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GEORGE PubllihMl Eviry WAllllEN Friday by i THE v "a, HIOKM - v ri J ,K ; SALE ' WITH DILLS, NEATHESS AND DISPATCH."
Hlckmnn, Kontuoky. ENVELOPES,
Office Jackion Blriet, neil door to Oitr Hall, M LETTEn HEADS,
CEORCE WARREN, Editor.! - tnE oldest newspAd J in WiHrtnnai(kiccilcf 1I ii . If " iriVllAl . wm -o lUrS ta J . u J 4
lnrtii ! -,....-... -..-.... . . . ' -. r .-'- is "iTTTw ETC. ETC
l'rlcool Subscription, $150 Ji&i AJJl.lttUJbJD JaDi,. MLUKMAN, FULTON UOUOTleUSI 1 7r K Y.l -1 .- ? fco G. CALL AND SEE US.
n llUCIIAKArl, lr.
0. IlAt.TZt. V
Capital, -
Being regularly organised and ready for buslij.ei, wa
tho pntroiingo of nil. All collection made for depositor froe of charg.
Approvod paper running- threo or four mqnthi discounted ntthe rU of
per cent, per annum.
Hickman Machine Works.
i!i7,"''"T 9
Joe nil kind of Mnclilnu Work. Ilonalrlng dono with Noatnoss nnd dUpntch.
n gtinrnnt nil we do to rIvo satUfnctlon. Ilavtujf locfttod with new tooli
nnu no inn Auwninitu in lUo Weil,
Tiping, Brass (foods, &c. conslanlly on liand.
We are atenti for Rw Mill., Knlni. nJ Holler. Iron Kcnctai. Cornlih Work, Cyllaatr
Blaro Mm, Hhlnlo sgd lli'.dliif Sw, lumii of all klmlt. 4c
Boiler M a&l Be-Hn; Sb Saws
Ofllcc ncnr N. Ac C. Depot, Cor. 7t!i mid Moscow
K. . BKEVzlltn,
Huh ii SjiU'iirihl Stork of llio vory bent mu kes of all klntlH
orilaithvarculilch aro oirorctl nt ONK PllltiE, ami Hint
tho vory lowcrtt tlio market
Dcnlcr in
DriiffH, Medicine, IIooIch, HtatloiicryantlHcliool supplies.
l'niicy CSootls, ToyM.nml Plcdirew, Niindrlcs, I'nlntH,
Oils, WIiich nnd Liquors, Tor Medical Use.
JNO. W. MORRIS & SON, Prop's.
Agonta for Morris Machine Works Engines and Boilors.
ITT Will Urliut Muni
MANurAcrrunnis ov
It, I.. AimAriatit, Cashier,
wo Jllclt a eliuro ol your trarto
lUv.iry Hntuntny.
tub gkmwratku
Furniture and Undertaker's Goods,
W ar. off.rlng .11 crmdes ol I'lata, Mdlum and Dn. Furniture at graatl; ndueed prie.a, W.
earrr a full lias at all tinieint chain, Rookorn, Tablen, Bureaus, Washatanda,
Wardrobes, OhambarSata, MattreaBOB.Sprlnga, Bio ,and ir. (uaranu. :oui
prlc to buthslow.it. OlT.u.atnal n b tontneert.
(VW. rebiJauarleroo UndeMflKora' Ooorta anldliAauntallcstrr.tUlon lu tbli
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CURnENT topics;
Tnr. oytr trul liai Lon Vllfed.
The crop of Indigo In China Is a (nil-
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OAKta.Mi, Oal., ha a ganjotglrl fix it-pads.
Mist Ilr.Lr.N Of.vnTcor: Ims liocomo a
ritr.KttiKNT llAiililioy seldom attonds
the theater.
Aix Kuropo has ovor S0,000 prrlwlloif
VuliHcallonn 5
HjiiUMi pcrlodlcaU, of
which 80J arp dallies. . , ,
A i mill) of tho diatlisln thn I'ronch
attny ar due to typhoid fovrr.
OutUAM' has 3, .',00 publications of
which SCO ar Jolty
Ammiii v.v wild turknyt hao
rurccMfiilly ncclimatcd In Austria.
Tin: average nalary of tho
fourthtlasa postmasters Is only f 151.
,Sr.vr.Ml:. thousand dollar a nlRht
an) pont for amusements In New York
As iniiiranrp couipany rnnaiicted hy
women iai lccn cstaVill.lifJ In'orv
A JiXTTM'nrKM skalc aKratigit with
a hoolc and lino at the Santa Out nharl
a Xew itayt since,
I'ltl.scK IIinmaiick Ii troulilotl with
tnmminta lln lia trlrtl an orrUroot
pillow liut ll tlll wakeful.
Kmpkiioii WiI.I.iam li tho first
monarch nhiihaa TialtiNl
irtctj lliu cvnturjr,
IhlilHiriliHiU W epidemic In
Clay Countjr. Weal Virginia, rarmcrs
pi armel anil ahoot tloa at tight.
Tnr. loaJcr of tho rhtcnl (Arlr. )
braM! band wclgln :W0 poumli and tho
tu1a apllttor goes him avicnty jwiindi
A iiuiht of (Jcorge llanrrofl, tbouldrit
living gradliatn of Harvard, hna been
preaenlcd to the library of that Institution.
l)iu I.i.Mitr.r, of Now Haven, liai
tliat tho great nuinW of trees In
that city, aro a constant source, of
Mil. KdUOX aaya ho receives an aver
ago of 1,000 letters dally, many of hlch
contain olTcra of marrlngu with hia
Itmii Woi.8ri.KT lias accepted an Invitation
to lm preaentat tho unveiling
of tho fctatuo of Gcncril 5CC, at
A riltl.v walnut log wa sold by a
Ixjgan County (W. Va.) man for W.OOO.
Mr. I). Williamsburg, of Indianapolis,
lelng tho purvhakcr.
A I'irr i: of Washington real estalowas
recently sold at the ralo of J-.'O a $quaro
foot tho highest prleo ever paid fot
property In tho capital
a girl of Spring Lalco
Towmhlp, Kingabury County, 8. D.,
pliiHid eighty acres of land this fall
with it three-horse kuIUj plow.
Tnr. receipts of tho llrooklyn Club Id
tho world's championship wcre$l,2i8 65.
Tho players, Including Manager Me
Oonlgle, each received f309.29.
1!l0irrrr.X years ajro a Kansas City
man paid S-1,000 for a lot, nnd was laugh.
el at. Tho other day ho sold It for
5132,000 and now- ho Is laughing.
A iirAVTirri. whlto marble bust of
Mr. Cleveland, tho work of 0. Scanki,
oftlenoa, In IHl, will ahortly decorate
thn Clove-Sand homo in Now
Tin: statue of Kobort K. ! for Itleh
mond, modeled by Merclo In l'arls, will
not be. ready by I)ecemt)er. Tho unv all
itiji iiitt until May.
A l'lir.sNO, Cal., woman throw a celluloid
cuff Ja the stove. Her husband ivlll
have to pay flM to repair dam ago dono
to tho kitchen and to get a now atove.
J, T, TnownrsiPoi:, tho
writer of books for loys, Is over seventy
years of ago, and lives at Arlington,
Mass. Ho has mado a fortuno with his
IS his report Secretary I'roctor ro
now tho recommendation of hti predo
cessor, that Congress provldo for tho appointment
of an Assistant ISecretary of
Tiik President has been bothered with
hundreds of totters Inquiring if ho is a
Mason, all of which hu has answered in
tno negative. Ho belongs to no secret
CmttsTiAy Ffot.kx, of Shamokln, Va.,
is tho oldest working minor In tho Key
Mono Slate. He has worked In tho coal
mines for flfty.flvo years and Is sllll able
to do a big day's work.
J ok MI'uiutov, tho famous romancer,
whoso wonderful stories startlo
tho newspaper world, Is said to bo a
hard-working member of tho llaptlst
Church at Louisville, Ky.
An Infant child of Ahram Lorona. of
Tombstone, Arlt., picked up a Hvo scorpion
and put it in his mouth. Tho
reptile stung tho eh lid's tonguo and
thn child was a corpse In loss than an
A TV lim v will has been, de
clarcd valid by the courts of Herks
County, Pa. This establishes tho claim
of tvprlter work to b called "writ
ing," while tho Patent ofllco has officially
ulaniied lias printing.
OritOMvo and his renegade Apaches
will remain at Mount Vernon Harrncks,
Alabama, during tho winter. (Jcronltuo
has qulto clvllUed. He lias
learned to twang tho bango and his old
surly manner has loft blm.
TitK average cost of a Pullman sloefHr
Is $17,81'.). There nre now In tmo 1,700
Btiindard and 'J.19 tourist Pullmans.
Tho assets of tho company aro placed
at SI0,78),CIU and tho liabilities at
('hawk's IUkfii has a vegetable gar
dcit near Anaheim, Cal. The othprday
ho brought In a pumpkin thnt weighed
SOS jounds and two leets raised from
seed that weighed -45 pounds each. Tho
big pumpkin was bought by n Now York
man, who shipped It to his own .Stalo
1'ivi' miles an hour Is considered good
walking for a man, but thnro Is ono In
Morgan County, (.a., who can beat this.
Ho walk d all tho way from Dultith, in
Uwlnett bounty, to wthln a few mlloa
of Madison, a distance, of over fifty
miles, in less than ten hours. Ills namo
Is W. T. Young.
NAVV ofllcers are laughing at Commander
J. (1. Walker beeauso ho
number of I'nlted Slates flags
mado for tho now cruisers, nnd forgot to
have forty-two stars put In thoin Instead
of thirty-eight, as heiolofoie.
John W. McGi.m...AM, of Litigation;,
Frederick County. Md., lus suaeeded
In carving n wagon out of a walnut block
28 Inchos long and bxlO square. Ho cut
tho running gear, tongue, chains, slnglo
troes, double tree, lubbers
nnd.,jvhcols nil tho wltola
work as any other wagon andean not
bo tuki n apait. He be aluei, It at
ProcoodlnKa in tho Dr. Mitft
dor TrinU
Hunt and CoiibIiIIi) Iiteiillllnl at Tliia n
Mtio Kntrreil 111
,r Mrxtcrlou lluaar Trlt.
rmKiin Vnr.(innii,tT HlaRton. prmte:
tt I.skcvl.w, was the Hnt w llnr In tbo CronW
Cti tbli injrnlnff He trstllled mm no im
4..in,n.1 m 1a, nt lm.lnr rardl for ftercnuai
l'.tHck O'Bulllran. which ho delivered ?
ti'RulllTin Mav 2 two dat
tnurdorod. Th wltpett av then hown a cai
knrf Irlntlnf..! 11 n fttmllKP In tboft. YffclCU 1
bad printed. The evident object wis f
that It ni ono of thlt lot of card, which
shown to Or. Cronln on tbe nljbt of May U
whn hA WHM lllrtfd MIV tO hi. 0U1. J
Captain FrancL VlUlerk ex clilel of police
lb. townotljvk.vleir, wa then recalled, bb
with a chart of tb. street, around Iho Carliufl
cottijfl and all over Lakevlew shd
teitlded with areat detail a. lo the dlt.la.c
condition of lh roada, ete "7,
Oath.rrot. eiamlnatlon Mr. ol.,l'H
Wrwt to'tbe lWe woiPaWrr
Itsfleo, loaded with on iru.k and tbrco big
ono In tb. trunk (Sensation )
Mr. Forrest All. jot.
air, Um KH Could fo ftlctf
there. Tb witness also Idonttned tho trunk la
vrhlch Dr. Cronln'. body bad been carried from
the Carlson cottage.
Herman Theel, saloon keeper, trstWed tht
early In tbo morning of ltj A, In company with
two friends, b. drove through I'.v.nston avbnue,
Lakevtaw Tbey discovered is trsnV. wblth
bad been broken open, lyluir In a dittli by thn
roadside. It contained cotton batting, dotted
with blood. Ho and bis friends drtv It out of
th dlleh and plscel It on the edge of the street,
Th. witness Identified the Mood stained trunk
In the court-room as tho one to which be referred.
Herman I'ausee and Carl Knopf, who wero
with Tbetl when the trunk w&sdUcorered, cor
roborated that witness' testimony without add
Ing any material points '
Job rhllllpt, one of the Lakerlcw polleem.n
sent out to bring In tho trunk after ft.
was put on tho stand, and told of tbo
content, of the trunk a. ho found them on arrival
at the pliico whero It was lying, on
Er.niton avenue His description ogreod
with that of the former witnesses. Oa the 23d
andilthofMaytho witnesses went to O Sulll
van's bouse to arrest htm. While thtre O'Sulll
Tanlepk'd toward the) Carlson coltsse, saw a
number of people gotnjr Into it, and said.
"What In h aro tbey going la there for, th"
d fools '
Captain K. II. Wing, or the tkcvlcw police,
who succeeded Captain Villlert, and
Offlcrr Phillips on the trip when the
trunk was brought In, was th. next witness.
He told tho slory substantially as It wus told
by Phillip. He also testified to rerrlsin n key
from another policeman which fitted tho lock
tin paint
The relevancy of this, yet to bo shown, Is
that it Is th. key found In the Carlson cottage
and that the paint on It Is the same as the psiot
on the cottage floor The witness also desert ocd
tb Interior appearance of tbs Csrlson cottage
In substantially the same way as previous wit
nrsae. bare done.
Police oBlcera Jacob Bpenclrr and Georgo
Vlatla corroborated tho testimony of former
witnesses Police Officer George Hlott, of Ue
Chicago force, testified that on the day follow
Ing tb. discovery of Dr. Cronln t body, ho and
Officer Lcrch made a careful search of tbe
Carlston cottago. He Identtrted tha psl t
smeared key at ono found by htmtclf and Lor i
tn the ootttge, and added that ba subsequent y
taw CapUtn Bchuettler, of tha Chicago police
fit ll Into the lock of tbo bloody trunk, wlilcb It
readily unlocked.
William U. James, a lad of sixteen years, tes
tified that la February last be occupied a
tn the per house JlIocV overlooking wo upper
flat at 117 Clark street Inthat month ho often
saw two men In those rooms Ua Identified
tb. prisoner, ICunre, as one of them. Kunie
was washing bit feet, and at toon at he discovered
that the wltnet was looking at him he
pulled down the blind.
Chicago. Nor 7. la the Cronln cae thlt
morning William Mertct, the milkman, wat
called to the Hand. "Do you remember May ,
last!" he was asked. "Yes, I do, I waa on tho
att side of Ashland avenue, near tho Carlson
cottage, about 8 80 o'clock. I taw two men
drive up to the cottago la a buggy. When I
ctme about fltty or teventy five feet from the
cottage, the buggy was Just In front of the cot-Hire,
and It stopped. Ono of tbs fellows cot
out of tbe buggy and went up to tb. front gate
and went throogh It, and up tho
front ttept. It looked to ma as though
he bad tome key, or something like that
In hit Imnd, nnd that be opened the door hi lie
telf. As soon as that fellow stepped In the
other fellow that was sitting In the buggy
turned the horso around at ence and got away
ut a. quick at he could do It I did not take
any notice of tha fellow that went into the
house, to see whether be had a bat on or a
cap. but 1 noticed he had en a dark hrown ov er
coat Hut he hsd cuds, and It looked as though
be had a dark-brown coat As soon at that fellow
that was In tho buggy turned his bona to
go away I could see his face belter. There was
gaslight thereon the corner and It was' light
and I could see hi. face."
"How near were you to him at that timet''
Oh, Just from the street to tho sidewalk, as
I was vary near tha Carlton cottage. Wfcea
th!eprcd I -a? nbit feet,
away. 1 went on walking toward them. I
went south to tbe grocery Itore on the corner
of Ashl.nd avenue I was there about bait an
hour When I came heck again, and when 1
came about half a block near the cottage, then
I heard somebody nailing In tbo cottage, aslf
they wero nailing boards together. I heard
them when I wat half a block away."
"Did you ever tee tbete parties since you saw
them driving up theref
"Do you see them now"
"Yes, sir. Thlt one (Indicating Kunxo) was
tho CM that mx drtrir.; the wages, and that
big one there (Indicating Coughlla) that looks
like the fellow that was getting Into the
"These are the men you taw thereat halt
past 8 o'clockP
"Yes "
Which one went up the steps?
The big one."
"And which ono drove Uie wagon away!"
"That young one."
Oa the cross examination tb. witness was
toon contused by tha questions which wrre
rapidly ilrd at hint, but th iiiItkiiiMit Iuum !
hit story and tald to the cross examining lawyer:
"If 1 am here to awear, 1 willtwear by tlod
what It right about It."
"Will you .wear positively that this man
(pointing to Kunrc) wat the mtn tbat as tit
ting In the buggy!"
"Yes," anserd the witness.
"And tbe other inanwas Cougblln, here"
Assistant Superintendent Frank Hurray, of
tho I'inkorton Agency.was called, and suld that
on the afternoon of tbo day after Ur Cionln
disappeared. XIr, COnklln, with whom Dr
lived, employed tho Agency In the case
The witness went to O SnllU an s house and hsd
a talk with him. O'Sulllran denied that he had
tent anyone with bis card to Dr. Cronln the
night before, and related the story of his en
gaging Dr. Cronln to attend his men tubston
tlally as It has been told heretofore
After examining tno or three police officials,
during which no new point was brought out the
court sdjourned till to n orrow.
CillCAOO, Nor 8 Directly after the opening
of thn court In tho Cronln case this morning
Captain Bchuettler was asked, on redirect ex
amlnatlon. In regard to hit recollection of uhnt
transpired at the Interview between 0 Piilll an
and Captain Schaack, Schuetllerbelng picseut
on May S8, at testined to. The wllnets' lesti
monydld not dlller materially from thnt gunn
by Captain Wing. It wat to the cflcrt that
O Sullivan admitted tbat ho had norrr bad an
accident among bit men. and that hit own
physician', bill, hsd been about IIS per year
Then Captain Bchuettler related tho router
tatton at to telephone mess vges bet ten O'S il
llran and Cougblln, as to O'Bullltan't where
aboutt on tbo night of the murder, at to O'Hul
llvtn being a member of tho run na Oaol, etc,
but n otblng new was developed
Captala Bchuettler then told of an Interview
which ho had with Q'Bulllvan about May W.
Tho witness tald ; 'The question 1 put to him
was, 'What societies, of any kind, do you be
long tot' H. 1old mo that ho belonged to tho
Mixed lCnlghtt of Labor ami to tbo Imlcpend
ent Order pf Foretters I put the direct quo
tlon to him them 'Do you belong to the (Ian
H. .aid, 'No, I do not.' 'Do you be
Jong to any other societies!' lie stld, No. only
those.' I laid, 'You want tp be sure this it
right for this may go fufther'' I cautioned
him In som. such w ay at that He laid. This
Is all I belong to'"
MittMli" 'f be kuuw unyuf the peep
fttt,f 'tifj .- v'ti"';
nicwe (tttrOMHu c4lt1alMB.'
I M feAiHr '"MUM alihcm. (H wiu MkaJ
' ,g m&h&ZA tb'rk'ltai UW
khh win la rmrtiM7 1 thins M m
CMwgolt,Ug lm lontttiei.
iU'rMlli Milnnn 1
i,umo. SOttaaC ! 'ft
va Jbe iifaht, of ,. munlur, JJo jni
Kotasuanled ta c Ttio I wlw.
ssTflct4ttoy cr .Hkerofttnfwo
viro m uiauoiro A In this alu..trilt
tiiattjr MM that CoaMlo rein bted . oa of
firm. .ad. aceardlat lo hM Iwtt hidaateat. ha
pWibt CaaaUta.trM.aat
nnormw ws nnllepT snd smM aat H
tncllrt . ptatatjri beWd aM MfMs. 'J
tireA Hafet & ninrl tiMniM' m iiM n
ItL tufa tulktKV in HikWrinnfa. Builtatf li
it UiMt In,! fnt iMvtiUlrtBH'n
. !
ov, MfHyir KM Ma. art aa ,baat t.
hhj tor OTlullfjlB. Mm af WMrtl m 1 M
H aw altar.
thdl of them given to one of his (O'Sulll.
t.nUl em lh rass he should come tor them.
ynll Paul Hoeflir. Desk Sergeant at the
i VUl tiMjuA X vtiiu RtktUik ul.rrt TUUvtlva
ban fougbltn was atatlonod provlou. to his
arre Jin connctlon with this case, was the
neitMlncM. Hotestlrtedthat In the month of
AprJherccclted n telephone message from
OBflhn, who wanted to se Ooughlln at hi.
(O'HUIviia's) hovso that evening When told
ofrrjtt u.M'.n said "All right " On the 1st or
t thlaylio rerelrod the mfl mca a;aln,
andpniRhlln said "All right. It Is O Sullivan,
th'e mnti," wbert fold of It
J1mi1i Hunakrr, omcer of
trttlfled that on the night of May 12,
ablit half past Ji o'clock, he saw two raen, a
talotie tnd a short one, standing on tha
rear the Carlton cottage, and drove them
may, telling them that they had no business to
tWmi at that time of night The witness then
wikrdpnslthe Carlson cottage. A bright light
wii burning wlthlu Ten minutes later, when
hojretumed, the cottago Wat la dsrknest.
fjllCAO.l, Nov , Oerhanlt Wardel tostiatd
In (ho Cronln case this morning, that on the
ni lit of tto murder ho saw two men at the
rorvcr. near tbo Carlson cottage, which they
tho kly afterward entered. He saw a light in-
.1(14 He also testified that he taw
on le sidewalk tho next morning.
At hlbald Cameron was called op. but
i)Dg t speeal Interest was brought out ' blm.
' Di James K. Kgbcrt. county physician,
ttflc that at the time of tho autopsy he re-
mov d two locks of hair from the head of Dr.
Crcv n, a-d that it was rst Into a
lirohol. He also gave a portion of It to Police
dil'laln PchuetUer
Sejeral tclrattHo men were called to the
ttani to giro their cv Idence on tha finer point,
of tje cats.
ClCACO, Nov. 11 Charles Herkimer, a 1st-Sor
tru called at a la the Crca'.s case
thlt morning. Trosecutor Longeneekcr asked
wi,w It.. ,iw.lJ.i
Do you know John Knnze sitting there f thlt
mm at tho endl '
Yes "
The man who Is grlanlng at your"
i'Yes, sir " (Jumplog to his feet) That Is
t the way, I submit, to treat a man who ts on
tittl for his life
'lie Is grinning at the witness. That It what
I-We except to those remarks."
, I -Why does the gentleman repeat It so often,
I tin. f ho dors not intend anything by It!
i" Why did Kunte grin, thenf
7he Court I dM not -understand that the
Slate s Attorney Intended any Impropriety.
Mr. Longcnecker I can not convict blm on a
I would cat convict a man on a grin it I
mnlil. anil vnti can not convict men before an
I Intelligent lnrr tn th&t sir. or bv anv thlnff ex.
sept vldence."
tinner, tettlfled tbat on tba Moult
morning nfter tho murder Ilurke camo to
lr shop where he worked and had a galvanized
In- box soldered i it was about ( by 90 Inches
Inire. The witness continued: "Wo got to
ta ng about this case here, at I read It in the
paicrSunday morning and he laid that Dr.
C iln was a Iliitlth spy and ought to be
k d.'
Ilefore you soldered tbe box did you do any
th to the lid r
let. sir I had to scraps It because there
up. taml and ona thing and anAtharon It,"
"i fore you icrapcdf It did you do anj thing
h flnrke wat therer'
well. I tried ta cot tho cord, and
he not have that"
RhstdM r abetst it when yea were
to cut the cord"
He shored my arm to one lido, and said:
Tt God'a sake don't cut It,' or some remark
lit that 1 told him I had to cut It to make
a jit!, and he said: 'Do It anyway. It don't
ni ' any difference what kind of n Job It
Kire said that when Durke wat brought
ts.it; m Winnipeg ho visited tho Jail with an
enter for the purpote of identifying him. Ho
. dose to Ilurke't cell, when the latter
m trrd . aslf he inennt blm (witness.)
Oc 'he cross-examination the fines, repeated
cry detail of Ilurko'i visit to hit shop and
th lo.derlngof the box. He wat certain at to
hit i "entity. While the wltncst watjtvlng
th'i testimony tho defendant (Ilurke) leaned
for jfJ In hit chair and laughed derltlrely at
03 redirect examination the wltnet. wat
a,, j tils question: "You were alked by Mr.
T t tn Txhsrs yen told this first Ynti s.!d
Captain Bchuettler, I will ask you If you spoke
to your brother first about It 7"
V sir, I did not speak to anybody about
th i The way this thing came out was this.
Mjerothergot to talking aoout the other boie
iej n 'or the other party up there,
ft hat party?"
For Sullivan."
TMs was objected to by the defense and
n d out as Irrelevant,
Michael Walsh, a gas filler, testified that hs
waist ofte time a member cf Camp SO, of the
C sr In the latter part of April tbe
v nest was at wurk at Jollct Wbllo tliero
aK it May Oho taw Martin Uurke; they roomed
leather until both returned to Chicago. May
I Ilurko worked ono day whlls there,
for which ha wat paid 11 GO. The wit.
n s- saw Ilurke receive a letter Tho State's
A- orney rndeavorcd, but without success, to
e t the ilatement from Walls that thlx letter
ci talned a money order.
iho with of tho Btate'. Attorney, he
was to show that Durke was without
n.outyof Lis own, but that shortly afterward,
he was In. Winnipeg with plenty of money, with
a ticket fr Kutor and with alile countel to
rUhthls extradition.
Mrs. Conklln, at whose house Dr. Cronln
tired, was called, and Identtrted tb. clothes as
those worn by Dr Cronln on tbo ntght when bo
left her house for tba last time. She alto Identified
the other articles. Including the box of
plinls and Hit case of surgical Inttrumenta at
daring been taken by Dr. Cronln on tbat
The articles wero then put In evidence.
' a a .
Tho derma of Contumptlon,
A mombor of tho London Epidemiological
.Society stntcs that tho bacillus
of uhcrculosls, or consumption, may
i nter tho body by Inoculation through a
cut or wound! by moans of tho
membranci; by tho product
of conception, and by direct hered
itary transmission; by the mucous
brano of tho nllmentary canal, by tho
mucous .mopibrano of tho respiratory
tract, and by tho of tho lungs.
Tho danger from swallowing tho gorms
with tho food makos It vitally Important
to avoid milk from tuberculous cows,
and possibly tho flesh of tuberculous
cattle, 'fowls and other animals. A rkan
A gcntloinnn employed at a colliery
a few ni j las from Glasgow had a dog
called Jimmy, which ho parted with to
a friend at a colliery some miles distant.
The -two o dices aro connected by tolo.
phonofand tho other morning tho
rnng up his friend and asked
how Jimmy was doing, "Oh, ho'ti flno."
was tho aiumor; "ho'a at my foot Just
now j, I'll hold hint up and see if he
knows jour voice." Thin was dono, and
tho former owner shouted ovor tho wlro;
IlllliCJInimyl" Jimmy mado no slgc
of recognition, but on 'being set down
iigilrvho'pt ortco' mado for iiiq'ddor. a'nd
herTHj!Volrl, master vont 'hoitv ft din
tho dog wus thoio to welcome htm
i yL Jj. - !'
-".& ,rt .
as r 7 ' 1
'Jt Me,.Al Ner)Tark
ate. Mold BtaaUsiB WHkt..wf!
w.( mta...aaJ v-
COtUXBC.. .-.. 7. Jarivstv.fc OajMkelt
ected, a pftrsfstyggs t
tjjaan. VMJ aa.
a Btate tUttmed -ay ,ti
fft?T!2 n!"
' zZ?ifeim , "&
i - 1
&m IfflSmtm
, "'7:
Democrats, 117 rtopubllcunsj Senate, 28 Democrats,
11 Republicans. Tho latest estimate of ,
the voto of the State gives McKlnaey S0.0M ma
twit-- -
NonroLK, Va., Nor. 7. Further election
recelred this morning Indicate that this
Congress Innat District was carrl.d by tha Demo
crats by .,000 majority, a Dcmocratlo gala of
DUhuocsl Iowa. Nor. 7. Tbo Herald (Dem
ocrat) has returns from 87 counties In the Slaty.
These giro nole. a plurality of 18,000. The re
maining 32 oountles In 1W g'ave a liepumican
plurality of IUWJ. On th's basis, uo'et already
hat a plurality of LTDi, toihat all gains In tho
remaining 82 counties will limply add to hit plurality.
II tbe same ratio of Democratic galnt
continue through the to reunites. Holes
will have a plursllty In the State of from 8,00) to
10,009, it it now impossible lo aereas. mm ana
hit plurality ts only a question of gains In the
remaining one third of the State, So far there It
nolaeounly, with oaa or tno exceptions, but
what shows a Democratic g at n. In the countlrt
so far heard from there 1. an average gals of
S76 to each. Tbo majority of Doles runs up to
0,748. He is almost certain to take the balance
of the ticket with him.
DM Moines, la.. Nor. . The Register (Republican)
tays: Return, from every Legislative
district show that the next Legltliture
will stand- Senate Republicans I. Democrats
Si. House Republicans K, Democrats 47,
doubtful 1.
nrw RrT
Trzxtox, Nor 8. Returns from about thirty
districts aro ttlll Incomplete. Tbo complete
figures will probably raise Abbott's majority to
over 17,000. Deckwlth tele
graphs to th Stat Demoeratle Committee tbat
Oirdner, Rep., la re-elected to the Senate In At
laatio County by S3 majority. This gtrea the
TiepubiKjaui ooutiol u tho &euate by ii
to 10. The House Is 33 Democrat, to 2 Republicans.
Tho returnt from the State thow that
the total rote for the Prohibition ticket wat not
overlO.utO, a reduction of about W per cent.
from that of last year.
OMAnt, Nor, 6. Returns from thlt State
are still very Incomplete but there la no doubt
whatever that the Republicans have elected
Lawi to CongTett In the Second District by
from 2,00010 8.CO0 majority, and that the Republican
candidate for Supreme Jndjro and the
Regents of the University have from 0,000 to
SO ono. Douglas County has elected tbe entire
Dcmocratlo ticket with tbe exception of one
Ashapous. MDw Nov. 5.-A Ccmptro'.ler.
members el tbe Legislature and county oraeera
were voted for In this State to-day.
DALTiaonE, Nor. a At 10:tl p. m., partial
returns to the Sun, from cities and counties,
indicate tbat Daugbman, D., ll r elected Stale
Comptroller by about 8,000 majority, a gain
on hit former rote. At 11:18 tbe American
bulletin tayt Davidson, D candidate for
mayor, carries the citr by 4 501 as estimated by
th. returns of thirteen wards out of twenty
Ecsrer, Nct. 7. The tetaJ foctlssa 1st
tret Bracket (Rep.), ISA, sou Rutsell
(Dcm.), 1W,K"i Dlackmer (Fro). 13,8841 Marks
(Labor) 111. Drackett's plurality 5,984. Tho
Senate will be composed of St Republicans and
It Ocmscnu. u cats cued wiui Si Rapubilcui
and 8 Democrats Ip 1U3. There are 1C R -publicans
and 78 Democrat! returned to tbo lower
Houie, a Republican lost of 18 Representatives
from last year.
CntCAOO, Nor. 8, A Democratic victory wat
the result of the county election here to-day.
The returns nt 11 p. to. were sufficiently com.
plete to show tbat the Democrats bad gained
control of the Board of County Comnitsslonera.
All the ten Democratic candidates for commit-
tlonert from the city htve apparently been
successful by majorities ranging from 1,000 to
1,200 'Ihe country townt selected RtpubUca.ni
by similar majorities. Heretofore the board
bat been a tie between tha parties, wltb aa Independent
la possession of the casting rote.
Most Interest centered on the fight for the
JACstlO, Mill., Ivor. 8. Tbe election tn thlt
State to-day was for Governor and other State
onicera, member! of the Legislature and county
otOoeri. So little Interest wai felt In the
there that no oppottloa to the Democratic
ticket that the Executive Committee have not
provided for return! ai heretofore Fire coup-lies
having local distention! enjoy soma Uttje
excitement but otherwlie the election Is
quiet and uatatcrciiinj, UntavoriS:;
weather will make the Veto even lighter than
wit anticipated.
ew you a.
Nrw Yona, Nor. 6. The Democrats have un
doubtedly carried this fitato by over 23,0.0
plurality, though-two of their candidates, who
were unpopular with the voters, raa consider
ably behind Tha Republican! hv held their
own In the upper House of tho Legislature, but
have lost several nismb.rt In tbe lower House,
The Legislature Is still Republican, however,
by a big major.ty, but there Is not the two-thirds
majority -that was honed for. Tbe last
Penate stnoU Republicans 20, Democrat! 1
Tha Repuhlioans may possibly mako a gain of
one on thlt. The Istt Assembly stood: Republicans
W. Democrats 19. Latest advices Indicate
that tbe next Assembly will stand Republican
70, Democrat! F3.
Philadelphia, Nov. 8. The only State officer
voted tor In Pennsylvania to-day was State
Treasurer Ettlmates from every county In the
State glvo DoyerRop., ,1M plurality,
JonwrrowK, Pa., Nov. ft. Johnstown Is now
a city. In tact all nf the boroughs but one or
two in tho outlaying dlttrlcts have been carried
for consolidation. The whole Democratic ticket
js elected lu Cambria County
IIommi wns it beggar.
Si'KSfhit djed In want,
Cr.ltYAXThS djed of hunger.
Tkriiaivck, tho dramatist, wns a slayo,
DiiVDEN lived In poverty and distress,,
llUTixn lived a llfoof ponnry nnddlod
Sin Walter Uau.kiii died on the
Bacoh lived a llfo of moanncss and
I'latjtu, tho Itoman co",io poot,
turned a mill.
Paul 11oikiiif.se had fourteen trades,
yot starved with all.
Tasso, tho Italian poot, wa8 often dls
trc&sod for Uvo shillings,
Steele, tho humorist, livod a ltfo of
pertoot warfare, with balllils,
Otway, tho KngUs'h dramatist, died
promaturolyi and through hunger.
ntNTiyoGUo was rofused admittance
Into a hospital bo hud erected hltnsoU,
Tub death of Collins waa through
first causing mental derangement
Mtr.TOX gqld his copyright of ''Para
dtso Cost" 'for
three payments1, and finished his Ufa In
Ll ". S
tsar it rrnin rood for1 Three
bint Kllteil and l'n tin,..
IsVek, ' ,
t70,' So-- I'?. Various In
rapenf ten days In tho snow
atwecn Emory Oanand Fob
Jssrrlvcd in this city
r report llio suffering to man a
fully as groat as shown in
orts. Patrick Casoy. entri
I'levon days ranking tho run
ad to I.exllno and return.
i and night ho was without
Tnoil ho mado on a Jack
wht In tho snow.
wtftitagsnbnf at. MiJimtlWra
Jtirpttviortlor tno days .and
rV R ome sheep out of
Alts and roasted and ato thorn.
jastjenger train was cut oil
feir'ting statfofw threo:aay. ,
Lortitho e pros company fot
JP pporcra, who aiiqr .a .
.JKi I -- mEa, . " . A.
with on hlsol or other tools. A
llUnurv tiVri WoUd knock a hnlo In a can
of corn 6ri''ionlaUs'and then drink the
wrtli STi,.,jr ovine raw food
waa frown., butt It wertt, among men
0 butyry. Two livo goats w.ero
being thlppod 'in a caboose, hut
tho hui ry men cut their Viroats and
ato thia.raw. Tbo report fcsva a stclt
man trawling: with two chlldrci lay on
Vita t,f,eV rn, .tiiva linlnlnaa MfAiiad ..
- ...IV MWJU, uw....... ..MU
only 'or nourishment. A
near Uto creek, a,, Mr.
Garcia, U reported to havo lost flva
thousani kheep from a flock of eight
thousand. J'ngineer Lyons said that ha
saw more real destitution during ten
days in Ibis snow blockado than In all
bis life before. Tho'road was opener
with rohry nnow plows, but remained
onlj a few hours. Yesterday
snow and wind blocked tho cut)
again, and tho passenger train due here
irom tho South this forenoon Is stuck In
tho Altogether tho blizzard
has leen a terrible ono. Nono of
us ever saw oft such a ono In
outhcrnColorado or New Mexico. It
was a Ihlota storm that got of its track
and struck an unsuspecting people.
President Morgan Jones, of tho Port
Worth read, was himself a passenger
from the xcno of tho blockado.
Loss of th. (Jueensniore .Ml of the Crew
SatriUtM..! anil Tarvn Valn.il at llalf
NicW Vcmc, Nov. 13. Captain Itrooks,
of tho reamer Arizona, who arrived
yesterday report 'that at 1 i. m., November
; In latitude 81.09 degress,
longitude 55,17, ho sighted tho steamer
Qtiecnsmoe, bound east, flying the signal
"I anonilro." Tho Arizona stopped
and Ctptaln Itrooks offered any
in his power. Tho
cocmandcr asked him to tow her
east to jort, but this Captain Hrooks
said was Impossible. He stood by for
an hour, tnd "tho Queenaworo then
"(Is on." thn Arizona continued
4 ' w., ,,, -, , , ,
iter voyar. ino caDteuas ainijq iirougas
lntclllgenrt that. thcQuconsm'oro went
struck thr; rocks at Three Caatles Head
ofl tho IrlsbJcoast. She had a crow of
anu a caru vaiueu as
f.yw.ooo, Including 695 head of cattlo.
All tho crew wero fared. Sho was owned
by W. H. Johnon X Co., of Liverpool,
nnd was bound from llaltlmore to Liverpool.
Altnnat fompleta lteturns fllva notes
Ma Tliou.anil Plurality, but the Itest ol
th Republican Ticket It Uecteil.
11e roisns. la.. Nov. 12. Tho
volo or the Stato ofllcers was
in every county yesterday. At
11 o'clock last night the Stato Keglster
had received tho full returns from
of the counties
of tho Stato. They show that Holes
(Democrat), otcrnor, is olected by a
plurality estimated at 6,000. The lowest
voto On''tho Republican ticket
of poycrnor was for Lieutenant
Gov ernor, afid theret.rnson
coiintles'glve I'oyneertllcp.), 150, 0J1;
Hestow (Dcm.l. 152,543 A probablo
on tho thirteen remaining counties
basing .the cstlraato on tho vote for
ilutchlson, "who runs behind Poynecr,
gives Toyneer tbe election by about flva
hundred plurality. Tho rest of tho Republican
ticket is therefore also elected
by pluralities of from ono to threo
thousand '
Anti-Fool and Trust Law.
Jekkkiison Cm Mo Nov. 12. Sec-rotary
of State Lesueur is in earnest
about onforclng tho anti-pool and trust
law'. Ho has sent a circular to that effect
to all' corporations that failed to
make tho affidavit roiiuired by law.
Ferdinand Must do.
Paris, Nov 12.- Iho ololl says tho
recent Interview between the Czar and
Prlnco llismarclt dinng hia majesty's
visit to Berlin resulted In a decision to
oust Prince Ferdinand of Bulgaria, from
the rulershlp of tliar country.
Noted f enlan Dead.
Nf.w" Yoili, .Vov. 12. - General. Thomns
Francis lVerke,' a well-known Irish
agitator, ted. yestorday at liU home,
No. 209 sort Thirty-sixth street, from
ncutn. Inflammation of tho kidnoys, after
a tjen days.
wb Boys Drowned.
Nov. l'J. A boat capsized
on tho MtvoligahPla river yesterday,
containing 'pur boys. Two of them,
named WJIams and Roberts, aged
about llften years each, wero drowned.
MuiiAiiw.r for Two Lives.
IUlfighN. C,- Mov. 13. A special
from Seluuttates that John Starling,
son-in-law f Mrs. Cenla lirown, who
wasmurdird Friday night, was urrest
ed yesterdatrbarged with her murder
and that clhor little grandson. Tho
arrost was tie result of thp coroner's Inquest.
was 'taken to jail at
TbauVvlag la West Virginia.
CiiAiii.isTJV. ,W. Vai, Nov. 12. Governor
Wllio yoaterday issued a proclamation
tlxlsf November 28 as a day of
goneral throughout thd
Stato. ' .
Eun4 Bought by Bonner.
New Yoiiaofi 19. Kobcrt llonner
admits havl'f purchased of Hon. L.
Stanford, tl fffot trotting
lllly, fc.u0l'wio mado her mile nt
San, Franci .'JjlOW on Saturday.
Mr. Homier nottato nbatprlca
ho paid for D"' " of couro a
vorvhleh !!?.
Dth or a.fltud.nt.
New IlAvf' Conn., Nov. 13.-Fred
erlck . 0t, ot.hQ'alo Divinity
Rl,nnl k.uw., lo .. .'last, night . .. at' : tho New
Haven hosniH of tjfphbld fover ltls
roluttvcs re-1 01ltt, Mich.
n -,.. ).!-
Toil somo time past several Mormon
preachers have been holding meetings
tho eastern part of Caldwell County,
with a View of forming' a colonyi'for
Utah City, and have succeeded In
'ng W.Vml A few iiIkIiU go
bttndln of switches was tied to tho
door of the housn whero the preachers
wero boarding and a roto left giving
them a short space of time to leave tho
county. .
W K. Dockkpv has been appointed
ilrt'ckcnridgc County, vlco C. S.'JorW,
resigned. .
' " ,
J:ssir. Itxtnn was fatally cut with a
Jcnlfo by SamMaxwcll, during ajrjuarrol
6vera game of cards, near Owensboro.
. Tuk. Arlington, HevWork$nadJ9nlpg
tho Covington terminus of tho suspen
sion bridge, was destroyed, a few days
ago. .. Tho flames had gained f
M Jis.wybuf e7r
of tlip flri deparfmentr and all
efforts were concentrated to savq tho
limber-work of the bridge There Is hot
51 "" Insurance on a lost of $13,000.
Dan McCarthy, of Cincinnati) Dr. Jenkins,
of Newport, and Jttdgo Shine, of
Covington, arc the chief stockholders in
tho concern, which baa but recently
Wen released frpm tho control pf
Tiik following storekeepers and
gaugcrs wero appointed on tho Oth for
Kentucky. Clay McCandless, storekeeper
and gauger for tho Fifth District.
Storekeepers Elijah It llarrott 'for Jho
Sixth District: . las. Tl. Harris, John 11.
Kolley, John Jl. Murrell for tho Fifth
District. . ii i
A IOUfRVtt.l.K butcher named lUtz
struck an old man named Kttstiis nnd inflicted
Injuries from which ho can not
recover. i .
fioVKnsoit IllVKftKlt has fixed Wednesday,
Decemlier 18, as tho date of the
execution of Heat Hunt for the. murder
of James Abncr. In April, 183'J. . , , ,
, Cit vs. IlopsoN was fatally cut at
during a dlfllculty wlthjtls
,J" I.A.Mi.'i.sTr.it was killed with an
axe at Cadiz. ,, ,
Fiiak AnvtSTno.NO, tho railroader
who was shot several nights ago. at lie .x-Ington
by Pat Sullivan, was, reported to
bo dying on tho tuh. It was a 'political
"' 'J he following fourth-class postmas
tors wero commissioned for Kentucky-ion
the 7th; J. l). Starks, Ilrandenburgh,
Meado County, rice Mrs. M. O. Grcon,
removed; John H. Ilakor, Clarkson,
(Srayson County, vlco J. P. Langley removed;
Miss Annie Heaver, St. Mary's,
Marlon County, vice II. I). Mc.(ce, removed.
Dit K. C. .Tonf.h, IouIsvHIe druggist,
was preseulcd the other day with a
stuffed eagle measuring woven feet froln
tip to tip. by Mr. J. C. Tho
bird was killed recently in Allen Coun
ty, and Is said to lm tho largest ever
oaT,t,itwt in t ntd itA
- ... .-.
t ,u, ,i ,
VMtlBatlovrJitiUier ,A
no foundation for tho rumor, that there
was trouoio witn tno gas supply
nlshed by tho Kentucky JtocJc (!as Com-
pany, and that tho supptyhad liegtin (o
iati. ,,
Tiik following store-keepers and
gaugers were commissioned on thn 7th
for Kentucky: Store-keepers W. II.
Cnsndall and Frank Daniel for tho Fifth
district, F. M. Scoflold for the Seventh
district, John X. Faulkner, Jr.., for tlw
Eighth district Storn-keepers "and
Gaugcrs G. F. MountcrlvTames A.
Howard, for thoSoventh
Fitr.DEitlCK LonnAlXF a barn-storming
actor, w as egged by tho boys of
tho other night, on account of
his unsolicited attontions to a youni
lady of that place.
A Lot'isvif.t.F. couplo who wero divorced
a month ago now ask to havo
tho decreo annulled that thoy may Hyp
together again as man and wife.
Ptuir. New nr.ornn. of tho State Col
lege, has resigned his position to take
effect on tho 8th. Ho has accepted a position
as chief engineer on a Kansas
railroad, at a very lucrative salary.
Hun Woolsev, engineer at the tobacco
factory ol nice ,fc Co.,
was shot and fatally Injured at a
lato hour tho other night by I.lge
a prominent young man with whom
he had had a difficulty In a saloon. They
had gono out to tho stono bridge, whero
the shooting took place, Tho origin of
tho trouble is not known, lloth men
were drinking Woolsey was shot
through tho brain, and on the 4th was '
dying. Itlckett's escaped, but tho pollco
aro in hot pursuit.
Tiik following pensions wero given
Kontucklans tho other day: Increase
Samuol Smith, Crockettsvlllo: Alphonso
Chandler, Lebanon; John I). Myers,
Mllledgovillo; Charles D. Irwin, French-burg:
William A. Itutlor. Albany; John
Dean, Frankfort; Granville Gllstrap,
Dextervllle; Hezeklah Harmon, Absher;
Rudolphus 11. Gardner, Maytown. Navy
Itobert II. Mahatha, Newport.
Tiik following storekeepers wero com
missioned on the 4thi Win. II. Graham
and IL G. Hodgell for tho Fifth District-
Ax Nlcholasv llle, Jas. McAble, a colored
man, while out hunting accidentally
shot off his hand.
Hr.N Mosnv was assaulted at
the other night by Clarence High-tower,
a colored tough of Louisville,
and will die. his skull being crushed by
a blow.
Tnr. President has appointed John C
Wood postmaster at Mt, Sterling, vlco
Wm. II. Wllkerson, removed.
HoitACi. MlM.Misohl his farm, "New-Forest,"
two and a half miles from
Paris on the Maysvllle and Lexington
turnpike, the other evening, to J. Monroe
Leer, for SO t, 000. The placo
fllO acres and thn prlco paid Is Stud
per acre This Is considered one of the
finest farms In the State. This, with
the 400 now owned by Mr. Leer, gives
him 1,010.
ATbhelbyvllleinsano Mary McGann
gleefully admitted that tho cause of tho
sudden and alarming sickness of her
fathor's family of six persons w asa package
of ro.igh en rsts, which she put into
tno rortrc U ir out of rtnireveept
Mary, who died.
GnvMtNon HiThSEit, has appointed
Judge Wiley J. Maey, of Hart County,
to 1ms Mate Examiner and Inspector, In
place of Iteuben A. Miller, who, on account
of his private business, resigned
Judge Macy resigned tho County Judgeship
of Hart County to accept his new
position, and the Governor appointed
Mr. Henry Watklns, of Mumfordvllle,'
us his successor. ''
Tiik following fourth-class postmaster
were appointed on tho 4lh fur Kentucky:
Witt. 0. MorrW, Sulphur, .He.nry
County, vice 11. Morris, resigned; Theo,
J Gowen. Siimiiiersvlllo. Green Cuui.tyj
11. T. I.arliiwrc. resigned.
s .MTzzzzzrj
a&x&&iSssm ..,,.,.. i i.sr
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