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Boiler Work ui bh
r v
Published Every Friday by
Hickmnn, Kentuoky. t
Street, next door to Olty HalL.
TrIcool' Subscription, $150
H. Buchanan, I'rei. u rui.tif.it,
KY- "
Doing- regularly organized nnd ready for business, .wo respectfully iollclt
.UiOipatronnsro of all. All colloctiona rondo for depositors free of crmrpo.
ApproTod papor running throo or four month dUcountod at llit rata oF -7
per cent, por annum.
t Dr"R:ii3CTORR:
Hickman Machine Works.
Moos nil kinds of .Machlno Work-. Impairing done with Neatness nnd dlapntch,
noBunrnntcQ nil wo do to lrcijfnct.cn. llavinirlGoAUhl wjth now tools
, und tho host Machinists In tho West, vro jllclt n slmro of your trade.
Tip Brass Hoods, h. conslanllyoaliand.
Btr. s!r'i?hi1,i.f1?,r J?1"!, "" """ ollt. Iron Tendon Coralih W.k, Cyllader
tirBa, Hhintloaad
uajrs.r, lutootaUkluU, &e.
OIHcc nenr N. & C. Depot, Cor. 7U1 niiil nioKcow Avvuiic.
IIiim a SjiliMiiUd Stock of tho very bCHtmnkoHnf all kliuls
oru;'.r:.varo wliloh are ojrorr.l at ON;-: intTniqnnM Unri
tlin very lowest tho inarkotjustiflcr;.
. .
IJcnlcr lit
nrtiKM,?IclictncM,llook4, Stnttoitcr'niifI school tiiipplIcH.
1'nuc.v CooilHroyK.aiulI'IctttrL'H, Sundries, Inliits,
Oils, 'Wiiictt ami I.lquorH, for Medical Use.
JNO. W. MORRIS & SON, Prop's.
Aosrx) coiw asrKA.Xi.
Agents for Morria Machino Works Engines and Boilers.
3rln.1 7T..I
the j f, -
, - y r . - ....-, 7. u 1 ju s.n am'.im mum wj Mm?
t T ' . ihk it . V
7 ... a
' rry I if t
'J'AlHJfSlto lSflqi.m.H
v.rr K. L. AlAkkJi, Ciahier.
ing Stave ' Saws
tt j?
!C..fy Ktil nr.liiy. As-1
Vg. 00
I' .
Fiiriiitiirc and Undertaker's Cloods,
' W ar oSerlng 11 grte of Plain, Medium anil Tine Furniture Rt greatly reduced prleet. We
earrr a fall Has at all tlrneinf Ohnlra, Rookors, Tnhlos, Durontis, Wnshstanda,
Wortlrobos, Chambor 8ota, Mnttrossos, Oprlngs, Eto . and w fuirmniee Jour
prloti to bolboloweii. Olvtuiatnal and tx. connrtd,
tVWttraheadquarterioa Undortakoro' Qoods and dltoount all contention In thli
lint. We oarrr a largo lint ot Woodeu aad MctalU' llurial Cmej.
pVntpilrla( and Job Work a ip'claUjr, ,
'I rt
ouHrent' y'opics.
Si'AffWi pea (ago stamps bear tho
ofhobaby Kin?.
Ci:icxo6 In tla Vrpontloundarlcon'
talni ITS squaro miles.
Tint city of Philadelphia Is to have a
achool of palmontology.
Tine now King of Portugal Is an Inordinate
cigarette smokor.
Tjik Kmpcror of Germany left Turkey
iorGroece, UiooiImt day.
A Ckwaman U nbout to enter the Jaw
department of Michigan University.
SKcnrrrAhV IlruiN)". has moved' Into
the old Soward liouso In Washington.
Fwrriton William's vhit
cost tho Sultan ovor 31,000,000.
Suvnw million persons nro employed
In tho cultivation of tho vino In Franco.
Idaho, 'Gum of tho mountains," (s
ho accurate translation of tho Indian
A hisAiMuit of tho Knigbts of Labor has
licen formn.1 by tho of
Tite Dnlted Btalci It croditod with
1MIV paiwrs of all sorL. U3i of th.l'l.V.
il t9tmem"0mmytUtkttmtWmmtrmHmJSKSmm
. 11 r. QxpcnstsotA TihUioiMa tu no ml
ro aimo&t rqunl to tlioso of fft.tilnYt.
nnio wwdlnrf.
Riioa3o In golnj? Into ecstasies ovor
tho of havlnff natural nas In
the near futuro.
It U claimed that cranborrloa can bo
Topt sound undor water In Jars tho
winter through.
As A rulo tho jnakos t,
fortune out of his pen a great deal faster
than tho author docs.
PkWislvasiA'b autumn Arbor Day
resulted In tho planting of 24.IGO trees
throughout tho Stain.
A nrrYYKAIrOI.D sranovlnn irrnv In
Oermantown, Pa., on a trunk which
measure j fett round.
Tin? manufacture of suzar bv the dlf.
fusion process In Louisiana has resulted
In a preat liicreana of output.
Tiik London authorities will not allow
llarnum to parado his exhibition
throuRh IhostrcoUof that city.
Anour two tons of frops' les havo
been shipped from the Uy district
to Saw York durlnj tho past four
mis most intorestinsr exhibition In
Kuropo next year will bo tbn Ijan Exhibition
of Tapestry at tho Austrian
Tiik largest family In Wettcl County.
. Va., consists of eighteen persons-father,
mother, eight sons and eight
Amokh tho freshwomon entered this
term at Kownham College, Cambrldgo,
Is Miss Chamberlain, a nleco of Jowpb.
Plymouth Omrch,
to go back Into Congrtgatlonal.
Ism. from which It declared Its
homo years ago.
What with tho groat undefeated Kl
Itio Uoy nnd tho now wonder, Sunol,
California wetns to havo fairly earned
tho tltlo of ruler of tho turf.
Max PnAMnsco, with a population ot
about 400,000, has only ISO churches,
with a seating capacity of 40,000 and an
averago attendance of 23,000.
Prixcr llATzrKMT Is a blondo of medium
height, of sfjtiaro and symmetrical
figure. IIIn hair parts In tho center bnd
rolls baok 1n tho German way.
Tiir. finest collection of postago stamps
In this country Is said to bo owned by
Gcorgo Gould. Ills father's collection
of stamps Is also a notable one.
A Gkimia.v professor hat dlscoveroi
that !r. flladstono Is a direct descend-
ntotUdward III. Lord Tennyson it
Ald ui bvlvng to tho same family.
It has len resolved to erect a monument
at his native plaro of Klslebon to
tho memory of I'rledrlch Konlg, tho
Inventor of tho quick printing-press,
O.vr. ot tho chluf Industries of Sicily
Is tho mining of sulphur. There are
MT mines In tho country, and hrlmstono
Is ono of the most important exports.
Miss MAltr Ci.yhkii, recently wedded
to ltayard, I&
years old. Her distinguished husband
was years of ago last month.
Kokcjiakb, Keglttor of
the Treasury, has decided to Introduce
thn we of nlnotrlrlty In his olllce aa a
motlvo power to run tho punching
for cancelling tho redeemed
treasury note
The young Exapcror of Qcrmany. al
though ho has dono coiutdorablo traveling.
Is having an Immonso steam yacht
built and contemplates a cruise around
tho world bofore his crave for
Is sittsScd.
Or Cuba's 43,000 acres, 4,000 only aru
cultivated. It has no gold or sliver currency
of 1U own, depending upon
in notes lssuod by tho Spanish
Hank. It Is not prosperous and Its population
Is diminishing.
Two studies ot heads ono ot an
American lady In pencil, tho other ot a
xBl( in b? !n
by tin, IajuIso of
Lorno) to tho Itoyul Scottish water-color
exhibition at Glasgow.
Ik sawing a spruco log at tho
mil), Victoria, II. C, tho saw
struck an iron bullot ono and three
quarter Inches In dlamotnr. It was shot
from a culvcrln used by tho Spaniards
100 years ngo, and It was fully olghtcon
inches from tho surface
Tin: now Harvard brldgo, which spans
tho Charlos rlvor, botwoon Iloston and
Cambridge, Is nenrly completed nnd has
cost thus far about 5500,000. It Is an Iron
brldgo a,'J57 foot long, 70 foot wldo
nnd 14 feet above high water, with a
draw 133 foot long, operated by an
Tiikiik aro 1,400,000,000 pooplo on
earth and all these, as some one computes,
could bo gathered In a field ton
miles suiuaro or in 100 iijuaro miles ot
Sour: of tho eastern papers aro urging
tho advisability of holding Sabbath
ovonlng services at 0:30 In order thut
business men tnny spond at least ono
ovonlng a wook with their families.
A ritocKss hr.s lecn Invented by
means of which photographs can bo
printed almost as fast as a newspaper,
and without dopendopco on sun or
light. Thoy aro said to bo of tho Urat
Man'y ot tho of Dakota
aro being provided with barrels of
water, potatoes, beans, coffee and cooking
utensils, and in caso thirty or forty
scholars aro penned up by a blluard for
two or thrco days this winter thvro will
bo no danger ot starvation.
GRNEitAt. Giiant was no admirer ot
ttatuo ot publlo men as he had seen
them In tho United States. Ho onco
said that when ho thought of death,
among tho dread pictures conjured up
was thatot himself In bronte, mounted
upon ono of those sorry steeds, of which
thoro aro too many In tho Washington
" " ' ' n ' ' '" ' . . t .Mbm i
"m ivst i Vi..nw:wniii' .nw
So Loavoa tho Throno of 3mzU
X "d b1! Oouritry.
Thtra It bo Douttt tr a Sacettsfat ):rail
Rio. "
. F
fclUA", Not. 18. Via
from Rio Janojro, datcd'NOTCiafi''
18,'0:5Jp. m., aro to tho effoct thatle
1'roTlnco of Uahla is opposed to tho
of tho Interior, and Sonhor MavuncV,
banker, haro bocn arrostcdr Tho Bl
poror Is looked on with ausplck'i
Tho Provisional Government "lits
abolished tho lonarchy. T1(0
Commission wldrcescd 0 mossijja
to tho Kmporor tclllns; him to leavo'V
country in llihjjrt.
poror acknowledges this, and leaV Jr
tho packet Alagoas, iaocoMpantml by iVj
publlo will pIto tho Emnoror a ctita'i
amount to llvo on in Europe. The
uonary Vomrnission 11 as, boon aw
qha: roberpf thVlfj 1 1 1 mi 1 11
f. IMMJinywIUllfl ' tt'
enthusiasm prevails.
LojfDOK, Kor. 1?. A dhpatch frpnj
Mo Janeiro says: Dom Pedro has 4i
parted from Braiil. Ho sallod direct of
Lisbon. Jlcforo his departure, ho wi
formally hotiflcd of bis deposition. At
tho samo time h6 was Ihtorracdthat tha
civil list would bo Continued.- Thto
Irovlnco ot iJahln Opposoa tho RejulUc,
but most of tho Other provinces have signified
their adherence totbo new regime.
Doctor liarboza, how Jlinlstorof Flnaiou,
announcos that all contracts ontin
lnlo by tho Impcfial Government will
bo malritaintil. The city Is qulot. Thi
oyertbruw of tho Mosarcy has temporarily
paralyzed business.
Lohdos, N'ov. 18. Tho British Minister
to Brazil has confirmed tho reported
revolution. His dispatch to the
Korolgn Ofllco morolr stated that Dom
rodro had lioon doposd and a Kopullle
Mnt. rron. Still JtnVlrigr for'tlbcrtjl
Throu;h Anartriy, tTTitcr. niuua m!
JUitbtMuprcmm ....
ClircAbb, is'ov. IB. Mra. Limy
tulit tulUvu tho membors of the
Arbcilcr Bund, who gathered at Turner
Hall yosterday afternoon, with n rcrj
lurid address. Sho abused tho pollco In
terms that havo bocomo familiar from
frtquont repetition, reforred to tho red
Dag as tho only banner that would lead
to freedom, and vontured Into tho roaln;
of theology as eho bpokoof horde id a
husband and child. "DoyousnpposotbnJ
klssod each other In tho beautifully 4oi
scribed horoaftorr sho said. "Bahl
Don't bo deceived. So-called Christian
Will tell you such things. What wo want
aro homes In this world. Lot God, Christ
and all religious functionaries take caro
ot thomsolvos. This Is tho teaching ol
Anarchy, and as stich It will llvo. Tho
principles of Anarchy will provall, oven
though Jit takes blood to mako them
Children Burned to Death.
"Anoint, Mo., Nov. 18. Last night
Joaoph Hodges and his wko, Irving
about two miles north of here, wont tc
spend tho evching With a neighbor a
.c c .uwo kin.y, tntsti
two children, n boy and a girl, aged
cigm nnu six respectively, nlono In the
house. During tho evening they hap
poncd to look out toward tholr homt
and saw a Wazo. Thoy alarmed the
neighbors ahd ran lo tho bouse, "bui
reached thero only In time to boo the
roof fall lh. Both children perished In
thoflio. It Is supposed that tho little
ones worn ntlcop whon tho tiro broke
Witter KUls 1 Cook.
Kansas City, Nov. 18. Edward Gregc
was shot and killed last ovonlng bt
Henry Hoblruon. Robinson: was " colored
waiter at tho Contropolls Hotel,
and became engaged In a quarrel with
David Davenport, a follow waiteir, nnd a
chased him into tho kltchon with a re
vedver. The fugitive, arriving in the
kitchen, ran behind Edward Gregg, the
second cook. Just then Robinson dlf
charged his rovolver. Tho shot toolrc,f.
feet in Gregg' breast, and produced n
wound from which ho soon died. -
Woman rroien to Death.
Vii,kevamie, Pn.. Nov. 18. Or
Thursday night Margaret, tho wlfoot
Patrick Cannon, ot thio olty, while on a
spree, proourod a bottlo ot whlskr and
wandorcd Into tho mountains back of
tho town. This morning her body was
found in tho woods. Shu bad disrobed,
thinking sho was at homo, and had
frozen to death, INjrsons living a short I
aittanco from whoro tho body was.found !
had hoard her moans, but wcro unable
to locate them.
Cotton and Corn tn Alabama,
MoKiacsicnr, Ala., Nov. 10. Tbe
Stato Department of Agriculture hj
completed Its November rcjwrt. Tho
porl shows thafbut vi per cont. of a
ton crop has boon mado In tho Stnto,tho
avorago being roduced by tho almost
total failuro of tho crop Jn somo of tHo
counties of North is
Tho corn crop Is abovo a fullbnei,
tho reports showing an avorago of 103.
Tbe Pope's Messenger rrttld.es. ,i
Pnii.APrt.nnA. . Nov. 18. T.wcnty
thousand people woro present yosterday
at tho laying of tho corner-stone .ot 'of
tho now -Thomas Acquinas Roman
Cathollo Church at Eighteenth ind
Morris streets. Tho ceremonies wuro
conducted by Archbishop Satolll, tho
papaldolptrato to tho American Catholic
XJongross. , to
Mail-clad Detperado Dead.
Birminoiiau, Ala., Nov. 18. Tho desperado
killed in Marshall County U
presumed lo bo Roubon Burrows. Tho
shooting was dono by D. A. Soott.
When tho outlaw foil, mortally wounded,
ho said: "You think I am Itcub Burrows, ho
but you nro mlstnkon. My namo
is Smith." Tho doad dospcrado wore a
shirt of mall.
Intoxicated Man Drowned,
Kxoxvn.uc, Tonn., Nov. 18. John
Woods, a farmer whoso homo is several
mllos from this place, fell In n crerk
last night whllo Intoxicated and v. as
Victory for Dretttd Beef
Lbavenwohtk, Kns., November 18.
Judgo Plorco, of this county, rendered n of
decision declaring the city ordinance,
which provided that all fresh meat sold
In Loavonworth must bo inspected on
tho hoof within tho city limits boforo
tho animal is slaughtered, unconstitutional.
Hunter Prowned.
Imdianapolis. Ind., Nov. 18. Frank
Hoffman, a well-known young man of
this olty, went hunting yostenlay, and, a
while crossing a small stream, (dlppid
from a log and was drowned.
!! m sp mil it in unii
Tbf ;tcr(.lrt)ll,iM do thn llnnrittin,
Tiling lr the Old Stun.
NV.vrYoiiKNor. V)i -A, cofrenpondent
Tl5j) Irl' II IrVdd Janeiro OftblAd
lhat paper aft follows) Tho United
States ot Brazil, constituting a fedprated
lopubllc of tho different province of tho
cmplro ovor which Dum-Pedro hndulod
so long, Is on established government,
Tho ne rorruhjlo Is' to-day acknowledged
by every provlnco except Uahla, In
tho North. Dom Pedro is on his way to
with, ijo attempt, at. forclblo. resistance.
A flag ot tho has Iwcn
adopted and Brazil IS as peacf hi to-day
n though no thought of revolution had
Over aroused tho feelings of her peoplo.
Tho overthrow of U10 empire has boon
aefcdmplUhed without tho sacrlflcn of a
slnglo life, and tho now provisional government
Is procftcdlntr with Its work" at
methodically and peacetullvnsithoiirh
. . H4u pvuii. in uxjsujnco ior
years InslPad, of hours, "Dom'JJVArp
subAltted' l .tt)i vltms niea
ri aoi,paa'ii"M
Imiim flr bwrtTcivctT'ifio
notice at hfs summer palace at
oils, llo was offered $3,500,000 In cash
and provision for llio rest of bis llfo In
Iho form of an annual pension of
which' is to bo provided for in "th'd
civil list of tho How republic. Ho
promptly accepted tho offer. Dom Pedro
nd his family bo Into porpottial oxilo,
tficlr absence from tho country being
r)Trucd by tho loaders of tho ropubllo
a bssontlal lo thb peafco and
VtelfarB bf tho how government. Thu
oW flag of tho United States of Brazil,
Which takes tho placo of tho Imperial
tmblcm, with its crown and roffeo leaf,
is composed of green and gold stripes,
with a bluo field, on which aro emblazoned
hlhotccn.stars. Tdayit U hoisted
everywhere. Tlio Province of Bahla
has now also, signified Its adhcrenpo to
tho Ilcpiiblic. Nows from tho other
provinces shows that they aro fn favor
of a republican fOrtn of government.
A Rti LotiU ll.lrcti l'orrlll7 Krlicd nnd
Thput liitu llark, unit Drhen
St. Louis, Nov. 10. llio sensational
bductlorr bt a young heiress occurred
Jesterday, thonttomptlMlngot tho most
faring and flagrant character. AIlco
ijackmoh, a miss, -was
playing In front of tho resldonce of W.
II. Brouthors, In whoo chargo sho temporarily
was, whonslx men jumped from
hack, seized her and forcibly carried
her away in tho -very presence of Miss
Brouthcrs and her nhvtb, Miss
Myrtlo Hunt, a young lady of eighteen.
Tho ruffians first seized Miss 11 nut and
dragged her along tho pavement to their
rlg.whon one of them loolted at her faco
and said sho was not tho ono thoy wanted.
Miss Jackman was then pounced
upon and shoved head forward into tho
carriage, her nbdUctors driving rapidly
fnway. Tho girl screamed and fought,
but to no purposo, and though n dozen
peopio witnesictt tho struggle, jiono
ventured to Interfere. Tho girl's father
'died yoar or so ngo, leaving -an
CsUto of 530,000. Tho child was then
placed in charge ot hor undo, Mr. John
G. . Tcr, c the vlur
Company, who was appointed her
lan. liirco inouins later obo ran away
on account of nllegcd treatmont.
Sho showed a torrlhlo gash In hor head,
and her body was badly bruised.
Thb Ifumano Society placed her
In tho caro of Mr. Brouthors. a
member of tho socloty, who refused
to deliver tho child to hor guard-Ian
when ho demanded hor. It in supposed
that tho abduction was mado at
tho lnstanco (It her guardian, but this is
strenuously denied by Mr. Taylor. In
tho court proceedings which followed
tho slxluctlon to-day Mr. Taylor stated
to Judgo Woorner that ho knew nothing
of tho whereabouts ot tho child. Up to
lato hour sho had not been located.
Nov. 1Q, Tho
American Congress met ot 1
o'clock yestcrdny, Secretary Blalna
proslded nnd thoro was a full "attendance,
the Brazilian delegates being tho
only notablo absentees, and that on account
ot tbe condition ot nffalrs'ln that
country. Thu entire session was do-voted
to tho business organization,
which was naturally a moro difficult
matter to arrange than Is usually tho
case, owing to tho fact that two
languages v, ere Used. The Conforonco
adjourned, to hurwl at 1 eclock next
Wednesday, whon tho organization Is
likely to bo perfected.
. .
Gray Eagle Killed.
I'AiiKKiisni'liat Wi Va., Nov. 10. A
fow days ago 11 largo gray eaglo was
seen perched ln.a. troo,pvorlooktng tho
barn-yard o? Jnmos Elb, at Romlno's
Mills, Harrison County, Waltor. n
son of Ir. Elb, succeeded
In getting n shot at the bird with n
squirrel gun. Tho shot klllod tho eagle,
hlch was found to bo seven fcot six
inches from tip to tip of its wings. This
tho largest gray eaglo over klllod or
soon In that part ot tho State.
Van Baker Finally Settled.
CMAm,KST0N, y, Y., Nov. 19, Tho
Supremo Court has affirmed tho decision
tho circuit courts of Hancock and
Brooke Counties In tho caso of Van
Bakor, convicted of tho murder ot his
Wifu and Mrs. Dnirillln
MuWba, at Hollldny'8 Covo, near Wheeling,
May 0, 18S7, Baker was sentenced
tho penitentiary for llfo.
Minister Dies on a Train.
A1.T00NA, Pa., Nov. 10. Itov. Prank
Rodgors, of Orange, N. J died on tho
Atlantic express, botween this placo and
Dorry, Ho was accompanied by h(s
family, returning from Colorado, whoro
had gone for his health, ills remains
woro forwarded to his lato homo.
Governor Moore Iaaufuratod.
Olyppia, Wash., Nov.
Moore and tho now Stato officers woro
Inaugurated yesterday with imposing
enrotnonics. Business was suspended,
tho town was gny with bunting, nnd
thousands of vlsltori wero biought in
from all parts ottho now Stato.
An Italian Vendetta.
Rome, Nov. 10. Tho bloodless bodies
a man and his wlfo and their threo
sons were found yesterday In a well noar
Foggla. Nearly all tho mombers of a
family residing In tho vicinity havo
boon arrested on suspicion of being concerned
In tho affair. A vcmlotU had
existed botwoon tho two famlllos.
The Wlteacret Appear at Last.
Vienna, Nov. 10. It Is roported that
several financial houses hero know that
revolution was pondln?In Brazil. two
days boforo the republic was proclaimed.
i J l
I "
TnAtlmonv Oivnn bv tho 'Wit.
Tll.n ' T'-F?. it
.Ja.iiui?,Luu "r wiuuuwwu. 5,
tntrreftlnc !'ctt llVnaght Out Dsllr f
tlio I'rOKfcnlliHi.
Chicago, Nov. It This morning Pauline
Hoertol, washerwoman, teittlled tbat tbe
pasted tho Carlton cotloeo between 8 and R
o'clock on tho night of the murder. She tnr a
whl'ohone drawing a bugryv,4n'Whlcruthro
were two men, driven up to'lheTOUgTC
pot out ot Hie buggy, and, taking n tacbel or
Mxwtoith4tif!iam.wft)nt!ru3rU)tr Slept aid
entered, tbtf c.tlag H drm f (ji white'
liorta at onco turned atodnd una uro Vo back toward
"Tbe man who went Into the voltage 'tbe
eontlnued, "went Into thn house unhetltatlrigi
IT, and It teemed to me at tf the doerr Wis opert,'
or as It somo ono opened It for him at be ratnq
up the step. When I turned irom Ashland
avenue and started 'cstt I taw a (nan Handing
between thejmlson Houie and thrf coUosr.
the front ot tho collage, and the llffht M
bright (rvarUghU"
,iih1 Fi veMiriboa. MVt at
mmm ,mif
MBMataV . tu tEUtiatM
uitviti ihi'( ait oaravsw
130 wat round on him. and tickets to
and frtlm Montreal lo UrerpooL Th
Conditions on tbe back) of these were Indorsed
with the name bf W. J Cooper. After Rllm
hs admitted that bit name wat llurke, And
that he was Sometimes called ''DeLnnci'."
McKlnnon then Identiled a rrcelpi trom rf
ttetmshlp agent In Montreal for
of tlM Liverpool ticket made out w J. W
Cooper. H wat found In llnrke't pOclteL n,
attempt to Introduce the check siren llurke bjr
ibe conductor of the train On width IlurkQ
reaobed Wlnolpeg, ant which wae tound on
him. wat temporarily. atllemU Incltrctltf.
When questioned. llurke said ho came from.
Hancock, Mlrb., where he worked for a man
named John F. Ityan, whom he admitted he
bad written to since coming to Winnipeg. Tbe
witness then IdenllAcds bat found In Durko'a
poasrttlon. The Inner baud at one point show i
ed evidence of having been matched, at If u
name or other mark of ldenlltloilin had been
erased It was, McKlnnon said, In tbat State
when found.
Henry riavslle, talesman In, a shirt stereo
testified that on the morolnir after tbe murder a
rnnneamo Into tbe store and wanted to buy, tf
shirt. The wltaett continued! Atlet measuring
his neck I went to the roar to get htm a proper
alted shirt, and be ald: "Do you think that
win m wwe e nonim in tne tieeveti "i wm
measure you." lletald: ".No, I wdu't do It.
And I said; "You needn't be ashamed for wo
have lots of customers Wboome In here whoso
sliiiis are not clean, and if your shirt .Is dirty
yon rw1 not ashamed at all. JUst flrop In)
kuaik.U. "n.il ilu't your 4-a tuxlscstj
t won't do It." Then ho look tbo ahlrt
t put oh tho Counter and paid It.SS
and went across the street, and after talking
to another man thero brought him over.
Tho llttla fellow en mo la a&d -11 icektss at
tbe shirts lying In the window, and 1 wot
standing by tbU time In front ottho door,
nnd be asked mo what those colored shirts
were. The ybunc fellow then took one ot
tho colored shirts and tho bis fellow t(Kk a
shirt also. Tho big fellow paid for both
Shirts. Tie UtUO rellow bad a kind of woolen ahlrt
on, and the big fellow had a wblte anlrt on.
They both bad their coats buttoned up 10 tne
top." wltnett'thcn pointed Out llurke at
the larger of tho twos men.
Mr. lothani Look atlbe vhstcjiaph, I now
show you. Hare you ever seen the man whose
photograph that la?
Yet. that was tbo other man's partner. That
was the small man.
The photograph shown wat tbat of Cooaey,
'The Fox."
Thomas Carroll, a railroad laborer, testified
that be bad boarded with Kunio In May and
June. Kunze was anxlout to read the papers.
He said to witness tbat he was afraid be would
be arrested In connection with the Ctonln case.
rjhlel ol rollce Hubbard was nestled and testified
at to a talk be bad 1 1 b Cun Couirhlln
about May ZJ or Si. He said: "I called Officer
Cougblln down to my office, and asked him
where ne was on luj 4. no ..,u uo iAhiu .u.
exactly remember. Iaskcdblm: 'Whnt about
this roan vou tent orer to ninan'a to
eet tho rig.' He said alt be kn6w
kbout him was that ho tame from Hancock,
Mich., and said his narde was Thomas Smith,
and he had a card from hit brother, Thomas
Coughlln, aad be tald that John F. Ityan, of
Hancock, Mich., also told biro to call upon him.
6ml b, h sM, cm to the tttvn. May 4, and
tald bo wanted to takes ride. It wat merely
to oblige him that he (CoogMIn) spoko to III nan
about keeping a horse for a friend ot bis. I
asked him If be had not orders to bring In
Smith, and he tald. "Yet."
CHICAGO, Nv 11 M.th nrnlnj of the
Cronln trial this moraine. Judge McConaell announced
hltdeclston on the question ot going
Into the past history ot the Clan na Gael. He
decided against It. a recess wat then taken
until afternoon.
At the opening of tbe trial In the afternoon,
Btato't Attorney Longcneclier said that In view
ot tbe court's ruling, tbe Stale would only put
one more witnett on the ttand a man named
CUncv, frcm New Vurli, nbo, lie tald, u uul
now In tho city
It wat suggested. In view ot this announcement,
that tne court adjourn until Hominy, in
cricrtaslTt thS ficftme ttee to prepare ltt
case; but It 2a;iy decided UsJJoUtn until
Saturday momlhg, wnlch wat accordingly done.
In the cuiim of his statement to tbo court
the Stato't Attorney tald that all he expected
to prove by Clancy wa it conversation wblch
bo bad had with O'SuUIvan. Clancy It a New
VnrV man
I', McNamara, a man arretted on suspicion of
being "J, II. Slmonds," was released this even-lug,
'nodiing being Tvuuil tu t.iiautlit.uU,w
Tho monotony ot the Cronln trial for tbe Jury
was pleasantly diverted this evening, the
furor? being taken to the Grand Opera bouss
to tee Eol Smith Itn.selL
Tbe Inter Ocean aayt: "Mcether Important
Cronln tutpecf hat ceme to light In the person
of a former resident of Irishman
ham-d McDonnH Ho It now said to bo In Ilu-rope,
and the pollco are making ttrtnuoua efforts,
to locate hlin. Hefore the
murder McDonald was employed by
the deptrtment In
laskevtew. After the disappearance of Dr.
Cronln McDonald suddenly appeared to be in
affluent circumstances, aad talked to his neigh
bors about a trip to Europe, and exhibited
steamship tickets. May 19 tho family disappeared
Tbe neighbor insert that prior to May
i McDonald wat frdiueutly visited by suspicious
The Stato't Attorney refused to talk about
the matver,
Ciiicaoo, Nov. in, There was a great crowd
at the opening ot tbe court for the resumption
of the Cronln trial Uila morning after two days'
' Tlio first witness called was Jtmet Clancy,
correspondent of the New York Herald, who
testified on behalf ot the prosecution, He stld
that he was sent here by the Herald In May
to Investigate tho Cronln case. He called at
O'rlullivans hoUJoh the morning ol the day
that Crontn't body wat discovered, but before
tliedlsrovrry was made known.
Ho then went on to repeat the conversation
thai took place between blra and O'SuUIvan,
regarding the disappearance of Cronln, during
which the latter declared hit belief tbat Cronln
was not murdered, and would turn up all right.
Clancy called on O'SuUIvan again In the
evening of Ibe aame day, after the body had
been found. Ho Informed Q'Sulltran that
Cronln'a body had been found, whereupon the
latter turned pale, Witness then stated tbat
tha body was lying at thu pollco station, and
asked O Sullivan lo accompany blm and Identify
O'SuUIvan shook, and sank Into a chair, and
tald "Not I could not go. I could not Identify
htm. It would be useless for me to go. If I met
blm on the street I might know blm, but I
could not Identify bit body."
In tbe cross examination It wat brought out
thnt tho In prison In England 'pr
Unjeara, fur connection with the Fenian conspiracy,
though he wat directly tried and
for shooting at the two policemen wbo
arrested him.
At the conclusion of Mr, Clancy's examination
the Slate retted, and the defense moved,
on behalf of llurke, Coughlln, O'SuUIvan and
Kunze, thst all evidence respecting what the
prosecution tailed "Camp 20 conspiracy" be
stricken from the record Tbe court overruled
the motion.
Mr, Forrest then moved thai a lot more testimony
relating to Camp !C0 bee-eluded, but all
bis motions were promptly overruled.
Next tbe defense moved to exclude certain
portions of Hpcllman's testimony, and the correspondence
between blm and Ueggs, and then,
taking up tha testimony ot Mrs. Oonillu, Mr.
Uonklln and nearly all the witnesses, asked
that certain portions of their testimony be ex-eluded.
All the motions were overruled.
The first' tnete for the dtfopte wat
Frederick J tquibb, the who
b ti ;!.
11 - -
f tO lUtm tV rtlnfonj txforo the (Vrtner if1
a certain enlbJl
etfeh Cfdri thet fjfonrr Jotf
i,. -Jaw old mn t r son etifl
'!"'"" Un, at oumpMtMt with
the. rxwltlon of Colloitorot
llilf m
S'ov 1 -In the Croln trial fq day , ClIAIltJM Fl'.TcUf w,ts4 found djlngof
,t oonee iHtStr.
rettsTolK iiiB wnom itunie ryaraea ifi ino
Mr iMiitiedlhst Kwiserftiflntrf
a ubio around hit hote.'tu;d thnt lhM
1 Ml M 111. ...... ri. ..,. rrfA .V. Ikul.JLI 1. ... T .
WLWT'mm m .ui. .uui, ,ui
have) fciaJHicresled For this tfciupa kin.e left J
bill hd chunged hit Dim. r
amy, a freight handlei, tettlfltd that
etfli Ijtuf May a
hlCOk supper with 0'ttlllon, nd
, the aaluon of NlehnaUwrtoawore'
CuiJiUp, Kntaand03tilliraaatc
I'WetMtVi " '
corrovorated the testimony ot
enj" was tor the pUrpte of show-as
m O'SulHvan knd the two lfan'(J
the saloon oq ibe niKttt.eOleva.s
Sullivan. C'outrhlln tad ICuuie on
UV4. , .- v tW
re Michael YVbalcn, who was Vw).
rtnir when flicv Were boih on tile
.Ttctuned thai be arrived attlie
'j Avenue Police fitatlon at about
luahlla wat there, and Jb saw
tiaot'lock. . ' ''-
4.1 -' limn kwijoui Ttkai. tka wttariat
- --- -,.--- -. l - - -,
a- -- i ..-.-
ieTTfes esMrtins, nir'
BfothW IdStTvl aKn, ma bit wire,- Keep noo.0
fo rOSslrhran. , v
Mtk b jnreant John fVlft. of the Tstt
go Aretue l'ollco Stattontestined that he met
OJlccr WhalCu and Co;)illn outside tho
door of tbe nation at twenty-Hie nilnutet to 11
on thenlcbtof May 4.
The bronjht out that Stlft
had iratelcd a beat With Whaln many years,
and (baths' (Stilt) had aotJnektlanrd his meeting
tilth Coughlln ahd Whaleij to anyone except
Captain Schaack, to whom he reported It
tomedsj. after Coughlln'i untsU
An Irportant poiiit regardlndStlft't' cvldcsCd.
was his lUlernoal ll.al ibe morslng niter seeing
Cerughlli and Whilcn together was the morning
on whlcb he had read arorder ftbm Uie c!le( pf
police regarding Inquiry nt 1 1 Jury stables regarding
the mysterious "whltclhorsB" In tbe.
case. Thli Ills claimed by thoprosccutlon tonight,
e kens the valne or tie alibi. Tho
Cblel t order, II la asserted, Olsij.t Issued Sunday
murnlng, and stlft. It is ark u id, must bate
teen Coutbllrl, est the nlgbt ot May I, but on
the algbl following.
Appropriate 1'rrtrnta for Hit latest Ar
rlvntt from Fnrui Ike.
Whea tho wlso man wrote! that thero
was nothing now under the sun ho forgot
about babies. Bablys aro nlways
now Trun, thoy Jiavo been In stock
moro or less for tho last two thousand
yuula,bul IbaliluL'S nOl liroitlll luoh
baby that has como into tlio
world'in this year of our Lord from being
Just as now to its admiring parents
and relatives as was tlio -little Cain to
Mother Kvo and her consort Adam.
Hence has arisen tho custom ot bringing
gifts to the nltar gifts bf'gAld nnd
frankincense and myrrh of purple and
lino linen. Truo, tho frankincense nnd
tlno linen tako on a somewhat modern
form, but just what form" they should
tako Is what puzzles many an unsophisticated
worsljlpor, who would, no doubt,
bo truly grateful for a timely hint as to
Just tihat Is most suitable to select as a
lovo offering to tlio 'latest arrival out
from paradise.
First and foremost thero Is the baskot,
an olaborato affair of glided wlckorwork
Upon a stand Just conveniently high for
dally nso. This Is lined with silk or
satin, purdwhlto or palest pink or blue
pink fOf boys and bluo" for girls, tho
jrmiipitofi but (hat's a matter of taste.
Tha edgo Is trimmed with laco, nnd
bowa ot ribbon aro tied wherever thero
Is space, nnd the wholo sccnted with
tho daintiest wheti, TI1I1 basket can
bo stockod, If you wish to bo munificent.
With alitor powder-box and tiny
tpih "id velvet sponge, and
tbo finest soaps and gold safoty pins.
But every lnxly can not glo baskets,
slnco oso Is an abundance, so, for tho
aunt Who knits there aro tiny silk shirts
and socks Just too dainty for any thing
w.hen dono in palest tints or cream or
pearl white. Then thoro aro sacks
oiinjiirtvd lit silk or .ido si finest
and sprigged with
And thb matinees for baby hns his
nitUiueeti, as woll sis mamma dainty,
long, loose robes, to bo thrown on In the
rooming, mado of India silk of
or' flannel, and all
with silk floss and tied with narrow ribbons.
A pretty gift ts a
pillow, Just big enough for baby's head,
mado !of white silk and hand-painted
With nemo dsllcato flower In ono cornet
and, n suttablo inscription, uch a "Angels
Guard His Slumoer."
This pillow mnt, of course, bo edged
Then thero is tho carrlago
robp, In numberless denigiiN but Ui
13 npl tu ! li ,.v..-.-. .
square of whlto flannel, edged with lace.
i uu'iidsumo bu otilhbon In one corner,
and a pray ot embroidered or painted
flowers Is ns protty as any thing. Baby's
Jewelry Is limited, but thero are always
tho traditional drinking mug of silver, a
ring or two for the linger, gold studs
linked by tiny chains, a nerklaco of amber
beads to ward off disease and evil
lnjtufchccs. Thero aro boxes of finest
powders, most delicately scented, imported
especially for babv, and perfumed
'spraya with wbleh lo gives thn
to the infant toilot and
mr.knhirn, if possible, tmeotor than his
ownswect self. Theso nro only a few
of the'diilnlv and expenaltet tbingis
which, ,cyery properly appreciated laby
giithors unto Itself ero 1( has seen ts
flrat moon upon earth, for It has grown
to 'understood thing that no ono
shall Pfm'! empty-banded to pay his
to tho "roynl cucdC of a happy
family circle N. V. World.
VTnndsrfut Tilings Tlult Misr be Ilr.ne
IVitll Old 1IIIR4.
There Is a church nctually exlstlry:
nenr Itcrggn which can contain one
thousiid persons. It is circular v, Ithln
octagoDil without. Tho relfvos outside,
and tlo statues within; the roof, tho
ceilings tho Corinthian capitals, nro nil
of rendered tyntcrproof
by a saturation ot vltrol, llmo water,
whoy and" white of egg. Wo havo not
yet reached this audacity In our use ot
pjipcr, but It should hardly surprlso us,
inasmuch as wo employ tho samo n
in private houses.ln steamboats, ind
in somo publlo buildings, instouA of
Clrvr,l decorations and plaBter cornices.
Whtn Frederick the Uroat of Prussia
sot up i limited
Rerl'n lC5 ho llttlo
tho gbi that paper cathedrals
mlht. vslthlii a century, spring
out of Ms "tuff-boxes by tho
f advancing art. At present wo
wh" banot cathedrals nnd build churches
like ton hotter. But thero ts no saying
what wo may como to. It Is not long
since it would have seemed at Impossible
tucoer olghteon acres of ground
with glas' as to erect a pagoda of
yet tho thing U done. Whon
wc tii iik of a psalm sung by ono thousand
voices pealing through an edltlco
inad of old rags, and tho universal
bound down to oarry 'our mtwiseige
wltn l". spfd ,of light, It would be
pre- uptupus to say hat can and what
can no ,,J nchlc've'd by sclenco and art
uml,,th. training of bloody old Time,
fi. 1 Ledger.
. -?5-i! .
s ztiuaiaani
:iKmm Wt "
:jx Tt
yS'Z. ' (t
At r T U c K
'.-""--?, .1 . J.. X-l
iN'WrA'riotfspVf ' -i
jiSotm widow is Jn p
uungor near rihellryrllloA
' Tiik followlnir fourth-class post-
mastors wfcro annolnted a few dayn airo:
., , V . - . . r.
iycusimri;, tniietnien ixuniy, o. '
itaru; Electing I.TCCK, iianiinuntT, tjv
u Adams; west Point, Hardin v-o UCKTI
E. C. .
"A rfSTTthoKroghbred'herso rntfSttkxXXV?
from hotel nronrk uiiJitit
KlifcilislM,'. V ' V7t r
JosKi'it Duncan, a prominenj
nni business man, or juuoru. TPn"
ICIl suicide tW other day b
'tlmsclt Hu.wita
I Jy f nan.- uc' I
- A"Bi'Ror,Aifntered tho
DrDavId KollcT,aLUxInRb osSstatJttook
fifty dollars Jn money and o J;
tiles. J'jtikSu. i3smi v
A iW WMbrJli
v: tykimtmijh ii
I ,iaVawaHixxxaaKStft
A" iiAirS'raPB'in to
Smith, who are running a stock farm on
the old Standlford place, on tho Preston
street road, near Louisville, burned to
tho ground, tho other night, and with It
n number of valuable trotting Block.
Tbo, barn contained t we brood
mares and fltteon weaallngs. till of
which, excepting five marts wcro'dw
stroyed. Tho loss will reach 523,00d. t
A niKioirr trnin on tho L. and Ni
rond uns wrecked Iho other morning by
going through a rotten trcstlo -near
Trenton. A dpzen enrs wore completely
wrecked and a number ot valuablo
killed. No Uvea wcro lost. 'Tbo
loss to tlio raltroad'coinpany is estimaU
ed at not less than Sd.000.
At Versailles 15. A. Wlkdii's largfc tobacco
barn, containing this season's
crop of tobacco, burred to tho ground
the other day. Loss, $3,400; 'fully Insured.
Cause, incendiary.
Tilh pr'uKsUioni asking the voiqrs,ot
the Buford, Hcda and Beaver Dam
in Ohio County to subscribe an
aggregate ot 518,700 fo tho capita sjxick
of tho Hendertion Stato Line Railroad
Company wcro acted on a few day's 'ago?
and were rejected by largo majorities lxz
all tho precincts. Tho town of Beaver
Dam voted 51,000 as a subvention to tho
enterprise. a.
Tin: estate of the lato Colonel A. M.
Sit ope, ot Lexington, amounts to about
' f t
Titilliody of W. II. ghoppard, drowned
at Llttlo Hickman, was found in tho
river atlllgh Bridge
TnoiiAS ll.uir.n, a well-known' f.irmor
living near Nicholasvlllo, foil from a
wagon and fractured his leg.
Tin: Kentucky Classical and Business
Femalo College at North" MiddlbtoVn,
Bourbon County, burned to the ground
at nn early hour tho other morning.
Low, 815,000; InsurancQ 87,500. This
was ono ot tlio oldest schools In the
Stato. Tho buardurs mid barely
escaped with their lles.
Inkoiuiaiiox bus been received trom
Clarksvlllo to tho offect that thrco colored
children ot a woman living on tho
farm ot Clarence Dunn, in Montgomery
County, wero entirely consumed by a
flro that burned down tho cabin In which
their mother had shut them up. Tho
placo caught flro and tho romalns ot tho
three children wcro discovered amid the
ruins next morning.
TiiKm: Is great excitement In
County oter the of
the terrible spotted fever scourgo that
raged In that county with such fatal effects
last wlntor. A number of now
cases have been roported from .different
villages surrounding Dixon, tho county-seat,
all being thn samo disease in its
most malignant form. Kvery thing
possible Is being done to prevent its
spread and to keep 11(0 terrified peoplo
from deserting their homes as they did
In largo numbers last year.
Titr. following patents wer6 Issued to
Kentucklans, the otherday: Charles V.
Bauer, assignor of one-half to J. L. Dun-lap,
Louisville, IiarnrttK loop; Oliver F".
Browp, assignor of onohalf to A. Farra,
Lexington, liniment; Thomas F. (lay-no
r, assignor to Uaynor Electric Company,
Louisville, electro, mechanical
tripping machine; Charles OGregong,
Poak's JIllls, plow; John 31. Hardin,
Gest, vehicle brake; Andreas Olson,
Assignor of -one half to J. C. Peterson,
Ephnls, lifting trusa girder; William
8. Vonable, Cbrlstlansburg, washing
machine '
A Tintit.i.iNG Bceno was enacted at the
section house of tho L. Jb N. road near
Walton, tho other morning. As a train
was approaching there, Mrs. Kcarns,
wlfo ot Foreman Pat Kearns, discovered
her youngest child, an Infant, sitting in
tho middle of tho track. Tbo train wits
under full headway apd only a tfow
yards distant. With tho promptness
that only mothors 'can understand, tho
hereto woman flew to the rescu,
and., although sho succeeded in getting
thn child out of tho way she has probably
sacrificed her life. Sho was struck
ly the ongino after having thrown tho
babe out of harm'H way. Her foot was
horribly lacerated nnd her porson badly
bruised In several places. But slight
hopes aro entertained ot her recovery.-
Duiiino service nt the Colored Moth-,
edht church, llopklnsville, tho other
ovenlng, Hannah tllbson suddenly foil
dead. Kho wu.t shouting at tho time,
when she fell on her fuco and Instantly
A kukwht train on the Louisville and
Nashville railroad was wrecked newr
Houklnsvillo. Tho loss to the company
will bo over 51,000.
Statu Auditor Fayotto Howott has
resigned, and Governor
Major L. C Norman, now Commissioner
of Insurance, to succeed him.
Henry T. Duncan, at prosent deputy,
will become Commissioner of Insurance.
Howott h,is been auditor slnco IbbO. Ho
Is thn author of tho law under which
Kentucky State taxes nro now levied.
.l)ANOKi:Fi.l.i) Lkmis, colored, died a
few days ago at tho Homo of tho Aged
and Poor Colored Peoplo. Louisville, at
tho rlpo old ago of 1 10 years.
Ln Cf.AXTox'was arrested at Lexington
charged with passing counterfeit
money on tho bartender of tho Uuropcau
Hotel. '
A mtti.k invy by tho namo of Louden,
tun of James Loudon, ot Boono
County ,va shot and accidentally killed
a few day slnco by a companion named
Stewart. Thoy with out hunting, whon
Stewart's gun accidentally discharged,
nnd tho contents went Into tho thigh ot
Louden, Inflicting wounds frow which
ho died.
An Inmnto of lunntto asylum noai
Hopklnsvllle, named Walker, tried to
cut his throat with a razor which ho had
concealed In bin bosom.
Maiiv I'. Pmikim hashcen appointed
postmaster n, ftrAwQil,., Washington
5 .
i..' W
j .1
V 1
o L,'
A m
.-i ii
T 9
. . .

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