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1ni i
r r
Ueorgo Warren
1lP A Y 4 l
FRIDAY i JAN 6 1000
r to
War and Business Conditions
v 4War is a dreadful business f n b
1Its object is simply to murder to
kill people But b utal as it is
4hawauity will resort to It Aside a
from its horrors it generally helps
the business interests of Bowe t
r countries Our own war with
Spain antI tbo Philippines bus v
caused Uncle Sum to turn loose bo
many tnillibna of dollars to the 1
people for their meat bread grlntJ U
hordes mules clothing guns can
none wagons and almost every b
thing These millions of dollars >
put in circulation uuioug the peo
pit has contributed toward the
prosperity of nlltbat is their v
financial prosperity The British
Boer war has caused nud will con or
tinge to cause Great Britain to
turn loose her millions nod mil I
lions of d o II 1 1 n r a for like
purchases und purposes This
is why many people favor wars
They call it patriotism but if no
It is a dear price to pay for pros n
perity All this sounds brutal
null so it is for war is brutal
FIFTY NINE indictments for Ilk er
gal voting at the recent elections In
have been found against Puerto y
Uicans forty against one man of
So it seems our new posses
V aloud are quick to calch on the
rascalities of the ballot box er
THE balloting lor U 8 Sena
tor iu the Kentucky Leaislttture
cotumenceB Jan 1C There seeme d
to be un doubt but that Hon Jut
0 S Blackburn will be uouium f
fled by the Deuiouratic cuuuuo e
Rutl promptly elected by the Leg li
islaIureTUE i
THE office of Register of the t
Land Office In Kentucky ceased
iiuilUouduy separate department lasth
Monduy this offlco being abolish
3 ed by the State constitution The
business of this department will
I hereafter be transacted in tbe
i EJSjiaie P auditors olltue
ALBERT WHITE tho colored In 1
dividual who tbS secretary of tbe
Zteiiubllcau State Convention but
announced bit candidacy lor dele
gate at large to the next ttlioual
Republican Convention f
THE French press sagely COD
elders u war with England tit thle
time u trap to destroy the French a
Republic The French pressure u
iu part tight and iu addition to
the destruction of the Republic
should be added the annihilation
of the French navyb
THE sees of the lighting iu <
South Africa la rather wore ex o
tensive than the entire coufeder
trey east of the Mlaaiaaippl River
aud the country is naturally far
more diflicult It is wonderful
that the British are dieappolnted i
in their ideas of u walkover
THE Republicans are taking bic
chuuuett when they seek to shut t
out the delegated of the southern I
elates from their customary influ
once iu the uffuira of the national I i
Cjuveutiou Time was when the i
GU P relied ou the Solid South
to keen it In power but that was
long ago
THE soldiers iu Africa being
South of the equator are uow
weltering iu the beat of wid Sum
mer while the hulks at home are
shivering Iu the winter sleet and i
snow It must have been novel 1
to the British to celebrate Christ
Chrisc7 tS
to 100 iu the abode
THE Republican party ia now i
proceeding to show the people
what prosperous times we tin
haying It la said that ever > lhiug
ia ou u boom mauufactorma are
running full blast with advanced j
wanes lor the workman But how
18 it with the consumer wire iron i
tin wearing apparel and iu fat t
everything lasts udvancbd to u
enormous price while wheat c I
stud nearly all products are HI a
very low price X
ONE year ago ten bushels of
corn would buy 100 pounds ot I
barbed wire Today it will take
20 bushels to buy that amount of
wire One year ago ten bushels
of uuru would buy n keg ot null
to any it will require twenty bust I
els Wire H year ago was 8225
uow 8150 nails bavo doubled iu I
price j lumber ha gone huut ol I
eithl farm Implements nre awn S I
up tins rue price of wheat corn
cattle bogs or any other product
of the iurui doubled iu the la si I
y tat
IQ111 i
Roust tho counail roGcc1tnhlI
t I I
Now w tho time to turn over a new F
A happy and prosperous Now Year
Too many peoplo aro troubled with L
palpitation of tho tongue L
Navigation on tho upper Ohio Lao
boon closed on ucconut of tho heavy ily
Uow of ice D
Tho only enjoyment ouo gets out of n
disagreeable job in tho good fooling i
you hays attar it is donoS
An oxohuugc has discovered that E
tho supply ol truth is getting so very i II
small Unit it is now used mostly for R1
veneering falsehood U i
Oarnthorsvillo Mo will probablyP
o connected shortly with Humboldt P
Toim by n railroad tho terminus onL
tho cast side of tho river will bo at Teob
oiiio Touii
TouuEld ed
Eld L II Russell late of Dyers
burg has been called and has accepted d
tho pastorate of tho Hiomimu baptist d
Lurch Services next Sunday and
Sunday night at tho usual hours
Tao County Board of Tax Super
visors convened in annual session Mon
day The board is composed of R II
Binford Abo Thompson B R Walkw
E U Carter and 0 A Uolcoinbo
Cgfc A hint to the wiSo is 8t1 leientII
win give you n out price and save you F
money on Wutoh work and everything d
iu my complete lino of good Jewelry
The new Lacle < le Hotel has been L
routed to Mr i has Custer of Hum C i
boldt Iuuu and will open the hotel in J
week or so Ho is an experienced antia
IKjpular hotel man and highly com i
mended us a citizen and a gentleman C
Dont listen to tho twit of a strung 1
who will tell yon flint any foreign
paper will take tits place of your local j
paper for it will not It doss not give
lnt the bows uows and oannot t All your as
home liuppouiugH like u local paper a 11
The long pending suit between the b
fHctwiis of tho primitive Baptists onetJ
represented by Elder Ban and the pth a
by Bid Kirkland bus been decided <
favor of the Klrkhiud faction The d
court holds that the Kim land followers
coo tho real church E
It is said 188 business houses and
dwellings have been erected in laInyIII
field this year tho largest number by fl
time The prospect for uoxt year id
equally us good If not better May
field Monitor
We loans with deep sorrow of the d
death of Mrs Scott Mosior who died at lJ
tne family home in Obioii Sunday t
night lftStof congestive chill She i
was ill only about 80 hours Tho deep
cat sympathy Is extended tho afflicted i
husband and relatives 11 i
Supply your wants
at Buchanans Closing 1
SaleChristmas f i
Christmas has passed and has provo I
ed a satisfactory winding up of the old l
roar Everybody is out of debt mar J
chants solvent and rich bunks easy 1
with good collections and plenty of 4
money with everything looking fair I
for tho future Welcome to 1UOO I
An Indiana man has sued a nromi 1
nont politician for dumutft because he I
shook tho hand ISO
pluintiffu so heartily I
us to wrench his shoulder leaving him L
cripplo lor life Good Politicise 1
who insist on wrenching off a mans I
urn ought to have their leg pulled
A Frankfort special says that Judge I
E Robbins of Graves county will i I
bo a candidate for Judge of tho Ionrt
of Appeals at the next election for that
olllco in the Appellate District Gus I
Thomas r 111 be a candidate to succeed i
Ro bius us Circuit Judge Fulton Dail yA
Mr Thomas Parks late of New
burn Teun and for many years a citiI I
son of Hickuiau died in Ft Worth
Texas and Air remains were
brought to lIickmnu for interment He
was an excellent business man a good L
citizen and had many friends where
exec k tIOWUI I
ITho quail season closed on Satnr
day as Sunday is under the law a I
truce day even in wartime between
this character of birds and man From L
now on until November 15 1000 inclu
apse whoever kills one of these birds or
exposes one of thom for sale will place
himself under tho penalty of the IlwI I
See Buchanans Big
Stock of Dress Goods
All go at Cost
IWiIlio said his father what
good resolves have you rondo at tho be
ginning of the Now Year Im not
going to fight with Johnnie Jones an of tl I
more replied Willie Im glad to
bear that said the father bat why
did you make that resolve Cause
was the answer 11 always get licked
Jim Graham of Fulton was badly
injured ut Jackson Tenn lust week in
attempting to board a train Ho was
carried to his homo and died on Tues
day from the injuries sustained Hoi
formerly lived in Hickman and was
highly esteemed by those who knew
iiiui Sincere sympathy is extended to
ll IJ bereaved family
The Blue Wing c lab had its an
until rabbit hunt Thursday Deo 2bth
bugging o2 cotton tails and 6 quail The
rabbit crop being very short this season
ofJuly halt the UlIual unease was khle I
alut the fan with the good dinner made
Up for luck of game lists for tire next
ItuUtlug in > set for Muy when all I
to uujoy u few days fishing oh some of
the lakes near by f
ICOWOILL JowaiLL Hickman and
A M Shaw Stuto Line Druggists
guarantee every bottle of ChambcrJuinu
Ooauh Remedy and will refund tho
money to any one who ia not satisfied
niter using two thirds of tho contents
JLliis is tbo best Remedy in the world
unut lu d I
safe to take It prevents uny tendency
or a cold to result in pneumonia
rfnh Llue Julertsalnlllcnlst
At the homo of Miss Annie Jones
three miles north of Stuto Line ou just
Friday night a delightful entertain c
meat was given in honor of Mij Qgin c
Leet Those present were
Miss Ogle Lect and Curtis Henry i
Lyda Maddox and Rufus Wheeler
Ueuie Maddox and tbarloy Clark Em
Thomas and Hatty Buuriders i Abblo
Doff and Otto Saunders picas Dallcw
and Sylvester Jeffries Kmma Hallow
and Albert Jones Lottio Graves and
Rice Uallew i thira Shaw and Hugh
Sanders j Fuy Sanders ivnd Draw paean
Ella Stahr and Edwin Motley Ltinrn
Drown and Roy Shaw Annie Rope
Rod Loin Uacon Fauulo Jeffries und
Ulric Shuw Annie Jones and John Ho
per Joo Oliver Binford Henry Tom
Prather B Hiicon Henry Maddox Ww I
Linder and little daughter Lottio
Tho sweet mnsio which was rendered
Messrs Clark nmLMozley wan listen
to with nn attedl lye ear of all who I
were present At a lato hoar after bid
ding tho young hostess good eight wa
departed to oar respective homesPOIBV j
Last Wednesday evening a largo I H
crowd gathered at the home of Mr anc
Mrs J W Maddox Those present I
ereClara t
Clara Shaw and Drew Bacon Maggie It i
Henderson and Joe Oliver Florence Ii i I
Polk and Verner Hefley Uemio MadI I
dos and Richard Prather Lora Whip
plo and Zach Corlin Ogio Loot und i i I
Maddox i Emily Thomas and rnrtis I t
Henry Stella Yolk and Wm Bacon I
Laura Henry and Otto Sanndera Qape I
Cnrk and Sylvester Jeffries Annie i1 I
Jones and Loin flacon Annie Roper c
aud Roy Shaw Lillie Maddox and Dan I
Gleen Nina Maddox and Albert Jour J
Carrie Parham and Edwin Mozloy An
nie Osborne and John Sanders Rona
Watson and Tom Prather Cora Brown I
and Sum Lnteu i Jftwio Pnither and I
Tom Flack t laro KID andTom Ihoni
Lillie George nud Chats dark fNan
ulo doves and John Shaw Fay Jones I
and Unrros Hrasstield Locilo Loiino
borough and < haK OverbyIra Otelit
Unrrtw uud lien Uniubnrn Abbie Daila
and Arthur Thomas Plunk Martin and L a
Aubrv Boarders Rovers Hugh San r
den Rufus Wheeler John Roper Dave
Maddox Jim Mnddox Jim linmliutn
Ed tlrauharn Roy lurk Wilder Flaok
Mr and Mw W J Maddox
At a Into hour refreshments wfn la j
served and after thanking the hoieM j I
for tho sweet and amiable way In whlcli j
we were entertained wo dc pnrtcctI i
On Irtflt Thursday evening Minxes Ly I
da and Resale Maddox cutflrralued a >
number of thfir friend from eight to II i
twelve oclock Tho party was given i
in honor of Misses i nrrio Parham rlinrt I
Maggie llondvivou of lHekmnntJrfOl
wore twenty ono serapes prfiscntjjand 01II I j
all report n jONE j i
allrealtati of
HaTinKntJrcttltnri of Chomherlifci I
Cough 1 < inedj M l
Manager Martin of the PielO rug f I
store ill forma us that he ii having a I
great ran on ChnmberlamV Cngh
Hemody Ho salts five Lottos orlhllt l tt I
medicine to one of any other kind and tti I
it gives great satisfaction Iu tllfl4o
days of la grippe there U nothing like I i
ChaniticrlainA tough Remedy to fro p
the cough neal up the sore throat anti I
lungs and give relief in a very slort
time Tbe sales are growing and all
who try it nro pleased with iu prompt
action South Chicago Daily Calnmet
For twin by Cowgill LQ Cowgill luck
gists dmI I
IlnJlRh Soldiers Widow
Washington Dec 16 Semmr
LtndHiiy ihin inoriiing Inirodored I
a bill lu the senate to increase > he
pptiHlon uf widowft learn 1M toiW
A great niHiiy of these ppiiMioHcrx
are living III TonnefiBee KnlDcky
aril Arkuusuw
The Flour Seizure
The seizure of Aniprloau flout
coiiBlgned 10 Perl URPBO porn at
Dcloiioa Bay by H BrUinli ship in i
a matter nf iiilenmiionul Imjmr
lance in the iibslrunl but ic i not
likely to hair any direct bearing
upon the relations between the
Government of the two coniitiieH
The relations betwern America
and England are such that the
matter will not now lie pressed
but MII amicable netllernent will
bo made at some future time
when war aloud no longer men
ace England
There cites hardly be a doubt of
the ultimate triumph of the British
arms in South Africa There can
be hut one result ora content
on h 1 f
Great Britain and the handful of
Boere who are fighting for their
independence without the pros
pent of a friendly hand being
stretched out from any quarter to
help them Inexhaustllile resonr
cos both aa to men and money
pitted against poverty and patri
client are bound to win
IT has been demonstrated repeatedly
in every state in the Union and 1 in maal
foreign countries that Chamberlains
ICoagh Remedy is a certain preventive
and cure for croup It has become the
universal remedy for that disease Jl
pests what has been said around the I
globo when he writes I have used L 4
Chamberlains Cough Remedy m InYI i i I
alwaysi 1 I
with perfect success Wo believe that 1I I
it is not only a good cough remedv but
1savcd the lives of our children several L
times This remedy is for sale by Cow I
Shaw Bute Line Draggiito
A Wrens Idea
A great many seem to think
Roberta of Utah in being kept
out of his neat in Onngresd be
oaune he In I a Mormon Rile anuses
nf the leading daily paper HI
evidently nimble to rid them
selves of thin erroneous Idea
Roberta IB not being persecuted
bennuoo IIP IB a Mormon but be
muse he in n polygamlet Ono of
the strongest principle of our
Uonatltntlnn IB I Ibo guarantee of
religion liberty and thlll dnea
not exclude Mnrmoniam A Mor
mon In I not necessarily a pnlygatn
ipt neither ia I H polygamist neu
enBarlly a Mormon The object
ion to Roberts Is that be ia living
with three women all of whom he
claims as his wives and on this
nccnnnt acne can ho be presser
ted Dreaden Knterprlae
20th CcHtirj
ITbt Dlapateh naaally correct
commenced 12 months after the t
olrtb of Christ Tho Dionysian
era comraenoea or was intended
to commence with the birth of
Christ and Ihoyenrl I WAR comprls
ed In the first 12 months No
matter about errors of compata
tlon the Ohrlstlgn era was in
tended to commence with the
event and of coarse mast be
counted from the birth of oar SA <
vlor and dnea not commence one
year 2 years nor 31Pars or at any
other dale either before or after
that period
The PcpnUil Keiegadt
Some lime ago exSenator Pof
fer who held office as a popullt
but was formerly a republican
announced his return to the
rspattllaan I I fold andso
now comes preacher Kyle the
Sunlit Dakota senator and de
Hares that he loo hart had enough
or third partylhm and that us to
jhe currency question be is tired
jnf aiandinc out against the logic
of facts He says that he trill
hereafter act with lbi the repoh
base party and support Its poll
clew both ag a senator and a cltl
A Pe18lmlat
IInow do yon like this weather
UNot much Im fred its gain
lo rain
Welt howa llmHa with yoon
Sortersoso but they t wont
IFn1k RU well 1
Yes lint the measles Ia in the
ttWU you ought to be thank
1 reckon so but weve all got
to dlrAtlatala Constitution
KENTUCKY members of Oon
gruB were asuigned to commit
ttees aa follows Wheeler Naval
Affaire Rhea lobar and Banking
Ourrenci Pugh Appropriations
Smith Judiciary Berry Rivera
and Harbors and Foreign Affair
Fitzpatrick and Boerlng Pen
slants Turner Militia and Alco
Ihallo Traffic Gilbert private Land
Claim and Expenditures In the
Postofflue Department
Cheap Call on or vnie
13164t aice Ky
j i
I Oowsili y
Carefully Compounded
Farmers Free Column
Under thin heading will hereafter bo
published notices not to exceed 0 lines
each from formers who are sal > srrib
iera who have horses mules cows pro
ducts seed c for sale free of charge
For B4 Itt
all necessary outbuildings on Troy
Avenue near College For further In I
fonentiM apply tt this Office
2 = 4r
Bread 1 t
AND TO naT 1
flew + Cili i + lately I
f c Bread Cakes and Pies Baked Daily J 1 j
i r
t Tropical and Domestic Fruils Fine Chocolates < f <
j and Candies Cigars and Tobacco i j
Fresh Oyster nerved 110 any style and at nil hours 4I I I
1 lComo l Sea Us I Telephone 00
I t Now City Bakery 1
+ + + + + jo
lJP ij L PJ JIJ rf 1 ij f
Majestic uaoking Easgss
The Best in the World I
Von Cannot Make n Ihssluke
In Buylug One of tUese Ranges
One of its Strongest Iolni In I UP
Bukea Biscuits In 4 Minnies Light Bread In 40 Minnies
Buying n Majestic means H lltelinu > of KoiHiotniiHl Ounklntf
Cull stash Kx it m I IIP Tluiii Y unlI Iota no Oilier
Bi s B w BRSTA3S3D K
Doas in FINE LI 1 UQ IBg
Gallon Full quart
Golden EngloA triHaewrarJI w ptIH 8200 r6Oi
Con rovA t IItncllhlloar 1h C C
Cltl03Ait tbtltrNU 6 v
Special Drive A kan ij r ltttesty wltktk C o 7
l i1t va1H r IeyNJ t
Kentucky Dew 250 75
Silver HenlNtMl 010 Vhsetrr 275 80
Perfection Ono at tisa prwr Mht d hli8fC 0A Q
t wfcWtiM ntlieww t Try lu v
SchuhCiQSSThe beat for tlt pries 350 100
Old Continental l1vctTlaraotl 350 100
Happy CnlHlU as SfIk
350 100r
Old QrovSix uoiu 350 100
Old M 1 c Bra el 7 YOII1I Need old no lalt inlrOtht11on 0111 ro1iublo 400 110
01 Qt
Peach Brandy Arrow 200 QtI I
It Globe UO 7a
I I Creole 300 85
Apple brandy Dado 200 85I I
It Yale 210 i6
California Brandy 2liO 75
5 Old 3JM 100
ctl QI
185Tom 60Hollull
Uollmid Gin aw 76
Shorry U OIt
Port Wino OftHrornln 200 00
Qhl California 260 75
Imported 860 85
We carry in Stock aU the Loading Brands or Bottled Liquors Wines Gins
OhlllnpuRnes Cordials 0
We Malie no Extra Charge for
< Tugs Vic
WE GUARANTEE our Liquors to be Pure
NO FANCY PRICES Wc aim to give stir ClllltOillerH
t better
for their money thun they can purchase clllwhcre
HClldillJ v
ng ollr order direct
> U to
may go8 Coming from Iairo
Illce Whulcunlo 11
IT Heftns R more bagatelle for
uncle SHID to put down the Phil
ippine itiHurretitlon If he wantc
10 fight something nearer MB spas
why dont he tack he the Standard
011 Company HfiMlerKini Glenn
jN o fo c
I paper AU
per comes clue
are rc
respectfully T
I requested luune withJ
Sept 87 EoE REEVES sit COa

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