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Tho pauper expanses of this
county, this year, wo learn, was
unusually heiwuy." j&L
Tho grcajbmho spanning the
Mississippi at St. Paul has been
completed. 'jjHIhA'work occupied
ouly ton months.
The. election in New York,
... Virgin m. wutt soino Jiait uozen
iilffitOBrgetntPTacaaay. "Nd-
vomber 3rd. y jr
WliHt'i tho uic of Mwyg frrltlng.
O'er ills tl.t can't lccrJ?
Wliat'athe uror niiJJn feult nltH
What ne WaUvrprukt bf cotltinxl I .
Tho propedtivo candidates
for Jailer are, thinning out. Xo
boiirdcrs at .the jail is discouraging
to aspirants.
The jokp of last landay was.
which ouo of the county Magistrates
would not be acaudidate
for County Judge.
"llovr many p furth Jn tli morning
Tht coiuc Uoiitot iJjUt I
Ail beirU nn8 brwVfa .
Vnr bmh wordl ajxiWrn
TLt eorru cu ubtjt oct rlgbt.'
Dakota inaugurated the winter
season by'a heavy snow-storm,
which begun .fast, Saturday evening
and continued all night.
Tho 8triko' m St. Louin has
apparently dfed out. All tiie lines
ctl down thc'beaiha't 300. Wick-
line Journal.
Belle Boyd, Hho Confederate
Sp-," has sued the Chicago Tribune
for o,(K)0, for stating that
hhe attempted to jump a board
The chie.findustries of May-Held
are said'to be tobacco, horse-swapping
and local option, and
the town is on an unprecedented
prosperity ami activity.
Mr. Jas. Wcathcrspoon, a
much respected citizen of this
ters, besides several other qmaller
offices. -""-
Boaril of Magistrates,'
auunte.l resolutions oil
m V
respect to the memory of J.io. It.
Molichee, late deputy County
Court CJerk; and to the memory
of B. F. Tiiomassou, late Jailer of
this county.
The immense rock just outside
the harbor of New York is
called Hell Gate. Monday, Government
engineers exploded o'OO
pounds of dynamites under it.
and blew up 3 acres of solid rock.
What a sound was there, my countrymen
Iloadly led the Domocracy to
a Waterloo defeat Tuesday. Thoy
eay it was too much whisky in his
talk that caused it. Thero iB
doubtless some truth in tho claim ;
Imt, then Ohio is a Republican
titato anyhow.
Jay Gould has been telling
tho newspaper reporters that the
fionntry is now entering an era Of
renewed business prosperity. Two
years ago Jay published a letter
of this import, and was tncaauring
other people's corn by his own
half bushel.
Circuit Judge 'Foster, in
county, Mo., requested the
- grand jury not to pay any attention
to violations of tho gatno
laws, and if any witnesses came
bofpro them to inform as to such
matters, not to kick thorn ' do wn
stairs, but ouietlv show them tho
We learn that a charter has
been procured aud registered for
a new railroad enterprise, called
the West Tcunnesseo and Great
.Northern Hail way Company, running
from Union City to Obion
station, and branch from that
point or a convenient point on to
Tiptonville, in Lako county.
Mr. Georgo Warron has been
appointed postmaster at Hickman.
Mr. Stephens, "tho: present incumbent,
has inado a clover aud worthy
ofllcor, and Mrs. Stephens, his
assistant, has proven a popular
favorite with tho general public.
She will bo retaiu'ed iu her
Do you know a man living in
eight of town, saying and doing
all ho can against it? If you do,
watch him, ho would tell a Ho on
his wife iust for the sake of a fuss.
A man that will damaire himself
just to spito some ouo else, is
mean enough to lot his children
prow up in ignorance just for pure
meanness. Wingo Purchase.
The Court of Claims Monday,
was npparontly unanimous in fa
vor of a bridge across Bayou do
Chlen, and appointed a commit tco
to select site, &c, aud to report
to the .January term. From what
we heard there is no doubt but
that the Court in January will order
its construction upon somo
plan to be then submitted.
vn m
bencficiarics tf your most excellent medU1 tion plank carrying him through,
cine, Dr. King's New Discover? for con. I This time. Hoadlv tried the same
sumption; having found it to he nil that
you claita for it, desire to testify to iis virtue.
My friends to whom I have recommended
it, praise it at every opportunity."
Ur. King's evr Discovery lor Consumption
is guaranteed to cure Coughs, Colds,
Bronchitis, Asthma, Croup and every af.
fection of Tl roat, Client and Lungs. Trial
Bottled free ut Moore & Landrum'a Drag
Sjore Large Size $1.00.
Tho much talked of suit of
tho Khightsof Honor against R
J. Breckinridge, ex-Supreme Treas
urer, mid ueeu uieu in inu
villo Chancery Court.
paid tho sum of .$111,000
to -court, pursuant to pcremptori
orders of the XT tutcu States Uq
lint, thft Simrpnin Lodfro as
Hint linis .i3 filltl ftlinrvntSSU'
Riie lor that amennt. The iuilg5
.n Old C'Jtlreti RprnltN
.Mr. J. M. Iorrip, an old rwldcnt of
Home, Ga, says that he had hecn ba'Hy
troubled with'Kidney Complaint for a-great
many years ar.d w ith Eczema for
three years"; at times could scarcely walk
and hud tried many remedies without buj
efit, until he began Inking Electric Bitters
and anointing liis hantli and feet with
Bucklcn's Arnica Salve. This treatment
afforded him great relief and he htrongly
recommend Electric Bitters to all who puffer
with Kidnev Complaints, or need a
BU od Purifier. Sold by Moore & Lan Jrusr.
Mr. Sol. Price, who was tho
mate of the ill-fated steamer Gold
Dust, and who was injured by the
ao ninniuj, and m most places, oxplosirin of her boilers at
police havoboen withdrawn, j man. Au". 7, 1SS2, hns sued the
fashionable stvlet. and trades of poods have
been anil price rnarKcn
. . !T?t. ..
Cl IIMlt Clt
Tho story
the early
xu i i , . - . ...!... T!n. Pntiinnnf lur ri'TilN
xuouiggesiiiQUwciiavenearti iJU,Vi wmi"".' Tr'- T nin
of lately was caught in the dan,nSes and 1,as bee" m ?.lck :
T- -....: iii. "x . n, t ,. Linn tliic wnot il.HtinKltlOllS ,uu
HiNKiiini ni:ir4iiiiKiir in it tun i- 44141 .o rfwx ... ..., ..,w.. -
With man7
thank for past favor,, a ehare of public
Judge "Win. Lindsay is in
Washington to argue the Ken-
........ -
en millions of dollars tue ooss
Accident Company of tho world.
Call and let us write you up.
T. 31. lvREr.CU, Agent.
An old farmer, of Trigg comity,
named Terry Thomas, ninety
years old, was arrested last Monday,
and taken before the United
States Court at Louisville, for
charging n man (S'.)0 for collecting
n pension when the law only allowed
$10. Tho old man was
reads like a leaf from
history of
Mr. UlaiNK expects to have
the second volume of his historical
work ready for the market iii
November. He is writing live
pages a day, and is now engaged
on the chapter of Graut'B administration.
issue, but his opponent, .luugo
Fo raker, raised the bloody shirt
cry, ami mended his iiosition on
the liquur question so as to hold
tuo nepublicau liquor men, chiefly
tho Germans. The truth is, the
political panic have got to dross
up on the temperance issue. Public
sentiment iu this country is
growing toward tiiuipcraucc laws,
and thopartythatHSignores the
fact, musty8uffer.
Stock of Tailor-made, perfect fit
ting Clothing lor JSIen, JJoys and
Children, is now complete. This
magnificent line of Goods is far superior
to anything in this part of
uleiit of Knights of' Honor pen- tlfe.jpuntry.aiid .wilTfte sold much
crally is decided against per aiiau.bo fouudelsu
v. n'.re. V3UUT.UU eiwiesu
Goods bef;ro buyirieVand be
Does Cleveland, Flirt?
National lit j.nl I.. mil
'You don't know what a jolly
fellow the Presidout ia when ho is
outriding," said a joung lady to a
companion on tho street. "Ant! he
ilirts, too," she added, confidently.
"Is that so J Tell mc about it,"
and tho other young lady drew
closer and leaned forward expectantly.
'les, indeed. I was out ou the
Seventh-street road going to
Brightwood, a fow days ago, with
and arid will no doubt this! tipped their ImtS lltTJlill
eenson a-i she has in the past, fascinate the, ed them until they disappeared
ladies of this community nith Iter from view, and the President
Kotecttons of jgood.. and her taMefu j bk c0ltIIlllniv. He's like
and artistic worl.. The latest and most .. , ,,,,
county, residing near Wesley, died to the luwcct poihio figure
Ja6t baturday morning of flux.
Ful Ionian.
Princeton, Hickman, Ciidiz,
Eddy ville, Benton, Maylield, Fulton
aiuv Wicklifle, have beou sup
plied with iJcmocra;ie itostmas
o cro
driving siowh
a laiKieau with lugii step-
g seal browns drew up. 1
ked up and saw two gentlemen
. . rti .. ; Kn i in 1.11 1" i.iii ! in: in iiii.iii ni
in tno suit, me case is to "r,. ,, . T , .
heard in tho Circuit Court at St. J"0 President, and. would joit
Mo., on next Monday. I hfe h. ? jk Vf- J
Z ., ed scnrlet, I know 1 dnl, and when
rriiiTtrtii i rrv TUC I AfllCO .'tho carriage had passed u 1
DCAUilrULi OAT int lAUIH., thought Ibhould die, for the Pi
"PflSSMOLLIE JUDGE announces that ident turned around and tipped
I?!, her Fall and Winter -lock of Milli-! Jg ,at. He said something to
anU potions is now . .
nery OooJu. ovelUes, -, .....ipninn. :i:nL mv
fl'un niiil ron.iv for ineclinn anu Faie.
Miu .1A,to. Ja n Tj.uinc I:Lclv of rare tatei ClOUS,
i ..w v--. 0 , , ,. r,
the.v lintli looked bnek .ind
ail men, itiui nuuii u niib. j. vuuiu
hardly believe my senses, but
when 1 glutted tne norse into a
ditch ma called me to by asking if
I iti cm ...'
"Oh, ui,, how niceT' and the
other voting miss threw up her
eyes in rapture. "And you ilirtcd
tncky railroad cases in wjth a real President!"
preme Uourtot tue oniioudiaicj, The aiiir.iiwi was known to the
Lindsayrort ie railroatlbami . t wi.n nvMlie;ird the talk.
Hardin for the State. 'Tho JB.sxicVg,, is .. iwu,is0jUP klnulef stud
the right of tho hailroad. tho re,orter commended the Pros-
v.ommishiou to iix tu uiuu "
frailroad property for taxation.
This is the first intimation that
tho Kenlcky Railroad Commission
over did anything for tin. railroad
to object to.
"Romo onco sat npon her
seven mils tiio mistress oi mc
world." The Traveler's Accident
ident's taste.
The display of Hosiery, Gloves,
Neck-Wear, Handkerchiefs, Iad;e&
Underwear, raps, &c, at the pop
ular hoiiMj of II. Buchanan, is bewildering
in variety and elegance,
and the price:, arc ridiculously low
Don't fail to see this elegaut line
Insurance Company of Hartford. before buying.
SnERiFJ? IluiiPiinEY, of Rowan,
a party to the recent troubles in
that county, yas at Frankfort
Monday endeavoring to obtaiu
from the Governor a release from
his promise not to return to Itowan
without Gubernatorial consent.
Gov. Knott declined to accede to
his request, and tho Sheriff will
remain iu temporary banishment.
Ladies Caps, at
II. Bvcu. nan's.
The administration is sure of
fan indorsement in ZSew York
Col. Jno. 0. Soblo, of Puluj State. If tho Democrats win thev
cah, the veteran editor of Wcstj will claim tho result as an
has been recommended meat of Cleveland, and if the Re-Tor
a Consular position. Thej publicans win tho
prcss of the State, and thousands wuuips will mako the .stfmeiclaim
of Democrats would hail una
ot this veteran
ocrat asjaproper reward,
is' in a
mood and popular ttemonstrations
! in favor.of war aro being iholjLin'
all parts of that country. Tho
king has called out 40,000 reserves
and threatens to hotOTor.
somebody. Th'cfeVrwas a tlmo
whou thchreat of war by Greece
madelheVorld tremble, but that
timo has passed. -.
That steadfast Republican,
Jlahono orgaiijthe Jtichmoiid whig,
seeing tho inevitable result of
such electioneering tactics as
Hoar's and John Sherman's aud
Logan's, "beseeches tho Northern.
Republicans, for God's sake, to
abandon tho mad course upon
which thov havo entered." It
savs thev aro killing nil chance of
a Republican success in any Southern
In a settlement of Swedes in
Minnesota much excitement has
been caused by cases of alleged
witchcraft. One woman has beeu
solemnly tried before a church
court for bewitching her aunt, aud
many of the ignorant creatures
testified that they had seen witches
send their craft through the air.
JHks fitted'up a nice rdofh for his
.Cloaks aud Wraps, for Ladies and
Misses. He cordially invites the
Ladies of Hickman and surrounding
country to call and examine
lliis superb and elegant line
,JN'ewmarkets, Jackets,
&quctbrcib"i. ying.i They arc
the most eleganthttinglGarments
... it :.. r .ii
in uus seeuun ui tuiiutn umr win
be sold at prices to suit the times.
Rev. J. L. M. Crr.Ci, a well-'
knwu Baptist preacher of Virginia,
has been appointed minister to
Spaiu. llo was in Congress before
the war and was a member of the
Confederate Congress.
Gen. Logan's forthcoming book
will bo entitled '"The Great
Its Origin .and History."
It will mako a volume of about
GOO pages, and will bo published
next mouth by subscription.
Cardinal M'Closjcey, the
head of tho Catholic Church in
America, is dead.
Council ProccediisM.
IIicSmak,Kv., Oct. 1, 1SS5.
Council met Present, Mayor Laud rum:
Councilmeu Beekmau, DeBow mid
The minntes of the last meeting were
readi approved and aigued.
II. A. Tyler presented tl.c deed to tho
cravcl lot and on motion, ordered that a
check lw iguel to him for S200.00 therefor.
T- V Wallace presented an account for
$11.20 jail fees, which on motion, was
On motion, Council adjouruod.
Attebt, K.B. MILLET, C.C.
Ten can boy a nice Hid Shoe at Plaut's,
for $1.00 per pair.
Carpets, Oil Cloths and Rugs very
Cheap, at
Yon can buy a nice Alesander kid lve
sl Plant's!, forSc and 50c per pair.
-Bryan, Brown Shoe Co's Blue
shoes ever put upon tne marKct.
Parents will do well to examine
them. Have your children wear
them and your shoe bill will be
greatly reduced. They can be
found" only at II. Buchanan's.
Don't buy any others until you have
seen the Blue Ribbon Shoes.
Blaut is eelling ALL WOOL FLANNEL
at K'jc ier yrJ. Full yard wide Domestic,
(heavy j at 5c per yard.
Appl" liiCRar Jmt from the
country le,t Ur makii.g pickle for nalo
ot - , CoVtIl'd Duct. Stous.
TrtSiOodrfiaw & riant and V. L
Shoes for M"cn, can be found only at
PlautV. All mid undet a guaranlti.
Wc will warrant our Custom Made
Boots and Shoes. They arc First-Class.
lias on display a magnificent line
of black Silks, embracing the
line Radzmernoir, Olto-
fnian. Reps and Plain. Tiiese goods
" '. I , OMl . 1 1.1. 1
arc tne ocscoiiks ever urougnb iu
the Hickman market, and will be
Id atprioes that
10U.1& .. - . . .ifei
Arf &.-
ThdSo'st'.wnntiful naUernSVUi'ool
Ingra'n two andthree plyGnrpets, at
Plain's. Carpeting from liij cents up,
cheapest ever ofiertd in Hickman.
The rush has fairly commenced
at Buchanan's. The' ladies are in
testacies over the oiagnificeut lino
of Dress Goods and Trimmings
exhibited at this popnlar house .
they all say that the goods excel
all others iu Hickman in elegance
and cheapness. Don't buy until
you have seen thetn.
THE freshest and twt Ojatcrs by the
can, r served at any honr, nd in any
way detdred.atway to be had during die
preheat eeason, at tho
Tho Datronaiio of ladiea solicited, and
special, arraasencnt for their polite
Rnrlinennii, the Watrh maker, U
now located In Mojre & Lundrum'a druc
.tore. Hi skill and reliability has been
proTti, and he is looted here perm.mcntly
to alwayg make gixl his promises.
The Latest Stylr, Xicesl and Cheapest
LudUs and ilistss Cloak, at
J. amberg's Sons.
ZStsrltxjgttiriP, the Watch-maker, hi?
U!liKid a ."-".a work
man wcocd to no one in hi line, and
for whom he has done work will
hi reliability. Calt at Moore &
CHOICE let of Corned 85e for
5c H.r pounJ, at
Muse & Shaw's.
We will put tt ttjfluh flat on yow,
and drrs jfwu in one uf oar Lite &tyte
Suits: aitn. fit you with a Custom
Made pair of Hoots or Shoet for less
money than you think toe can. OohW
titul see.
septllM J. Ambebg's Sons.
Toe 9hS.
A feol portab'e SAW JULl., 25 home
power, and in good condition. Alo, FOUR
MULES and L-; Wagon ; and 7 Yoke of
Oxen, Witgann, tjh tins, &c , complete. For
farther information, apply to or ad irc,
iloscow, Ky.
If yon tcant a model fitting Suit of
Good Clothina, just go and see the
stock at
srpti i-Gt J. Sons.
Carpets and Oil Cloths cun be bought
very loir. Conu: and see.
Choice Fam:hj Grocer ie always on
hur.d, and wilf SQJJ13 Qun uc
t o--' tnMoymnrmt. iifc
fgT sFor Keul. k
'Thn anlpTidfd ulorn room on Clinton
street, lately occupied by Alexander &
Maxwell, dry goods merchant, ia fr T?u
Tm reaiounbie terms. Apply to
"ftrUSE & SHAW arc selling Xo. 10
for $7.50. Now is the time to buy
Musk & Shaw.
The Watch-maker, Burlingame, i
permanently in lliekman; and if he
fixe, your watch, is always at homo to
prove tho leliability of his work.
s. All kinds of Disinfoatanta Chlorideof
ofIron, Carlwlic Acid.
Chloride tJ.JSoda For sale at
COWGILL' S Drug Store.
Eoiitt forget thitt Salraon'a & Haas
Hog Cnoler.i reaiedies are guaranteed to
flop the Cholera among hops and keep
them front taking it, or muney refunded,
J. W. COWGILL, Druggist.
2i5Sorin.Jt :r anu
MUSE & SHAW announce to tko public
thtt they are prepaml to handle any and
all kinds of produce for shipment by river
or rail. Sjecial attention given to the
shipment of frui's. All busine's entrusted
to their care will hive prompt attention.
Will keep plenty of barrels and fruit boxes
on hind.
Do von want a THRESHING MA
CUU.SH1U., or anything iu the machinery
line? If vou do. go to MUSE & SHAW
and set their prices. Thev ro for
the King-land, Fergusou & Co'-,
and Mill Supplie..
ItiteKleu's Arnica Halve.
Thu BcstSvlve m the world lor Cuts,
Sorea, Ulcers, "Salt Rheum, Fever
Sores, Tetter. Chapped Hands, Chilblains,
Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and po.i
tivcly cure- Piles, or no py required. It
is guaranteed to give'portect satisfaction,
or moncT refunded. Price 25 cents per
li. For Sale at MOORE & LANDR UMS
Wtf VW Mil fr
i f.' lIMkl
our nrsi aareno miss ou tuese goous
this line.
4 -
than any other firm in the place,
: n mi !
ii-Tji hi tn
To havel you call and see our suncrb stock of Fancv Dry Goods and
.. . . .. i . ii ; , . . ... -
Kiijbon islioes are tue best senooi ovcltuji wu winch we will guarautecto save you
BS ?EgI3 'xSgy K'a vi?l vZy W sl
. -M
Our stpckfpf Ladles Dress Goods. Flannels and Suitings, with
Trimmiugs to match, should be seen to bo' appreciated. AVchave
J .9 "l. w . ' - J- v -
Ni Vst
2 n i&cassjq
SSi. ni3 t&3. a u . u rSBk
I -
"t 1- ,.. ,
t jUMrHuf
. ,i- . - . frtjKj . 'rw
T.rnwifwrTpcrTnffs at ocper vard; nest reatner JLicnrg at ioc
Bleached and
Red and White Flannels, at 20c We are prepared to- and will give you
1 1 lr TT
n, of Footwear in Heavy anu nnc goous, is complete, w
,i.,.,..i frVni the finest French Kid for Ladies, to the
iet Boot Wf Mcn'S'Wcar. Don't do yourself the injustice to ov
t j?
e are
Tn Glen's, Youth's and Boys' Clothing, we're carrying the correct styles,
and leading in low prices. We have everything your heart could desire.
The Ladies arc invited to call and examine our Wraps. Our stock is
new, and wc arc showing all the latest novelties, in short and long Garments.
It has ever been our intention to undersell, and if you will only try us,
wc will convince you that we are doing it.
JUJa. Ai Ra JL, A.JL
rw ? j.'rifyyii zzzZ' ? fcil
We will sell for the next 30 days, FOR CASH, our entire stock, oi
2Sa,2d7i2?G, TiirsT's.yQ, Clas3V7e.ro,
25 Cook Stoves, 38 Heating Stoves, 81 Kegs Nails,
1 Buckeye Foree Pump, Doz. Axes, 27 Sugar Kettles,
13 Clocks, 2 Horse?, Spring Wagon, 2 Cows,
New Wagon, 2 Business Houses, 1 Dwelling House.
All will be sold at cost and less.
j. "W. coRvxA.xr & co.
Ail persons indebted to above firm must settle at once, or the claims
will be placed in the hauds of au officer for collection.
sept? y J. W. C. & CO.
i ?$
$3kiii$& jLyg f??& 08 BHB
'O 3UKE.BIQ CLAIMS . in print, to say my Furniture "is the best," . .
r i 4 i .1
buta stroKC ot tne lien anu a little printers ink; to DacK up tne
- -..-- " - t
claim with the proof is a more difficult matter. None of my .
rivals eyjrdarc attempt to show in what respect lheir,go6ds are $tiSVjm
best. ' "Not this evening, some other evening, is what
asked tcrgiveany solid reason for their claim, that they keep "the best"
goods. jThis is a good way for people who keep infejjMift.od3 and wish
to mako them go by "blowing," but it is not my waH
' ItW
is the thing, that tells, and I propose to duplicate BSKLOW PRICES'
with Goods. This is the point and escencof thisdiscdarse;
and makes horse sense instead of mere blowiug a bout it. Perhaps yon
know wliatgood Jf UliJsJLTUJiJii st and perhaps you don't :.iiyou want
the test givejnic a call and I will show you.
I am also.agent for the light-running Diamond Sewing Mackiae, thj
lfldins fricnfflL
N. B.rlo have the best stock of Undertaker's Goods, and will duplicate
LOJV PRICES.'&Z Customers politely served on short no
tice. owre;across.tiie street irom Holcombe s new drutr store.
IMP ;." t
1 - Kcspectiully,
EJ. T.
..... . - ..-.
lllii tl Landrum,
R.L. MOORE can bo found at Dr. FARIS' OSice, to attend night calls at Moore &
u) yj)
r. M.
wv ttm Lomjjj.tJ uugjrap:i
All heart Cypres Shingles first class In
every teipect, kept constantly ou hand,
nut! for sale at lowest prices.
Jias.B.IorJ pound of tobacco
0"C liy Urdter & l.itrry, at FHtlon,
for which the highest mtrkel price will ba
paid in cash.
Sum Jones, the Evangelist,
was iu Madison, Wis, at last accounts.
V It rank" onrHnnIeti lighter
If c grumble 'ueaUi r Unt
les It mV I ItStlfahdAy iuuUir
If we fret atxjat tha raai! 1
Rev. nicks Hess, of Charleston,
Mo., was robbed in St. Louis,
last week.
President Cloycland will
to Buftulo to voto - in the
election in New York.
Tito man
who killed Mr.
on the Union City
Saturday event
I . rt m
uuun arrested, Tho auair irrcw
out of an old feud which has been
existing for years. Litchford received
four stabR, either of which
would have been fatal All the
authorities and all tho visitors to
the Fair, sl v stragglers
had gone house, hid, accounts
for Downing making i,i8 C8y.,)0
after the killing.. Tho Downing
who is charged with this, killli.c
is, wo learn, no way related to the
uowning lamny, well know
tins community.
Austin Litcliford.
igyi,SU lood? Shirt Stixmgfflr Than
Meaa Whisky.
Most IWcrllrnt,
J. J. Atkin, Chiet of Police, FJnoxville
.... . .
TV :. e :,.. i
, writer : v luumy arm l aje
The republicans cartied Ohio
Tuesday by from 10,000 to 0,000
majority, electing the Governor
and a majority of the Legislature,
which insures Sherman's continuation
in the l S. benate.
Ohio i a Republican State, and
always so votes, except now and
then the Democrats cauy it on
some local itsues or
Two years atro, immediitch
after a Republican Legislature had
so acted as not to satisfy any element
on the temperance question,
Iloadly, Democrat, was elected
bv J2,000 votes, tho
j 1
IP 1 1 Q II
-"4 'IH4Ha
,. AT
a' filled
'0 to tho Hew
h Plant Bros.
This large and commodious building is jam full of new goods, and
to be the greatest assortment and best selected stock ever
brought to this market, jftcver in thd history of Hickman, have good
been offered at such low prices,
many bargains too numerous to mention. But come with your figures,
and we'll discount them. No humbug we have the goods, and mean
what we say. We solicit your inspection of our Clothing, which is thu
most extensive we have ever handled. Overcoats from 2 to 20 : sixe
from a 4 year old Boy, to the largest man ; Children's Clothing, all
J&Ien's and Boy's Clothing, from 2.75 a Suit to 25, the
liandsomest'llnWftBr shown in this city. Ladies, Misses, and Children',.
Wraps, the lat
Boots and Sh
5j. every nair
All N OOl -
; ... .,.. ,
IL 1
at lowest prices. The greatest assortment t
gents for the eclebeated Douglas Shoe, sold lor
; you can't beat them for 5 or 6. ue Ked
children, from No. 4 to No. 2; can't be beat j
onor us with a call and you will not regret it.
?CI.1 T "IT
tWho Made the Loio Prices?
1.-X jkluL TsXX'SQ
U r friends and Uie public generally, that we have just received
WEannounce stock of all kind of Furniture, and Bolicit the trade of parties wiping
to buy. We can ehow all styles of Furniture in plain and fancy. Also, n fine line
We propose to make our prices to cuit the ppirit of the times. Yon can rert asmircd
you need never leave lour liouse to look for ehtaptr goods. We propose to sell aa lov ac
any retail Furniture store in the ''Purchnse.
Very respectfully,
S?S.ore rooms in new Odd Fellows building.
SVAll kinds of Repairing done on short notice, and In a vorkmaBeliip Myle.
we are prepared to give special inducements as
at any hour, day or sight.
Wo are now prepared to offer tho citizens of Hickman and surrounding
country and towns the largest and best
All goods as represented.
ever placed on our counters. We have taken great pains in selecting
our goods, and as they were all bought before the recent advance, ,wc
can give extraordinary low bargains. Vc especially invite the ladies to
sec our stock of
LACES, EMBROLDERIES, and the late novelties in ' , '
Call and see them.
3DElVl.B2i I3ST
NEW HOME mmm Jflm
&., &c., &c
King night bell after 10 b'doek
The old, popular and always reliable SftrdwarehonB of
It B. BHE"TiZ,
Has a splendid stock of the Very best makes of all kinds of Hardware
Tfyhich are offered at
and that the vMj lowest tho market justifies. All goods guaranteed to
be exactly as represented.
Q?he best roof "&'. tlle east money. Experienced workmen employed.i
The attention ofibWers especially desired as this house will give special
inducementsOr Correspondence solicited. s-
" $09jsBrFf'i 4
"r ? '
J f
5S? ,5- i S" -, . 1
'ij' i

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