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Ho Vlslta Uio "Wonderful City or
Whoro lie rresclic.lia a Largo
tlou Tim Noted American Illvlne
" on Ilia Way to llir Holy Land.
Itovir.. Nov 10 T. Ik. Witt Tal
mage. Ji. 1).. Mrs. soiraago unu .mw
Tnlmairc. with Mr. nnd Mrs, WllllS .. ..
Klopsoh, arrived Jn this city last
Tanlay the great Mrookljn dlvlno
preached to a largo vongregatlon from
the text, Acts xlx., 21: "I must also seo
Home." A full report of the sermon
Hero Is Paul's Itineracy. He was a
traveling or circuit preacher. Ho had
been mobbed and Insulted, and the more
good lie did tjio worse the world treated
him. Hut ho went right on. Now he
propones to tro to Jerusnloin, and says:
"After that I mint also sco I'omn."
Why did ho want to visit this wonderful
city in which f am to-day permitted to
stand? "To preach tho (Sospel," you
ansner. No doubt of It, but there vcrc
other reasons why ho ttAntrd lo sco
Home. A man ot l'aul's lntolllgcnco and
classic tasto had fifty other reasons for
wanting to sco It. Your Colossoum was
at that time In process of
and ho wanted to seo it, Tho IV
mm was even then an old structure and
tho eloquent apostlo wanted to see that
building in which eloquence had no
often thundered and svppr. Over the
Appian Way tho triumphal procession
had already marched for hundred of
years, and ho wanted to seo that, Tho
Temple of Saturn was already an
uud ho wanted to see that.
Tho architecture of tho world ronowed
city, ho wanted to eo that. Tho places
associated with the triumphs, tho cruelties,
tho disasters, tho wars, tho military
genius, tho poetic and iho rhetorical
fame of this first city, he wanted to
sett tboiii. A man likePnul, somnny sided,
no sympathetic, so emotional, so full of
analogy, could not havo been indifferent
to tho antiquities and tho splendors
which tnovo every rightly organized
human being. And with what thrill of
Interest ho walked theso streets, thoso
only who for the first time Uko ourselves
enter Home can Imagine. If the Inhabitants
ot all Christendom were gathered
Into ono pi sin, and it were put to thrui
"Jileh two cities they would robote all
others wish to see, tho vast'wajority of
them would voto Jerusalem, rand Horn?,
t5 we cad understand something of tlio
record of my text and its surroundings
when It says, Paul purposed ln tho
splritwhen ho had passed through
Macedonia and Acha'.a to go to
Jerusalem, saying: "After that I must
also see Rome." As some of you aro
aware, with my family and only for tho
purpose of what wo can learn and the
'pood wo can got, I am on tho way to
Palestine. Since loating Brooklyn, X
Y., this is the first placo iavo stopped.
Intermediate cities aro attractive,
but we havo visited them in other years,
and wo hastened on, for I said before,
starting that while I ttaa tfulntf to seo
'Jerusalem I must also seo Rome. Why do
I want to seo Uomo? Itccause I want, by
visiting regions associated with the
great apostlo to tho Gentiles, to hate
my faith ln Christianity confirmed.
Therearothosowho wlllgo through large
expenditure to hato their faith weak
ened. In my natitu land I hate to pay
fifty cents or a dollar to hear a lecturer
proio that our Christian religion Is a
myth, a dream, a cheat, a lie. On tho
contrary, will glvo all tho thousands
ot dollars that this journey of my
family will cost to hate additional evidence
that our Christian religion Is an
authenticated grandeur. A solemn, a
joyous, a rapturous, n Htupcndous, a
magnificent fact. So I want to seo
, Homo. I want you to show mo the
- places connected with tho Apostolic
ministry. I hate heard that, inyourclty
'nd amid It surroundings, apostles suffered
and died for Christ's sake. My
common sen so tells mo that people do
not die for tho sake of a falsehood.
They may practice a deception for the
purpose of gain, but put the sword to
their heart, or arrange the halter around
their neck, or klndlo tho flro
around their fent and they would
say my life is worth more than anything
I can gain by lang It. I
hear you bate in this "city Paul's dungeon.
Show it to mo. I must see Rome
also. Whllo I am Interested in this city
because of her rulers or her citizens
who arc mighty in history for virtue) or
vice or talents. Romulus, and Caliguli,
and Clncinnatus, and Urutus, and a hundred
others whose names aro bright with
an exceeding brightness, or black with
the deepest dje, most of all am I interested
in this city because tho preacher
or Mar Hill, and thedefler of Agrippi,
and the hero of tho shipwrecked vessel
In the breakers of Mellta, and the man
who held higher than any ono tho world
ever saw the torch of resurrection, HvM,
and preached, and was massacred hero.
Show mo every placo connected with
his m&morr. I must also R..tn.,
Hut my text suggests that In Paul
there was tho inquisitive and curious
hplrIL 11 J iiy taxi only meant that he
wanted to preach here he would hate
wild so. Indeed, in another place he declared:
"I am ready to preach the Gospel
to you who aro at Rome also." Hut ray
text suggests a Tins man
who had boon under I)r Gamaliel had
no lack ot phraseology, and was used to
saying exactly what he meant, and ho
said: 'T must also see Rome." There 1h
such a thing as Christian curlonlty. Paul ' lng men of his own day, ind, hurled
had It, and Homo of us hat o It, About against tbo Sanhedrim, heiude it
peoplo's business I have no curios- blc. Hu learned all ho coud get ln tho
ity. About all that can confirm my faith school of his natlvtwlUage.then ho had
In lh Christian religion nnd tlio world's gone to a higher school, aul thore had
salvation and the soul's future ban-, mastered tho Greek and tliHihrw n.i
plnoss I am full of an all-absorbing,
all-compelling curiosity. Paul
had a great curiosity about tho next
world, and so hate wo. I hopo somo
day, by tho grace ot God, to go oter and
ee lor myself; but not now. No well
man. no prospered man, I think, wants
to jo now. Hut thn tlmo will coino. I
thlnk.when Ishallgootcr. Iwanttosoe
what they do thore, and want to sen how
they do It. I do not want to bo looking
through the gates ajar forever. I want
them to Hwlug wide open. Theru are
10,090 thing I want explained about
you, about myself, about tho government
of this world, about God,
about every thing. We start in a plain
path of what wo know, and ln a minute
toinv up against a high wall of what wo
do not know. 1 wonder how it looks
oter there. homebody (i-Hu ino
it Is Ilka a patiil city pat eU
with gold; and another man
tells mo it Is like a fountain,-
and It Is llkn a troo, and it is llko a triumphal
procession; and the next man I
meet tellM me it is all flguratlte. I really
want to know, ufter the body is
resurrected, what llieytwar mid what
they em; nnd I hate, un
cunuslty to know what It Is, and how it
In, andlwliiirv. it Is. Columbus risked his
life tiKfiml tlin American Continent, and
shall wn MlCudder to go out on n toyago
of dlMovvry which shall re tea I u tuster
and iiioiis brilliant country'.' John
Franklin risked his life to find a parage
between iwhcigs, and shall wo dread to
II ml a passago u eterinl Minimcr Men
In Switzerland traiel up the heights of
I lie .Mutter Ijui ii, with ulpmisUol, uud
guldeM,uud riMikets.und mpt'Kaiid.gettlug
liulUwuy up, stiiiiibli. uud full down In
a horrible inassauru. They Jimt wanttd
tboy laid been on thu tops uf those
Hit!" K'aK And shall we fear to go out
.'or llni awout of llui eternal hills vtbluh j
start a thousand railf 'yond where, J illscorn tho "Hock of A,rc.rt Oh, Instep
the highest peall( tho Alps, and stead of oownrlng and shtvorlnfr when
when In that ascent 'orc no P"'" I tho skeptic; stands heforo us, and talks
A man doomed to dii stepped on the
J scaffold and Bald jn M "Xuyr, ln ,CJ
minutes I will JTnow I lfcat secret.'
Ono lnlnuto after thil functions
ceased 'Iho llttlo" ch'jfl1111 dlrd Ta.tt
night know mora than I'll hltnsclf
ho dlod. IVIrniKtho cv.lt from
this world, or death i vou please to
,. ., to ,. ..:.d ,. loriou o
i ,, . ... . . - , .. v. ,1s,.. fi
MMiiBiiua ( it I JSf uejuinnaiiwui
Is illumination T it sunburst.
It Is tho opening v ll bo windows.
It is stiuttlnf "P
ot doubVanditbunrolllngof all
the scrolls of posit ft o I'd nccurato Information.
Instead olitandlng at the
fool of thu ladder and Hiking up, It is
standing nt tho top sM looking down.
It Is the last mystery tcn out of (botany
and geology and aswnomy'and theology.
Oh, will it noth grand to hat o
all questions nnowercd' The perpetually
recurring r (tntrrrgatlon point
changed for tho mark t exclamation.
All riddles Molted. .WV will fear to
go out on that discover) when all the
questions aro to bo Ided which
wo hnvo been dlscussint all our lives?
Who shall not clap his 'l,nds ln the anticipation
oMhat.blesi. country, lilt
be no better than thriujh holy curiosity?
As this Paul off a text did not
suppress his curlosilyfwiuecd not sup-'
press ours. Yes, I Marian unlimited
curiosity all about rcltlois tilings, and '
as this city of. Rome fcao intlmatoly
connected with apostkle times, the incidents
ot which erapkaufi and explain
and augment tho ChrtitUi religion, you
will nottakoit asan evitneoot a prying
spirit, but as tho oubUrsUns ot a
Christian curiosity, vWl say I must
also seo Rome. 4B
Our destro to vlslfthlWlty Is also Intensified
by the fact that wo want to be
confirmed fn the feeling that human life
is brief. I'Ut Its work lasts tor centuries,
Indeed rarevcr. Therefore show us the
antlqrilles of old Rome,, about which we
have been reading for a but
norjn seen. I n our beloved America w
he no antiquities. A church eighty
years old overaws ns with Its ago, Wo
Aave ln America some Cathedrals hun
dreds and thousands of Tears old, but
they aro in Yellowstone Park or Cali
fornia Canyon, and their achltecturo and
masonry wore by the omnipotent God
We want to see t lis building, or ruins
or ola buildings, that wero erected bun
dreds and thousands of years ago by hu
man hand. They lived forty or scv
enty years, out tno arches they lifted,
the paintings they penciled, the sculp
ture they chiseled, the roads they laid
out, I understand, are yet to lo seen,
and we want you to show them to us, I
can hardly wait until Monday morning.
I must also see Rome. WoJ want to bo
impressed with the fact that what men
do on a small scale or largo scale lasts a
thousand years, lasts forever, that wo
hnIM for eternity awl thst r do ;o!s a
very short spaco ot time. God is the
only old living presence. But It is an old
age of the Infirmities or limitations ot
old age. There Is a passage of Scripture
which speaks of thoblrth of tho mountains,
for there was a time when the Andes
woro born, and tho Pyrenees were
born, and tho Sierra Novadas wero born,
but before tho birth ot'thdso mountains
the Jllblo tells us, God was born, ave
was never born at all, Ipcauso ho always
existed. Psalm xc i. "Itoforo tho
mountains were brought forth, r ever
thou hadst formed tho earth and tho
world, eten from, everlasting to everlasting,
thou art God." jllow short Is
human life, what antlqultr attaches to
Its worthl How oterUi'ting is God!
Show us ths antiquities, tho things that
were old when America wis discovered,
old when Paul went up ana down these
streets sight-seeing, old jwhen Christ
was born. I must, I mast also seo
Rome. '
Another reason for our visit to this
ltv tm ftiafr tA fcaV ,, iAArtl.n ..f A..
where tho mightiest inti'Jects and the
greatest natures wrought tor our Christ-
Ian religion. Wo hate been told ln
America by somo poona of swollen
heads that the Cbristlsi religion is a
pusillanimous thing, goo! for children
under soven .years of p and small-
brained rnxople, but wt for the
intelligent and Wo
bulla limiO of yuur Cotstantino tho
Mighty, who pointed his army to tho
cross, saying: "Uy thtsconquer ' If
there bo any thing hero cennected with
his roign or his military history show It
to us. Tho mightiest intellect of tho
ages was the author of m; text, and. If
for tho Christian religion te was willing
to labor and suitor and de, there must
be something exalted aid sublime and
tremendous In It; and slow mo every
place Ho visited, and slew me, if you
can where He wis tried and which ot
your roads leads out' to Osu that I may
co whoro he went out U die. We expect,
beforo we finish tils journey, to
km) r.sko 'Galileo and tie places whoro
Simon Peter and Andrtv fished, a,nd
perhaps wo may drop a net or a
hook and lice into thoxo waters
ourselves, but when following
tho track of those lesser apostles
I will learn quite anotter lesson, i
want while in this city ot tome to study
the religion of the bralnlnt of tho apostles,
I want to follow, asiaras wn can
trace It, tho track of this feat Intellect
of my text who wanted to io Romo also,
He was a logician, he was i metaphysi
cian, ho was an orator.
Lhc was a poet of thohi;;Ut typo. He
had a nature that could rfwunp the lead-
perfected himself In hollos lutres, until.
in alter years, lie astoundedthn Cretans,
and tbo Corinthians, and tt Athenians,
by quotations from their fcsn authors, I
have never found any thUvn Curly". or
Goethe, or Herbert SpencrT'tUiat could
compare ln strength or b auty with
Paul's epistles. 1 do not thl ik there is
anything In the writings of! Ir William
Hamilton that inch nentsldis
clpllne as you find In Paul: argument
about Justification and resin rectlon. I
have not found any tlilnf in Milton
finer in the way of Imaciiii Ion than I
can find in Pauls lllustrst ons drawn
from the amphitheater. ' 'here was
nothing ln Robert Kmraet; leading for
bis life, or in IMmund HurVi arraigning
warren lasting in Westml later Hull,
that compared slth tho K no ip be
court-room when before rob d ofllclals,
Pjiul bowed and began hli say
ing: "i mink myself b py( King
Agrippa, because I iiaii at.4vor for myself
this day." I rtpcat tlal a religion
that can capture a manjlltr that must
havo some power In it. 'Ills time our
wiseacres stepptd talking l though all
the brain of the world 4"e PPO'd
to Christianity ii(.ro Haul leads,
wo can afford to fo)lv. I am
glad to kiio a that) C irlst has,
In the different ages of bo world,
had In Jllsdls. Iploshlp a')l uart and a
Handel in miudi . a Raphael und a
in painting n Ange! and a a
in sculpture 4 lt.ish';a' 'a Harvey
In medicine: a tirotmsani i Washington
In Htatesinansltip, a 8 tckslone, a
itiarxiiai and a Keiu in tho! w; and tho
time will euiuu wlun ths elllfloii of
Christ will cunquer ill tlioft sorvatorles
and inihrmltlf h,i ..i.hsVidIiv will.
through her tele 0( vff 'thu
lug star of Jesus, a ud lljJBjr laboratory
see that all tl,l,ir, wCTAgether for f
yooJ," and with itr BUJ$j,l hauuu. r J
lit IVIIllltl HI lllUMfill A. I1M a
Inious thing Instead of that lot us take
out our New Testament slid read tho
story ot Paul at Rome, or come and see
this city for ourselves, and learn that It
could have been no weak Gospel that
actuated such a man, but that It Is all-conquering
Gospel Aye! for all uges
tho lower of God and tho wisdom ot God
lutitoiulvHtlon, i i i !i
Men, brethien and falhersl I thank
you for this opportunity of preaching
tho gospel to you that are at Romo. also.
Tho churches of America salute'you.
Upon you who are, llkn ns, strangers ln
Rome. I pray the protection and Journeying
caro of God, t'pon you who aro
resident h,erc 1 pray grace, mercy and
peace from God our father and tho Ebrd
Jesus Christ. After tarrying hero a few
days wo resume; our journey for Palestine,
and we Bhall never meet again,
either In Italy, or Auierlca, or what Is
called tho Holy Land, but there, Is
a holler land, and thcro wo may
meet, saved by tho grace that In the same
way naves Italian and American and
there In that supernal clime, after embracing
nim who, by" His Bufferings' on
tho hill back ot Jerusalem, in ado our
Heaven possible, and glvon salutation
to our own kindred whoso depariuro
broke our hearts on earth, wo shall, I
think, seek out the traveling preacher
and mighty hnro of tho text who marked
out bis journoy through Macedonia and
Achala to Jerusalem, saying: "After I
havo boon there, I must also tuo
Home." - - V
n Strong lvrr bjr Which Mtn vSrs
Uftetl lltavvnwmri!.
It will be very dlfllcult for reform In
tho bad habits ot men Id be fully accomplished
unless in each ease the man
is offered tho alternative ot a happy
liuiitn. an rviiiniiliv) stories stated
in the dally papers of young and very
happy young women having married men
ln order to reform them. In fow cases,
so far, has. there been a happy result of
the project stated. Rut the whole precedent
in history goes to show that tho
happy and comfortable households 'aro
the ones that aro most generally exempt
from tho Infiucnco of the prevailing
vice of tho ago. A man may
change his wliolo character under
the influence of a truly happy
home, and tho best of men may seek In
clubs and saloons a partial resourco
from ill-cooked food and tho slot
bouses. Men and wAmcncannot
lay their shortcomings on another's
shoulders. Persons with the most unhappy
homes havo lived pure, noble
lives despite every discouragement; bu
-these are strong natures. Not every
ono can endure the want of a haven
of perfect rest, such as a good
home offers.. It would bo interesting
tn know whst w) . H h22 f
the many men who are now embeulers
and fraudulent bank cashiers, and who
from refined surroundings have sunk
down to tho level of common thieves.
Home extravagance may nothavedrlven
them to this place, but tho want of a
moral standard at home has done more
Tho growing boy has early heard his
father congratulate himself over a
sharp, overreaching bargain over hli
neighbor in stocks or merchandise, and
has seen his mother pleased. Ho Las
been brought up in a worldly home, for
the world, and learned early his lesson
that to acquire money was tho chief of
all ends. Reared in such an atmosphere,
or even in a Christian home, ho
may have married a worldly woman who
cares only for show, and not for ino
holier life of home. What wonder that
the moral sense of such a man Is blunted
and his religion is a sham? The homo
life is the strong spiritual lever br
which men are lifted Heavenward.
Take this away, or turn it to tho mere
I uses of extravagance, show and folly,
and that power is gone. All religion
which Is taught outside of home, without
the existence of a religious life in
tbo household, it liko the apples ef the
Head sea beautiful to the sight, but
ashes within. N. Y. Tribuno.
A Ilccldadl Qpr Cnitom Ot)tl!nIns la
an African Land.
The descent from' the plain of War-
uiussan, which IS covered with stones
and pebbles the pest of the country
and has nolthsr grass nor water, to the
Ilahr Assal (salt lake), lies through a
track which seems to have been turned
topsyturvy between high and steep
uius, ana rommas ono ot Infernal
regions. Nature has undergo'no soma
awful cataclysm ln those solitary wastes.
The lake is 670 feet below the level of
theses. About a third of tho soil ln the
vicinity Is covered with asheotof salt
half a foot thick, which resombles Ice.
As salt Is not only used for culinary purposes,
but also as a currency, it Is cut
Into pieces of the shape of a whetstone;
they are about nino lnchos long, on
inch and three-quarters thick and in the
middle two Inches wide. Black lava
beds abound and savers) dp craters.
Mimosas, from which gum arable is collected,
acacias, saline plants and a few
groves of doom palm trees aro alone met
with by the way. After days 6f tollsomo
journeying through this desolate country
we camo upon a huge wall of solid
rock and entered the gorges of Ouganta,
an exceedingly narrow defile ln tho
mountains, which close ln on every side.
On approaching the table land, as wo
wormed our way through these precipitous
and lofty cliffs of porphyry and
dlorite, the ascent was very steep, especially
for ladea camels. W'lthln a few
miles the rlso ot the basaltic mas
amounts to o.OOO or 7,000 f cot. Pittsburgh
SfMitlnc at th .VaniM hj tVbUtt Ilia
sittUtlaa Ara Known.
Tho "nohea" proper, is called so after
ranges of hilts In or
lit., "happy establishment," one of tho
night provinces, with the capital
on the river Mln.
lit, a "labor," Is named so at Amoy
irom ino laoor in preparing It.
lit, "small kind," as u
term for tea of many varieties. "Hyson,"
means "flourishing spring."
Is the Cantonese pronunciation of
tho character for "white hair." This
kind ot tea is so called because for this
sort only tho youngest leaves are gathered,
which have still the delicate down,
the "white hair," on the surfaco. When
older, all tea leaves aro coriaceous,
"folded tea," Is a kind of
tea so palled at Canton after the method
of packing it. The "brick tea," which
bai been much used for some years, Is
prepared In Central China from tho commoner
sorts ot tea, by soaking tho tea
nifuse, as broken leates, twigs and dust
ln boiling water and thtn pressing them
into molds. There aro three qualities
large, green, small green and black tea.
Brick tea Is universally usod in Siberia
and in Mongolia, whoro it also serves as
medium ot exchange. The Mongols
place thH brick, when testing tho quality,
on the head, and try to pull downwards
tho edges with both hands. They
reject the brick as worthless if it break
or bend. Christian at Work.
Ir people will not be honest in their
actions they will grow to be dishonest
in their speech. The character that is
ono of deceit and falsehood .will slioiy I
itself in "urd. lnlttd 'l'resbyterluu. I
Itriiithllcan IUfotwM.
Listen to Till. TMln of Wo,
tKrom a Bprcch t Ilenjamln Harrison n the
,,,, .-. i,i., nrumr, ranrra TO, lHl
. T iln Mrt 1 ....
-. ..vi iu how H may nocm
.- iiwv io rao u s
full ot pathos ,and Jndtg
nation. Down on tho Ohio river. In one
ot our Indiana counties, is tho town of
Cnnnelton. Tbq there V of
the fourtlf elaw, ml I regret it exec,
iMvnusn it withdraws from o.ir
consideration hero tho caso to which 1
am about to refer. Isatiello Do I Uunt
wan tho widow' of Major Do La Hunt, of
tho Twenty-sixth Indiana Volunteer.
Ho was a Democrat a Democrat before
tho war, a Democrat during tho war a
Democrat af ter tbo war, or after his return
from the army, l'.o was a g,'llanl
man. At Prairie Grove, ln Arkans.iv
ho was shot down by a wound entlii Iv
through tho body. Rocoverln from tins
desperate vround, ho rojolnedl his command
and again received a rebel bullet
through his arm. Disabled by these
two Wounds received In hls'conntry's
nervier, ho was compelled to leave the
army and return to Perry County, Ind.
In acknowledgment of his Democracy,
ln recognition, 1 may hope, of his gallant
service as a soldier, tho Democracy of
Perry County elected him to ono of
tho county offices. Hut bis days
wero fow, His vital forces i.ad
boon so sapped by tho Mounds
which ho had received that lt'wst not
.long until a sorrowing widow an. .no
only child followed tho remains i f as
bravo a soldier as ever went out )from
Indian! to bis last lrf ho
grave. This widow, left with small
means, entered upon tho nui .,..t, of .. i
tatnlng herself and that !& Spifff
boy. For many years hot old father I
was rKwtraaMer at CannnlUn. and sho
his principal and most' dcraty.
&methlng llko a year ft- iigbteon
uiuuths ago, imr old father hnng bctond
eighty years of ago and, uniblc to
tho duties of tho 'omie, latllo
Do I.a Hunt, tho widow, wat appointed
on my request Jiy Mr. HaUon then
Postmaster-General, to this tittle
If there was in nil this coini" one
person who by reason of her lev who
by reason of her w blow hood, w b ' reason
of tho sacrifice sho had maie "giving
tho arm on which she leanol to her
country's service, was entitled to bo
kept In office, was entitled to bi' her
reputation guarded jealously by men
who represented the Governmet' I' was
lsabelle Do Ia Hnnt, Tearing, 1iever,
that somo person might be moat enough
to misrepresent her for tho saAi. f obtaining
this llttlo office, showrvtetdtho
honorablo Postmaster-General in March
last oxpressing her appreheiwn and
asking him in cae charges b d be
made against her to do her the fator of
giving notice thereof, so that die could
refut" thes, aaAslso lafcrxls isc!
her husband's service, death. ' ber
financial necessities, and the f Hhcr
fact of her husband's politics.
Mrs Do T.a Hunt was removal and
neither to that appeal nor to a later appeal
to know tho character ot ne vile
charges that had been preferred Against
her was sho given tho simple recognition
of an answer.
Now, Mr. President, perhaps irv distinguished
friend from Kansas, ho.se
command of languago,to far surpasses
my own. might characterize
perhap4 hu could touch r up a
little: but to mo that work is
The story of Mrs. De La Hum carries
its ow n pathos and its own indignation.
niArtrn it.
(From the.W.7 York KrrnlnirPoAt, May s )
The Cleveland administration having
gono out, and General Harrison having
become President, Mrs. Do La Hunt applied
for restoration to her old pos'tlon
us. postmaster There was no doutas
to local sentiment demanding tho restoration
of this most efficient and worthy
person to her old ofilco. hho precnusl
s petition sore numerously signed than
that of any other applicant, and representing
an otcrwhelming majority of
the patrons of tho oftlce. Of court.e,
Mrs. Do La Hunt was reappointed toher
old position assoon as her old champion
Ucnjamln Harrison, became 1 'resident''
On tho contrary, the ofilco has been
given toJohn Zimmerman, who has been
chairman of tho Republican County Committee,
and vyboso only claim to the
place Is party service.
Krom the New York I'rens, June II, KWfc
Wasiiinotov, Juno 10. A reporter of
tho United Press to-day called the attention
ot Mr. Clarkson, First Assistant
Postmaster-General, to the post-office
caso at Cannclton, Ind., about which tho
President has been criticised because of
tho appointment of Mr. Zimmerman.
Many papers have quoted Mr. Hrrlon h
speech inlho States Senate ln
10 ln opposition to thoromovftt of Mrs.
Do La Hunt, former postmistress, from
MsnffW, and have criticised his action
in failing to appoint her now, when sho
was an applicant with Mr. Zimmerman.
Mr. Clarkson said: "Thu President had
made a memorandum appointment
of Mis. Do La lliinU
the office to be- Presidential, hut the
apppolntment was really ot the fourth
class, and l had already appointed Mr.
Zimmerman upon tho recommendation
of Congressman Posey, whoso
am usually followed ln the district,
knowing nothing of the desire of
tbo President for Mrs. Do La Hunt's reappointment,
nor of the circumstances
of tho case. I am inclined to think that
it will yet bo changed, and that Mrs. De
La Hunt will bo appointed, as It was tho
Intention of tho President to nnuolnt tho
,,1'nlon soldier's widow to thoLannolton
r'rom thn Hover tN 1 ) lofler.OctMxr'JVSW J
Canxki.to.v, Ind., Oct, 10. UM. I
.Vmam. Jfumntft ifi TWirr, ifficr, ,Y J.';
uontlemcn: In reply to yours of Hth
Inst., I havo to say that I have not
ed the appointment, and it is without
doubt settled that I
It, for I hate learned that shortly
alter tho statement made by the Vw Jf.
York Press ami other papers x-(on-
gressman d'osoy wrote to tho present
no fears of any change, is
as n iroseyj nad inado such state-
menu io .Mr. uarkson ns would
uiuue an uanger or tils removal I rom
thU is conclusite, that if the idea of
my appointment was, at any time
entertained by tho President ho
has Wen forced by Mr, Posey M,to
Attorney-General Mlchener and otbers
to abandon it. Very respectfully
They Ought to lie Natlalled.
Tho Harrison Administration -.i utes
the fight oter the at
,Mo by deciding to retain the
.Mormon recently appointed,
the peoplu of Imit ,.,i.
enco havo no right to complain liny
may not llko .Mormons, but they iioUid
nnnemiMT now much better ofT tin are
than thn peoplo of tho New York n
vf ho had a burglar appointed for heir
postmaster, nr than thn Arkansa n
whOM) noty postmaster had been o,n-
in ino i euera courts lor m n.iing
obscene cutter through the, mail frt
Louis Itepubllc
a-a tho
Algor ts going to provide Tanner
a good Job In a private btislnes The
Kcpubllcan statesman who has uny are
longing focthulTesldtnicy does not;
llko Noble, regard Tanner In, the iiit
of n back niiinber. Chicago Herald
The Mnnisch of His (. O. 1. In Now Full
nf MaUASHiu CroiT.
There tn walling fit tfco' camn nf 'monopoly
and prltdlogeVMuurntnl epitaphs
have boon hungywahd alt the rites
that appertain tinlo a burial,
Tho Republican stomach Is full ot nauseous
crow, wormwood
and seasoned with tho gall nt bitterness.
Tor many a day tho organs will
feed their readerppnejcpl&nst(o.n. Tlmy
wlllseQk to cqtcr j itji. petty.. excuses
iliat which appears ln appropriate nakedness.
.There Is but one thing tfpon
which the party of blnsleyean' brag"'
now it can show more black eyes than
all tho hourls ot the Mussulman beaten,
Tbo lowit Democrats hutp at last gat
out pf tho wilderness of fanntfi'Ksn, and
free 'whisky, and their Mion will., now:
strike with his rod of right tlio roeK ol
justice, and bring forth a pure stream I
that will cleanse tho Statu of Republican
sewage. Ho has led his faithful
followers Into the promised landdt Dcm
ocratto avendancy
Tho roliol Hrlgadler, MahonMs bhtled
(or all tlmtv; 'Hm nrgitiv; Uon1dvitot
ot his destruction. Their meat
and drink is abusoxf rebel llrlgadlcrs,
and they should rejoloo that ono of them
tho worsVfbas mo,t his. fate at tho
hands of an honnt man.
The forged-letter dodgo did not save
the Fire-Alarm leader of tho Ohio Republicans.
Ills ibara pretense at espousing
the causo of Stinday saloon-closing
did not save him. The respeclablo
ln his own party refused to vote
for him, and he had nothing to expect
from the DemocraU. Ho, too, Is, dono
Tho defeat ot Foraker, Hutchison and
i, ... .,, .m , ,. ....
W?E?--- "" , .
uwjviuiivv. n a pwhkiI'K nriniKu w
thoAdtntnUtratlonand to tho whole Ro
publican party, Tuesday's totes show
that tho election ot Harrison was an
and a mistake. Mom than that,
they show that tho boiv of promise for
tho Democrats In 1R!J Is already lielnjf
sot In tho political heaven. They show,
too, that the tax-ridden, monopoly-oppressed
peoplo of this country aro finding
out that they must look to tho Democratic
party for their delltvranco trout
tho chains ot error, dishonesty and
fanaticism. The people have found that
the Democratic party Is tholr party, and,
hating learned this, they will stand by
tho party and their rights. Chicago
A Colored Mlnlitrr'a Original lrm on
Thl IVrplralne Toplr.
A few Sundays since Rev W, H
Sherwood, paster of tho African M. E.
Church, ot Tallahassee, dflltcrcd a
lecture te his congregation, having for
his text "Tho Race Problem.'' Among
other things he said, according to the
Tallahasseo Floridian:
Una was made to work. Tha eraiM ructli ef
Ms hsnd If ct tbh tlsl sU
mankind to work, but the nrfro he at doomed
to labor. It Is left to hit rhoiee, work or per
th, tor Ool has ordained that the Btfrowto
teals shall "?. !-" ?
recogTiIre this fact the sooB.tr Iteaven and ' liecn,ul IB operation by
which mm now to be acslnttus will u!5r. 0'f; '!" medlcinm. Ill
turn ln our favor
The recent rare wars am bat the prrenrsor
of awfolrr times jrt to come, futnrltr la Un
penet rable ij finite ludttnent. So conform!! j
of rtreumtaiires us to fullr aolro thH
perplnlnK problem, yet a thoughtful obatxvor
of the alga of the times mav forewre the ulti
matetue. The proMrm admits of but ene solution
That Is this, the nrttro rasit work. Hemuit
eome out of politics. There Is nothing In
for the negro but death. Death lo the politician
and death for tho race he represents.
He l too weak to slera the flooa The
North h dropped hlra and he can not
stand alone and maintain partisan ground.
la t, Uo U At rnarrd. if aUownl,
to ahare to largely as he thinks In governmental
affair. Kmpowered with the uol tho
ballot too toon, he has almost worked bis ruin,
Hemuit net somo money. Wlial the nrgro
wants ta commercial power, then, brains and
moral with these, he ran sway a commanding
lnnuenco. Without thea bo null remain al
tbo bottom, (tat and nature put him there,
and I proa,! you Iho abtte inau will keep him
there. You who are dependent upon the
white people for employment had better make
friend with them If not, they w(U fill jour
place with the poor element of their own race,
and with s catapult of the combined forces of
money, wealth and Intellect ther will
hurl us out, off, and under. What
trouble the colored man is hating he himself
Is making It, The cotutaat clamor
of tho so callad leaders cf tfceraco for political
position and power fills the white man with ap
prehension cf negro rule, thus fanalng the
flames of race prejudice They will not submit
to negro nils, and It ran not be expected of
them. Hitch Is unprecedented. Bo sudden a
change of slave to master more than often
hanga somebody-Human and Mordccal examples.
The negro raco would 1 the same
under almllar circumstances I repeat It, the
nero Uiul ork. Ll hlra go to the top by
those rei!lle4 superiorities of wealth, character
and competence
Klerutcd upon this basis he will stanil: with
out these he falls He must give up politics
and come ool or he will get killed out. I am
giving It to you straight
Tha Nation's Vlco.rrealdenl trtt Vp
liar nt Waahlngtnn.
A llijnor license waa yeatMj trftBted by tho
district rommlAntoners to Hon. V HHrtou,
tho Vice l'realdcnt of ths United Btates, to sell
whlky. ber and other aplrituoas and mall
liquors al retail on the premises at the roratr
of Kliteenlli Mud aUceta. ThU la the (Ul
known as the ' Shorfham," Just completed by
Jtr Mortoa Under tho rules of the district
the majority cf the property holder In the
block inuat approve) tho application for thA license
Tho only property-holder besides the
VircFroiurnl is Jean McLean, tho crennator
of thn Cincinnati llnqulrcr Mr. MoLcan av
pears as aponsor on tho application. Mr- Morton's
bar room will bo the handsomest ln tho
city Washington Special.
Thanksgiving Day Is coming, and tho
Harrison punch-bow 1 and .Morton' bar
ought to urnlsh suOlclent theme for
tho day, especially from a Prohibition-Republican
stand-point. What a special
causo for thanksgiving that tho White
House Is rid of Francos Cleveland and
Rose Cleveland and President Cleveland,
and that we havo gorgeous wino dinners
and .Sunday excursions, and a $20,000,000
Vice-President who is ablo te set up a
bar, and that tli" Country is jMvcrncd by
tho Quays, Mahones, Dudleys,
othor Christian statesmen.
Muscatine (la.)
Tho bottom principle of Democracy
la to glvo every man a shoit',
Y. Sun.
Wo refrain from oxpressing au
opinion of tho until it
scon how they pan ouL Troy Press.
- o Northern Republican need feel
aggrloved beeauso tho spurious Republicanism
of Muhono has been rejected at
tho Virginia polls. HulTalo Kxprcss
Couldn't Dr. Harrison spare fow
United State troojis for tho lawless Republican
counties of Kentucky? Tho
militia is woary. Louisville Courier-Journal.
Tanner's Idea, as reflected In his
annual report, is that tho men who enlisted
in tho army during the viarmndo
themselves residuary legatees of tho
Nation's estate, and uro nuw entitled
to inherit al. that is le(tot
Y. World.
-Congressman .Morso calls for a Republican
botcott on Harvard College,
Wo respectfully remind tho rising son
of.C'inton that Harvard does not teach
what ho calls ''free trado" because It (s
Democratic, but beeauso It U the truth.
Ronton Ulobe,
First the scholars who loft iho
Republican party wern scoffed at; then
clergymen who did HkoWlsn wero
lampooned, and now tho wealthy men
who have got ilck of tho old machine
tho subject of sarcasnii 'oll, no
guess thoy can all nUiid ths..longer
(ban tlio itepiiblK'iiii party can. Rbitoii
Municipal Dignitary (lo potlce official)
Order the force to hatoovofy
thing ln readlnosa for a descent on the
(to lulwrdlnataoffloor) Toll the
rnafi te (rot ready tot a raid on tho
Hdbordlnato Officer
(to squad of pollco) Boys, bo
around hero about elovon o'clock. Wo
are onterod to mako a haul ot tho gambling-houses.
Policeman (to gambler)
prry, wo'ro goln' to raid ye about
night. Toll the bys. Chicago1 Tribune. 1
m a -
A llttlo girl accompanied her mother
upon a Call at tho fcouso'ot a friend, nhd
whllo there," was served with cako and1
whipped cream. Tho latter delicacy
was not a familiar ono tq tho child, nor
did it Impress her favorably A rolatlvo
questioned tbeHtMofono pn'hcr return
as to what tsh'p iiad for refreshment.
"Jos' cako and' soapsuds," was Iter reply.
Golden Days.
to the flardan of tha flodi, Colorado,
with lw of like' mk la the
Mlddl Distance.
steel flat m
craving has Just been executed In tho
highest itylo 'of tho art, coptis ct which
from a limited supply, aro now ready for
delivery, and Will bo sent to any part of tho
world on receipt of S3 cents each, la stamp
orcein, Th" noble grandeur of
to the "Garden of the Gods ' is tho
favorite tbemo of poet aud painter, The
outer paracU aro of pure white, w Idle tho
Interior columns spring boldly from tha
plain to a height ot h.V feetthe whole tug.
resting the ruins of a vast temple, Theso
lowering walls form n majestic frame work
for the gnaw capped summit of l'lhe's Peak
which reveals itself among tho clouds in tho
far distance. To secure an early cany of
this admirable work o( art, addrrsa Joit.s
HxnltTUX, Orn. Tk't & Pass. Agent, Chicago,
Hock Island fc Pacific Hi. enclosing
the price, S3 cents.
Ansiovs father of nlao blooming
daughters (attired in his night-clothes
and examining the bed-posts): "Maria,
aro tho children alt tnf I can find only
eljM lumrus of gum "
Catarrhal rvr A Kw
llomn TTratmrnt,
ButTercra are not Irene rally atvart that
theso diseases aro or that they
aro due to tbo presence of living parasites
in the lining membrano of tho nose and
eustachian tubes. Mtcroacoplo research,
however, baa proved this to bo a fact, and
tbo result ot tela discovery is that a simple
remedy has boon formulated whsrabj
Catarrh, Hay Fever and Catarrhal Deaf neas,
aro permanenUy cured In from ono te three
simpio applications , tnaiio at home l by tho
patientorKtt tn two weeks
N. H. This treatment is not a snuff or an
ointment, both have Uvn discarded tiy
reputable physicians as Injurious. A pamphlet
explaining this new treatment Is sent on
receipt ot tiirea rents in stamp to pay
postage by A. II. Dixon & Son, cor. of John
and King Ktrect, Toronto, Canada.
Sufferers from Catarrhal troubles should
carefully read tbo above.
A rtsiTEitvAX at Doyleatewn. ra saw
sunfish swallow a beo, and a fv
later thn Cab on thn witar
dead. Ho cut it open and the bc Cow
A New Kind ef Imuranr
no den Jledlcal r)lsrarrrv ami '.r.n.
He Iiscrlrtion' are sold by druggists tinder
the manufacturers' poxtfra pturanfr.
Hither b'seai.er 9 complete cure I thus attained,
or money paid (or these medicines
la returned. Tho certificate ot guarantee
pivcu in connection w 1th sale of these
is equivalent te a policy ef insurance.
The "Golden Medical Discovery" cure all
humor and blood Uinta, from whatever
causa arising, akin aud scalp diseases,
scrofulous sores and swelllnjrs. Tho
'Favorite Prescription" cures all those derangements
and weaknesses peculiar to
Don't hawk, hawk, and blow, blew,
""" "" "
Citarrh Remedy"
"no.wkTMooir notv is tho namo given
a row ot houses at West Cheater, P.,
occupied by newly-married couplas ex
Did Tea Itaad
The larpo advertisement of TinYorrn't
Courutio which wo published last week!
This remarkable paper has the phenomenal
circulation of 400,000 copies weekly. No
other journal is mora welcomed by old and
rouuK in ino larousnoui t&eiaxd.
The publisher make a erriol of it once
year, aad to all who subscribe now will
send the par n to January X,Ht90,dor
aJMyarfromt)ut tlau. The subscription
prteeUII.Vi. Addresa,
Tub Yotrtn's Boston, Vasa.
Pnontsson (lecturing to medical
student) Por this Illness, gentlemen,
there are but two remedies, and neither
of them will do any good,"
Coaaninptloa Snroljr Cwred.
To res isfsrsi
readers that I have posltivo remedy for
the abovo natnod diarajio. Uy iU timely
tiso thousand of hopeless cases have been
permanently cured. I (hall be glad to send
two bottles ot my remedy raxa to any
ot your readers who will send me their express
and posb oflico ajdres.
Respectfully, T, A. Btocuw, M.C.,
181 Pearl street, New York.
At the rate of Inaressft ln tho past few
years the wool crop of Colorado wilt soon
exceed ln valuo tha output ot her silver
Oregon, tha raraitlao of Farmers,
HUd, Mumbieciimaie, certain and abundant
crops. Deal fruit, grata, grata, stock couatry
In the world. Kull Information free. Address
Oregon Immigration l)oard,Portland,Oregoa
SttsKitODT who believes In
lonod methods ot discipline recently
sent a young lady teacher In Maine a
bnndla ot shingles.
Do not suffer from sick headache a moment
longer. His not necessary. Carter Little
Liver Pill will euro you. Dose, ono llttlo
pill. Bmailjirjcc. Hinall dose. Small pill,
OoLDSMlTll's" Vicar ot Wakefield" wan
sold for a trifle to save him from ths
grip of tho law,
Ir afflicted with Boro Eyes use Dr. Isaac
Thompson' E o Water, Druggist sell I U S5c
CaTATttrtox, tha child of genius and
misfortune, dostrovod hi trim If t
u l II
Commonll i O I T3
Choice butchers ....... ,,.,. 3 ua l a JO
w ... . ,", lllfil M
I Jood packers . ..., 3 ft) ulti)
BIIKM' Hood to rholco .. i Ul UIU i
LAMI1S (kod loc holes. ,..a (U 10
r , . ......... 9 19 aiu
Na ared.... . ... II U 71
Corn-No. raised........ t 3!
Jmllml . at it IM
Hye-No. t ,. is M 1
MAY Hrliiui toehold. , .,10 M (M M
lot! , .10 fJ au it
flood lear,, , . id U ill M
sleain ABl is 0 i"i
iUTI dalrv - 13 ( is
Prims toeholcs crenm.ry . El O at
per 001 ... 10 it i ra
bbl I ua U I IB
FI.OL'II Klste snl Western SSI n m
I rod i si
No. HreJ . ., ts SI
Com No. I mired, new . tO'tts c.'K
..i, .1 n ih
met io is mi a
KLOUR WIj:dIii wtnl.r 4 l O I M
UHA red.-.,. 7!,1 tOli
rtu. i uMKiufo .pring ...., jv !,'. is3
rorn No a w
,ar..V,V,r.N0 ' -- ,,'"''. ,U
a wuia. eioaa.. n ... t,Q y hi
o 93 aW
PI.OOK Fimilv a V) m)Jl
WiHt M
Coin Ulied 4UVe 41
.. . ... M it, sr
,'., ou w
as 0 1
. ..4 00 (ft t ItU
HOCKS , .. ,- ..,, 6 go ui;i
Nail red... ... 17 n rilt
, eU(B Sl'J
... , .. . o
a " ' LOUIfiVIMiK.
A No. !.., ,,,,(., 4 SI oino
s rJ t
...Jf i.v'.r.. u
".... illWl
,.... U I uo
Whetntr'Ort'VlfHHiUffi'brnt or btSalti?!,
should take on every trip a boltlo of Hyrutt
'. ns Ik act moat plentanUy and of.
reeWsWyonrlievkldnejs, llv and
preTsntlng fQVcr,.bomloches and other
farm of alckn., ,
Uf.f.Sr, im iwiJl.OO bolUU. by all
A YAslllxnlox man buys cat sktas.
Bhlpptd to Europo thsy sail as rtrgs,
dressing-gown linings, etc
'WniWf Teacher' 'Clergymen, nnd
I, 11 n nr ot rhnB Of employment
i, i.,i"vl"" lo vv rite to ii, -, jionoson
Co, 10J0 Main at., Richmond. V Their
great auccesanhowatbrt they liavo jrotthe
truo Idcsa about making money. They ran
show jou how to employ odd hours profitably.
.."'iJvrhntllehV'asli'ed the teacher, "did
- Jl5P??r F'iro rd the Chrlstlsns at
,mm b'b8TJ!M U
Y?2 torth "ifghl"
1 you hate ovor used Dobbins' F.lectrlo
during the !M years it has been sold, you
XiwwthatliljlliQbcst and purest faulty
op ht ide. 'Iflyon haven't UM lu akyohr
grocer for It nor. Don't lako imitallon.
"BntoAPs" meant or! I (finally a noisy
crew or company, from fttlln brlgare,
te brawl. It Is l ot courso a near relative
hot "brigand."
' CuiCKCofdsajjiLHrouclilUs with Halola
Honw of Uerchound nu.il Tar, :
rikc'iTWttwtioDrOi.aTCuielu oiSewIuulAV
Fir.txiso lies In the
of tho Kngllsh factory at Lisbon with
out n iMne to miTiptUQpoi.A
Yor can't Wpllklnit them.tKey are so very
mall and Uf I r action is so period. One pill a
dose. Carter's Little I.tvar PUU. Tryihcw.
SaVAiir ulru in a prison at Tiristo,
where o was confined for denj 5t
fort dollars: " &,
Is curotl bSfJeqtwriwmali
dostafot IfbtoOWo for jfeaaumpUon
SATri Cnuz. Cal., reporU al
babv that aah Ikwlra Ilka, ft
dwi. ' "' -
" m
it' aM. l
A poi kct rliraroaao free to smokers ot
"Tanslll Vvnch fa f i ,
x -I f
MAnvisn oxpoots to produce 10,000,-000
burhels of oysters this year.
Directions with Hah BrrnirM
f Ort PVRfi8M8CALPl
' 'A HaW Ilanusd. V
Anla.l,llnn,(Vpl,n, UU
Our years ber hand
on s bol i lore and sil tt, bacons Oil in. It.
II took tha pain ail out, al once, aftef putting
It da : or I times II waa all cured un,
, U I'. aUYK sod rasttlf
AT PrS!f AfP PsiltM. '
THICHtslIt A. VOQCICR CO, arttmera, U
Tit r. mitt i;i.h. riot ll NTOyiACII anil
III It'll I.MJ i If your road does tiol
and jroa svavaua c pallia.
Tuffs Pills
wlllrnr tliasa Iroulilra. Try lhanii
yoq hatanolhlriK lulne.bulnlllirallt
si VlaTarvua buily. I'rlra, Uc. r Wo.
' ooujjtEau, riitu, mi.
IhVJtElt Ji CO.'S
Jt aalii'y pur mnd
it it rtltU:
Xo Chemicals
A v 4 t u. irfrmw. it fcM
! trM -ff tS ttnf ff
lW4t4 Ma, Hfft, Amirm
ifftf, 4 U UtayatV Itf tV
11 U sUbtsM, kyjrlU(
rriwtln, CtNtT tHrtrTin,
4 4lrki4tp4 M Imii
Solit br rjwTir
W, BAKER & CCL Dorelieiter. Mwi,
"flra taoroniB. knol.d of tha aataral lava
whtaaanveratiia crallom of tf a4
trtuon and by a careful application ol Ua Saa
proMMlM Ot IMalectatl rueoa Mr. tTpra
EniTldiKl nar traallail tahlea "llh a Oellralalr
tvTtrsit htiasy -J" !;;
aocinea' am Ii la br ina i,amii m nl vara
arulf inelilalaeonAUtuiion mar
balll au aaill eironi anoaih I tem aterr
Ilai4rll.(iablla nalaOlea ara
Soauaa around at ready to anart anarataribara
laaaeak point. tYa mar atraaanany alatalahafl
br ii firtllaail wila oara blood
aad a vroparlf iinartatied fra tlru aerrwa
Mada llnolr alth bolllna water or aillk. aeld
onlr Is half pound iioa, by lirocart. la balled tboti
JAMES EPPSIa CO., Homaepathle Chitilits,
Lcadaa; Cngliai. . "
Said aj sflj m &!
j al J "J gT riafcll
Salvation OH
FREE Government LAND8.
MILLION! OF ACRE8 la Mlaaaaala. Maria Ua.
kala, HaHlaaa. Irfaka. ttathtaalaa aai llr
!FUn f flB piSlieallnAlihNapader1bli.atHa
BCNT PalK. ASlraaa
T.UBORN Lana OomTnTaalonTr,
unAi, u. utMDunn,
. St. paol, minn. .
aa) aa M.a savaaMa) aaasa aaaaa faaa aaasa
Ely's Crtam Balm
Prlra ate Oaata.
Apply nostril,
KI.V BIIOS. V Warr.nlt..N.T
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PATENTS sons rssiv tut
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$65 orhijheAtroini BiUalqn aau.siiarsranaav and to U.
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I au.ileaa Sikaal of Trlecrapky, JSadtaaa, Mia.
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tvasiikit on trial. tVorth A Co,Hl.loula,Mo.
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trniTisu to Aiivrirriariis rijEasr.
alala that a saw Ik AdaartUaaaaal la IkU
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OATAllRKllost, Easiest
Is Immediate. A euro Is
It has no equal,
i srnnll rartlcln Ts nnpllcil, H i
Aolir by ilnmelsts or sent
Uazultink, Wurrcn, Tu. jl
to use, CIioniR'st,
ctjrtaln. For Cold In
tuo Head
It Is nn OlntMentof vrtuV
to thu nostrils. 1'fkV, tu.'
by mall. Addrcw, IS. T.
Dangtr from Gfttarrh
Catarrh It sn aiccadlnilr dUtf rMskl dUaat,
III vsrlxl jnptoma, lictiri at ISa soia, bad
traslh.psln oatwaan tba tin. ronhln. cboilnf
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notonlr trcubieiuaoato tha iUfTprr,tfltCJT;wlT
to othart. Itilnrra U alio djnatriMr, liaesasa II lnr
14 to bronchltlt or ronmmptloa. tl'lna ft blond
diisMt. tba true method or oars iho parir? u
blood br ICood's Striararllls, which hia
curail nanr aaroro oalal of catarrh.
"Hood's Saraaparllla hat halpad no Mora for
oatsrrh and I m pur a hloo.1 tban sojthlog alaa 1 avet
Aad" A )lAI.UBrreni,N. V.
N Ihj lltralor I
Hood's Sarsapariila
ti,i brail itrnriiiti jlolifnrU, lrpar,d oalr.
br C, I.TtopllACO. t1thtfarlt, l.oli;Maia.
lOO'Dosea Ono Dollar1
toa a corr or
Peierson smaQuZinR
Tha Bast and Cheapest
of tha Lady's-Books.
It Is without a rival In the etrallenoe of its
itortas and norclcts, thn beauty cf Its Illustrations,
tbo completeness jt It fashion ajvl
drrxrtment, and tha hrjpfuliiofi
otlu maar au1sIUtoui srtUlcl. Ik. nun-bur
III contributor ome of our be-known
KIght novelets, nearly one hundrod liort,
slortea, stMchos of, trsvel, jilslory, blosraphy,
etc., irtlolo on, homo of
tbo lck, anil houiobolil manacement,
for nnsllework, embroidery,
paintlna, etc, will Ik) given durlnr 1H
of nearly JMO pages,
Tcrjuil Two, Dollars par year, wllh real
IvJiictlons to eitib and One ptrjuliia for
letting-up clubs.
rasa, to ot un a lub wish,
iddrosi .
0UII anrrt null da.
rUanarA. '
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aJaJaJLJW aMLaal VJaaT iir rttorn mall,
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ps mput CtmUrsof
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Tlll.l ItlTIal
raa aaaUr 6n4
0.S1CS1 laatn to
rvi aaa maia
any tamunt, la
say at, a lo aar
aaaaasra for ladr
t child. Addrta
KOQuY & CO.,
a-Aai taaraASaff
VTfcui I m kfj 1 4 mm ftan Mr!r I !.
r ftina4k4Ui ioiesii(ini((itv I amSl
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"HmiWf ?1SJ?i iTSaSRS HMHSaHalilllLaraBi

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