plate can
have same niailed to hor every month post
age paid free of charge by sending us your
name and Post Ofliee address on a postal
with a request for same on receipt of pos
tal your name will be placed on our list
and the Fashion Plate mailed every month
free of charge Full slock of Buttericka
Patterns always on hand
Union City Toim
i i
nw I -if
tii I
fty f I
S9K A - alvK
rMHHHHlft - v ft flsflslisVHrVT r
t r iw rM
I 4
vrrs At
WtJ Tl
teaiOKttiUS MWm cm op Kentucky vse SrttrKCr w P - mnnm t
H VOODAL V rQoUrt stood on ike edge of the perah Inierva -1 - fctKrf
nramnxr Jtvahv fHDM nr tiUlU Hurl ea the ttni Woodall Woodall i 1 1 c u - 1
UKOlKIi W A KS ISK CIiArKcl ixA an Accomplice ttvpMn Uooking on ibe iJ M hi fia iiim1 i i mi 1 V if S IT t 1 HlWllf WJU3Mgl ft SUiBll Rlhnj
raAx krucxr to Jlnrt Allen- A flrvu liLJ U
- - j uimi -S--4-1 - -- si si io 1 1 i s 1 s 1 r u sat- saef - a- aakisaaiaaai bt nij ii 11 1 1 rair
j pv tio ner latuar a manner 11 iai wr 1 m ee em m sm 1 1 ew
ii 111 IgniiS jr fl g si 11mm h
vrjjti iKiavsv t
Alioatl of allUoiupotitors
TlIK llnar Kot Tl to the Hummer rraorte
am Moiiutaii rttrcitai J JVtincwoa VI r
ptiila ninl tliu l iirollnnn - McKuNXifc
And Nasiivilu
Tun IlTKovTn tliecrlahralcd Oellfge
IffTTIilK n Setnlnariw nml other IaIu
oalluual InatitNtltH lit the Suitllr iit via
McKyN MEaml NiaitMrtjr
Tiik Iwt Hoars to Cliarloaton araniiij
11 oliiuitiliijCliirlottc Kiinxvllle
Ilrlatiil lllrltiiioml Kmflk Waslilngtpni
via MrKtriK Nashviux nml Cnili
Don t Forgot Itl
Ily llila Ilnf yon aTitre the
AT Tltf I
ov cxriUvHt i Asxiirrt
lie win- to luiy your tlileta over tlio
2r a c twit
inwl not gn amliM fw rliangrt are nrocnv
aarv ia 1 asch cs arc unsvc JsJ J WW
in Union IVit
Metoilili Mid ftfttlivillr Oiltimlma and
Naaliville H touli n Nahvlll Mc
Kanalo atvl Nvlivlllr Naalivllta and Lou
tiMfix IfafftUle nridfflftttawga nl X
Xaohr ll m 1 All n a oiurrctlni with
8i r ii l l n U ta
lirfiriir li irnv ilion call rn your
narf t U I t itniv Ao it nt n Irves
A Y M I N 1 lla frx
JtHMkH t 1 i Mnnnuia Trttn
i I IM lUl onj T A NaivIllc
Trough Trunk Line
Wltfcset Chisgs isd i Spit UiltuW
rr ou afertli UlUa aa4 Uaaboiil ta tea
viiu uSU d tc rrtortr
nvitjjs ratio
ajurszTT sLzrzi ccixaroT
EMIGRANTS oliaie seaaVu
rteivt spealal I w rais
it AiHiinrikHi mibttiliirl
I W loulevwi Ki
JOHN A SCCIUKR frlildiat
JOIIf T KKIM 11 Put arlntaadaal
111E0 t rKltllVK hter and Trssi
Vi freta Bt teals la Mempkls aad si
tri nasalr line from Bl Leals te
Memphis boats pas Hickman Tucsda
nlgblf Tauvoday nights and BalurJa
qlghta Vlokslurit beats Sunday
Uelneiiajs and Fridays
aoisa north
Mempbli toals pass HleVman Tnssdav1
tilgbts KrHay nlgbls aadSanday nights
boate Monday a Uadnssdaya
and HatHrdaye
MaiapMs boate -steamers Clly of list
eua Bt Oenlvlcve and John II Maude
Viekeburt Jteamera City of
rrovulne llf ef Memphis OelJUust
tily gf Cairo Cityct Greenville aad
Clly ef Viekeburc
bv R K liadda Bros living two and
half mllaa east iftU city cf Uioknen
en ta ciaia Kuta m ulvii vytcittj a7
on the 31st day of Jan J8S3 TWO
STrUOLS aged alt three years One Is
ItKD and IIITL Ii DEI andlhe ether
a ItKIl aad nhtte srccKiXUD wllh a
while stripe on his back both markej
rrilk eron and nnderbll In each ear
braad ef other raarki rtjlTable ap X
1J l 1 bkIik Mnm 1 IH jlnlla I
rirviavd n ins iiuv uuw vu mwibiu x
and lhe etliet at twelve
Ulln iy had thts 1st day f fob
rusry 168
Memphis Cairo
Louisvillo and
Cincinnati Steamers
onAvirBsiAEl P
Ji day at 6 r m for Calrp ioulavllla
onT Cincinnati conntD el Cincinnati
with Hallrsads ond Uleamcrsor
CiSifiiEi Wecicxa atf Mni Poinlfc
Olvlng treugh tlclcta la all poldla Chi
cAgo Teltdo llulliilo Illehnond Nevr
Vorlf Washington Clly rhllaItlfilla and
lloslcn East North and estsrq tour
ists will tin J la Delia Jtfver roato safe
ilcllBlitful and eonnomleal
Hates liy Ibis Hue cheapir than any
other first class route Meals and slate
rooms free llagease checked liirongh
t Tasasngers oan rely on a splendid
trip by this Hue as ins slsamsra are al
first class havlnjt lieen expressly built
for the accommodation of passougers
fSrS iach steamer carries a full string
land B WLiailTBUHhK
i Qcncral Freight and Ticket Agent
Ne 7 Mnnrer slroot Mcinphls1eun
i hi
r JsanWsaaiaaiaalMsrnf 1 SBBi 1
SlsaVaaaaaaaaaSsaVaaaa rL aiaaaaaaaasssiBaVaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaK xtsaam I
iifjiW A
mmWmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm MUU aafcawaiaMafc l -
ili - -

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