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The Hickman courier. (Hickman, Ky.) 1859-current, January 05, 1900, Image 2

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Notable Happenings of 1899
The BritishBoer VarWarn the Philippines Bio Finan
cial Failures Startling Disasters and Crimes
NecroloUu Politics and Sports Etc
m e e fl a e e
Mar 2OJ1U Chambcrliin addre cs parlia
tnfcnl on the Tll1Davaal
May 10 Arrest of 8 alleged British officer I 1
in Transvaal for conapiracy
Sl CoafereodisXit Blotmiontein between I
Pres Kniget and Sir Allied Milncr
Jul IcUDNew fnnduse bill pahcd by
24 Krugur threatens to resign
Aug 21 Krugcr ID diplomatic note oltera to i
make concessions on condition that Eng >
gland abandon claim of suzerainty
2SChamberlain replies melt terms cano t
be considered
Sep Chambertern insist on joint inquiry
to make wire ito nullifying conditions cxiK
behind Krugcr proposal
18 Krugcr answers with less favorable pro
poMils than before
22Britaln formulae notll Ih3t abe will I I
prepare final terms
fOranite Free Slate votes to aid South L
friwii Republic
tJ 20rn Sir Ucdvcra lluller Appointed
i command m South Afnov
1UBocr ultimatum that Britain must with
dravBLlroopa from South Atriea
Announcement ul Jaissnnesuurt iKat
wir woirhL be iu effect If a in OctilC
12Doerll iirm11I Natal
13Armonalrg11l ellllllrcd by Lom at
Kraaipn qoldeizid by ranlvoUl reo
11 Kimberley besieged by fleets Alf n
al train blown up near Mdfeking
20 Gw Symons mortally wounded in bat
tie at ClfHCOc
22Oen Kock killed in battle of lands
31 laagte Itayal British fufikcrs No 10 mountain I
battery and Gloucestershire regiment sur
rounded at Ladysnutli and obliged to I
capitulate after losing heavily
Nov 2 Boer capture Colenno completing
investment of Ladysinith
1 Be6r wreck Kngluh anuoied train I
north of Entcourt and kill wound or cap
S 23 Gin Methueii wins bottle at Belmont
53 killed 117 wounded and 18 missing
28 Metbuen defeats Uaeiv at Modder
river but with heavy Iou
Dec = UntJlh under Gat cre drawn ntt
trap at btormberg and 072 taken pnll
13 Methuan repulsed at Magersfontein
Gen Wauchoptf and marquis of Win
Shelter killed Total Untuh losie 963
9 1C Gen Duller report reverse near Colen
N British troops again icd into trap 10
guns being captured I destroyed 1007 r
8Gen casualties Methuec communications cut
Jan 2O Filipino congress at Malolos adopt I
oonstitutionand votes confidence in Aguin
aldq tnlpW ring him to dtCla wr
ugaf llt AD1enCnll
agaTn23ti S government notilied Aguioalao
Feb 4thpinGa make night jttivk oa
Manila but repulsed 25 Aineriijn el I
diers killed 15 wounded Agencitlo
mtPlno rpsentntive tna1 astuot
MII IaJIo I fc a fJ M
cgRifiCl1t UribJp ctI elegranal rer
Philiupioc island
13llng Uen Millera force capture Iloilo
OMniUl Island of Panay rebels fire town
bolero evacuating IM eusuultie en Ainer
Sfr ofCebu
Cebu to naval force reported
OfH WIaNton OiI1tUI city of
2GU S Phiiippinen cominuwen meets in
3G Maj Gen MacArthur outers Malokss
lasted I
ed I bra then Filipino tot fire to town
and fled
Apr 10 Gen Lawton capture Santa Cruz
Lgua Provo
I7ilipso capital tal Sail Rcrnando since
capture of Matelos removed to Tarlac
58 Admiral Dewey reports capture by Fili
pinos of Licut Gilmore and 14 of crew of
the Yorktown who had gone ashore at
May 2 Conference in Manila between Gen i
Otif and Filipino emissaries terminates
without definite result
olint Filipino municipal government
sanctioned by Americana established at
Balinag by ucn lawton Native mayor
and aaMSKil elected
16 Man laidro important Fuipmo town
taken by Lawton
22 Aguiaatdoa commission meets Amen
con coniuiiMion in Manila notified that
following A I
governor general to Ite appointed by the
president a cabinet to be appointed b y
the ffovernor general all the judges to be
appointed by the profiident the head of f
clcimrtinenu to be cithcr Amenrint nr i
1iliis t or both and general advisory
council lU members to be chosen by the
people by a fonn of suffrage to be hereaft
er carefully determined upon
uponJun of Span i
mil troops sai from Manila for Spain
3I 111erMIIQr under Lawton I Wheaton and I
Oveukhite defeat Filipino at Las Pinas
hf i4 v > OM oil both tide
16 Adm ill John C Watson Irl H I
at Manila to atcume command of Asiatic
Jul 1741 correspondent ia Manila pro
test against rigid censorship of press dil
or Gtn Otis proclaims provisional I civil I
govornment on Island of Negro
Aug tU S steamer Saluraus captured I
ajid burned
Sep 22 Gen Otis attempt to imitate policy
cpIo ved in Cuba of buying insurgents
arnie fU
24 Ounboat Urdanela while bombarding
Ovid is captured and sunk by rebels
craw rude prisonere
Oct 8Aguinaldo issue proclamation re
leasing American prisoner and permitting
Filipino tofldiers in northern province to I
go home
0 CcMorahip of press dispatches 19 and l
from Manila abolished
10 lunrfcnt capital moved from Tarlac to
mountain west of that city I
20 Uen Law ton establishes civil govern i I
meat at San Iidro
31 Imurgent capital established at Bayon
Nov gone lFilipinof routed near Mabalacat
12 Americans enter Tarlac
lJMltj John A Logan killed while lead
ing battalion in battle at San Jncmto
24Otis reports that insurgent ioernmmt
cMuno Inger he said to exit troops and I
ottila1 being soattered and Aguinaldo in
hiding DautUta pres Filipino oongrcu
before Gen MacArthur formally re
nouMes all further connection with in
28Capt Very of gunboat Ctine reports
to t Admiral Watson that Provo of am i
bounga has unconditionally surrendered
Dec 10Oen Grcgorio Del Piiar roramand
jag Ulnaldos body guard killed in fight
18 n w Cervantes
I3Uen Tirana commanding in Cagaynn
voluntriy andunconditionaily surrender
entire province
PIOlIlceI9 j Hqnry W Lawton killoU I
while leading attack against San Matco
winch was captured
20 Americans vietorlous at Aritao Calam
ta Dmalupljan nnd Sala
Invelvlnrr M bUt le of halt n Mil
lion Dollar or More llnnU
Jan 6New York A B Hilton voluntary
bankruptcy 2 30007 no aweti
IG Boston ILimilton national bank volun
25Kanais City Mo 1lanter bank
31Rujsell Kan First national bank
San Jtwe Cal I Union savings bank
Mar 2lbnk of Cobden 111
8New York William Noble builder vol
untary bankruptcy 51027400
9Limi O American natlowd bank vol
tntarJjlem l80 Tenn CentiMtntat
national bank voluntary
13Lagrange Ill C V Oilletts private
22 Silver Creek N Y Exeotaior bank
2SKhNldlh Mo V V L Iilppucott
prMidast Ijtnpuicott Rental Ce 91000
000 irit4s SIJfi b
Arr WarrensbHrjj Mo Partners and 1
Merchants bank turns butiMM over to
CUIMIM IxMk Hrookl > N Y 111 l
ton honk d to tMbics beak 01 New
llAima Yw twnMtog IKH M of LaP
llunner t McKcmie
21 Lakepart N H I Lake Village wrings
Jun 5Cocheto eN U sating and Cocfo
co national banksirat bank of Skg
uay Alaska
Io ileujhtonVi Danecounty state bank
ItIn GslaTOdo Miners bank at trede and
banks at Hooper and Moat Vista
O New York henry Port banker wlun
3OHa1 tttj JlKB Sp nfor a 11aor
Ju 7Sftvincs bank af St Paul
8NHes Mick CitwBs MatiosMJ bCsik
14 Perth No J Middlesex county sdvwgs
178t Paul Gcrmawa bank
21N Y National luilding Loan Aun
Aug IoAlex McDonald king of tke Klan
dike SO000000
Sep 5Atchiwn Kan Mti Ml bank
18 Penn Yin 1st national bank
20 Wichita Kan Davidnon lavestnwbt Co
26 New York U J Slass olothing mn
facturer 573510
Oct 27 Lexington Iy D A Siyre CoI
Nor 21t Doty Chicago aaal 1 mer
chant XiOOfOa Rutland Me Wood
bury koabsnk7OO00
13Baak af Lthes tia
± > Yankton S D savings bank
ttutte Most iantler lerchutl
tank LebanoB Ind CentrJ state
Dec 15 Boston J P Squire sons pork
packers 3000000
16 B Mon Broadway nat bank
IProdule Iti Trust CoN Y U 649
000 Port Jarvis N nit b3ilK
21 Boston Globe Nat Bank
70 Boston Lovell Arms Co St Louis
SiegeMIfllman Dry Goad Cat 221000
411 11CtuU4
Disasters of Various Sorts in Which
Six or More Live Were Lnl
Jan I lihpemtng Mich 6 miners by up
slu 1 GuM of Mexico 8 by eiphuon an
yacht Paul Jane
oWot Dunellen ST J 18 in railway col
limon SuiijI Neb 4 in railway wreck
It And
deleiia sinks 10 drOsN Greg ooun
ty 1 ex 0 in cyclone
Ity Sliver Plume Col 2 4 miners in snow
byin ounr
inz of boat
12 Near YnLton 6 D 17 in burning cot
tage of inMoe asylum
ItOff South Carolina ccatt 0 by wreck of
steamship U ilium Lawrence Corncr
stoNe Ark 7 in burning homo1R Tex
as during l days intense oeld 14 fron
Mar 8Near Norfolkj Va 12 drowned by
sinking of lug
10 Grade Col6 by explosion in mine
17New York 40 during burning of Wind
tor hotel
19Near Edwsrdsville Ala 11 in cyclone
27 Chicago 8 in dames of Armour curled
hair and felt works
Apr 3 Joplin Mo 5 by caving in of a nat
row trench
4 fiureka Cal 10 by capsizing of steamer
m harbor
7New York 12 in burniag home of WaV
lace C Andrews
1 ineIowlt
leBowitooc river
18 Near Beverly Mass 11 in wreck of fish
liZ schooner
27 e1ton
in tornado
23 MiUn Mo 4 families by cyclone
20Carney Point N J 0 by exphwian in
smokeless powder works
Mar HOfI Gl1Ind Mania in lAke Suo
pcrior 0 by foundering of schooner
27 Near Waterloo Ia 8 in railway wreck
caused by wahotit Near Hardecviric
in burning Iaome1h Bijou hills south
of Chamberlain S D 7 by cyclone
Near Dawson Alaska drowned breaking
30 Toledo 0 fl by upsetting of boat
Jun tNear Alberta N T30 Indiana
by upsetting of boat in Lake of Clouds
7In New York and vicinity 25 from ef
feet of warm weather
8Rol Hollow Ark 2SbylancLahdeIn
vicilUly of Austin Tex 25 byc1udbutlt
and coRRtquent floods
12New Richmond Wis 112 by cyclone
13 Herman Neb 10 in cyclone that prac
10 Rosalia Tex 27 during freahet
20 Dunlxir Wia 0 by upsetting of boat
29In Like Erie off Larain 00 by faun
daring af teamer Near darksville
Mo 6 by upsetting of skiff
Ju S Columbus O 6 by can at railway
13 New York 21 to date from lockjaw l due
4th of July iiLol I wounds
16 Bennett Lake Alaska 11 drowned
12l northwestern Iowa 10 in emigrant
311umpto Va 7 train yellow fever In
cpldicrs home WK Prairie Mach 6
S 8t Mary and Cal vert Bounties Md 0
0during 1
0 Near nlltllDO > T 0 by rowboat rtpaiiing
rtpaiiingd 1a9me7NNr
J7Near Washington lad 0 drowned
Jt dynamite
278parkill N Y 5 in St Anns convent
28bifoqo 0 l falling arches < rf newfoH
cenm bldf Near Oardanel Ark 7 by
30Yum A T 0 in a fire
ftllSOli by boiler exnto
whileEm exmolion
era bathing
5Bith Me 5 by yacht Npal lal gOff
Amhonatbult 0 6 toledo people by
IGNoar Mans N M 8 by collapjing of
22 Near Capo Pint N P 14 in iipwrcck
24 Reno Col l 0 in railway coLision
Jt i ig
iI fit etoolr IIMr Ment I2it1Jtzznedu
5ln MODtoa U aiheeli liedor i Instqjin
while trying to say flocks
26Fairrll AalIt in a fire
Nov IOft S L A conit 13 iusTdpwye5
12 tlOJ Frying lan shoals N C 10 In a p
wreck 1
IVOfl St Pierre Md 7 in Aipwrck
WIlumborhdt S D Oin railway dIsaster
JIt is reported that 3 have been k fca
cidentalry in Adirondack by hurilers
On Upper Yukon Alaska 10 drowned
caught by ice Jam
00 Patterson N J 1 Oat railway crossing
Dee 1 During Minn and V3s deer nason
11 hunters acridentall kMTed
4Near adeDtalli n railway caIlrsf
8On Lake Erie steamer Niagara reported t
lost with 10 persons
9 Cnrbon Ihl Wash 32 by mine ezio
sian v
10 On lake Superior Whaleback barge lS
with art if of U men given 111 for lost I
ltew York 7 in tenement fire
23 Quincy IlL 12 school children injfire
23 Brownsville Pa 33 by mine explosion
26 Near Aihcro II 7 Indian by canoe
upsetting JCRl3lI
Jan 3 Pauldina 0 Poslroa iter GA
Brewer kills wife and laU
JOAnttea Wisraadn1 wreck gfflg of
Antiano Ilapahlioan Weekly NeW ipd
German Herald
JSPItUdpbia QIO Arcs falnlwuti4 I I
wiles lover and kills wife aid M5L
I > b 4 WeatiMter 0 Prank ilair MI
Kd Drorani Mary Andenwt a mf yoU
Mar Jealoosy 1 Alikehi eourthoiue ia Ctwetaw na
ties Ualla Tasks harotd far E
t Atheletooe Rio wife and 4 ohffuran or
J UiibetH MBaLniird jit >
a no TennlJBlV JIrk
pPson hr IebiJ 5g self IW
15Dlcpi Tn Fd u Mt t n ft
tbrolltbprilKjp1trwt Jriltll her arHIjii
LCity ft
city detective T FfakpIiflejt
J 1 WiihI aid 141SM UiakJv I
2Lmraqe tad C I r
her2 children a i4iegipro Ii I
Apr 6 1 IMMiiC I Jae II I
tiP i wife baby bl i i
Itraa 111 7 dead ghewy woo ant I
town under martial law I as raral of bdI
tempt to Arreet a neero deap raek o I
2O1rHat0 CB factional tight h 1
acre htfabtnders results in 8 killed and 2
fatally wounded
2fXu Maiden Ma Mm Jane TaMatoo
and her 4 ehUdren found Bwrdared
Mw 2Near BenudotU II 1 J t J Staita
shoe divorced wile nd kill self JJ j
9 otwyOkolona Miss Dr Wm Mindur and
S a and CJfca D Clarke and MR WIled ia
11 Howard City Mick Jos harvey aged
90 ilh wife uncle and srs namotsMr and
wom1 Ms baby fatherin lav
17 West Alexandria 0 Frank I
kiHsdiwreednile her iteraRfhj
9O4eJdbury 0 larnet Austin 4ged I
kis mother ud brother and apots I
self ChI opposed his wash to raa a
aleIIbor I
Ja 1 Near nO ron Ind Afrsd Veils
kill 3 of hs little boll inIIM fl II
Jul lftNar 1 Long Oron m AUndlelb
TriciJer in frmily qmrrel wounds hI HI I
band and Xii IICI mother and self i
17Manchestrr Ky howard lJa I
kJgSibundd20ear rtlld I
20ear Vhjijt n Tenn1 14UII
ford f LilJlJllton Carson then oe4s
AuuIDttroit Mich Mrs Mary Sfren
14lK kills her 2 children and self tingle to
sebure werk a
4Irandt PI Cbs Yaer kIlts hif U
dren and self Insane
10 Indianapolis Mr Ernes TJaldWtrpoi
non husband and 2 children the asoels
herself dead
Sp 15cItla l Web Mrs Eame PUUps
noisot her 2 children and self
16 Cartemlle III 7 negroes in ri be
tween black and white miners
minersOct lIe1k1lb
kills wife PAul Norman and self
4Mon < comery Mo Cttft rUfildn kilh
Frank Walker bride and self dUai > r > it
ed lore f
llJudge Basil Laplare state Icputer
killed by mob on us planttUon2Wni rom
New Orleans I
18Near Redwood Fall Minn Frank Bab
cock kills wife 3s an and lieU inn
Nov 8Kentuefc election tnulee rat in
J6 killed lad 112 wounded 1ellbQt
Dec 51akentlekl Cat E 5 kiD
wife child and soft l i
0 Racine Wis Rev D B Choir and
wife shot by burglar L
2SChiUicatlie 0 W J Williams KW hit
3 children and himself
More Particularly Tho e Which Cause
large Loss or 8sfferla
Jan 12 AtlaaU Ga in heart of biuiess
ISNewSork building of A J Camntyer
retail shoe 500000
Feb 1 Columbus 0 half ahiuineMtiAok
7 Wianibeg Manitoba bouaeO MOCAQ
ONew York 13 buildings O 000
10 Frankfort Ky governor ansa
12Chicago A C McClurg Coi took
More M30000
ItChIClp E LI fluUers storse bdr
700000 Cincinnati Kahn Fellhcmer
Cofl bat eatabliahmcnt 500000
15 Brooklyn navy yard machine iip
28 Holyoke Mast Windsor houl fjxsra
Apr 1310 Hock and Keith counties Neb
prairie fires wrveral lives lost
16 Cleveland Qlball a block of buaness
May lisarly 1 onethird of Dmle coutyS
D burned over by prairie fires
17Chic go 5 lumber plant 50000
20 Hanson City Alaska bu ncN pcrticDi
28Coney Island NY 200 buildings SJOO
Jun 4Rcpublic Waafc 23 bldg 2MCOO
Aug 21 Victor Col In business Mrtian
Sep 10 Promised Land L I Amer Ush
cries Coa plant tCJ > 000
100In Adirondack fcrast N Von firwi i
20 Norfolk Vjv St Vircent de PauihM i
Oct 3 Kndeavor Pa Wheeler Duton
13BrookIyn N Y BUlb Co cotif > n ware
Nov 8New York Manhattan Bedding i
Cos factory S60fXoOO
5 Waukcgnn Ill Amer Steel r Wire
fire tUrtina in lones Bran departrual
store 500000
12Moiitrca Vian Bros biscuit factory
SO lniUdlhia J 1 U Llnpincott li I tft
pub house anti Duet 1 buifdlns 3000QQO
3000QQOD 000000 fl II
10 ljorrs C business section
1Detrot Tex business tion
30Rori Creek 0 business nortionM
niap Mian 3 business bEaks
JaHll > U S cruiser Philadelphia ordered
tevainoa u ragull of oab between GOT
S3 Oerwaay disavow action of conwi In
Fet OOn Count von Caprivi diet at Sky
nil ier
1CM Felix Faure nrmident of 1ranDCr
dir Midden y in Pans o ajopj xyr
Ctd 58
R iulKlL t7re 1 2
lIUIe Iu iol ntb1Y lit Vrto t1
uuswo 11 lfJure in Jal
MarMPwwtr S < uta and Spankh tnhv 29
Ap VSIF8 dtaUr in Caauilo Mcx
Ir caused UtiI of 12 hvw M
IIY 100 12 JeWl f1rbltldn to irakli ill St Ie
tfubul1f 4 I
16ln Mti Christian uprisiig in Yeachenif Ju
dI1 net of Ichowfa China f Catholic
pnV murdered and 18 chapels wrecked
15Pear coaferenee called by ctr of Rut 13
ala oltfnrd at The lingua idoinatriesrepI
reauied M de Stoat tU614 antstwa J I
dllr to Offtlt Britain made president or
25Fire destroys I 71 homes and store in St
John S BfW 00M00 lOIN 21
Jun 3Spaniih queen reat jMiHCt
Caroline and 1 amos
e < won of Msrianno 32
islands to Germany
3 Court of cassation in lana annuls vet
diet of courtmartials in 18W and orders 31
retrial of Dreyfus Jhpa StruJ fa
inous musical composer diu in jonas
IT nern S Phillip his wife and Mrn 36
Seir miiNOimneik with 7 native converts
roys Tcd at Kiefl Yang
29 New Frearh cabinet formed with bee J
ator WaldeMloujweau an premier
33 Governineot of India adopts gaM stand
JC International council of women opened
I r ndob
JilL IfrUirasid Duke JerK bralker ef Utu 0
MM rur diN at imperial palace ift the
Caucasus iged 87 31
M On th es HmrMUx pros of Sn De
mnnt < > a MMiMt l at MOM I
3 hr1IOLJoaaJ peace conference holds its 21
tiri lilt Ir
Aug s ItI reported fac RovrrniMat
bioI Yaiiui Indian rrvok ql in kind CUT
ki l if1 i so 1 nJian in f ooom I
ft Drey iu tnal begun at Reams France
12 Two mn attempt to MMMiuUe M IA 1
Um vumw for urtrtw
Sep 9lpt Alfred Dreyfits e MW stest el 1
high treason by coMrtmartuI and aen II
ItDfd In 10 yn aa priMa
a French cabinet MeiM to panUn Dwy
fu lue Oaeritt MrrtsWwn alter be 4 ag
gli 1 i
20 Dre faa relcased COM pruon J
t Vt l 3 Anglo Vut ii tM howt4a1
nln deeloa tt Psrjivoa Qt kit 3
lain a IrMa part tJl dispetied tamissy J
ate l I
JO Juan laidra Jiwrnen elected prea Sai
Nov 4U s Gt Dritain and Genoa dii
1I01f tnpartitc agrwinettt rtRavdiusc Sea
n u ands u s gHaraaiee pow Muea
of TiitwiaI
tXaval battle between Cetombkn and > I
rebel T li 390 intargMM kited
> Esmxror and eimresi of Germany mrf
ceased at Windsor hy Vwtonn <
flee 3 Utxieu troops kin IS YaqisI indians
iu battle near Ceaori
3KUd5 pillage Arraeniaa village oC Xe
tar masmcreiDK 300 person
12 Erth akc on Ceram one of 51Oivy
ii < irdi 3000 people periiL
22At FreWwihcjm 40 Belgian school oWi 1
ftrtD drowned by realcMti tltreuah the Ice
on a tkatmj poc
Jaa13bowsaggummssulaanrematU S
comtoia at New York lIKaU MjCOVOO
lJoh Mitchell elected prej United
tine Worker 1ft mcoRTention Pittibwrga
23Bndge bm dioc companies combine
capital 30000000
talutall Lecdiox pottery interests organize I
capital MOUuOMO I
I3Soall muufadurers combine eapital
> 50 oooCOO
ft Amehran Car Foundry combining
big car concerns incorporated for toO
Mar OCOCW 1 American Steel and Wire Co at
Jollat If raises wage of MCOO employes
Jrornlt 1 ° lr centarlou whisky
and dmilbcx companies farm a truil capi
IVages tlf 1I00 stove mo1dcrs niled
30 The Rlpubhe Iron L Steel Co eapiCaI
fJOOOOOOI controlling 30 mills weal oi
ilt tahrglaaoirporated
31 JjnrR month of Mar 134 corporations
onnniaed in New Jersey aggregate cap
Apr 1 Increase in wages in otttoA mills
of New Kniittd goes into effect the resto
ration benefiting HOfXM operatives
4 Andrew Carnegie advanced warts 01 19
000 empioyea in Pittsburgh and vicinity 10
per cent
20 Trouble between union and nonunion
miners at Wardner ldlh culminated in
and mul cauaior los I of 150000 and one
i I 1 if f t I i
man kailed C Trick Coke Co in
Pittsbnrch Pa empterirx li l 000 men
raises wages rom t to nt per seaL
May Jlrrop occupy i ardur Idaho and
martial law prevail on account of rioting
10 Riotous sinkers at Duluth Minn blow
up street car with dynamite 10 panaengcr
111 Induitnal commission in Waskingtoo
begins inquiry IMO operation 01 trusU
17 Brother nood of Railway Trainmen in
leuuob at New Orleans reelects Grand
opposing Sunday train
Jun 7 baited States court of appeals in
session ILt Mswsukee ears alleJIlab w
applia solely to common laborers l ex
empting clerk and all kind af skitlad ar
t ta al
loWatI of OOOO employes in iron and
ateel maaufactunna industries rtued 31
per centiig ConMtidaied Cos 14
street railway lines in Clere > and 0 tied
up by strike for increased wage
12 Rioting in Cleveland rru > led in de
struction of 10 ers and injury of mores of
peraonn including many poitemeiv
21A a result of aelUementof coal miner
strike 23000 of the 30000 slnken return
to work in Missouri Xan ai Indian ler
nt9r and Arkansas
21Street raiiway strike in Cleveland ended
practically A Tietorj k zway concerns
though at a money loiwof nearly f2W000
Jul 11 Distillery io of Amer incorpo
rated at Trenton It J cap 112 000000
12 Consalidition of wrooaht teel iron and
tube indtutritit effected in Ness York
137 Wags increase of 15 percent for 30000
tin mil employes announced
Sep 13 Tnut conference t35 states repre
sented opened in Chicago
15Af L LOCkwoodP eucted pree anti
trust or aniMton formed as resull of lOn
ferenre in Chicago
20 Antitrmt conference began in St Louis
Gov Say ra Tex presiding
Oct 100lla WI coal miners trike it
tied after lockout of over 18 mos during
which many lives were sacrificed
20 Pullman PAlace Car Co of Chicago ab
sorbs Wagner Palace Car Co of N 1
Nov 22 Commercial Industrial congreiu or
ganized in Chicago competed leading
headingshipping J
nnukcc pres
Dec 10 Wages of 300000 Nm Ungland tex
tie mill cinjiloyes advanced incrcaw be
Ing 10000 000 it ear
13Indepsuferut telephone omIRniea or
Uieplioneiouiiiinc l tHrn tioiw Farm
S union organized at IlinEiiainion N
Y to maintain produce pure
214t Springfield III street car blown up
by dynamite forSd time tinceatnke begin
Jan 5 Eagle City Alaska Jack Jolty iu
loonheener and gambler Near Baffli
AlL Marshall McGregor colored
Feb liNear LeeabUrg Ga Bill Holt Gco
Fort and Gao Jiivenx assault
Mar 15 Palmetto Ga 0 negroes shot
charged Avitn arson
2JJIn Little River county Ark 7 negroes
Rflv a race er
23t1iarIcMon S 0 John Webb antI wm
Toney nozro boys 18 years old killed by
r tlb I of wfclte boys
> Anr hID orfieffi 0 Wm Kmneman i
tarred and feathered r assault
2N r Ncwnan Ga Sent Uosc1n cfo I M
imnnai at slake murder AJtrau Cnn >
ranford M
90lCcoia Ark Will fecsi barn burning
May 18yiue Lick Spnngs Ky John Hal
land ootortd Ji
tOnl white charged with harboring a
murderer Jl
Jun 10 Near Bardis Mix Simon Brooks
i colored lynched by a negro mob muro A
dared negro w nuin
13Dunelon Fla 2 negroes lynched by
wgro mob fQttlhootin colored manO
JuL SImo han Dick Wllliami negro
charged with murder 5
KreelAndsTille Ind Lon French a des
perado I
21Tan lab La 5 Sicilians for long list of
alleged crime S
22Uunbndjtt Oatl negroes at Multed
white woman Near BrulonMo Frank
Knraree nrcro assault 2
218olfolll Oa 5 negrors aMUult
UItWirnot mur
der mttiesburg MIN Hecry Novels
J fTGl1dkh Chat Mack rape and rob I
ilton colored burned a church I
A ug I4ear Forest Ga Solomon Jones
I negro lIIM nX
9 Aralta City fwi I Adolphus Brown col
flarrfioed J
fioed IIy a mob Jaapar IatlR
known nern riasault
tOft I I 1 I SnwtJJ IwhUe I
charged with cattle stealing
stealing1St ihad
hid eonfcased to Bring home in whMi A
porsoes Mrishea
21St AiMM Miss John Gray oawrtd 3
implicated in murder of Gambol family
Nov SNear CoarUand Ak Albert MlasV I
inetml I I ataattU
lH x > sntUM Me I Wm llHfi ahirsed
with ran Her
Der I Maytriilft Ky Diek Cottman 1 I
negro t burned at stake tnHrder
L3 loneis La ncro assault I I
ftJas Martin and Prank West ostms
near Bolten MIM rotinler and assault 2
3IWTIOhIOlOflhIt t
an 10 8anMvX i wmprsiureaOdeg I
below tI
IINr l guemina Ala eji lane
Feb l3l5ciere l bkaaard swoops Atlantis
llDawag ceu to fruit from told in Florida ei 1
WMW at 1 =
Mar 9 ianawna valkiy 1 in W Ya4 by wortt
wad in loosJ history CharlntsK aJmett
entirely Her fat CvcUne ta Rut
Ton destroys preperty valued at WXto
10 Sharp flaihes ef Kxhtning and roaring
thunder during snowstorm it Cntppewa
Falls Wls
Apr UtIoad at Sheridan Wyo cancer
ret property te es
2losii blockade which prevented train
entering rjreckinridte COt for 70 day
May 1 Caidopon MiehH and vleiitjey
clone eats jmth AHirter of a mile wide
loHolIIr Nab inBndated by cloudburst
Sperrport N Yoodsd frolll
OrMantRehfr 0 er lone > trike ool
hoe M ehidran aid teacher lajisced
3lJ r e lajiscedIs I by
wind aad rate
Jan 7 Peru lad c Bdswri
20Msreleld 0condbssnt
21cl Gale 0 almost entirely dsftrared
br deeds great damage sian l It Mwimr
CtVjr paMUMons of more than 300 miners I
swept sway
SJ Carrua Tex washed away by flood M I
live Iud COOOOOO In property kit
JI 3DeTJTn wssled away by flood
SIn TUII nNd in BniM river valley In1t I
defrayed in 10 das flSPOO000 in property
and 35 lives
2 rrewabnK N Y half business portion
2ln Deaf untj5S D 11IUI etrip
of < by 10 Rufea destroyed by hail
Au 3Near 110rnCot detNlIut
IUllmun iD Porte I fer Wt
Indire city 1 Panee entirely destroyed
3009 person killed In Ptutedflnhi
eleotnear storm damaged IOOOCu6 m
prarertr x
Sep aeir BoTrliij Green 30 oil derricks
wrecked b1 4rpsdo
Noy lPOrt Faa Mont train Mown
from track by wuadssrm
Dec 7Btwsk river sfley Wek AoMeJt
25Jan Jaent amid unset CI wIped nit
Jan 13 G fic N elf an Diniler est ev
17J IU YOUR cong Ibrahian at Wash
isjUn nr ii iiS
2ft rJUAXtanuy 8e11 eiScn and raCe
Ark Alt fiarfcmd at Washington
Pct 7
Feb flCoI JM A Sexionef ObieeeaG
A R eomnMnderinehief at Wa htng
ton agrdM
Mar I1Juen Farmer HeroeVn farrarr
lord high chancellor of Gt Dntaia dm
suddenly at WjaihincUn while represent
inc BflMnd an AnfffeAraeriaan Joint high I
commission aged S3
2JCong John W Cranford Tex at
Waihi > Kton > aged 30
12Canc W L Urea Neb at Omaha
17PmIX a Kaplazs HI JjOllolht 114 4
IoraDf n Iierpoat lit Ccv W V a
asid last of civil war governoci at PilA
burgh Pa aged 8Q
Apr aneAr Admiral C Co Carpenter Ire
tired commit suicide in a HO UM saoitar
DJwtke Stephen J PkM of U Sso
premeeoart retired in i nihhtgUn
aged S3
24Ex GOT and exU ft San Hkhard J
Og by in Klkhart III aged 74
Mt 12IxoO 1oself P nower N
at r lAtportt I I aged 64
JUD lEalov J iltA lIuter at lIsten
vile Ark i aged 72
2Gor Wm II I KBerbe at Sellers So C 1
sped 35
15 LebanonMo
Mo nFesJ M
Jnl 6 hiGov J P Richardson at Colum
Celumbia PNewman
Newman at Saratoga Spring N YIlt j i
2JCtll noM G I nit noil near Dobbs I
Aug SEzflov Wm Y Atkinson Gnst
lr lao henry M necter at Little
NY 1
Y at Newport It It lIedM
l ReadingPa
Ia Igd Z
titPleuant 1
Piessant Is aged 70
> PortJendOre I
ris at liarriiburg Ya
23KxGov Hugh H O rood Onn at
Maalmi N Y aged 78
25 Uhas Grant Allen noveJUt in London I
aged 51
20Bri2 Oen Guy V Henry U S Aat
Nov 1 HxGov and rlxU S Fen Alvin I
h3auudrrs QL Omaha NDb aged S2
51 Kx Gov A Barto ot St Cloud Minn
10 Cone pan B l Settle In Owenten Ky
2lAico Pre Garrot A hobart it Pater
IOn Nlj 1 dB
Dec GU k Snelect lIJollroe J hay
17Iellt juGs M llrumby of Marietta
Go Of ways flag lieutenant at Washing
ton acted 44
IGOr K J Finnoy I nvep tor of trolley aye
22Dwleht < Moody evangelist at North
field Iaut aged 02
62OProf 11
26Prof llliott I Cone ornithologist I1t
Jan 5 Mall train make run N Y to San
7 Ollyjp Archer at Dayton 0 running I
high kick 7 ft 3 in
Mar 7 John LSWMR at San Jose Oal
i ins 1tin 1 bleeJo nice I
fl I5tetcr 11cgclsnsn1frk wins
7 br gocaOUIIIOIII wAlking uuiatefi Iff
Jun 9Jaa J Jeffries whips lUbtFiteJn i S
mona in llth I round in prio fight at New
York for world championOiip
1Cbs M Murphy paced by locomotive
make mile on bicycle in 03 see
Aug 1W K VandiTlHlt Jrt Newpoji
It I make 3i 111 tn auloluotull hi 13 nan
3A A Unaen in Minneapolis rWr bi
cycle 1000 m 911 bra 41 min
4Uunu Pierce in 1httadelpMa lower hi
cycle rcconla l for 11 3 4 and 5 in tlmet
foo 40013 ann 80i
27 Tom nutkr at Hareniirawl 18 tide
1ft 105136
JU 111 XU IVtfl v
Sep 15 Open gulf championship ef Vb q
won in Ualuinore by Wm Smith of Ohio
27 fieWinjt Burnpi breaks words wagon
p1cftnf Ont 2011
Oct 4vm llStubbi llalUiMre no mjwi
tar sets 00017 ems on machine InS hilas
11 Eddie Melhiffic at Ikoeton MOM rides
b cycle 2 in in 251
IiNaC Ixwcuf b kebatl season ends pr >
ecreUge bin aA fellows HrnaUyM t CS3
BottM 1m Philadelphia II 1 haUte
more 331 fit Louis J7
zi PitsIurgh 1 itO eri
IuwavLJe IP ken Grk WL
tncttw t 1M Wevelsnd MM
18 5lr Jare 11 Nfl < th New York
KO M saSh I hw 41 Hria
tt Tkird and Hskl rut ia sertes ff Anier
kit s cup won br CalwiAia mfMtnit the
rUwmrork lM1ia4i c4allMtgtr
Sfrlloward i pelf lawn win IItftOnttril
dMinpioo kii 1t K o w York
Nov 11 J Jlnoa at toncv Island I
Yei decision so noiiUa after 21 rt wI
with Tow tlUiUv I I tar world heavy
whi champioaahttt
IOMIJJ w l1aNap half w ht 7
rord lowered to 41
b 0 ill Tarlif owrt I m pored biryrl
tll 110
tisor VUMw dies Oraaw fines l wih
ample a la N i Y I dos 17 hire 37 nun
IJ Itfrt lUfNM wins 4f bour borsch reco
in rt tt7 ro 101 1ft
D2 II 11 r chicago 10Ct1baJ1
team wine western eUftir rh pioii
ship by defaatis WkKosmn MIr and
Waller is Ni win ida bicycle race
rnskisz 211 a
UII Y VslissmnswisIiyvdsinll3S
VrrlnlnlnK rtl rlnllr Iu Thins
Pollllrnl nolnl ttplltiluui sod
lIh1la lanai
Ian 10 S flag njnd oer lUvMi pel
are noline traMfw af tvvtmsitf over
4tinaninhAnucncas peace treaty sos lo
U E3 senate
12 Convmnwary Gen Ran t Hifyt c be
for war WIt Uoc ratniyiUto fill
Hen Mile A bar ilr Pranoti Iff
Member of Col l leKuktMre > a tiiaiM > tk
em i lit instance af tM kiwi an i eaL
19 CtibMi evacmiian somiesassos rapartt
MdI dissolved
4T C Search reelected pros Nat AM
ef Manufacturer at tiKUSMU
2J Verdict ef dimMJ frjM MsUl serv
ice wtthavt ruasanieaastism ft tusnsjaty
pewed on Cell Eamn by ewsrt martial lor
attack an Gen Mrs
Feb IA G Patter rep Wash okxted
ft U tt noiste rauKc AfAniiiA > e
peee UMty 57 te If Cawt los OMMS
HUKM of Cuba loaves Canll pIM with hut
nf Spanish Mklier tins tomplistimj vms >
7Prea rtdnce Gen ugaas Kmtoiiaetfl
A yrt mupciMleii
25 Ameneaw ttag raised nsr Guam
Mir IUnion I narm party oif HwM ia 4
4ive and rrerend w
36C1Nle aonirm QAmiuittanN if < Um
Dewey in be admwulL R S Olfe sa arliai f
era Hmp a and Mbtey U bo Mar ad
Minis with Sehley S mtmWm M aflaMe
of Sni tOn
17 Qece T regr t of tMin signs Meat tivalr
gay At IkatUe Kin Mm Chu Tet
ten is elected mayor afi members f e un
cii 1 Ale women
11 RaliScationM of pre treaty exehiiroM
in Washington Bellamy Storer noised
II minuter lit Spain
21 Sen Quay oiiiiited in Philadelphia and
II appointed by GOT tilane to IK vacancy
till nest Jfcmlature tactic
5 > Coisrt ef inquiry report dsFKot of
chemical l treatment of refrwerattu t
riaL eiubti hd censnre CJon MJle for
delay in eallnsc attention lo miMor ye
buks Ofn Pu far eaesMvepsr ese
or an ntitncd rat > tn and etammta pads
w from blame
Mar VCcl Fred FdMton ttth luin J w > 1
vnterm mivde hnt jfn
lCant I bun reelected pres Chit Serve
flelorm Ann meeting m Nine York
17 Preiby < enan of L S in 11 Itlt annual
ass lllblJ at Minneapolis
24 National 2 IViptiit aanirer ary mf ltin
Itnln UI Hn
> Prot Arthticfley cMofttt pa
2 4Cutsan
dth n troop an disbanding and Mitrcn
Jun 1 lumftallir ronvfnboa in Irilt
Ky favors Chicago nlatform CO enc
nominatani otWJ Ilrysn
4 Diplomatic rastiofM with Mpain btcn
all Apr IOIt51 formally rwttmod L
ceptwn nf Due dAreot new Spanish tufa L
inter Ltrut fbi NirMwaasm CI Q7
inaugurated 10 auteesti0ev KIIerlle III
t IIfd
0 Sneaker Reed rewfn as member af wn
Jul Inttrnatianal Cevancfl a 1 Women ilLI I
dunapoh It pres
5 United Society Christian ISncUavtr at
Detroit Rev Francis B l Clark pres
7Nst Uitortal Awn at Portland Ore
13NIt Kdueational An at Los AD dca
Cal O T CorfI pres
11tSe of War fluticll A Aljter rwlxne
AUIt 1Elihu Root takes oath af eliiie aa
secretary of war
Sep 4Gr n l Army of Republic In 33d
nat encampment In Jhi1adellbIA
Walker Hill af f St Ixiun prea
15Nat Export fSJtOIhori formally opened
in Philadelphia
20 Yorkharbor
29N val parade in Dewey hodor in New
Oct 2Dewey arrives in Wathingtan
tPres McKinJey wife and cabinet learo
Washington for tour through weaL
6 Univf rnity of Vt roten to confer degree
of LI1I fMi Dewey
12 International commercial oonrreM at
11Antl imperialist meeting In Chlcapo
19 lJec1formall 11
formally turned over to him
Nov 7SC4te tleetia result AI followsi
Nish rep elected in 0 Taylor rm
M1Crane e
Crane rep In Sins fmtonitU wry
wryNebn go
tCOrep I
8U 8 k Britain and Germany agree on
0 Admiral Dewey marries Mrs Mildred
Dec 4OpenJBc of Cflth congress in Wah
Ington David M 1 llendenon lat elect
It speaker of home
7 Titos S Martin Vn noruuflted in
l3lxSen Allen appointecI 10 U S Son
military governor of Cuba
18Currcncy bill passed hy lower house of
20 bantuel Gomptra unanimously reelected i
prej Amer Federation of Labor Detroit
Irtroit20Format convtn

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