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The Hickman courier. (Hickman, Ky.) 1859-current, January 05, 1900, Image 3

Image and text provided by University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY

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< + tCGacG Ka a tlfrCr 6ttHk aCC + i4
t II r
filey Taylor Vclrcji 1Yt II Mnokor
anti A 3L J C < ioirnu n Mute
Illeutnu Counnllontrn
lor Wednesday afternoon appointed 1
W II iluakoy antiQoubel duinnerat
und A u I J Coohran ruptibllenn utnte
rJeottoH ooniiniwionem Tho repuuli 1
can minor state oflMalHoluct who
ttOHlMtei will oonio before the board I
havo not dtwfdod exactly Inlet courmt
tlioy will miratio but UH Clerk Shack
iUord will mvwir In tile democratic
ooinmlMloHMrM nppolntwJ by Co linn I r
nloMor 1nywt It In prolmblo Taylor K
iippoteUo Will IruUtute itMtnUaniUH
proeoodlaga to gvt pommrton of the
ulUe M DamocrnU ItitIdNII l do not be I
llwv Ihw eoerta will hokl Tnytorn np
potntntrau good 1Iu they do not din
tfuin u fact that they regret Uia
vomplliNitloM irrowlHir ont of the rort i
IjrtmtloH of former coiiinilwionurM
Pryor and ItllSa
A trw awtt cring m tnUom of th e
Ircialatvr bogiM arrlviHg Wednoc
cay and It U ntMMUd that owing r
1ca the unuaunl loteraot growing oil t
u the eontMt for gnv rnor and I lUu I
tenant rorrroor iwnrij all will It 1y
lt l rr by Niturdny or Anndny If rb Hlathe
ct nKlovUdK f l msnb s lon r 1I N I I
1111 wt hie Mthatt dlseellre 11KI t
u ire + v tjMMit asvonr MW of tlM auU
torhrl > m ntu to yfva kiss N boom
fur rMOor Jew I hi m miMllMlly for
V U WlUun lave Ahlpurcl a Vnluabl u
tfuruu uf llor pn JuMBlgnril
fti Vtatinn Part Ire
7ltoagteu Ky Den 100 n WIN 1
a M IMC > Nhlpprd to Xvw York in bin
prrW4 bore car n vuhMiMo eergo of
1IJfdI Tan heal are the Imp Kan
tnhN ycarttHg goto to TmlMor VT
II ll fra t BUrton MeL Ave tare
thrwrwwoW bunting bone owned
by listit a fcunpm sad biwd At 10
fnrrn t Dr It U Norwood In Utto
< + alaj and ire am trotting broil
tisane eoiMlfHtftf to Theodore NrblH
tttiyr lit OMKMI Itn Mr Mor
grae leant an broken sail reed 7 Jor
tiMHtlnir iMrpoM Tho 1Rpr
TUKTMI fur rxpnrt arr to b tlwil for
rrr 1lBir trotters la that covntry
IMI lie4 UN I lit 1 nr lomlon
Loado K > Dw 30At the
Swttt vulwgr Un Milwi west of I oo
u dol Wllll MTMNT Jowl BtOU tow
e the iiglkaa
e iiglkaaMl i
tMt Himiit UN UhHMd IN
to faoa 11 earl not ioaonr Will faa
Mranff WM ifcot Uiro cti UM Uilc
sad la UM body protMlriy fats y
Tit MawMM arc reported to Imvo
do M the oA Uvo aaooUng Ne nr
ItatTluD Knnd HiiUTtTMlra
ItoHanui who MM in ekarg Ute JAW
loa fa xl oaliMtlon for tibia w tAon I J
hr 1 arse thlH otter In I the iatwtwt of
tiro fusels Twenty tbouaaiMl MaiMer
a ltd ICnqf artrtdre 11011 kulrwt
enrriwdLlvta read will be A f ren
away one with ere ry imbiwripllon of
36 otMtn or More AM a heroic IIIHH
f1daw and l obtain n MHiveittr of the
Into war
ICuCkr Yrnrtonrr
WnBliltivtea Dee 1O1he following
KcNttteklutt hart rueelvod jM arfon atto
Dwljflit A Leah Hjfwell Ashland Htrile
Jolla II Dye Mayweed W to SB ltd I
4 wnnl henry KH hky dad MnyHoW I
Mtj Hour LNff0brft > ic > It lt vuet 1 14
to W7 minor of Ktlward Henry
MUHikky Mayflcld 10 Jtaeliol Mo
ChudQ nur1tClItd1to SS
Anut6 rwo Pruil Jch I
10011 DofM t Ri Doc IOIn a
fund I fight at Hut mouth of feet or
orouk Clny cxiunty Vmlnwnbiy KM I
Doling wan hot and Idtled and Due
Doling wan u > ouH lml It ht reported
that IMuaM Ilidier wlio killed his
brotlior Alex IH befog hunttfd down
by tlio Ihllpot tfaotlun and < will boof
shot tjn night
They Pared n slob
ItopkltiKvlllf Ky Uoe 90 Frank
Koiinor till colored confeawd HwmlU
nut of JSnnlnr lubimoN tliu white bor
whoa akull WHH oraahed with a rook
ifibi TliHrwlay wa rtsmovod to Han
I fur ott Jail Wednandap artglit for imfc
ImeltlR bcoauav of mob rumors
JolitiHfln In nlmo t flood
rnlntlnl Ilmldrjtcr Jlurnrtl
1Jo 1 lIfton Ky Doc ffIThe I a
I th ou Hurt iMuea At Varmllli > o tilt
pnlntlal riMlt < i nuo of J H Cannlon a
noted thorouirh 1Jr d lircoflnr burn eel
to the fruiind WeiinetHlay uftornoon
in lila aiweiKf lION 4CCOOO
1 1
flay Iliillil n Hrliitul At Cui mil In
Coteuibla Ky Dro JQflu board
of pGuentlon of the IoulHvlllo confcr
onoft of tar M t K obiirch lotitlt mot
lero TJiiirifhiy to uoiixidcr the louu
tfon of a large school nt ihln place
rjiriulHt Vntully Iliut
l Joul Nlllr Ky nee 28WIIl Jon
3hiK r n cl 1 enlist employed by u Cull
foritln iiKHUml uompnuywhilo iiiHprct
l lug n new laboratory nt tits eompanys I
factory TiiwJuy morning stepped oa I i
n too board and wns precipitated to I
< htp floor below His collar bonn wai i
bricon and bo itHtalncd perlmpa fa
fat Injury
Itunrnnc Jtlnon Snlolile I
e Jllolmiond Ky Doc 8J L Book t
or > IiiHiiroJiffO ngent committed uui J
i elite by twkJnp1 carbolic acid His aU1 I I
ound him dead I
Quptluti of IVIio Hlinll Pill Vncam
cle In the Hoard of Election
Uo nun liclu item
Frankfort Ky Deo 25 Question I
ooHccrHlng the makeup ul the star u I
basal of olootlon cninut > fiioucrh may
bw brought before thn oourtn halos I
the ooinmlBHlonertt nit ns n content
board to paw ipon for eluinia mud o I
by the domoomlr ouuditfatoa fur the
state onion below that of lieutenant
govornor which are now hold by re
publleantt The point of nontvntlon I
IH i the prooodure to ho followed In nil
Ing I tau vaoAiMileR OHUWK by the rc
be I
1ryor umHalllM l Tho dvitutorata IILVQ t
itoiiRtnietl the km + to provide tlmt
sash rae uieleH tire to bd filled by tlio
runmlNliig members of Uw beard ax d I
on thin theory Johii Fultoi wild ar
iwlntMl to ill one of the vaoandw
CoininttmlonerM Poyntx and Fulton aro I
to moot here Thursday to oltoet thee I
tklnl inomlwr of tM bosrd The re
pBbHeatiH HOW alpha the Anivrtloii that
UltNW raoHHeluH should l > c Illlvd by
a iK > lntm nl of Uon Tiylor ItI I r
Isld the Kormor will maVo nom bIt
ttou to 011 the vaennaioi and that
the qowllon will their be takan Into
I1Jtu owui U
11KRrarlred n 1ntul Mtovr
IlloliiHond Ky Dee Si While
di taking 1M In n nrankial mood I
MarocDaa Deiore aoif bf WlliUm Do
YON a pttrlnt mlent of thi lli hmond I
1rnxtetaailtatty hllletl John 1lllluT
colorvil l y talking him on tU tern
iris with an truitMiied lhf toJ The ro
tease Von n prtrlOUN its i wfplf bo
Ivfovit Ue men Mlllor w b t1 il eiu
jilnjriMl in Icttdngtou 1ttoti just arrived I
en a teals to Tlrtt Mu sparser and I
ai ipiMl Into Sextons wloau to get
n drink After bring struck I y Dl
ofore IMn
Ilw jmbjrH 9Gkt6 aril had a writ of
Yarrot bwnml for Detero Iften bo
rteat te his nwUjf helps send b
tt ro be eonld ten Wr 1111 Mil b
fallrn him bo foil dead Iran ncb iia
Shul nod lUllril
IfaMoiMrlUo K1e M > f mr To
erand a WlMl tiger proprietor Wanted I
lWrtrk waR 4allll > rt fIi rlttyR tIM btt
else MllwU alN 1 3aa Burke r faNett a
bvitet la his arm Mike mid Andrew
Itnrho urren leriNL Dan Borke onto
I OMleil guilty to mardrr to tart n
Me 4 Bull wtls ajbnuitted on Ue
r of MlfMlalMMe Any Uurfe
wax ltae a ItoHgJi Itlder
Hall lllinirl IaWrortbaM
1nMaiaaswf Xy Dan M wA bMl
Mnaoh one > irr d OH the Leutm < fil i
Atlantle railroad near VaJlejrtow
Ilaswd by tbe hrenKiof of trwaka
r0tierera enra Mt the bark TIM pap
r aught Are and muck mail lax t
stir was unrnedi Twentyftre party
0nra wero badly bksken up
A ilocbfl Orunii
Ptankfort Kj Der JdTbe Krn
tneky Stato Doinocret wblrb U to
be l the aI Ran of the Ooebol faction
and tho oflleJal printer for the login
latHro makea Its appearance Mon
day UxHoprenentallvo John M Mo
ofloan of Calleway count In the e d
Kenlarkr llrlra Krnierabprrit
lAWreneeburg Ky Dec 30 Judga
JL F FelunJ of thin dry haM Jut 110
ugtxrawl from Wyoming where ho want
to attend to tan final intttlomunt of
the estate of John 91am aanawiinateil I
IP Idaho two yearn ago Helm In this
county will receive IMO out of an
Mlnto of MOO
TTTO Ilonril
Frankfort Ky Due 30lIe state
eleoUon couimbuiion koluctoil Mgrton
1C Pout of Orttcnvlllo Muhleuburg
oounty to mioceud Kllin an a member
nf tax commlwlon There are now
two boartbi In Kentucky two appoint
romenu to nil vi o ioUm by ruhlgnatlon I
lining been iuud by Oov Taylor
IunnU Iron Irrllr
TompkliiHvUlc Ky Doc aOA bed I I
of Iron pyrites has beon dlsoovercd by
Fronton lioxvard colored CapIUilinta
nro already trying to ecouro control I
of tau find The iniue la j > n Barren I
fund Ilurnblad
oktichmond Ky Dec 3OIn the
oounty court Sol Devote walvod ox
fCanlluntlon on charge of killing John I
rsMiller colored nnd was hold over to
the next gruud jury in t000 whiob I
bond was furnished
llnily Cumr lrunt Texan
30TIhr a
IemainH of the late Judge John C
llalBoll reaohed hero Friday from I
Ft Smith Tex and wore iutorr eeland I
In Fnlrview cemetery
Irlnler HlullCnaeaal
Albany Ky Doc WT K Mo
NIoUlc printer of this place und Ml 54 I
Nettle Klloy of Shipley tilts county I
eloped to Tcnueace and were mar
Turfman Dent a Stklillrr
figll it
in lleincB1 Knloon here Sunday night
W T Woodard jr turf man BO badly
Ixtat Otto Fisher I formerly n nlenlb orto
cd the IGOtb Indiana voluntcera that
his recovery is uncertain Fisher bus I
liin unconsaious at n hospital wince
ills Vhlky lollolltd
Richmond Ky Dec 1fi awn en
lIcks wax poisoned Wednesday by
drinking whisky In which unknown I
parties had dropped poiBcui Tie horI I
111Rrtl between lifo ana death for lie F I
eral hours but is recovering1 lieI I I
> u T
A Moit Worthy Cincinnati EntcrpHM
That Blmulit lie Generally Known
Who bar not beard of those hotel
In which people who have no home
and whose means are limited find a
ubititute for a home so far nl com
fort IH concerned Much hu gut I
written in prniia of tbe e teasels and
the good they bare accomplUbed
PerhapH few are aware that a mod
el hotel of this kind ban opened Itno
mer n I
without homer which compare mOlt
favorably with the Kaateru hotel of
thin character
The hotel U called the Colum
bian located at the corner of Long
worth und Klin dressesIt b l the
roperty of one of the mart prom
Incut 1 citizens of Cinclnnnutl who
maker the Inveatinent not for prod t
but to help thorn iu neet of such ac
commodations without laving to toli
back 1 011 the saloon
The baMtnent of the sixstory true
ture devoted to this enterprise 1 a
fitted out with baths nicely and con
< nleiitly arranged which are free to I I
s patrons There Is also a small hall
9 the basement where games uuob
atlla t I
in evenings amusement and affords
luathe j
On v the second floor wo find tho I
reading room where the most prom
inept I newspapers and periodicals are I
Jistrlbutrd j for the use of the guests 1
The other floors are laid out In
lodging rooms containing bed chatp i I
and book fastened to the wall t ° I
h ang garments Cleanliness reigns i I
supreme and iu I indeed exemplar
and be it said to the creel uf tho vs
tablishment that even the most fas
tidious housewife could not find I
The beds are iron and the linen is I
rochanged dully HO that each guest at <
veiling finds a freshly covered be I
Wardrobes are placed In those room N I
which ore particularly net apart for
guests who live for any length of t
flocet r
there are also several marble fioort t
ttands and other necessary apart
meat As before stated cverytlrtng
U thoroughly neat and clean
There tire accommodations for
a bout two hundred guests The eels e I
for lodgings Is SA cent per night
with the use of the bath and thht I
nrfcBft hoM good whether the lodgt
e a gueat of the hotel for ono night
The rooms are heated by t serer
and the hotel in lighted by electricity r I
throughout A oomraodloun alum to r
relywaxwtinK several stories Is I another t
great convenience of the hotel l I
1rite building14s constructed of iron
sNed atone and U therefore ac perfect t
ly J iroproof as pro be made Further
ore Are esonpes earl ot ttewnw ire m
oIl ports of Oie bulldlrii nnVrvihoiext
It in case of fire an wisfly loom >
plished matter
wThe whole is I a ine Iei InitJtutloR
and offers to Its guectn nt n very reft
rtfllonllb1e 1
nf home To a great many men
bin hotel ban Indeed proven a grunt
ultMwInfr and do ur > t > s the fullest rec
ills undertaking In a philanthropic I
east the cause good und althuugh I
not proclaimed from the husetop I
tho establishment f Ifillnn expeota
slops and If these lines bring to n I
art7rlder clrote of acquaintance tint e I
Here Is N Wall from a Qaohtlor Vfce I
Is r rtloul r About Tya1
lair Chfa1o
The Innovation of a nursery else upon
our railways or at any rate upon the
long dfstance trains would be an In i
Btttutiou hailed with deJght by all men I
ad most women says the Cincinnati I
t0how many men who do nottheh 1
naches smoke Invariably travel in a
rgsmoking carriage because there they
erfeel more secure from on Invasion of
wchildren and babies than n any nth erall 1 i
Il1bble form a cixss entirely by them
aelvcs In the category of unpleasant
traveling companions and there are
probably few who at some time in their
lives have not had experience of the
noisy stlckyflnpercd peppermint
sucking dear little children who tram
ple on your toes and deposit luscious
half sucked gobs of taffy on your trous
era In their endeavors to reach the win
dow to put their heads out whence
they ore promptly kauledback by anx
ious mo there or nurses and cry or the
babies in arras who placidly assimilate
ImUk from a bottle until jolt of the t
train make them choke having at that
moment more nourishment than they
can possibly deal with ot the inquir
ling child who playa with the hinges of
the door tutll the guard slams it or I
the child who is perpetually feeding j
IADd throughout the journey sits in a
emitorpld state sucking oranges thoI I
allpervading odor of which fills the car
Babies are all very well but n baby
in a railway carriage like a bull In a
Icblea shop fa out of placer
How Tli In KB Worked
New shoes make old anew last bet
it11hat do you mean
When you know you have a new
lyair in your closet you ire like wearing
trio old ones a while longer Chicago
A Similar Feeling
Galloway I dont suppose any man I
can realize how Dewey feels with all the
upby ors
WeT ve I
got n 12pound baby at our houMN
1Y World J
rernalaaA I
A new scheme of
toAbIIW JvertliiDjr was reaorted
by a reive
pnrevive bualnftll limn In n pros
petvusrtty f the m theseuth The junior partner
o e firm swore out
0 warrant for the al
on ground
thhat be was selling goods below COlt and that
th e firm was ounltanUy losing money there
rouolei by The tut
pata lei for the
ponnnent ID order to have more time to pre
prepare reo
gu est ball xaa find and the senior mem
memb courtroom the
f i
liliuor partner arose and exclaimed If
lie iI rtTeued the sacrifice will go onl The
news won pread and the firm did a better
business When the cue was again called
eplAinlitl appeared and the charge was
dLmunl The finn had succeeded In their
obJectdvenlacmentlhiladt1pbla Can
This it a question that should interest
every one it is a bot upon our fair laud
a Minuioni of Kovernmentol bealth ITis
r1 jm j avi wouid act as speedily upon it as
Jloitf tier s Suinnch Ilitters dos upon con
sUi tion or d5 pep ia > They would quickly
oaLr lout end restore healthy purity ana
tniJUf what tbt bitten dote for the hu
mlQ tOIllIlultuD It makes the stomach
11strung by curing indigestion blliousncu and
liver trouble
troubleEgnallly >
Etinalitr of the fieici
Woman certainly stands at last upon a
fp oty note early equal with that oC man
For uiiunct she may BO longer gain entree
Into the column of the puroiy literary mag
atllitl IIJ merely murdering wmebody but
bura has her brother to go in search of
tine loran pole or to tit mommy eonlteulive
ocartanes upon a bkjrtle etDotton Jour
lleware of OlulinentH for Catarrh
That Conlnln Mercury
as mercury wfll reels dntroy the sense of
IJJHlI I and eons etey derange the whole sys
yim when eiMerinx it through the mucous
urtur Slieh articles should never be used
exrrpt on prescription from reputable
physicians as the damage they will I do is i
ten im fold to the ood you ran possibly
drivr from them Halls Catarrh Cure
rnanofartvred by FJ Cheney dCoToledo
Q roDtaiLs uo merrory aau M taken inter
assay acting dirceily upon the blood and
f no turfacts ei the system In buying I I
liars Catarrh Cure be sure you get the gen i
t It is taken iateTaalfy and made in
loraio Ohio by P J Cheney k Co Tcsti I
seert I
Srt by Druggists price 75c per bottle
HaUs Family PIUs art the host
lit i Ronmnthjiw The forpign nobility
having cothing to do allies lead awfully mo
UOtor UJ liras
trJCt KstMMt Yes I notice those who I
com over ben never ieni to have any
ooitje Catholic Standard earl Times
Sl lrr Tliilln fur CfcllU
an rcytr is a k ttio ter GMOvrs TASTCLJM
tuiu I Toxic Its aim lyirooa i iaiiatueii
trreslorID N jn mvfmf PrtiflSU
Mr ZwetplgRk tAlMtopiior brie name
oft loreiger who has retently loratcd in
t his nty TV other Moming a ree fiber
paati If by him in a hurry Mid Good
ac I vas iliad 10 se Tau hut I YiI l
wnion your name 111 MoMIM of
ae die taonua V Joti t 111 Star
iSO Per Week
e pay fX per week and fxpeiua forman
leiper our loutrr Mixtwrtr
tt a9 for terms E7clIMJr MI Co
1 ps hoed
Knj > mai f W Sfcoa Jlpallyt the
d a 1 Itet
t r a IItMJ e ma f Imo
JfIti it letter Ie live bun a teeth
piaklaUdelpbia Press
Crylnc Ilnlilcn
Are the ones who take danRerous droll for
litlkuy1 Paeutnonn and Diphtheria Jtlox
Ae Croup Cure ii i safe sod sure CO cU
The large number of article left on the
piwiibrokers hands provat that there are A
great many people in skit world without a
mcemiftg quality Elliott Magazine
Tbe Queen A Crescent
list to Asheville
Popularity often makes a man believe
JJhat he knows isnt true Chicsco Daily
usekr Jar
IVko > LaxaUve Drama Ouluino Tablets All
druggists rufuaiiniouoy If it falls to cure 25c
A man who is in the habit nt telling every
tlriuz he bears coon doesnt rooD hoar very
mUehWaehincton 111 Democrat
After six years suffering I was cured by
Pisoii Cure ifary Thomson 20J Ohio Ave
Allegheny Pa March 10 W >
ham to the coW shouldsr Chicago Daily
lain the hands or spot the kettle Sold by
IU drutc
Tim grant virtue 5s industry all the other
irtur followjn its trains uUobison Globe
theClnolanntt Janr
LIVE 8TOCKCntt comn I ih < r I Ji
Select butcher 4 w 50J
II 0116llxed1xtexer
llxed1xtexer 1 1 411
411I I
Iff jR8Muri i
ItLUl t
OllN OfItNO red 70
beo Ij 6
RtNe I ml41o 2I
nnoI OrS MOM pork 11 w ti
trrtt 5 45
Ry i
Choice ortKtnl 11
11APlLIC8Choh1ll 1 1
IOTATOES I sr brJ 115 1 S6
FLOUIt Winter patent i tD C11 tiJ
UlUiNvlmlNo red t I 1 s
robe y
IOlt No Z
I Ul R11tH a 1026
LA1t Sleum Sgl t0a07
JLOUU Vlntur potent S K JI 75
1 71xfE1fiio
CtKj o Z 11 C
I lit II AI +
1Uld taw d0 IJ < 16 iS
Li1tQStunm C 5
1 > Utt Family J Jj
U mWneuNo S red tttts 11
uutharn OS UI 71 r
uutharnoniM xuU 31fiip lest
ata Mo a whlt f 8w t Ii
yci O 2 wbrtern 141 4 t
111CJoIt quality 17 it 1 fI
llPCSWcatern 4t H 110
ultAINWhoatKo 2 rod ItQlt
Outs No 3 mixed f IfJ
orsLUL1rIV1LL4 r
Fit llWtntfr wlelU S to t Ih
AJxjld il W
d R1s 1fCII 0 y
ItDSUtnm 4f a
Says Peruna the Catarrh Cure J
Gives Strength and Appetite <
IJon W N Roach United States Senator From North Dakota I
lion W N Roach United States Senator from North Dakota personally
endorses Peruua the great catarrh euro and tonic In u recout letter to The ki
Feruna Mediclue Company at Columbus Ohio written from Washington D C
Senator Roach bays
I Persuaded by a friend 1 have used Peruna as a ionic and I am glad
to testify that It has greatly helped me In strength vigor and appetite 1
have Been advised by friends that It Is remarkably efficacious as a cure fo
the almost universal complaint of catarrh
Senator Roachs home address is Larimer North Dakota
Pcruna is not a guess nor an experiment it is an absolute eotcntlfic certain
ty Parana cures catarrh wherever located Pcruna has no substitutes no
rlvull Insist upon having PerUDl1 Let no ono perfi1Qdo you that 8omo other
remedy will do nearly as welL There Is no other systumlc remedy for catarrh
but Feruna Address the Peruna Medicine Company Columbus Ohio for a f rco
book on catarrh written by Dr Ilarttuau r
1 L r 1 SAfE YOT
II Star tin lags showing small stare printed on under aide
of tAg Horse Shoo JT Good IJuckIt CrolG Bows
and It Drummond Natural Loaf Tin Tags Arc of equal value in
securing presents mentioned below and may bo assorted
Every man woman and child can find something on the list
that they would like to have and can bavo
1 Match Box S5
S Kn fr on bl4r cOO steel J
t Bfitmi < mn liM 39
i CttJld nket Hint Yurk and I4poon 55n
t sat and ltip r St usacb UJ
rol plat on wUlu tul4 60
< rniuli lirtir WoeJrtr II
T luir boU v groutul sae Eneluti
I steel M
I Butts LoU ttlfl pU boat
a sleitriPi plat i trat qua i 60 50
10 1fUp > rrdrlM sneer 70
II knit Lywtattat1wfdMN 75
11 Dnau llI lxui Ratter 6in
beads 76
11 IohMrll 1111 Kuttr4esn r 31
14 Nut Set Usukarend Mcka dlnr
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