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The Hickman courier. [volume] (Hickman, Ky.) 1859-current, September 21, 1883, Image 4

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mui3 e
I 1
TJio Ilickiiiaii Courier
anonan waubbn rubiunerf
If t were blind ami tliousliouldst enter
llSor to sotilr In the room
1 tlmlllil knrnr it
I i fiimiw rtf4
Fetneihliif subtle woild reveal It
Awl a irlory munil lliees enter
J1it would llahti n up I lip glomn
Mill in heart would sulde iw
With voootil sllit pros Me me
Onn ninhl the crowd tu flml
Ifl wrreMliiill
If 1 wore deaf mil thntt hndat spoken
lire tliy tm one 1 had known
1 Khmill ki hit it
I should ri I It
Himolhtflc i htle would revest It
Met the frnl it oner lie liruketi
atf lnes Hi tilt untlorti no -
iietif In nlhi r etrinjror voice
worils discordant noises
Whlpr whnwiper thou art
t Tulllrrau my hprt
If I Were dead and Ihou thoullst venturo
VWrnr t ho eoltln whore 1 1
V should know It
at 1 ahoillit tMl It
hFninethlnir tublla would reveal It
ilA -
p e 1
ij -- ----
a nm no iook oi nunoi censuro
iHqstiupon thst face- nf clay
nqlioyopiire through l oMiVseoU ashes
IV lCK o cneoit us rcu
r t w
iii wr rc uoaai
JwepMne JVian n TA Cfnury
So livo lias brought his wlfo
Doncon Somors cut a larjror chip from
tho stick ho hail IwcnwliHtling down lo
si Torv litienolntiit ho auswerpil lloneon
ilrrulltiws nucry by Iho one mimosyi
- Jablnt -Ye-a
j 5
r Hot fwmo Inst iilUf I hear
YVh s nntl tho stick Was mlrifj
Oown tonvcry lino point now so cs
bliluously ivaslho deacon devoting nil
ls energies to it
iranin Jununiw milieu a moment
with nn oxppctint nir thou ho clo spy
one kneowith both hands nml lcnl
forward towanl his neighbor
Well what do jmt think ryotir
lioys choicof ho nsked VtVit sort
of n woman iloes sho seem tor Think
thuIl ho a help In tho chtirsrfr
V IXsnevu Soiucrs vn silet moment
Whirling tho uhlttlcd ste arounil ntnl
nronnil he squinted aU witi nn oo
ivlo icil to sco If it y perfectly sym
metrical lcaeun Smcr hail n very
innthctnatical eye nnd ho liked to hate
over tiling -plumb as he expressed it
lie had been tnown to rise from his
kneos at a neighbors hoiioc in prayer
meeting tirao and pa across tho room
nnd strniKhtcn aiiclurowliIchofTended
Id eve by hanging askew Having
conflnccil Iilmolf that tho stick nn
Timd thodeicon tilted back against
tho side of tlia coimtrj storo uhcro lio
nnd lil t coinpAnlon wore sitting and
began picking his teeth with tho afore
said stick ai neamwered Doicon Urad
laws question by another nnd a scorn
inglv Irrelevciit one
io vou remember Daves hos
Xrt nnswerod tho deacon stir
prised nt this sudden turn in Iho
concrRtIon I rant sayt I do
i Wnnl Jtit alter ho como home from
college two roan ago ho got dread
fnllv snt ngalnit tho bay lunru I drove
Id liad her for years and sho was a
iie steady going nnlmal Wo had a
f foiir vxsr eld colt too that I drovo
gwithhor Yral Davo ho thought it
- yaa a sham and a dfgraee to drive
Mioh a ill matched span Tho young
boss was right uii nnd ofT nnd tho bay
mare sho lugged behind about half a
length Tho young boss was n short
Moppor and tho bav mnro went with n
long easy lopa Tlioy wasnt a uice
tnatched span I do confer
En Waal Davoho keiit n talkin trade
to me till I giro in Ilo said he knew
- it n mighty nco maUh lor Vhu vounfc
t iia mid if I would Je no it to him
hoil mako a good trade So f left it to i
him mill one day he camo ilriviti homo
in grand stylo I lio olit maro was
tradiid ofT and n dajipled gray
was in her pla e A prctt
crcituro to look nt but I know the
mhtit I sot cnos unto hor thatrhod
novnrpiill n plowlliroiigh tho stubble
groun l or haul a reaper up that sido
Cill f mint
Isnt sho a beauty father said
fH - lae
Yet1 says Ii but handsome Is as
handsome does applcd to hosos as
well ns to folk- I rockoti What can
this cro maro do Ilavo
Uavoj faco was all aglow Do
fiajaho Why she can trut n inilo in
twotninules and tiircoiuarteM father
mul I oulvgio75 to boot twlxt her
tind tho old marc
Waal you sco I was just struck
Itiml at that tliero boys folly but I
know twant no iio to say n word thon
IJulSt waited and It came out as I ex
poctcd The dnpplcd gray maro took
t kl 5 Ll to plmrchor tu4tonn In fitio tylo
i1 passed over thing on thb road stick as
ii tiin Hut she balked on tho roauer
4nIgIvo out entirely op the plow And
sflhujl to buy another matu for tho hosj
iuni iui uiu uuppiuii inure sinnu in tno
table ocept whon wo put lur in tho
Deacon Somors pained nnd his
1 gjanco rested on I Vacua llradlaws
I I f questioning riirzled face
rWellPrintBrrogatdd Deacon Ilrad
Waal continued Deacon Somers
Daves juarriago Is olftlio oamo piee
nsJds boss trailu 1retty i roituro and
can outstrip all tho girls round hero In
jilayin unit singin and piintln and
ilrussiu but como to wastun and
baklu and steady work why well
liov to got somubody else to do that
itnd let hrr sil in liiu pulur Mother
n 1 both seo that nt a glance nnd tlw
deacon sighed
I sco 1 sec in used Deacon Hrid
law sympathetically Too bad too
bad Dao knew hor at college I be-
W Yea Ihey graduated In tho same
r Sho turrled off nil Uio liunun
and the paper give hor a long puff
Miouthorollyoutiou Divog head was
roinpieteiy turned anil lio kopt mnnln
Imuk and forth losoo her till I thought
tho host thing for him to do was to
marry her aul bo done with
It llut Sara Jane Graves would havo
suited mother V mo bettor Yon
know Davo and sho wns pretty thick
jfbeforo ho went off to college
Shes n powerful homely girl
though Deacon Hradlaw saldj and
tho awkwardost crittor I ever seo stand
in a church chair and sing Seems to
no nil elbows somehow
a good denl like tho
bay maro Davo wns sot against -awkward
but steaJy goin nnd ueful
jnoro for uto than show Waal waal
I must be goin homo ull the chores to
dt and lsin blllin nnd coln
Good afternoon dcauou Como over
nnd seo us
When Davo Somers aud his bride
walked up the church aisle tho noxt
Sunday morning over larxin Elliotts
congregation there pawod that indellna
Mn hitter which eta only be compared
to ubrcozo Midilaiih stilling tholuaves
if n poplar grove Every oyo was
turned upbn the haudsome strong
limbed younjr man nnd tho fair deli
cntu girl at his side who bom thu
rtirjous glances of nil thine strangers
with quiet uell brod composure
After service people lingered In tho
iiWln for tin introduction In t lio manner
nf oounlry village churehos where
Sunday is tho dny for quiet sociability
mid tho fiitorohnugo of Ilvlltles Anil
after the mpeclhu friend uf tho family
hai scattered lo their Mivoral hfiniim
Date wife was tho one universal tuple
of diKCitslon over tho Sunday ilinnor
A mighty pr tty girl A face like
a roa ico otitu for i
1 ii i i
iityllh J1 a f1Von pUlr A regular
little daisy Wcre a few of the com
ments passed by tho jmivf n of
congregation To tho n nurk thi
Iaillw supplomented tkolr rtileil oh
scrvntions after tho maimer f Mti
Her nose Isnt pretl lr n111
is too largo lief f pnwdend
-1 saw ncr lm wn hurriil I
lon t llko to seo so mm h wrin In a
small place Hut srah Jane Graves
am Mio Ls lnAlv I wmilu ene tne
eaaIat BLa
r V I4
world to bo ftproltyn rfl Jfo
Daro loved her AnillkM
a lump tu licrttront nl
iihii r
All tho tiJltfliborincPr calloil on
Daves wlfo tho notnnin h ami with
ono or two cxceptloi luiivtleed tho
conversation by Mini vtli tim Well
How tin ycnl lfct orar ii Ho tlin
moiiitony of tlit mri Daiea wife
van ted her replies nsiiiil n iwl
bio without contrailcf
am qulto dollghlcd wli rtllity of
my mind r0 lAiiifhuZ n mrked in
nv expiran
mnnln Tn ni ini crinnnionlonho
have asked mo that ontinarlol ques
tion IhavT Invented t least ten illflVr
cnt phrSses In whloi t ntpnis my
satisfaction with Sofii10 rtvo
said Voryhuinh ttank mhi O I
am liigldypliisoil Iir bettor than I
mitivipaicti even 1 un j lueas
ant Mt has mmlo nftrrjrrceablo Im
pression upon mo 1 RVlf M
ninny rnoro oliauge l K
that ono itloi Dav0 o young
wlfo laughed merrily lut wmlor the
laugh Davo seemed to i a minor
strain jlIisfacogriTpa0
-I fear I dltl wron TK ring you hero
among thcp people i sahy They
are so
fear i ou m AUTyli4yrladgo
JTi JlU r Wnr
t1t Jfftleed I tint linnm linril rtinl
Htour Madge protctod
ylfi tcndT rinastnass
xiuir as inn moiitiis w nt by it was
plain to all ees that Daves rlfe was
not hnpp hat sho did uot ns Imlllta
with her surrouadlngs She mub no
intimate friendships sho oat silent at
the sewing so lety and would not tako
flu Interest in tho neighborhood gossip
whleli fin in 1 tho main topic of con
versation st theie meetings Sho wi ud
uot take ailasiatSHndardiool claim
ing that Win was not tfttcd to explain
the Gospel to any unfolding inquiring
mind as sho was not at ull suro that
she iiniprtoml it herself
Dark Iminiistions wero aloat that
irom tno nu
thats trup Deaoon
Somors confooi Shes no worker
Lord I tho wnyydio tried In mike cheese
and tha cookln she did Jtother bed
to throw tho checs Curd into the pigs
swill anditho bread nnd eilte sin- niiile
lollowcd It iMoro waste fnni fiat ex
periment -of hers than weia hod In
ycawj nntl sho was Hour frmi hoad t
foTStTarill all of a perspiration and slok
In bed rym crln over he- frhire Into
ttm bir ibi Tlio ll i ir thint iltil In
hor very best Hut was He tha daji
pledmnTu tryinVth uil plough
she oiildntilo It wan built for it
When Deacon Som t reaeltod Iiami
his brow was gloud Jil His gol wife
saw it and quojtlnnel Inm as to the
Ho shook his h 1
Im trotiblu linbout iiireh matters
niotfier hj saldL The debt furtiat
new steopli nnd altar aul all the rest
of the expense w o b i n tu tho list
twojoars wears on ni n ght nn day
And Deacon llradlvv Us e uttin mad
nLsoin of the ani savs hell
iieverpntntnotlier d illari itoiii church
till tlioy comoiorwar t in i u ii a pap t
with flltv dollars a pn miIm riptlon
I know em all too well t tMnk tboyll
evertlo flint liml Ilea i Ilridlaw lios
a rcrlar inulo So I e ilrt wo know
our chnrchll bo In a s w tnat will ecntl
half its mombrs oer to tw tivhI
church thats starte I up at Joncsvllle
wlUi one riiein enl Ion priMonc
Deacon homers slguoi
Isu t inoro somotin tint can Do
tVme tsi raijo tho moiio asked Mother
Somors anxiously1 Iant wo get up
entertainments rt
ftTiI tlt tmrbsrry
sjasonlgheJ lUfl denein Wo
couldnt charge nriwiUteeti nv twim
tv cents nt thu door an 1 lhati wouldnt
bring In mil ii fer pmj entertainment
and nob lv would urn nt to a se vind
Thero dnnt soem to bo no Ingenuity
among the joung folks haro bout get
tin up nh thing entcrtnlnin Our
strawberry festival was just n ilejil
failure bidy palll oxpemes
Dan s wife sitting with her pale
face whKli hail grown very thlu and
wan of lae bent over a Jilt of sewing
Hlddenly looked up YiUSt listless ex
pression gue place to ono of nuliiated
Intend Somors shu began
tlmldlv iId you suppo -do you
think I could gut up a reading
A what undIJei onn Sinuirs
turned a surprised ami puwlsd fao
upon his It was so
new for her to betray any Interojt In
anything -
Aiejilin You know I took tho
for elocution when I graduated
Iirlze oer so many things I could ro
cite and it might draw a ctowtl just
from its beng something now Wo
could charge twenty livo conrt admis
sion and it it did I gttJ the jnip en
of something g w 1 nt lOAst After tlmv
hal heard me onco thoy ijnillil decide
for thutmlres if I amworth hearing
again t
t t
Doapon Kmiers looked upon 1 a
glowing face and anlnfatutl min 0
Dave wife with IhcreSsIhgwoiidor
Was this th liules glrrhohad scon a
fewmiiiuts liif
Tun m siuilio ojaoulatcd I
dont know Ihu it mleiii draw a crowd
just from iiirloHltv rKvnryboily would
go tjsee lves wifeNiit that 1 her
mtioli of a opinion of nnvor
hoard anj but unco ahdjlhen rwiuit
to sleep liit It souln
ll i i on Vou can try If 2 want to
Daves wife did try ItTIt was an-
nrmncpil beforo servleo Sttndty morn
Ing that Mrs Dwhl Somers would ghe
a readliu in the uhmclt Oilllleo oil
Thursday orenlilg ndmlsMotl twiinty
Hi i cents Proceeds U be ajqlllid to
wanl the church debt
Again llure Vns tl breezy stir In Iho
ctiigregatliltl nnd so itvs of e os wero
Itifned upon Daves wife whdsal Itlher
ullptit nlilto romiHKiiri with hilr ilirk
eyes iiftwl lo ihu fa o of the clergy-
Hut Sarah Jano Grows i ould not
help n Hieing as she had not boforo tho
marked change In the jtiiitlg wifes
fare Inrp the ilav sho entered that
Vannih n brido
How shi Is fading I wonder if sho
Is unhappy sho thought
Thursday nhriit mnw fair and Ilenr
As Deacon SiiiiUrJ hail ttreilleteil tho
lltlil itliliVntnl that Daves wife was
lri jflve n readliiff lad drawn n Ihiiist
th church was Uterally packed Davos
wife rose before her niidicnee with no
words of apology or introduction aul
organ tno roitntlou tit tin nidi nauu
lieyed yet uvvt bCanlKdl
Oiirfeiv sliili net rita to nutht
ll Wls ttew lo most of tho nudleneo
and eeralnly the manner of Itsdellvery
was new to them Thiy forgot them
selve i they forgot their surrounding
they forgot that it ras Hards Wlfo Who
sto vl lief r tliim Tliey wero nlono
In tin belfry tower clinging with Mood
ing nanus to mo urazen tonguo ot tuo
bull as it swung to aud fro alnivo tlio
ileat old janitors head When tho
rttltation was tlnlshcd two or three of
tho audience found themselves on thoir
feet How they camo thero thoy nocr
knew and they sal down with a shame
Sarah Frtnd Graves was In tears and
two or two others w iped their eyes fur
tiifl nntl then the old church walls
rang with cle ts So soon as thoy sub
sided Davos wif arose and with a
tu UUc change of oppression iiulvoee
bagrn to giyo rt recital of An Evening
nt The Quarters It was a negro dia
lect and Introduced ono or two snatches
of song and n lolin air To tho as
tonlshmcnt of her audlcnco Davos wlfo
picked up a violin nt the appropriate
time and played the air through In
perfect time lind tunc and then tho
limtii resounded to another round of
cheer and tin cntiro audience was
onvulsed with laughter Everything
wiihih followed grave or gay pathotio
or absurd was met with nods of ap
proval or tho clapping of hands nnd
Davos wife was an unboliovor or at the drumming of fct Somcrville had
iem n i tiniuii nun uer iiisuionaoie
stle of dre s marked hor ns worldly
minded at all events Dea on llral
law nnd Den on Simers held mania an
Interview on the haiy sltlo of tho vil
lage store and Davos wife alwais
came up for ibs iisikin sooner or later
during those interviews
Shes ottiu a bad example to all of
Somervlllo Ilea -on Hraitlnir ilujlarod
Mj gal Arnilnd ts gctlln just as fussy
and pnmd ns a oungpcajk about
her clothes nutnin snltslicr now un
less it looks st lish and oltltied And I
sco Ihores a d al mure extra vngan in
dross among all the wouicn folks sin -e
Davos wife eamn with her high beds
and her bustles atul hor tnmmlnv
You ought to laior with her Urother
Ilroihcr Soiieri sigiod I do lamr
with her he ai I hut IImi poor thing
dont kuow wha to di Hor guardian
sho wis an orphan youknow gnu
her the little mmioy he had Jott nter
hersehnidln tiiiiiyiiiirwiliMiir tixtnx
Shod no Idii what jitnlu folks sho was
a comin among S i She got her our it
ao3onlin to the wa she d been brought
up lorl sh s giit thngs onougli to
last her ten 3 ears and all trim mo 1 t
kill and all listin her hko a ducks foot
in the mud aid what inn isho do but
wear em now she s c it oM -
and I cant tell her M tflrnjJm nway
I Sho been with nTWPKn ynr
now nnd sho norer ak Mlire tor a
cents worth of mil thing
Hut shon no worker anibnly can
sec that And youro hod to ki en a girl
half the timo sine shes b a nitiiyoii
Deacon llratllon add d jj vhat net
tled that his neighbor mad nil excuses
for Daves wif wloie fr fiee nnd
lino clothes nnd qtiht resprve bad in
spired him with an angri reiontment
never known such an enteitalnmeiitbo
fore Tho receipts for Im evening
pr no I to bo over fort dollar
During the next throe months Davos
wle gave two more readings tho pro
ceeds of which paid half thu church
debt nntl this so encouraged tho mem
bers thnt ol 1 grudges and quarrels
WiM forgotten an I Deacon Hradliw
and the elders made up tho remaining
Mall and Somervlllo Jliurcll wns Ireo
from tlobt
YctDosoon Hradhw was hoard to
say that while he wasgtadnnd grateful
for all that Daves w ilo had done ho
did not In his heartnpprove of turning
tho hotiso of God into a lliouler
Sho perormo I exactly like tliom
women whoo piutures aro in tho store
winders In town ho sal I a makin
oio ybodv laugh or err with tlielr
monker slilnos I dotit think it a
inijiKir way to go on In tho liouo of
GJ Ksvcr wouli her girca ssycaa
s -tit to it of Id known what sort of
entertainment ll was lo be
Dares wife over been an nctrcis
he asked Deacon Somers whon thoy
noxt met
Actress No What put that Into
your head nnswered Deacon Somers
with some spirit
Oh nothlu nothlni only her
ir aiius in 1 i ii evi tu Mkp
a tleater I went tn finw Didu l ki w
fasfii na r iTT5ii nGtSrinjvay 4m
missed h r esllin Wait a minutn
tlon I Iitirry oirso I wntu U
talkchtirih matters
Cant responded Deacon Somors
whipping up his hors3 Dares wlfo
is si in beJ and I came to the store
to git a few things for her bitters nnd
some nourishing things to ca Shos
sort o nmtlown with Uio oxcrtion sho
mado in them readins Sho used lo bo
just driiiplu wilh perspiration whon
sho got homo
Daros wife was ailing for month
unable to do mure than sit in her mom
and paint an hour or two each day
Thohouso was lillod with her paint
lugs They ornamented bnvkot and
stood in corners and peeped from tho
folds of fans and smiled from Daros
china coice cup
One day Darn projiosed to his wife
that she should go to her old home
the homo of hor guardian aud mako
Werobeen married fifteen months
now he said and youre norer been
nwar I think a change will do you
goit You seem to bo running down
every day
So sho went After an absenco of
ten days sho wroto to Daro to send her
paintings to her by expross Sho had
need of them would explain when sho
return Daw packed them careful
ly and sent them with a sigh
lVir Dare Ho had como to realize
that his niarriago was a great mistake
To bo sure lie loved Sludge yet but
th romance of his youthful attach
ment ha 1 all- passed away In tho dull
comiiioiiplncu routine of his domestic
life where Madge had provud such an
inellicent helpmeet
He bad been blindly In loro with his
divinity elated with tho fact that bo
had won her away from two or thrco
other suitors Madge was a brilliant
scholar anil a belle and with tno blind
faith of joung love Davo had bellovod
that sho would oxcol In domestic duties
as in Intellectual pursuits Her igno
minions failure her uttor uselesuioss
nnd Ids mothers constant and Indis
putable reierewos to hr liuulinlnncy
about tho farm work had proscntotl her
to his eyes In a now llht Tho liril
liantglrl who was the prldo nf tho col
lege iinl tho helpless thriftless wife
wlioio husband was regarded with pity
lira syniiuthetlo nuitthborhood were
two distinct individuals ns wero ulso
theyoun elocutionist carrying off thu
honors of her class and tlio tired toar
ful woman woiplng orcr her soggy
bread and molted butter
Tho success in hor readings hail re
vived his oil prido In hcrfora time
llut hor itiuso pient illneis nntl llstness
noji had discouraged him
Mrs Somirs saw tho expross pack
ago and inquired w hit it was Daro
told her remarking a tho samo tlmo
that ho did not know what use she in
temlod to mako of thorn
M ii bo shes going to giro cm away
tj tho o who will appreciate om sug
gested his mother I m suro wovo no
room for such rubbish Hut her times
no moron u settln hens nnd she might
as well spend lt1n that wayas Hny other
She cant do nothln that amounts to
un thing
I think her readings amounted to a
good deal Dare responded glad that
he could oiieo sneak authurltatirely of
Ids wifes usefulness
Oh yos for that ennrgeney Hut
its steady work that tells Ior pity
you nnd fattier ef I couldnt do ijotnin
but giro readings Wonder wharoyour
meals would couu from Your mar
rlage mid your horse trado woio bout
oVono piood Date Your wifes preity
In tho parlor or on the lloir readlu
nnd i our maro looks nice ami drh its nlcu
In tho buggy Hut they cant work
Daves wife iiiimu homo nt the utpira
tloti of ft month looking fresher nnd
feeling stronger sho said And sho
did not bring her
Deacon Somers camo Into Dares
wont tho night it tcr lef return Co talk
Jboitt a certain piece of lam thnfc wai
for ale It ddfnercd uu tu tl0 ft
OtJils farm and a stream of water fan
across it
II will bo worth tt mint f
me ho said ftir t can turn that tUl
Intit n pas iiril ami Ul niy stock w ll
Water Itself Hut the mail whos sellu
wants a hundred and fifty dollars don u
Hosgoln West nnd nliist hayd thf
njnount this week 1 ddnt sco thb wat
tiear tn pay It for expenses havu b vi
ti goinl deal of Into taklr doctors blib
and hired help nnd nil Into eonsldoia
tlon ntul my roatly money has run low
Do you think of anybody thatll be
likely to lend its that amount for threw
month IlanJ
Htil liefdro liro uoiild reply lavet
wife spoke
Fnthcr Somers sho said I in
let you havn the mnnny not as a loan
but as n gift I hare been of so little
use to you nnd hare tiindoyoit so nttieh
expense I shall bo Ycry hajqiy f Von
Will let nld ltd thts fnrjml Andrlsiti
Up she camo ntul laid a little silken
purse tn Deacon Somers hands
Hut whero did you get It child
asked tho wondering Deacon looklni
from the plethoric little pilrsd to her
fact Which had Hushed n rosy red
Isold my iialntlngs Daros wift
nnswered A gentleman happened to
i eo a little thing I painted nnd he sal I
ho knew where I could dispose of any
quantity of such work And Hire
enough I sold orcry ono of thosi
things I painted when I wns sick fur
good prices And I dooorntnl no
dales for a lady who paid me woll
for lu So I havo more than 13 in
that pursa which you nro mori thn
welcomo to
Deacon Somors removed UU Jneetn
cles and mopped them wlh his sill
handkerchief I cant do it mj
ojiild he said It Wouldnt i right
Yoil must keep your mvr liinnej
Hut I hare no us for it crlee
Dares wife I Intcnikd to sprnd It
nil In Christmas gifts lor the family
but this Is better I hiro eiervthlti
I need All I ask ordeslro H M he ol
some uo ami to haw you all lore
nihe added softly
A hundred and soventy liie Jollan
for that trash Woll tho wo J a full
of fools Mrs Somers e nlatcil
when she xva told of what did 00
curro 1 Hut sho looked at Dan wife
with an expression of il interest
after that as If It wns just ihwnlug
upon hcrthat ono might lie ct use In
tho world who could neither c A nor
mako cheese
Deacon Sinners farm boasi a line
stono quarry nntl he was reri busily
nt work entry snare moment marry
ing stono fortho foundation ol anew
barn ho was to build One Jn Dare
dtoro to lown ton miles dlslan with a
load of grain for market It is Sep
lumber nnd tho market hnd dur
ing tho last few days All Iff neigh
boring farmers hal turned cut and
hurried their grain awaj Deacon
Somers remained at home carrying
stone Mr Somers rang tie grnt
boll at noon time but ho did n oome
Then sho grew alarmed
Somo one must go up to ti quarry
and seo if nn thing has hapiiem d sho
said And Dares wife was nT llko a
young deer lioforo tho wonts wero out
of her moqlh
It did not seem thrco nilnu s before
td nt Ihu door again villi white
litis her dark eyes largo wiii fright
Father is xredircl In under a great
bowlder sho said You nn I tho girl
must go to him Tnke the implior
nnd nmmonla it may sii ln his
strength until I can bring relb I I am
going to rido tho dappled ma to the
village nnd rouso tno wnoio riiguoor
Wo hare no saddlo gr f Mrs
Seiners and tho maro wilV Vut
I can rldo nnvtlilti
ntiswproil 114 fttli Mlietl nwil
f - U
taiizht mo with other ue1o
A moment later she shot by the dmii
and down tho street lownr I the Vila ge
She had bridlod tho mare nniaui kled
on a blanket and surcingle mMie sat
like n young Indian princess Wer face
whllolier eyes large nnd ilarllookin
straight ahead nnd urging her mare to
the highest spoed Iratur faster she
went until tho woods and Hold seenn d
Hying pictures shooting through thenr
Half way to tho riling- which was
more than two tulles distant sho met
Tom Htirgus tho blacksmith She
reined up the maro so suddenly sho al
most sat her down nn her haunches
Deacon Somers has fallen under a
bowlder in his quarry she cried in
to him -quick Davo is away Then
sho rode on
At the rlllagi sho roused half a
dozen men and to the strongest nnd
most muscular sho said Take this
maro anil put her to her highest speed
Tom Ilurgus Is already thero You
two can lilt tho ImwitlSr perhaps I
will ride with Dr Evans
Tho man mounted tho mare and was
oft like a great bird swooping close 1 1
tho earth He swept away and out of
When Dr Etans reined liti reeking
horso at the quarry Toiri Ilurgus and
Jaek Smith who had ridden tho nnre
from the village were propping up the
bowlder with iron bars while Mrs
Somers ntul her help wero trlng to r
move tho deacons Inanimate forn
The doctor nnd la os wife sprang to
their assistance In another moment
ho was freo from his perilous position
anil Dr Evans was applying roitora
tivos Ho will live ho said but
in livo minutes more if help had no
come ho would havo been n d iid
man It Is very fortunalo you had a
swift horse tn tlio stabio ami i Idor
who could keep her seat nnd he
glanced around nt Davos wlfo Just In
time to see hor fall In a limp lump
Deacon Somors was qulto restored
to his usual health the felluwiiig liiuui
Ing Daves wife and tlio dappled
maro saved my life lio aM to Dcuonu
Hradlaw who camo to call So tho
boy didnt make so poor a bargain
cither time neighbor at I once
Tlio deacon roeovere I rapidly nnd
Just ns rapidly Davos wife lust strength
and color She faded before their eyes
like somo frail plant and a I ist one
day with a tired sigh she untied out
into tho Great Unknown and with her
went the mid of another life destined
never to blossonr on earth
After they camo homo from tin
cliiirch nrd where thoy had lift her tt
steep Davo found tho dappled maro
fast In her stall her halter strap had
become a nooso about her slender
throat Sho was quite dead
Over tho low mound whew Davos
wife sleeps the marble mo kory of a
tall monument smllos In Iron at thoso
who pauso to read Its flattering Inscrip
tion It Is so easy to praise the dead
And tho memorial window sa red to her
memory In Somervlllo eluir h -a prop
osition of Deacon H rod law Hushes In
crimson shame while sum rise and set
And n utiirdy farni liiirsn pil the
Slow through Daves stubd Hold and
arnli Jano drives tlio w uk in his
kitchen Vlli Wluckr in Harper
- Says an Albumiorquo i orrespou
ilont Iet me tell tlio young men from
the East thnt the cry of Young man go
Weill is played out unless lm wants to
tako a pick ami shorul and work for
two dollars per day mid lue oil til most
nothing ihkwjo Tinui
Tho principal witness In a enso
against a negro woman wh muiWied
her step daughter and wh nklncd
hv n tnri In fMintlnm V
j fj - n iuivin1
njinj n i uuu
To cure n bnilu or sprain bnllm
ticold water ntul then apply a ileeort
lion of wormwood nnd rlttegai1 7Vi
A lump Of riliitti ithtvllvcd III the
water in which yntt wash light blub
Mocklngs will tircvcnl their fading
-Cider from lata apples Is of heller
qtiabti and possesses moro bcslv than
that from early apples It Trill nl
keep miiuli longer
It 1 claimed that tomatos raised
on Northern soil haVo thinner skin mid
t smaller proportion Of seeil than llitiso
id the SOuili and rtrd conseipiently
more desirable for canning
Mliuiie I milk Is one nf tho very
liest articles of diet for laying In ns
nnd a far ns they can uo It it ran bo
pul to no more protltabln iio Mixed
villi wheat bran It nlakos nn IMtilent
fel for growing chicks ItaitU
To purify cistern water put a perk
of charcoal lit rt bag nnd hang In tho
water It will Into up nil bad odor
lut sumo In the sink nnd keep it oWr
the screen nnd thero will bo no bad
smell iiiuo from It lUchnitge
It does not pay to keep poor stock
of any kind If every iiiiinial Is good
if its kind ll is always salable nnd
tan bo turned Into money at any tlntn
Ih it It is desirable to do so whereat an
Inferior one I always a drug nn tho
fanners hands - Jloitati Transcript
A delicious pie is made by MunUijI
nnd chopping ono heaping cup of
raisins mixing with them the juice nnd
rind ot One lemon tho yelks of two
ojrjr llnkn with bottom crut only
and mako n merlngiin of tho si biles uf
the clc You mar nut one wholeptrir
In iho pie nnd make it with nil upper
cnut V r vf
iVtrr Henderson says ho finds that
turf can be successfully laid down if
necessary In dry and hot summer
weather by simply eowring it when
finished loforo It gets too dry with
about a quarter of an inch of light still
put through a half Inch slow The
gross begins to grow through the soil
in a vcrj few dai s AVw iorl 7Yie
The high chair for tho baby s nl
wavs too large nt tlrt This Is a wle
pniilslon for growth but not nlwai a
comfortable one but It may be made so
by making a padded covering for the
seat and back nf the chair The smaller
Iho child Iho thicker the cushion should
be thus a chair that is large enough for
a child of the mn hold au Infant of a
few month Dttrotf lt
When using lemons for any mt
prsi It will be found an economical
plnn to grate tho yellow rind off mix it
with nn equal quantlti of sugar and put
It up in an empt Ikix wilhntighteowr
This will be delicious for lla tiring cus
tard molassos cake nnd anj thing oio
where lemon extract Is used It retains
the strength of the lemon while noking
nnd is much more ilelienle to the tato
than tho oil or extract of lent ui
Presenilis Forests Avalmt Ilrr
Wherererlt is pnblo leant the tros
standing In block llelween thaso
blocks tim land should be kept wider
ciilthatlon by the plow or pastured so
clool ns to preiont nny grass front
growing up nnd standing in high tuft
for such would enable the fire lo run
over the ground ntul thu earn It from
one block tonuoln r lo llii ilfiriHtlill
of their trees The duo of the blocks
ought to bo as small as possible as a
gcnenil rule we would limit them to
liio to twenty acres ntnl u let ono
exceed fifty ncros Tho eultlrated ill
rsion between thee should rarr In
breadth nconllng to ilretiinlanee to
10 decided iijioii by a Gorcrnment sur
veyor As woitoni winds are moro
generally provident during a dry time
when forests are most llnbln lo lo
fired Iho space ought to bo broader
iietwcon tho eastern nnd western lines
I ban the southern mid northern As
wood and timber are cut they should bo
hauled out from tho woods and piled
jm or near the renter of Ihese spaces
am then in cue of fire these nt least
w until bo saved from destruction
Heforc coinmenelng lumlioring In tho
iret or clearing for cultivation Iho
tru t of country subject to this ought to
lio surwiod nnd tho snares lined out
lo be first cut over and nil tho brush
1 leaned up and burned before dry
weather sets In In some instnnco
these spaces could Imi left safely to
grow up a new forest but it would bo
better to put them under ciilthatlon or
into grass If suitable blocks ot forest
were lTi standing the thinnings of these
would go far to supply tho country with
a siillieiency of lumber As soon ns a
Ireo bore had attained a proper age and
jve It might lie cut down liaubil out
and turned Into lurnlicr n is done lu
minv of Iho European forest This
giws the iitiiigrlreei near whero they
stood a cbanoe for a ticttor ntul moro
rapid growth thus keeping the blocks
up for a never falling simply of wood
and timber for tho annua wants of Iho
Forests nro set on lira bj so many
various ways that neither guards nor
laws however strict tan entirely pnv
wnt thorn Tlieo nru mainly done by
hunters plc nlo parties brush burning
sparks from locomotive or depraved
people delighting In the wanton do
struction of valuable property belong
Ing to others Tho preservation nf suf
licient areas of forest whero now stand
ing nntl Iho planting of others whero
needed are important consideration
not only for our own United Slates but
for tho whole continent of North and
South America This should now bo
in uio liolb n Statu nnd National sub
ject lu passing such laws ntul strictly
enforcing them ns shall ensure their
being properly cared for nnd when wo
have done this for our own region of
ft Ttiru hemisphere let us use our
influence lo Imva tho same thing no
cotnplishcd whore not already done In
nil other portions ot the American con
Fire and lumbermen nro annually
making n shocking wasto of our forests
It is fully prowil nowlhat whoio reser
vations hnvo been mado of blocks from
them by fannors on the first settle
ment of thoir lands tho thinnings from
these blocks for lire wood fencing nnd
lumber havo been mnro profitable to
them than the crops gathered from tho
land entirely cleared up fur cultivation
and the wooded portions of the former
now nro worth anil would readily sell
for two to tiro times tho prico per aero
of tho latter UjricullurM
A curious fact about water is that It
is tho rust of tho metal known ns by
drogcnlum When oxygon combines
with Iron It forms n reddish rust and
the mctai becomes in tlmo disintegra
ted In this condition It is said to bo
oxldircd Now water Is simply oxi
illed hydrogeniiim This metal Is
present in he sun and In nil tho plan
ets In enormou iiiinnlltins Indeed It
Is said that tho liuinaii body Is com
posed of ol palls of walur mingled
wlii somo lime Iron mul certain salts
Chemistry has rewnlcd to us many
marvels but nono greater than tlio
composition of common water item-
prt Hs Monthly -
I A rnnplinrnss nf Wnsbnn Vallev
Neinda has Invented a novel method
of tiroscrrlng eggs for winter iw
During tho summer she breaks tho
eggs poms tho contents Into bottle
wldch nro tightly corked nntl sealed
when thoy are placed lu Iho cellar neck
down She clnlms Iho contents of the
nu1vs como out as frwli as whon put
Tho Highest or Waterfalls
Borne yoars ago Niagara was supposed
lo lio tho most magnificent watoriall In
tho world but rccoiiLAfricnn explorers
discovered that tho fills on tlio rlver
ZamlW known as tho Victoria ate even
more wonderful than tho famous AmctI
can waterfall And now conios Uu bent
thnt lu Washington Territory Ihoro c
hits what Is lu aomo rcspecti tlio most
marvelous cataract in tlio world It i
on tho Uowlllz river and ttvo fall is fully
1500 feet high It has not Jot been
fullv explored Thoro Is nlso nwatcrfall
lu Wyoralntr Territory H feet high
which Ii said to lie a very wonderful cat
aract of its kind Tho remarknblo no
ncss of our oountry Is shown by tlio fact
that thoso great natural curiosities hare
not ns yet Urn thoroughly oxamined by
while moil DtnorctC Monthly
Among tlio jmsscngcrs of n Crowded
stoxmboat was a man with delcrlutn tre
mens In the midst of his frightful
visions and cries for help ho turned to
tho attendants nnd begged pitrously for
n bible Ojo was cmicd to the state
room of tho f Mutto sufleror and eagerly
seized by him then lajinft it on ho bed
nboxo bis breast with n wild laugh ho
exchdmod There devils yon are ln at
en now you cant get ovir that book
A strange calm enruo over him ns ho lay
with Ida wild i jo fixd intisitlr nu the
book 7 he CviirrjntiuiMlut Wills this ss
a truo incident of travel on tho sound
- - ----
According to tho Hrilisll postal la-lie-lie
thu EtiKtbdi O the tri t prollfia
letter wrltcts in the world Iho average
per hend i EngUndaud Wales iBcot
laud 30 Ireland 10 Hulled States Jl
Pnv ien tlnrinnn 19 Hair C Dnr
Ing tlit twelio lUCHilliis omlln MmreU afstorfnisos llu
IbS number of letters eeut was 11W0 pn lnferliin
fKitl200 of xsl oartls 1 1 1010200 and of
lio and rircnura t lUuSiSJ
Oti s firm rostrd 13JO0O lutters in a sin
gle dispatch and another firm 107000
iHsleanl During tho year Die utim
lie t of tilegrjph mcAMiges was 32CRI
- -
Mme Jenny lnd Ooldfcliraidt now
nrd then breaks through tho holo tho
mndo long ago to sing no moro to
public She ricentlr nppexred on the
stagu at conceit given fur cluriUblo
nurjioscn at Malvern Enilaiu1 nnd gav
tho nuiliciieo n dcllglitlul surprise bv
her fresh and vigorous ruiideruig n
MeudelsMthns IUt Thino Eres and
Hubusteiiis Songs of tho Hint
V iVroi
Tho Uto Judge Hlaok Is said to litre
reosivrd iho hrgist feo ever paid to a
Innrrr fur rUccsM In a suit Ilo de
fended the New Ahnnden Quicksilver
Companr ol Cslifurnii in a suit hi the
United Statis SuirctueT Court the op
position counsel being Hererdy John
son Charles OConnor nnd Itnluli P
lb njamiu His foe was said at the
timo to hare been 2uOO0a CAioojb
A sunrasr Rlrl fell on lnnrktl
Iter sLull ski did crack It
Kt NI ailrtn
HsvsM brr fniin ilyliiB
1 1 pforeil to I Just tho racket
-A tramtiat Coptnls frnm toslitn
Vi hurt by n explSMlen
On the ui In Ids hip
Kt Jacobs Oil fot Ike trrlp
He hIU It this llwll ttrllsn
A scrxr of lsr liiuty I tb wy s
Rnwiiix r ipr i iit it iBgtvtiiSii
oesHipuiKi oi aisiii
Aitri to CsmtHniptlvrl
On tin appssaraitM uf th tint symptssm
as Kfuernl lUllily lost of npxUU
psllnr rlillly sennitlnnt follovrsl by
nrsita ntnl rengti rsitiiit liifsniun for
rrl of sboelil Im InkML toiuuinntlon Ii
scrofulous illsPO tlw tunc there fort
use the Krwit aiitl rrnfiila or
ami tronrsj rMtorrr -Dr 1icrrei
GnlOn Mxllral llenrry Murrrlori
CoJ llrrr ih uulruxrv nml name
panl na a pectoral Kit virnk lunj
plttlnicof IJwnI ami llnilrelarfr lions It
I no rqnsl f oM by ilitixclt tbe sM
over Kor Dr lVrrea xioililt on Ton
tumptlnn setnl t o tfllnps In Uomlis His
rtsSAir JUIUCAI AsaTiosi lklltsU N
In 111 illm itletloiMry of Wall strrft
ILoro are tevrral aacti wvnli as lalL
inu it
Biierrtsfully trewe1 by IVerldt Dhleniary
lledteal AsMK lallnn Aiblrrat wiUittauiji
for pamphUt HulTnIo Y
Ninriursscss debility and exhauteil
vitality cured by utlis llrtvwtit Ir m lilt
tcrs i
Cjinrert and Othrr Tuition
Are t rente I with unusual tlir by
IVorbls Dhtjienasry JInlleil Ati ia n
JlLftalo N Y H nl etaiup fer paiiiihieU
A otnt who tuns uwnr lo ten has a
nauluygal li tesnii 7 Jwgi1
OtrriTof Kr Dr I K Slundy tar
I hai found llrtnsiis Iron Hitters one if
the brut touio nnd ireteribi it I q
Ikisrn s tliauhl innke
Of Itmllownees ol
tutllTnn irofeimr
arrstful ti
Tng Oorernor elaltns n homo In lit
Ettex ami Sllddletez Counties IIowIIp
et ta pleats both texet Jlutton lnn
It Is doubtlett owing tn our being rislt
nf clay that we are to eatlly broke
Wlit there Im n lion lo nlgbt V aske 1 1
tunitner sojourner nf anothi who In I
bwcil the atnek msrket not wltelv 1 it
too well Dont know nlenit the h j
lut there will b a tktplf lean get my
trunk out was lu reply Ifoitun tt
Qctrttr ll n drug in the market drtt
Itowixalsa aort of mirlnn tpor and
vt ne regular arm y work VKUniUphu
lit riM
It teeint to mo thnt tlio Inrd It dlmln
lhliig rnrlilly Mtvry tald the inlttrerno
tbo servant girl ww the reply
of llm maid but then you know whin
ll Imuahl It that it wot
Tun Rnnliiicr Is safe In tha early wirt
the season Itli atttio wntentininii prrio i
thai lie mult Unlit Thai it wny no any
eMesiWvjneJrss ei
Rli cumatism Neuralgia Sciatica
Inuliigo Uwltikt llriitatlie ionlNttbr
ore Tktent Nivelllnirt rnln ilrultet
Jluriit titMitu Irol Hint
And AU Oinir IOU11Y l AINO ana AOllTfl
- itr tUtOtii
al aue llre lluiitbi UlAiiiruAtfvs
run iiaiiiiji a oiih ca
Sacuiwii lu vvoiLta t to IiltleriatXVll A
BiLTlunnt Mn Dr Irwin II rlttfriitc
ytl I would recommend n trial of
hrowna Iron Hitters In nil canea of aiinmlo
illlllty or w Ion a tonlo or appetlter U In-
tA rognri altrnvi fall out at nljtM
At nlRtitl How ilo you know lliatf He
rHP jia when rogues fall nut lionsit
ytlKfl tUlrdVTs oiirf Cettrfcr
ItaT FtrcR I have been a Hay Farer
tferer fortbrea ycars have often beard
- Crfni Halm tpokn of In tha blgheit
lrm I used It ami with tha moit iinn
Ofrful iuccoh T 8 Urn Byracuie NY
VisorrVs ihrentpns anelber nlsrmlnR
froptiunl It It blRh time for Veiurlui
obe racelnated IiUtbutgK TVrvrttpA
Hat Pcrxn I nun rrcorumenil Ktys
Jn am Halm to all Hay lVver autTere rt tt
lu my opinion a niro cure I vras nf
nirtrMl for Sft yi ars nml never Infers found
tUn rllf IV H Kss lUrlinfllVt
Tub worst ptiulihiuriit you can Indict on
a hliinuian who hat eoniiiiitil a rtlmo Ii
Wexnufuet him Louet Oourltr
XTMnnt 1 rnr Mllr nlt
It entirely dlirrrriit hem all others It It
clear at water aiutatltt name Indicates
ha iH tfrU Hair llcttcrer Il
vlll Immediately frre tha brad from dan
druff iMtore ETy tolr lo Its natural color
and produce i n jrowth whero It hat
fallenerf It dcW not In any manner af
fect tho health stUlch Inlphur Huxar of
Iad and Mtra of Mirer preparation
hare ddne ltrill Chance light or faded
hair tn a ftw4nys lo a beautiful Rio
brn AtksrfurdniecUtforlt Kach
ilml Jona D lnr lloas
IIiimU Slto l an Invalnahte
iinanicstamHoi eJoliita Irlooolo
Sthiflnr Irritation alt and Mad
lr amieleil with font lte vi Pr ISV
3tiomrona Kro Wur Drugs nil tell It c
Wells Itough on fVrnl IV Atk for It
runtitete verlnanent cure Ovrut bunlolit
fAtuxs buy for your husband brothers
an I sent Ihrnllthlnn Collars and Culfi and
u trvutile In waiblni
tfciil Die In tha Itoiiw ttouxh en Ititt
cksi oul raUnileeaietnMetinltisil I ug v lia
CUenne KttifiMr Knap
Ii Infalllbla nhrnjhe semlp a n ynl with
dia lmO Ilttrt lUirtlje tlirk or brown He
- A - J
Filet roas he aula l sllsic nv ml -e
rrvwt cIcoid1 out by Hough onllattlc
iiiZ looni Ittrnt MnaBle Keel uilettrra
Fklnny Mn Wellt llrnllh rtennssei
rettorrt health and TfgeTrur Dyeiei
nriXiK iiotut Arrcn
Ma llmtlliuii lb Tea tiki Coffee Mmhutt
ailtewsearuert Nrwlltraa c a mlniHVlit
IS lax llUwIOiterllecaltnlltnlr 4iWlrt
latwaeSimr fraisrku ttul twice a ttrse t w
IIBHailxllssBer U lid iMm mt IM pw iltl til
naKlnt WM ls Uie I bees par rrrem
ttm SrwsSrr M KlMMntitM ol la- tetJVr
wll wbra eeuKS
Ikkil letsSUV tmiMlas Waii i ewiwi wtlk rt
trWIs ol alto wk tkeff It mf K te tele
4 nlrttK Swli Ike Vsk el Wh4
leaJwl m wet W awirtttts Ifctie alrnsSr
tHIlr t ear t HwiwSmm ta4 hntwUr
WMSsWt I reHStm eMr le iSHIwl
letthi es mlrt IWtlnil te UHi
la IWi I -e at kaww ta MS I - e a of r l
UMtr HHIMklH b4 K avrrrwihll
Seajeti lf ibr es IllaaiV Mrvacar wlillMt
lirlliHel tSlwevtiltntwaftliklketllwwitMrrwh
mf eie rei e m Mcklr ef Us rati nv rn I
iUf leant It tint tsi e hitiaeiifiJ
whtvkMlMMslt4eMtsriM Tsrelibuuraefl
f Itktag I rH ttreelcaeM lri 1
ceoilaaea m kt lit m wtan I w U
twatnk hu hrw ttaWwsl ear tsvrwUe pl
kokh n iwrara e4 I If tnm all t4 tat
llnii tMiitskiHwienlsriwnMiai
It use est Hum Itratxtf M4 It tkwe
WkstlilukiUlir meltmfsMl nHwBlilff
albert YeetietlHlietirtekMiBttMUUlltlt
m la tat ktatawr esi tea OL
tiuur nr a
pttt a bar t lUnmi jtn eVl I s tt htit
ew alJUt H tad ertrtj trnf t J
1 taets J Hilntr JKrewtUrt rfllI
lr 4 inter nnnMtN 14 IVc IH tHed HUI Ileal t
i sejf iHsmjMUNM al kf ritrsli IUI Ml
be S ll lirtt hi Mtaekeetrf tlk Ike rrrllrM Ml 1
XT stiebtM l t f reel g r et tteHte II t int
etor to4lewllUl I - 4 is rrrsrUil wit re
U 1 1 of te eeitt In Iswk irJlSl Ttrtl toi
llrt itwnt I wm refe I etmsl taaltaksl
KtietWHStifcefoM llees t ll ewer est case Ki
end tea aswrt ireeeaetea4 ft wk te lrwe44
ttMMe r ewoipltlai t4 row eea uk UUVutr tt
Aiest 1 Vttatnti t
nOrttftM Utaelittier K IL I 1
r rt
w te
la ruff last iirt
tbittsit la IrrrKtl
ti4 o b r niiet
lltitrdlr rp4 sal
fi4 I it 4 It t0
lecU wkr Ibi
ei a ti naif
TortAlt to braik
Ibtt ftaviat tnrelt
I k 1 isii e1 ll
I IM II 4er
e iaitKl ti lut
Is r i leuwt e i terns
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fue r itllailent
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ehk tt a cars t r
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ettet MStie i Am
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Tun ttii I ts nuke1 wlla Ibe moil
fttwui tail ileW7 aaut U nlk
Extending lo tho cod of my Iocs and t4
my brain
Which mado me delirious I
From ntfony
11 It took throe men to hold mo on nxy bed
tt tiniest
Tho doctors tried In rain to rcllovo tn
Out o no purpose
Morphliio and other oplato
lUlliu efTiiti
After two months I was given up to dlel
When tny wire
heanl a neighbor tell what Hop Hitters had
done for Iter sho at onco gut and Kve me
some liio llrst iloo cnvsl my brain and
n cnisl to go limiting through my system
for tho imln
The tecond iloso caeil mo so much thai
I slept two hours somctliliiK 1 had not done
fur two month Hefore I bail used flvo
tmttles I was well and nt work as bard at
any nun could for over Unco weeks but I
wot kill loo Imnl for my strrnirth and Uk
llu n bard cold I was Liken with tho mont
at uto nml painful rheumatism all through
my sjstedi that was ever known I called
pin iloctnrs again ami after several weeks
they loft inoa uliile mi ciulrlics for life
e thoy aahl I met a filend and told blin
my rne and ha sdd llnp Hitlers hid cured
blm ami would euro me I issihisl at him
but be wns soesnu st I was Indiretl tousa
them asaln In less than four weeks I
IhrovT away my ciulrjios nnd went to wotk
Hitbity and Kept on using Iho bitters for tiro
He It warravlcsl wrex iiniii i peramons wen a any man
lVlmletala Agenta Cincinnati UMO aud living ami nave nyen en nir sit jrnrt sim n
C Jf Crkeito Xtw York II ska rarcl ttty wife ws f
sears arelhss Vent her and mv cblMn u
Vor viUll u ft Patricks fait I If jou
kiew tte good twould da too
tcII and hearty with from two to tlirrst
UillliH iereir lliere Is no noed toU
sick nt all If Ihese Miters are ud
J J liKitKt rx Supcrvlwr
Ttmtlwor InvalM wttol
8lter I
Can be mada the plclmecf healtli with
a few bottles or lluplllltersl
llllt vou M thtm tujrrr
Catarrh m qeubiu
re l vl
reOnLh erit
Mhen ainllisl l
Ike Onrr Into Ihl
un trrs W t et
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the hi i l
ot ralanhsl vimx
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ralill w iMaihe ee
rrtiona ll allail
liillmriiimtli n ru
leet tho mrirernr l
nt I Imi naeeJ ae
sk r from tulii hh
slroliKeoinils i Ii
lieaJtlhisenn a an I
irM rr teste ai -I
tits II A w ai
laUfHi reicvc I
t ee A ffeimeei
LiWLf ir r t rr r m ii tw em
Ti Itsiwil rrrate un
Fend for clreiiar Irlce U crnti lr mall rr rt
druairuu Cly HrolberDrujgutatmrKN V
four nu t a sriuoaiav
Steam Engines
iitmill mil seislltf MH tJfiet It
Far Ill nntl Plantation Uao I
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swM ii itsir iiuiiiix iiimmiuw
tts t estt1 Its -Ills e eetertefts I
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in LriMJ
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urese iki ie w T f
ji rriiiM turn 1 1 fcsiivtselte
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fl Wett kbIIis eteeiil
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lies wt trnl Tree U M
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SseeleN tste bell et ttl II r1
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ieir M Jll lilus a f tie ir hi h
Xaf a t lMniTaTll
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ivorirnr hfr tn4
CtxTUMrffrw AU KTSK UHOi 3inrfUriri
A4 nt fslVtfiktitt Ibsi lylcMMl In th trllp iMm In tttrr rwoiilh Alpf vie vlit U ONK Ml U
racti iwioifr rnoM iixk Tt Twrivr wmxh mj w ttnit mmukHKU ti r
ft rwirti lesMtXsi CukdUHU Ukm ltit kt rrul lkjiiclrvM Un la t Vif jvtvrtr 9oUmtijtiktntj
- fce g JQiHOH r OOt WMtftfl Mfllt
Tho 1ccullnr Olil Mystery
It traa one of tho pcatliaritics of the otd fashlonel Doctors that they
never would tell patients what they wen prescribing for them They eaiu
it would do the iwttents no rood to know nnd thnt it would only be
v - i i - i
In tlmo of eaw ireieri for war - iiik ooiiu curioiuy inorucr 10 Keep iiaucnia iiiiiiiinuviirt w
u jicjyunr
Tiir man who uea profane language msy
bnre eomlderabls dash nlsiut him lint bo
it itiiiilni n rlk of roiir whero thoy bate
nlUintliir too much colon Jloittm
Dim In tha wool Jlnryt fauious lltlt
Isiiili A Vjir
A youno nun who Wenl Into tho kitch
en where hit girl was lnkliir nnd Inad
vertsmtly tut down on a but pie Jtrtt from
the oven now liontU that lis iioirendrd
from the uijKrcrust Xurrtitoum Jlcr
ItASKS hlgh Ol 1 butter Yj Juttrni
TllK view from the Mnrr Klnc Jlotintsln
Is too grand and beautiful to l lost f
any one vho can rem Ii Us top It It S3Wt
fset above tho iea Itoslou -
rjAcops nil
crrti luwttt cVejj - ctr w iiiiTiff
9 t
would write the prescriptions in dop latlii so that most patients could not
read them All that sort of thing is now over Thcpaticnt wants toknovvw hat
he takes I le is weak nnd wants to he fitronn or lie is tlyapcpttc nnd
wants to digest well Or he has a troublcsoiuo liver which he wants to
put to rights So he takes Irownt Iron Ilittcm about which there is no
mystery at all This is the best preparation of iron in the world in com
1 nation with gentle yet efficient tonics Jt gives strength It builds tip
enfeebled systems It enriches impoverished blood It removes feminine
WKtkncseca It casts out debility It is what YOU want and your druggist
has It 3
There eslsls n in cans of ro
curlni a soft ami brilliant
Complexion no miittor limy
poor It may imtiirally lio
Hitmans ilasnolla Halm Is a
dolicato and liurinlcss mil
ole which Insfiiiitly removes
Frocklos Tan Ilcdncss
KoiiKhnrss JlnnitloiH Ynl
irnr Finsliinfjs etc etc Ho
tlellcuto and natural aro iU
oflucts that Its nso Is not
suspected y anyhotly
Nu lady lias tbo right to
present a disllsiircd fuco in
Bocloty when tho 3Intnolln
Hal in Is Hold by ull Urubgist
lor 75 cents
se iijpriL3i
e UtittiMl SxMlt S I nil IUK
llllM Sl 111 PAtH tllU Vmllll
tlltlilst Wtriu I full AlftlMSMlse
mibumoi r
Grocers and Dialers
IK i
Feed for wrofctile TMftWsl nf ear TOMtlsrrl
tirlert OltrlT LOSlllOSl TliAtHJi
tnslble Vaialit8lvii Hlreet lloiloa Matt
Uii r1kAnaseslslMli
IIRI 1 filnliiWl curt fur files
W9 B I aH N rrt drunglriiMir
I l Bet W Wrri bat 3111 VuK
Vlt Id tslaltltJlIw0l
liw la prliVi atlc srtll tPrure to ol 111 lint tjt ni f
AJJnu HUllIli UullAKIW iieiasATi
1 t rjn m 11 Muii
ke ironrr truing noritmnj -
AbbN I oiTSftarTSrSi
snA 1 SVPVirtn rntirnvn lown
JQ 0 19 auUUioe AadriUOltlleU
tisinlrril ST1
rinei new 11
Tcnnt and
nt 1
11 rtr pltit tt K M AD1JOX
Alness uiJUu

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