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The Hiclmian Courier I
t I
v w a o en 0
Ostrich feathers often bring 1350 I
t per pound
1 Toys arc paid to be the most profit
able invention
t Paris consumes 10000000 pounds of
tame rabbit annually
In the Vatican library is a Bible I
which weighs 520 pounds
It is a remarkable fact that few bald I
men ever die of consumption
French scicntlstu are trying to use
alcohol for the propulsion of cant
Over 65 per cent of the housewives
of this country do without servants
Between Halifax and Shelburne 45
new wooden vessels are in course of
The professional picture hanger is
now a regular adjunct of art stores
in large cities
Pure butter eaten in moderation
will furnish the oils required by the
human system
It Is suposed that the average depth
of sand in the desert of Africa is
flora 30 to 40 feet
One hundred and fifty thousand
rounds worth of diamonds Is found In
CImberly every week
Tho number of telephones in Stock
holD Sweden is 28000 while its pop
ufaiion is only 300000
During i the last thirty years Eng
I Jmd has bought of Canada wool to
ihe value of 358000000
The consumption of cotton per
head of Germanys population has
more than doubled since 1875
According to Prof Garrlott of
the weather bureau Chicago is the
windiest point In our country
The Salvation army in New York
on Christmas day provided dinner for
20000 persons The expenses were
once 0000
Iu army officer estimates that In
the century just closing no loss than
30000000 men have been killed in war
in civilized countries
Maxico buys more extensively at
e ptrcl goods from the United
States than does any other country In
the western hemisphere
Nearly ont third of the paper pro
ducoi in the United States during the
first nbc months of 1893 was newspa
per in rolls and sheets
QA new building for the Horace
Mann school that will accommodate
1000 pupils Is to be crcctea In New
York nt a cost of 350000 c
Both the daughters of Senator Ma
son of Illinois Miss Ethel aged f
ond Miss Ruth aged 21 are students
In a Washington law school
The Virginia Military institute at
Lexington Is to abandon the plan of
observing New Years day as a boll
day substituting for It January 19
the anniversary of the birth of Gen
no crt E Lee
I The remarkably pleasing patterns
which adorn the cashmere shawls
from the foot of the Himalaya moun I
tains are copied from the leaved of
the begonia Sometimes the design is
varied nlightly but every cashmere
shawl that is genuine represents a de
sign adapted from vegetable life
Hleotricity Is coming Into very gen
I eral use in Poland It Is being largely
adopted in many factories supersed
superseding J
t becomingj
j general Most of the important rail
I I way stations are lighted with elec
trt ny
tricityLarge quantics of Alabama coal are
Istill I being shipped down the Missis
i sippi i river for points in Louisiana
tnnd lower Mississippi more especially
to New Orleans The traffic bids fair
to be maintained through the winter
S nator Bate of Tennessee like the
late Senator Harris refuses to tell his
age He must however be nearly 70
for ho was a soldier iu the Mexican
war Altogether 11 members of the
ttit while three or four are within easy
A petrified forest covering an area
of 100 square miles has existed for
centuries in Arizona Thousands and
thousands of petrified logs arc strewn
n the ground and represent beautiful j
shades of pink purple red gray blue
nnd yellow One of the atone trecs
spans n gulf 40 feet wide
A New York druggist says that
Chinamen patronize the drug stores
very little as they have little faith In
American drugs
e oldest specimen of pure glass which
boars any date This Is a little lions
head having on it the name of nn
Egyptian king of the eleventh dy
Four million seven hundred thou
sand cubic yards IB in round Hum I
bars the amount of material that
ias beep > removed from Duluth Supe I
or haruur under the coptinuout I
coptinuourk I
Controversy Over Extension cf Con
cc Lou lu Cliluu Ilctween I2nir
land France and Uncle Saw
Washington Jan 1The announce
ment that the extension of thewfor
cllrn concessions nt Shanghai China
tins been finally approved brings to a
close a diplomatic controversy be
tween Great Britain the United States
nml France which has at times be
come rather acute Prance taking tho
position at one stage of the negotla
Lions that the American cooperation
with the British in upposiug tile
French plnn of extension was an un
friendly net toward Prince This odd
other differences have been happily
adjusted according to umouncomen
from China which are borne out lit
the information of oiticals here
The controversy issumul an Intof
national scope when the three cold
ales at Shanghai British French and
American sought to extend their
limits The concessions are just ou
side of the old native city nnd along
the 1 river Whiting Poe near the point
where it I joins the Yang TseKlaug
They are chiefly Important because
Shanghai is the foremost port of en
try for foreign trade in the Chinese
empire The French settlement in
nearest the city and fronts on thb
river Next comes the British settle
ment and then the American The
French desire was to erect their set
Ucment 1 so as to take in a large area
back of the old city Including five
American missionary institutions The
British government opposed this ex
tension quite vigorously
The British plan of extension was
lot rin international settlement
finning from the rear of the British
concession up to the native city
France in turn protested against this
on the ground that she would be en
tirely surrounded without exit ex
cept by the river the native city or
over British territory The United
States approved the plan of an inter
ternational settlement a > the Amen
can interests were substantially sim
liar to those of the British but the
American attitude did not Include nn
Indorsement of all the contentions
made by the British It was to this
course of the American government
that France took exception on the
ground that it roll an unfriendly hot
to France The negotiations fwhll
assuming no outward shoty of
warmth were carried on with some
briskness Ambassador Cambon of
France presenting the French side up
to a few months ago
The adjustment finally reached is
satisfactory to all parties concerned
The French concession is extended 1
without Including the American mis
sions The British nnd American settlements
tlemrnts are extended nnd to some
extent merged in the international sett
tlement but the BritishAmorloan set
tlement does not so envelop the
French j colony as to f place it in a
The value of these several concessions
sions is considerable as the popula
tion j of Shanghai Is about 600000 jf i
which the greater part fs Jln the for
eign settlement Here the foreigners
have the right to carry on trade and
control the property nnd also have
their t own courts police and an or
ganized military establishment
Tbousnntla Gathered la tile Vlclulty
tt Trinity and Other Gaarobe
IB New York
New York Jon 2The usual hall
day crowd gathered at Trinity and 1
listened to the chimes It is fstl nat
ed that 60000 people gathered In the
streets after the annual custom Sev
crnl thousand people also gathered in
Broadway and the adjacent streets to
hoar the chimes at Grace church A
magnificent program of 20 numbers
was played at the church by Miss
Bertha Thomas
Thousands aiao gathered In nnd 1
around St Andrews church Fifth
avenue and 127th street for the pur
pose of listening to tbe splendid new
seguin chimes recently Installed in
that church Archbishop Corrigan
celebrated midnight mass at the Ca
thcdral The service was the solemn
pontifical mass held by papal decree
of Leo XIII in commemoration of
the beginning of the last year of the
ui < eteenth century known to Cath
ollcs as the holy year or year f of
Professor Af 1ullllcal Economy
New Havens CU Jan 2rhc prof es
Borshlp of political economy at Yale I e
made vacant by the advancement of
President Hadlcy has been offered to I
Prof Henry Crosby Emery Ph D
professor of political economy and
sociology at Bowdoiu college for the
past two yearn and Mho bass accented
Prof Emery is it son of Judge E A
Emery of the Maine supreme court
nnd a member of the American and
British Economic association
Surrender to tbe Iollce
Denver Col Jan 2Wyntt Sharp
who escaped last May from the Ar
kansas penitentiary where hq was I
serving a 13 year sentence for murder
bus surrendered to the police intlilu I
city Sharp killed B A Whetstone in I
n fight at Huntlngton Ark in 18911I j I
llauk yuliaiuc Uurned
Assumption 111 Jan 11be Hll
nola state bank was destroyed by
lire Sunday The vault however in I
in good condition and It It thought j
its Cf j ents will be saved A i large j
clothing store and three other LIt t
fleas houses were also consumed The
total loss aggregates 50000 half of I
which Is covered by insurance
Lively ttleotlou Coming
Barboursvllle W Va Jan 2A
lively election will be held here Thurs
dty to settle the liquor question The
town has been dy tor years
u iiCoJ
V 1It
Gen yreucu Drove the Enemy Oat of
Colesbcrff and Occupied the Place
Tile Bor Were Utterly SurprUcd
and rindlnar That Ta lr Ketriat
Warn ThrratvnrA YLS4 tk
UUurdrr X rtMwar4
London Jan 2T success ef f I
Gou French in driving the Boers froi r
Cole ug has shot a welcome ray oi I
light through the jlooi ef the cam
pale iu South Africa Everywhere it i
Ii eoMiuented upon un an example of
sound tactic and us an illustration of
what way be done when the right
methods are employed with the Boer
The government Is urged to take the
lesion j to heart and to see that BO I
toae is left UBtarntd la I the endeavor
to get the largest tosible forces of >
cavalry and mounted Infantry to the
front r
Now that Gen French has te Boer e I
on the run the hope ia expre ftlthnt
he j will give them no real but will i j i 1
harms j them until they have found I I
their f way across the Orange river
which is 12 miles distant The old j
wagon route to the Free State tray
erses Coleaburg and crosses the rivet
by j a fine bridge 1300 feet long It it i I
believed j thnt the Boera retreated to
ward Norvnlepont further eai t and I
the j questjon ia whether Gen French
will be able to secure these two
bridge j before the Boers d troy
One Important effect of the sucoexi I
of Cen French f ia that It will prot
bly have a deterrent influence opt a I
Dutch disaffection There is mhie
disposition here to exaggerate tin
importance of small sklrmlihea alul
engagements It should ba borno in
wind that Gen French flail only 2000
ouI I
men and so far an the important
points of the campaign are concerned
the situation is virtually unchanged i
At Modder river the Boers appear
to be Biodlfying somewhat their line
of defense Gen Bullera scouts hav B
discovered u Boer camp patubltslied
in the vicinity of Springfield south
west of Colrnro by n Free State
commando A similar movement IMIS
been made aV Mtidder river W large
fonuvd a new laager about 11 mtles
down the stream at KumeeUiook
The Daily Mail has the following
dispatch dated January 1 from Itena
Yesterday afternoon a big force of
cavalry and Infftutry with 10 gun l
under the personal command of Gj
French moving by detour ocoHj tl 1 I
some hilla three miles from Cells
burg j where the Boer were JI1 I
strength confident in the natural ilJd
afforded them by thi hills around I I
The enemys position extended f s J
miles around the entire village ftl
daybreak our artillery opepexliife
battle The Boers were taken bur
price but replied vigorously An ar j
tiller duel was maintained for to
hours Then a IHmr IIotohM H col
lapsed and was abundoaed We cap
tured It A Boer big gun Wit W i
lenced but this and the ether Tr
guns were withdrawn to the north
ward whither we are harassing toe
Doer retreat by a damaging ahril
Colesberff Is in our hands and the
few remaining loyalists are jubibit
We have captured many wagons ud
a considerable quantity et stores
Our losses are quite slight hilt
the Boers must have suffered heavy
They may stop at Achtcrtang or cria
the river altogether nt Norvals pout
where the bridge is still Intact
Ilensburg Cape Colony Jan t I
Qeri French has completely defraud
the Boers and Occupied Cole burg i J
The British continued to keep tao I
Boers on the move and pressed thtu I
closely Saturday und Sunday ginajf I
them no time to nuke a prolonged t
stand and when day broke he vim I
within striking distance of the army J
Sunday nIght all the cavalry nrtl l
ItT aud infantry the latter riding a
wagons to Inoreasu the general mob
Ity started upon a night march with
the object of tnrning the Boers rijcht
The flank operations were succtuhl l
The infantry and field batteries immediately
mediately made a feint attack uJJn t
the Doers front and while this iur t
proceeding the cavalry and light Ir
tlllery got complet i around the en s
estys right flank ns arranged The C
programme was worked without al l
hitch utterlyarrd uII I
prked < and1finding their rerrt J
threutenld fled in dlsorderytptbe > I
ncrtliwatJuTlng Coles uri In etD I
rtr renchshanus l
enchaLanusBeet IS I
Beet Famine Threatened j i
bMfe I
tamp threatens fheiKIbifaikg I w I
tirs from aV8ffnsfcte tint by the I
end of December there
would not Ie
a pound of fresh
meat left Beef use I
retailing at a dollar i
a pound early in
situation is more serious from the
fact that herds of moose and cariboo I
have been terry scar w th tIe settle
ment of theAYfikon ilnUJgcn the InJe
illans lud I dl cult to secure then t
selves freth meats Beef
shipped OrC
heforei Orhe
March 1 J
Flt < nliiiMou to right McCopulck < I I
Ah V Ydrrk Inn 2 liobgrt fltzhn
ylmona was matched Monday night a
with Jack McCormick for a nixround
parrlng contest The purse is to < 10 j
it6 Icr cent of the gross receipts the
oylnncr to take nil The date is Tuna >
try 20 and the place Industrial hallI
hailPhiladelphia I
PhiladelphiaThe I
The Woman > n Hotel H l
New York Jan 2Tbe last sub
wrlption of the 400000 needed to In
lore the building of the muchtalked
If Woman hotel in this city was
Subscribed Monday aJfhU cj
a w Q
rhe y Are KnB Bnt In Storing IJirgo Ulla u
tltU uf JsIJuhe and FrovUluuk
ou the Vcrtuoutlturdnr
Burlington Vt Jan 2It IB I re
ported that the Fenians arc engaged y
in l storing large quantities of dyne
mite lyddite ammunition and nuppllea i
in i n few selected repositories in re
mote I districts of Vermont and Maine
neat the Canadian boundary line The
information comes from persons who
claim to have knowledge of the pur
anI d I
others who learned of their trnuapor
tation by railroad dNgulHcd na gro
iries Dynamite and other explosives I
have been secured in surprisingly
large quantities and stored under
ground on the Vermont border while
jimntltles of cnnned meats have been I
hidden iu nome largo barn of sym
pathizing farmers on the Maine line
near New Hampshire
It U said that an efficient ambulance
corps is being organized under the
tht e
1I Id Cross work In Cuba They are
Iso preparing a large number of t
first aid packages for the Invading
The movement is the work of tho I
Irish element of the larger oiliest but
it is a fact thnt a large and important
work is being done among the farm
err of the border status A ashcan °
m being arranged of farmers who can
furnUh wagons and horse and oxen
for tntu jMrtutton purposes as this
Is regarded us a moat Important de
ItllI A careful study U being made
< if the small railroad brantihos in 1
northern New Kngland and places are
iiiing located where the road could be
Nptured by a very small force
flit roulltr Favor Ulrolauio Maria
Roltl Ihr IMIUUUK Ccuu
al Honk
Home Jan 2It Is I assorted that
the pope after the recent ceremony
> r opening the holy door tit St PC
rrs cathedral addressed his intimate
ntourage And mid I thank DI
me Providence for granting me the I
raw of being able to eekrbrate UilH I
neat function and 1 wish for my
uniMsor pnuwUur and n long reign
the greater glory of God
My Huercaaor will be young ns I
nm pared with my own age and will
has tlwe to IM O maiiy glories of the I
> iwrv and the church
Inter Leo clearly daalgiMtad Cat Jf
d 1 Oirolamo Maria Oottl prefect of
Si coiiayrejpiUon of I diilgt HCft and
vurrd Itttllm iu his B ic esor
Cardinal OottJ fliv fnmowi denot > a
iuiiik Is I a wan of jxprfort piety and
luodoaty Now about 94 year of sign
he Jail nlwHy lived Use life of HH as
uettle sit lioafilto the illyirtt of a
tlQMlttce or arc alrarvh 1e alvojs site p
Jin a cull and on a hunt mnttrts
Uapllit Cbiirch Upillratcd Only M
Year Alto lluritrd Two Ier
oui lujnrrd 11t t
Stromsborg Neb Jan 2Ifdol I
Baptist church which was dedicated
only a year ago was totally destroyed I
by tire early Monday morning and 1 I
two people seriously injured The fire
was caused by an explosion of steely I
lene gas with which the church was
lighted The gas generator And the
furnace were both located In the base
ment and it is supposed escaping gas
wan ignited by the furnace New
Years watch meetings were being
held and a large number of people
were present but most of them hud
just left the building when the ex
plosion occurred The bulldlug wan
badly wrecked and what was not de
strayed by the explosion was eon
umed by fire Mrs J L Johnson and
her daughter Pearl were seriously In
Clay County and OtherMountnluDU
trice of Kentucky to Unve
London Ky Jan 2 The Ren
fffoCy Telephone Co has filed articles
nf Incorporation with the tiecrctary of
state at Frankfort Kynntl will at
onus begin the construction of its
line from Manchester Ky to London
The principal office of this company
w111 be located at Manchester Clay
county and It will build Its lines Into
Jerry Leslie Letcher Jackson and a
Sluni1 flr of othVr back counties that
are entirely without such uccoimno
dations and which are compelled t 6
send their messages many miles on
uiulcback to reach the nearest talc o
phone or te grolh station
To lie Executed In Slitrcb
Barnstable Mass Jan 2 Kdwin l <
flay Snow charged with the murder
of James T Whltteuiore at Yarr
mouth last October was arraigned f
at a special session of the superior
tour t itcr Monday J before Judge Hlg t I
jns e reCraeted ltle previous pleD j
of not guilty and pleaded guilty He
was sentenced to be executed March
16 ttfe
KttrlhquuUe Shocks IB California
Xos aw t Angeles Cal Jan 21wo
light PI Earthquake shocks were felt
bore at 4 oclock Sunday mornln
No damage was done so far as known >
The shocks were felt nt San Bernar
die lint other points south and east
including San Diego where there war
another chock at 1 oclock Sunda
4 4Nuteti CIU oel tall
Vjennn Jon 2 MHloecker th oJ
coffipdser who had been suffering
trrnp paralytic stroke is dead f fi
r I
she Wltb Her Bitter aa4 IU Filly
our Have Vurrciidrretl t
flat llarcb
Manila Jan 2The first movement
of a general south advitnce occurred
Monday morning lmuu two battalions
of the 30th Infantry lauded and oecu
pled Cubuyno on the south side of
l nguna de Bay Two Americans were
killed and four were wounded Twin
tyfour of the enemys dead were
found lu one house One hundred nut
fifty prisoners and four slxpouudcr >
rapidUru lllllK were captured
The gunboat Laguua de Bay bow o
bunted the town before the dUeuibar
katiou of the troops from the ctis
coes which was made under the ene
uiys shrapnel fire The enemy evacu
ated thu place before the charging
Americans rotrtotlug to Santa linen
to which town they ure pursued
Heavy fighting occurred along tho
road to Santa Kosa which was occu
pied by the insurgents retreating
south toward Silang The Americans
burned the country between null
around Cabuyao The gunboat re
turned to Calnmba for reinforcement
antI thence cnme to Manila to del i
a uuUlalt Iou She recently onpturml t
two nf the enemy r sterna InunChrn
ono under the fire of artillery at Ca
latnba 1 and also four CUSUOOH loaded 1
with rice
Other regiments were mobilizing
Monday nt Sun Potlro Mtioutl and 1
IUI K pruparntory to continuing the
southern nUvnnoe
Sundays capture of bombs involved
the s lsiiro of documents Inculpating
1000 Filipinos who Intended to rill
MKolnat the Americans Papers were
oleo found shovliig n distribution of
thu city Into districts aud u careful
niwIgiiuieDt of leaders and followers
The precautions taken by the Aineri
suns OH Saturday It is now evident t
slope preventwl an uprising The pro
roil marshal hu requested that two
muro rgiini Ht be detailed for tho
protection of Manila Throe thousand
troojm are HOW actually In tho ally
AgnloaMes wife staten and IS Pill
pines have Mirr iiiiered to MnjJklarahS
batulina of the 3d Infantry nt Don
toe province of that name
Ckte Filipino officers also surren
dartd to llaj llaroh BUt the Pill
ptaoa gave up two 9 > autsh and two
A1rafeaN fUbollenl
Flat lions In New York Outlet
Lun a OOOOi > > Child ICIIIrd and
Other I run Hurl
i1New tIe Jan 8 Theta alarm
haw VMM front J a fur a Ant In a ftva
story flat MOIMN No T4 lint avenue
rIM Mats which suddenly bek laid
from taw building were dieter ntsJ
fey ulaettt YoHkteK tn tJur BnUod n rata
fldOMt Coa pwat They oarrtod out
half j A down wonw i while Htwny j r
tax a got to the street by MMUIM of
fire escapee It Is feared tat tier
f ddanM of the iro has ct t off tIM
esoatw of sotto of the tenants On I
the top floor cmonUisoU Loretta I
Lvnnert wan C1M1 in bod dead She I
had bees bOthered by smoke butck1 I
The ehlldM father leftwArd a butch
or was taken to Flower hcwiltal I j I
1burned about the hands and tea 1
The ohlMfe mother Margaret wns
VtIII u and taken to L
Uwllovun hospital suffering from
shack Joseph Lrnncrt brother of
the dead hilt jumped from a window
on ouit of the lower floors He wns
seriously Injured and taken to Hello
vue ho ptnl Joseph KellehtT agod 1
IV a bell boy ruvhod Into the build
lag before the arrival of the men
lie rescued Tillie Powers n child i
carrying her through the fire and 1
smoke lie was burned about the
hands and face Itobort Lowe aged II I
18 u companion of Kclloher who also
woof Into the burning building was
burned about the hands Pauline
Tlehman OS years old who boards
with the family on the first floor
jumped from her window Her back
was Injured I
At 2tM the tire was out und cvorY1 1
body had been accounted for The
house was gutted entailing n loss of r
300000 Tea families were made
McCoy Defeated Maker i
New York Jau 2JhlcCoy
again placed himself in the champion
ship class by defeating Peter Manor
lu u brisk well fought battle of five
rounds before the Coney Island Ath
lotle club Monday afternoon The
fight was scheduled to last 23 rounds
and the purse was to have been 20
000 but the attendance was not na
large us had Leon ocpcctcd and be
fore the fight was begun the prlnol
pals agreed that the winner should i
receive the gross receipts I
The Wolfaobn CAt I I
Los Angeles Cal Jan 2 Attorney
Oscar Hamburger who represented I
the heirs In the Wolfsohn case when
jthey sought to recover the in nnA
dllife insurance from the New York
irjLIfe Insurance Co Is In the city He
tTMc not give up his case though his
clients have waived their claim to the
10000 He docs not believe that the
man who came from Chicago pretend
lug to be the real Wolfsohn is so
To Control the Zinc Output
Chicago Jan 8 Informutlotf has
reached here of the proposed forma
Hon of a combination to control the
xlnc output of the United States
Work on the scheme has been begun
end the initial steps are being take n
lu Kansas City
Torn to rictten by Lions
Vienna Jan 2One of the animal I
Weepers at the Vienna zoological gar
dens entered the cage of Ions Mon
day in n spirit of bravado und six
lions rushed upon him and tore him
io pieces
Whisk Accoaulcd for ITSs laablllty
to Re MBT tb Orcaie
Spot i
A young fellow on the South tide sai a
reQty valet an old taahiutud southern
dArlJlIert Jet I Jut that trouaoll cleaned
and penned today he said noiuUM Loaf
rather laud ttrt uf gortntnt that Jeff baa
Nut stoning Jeff brought the trott ert
back with a btu arcane spot hill pivmlneot
on out knee
Cant 1u tit tkat i yet nU said the
owner of tat trousers
No Mb
Did > vu try turetsUMT
IV Jt lewd 1 dine uccaur tt4 cm
Did you try coal oil T
Tea lab jHjed a quart obiUon ffa
Did you try a hot ironr
Puty nigh bug t em upl
Did you try lxniin I
Done tried Itunue an keroMDt u > 4 AlP
de oilier sine all taint tech dat grease
Well did you ttl cm on T queued the
marten with a twinkl In his eye
rtf rah rrph 4 Jet tl with alacrity
en deqs a puffeet tit emu ipbt an all
tAh Chicago fuser Uaaa
fte Boy en eke Uacbibnad
TW U what the boy wrote about tho 4
dachshund flue ducmaouBd U a deg not I
vitbaUndin aii lCCtreIlCu llohatfdrele I t
two in front au twv behind an they afflt
on rwkm tenni I vun t uvMle a seeks
hound out of a cowcuiuber au fete inatiJaa
1an lt loots as naehnal u Mr Docks
Veund U fairly intelbgrat rollAtdr rio there
ship I Tuaiv liraini beta w far away from
thare talc it Luther them turn te < till
Uttur l I wun t woo a docktltouod who wi I
too troiMaBunt to watt till ke ooinl eta
the bole ItItth of hia oddy when he wntrd
to WIt his I ale w be mlkl it up wttta 1 t
tale titt when die wasted it tD WOlf be won it
shake hi right en as when the tale wn
it hake it wood wag IM as for tll f wino
a bull imp with a pcddyjrw Chleco
Cheerfully Inllurs
She handed u elaHk to tile parti ttMen
j She was calm and sheeted u ff il was ift
everyday matter
Madaia raid toe taller neatly yarn
have forgotten to undone it
J atone it Y with a little womt4 ruder
Vet you satyr watt jrwwr name as the
tWI e
i t i L > 11 I VJITI
buk iD case tU 11 of this check utd
fail j to answer our eat 11
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oI taro used Ayers Hair
Vigor for a r mtty yfi
wd it Las been vary satisfactory
to EC in every way I stave
rccoamcndcd it to t great Quay
1of ny friends tad ticy lave all
been perfectly satuied > with k
Mrs A Edwards San Flln
Icisco Cal Feb 9 1899
Tkats always the Way nth
Hair t vrrt
our Vigor When
SOBS use it they are always so
hi lily pleased with it that they
tell then treads about it
lf your hair is short too
tnia splits at the ends is rough
or is falling out our Hair Vigor
youY will
If your hair is just a little
8rO perfect white A ate
Hm VIgor win Lrtag backto it
all the dark rick color it Iud
Years and yeas aoSUt a sonic
AU dtvu1III
Write tho Doctor
If you do not obtain all tho benefit TOO
desire from the use of the Vigor write
1the Ioctor about It Ho willtdlljron jl1lt A
JOuI the right thlnic to do and rtl t
I hook
on tb lIali lUll
I1ICAJp 11
request it Addraalro tJ
J J ° Ana Lowell Hat
Fitert Cough Bjnip tacosou Uae
tatUi Bold by dnn 4u

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