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Dr Talmnce Says They Should Derl
i Our Guides for the Future II
Home Prnellc and Timely Sncur 11
lions a lo ItlitM llrlnu Our n
Life a a Tale Plant f1
U Told lJ
ICoprlibv 1889 by Louts Ktopscbf1
In this holiday discourse Dr Tat
Hinge takes the opphrtunlly of oft
icring lama verjr practical und use 1
hit sugi utlont text IM I ins xe 01t
We 11 lreud our year lIS n tale that III I
told The Israelites were 40 years In II eI in I
wilderness and during 39 years of theI I
40 nothing U recorded of them and I
suppose no other emigrants had ti 11
duller or more uninteresting timeI
than they had Bo they got to telling
stories stories concerning them t
selves or concerning others stories
about the brick kiln of egypt where
they hnil tolled In slavery stories
about how the waters of the Ited J tea
pilot up Into palitiwlct at their cross f
lug story of how the Inutera hung Int
the lienvons to guide them bj nl htn
story of Ibises doitroyliig the reptiles C
of the vvfldorness stories of personal r
encounter It must limo been nn nwI
ful thing to tune had nothing to do 11
in M yours except to got lost every f
time they tried to osmpe from thu
wtWerNcis So they whiled away the
time In story tolling Indeed there
were person whone one budges wns i
to Htirmta stories add they woreI I
1 Mltl by spell trifles na they could plek
lift from the surrounding lUteavrv fa
scab ItMtftwoes oar text refer when It
nysi MVe spend our years as a tlOI
that Is teldM
At this tremendous passage from
the your ISM to the year I WO It wMl
do us nil good to consider that our
whole life Is A awry tolda good
story or a had story n tragto story or
A mirthful storyi n wins story orI
foolish story n clean story or a IUthyI I
frya story of success or a story of
failure We spend our years as A
tale that Is tokl
In the first place I remark that
every persons life lu n very ntreltt
log story My text does not depre I
elate n tale that U toW Wo hue
All of us Iwyrn entertained by the
AtArvfvller when snow hound In IbcI I
rail train or In the group n winters
night in the farmhouse or gathered I
nrooml n blazing hearth with orneI I
tiHsttrrt At the mountain Inn tndelttI I I
It Is A i ral eworlky nrt to Impeison
ate a good story well If you doubt
I thcprfietloal and healthful and InspJr
ing UM of such n story take dawn
from the library IVnshta ton Inlng
1 Tales of n Traveler or Nathaniel
IlnwtlinrMea Twice ToM Tales Hut
as lntoreUng us any of these would
tie the story of ninny OH obscure life
If the tale were ns well told Why do
ire all lllco blogrnpbles And atttebltur
reptiles HecnMc tbeynre stories of
eminent human lives IlHt the I tAr
ot the life of A backwoodsman of n
man who looks stupid of one about
whom you never heard n word must bo
just us thrilling on a Mnall Mfile ns > on
n larger real Is the Illof n Cyrus or
a Caesar or n Plrarrn or n Mark An
tony or a Oiarlemngn or the late
Gen Cordon who was upon n parapet
lundli 1t his soldiers with nothing but
A stick In his hand and his troops
cried flordon come down You
mil l e lanai Hut ho did not oomc
da > wn and one of the scikllcni tofllol l
It Is I nil right lie dont mind being
Villotl Ho Is oni of those bleued
If yon get the confldenee of that
very plain man just come out of the
backwoods and can Induce him to give
the stirring experiences of his life he
will tell you that which will make
your Wood cunlle nnd your hair gland
on end That night wlten I n panther
disputed his pathwayon the way
liotnc that landslide when the moun
loins seemed about to come down on
his oabln that accident to his houro
hold and no surgeon within IS S tulles
that long storm that shut them In and
the food was exhausted that contest
nt his doorway with bandits who
thought there might bo within some
thing worth Inking thnt deathbed
with no one but himself to count the
fluttering pulses
As Oliver Cromwell on the nnniver
snry of his greatest victory followed
hla darling daughter to the grave so In
the humblest and most unpretending
life there has bren a commingling of
gladness and gloom of triumph nnd de
spair Nothing that David flnrrick
ever enacted fit Drury lame theater In
the vrny of tragedy or Charles Mat
thrws ever played In Coven t Garden In
the way of comedy excelled things
which on n small scale have been seen
in the life of obscure men and women
Many n profound l nnd learned sermon
has put the audience to sleep while
s me man whose phraseology could not
be parsed and whose attire was cut and
tilted and made up by plainest house
wife has told the story of his life in n
vrny thnt melted the prnyer circle Into
tears ns easily ns n warm April sun dis
solves the snow of the previous night
Oh yes while we spend our years
tit n tnle thnt Is told it Is nn Interesting
story It Is the story of nn Immortal
And thnt make It Interesting He Is I
launched on nn oceun of eternal yenrs
in n voyage Hunt will never terminate
f lie Is striking the keynoteof nn anthems
or n dirge that will never rome to its
IoU bar Thnt Is I what makes the de
votional meeting of modern times to
much more Interesting than they used
to be They ore filled not with ills I
courres by laymen on the subject of
justification and tnnctlilcnttan which
lay discoursea administer more to the
facetious than to the edifying but with
stories of what Mod has done for
the soul how everything suddenly
talsumlo In times of laceration how
was personally helped out and ru
helped up and helped on Nothing can
stand before such a atory of personal
rescue personal transformation per i a
sonal Illumination The mightiest and
most skillful argument against Chris a
tianity collapses under the ungrom
mulicnl but sincere statement The j
atheistic profestor of natural philoso
phy goes down under the story of that
bnckw0odsmans conversion
The New Testament suggests the Is
power of the tale that Is told Christ Is
was the most effective story teller of
all the ages The parables are only
tales well told Matchless stories
That of the traveler cut up by the
thieves and the Samaritan paying his
board bill at the tavern that of the big
dinner to which the Invited guests sent
fictitious regrets that of the shep
herd answering the bleat of the lost
sheep and nil the rural neighbors that It
night helping him celebrate the faIt
that It was safe In the barnyard that
of the bad boy reduced to the swlncs
trough greeted home with such ban
queting anti jewelry that It Muffed the
older son with jealousy anirdiigruntle
ment thai of the Pharisee full of brag
gadocio nail the pubUean smiting his
breast with n stroke that brnughidown
the heavens In cnmniUcrntlon stories
nbout leprosy about paralysis about
catalepsy about dropsy nhoutophthnl n
mla stories that he so well told that
they have rolled down to the present
and will roll down through the entire
The most of the Old Testament It
made up of Inspired unecdotes about
Attain and Bye about Jacob about
Knot about A hob and lerebel about
lonnli about Daniel about Deborah
about Vashtl about men and women of
whom the story gave an accurate photo
graph long before human photography
was born I et all Christian workers
prayer meeting talkers Kunday school
teachers and preachers know the power
of that which my text calls the tale
that Is I told
If you have had experiences of par
don nnd comfort and dlienthrnllmnt
tell of It Tell It In the most pointed
and ft G inn Me way you can manage
Tell It soon or you may never tell It nt
nil Oh the power of the tale thnt Is
told An hours discourse about the
fact that blasphemous behavior Is I
sometimes pnnlshed In this world
would not Impress us as much as the
simple story that In n town of New
York stale at the close of the last ecu
tury aa profane men formed them
selves Into a club calling them
arms Society of the Druids They
met regularly to deride and damage
Christianity One night In their awful
meeting they burned a Bible and ad
ministered the sacrament to n dog
Two of them died thnt night Within
three days three were drowned In
five years all the a9 came to a bad end
Ilefnre justices of the pence It was
warn tt two were starved to death
seven were drowned eight wen shot
five committed suicide seven died on
the gallons one was frozen to death
anti three died accidentally Incidents
like that sworn to woukl balk any pro
posed Irreverent and blasphemous be
In what May could the fnct that In
fidelity will net help anyone die well
be so tower fully presented as by the
Incident concerning a man falling iU In I
Paris just after the death of Voltaire
when a professional nurse was called In
tad she fcokril Is J the gentleman i
Christian Why doyou ask that
said the messenger I nm the Hurst
who attended Voltaire in his last Ill
ness and for nil the wealth of Kurope J
I would never see another Infidel < Uc
What discourse in Us moral and spirit
ual effect could equal a tale like t hut 1
You might argue upon the fact that
those fallen im our brothers and sin
tern but could we Imprcks anyone
with such n truth so well at by the
scene near Vlotorin park London
where men were digging a deep drain
and the shoring gave way nnd a great
pile of earth fell upon the workmen
A limn stood there with his hands In
hula packets looking at those who were
trying to shovel away the earth from
those who were buried but when
Mime one said to the spectator 11111
your brother is I down there then the
spectator threw otT his cant nnd went
to work with nu agony of earnestness
to fetch up his brother What course
of argument could so well tu that In
eldest let forth thnt when we toil fur
the salvation of n soul it Is a brother
whom we are trying to save
A second rending of my text re
minds me that life is not only n story
told but that It Is n brief story A
long narrative stretched out indefi
nitely lose Its Interest It Is general
ly the story thnt takes only n minute
or half n minute to rehearse thnt ar
rests the attention And that gives
ndditlonal interest to the story of our
life It Is a short story Subtract
from our lives all the hours of nec
essary sleep all OUt hours nt Incapac
ity through fatigue or Illneis all the
hours of childhood and youth before
we got fairly to work and you have
abbreviated the story of life w > much
that you cnn appreciate the Apostle
tauten expression when ho compares
lifo to a vapor thnt appcnreth for n
little srnsnn nnd tbcn vanishes away
It docs not take tvng to tell nil Iho
vicissitudes of life the gladness ami
the griefs Hie arrivals nnd tho de
partures the stresses and the fail
tires the victories and the defeats the
ups nnd the downs time longer we
live tho shorter the years Wo hard
ly get over the I bewildering fntigiio of
fcclnctinp gifts for children find
friends and wo thnt the presents get
off In tlmo to arrive on the appropri
ate dny thnn we Bee another ndvnnc
Intf group of holidays Autumnal
fruit so sbnrpty ehfes the summer
harvest ad the snow of the white
blossoms of springtime come so soon
after lie knows of winter It fn a rer
mark so often made Hunt t It falls In
make any impression and the olotl
tndo that calls forth BO reply How
rupldly I time goes
A third reading of my text reminds R
me that life is I not only n story told but
story listened to There Is nothing
morotvcxntlous to anyone than to toll
story when people arc not attending
They may whisper on some other sub SI
jfct or they arc preoccupied One 0
cannot jell a story effectually unless of
there are good listeners Well that 11
which In my text U called thetale that n
told has plenty of listeners There tl
no such thing aa solitude no such
thing as being alone Uod listens and a0
the oJr Is full of spiritual Intelligences Ie
ail listening and the world listens to no
the story of our life some hoping It t
will be successful others hoping It will 11
be a CallureIt
We talk about public life and private tJ
life but there is I no private lIferbe ri
story of our life however Insignificant nIt
may seem to be will win the applause I
or hiss of a great multitude that no c
moo can number As u ytile that is I
told among admirers or fflmigonlsu r
celestial or pnndemonlacs the unlvcrs II
Is full of listening ears as well as ul Q
gleaming eyes If we say or do the 11
right thing that Is known I suppose
the population of the Intelligences In
the air is moro numerous than the pop t
illation of Intelligences on the earth t
Aye all the world will yet listen to
and be redeemed by a talc that Is told V
We are all telling it each In his own t
way some by voice some by pen some t
by artists pencil some by harp uod
some by song mother telling it to i
chill teacher telling It to itahhulh 1
clout reformer telling It to outcast I
preacher telling It to assemblage I lie I
story of the Loveliest of llenvcn coming I
down to this scarred and blasted island 1
of a world He was ordered buck from
its shores and struck through wllhI I
manors of human hate aa soon as beJ J
landed Shepherds dog baying on lh 1
hills thai Christmas night was bCtttj j
treated than this rescuer of u race yet
keeping right on brambles on tJroI I
feet on spikes flagellated with vrhlpt
that had lumps of lead fastened to 1
them through midnight without InDI I
terns through storms without u abel 4
ter through years that got blacker IInI I
ill they ended In A noonday with the
sun blotted out Mightiest tale ever J
told und keep on telling it until theI I
lust sorrow Is assuaged and the last
animosity quenched and the last des
ert li white with the Illy and golden
with the cowslip and blue with the
gentian and crimson with the rose
My text In referring to the years re
minds me that In 12 hours this year mil
forever hate gone away Ninetynine
out of the hundred years of this century
will have disappeared We have only
one year of the century left There
ought to be something especially lUg
gestlve in the last year of a century
JL ought to be a yenr of unparalleled in
dustries of unheard of consecration
Not n person In any of our audiences
this day can remember the tint jenr
of ihU century Not a person ID any of
our audiences today will everagaln re
the last year of a century
Through medical science the world
longevity may he I greatly improved In I
the future II It has been In the past
but It would not be welt for people to
live too long Some of them would
through their skill at acquisitiveness
gather too much and some multi
millionaires would become billionaires
and trllllonalrrs and some ont would
after awhile pocket a hemisphere No
Death Is I useful In Its financial limita
lions and then all pure enough sorrows
aiul annoyances and sufferings by the
time they become nonagenarians or
eentenarlnns to make It desirable tc
quit Besides that It would not be fnl
to long to keep so many gooo old peo
pie out of llenveu So it is well tit
ranged that those who stand by the
deathbed of the nineteenth ccnturj
will not be called to stand by the death
bed of the twentieth ceaurv
Oh crowd this last year with prayer
with lionmiuf with kind words with
helpfulness Make the peroration of
the century the climax of Christlike
deeds Close up the ranks of God nnd
during this remaining 12 niontna
charge mightily against the host of
Abnddou have no reserve corps Let
swiftest gospel cavalry gallop anti
heaviest moral artillery roll nnd
mightiest evangelistic batteries thun
der on the scene Let ministers of the
UOlp1 quit nil controversy with tael
other and In solid phnlnnx march nut
for the worlds dltlntlirnllinrnt Let
printing presses secular and religious
make combined movement to Instruct
anti emancipate the world On all the
hills let there be Elijah praying for a
great rnlu and on every contented
field Joshuas to see that final victory ti I i >
gained before the sun gees down end
every mountain become a transfigura
tion and every Unlike a walking place
for the worlds discnthrollment Let
us be jealous of every month of every
week of everyday that pusses without
something significant and glorious
wrought for God Amt thistln cursed
world Let our churches be thronged
with devout assemblages Let the
chorals be more like grand marches
than requiems Let this c > mlng year
see the last wound of Trutihvnal and
Philippine conflict and the earth quake
with the grounding arms of the last
regiment ever to be marshaled and the
furnaces of the foundries blne with the
fires that shall turn the last swords into
And may nil those whose liven shall
go out In this last year of n century in
many will meet In the Heavenly world
those who In the morning and noonday I I
of this 100 yearn tolled and milTered
foot the worlds salvation to tell them
1 IJftw much linK been accomplished for
the glory of Him whose march through
the last 10 centuries Bud through nit
the coming centuries the Scriptures
describe as going forth conquering
and to conquer Oh the contrast be
tween that uplifted spectacle of eter
nol triumph in the presence of Clod and
the Lamb and these earthly scenes
where sec spend our yeara aa a tale
that w told
RepiiMlcnn LcRUlntlun Looks To An
ward the UiiliuUdlUBT of
In a pamphlet entitled Tho United
States Merchant Marine on the
Oceans issued by the Marine Review
Cleveland 0 Mr K T Chamber
lain United States commissioner of
navigation reviews the progress of
the worlds maritime nations
This review is especially interesting
containing a frank republican cona
fusion of the truth that there Is now
good reason why a high protective
tariff should be maintained by this
country In speaking of the marked
increase of Interest In the establish
meat of nn American merchant ma
rine Mr Chamberlain attests to the
necessity for such ft marine service by
BtaUng that it Is demanded for the
cdrrying of American goods abroad
Our manufacture have developed so
rapidly ho says flhnt tho place the
home market filled in the political dls
oupions of 1C or 10 yearn ago IB 1 now
filled by the jrcigu markets
Save as a factor in the further
strengthening and fostering of tho
trust 1I tem it is difficult to see In
the light of this authoritative rcpuu
loan utterance why tho tax of n high
protective tariff should be imposed on
the American people It certsiliily is
not needed fcr the protection If
Araerii an manufacturer from forHfftt
oanipetition since American manu
fnotnreri thus 110 Illl nafally com
pole in toreign markets that their
ham trade has become of secondary
Inyw nee And surely to foreign
menufaoiurcr thus undersold In hits
own markets cannot undersoil Amer
icans in American markets withI
freight insurance and other legit
mate sod unavoidable olMrgcH added
to toe cost of his production
It Mil Ite interesting to hear a re
publican pica for the Dlngloy tnrurI I
under these acknowledged conditions
that shall indicate anything beyond
determination to uphold the trust
control of American markets by mak
ing exnrbltAnt prices for trust goods
possible Already thanks to the tar
lit Americans pay I more for American
manufactures than the same Amerl
can goods are mid for in foreign mar
kets If this means anything hut n
wrongful tax on American consumers
for the role benefit of American trust
orgaalaatlonx its further meaning is
not sppnrcnt on the face of the fig
ure The American people will be
blind indeed if they now fall to sec
that the present protective tariff is
nothing more nor loss than nn arbi
trary levy for trust benefit at their
expense upheld by the republican
party at trust dictation SU Louis
Large RUb of CsttenC Will retie w
t the7Vrpnbllenn Paltry of
CCthilrJtnhtllnn I
economy and expansion are not com
persons This fact In demonstrated bj 1
Secretary Gage who estimates that tin
expenses of the present congress will
be about 1250000000
Expansion has a large and magnifl
cant sound when the word is spoken bj I
n Jypleal imperialist like Mark Ilnnna
but it Also implies n lurgo and magnifl =
cent bill of expense
One of llnnnan pet schemer of ex
panding commerce Is to auh ldlM e
American shirK That menus Uw4 II
businesR which dont pay under nom I
Inn conditions can be randy 1rol1 tAble
If the government will only furnish tin
money to make the profit
Republican editors arc not unani I
mously in favor of this kind of expan
skin and the Philadelphia Ledger n
so htl republican newspaper takes oc
caficn to say
iA determined and persistent effort
ui tslucilhy n power fui cntnbinat t Ion I II I I I
about to bo marie in behAlf of granting i
shi p subsidies f 18000000 to rich orI I
Io itlons whlrh seem to look upon n
will Ion 1 the treasury as a simple and
eai y method of making money Sena
tot Lodge has Introduced n hill appro
pr sting SllOCOfWO for n Pacific en be
tb > X1earagtiH canal project Is wailing
a avornble opportunity mud Senator
Cu lorn t not satisfied with the enormous
ye rly expenditures of 145000000 for
pensions has fathered a bill for remov
ing the disabilities of soldiers who de
cried or were dishonorably dis
charged on the ground that the tied
tint arrived when the govcrrmcnt can
he jtnngnnnitnous nnd forgive any lit t
tiC lndisorction of the soldiers of the
civil wnr
In the grand rush of Imperialism
there seems clanger that some of our
ti l g ilators will lose not only their sense
or Ignlty in prying open the treasury
bt the sense of ordinary Integrity
1 liesc words are timely and sboulUbe
rirffully conslderfl l by the advocates
of expansion Hut it remains for the
pro to to east out of power the party
hrh favors expansion at the expense1
of yin people who pay thctnxea Chi
cngp Democrat
TruolK Iroteeleil
1s I certain that the prevalence of
trim tsin the United States Is due in
Inrj o measure to nn undue tariff pro tec
tin given certain American mmiufne
tur tHo There Is I reason to believe thnl
one of the most effective blows which
conkVlte levled ngnlnst n butt com
binntlbh wfuld be to permit the eu
I trnno itito the United States qn equal
I trmswtththe trust product of the
i m Ihr product of foreign inanufnetnr
I trK Thin would tend to restore the
composition which the formation of the
trujt has ended nod to break the mo
nopply the t trust t has created This
fact alone raises trusts to the dlmen
slons of n national issue So It will reo
innn unless the present congress takes
IrnHcj nctlon to end the abuse There
I J wbo reek
ire wga pjeuty for those
the anti willing bamitt can find theIr
t t loofiSS Louts Jtpubic
Open Rupture Ilctvrcen the Allied
Force of Noodle and
If there was any ono thing w Lich the
tariff protcctccs felt entitled to count pee
uponkUt was the full and unremitting Ire
care of their interests by the McKinley let
ndministraUon Mr McKinley was theTo
great panjandrum of the tariff system
and Mr Manna was his prophet And
both of them assured the beneficiarici ia
that system that neverno n veren
would there be any action on the Tr
part of the administration which would I the
tend to weaken the right of tho tariff
barons to plunder the rest of the pop he
ulation It was precisely upon the 110
strength of thi representation that Mr fl
llanna in the summer of 1800 took hiti
trusty skillet in his hand and proceeded ITo I
to extract from the protected manufac III
turers grease sufficient to lubricate the
machinery of the republican party the I
results being made evident at the elec tint
tion in November The famous fat tn
frying tour was successful only be
cause the tariff barons reposed con are
fidence in the firm 01 Mo Mac It ap 01
pears that that confidence is 111 re 1
At all events there is much diuonslon to
over reciprocity hills as well as over at
the proposed measure which would es m
tablish free trade between the United
Stales and our new colonial posMiJon
of Puerto Illoo Tho view of the ad ha
ministration respecting the beauty ot t bl
a prohibitive tariff have undergone
some change during the last 15 months i
owing to the cxpaubion policy which i IIhave
now dearest to the heart of the Ares I 11
ident and Mr Manna Tim views 01p
the tariff beneficiaries are naturally unr
cbbngid and there the issue is joined I U
The administration desires to let down w
time bars a trifle so that trade con tot l
low the flag The contributors to the et
fat fund of 1806 demand the fulfillment S
of their contract The result is much
bitterness on both aidesSI
it is amusing indeed to listen tow
some of the recriminations Selfish ef
ness plaintively declares the Washing p
ton correspondent of an administra 0
tion organ jumps to the front in an
effort to defeat every reciprocity mesas
lire proposed by the government That
is the administration seeks to wriggle I
out of its contract with the protected I
manufacturer and those gentlemen na
respond by lobbying to defeat such a
consummation And Mr Kasson the
reciprocity commissioner wails bitterly i
that if there be 49 articles in a treaty J
in which the United States have the 1
advantage and one in which something i
is given to the other fellow nothing is I
said in this country about the 40 b ut I
all the people Interested in the other
onewhether it be rice or sugar or to
bacco or files or hoes or sausages raise
a howl and pelt the senate with ap
peals to reject the whole thing
This Is very sad indeed but it was i tc
have been expected How can the nd
ministration make fish of one rifY
beneficiary and flesh of another Wai
1it not nominated in the bond that aw alls
should be built around the entire unthat
trywhich should keep out competition
absolutely And of what value is a wal
which contains n gate through which i
foreign rice ar sugar or tobacco or files i
or hoes or sausages may enter to the
great injury of honest gentlemen who
paid large sums to elect Mr McKiuley
president How cnn that statesman
defend his course lA seeking to repu
diate his contract
IIne may try to do It but he will fail
What Ik I more 10 the purpose his efforts
IeInward a measure of commercial free
IIdom are also likely to fall For astl hean
disconsolate correspondent already
quoted admits the tariff barons swing
though the sovereign may command I
he cannot execute The firm of Me
Mac will bo forced to carry on its con
tract willynilly and as It will do so
under compulsion Itlan claim no
trcrrl1it for the proceeding
rTht cheerful feature of the onlIrir
is I heaven rupture between the hither
to allied forces of buodc and buncombe
When certain people fall out certain
other people are likely to get their own
Chicago Chronicle
The Knit of Quay
IIQUA has seemed nn Irresistible
power in Pennsylvania politics b utia
persistent fighting on the part of a
determined opposition has had its ef
feet Apparently the > downfall of
Pennsylvanias boss is now in sight
Press dispatches from Washington inS
dicate that Quay will not be seated us
Iefellntor In that event he is not like
ly I to recover the prestige he lost
when he failed of reelection at the
IrhRnds of the List Pennsylvania leg sit
IClulur The opposition encouraged
by results already achieved will be
greatly strengthened for further cone
testa with Quay The success of the
movement I against Quay in Pennsyl 1
Itlnin undertaken with little real
hope of accomplishing results is full 1 1
of cneaiiragctnunt for time enemies of
bossiwn everywhere No boss is I
invulnerable no matter how strongly
he mud seem to be intrenched Chi
cago liecord End
It needs no prolonged meditation
on the part of president or congress
men to determine the 1 power that may I
be exercised tu check the I monopolies +
which deal in articles prntvclcd under 1
the McKlvleyWilsonUingley tariff
system It needs only the courage
promptly to auert the power of remov
ing the tariff upon lilt products of the
truiIt is evident that President
McKinley Is lacking iu that start of
courage He has run away from hu
opportunity to strike ai effective blow 1
at th root of the trust est preferring
to shift the entire responsibility to tbeltei
shoulders of congress which means
that no legislation whatever In re
rfftrnlnt of trust formation and opera
tiou is to be looked for nt the hands of
the congress npw btglnnHglts lout u
l Rochester IIeraid
J r
DO YOU realize gentlemen said
Smith si the members of the Kali
eekog club gathered around the evening I
that this is to be our last evening to
gether in these woods for at least a year
Tomorrow our vacation in the yearI I
district ends and by tomorrow evening if
othing uniooked for happens we will have
sailed up the door of the clubhouse reeled
our lines for the last time this year stored I
boats and the night train on the Grand 5
Trunk will be carrying us swiftly back to r
dates and to our various vocationar
Without going into particulars or men
Honing name it has teemed to me that this
would be an excellent time to confess our i
prevarications so that we may quit this bead
tifulspot with a clear conscience 1 would
suggest To what do you refer Brother Smith o
asked the Pastor
To put it in plaia English said Smith
think we have all lied more orless and
now would be a good time to tell the
truth I presume that you realize that there
exceptions to that statement of aU
Brother Smith said the Pastor Now i 7
7 made no exception and intended
none said Smith As for myself I am here
I knew how and still make it a Me that
might believed and 1 goers you fellows
swallowed it without much question °
I have not believed a single thing you S r
have said about fish since you have beeny
here enid the Pastor
Nor 1 echoed the others
The biggest lie that 1 have told since I is
have been here was that one about the
number of bass Yorker and 1 caught in
1Healey lake We were trying to outdo the
Pastor and did so far at Ule lie wan con
cerned and if he did not believe our story
was because his own was not true What
wrI shall have to refer this matter to the a i
congregation when we reach home Brother
Smith put in the Pastort
I would advise you not to replied
Smith but as 1 was going to say what
we did catch that day wn all in the boat I
when we returned Hud as several members tel
this club counted them it will not be dis
puted when 1 say there were 133 baas of i
over the legal lengthi
It was only 128 for I counted them to
tether with Husky Hill said Tice
What is the matter of ten bass mare or 1
gentlemen in my confession 1S3 bass in
stead of the five or six hundred that I 1 told
about and I believe that ever era win feel
abutter if they follow my example
the advice Kiuith us n
1 believe that gives
is good said Yorker and I resize hOW ast t
I never did before the enormity of lime lie 1 i
told in reference to the muikalliuig caught
in Crane lake
You dont need to nuke any confeuiu
of that said the Pastor for everybody
lerknew that it was a lie when you tod it
toIt stems to me that 1 remember distinct
1 ly of your going to Crane lake to fish for
mutkcUunge on the strength of thabfttory
lPrtplhd Yorker and it was not as bad as
your Crown island bow story at that
My veracity it i not in question ut the
ndpn6leut lime replied the 1salor
Ke we will hear from you feter said
naYorkr provided of course your con
science is not too ela tc Hut to return to
nl1Clcnte my Crane lake story I imply wish to say i
that I didm catch a multluoje and that ion it
dill up et our boat but that was due to our
oUawkwarunlsti rather than the size of the
6h for when wp got it on shore whichW
finally dudmt only weighed 43 pounds
You laid me the tiuth of that Crass
hoake story the day we were at Uealy lake
letgrthrr aId Smith and you said it only
ywrighed 37 pounds
What 1t s matter of five pounds more or
lees in the sue of a mutkcllunger said York r
er and Hill Reeves nudged Husky Bill when
Smith diJ not reply r
1 have told so many different tales re
garding the size and weight of fish that I
kuve caught in these Ontario takes and
urn Iud flee that 1 hardly know
where to begin my confession r
niWby not straighten out the Moon river r1
story of 3S muskellunge TO bam and 140t
1dtrout in ten hours utked Husky Hill J
That might be a food place to begin at
ss that story was exaggerated somewhat iso
Tlie truth u tbil 1 only caught 35 musket
noInge CU bits and no trout at slim for I j
did not fish for them There are any num
her of trout in that stream and its tribu
twirl however aud I do not doubt that it i
crwould be finds iomblc for a man to vetch
sa man fish at I Isaid I bad caught in the
Moon river in the ItCfith of time I claimed
to have fUhcd In reality 1 only fished nine
hours and three quarter As far the other
movies 1 have told about fUiiing in iynh
pee ling utfd the turrouodin ake 1 ran
b1ceorill of them with the single statement
that 1 never caught more than 110 bata
IB any out day in any of thee lakes but
that 1 imagine is i better than any of the
reat of you ever did if the whole truth Vas
knownGcntiemcn began the Pastor when
Brother Smith started this little exponent e
meeting 1 did not reslixc the good that it
pas to accomplitti lu fact I was afraid it
stwould remit iu mure harm than good and
that the prevurieationt 1 cannot bring my
lell to the point of rsJling them lierth0ti i
havcbeen told by several < > f you arrvcd these
te1tYlniJlR tires would on y be again ciiK i
pc rated and tlwt fUIIIC 01 l you at tart would
return to your heart with an added weighty
heulon your conscience It ban pleased nee
greatly to listen te such confessions as have
1WII made this evening and I am sure
1ahal you feel the bttur far having made
1thrni There it one thing for which I am
1vorry and that is Hat llrolhcr lUrnrs i <
not heN to retract the story ht told uf
ratchiriR execs tloli tlnu I aught at Crown in
land several years ate 1tin 1 sure that lied
Brother Harnen been with us 10 night be
would kave beet modal to u the mph
truth of tkst story and r o itiute a load
IUhom kali fOBHillIKe
aat are you going to do stout that
otury of your ttyt started lltc troube
1uwkld Ticu
I Wish lto iV tu rrtrntd 0 tr > thing that
I may have I > l i have II I < n here that
x > now dead t < > imyandI i < i i ao enllcd
ttffSMUII Huulil bv lit i tiu I I and R lie
n fleet lf When 11 I 11 l of tii k > il > uMiiuy
elf sod a frend uiucl Im m
Yea Mid WO Krui > v ta
tll1ld bl I lIadU H > VH e correct
number I ad t only wi Ih cI tI < correct my
Iuronuar eta dI4Int
g1lerantbe 1
teeing th ISstor rruutu > s > + vM he dot
Jared forfeited wjien you gel htfrrie raid
luck Bill to if mil h as they v iked back to
time ctubhptite
Vrfl I it has taught me a lcon any
way repjjril Smith t 11111 I wont be 1p fool
Isb again very soon I 1 am sorry for hi take
as well as my race

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