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fleimrnl Amnesty tho Only Terms
American Uoniinaudcr Will Oivc
the Kn.oy. IT.ctlr.ll, Admit , ,,.t Tlr
Army w., Very ll.iperale Ntn.lt.
ml Am Thoroughly ,p,,i
Will Surrender Boon.
Wawilnoion, May Oil.
cabled tho war department that tho
conference with tho Klllplnom
Saturday morning He says they
wanted three weeks In which to allow
their congress ta decide whether ho
UlitlM should case. The proportion
KeoJInciL The representative retired
to the Insurgent lines, (fen. Otis
wys the insurgents arc tired of
and are no douht seeking tho bent
In another caldc Gen. Otis expresses
thatU to the president for his
of the work of the army In tho
It I stated at the wnr department
that tho Insurgent leader probably
will confer un.l seek another confer-
ctito with (Jen. Oils, and that tho
, oral will no doubt grant general
Tho full text of the dispatches from
Urn. Otis aro as follows:
Ma.mi.a, April 20. - A jutant general
Washington: Conference with the
Insurant representatives terminated
Saturday morning. Their request of
cessation of hostilities for three weeks
to enable to rail their congress to do-aide
whether to continue prosecution
of war or propose terms of peace.
Proposition declined ami full amnestj
promised on si., Believe Insurgents
tired of Aar but seek to
tortus of peace through what
they denominate their representative
congress Oiih.
Ma.mi.a. April 20. AdJ't (Jen. Wash-ington:
The congratulations of his
excellency, the president, fur which all
grateful, will bo conveyed as directed.
Manila, May I. The envoys fiora
Uon., l.unu wcro very hospitably treated
by Gen. Otis, who provided them
with a house and with a guard and
permitted them to visit friends here.
Returning to thu palace Saturday
morning, the envoys saw an Illustration
Of American resources A long
train of wagons ami pack mules was
Jus; starting with provisions for (leu.
Law-ton, who has reached Marunco.
London, May t. Members of the
l'lliplno Junta hero made tho statement
to a correspondent Saturday that
the peace uegotlntious between tho
United States authorities at Manila
and (Jen. Luna weru unofficial In character,
lien. Luna, tho Junta asserts,
"does not represent Aguiualdo's government.
It Is further asserted by tho
junta that secret negotiations between
Dean (i Worcester, of tho 1'nltcd
Mates Philippine commission, and a
representative of Agulualdo. have been
In progress since before the attack on
Maudo. The following conditions
It is alleged, were proposed after the
capture of Malolo. The Americans to
lsuo a proclamation granting the Filipinos
self-government and political,
civil and religious rights similar to
those enjoyed by the people of
Canada; tho Filipinos to control
International mercantile relations;
Americans and Filipinos to enjoy equal
rights in tho Islands; Manila to remain
In the possession of the United States
until congress decides otherwise; the
American Hag to fly over the capltols
of the Islands and In tho most prominent
positions along with the
tlag, except at Manila, where
only the American ting shall tly,
nil vessels to lly tho American
Hag with that of the Filipinos; tho
Itoman Catholic clergy aro to be
under the same administration as
that In the United Mates; Spanish clerical
direction and Intervention to ho
abolished; the statu quo of rural property
belonging to the religious order
to be maintained, without return to
the antebellum state of affairs; liov
pitals and schools formerly administered
by the orders, to bo handed over
to the government, the orders to retain
only their present town property;
tho secular clergy to retain their
A Saloon Kruprr Kilted.
Ciiaiii.ksion', W. Va., May 1. Kussel
feorvcr, a saloon keeper of Coalburg,
this county, was found dead on tho C.
it 0. tracks Sunday with a bullet
wound in his body. John Kllllngor,
a mcrchatit of roalburg, has been arrested
for the crime. It Is said
killed Sorver for paying too
much attention to ICilliuger's wife. in
Later it has been ascertained that
the wives of Kllllngcr'and Sorver wcro
quarreling and their husbands took
part. Kllllnger emptied both barrels
of a shotgun In Sorvcr'a side, killing
him instantly.
4S old Kouml In Tiiiineit.
.ToiirKlNHVIM.r:, Ky May L A
gold mlnu asaylug S 10.50 per ton in
gold and SlftO In silver has been discovered
on the farm of Jouj Livingston,
at Wlllcppc, Tenn. Joe Mu Kinney, an
old miner of Jacksonville, Col., is push-lug
tho development of the mine.
I.lbrl biilt Agaliiat Senator Clark.
IIuttk, Mont., May 1. Stato Senator
Fred Whitesldo has tiled a libel suit
ngaist United States Senator Clark for
100,000. The anlt grows out o! recent of
bribery charges,
IJ. Help. Hmiad, on llntrrliiB the Place,
Worn (treated With Hinging
l'roll(.n for l'rlionrr.
Manila, May 2. (Jen. Mac-Arthur
has sent olllcers to Gen. Antonio Luna,
tho Filipino commander, under a flair
of truce, carrying money and provisions
for American prisoners in his hands
and asking an exchaugo of prisoners
nd the names of audi as ho may have.
It Is reported that tho insurgents
have two ofllccra and 1(1 others, and it
Is supposed that among these aro
Menu J. a (illmorc and 11 men of the
crew of the United States gunboat
Yorktown, who fell Into the hands of
of the Filipinos last month, when tho
gunboat visited llaler, on tho east
eoant of Luron.
MaJ. Hell, with a squad of scouts
has raptured the town of Macabcbc,
about four miles southwest of Calum-pit,
the people ringing bells and shouting
Tho American nrmy is now employing
Mncabcbccs Instead of Chinese,
and they ato delighted to fret the .VJ
cents a day, declaring their loynlty to
tho Americans. MaJ. (Jen. Law ton is
advancing, lie has organized a band
of -to scouts to go ahead of tho column.
Tho band, which Is under tho control
of W. M. Voung, an old Indian lighter,
who killed five Filipinos last week, includes
Diamond, Harrington,
nnd Murphy, of the 2d Oregon
Monday, tho anniversary of the battle
of Manila bay was observed
by tho United States Meet, the usual
drills being omitted. Adm. Dewey had
many visitors and the American and
Itritish merchantmen dressed ship.
Insurgent Make New l'riMiltliia.
Ma.mi.s, May 2. The Insurgent commissioners
who left Manila Saturday
have returned from tho Insurgents'
army with new propositions.
Itecelpl for April Helnw Tho. for March
ami Hi tlipendlture Were Creatcr.
Ills lteann for It.
Nkw Voiik. May 2. -Tho treasury receipts
for April fell Sift, I0C.000 below
those for March, while the expenditures
were SJ2.S(o,O0O more than thoso
for tho month previous.
This great difference does not indicate,
however, cither a largo falling
otf in the ordinary receipts or a largo
increase in the oidinary expenditures.
The receipts for March were
Increased by tho payment to tho
government of nearly 312.O0O.000
on account of the Pacific tallway settlement,
while thu expenditures for
April were Increased by the drawing
of the warrants for the payment of
520.000.Ooo to Spain.
Leaving out of account these two
Hems, the receipts for March werconlv
alwut J.'I.OOO.OOO largrr than those for
April and the expenditures for the latter
month wern less than S8.000.0O0
greater than those for March, notwithstanding
that the Interest payments
for April wero SS.800,000, against only
510'J.IOS for March.
The VJO.oon.UOD I'ro.l.lnl Iiy the Trraty
for the Ceailon of the riilllipliiea tu
(ha llnniU of Spain'
Uasiiinoign, .May 'J. The last movo
In the negotiations terminating tho
war with Spain occurred Monday when
Secretary Hay paid to the French ambassador,
M. Cauibon, thu SO.OOO.ooo
provided by tho treaty of peace for tho
cession of the Philippines. The payment
was made In four treasury warrants
of S.'.,000.()00caeh and was receipted
for by M. Cumbou a completely
liquidating the obligation of the United
States In this connection. Tho
ambassador deposited the S2o,000,000 Irt
tho lllggs national bank of this city
and the cashing of the warrants is expected
to be mado later through tho
Olty National Hank of New York.
The Spanish government was notified
by cable of the payment but nothing
will be done as to forwarding tho
funds to F.urope until Spain directs tho
exact course to bo pursued.
While at the llrooklrn Navy VarJ
(lent MrKlnley Nenil u Very Flatter-
In? Cahlesmm to the Ailmlral.
Nkw Voiik, May 2. While at tho
navy yard President Mckinley sent
tho following cablegram to Adm.
.May 1. ISM. Dewey. Manila: On
this anniversary of your great victory
the people of the United States unlto
an expression of affection and gratitude
to yourself ami the bravo olllcers
nnd men of your fleet, whoso brilliant
achievements marked an epoch
which will live in tho annals of
tho world's heroic deeds.
William McKinliiv.
tlen. Wheeler to Med Mr. (1. Y. Child.
Piui.AHKi.HitA, May 2. A dispatch
from Washington states that lien.
Wheeler is to marry Mrs. George W.
Childs this month. The statement is
mado iir .Mrs. Childs is
the widow of the late philanthropist,
and editor of this city.
Fire In I'lilnstoirn.
SunAaroiML, Cal May 2. A Uro hero
Monday destroyed Chinatown, consuming
about fiO houses and causing a loss
820,000. 0n Chinese was burned tu
Ihey Mr ! a Train .1 llnrkn .net lo t
ManlniT The (Jovermiinnl Troop
Aro Called Out. I
Waiik.nkh, Ida., May 2.-A mob of
about 1,000 rioting miners on a strike
scicd a train at Burke, at tho head of
Canyon creek, and came here, brinffj
Ing with them 3,000 pounds of giant
One hundred and forty masked members
of thu mob tiiudu an attack wltk
Winchester on the buildings of the
Hunker Hill and .Sullivan Mill mines. '
Pickets had been scut on ahead anil
a signal shot from ono of them walk
mistaken far a hostile demonstration''
Straightway tho strikers opened lira
on their own pickets. Jack Smith, one
of tho pickets, was killed, dim Cayrw
was fatally injured. Cay no was X
Hunker Hill and Sullivan mill iiiaa
ami was carried olf by tho strikers. J
.1. Rogers, a stenographer, was shot
through the lip. The giant powder
nt.i...i i..... .i . . .. . ?
w.ii uiio uvc mnsis. ny mc last
of which the Sullivan mill was dh
stroyod. jB
After three hours of rioting tho mob
boarded the train and steamed away;
The non-union employes have taken to
the hills. Tin- cai'Mj of the strike walk
the demand of tho 'inlon miners for
moie wages and for the discharge of
all non-union men. The first request
was gianted by tho initio owners, bul
tin" second was refuted. S
M'ohA.NK. Wash.. May 2.- Ccncial
Manager Hiiibiidge. of tho Wardnor
mines, accompanied by his family anil
Superintendent (lurch, arrived here
from Wardncr Mimlay nighu Thejf
were compel led to walu over the hill
to Wallace to escape the mob. Tliejf
were in a pitiable condition when they
reached Spokane. Kvery pot commander
in the department of C.ilffoii
tila has received .orders to hold troopl
In t dullness to start for Wardncr at
a moment's notice. The railroads havj
been notified to have special train
ready No actual orders to go hav
yet been received.
Ciiilacio. May 2. All the troops I
the department of the lakes hae bee
tirucrcu tinrtmcr, ma., tno seen
of the miners troubles, according t
(.en. S. M. H. Young, now In Ch
cngo. lucre arc out seven compan
ies, comprising about ftoo men. In the
department at present, two troops
of cavalry and a batteiy of nrS
tlllcry at Ft. Sheridan, and the rojj
tuaiuing companies divided 1uiiviki?
Columbus barracks O.; Ft. Wayne. Dc
iron anu It. Urady. .Northern a
gan. Gen. Merriam has been ordered
to take com tmi ml I
Dknvkh, Col., May 1. Gen. Merriai:
nnd his aide-de-camp, Lieut. J. L. lien
nett. have left for Wardncr tor InewitrSjjJ
j;atc the miners' riot. J!Y
-. tmjfwjfriGfX
5 w.y. . JfciS?'i' jtt
-" i ' I lIHieB) j,.
There Wa an Inrreae lnrlnC the Monti
of April of WU.1.0HI. Till Total
Debt BW, 43.1.71 l.TH". I
Wahiiinoton, May 2. The monthly
statcmentof the publicdcbl issued
shows that at the close of busings
April 20. 1MK1. the debt less cash In the
treasury amounted to St.172.S57.20l, an
increase during the month of
,01. Ihls is accounted for by the payment
of S20.000.000 to Spain in
of treaty obligations.
The debt Is recapitulated as follows:
Interest bearing debt. Sl.OfC.Olis.uM);
debt on which Interest has ceased
since maturity. 31,21S,r.OO: debt bearing
no Interest, S.:SS, 17,727; total, SI.
This amount docs not Include
In certificates and treasury
notes outstanding which are offset by
an equal amount of cash on hand. The
cash in the treasury Is classified as follows:
liqld. 527f.V5...2Si; silver. S307,0lrt.7i;
paper, SI Bonds, deposits in
national bauks.dlsbursing olllcers' balances,
etc, SsS.oyj.Ofll; totals SJ17.1fiV
617. against which there arc demand
liabilities outstanding amounting to
S(lSl,0:i7,'.i5l. which leaves a net cash
balance in the treasury of 5203.127.5::.!.
rjt. Ilorkefetler, of the tlth Infantry, I
ill. line Near Caloorun. rtilllpplnr
No Trace of Hint.
Washington. May a. The following
is the dispatch of (ien. Otis announcing
the disappearance of Cupt. Rockefeller:
Manila. May 1. Adujtant General,
Washington (.apt. Rockefeller. Uth infantry,
missing since 20th ultimo, on
lino commanding battalion near Caloo-can;
visited outposts l:U0 p. m.; not
ccen since. Diligent sea i oh mado that
night two miles to fro:tt uothing discovered;
no enemy in front. Search
prosecuted ever since without success
Private papej in his possession found
90th ultimo, two and one-half miles to
front. Belief lost course and captured.
A Wjillffe lllhle Sotil.
Loni.on, May F.nglish
Bible, known as the Hramhall manuscript,
from the Ashburton inanu
scripts, was sold at auction Moadav at
Sotheby, Wilkinson ,fc Hodges " fo'
Farm Hand Killed by a Woiimii.
Canton, S. D., May 2. -Charles Mc
Cullouh. a farm laborer, lias been
Bitot and killed by Mrs. Kunico Brown
at ner rarnt south of this city. The
woman claims' MeCullotth assaulteJ
hr ur.d she shot him in irjlf defense,
IteMiiMtltm at llluwirl.l., M,,,rB, .
fry I n.utl.raitorjr , ar ,tK,
onrprne '.
WHiiini0X May
here from IllueflehU, Nicaragua,
iBu.uc mat mc situation there, so
fir is American Interests arc
Is extremely unsatisfactory and disparaging.
Jt is being impressed upon
tie ofliclals here that persons hlgll In
tic Mearaguan
government arc
a policy calculated very doll
to crush the American business
Interests now of considerable magnitude
In the Mosquito country.
The reports are to tho effect that
ctcrklncc the Clarence rebellion, some
jars ago. tho Nicaraguan governnient
Ms tieen jealous of the growing Im
portance of the American settlements.
nd the Iteyes rebellion recently scema
to nave confirmed it in the determination
to destroy the American influence
In that section. ThcNlc.iragu.ins hold
the American merchants responsible
fur lieyes' rebellion. They have
determined, according to the reports re-received,
to impose upon these American
merchants the entire expense to
which the government was put In repressing
the rebellion, amountitic to
about SfiOO.000. This could not be done
directly without a breach of Interna
tional law, hence the attempt wad
made to collect a largo part of It
through a demand upon the merchants
for a second payment upon Imports
paid to the de facto government of
Iflufflclds while lleycs was in possession
of the place. The report shows
that this government of Iteyes was
actually dc facto In the full sense of
the term.
In proof of this it is shown that
the Nicaraguan governor of the
place. Hiught and was given refuge In
the I uitcd States consular agency.
Also the dues collected on imports
sere collected for It eyes by the same
treasurer, who held the same place for
the past three year. The American" Interests
in Hluetlcld alono now aggregate
fully $.',000,000 In gold, and the
rtatc department is determined that
they be protected against the proposed
extortion, so that Interesting news is
expected at auy moment, in view of
the Flitted States man-of-war there,
the Detroit, to execute the orders of
thf riillli)lnn L'uinmUiloii I'rnpotn In Allow
l'llliliioi Alimxl Coinplrte Control
of l.otat Affair
Washington, May 3. The state dc-
Monday received an informal
l.PW&S&JI?4&Bg2Sli. $Ki&.
rrjyji nc i Trillpplnc?tnvestlgating"
ission. of his observations and
SKS3.. .V"
It is declared at the state department
that the proclamation issued by the
Philippine commission just before tho
beginning of the last campaign
tho maximum concessions to
he made to the insurgents by the United
Mates government. It is realized
now more strongly than at any other
period that the capacity of the Filipinos
for self-government is an undetermined
question. The United
statcs government is willing to
accord the uatict an opportunity
to test their abilities, for the
Philippine commission proposes to
allow them almost complete control of
their local affairs, exercising only
such supervision through the United
Mates military as may be necessary to
1,'uard against the consequences of mistakes
on the part of the native
and provincial ofliclals in
their first experiment at self-govern
Tlie experiment is already In progress
at some points. In the Philippines
outside tho island of hu.ou,
where the United Statcsauthories have
hoisted the Hag and assumed sovereignty,
they have continued
local governments under natlvo
direction. So far as the reports
indicate, these experiments are working
well and promise to have a good
influence In shaping the attitude toward
tho United States of a
hie clement among the Filipinos
which has been suspicious of our intentions.
Dewer Day In llinton.
Boston, May 2. Dewey Day was celebrated
here Monday by a display of
llagn over the national, state and city
buildings and prominent bushiest
houses and also by receptions held by
patriotic societies. In many of the
public schools there were appropriate
Track ttulker Killed.
Nkw Yoiik. Mav 2. Charles Neyams
a track walker on the elevated railroad,
was struck by a train Monday and
hurled to the street many feet below.
Portlona of his body fell on passing
pedestrians, several of them being
bruised by them.
Mnre storm Irtlm
Biiow.nino, Mo.. May 2. Francis
Jack and the child of John Sargeant
have died of InjuricH received in Thursday's
tornado. The other Injured persons
are Improving and no more are
expected to die.
The Second Inerea In Wane.
Rkadino, l'a May 2. The second
increase for the year took place Monday
In the wages of Reading iron company's
2.SO0 hands from five to ten
per cent. The company's new furnaet
'.'was Monday successfully set In blast
tCC - C &e&S&5 - CC C&tJ6C&C50Se
6C 5fr5SC fC&&tt&SC C - CC - 5&&&ftCp
Ja3a'93 3 - 9fl 3 - fl3 - 93 3 - 95 3 - 9 - S - a53'9a
llorietiicu From the t'uiuphell County
Track Now at Loulivllle loo lliinei
Arrived from Mempliln, Tenn.
v LotriHViLi.K, Ky May 2. Over 700
horses are now at Churchill Downs
ready for the spring meeting, which
begins next Thursday. The track was of
a lively place all during Sunday and
Monday It will be still more lively,
as 100 horses arrived Sunday night
from Memphis and about twice that
many will reach here Monday. Sunday
tho weather was fine for exercising the
racers and nearly all the more prominent
horses were out. Great Interest
centered In Manuel, the derby favorite,
is even Bob Walden, his trainer,
was not certain that his horse
would be able to htart in the star
svent of the meeting because of his injured
foct. Walden succeeded in getting
ucli a boot as he wanted for Manuel &
Saturday afternoon, and the great
Morris colt stepped a mile and a quarter
in a:10,'f with all case. Almost
svery one at the track, and there were
hundreds of idle spectators watching
the work of the racers went wild with
delight over Manuel's performance.
Ills Lordship, however, another derby
candidate, went the same distance
in 2:104, but was exerted, it seemed,
much more than Manuel was Corsinc.
the California colt, which Kd Corrigan
hopes will win the derby, went a mile
and a quarter, but. was not pushed at
all, and no record of his work was
taken. Fontalnblcu, another aspirant
for the derby static, was out also, and
the best he (ould do. was a mile and a in
quarter In 2:15. He will hardly start of
In the derby.
The strings which arrived Sunday
night from Newport were: Dan
(5; R. Tucker, 9: Frank Jones, 4; J.
V. Carter, 2; II. Scoggan, 0; T. O. Cal-,
vert, 11; John Hannlgan, 5; James
Murphy, 2, P.
These strings will arrive Monday
from Memphis: J. Brennan. IS: J. B.
Lcwman, 12; T. P. Hayes, lS;.Io Desha,
12; W. J. Smith, 6; Robinson &. Moore,
10; P. M. Civlll, 15; J. C. Ferris, jr.. 13;
A. (1. Weston, 0; Benson Arthur, 7; T.
C. Barrett, 15; Settle &. Co., 10; P.
Illtzcr. 10; M. T. Danahcr, 3; W. M.
Mav A, Co.. 20: W. M. Haves. 0: W. II.
ILaudcman, 14; Oil Curry, 10; Tom
, ...
A f?nt In An fttw.
lIomsvirXrJkyAprlV'SQ. 'Patrol-man
Joseph Spahm. of the Louisville
police force, had hard boiled eggs in
his lunch Friday night. In the yolk
of one of the egg's hn found a bright
piece dated 1S07. Proof of
the copper being1 found in the egg
when it was broken open is abundant.
The penny is supposed to have been
swallowed by the uen that laid the
Mutt Stand Trial.
Fhankfoist, Ky April 23. Gov.
Bradley Wednesday declined to pardon
the remaining indictments against
Cashier Shipp, of the Midway bank.
Shipp was tried on the first indictment
and is now serving a two-year sentence.
He will be tried under tho
pending indictments as toon as his
term expires.
Qiurroled liver a Woman.
HorKiNSVjLi.F., Ky April 2'.). Lewis
Leavell and Ben MoReynolds became
involved in a shooting affray at Casky,
when the latter was shot in the side
and neck, receiving wounds thought to
be fatal. The trouble was over a wom C.
an to whom both men were paying at
Child Crushed tn IleatU
Wkst Liiikktv, Ky., May 2. Charlie
Henry and wife and child, 1 year old,
in the arms of Its mother, who was on
horseback- crossing the Licking river
at this place, met a four-mule team of
and wagon on the bridge. The mules
became frightened and ran aw .13, tho
wagon striking Mrs Henry's horaoand
throwing her and the child. The
wagon ran over and crushed the child
to death and the mother was badly
Appointed Itoidmatter.
Lkxinoion, y-, May 2. II. M.
Waite has been appointed roadmaster
of the Lcslngton division of the Cincinnati
Southern vice N. Bow en resigned.
Tho change will take effect
Monday Mr. Waite is nlso superintendent
of bridges
Hemp Crop (lone.
Lancastf.ii, Ky., May 2. Hudson &
Co. 'a large warehouse In this comity,
containing 200,000 pounds of hemp, 500
barrels of corn and much valuable
machinery, burned with all its contents.
Origin of firo unknown. Insurance
510,000, which will not cover tho loss
Mininon (or yecutor.
Bow lino GitLKN, Ky., April 28. Jas
M. Simmons, of this city, was Wednesday
afternoon given the democratic
nomination for stute senator in the at
Eleventh district. Tho district is
largely democratic. S5
l'lace for a
LAWitKNCKiiuito, Ky., April 23. Ben
Selby, of this place, has been appointed
special ganger by the commissioner
of internal revennr. His hcadqu.irtcrs a
will be in Chicago, 111., for which place
he left Wednesday.
- 9 - 3 3 35 - 3 3
Uov. Dudley ami I'arly I.rave Tor
I'ark to 1'artlclpati) In the
.Monument Unveiling 1 hero.
FiiANKKoitT, Ky., May 2. The stato
house is deserted. Secretary of Stato
Flnlcy, Auditor Sam Stone, Register
Lands Reynolds Stato Inspector
Lester and other minor oflicers left
Monday for the Richmond convention,
while Gov. Brndley, Adj't Oen. Collier
and others left Tuesday morning for
Clilckamauga park to participate iu
the ceremonies attendant upon the unveiling
of the Kentucky soldiers' monument
on Wednesday. The governor
Is accompanied by his daughter
and Miss Mary Gray, of.
Frankfort, atul Col. George R. Harper
and Private Secretary Roberts, and
travels In tho private car tendered
him by President Fclton, of the Queen
Crescent. He was joined at Lexington
by his staff in full uniform,' who
occupied the private car of Col.
of the Illinois Central. The lieutenant
governor arrived from Greenup
Tuesday to act as chief executive during
the governor's absence.
The Company Propose to Purchaie and
Caltltate 3,000 Acre of the lteat
Tobacco Lund In Cuba.
Paws, Ky., May 2. The Cuban Cooperative
Tobacco Co. was organized
and incorporated here. The company
proposes to purchase and cultivate
5,000 acres of the best tobacco land
Cuba. Hon. Claude M. Thomas,
the company, has just returned
from Cuba, where he secured
options on some of the most valuable
lands. The directors are John T.
P. I. McCarthy, William Myall.
Ford Brent, G M. Thomas. Paris; City
Solicitor W. D. McShaw, of Covington;
II. McFlynn, president of the Xenio.
Shoe Co., Xcnla, O. The stock Is being-rapidly
taken up.
To Ilulld a Telephone Line.
Richmond, Ky., April as. A stoclc
company Is being formed at McKce.
Jackson county, to construct a tele
phone lino from that point to this city.
There Is not a mile of raUroid,
pnono or teiegrapn in Jackson county.
The line will cost 81,000 and will be 25
miles long. A
a I
Yt in Vl.lt Iter Home. " T-.
Ky., April 59. Mr.and
Mrs. Autonfo de Navarro, the latter
formerly Mary Anderson, the actress,
who have arrived in New York, will
come to this rity. Word has been received
by her friends here to that ef
Siie was born and made her
debut here.
reremptorlly lllamUied.
LousviLLK, Ky., April 2'.).--Georgo
Klin, charged with murdering William
Barnett, was dismissed on peremptory
instructions Thursday afternoon. Tho
prosecution failed to prove that Kirn
struck the blow from which death resulted.
Manuel in (iond Condition.
Louisvillk, Ky,, April CO. Manuel,
the favorite in the Kentucky Derby,
arrived in the city from Memphis Friday
afternoon. He Is in excellent condition,
and will run the race of his life.
Taral will ride Manuel.
Will lte Hurled In Cuve Hill.
Louisvillk. Ky., April no. The remains
of Harry P. Johnson and George
Butler, 1st Kentucky soldiers, arrived
from Porto Rico Friday to bo
buried in Cave Hill.
A 1'rltoner Onro More.
FnANKKor.T, Ky., April 20 K.v
Cashicr William Shipp. of Midway, was
rearrested at the penitentiary doors
upon being released at tho expiration
Ids term, served for making false
entries He will be tried upon other
indictments for similar offenses.
Myttorloua Death at rUri.
l'Aiiis, Ky., April 20. Will Stivers
died hero under mysterious circumstances.
He was ill but three daya
and tho physicians are unable to account
for his trouble. There are
strong suspicions that he was sandbagged.
A post mortem will beheld.
cldcd to Death
OwKNsnoito, Ky., April SU The little
child of John Iletlin, while rolling .1
hoop In the yard at her father's home,
near Tellville. ran into a cauldron of
boiling lye and was so badly burned
that she died in a few hours. .
- W.u
Louiivllln After the Knc.iinpinent.
Louisvillk, Ky., April :u A movement
Is on foot to secure the United
Confederate Veterans encampment for
Louisville in 1000.
Hemp Market Ae'lve.
Lkxinoton, Ky., April 20. W. J.
Loujjhrhlge Thursday put chased of
Claude Itos worth 30.000 pounds of hemp
SS per ewt. This U tho first tim!
since 1S0I that hemp has reached th.j
mark. Tho market Is good.
of Mr. Morloa utliliu.
OwK.Nsiiono, Ky.. April dispatch
front New York nnuutiti'.v.s the
death of Mr. Moiton Wat. .ins, wife of
well known opw.p.ip t 111:111 and
former ics.dcm of this city Tut
fuuer.il will bo huU here Friday. :,.,
- v., .
. j y
ai l 1 f, ,?
. .

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