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The Hickman courier. (Hickman, Ky.) 1859-current, June 12, 1908, Image 10

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r 11
1 I
w nN1 h41 11
I I 00 + 1 t iMoo 1
r A i k try
ter Aentatky Uk the Ow
Editors and Proprietor
Entered at tho Illckman Kcntueky
po U > fflce M soaoudclau mall matter
Hottest Campaign In History of
Georgia Closed
Atlanta OctXurJy return from the
Mate peiweratlo primaries Indicate tho
detent of Oar Hoke Smlili for a sec
ond tarp by Joseph M Brown whom
Got Smith dlstnled from the oaa at
railroad com mlIIktMr The return I
Indicate that Browns majority over
Smith may bo 36030 or even wens
A Oor Smith was overwhelmingly I
eleefei t two year aco on a platform
calling for strict railroad regulations
and dlifranehUowont of the H Kro I
Mush of the antt SMith feoMnp wan
generated liy the SlAW prohibition law
whieh Oov Slth slgaed 1 and tho f
panic whtoh threw many men out of
t employment was need to capture thoI I
labor vote for Brown It was openly
charged durietx the campaign that
Drown hall the lolM support of the
whisky foreea and the railroad Gev
Smith was also opposed by all the cote
rie of poMUdaas who hid long dom
inated the state and whom he over
threw two years ago
New Currency Law Changes Rules c
for Depositories t
Wubln ton Under thetcrms of tho
new currency law pasted by congress
In the closing hours of the last onlont
banks In which toads of the J ClrnI
mont are deposited must hereafter pay
Interest for the use of such fund Anr J
exception If made in the easo of those t a
banking associations designated as n3are
tieokl depositors IB which funds arc
placed strictly tor the use of < the pov
ernoranta own axpoBftea There arc I t
outUSMltag about 17201000 of gov I
erawent foods OB whtoa lrerest must
be paN by banks and by an odd coin
widest a similar amount rests in depot W
Itortos MM subjwt J to the tax It was IE 1
stated at the treasury department to w
day tfcat net only werfld the tax be 0
obarred OB all deposits of government by
meney Made In the future but that It
the tax would be payable on funds al al
ready deposited la basks from the time p
tho BOW law boeame effective The by
rate of iaterett chargeable Si to be not II j
lose than 1 per Gent and as much more ti
M the secretary of the treasury may d
+ deem proper For the present how v
7over the probable rate of Interest will
be 1 per cent per annum p
Tim Sullivan Tears Up Marriage t C
i License in Wraths i
Now YorktlLlule Tim Sullivan c
tho East Side Tammany leader const J
tutcd himself a committee of ouo today t
to prevent a pretty young white girl I 1
from marrying a negro after they had I 1
obtained a marriage license In the city
hall Tho girl lives In Sulllvana dls 1
triot and he refuted to glvo her name <
When ho saw her and her companion I <
turn away from the license bureau his I
Interest was aroused He asked to seo
the license and when It was handed toI I
him he tore It to bits t
You have mado a mistake he said
to tbo negro who had ulenohed his fists
threateningly This little girl lives
In my district and aho is under my pro
tection If you want a new marring I
ucrtlfleata you will have to mandamus
the license qlcrk
Coinf to Africa Soon After Close oi >
Ilia Term
Washington Within a few weeks t
after March 4 1000 Mr Iloosevelt pro
poses to start for JJrltUh East Africa
for a hunting l trip of a year or more
after big game He will be accom
panted only by his second SOB Kcrmlt l
This statement is said to be authorita
tive Not only will tbo president go
01 real to Afrloa not stopping In petrol 1eTry
but ho will return from there direct
s A report that he might go to the
Philippines was explicitly denied today I
by Secretary Loeb
The president will enter IJrltUh Bant
Africa at liombaso Ho will make a
careful study of tho fauna of Africa
and will wrlto some magazine articles
and one or more books based on his ex
e Is Delegate to National Convention
From Homo County
Denver ColMrs Ituth Dryan Loav
Itt daughter of William Jennings
Bryan was today named as a delegate
at largo to the SlAte Democratic con
rentlon to be hold at Glen wool Springs
Juno 1C Mrs Loavitt will head tho
delegation from Donvcr county
Sho was pamod by Clio Denver county
convention which while it Indorsed
tho candidacy of her father for tho
presidency did not Instruct for him
She was not at tho convention being
at present at her fathers homo in Lin
coin Nob with her children and
did not know that her narao Will to I Itt
To Get a t40 Graduation Oown Out ef SUA
Many Hurt Crest Damage to Crops
Are Down
Wichita Kas Few persons were
killed art a number Madly Injured 1
Okkx early Wednesday mernlajfTThe
dead are Peter Rudy Ms rite and
two small oaltdroa The IUh1y heave
was destroyed and theoctupanU were
crushed to death Unu er the falling
Half a deien J arm heui > s were de I
severalu I
miles were rufnod None of the lajelNtl
Is believed to be fatally hurt TNI I
greatest damage ta reported from a
point seven miles vast of town Wires
dawnb I
Laporte Sheriff Gets Clew of Possible
New Accomplice
Lapone IndrSherift Smuiser
Wodaesday tai received a
letter bearing a MIfiGUI dato in
which the assertion to made that Mrs
Ouaarss has a eouta In Ashay Mlaa
the aame of GofcUtU who ts al
leged to have vt4tMl Laporto a year
ago making an effort at that time faI I
purchase a farm adjelnlnjc that owned
Mrs Gentles The authorities be
have this lead may uncover tM Man
tlty of another aeaompilQe at the mar
dares and will make Immediate In
Hogs wallowing la the mire at the
pond just back of the private grave
yard Wednesday morning dug up a
human arm and leg
To prove or disprove theories In the
Dunnes case Coroner task seat the
stomachs of Mrs Gannese aad two
of tho children Lucy and Myrtle sad
Andrew Holjleln the last vieUm of
tits charnel house to Dr Walter B
Haynes expert of Ith Medical eat
lose Chlcato who will apply the I
Marsh test for evidences of ftelsosung
The charred body of the supposed MM
Gunness and her three chlMrea win
not be hurled until after the tats of
Hoy LampUero has keen eetormtaod
IJThey will constttHte a grewiemt ex
hlblt to the jury In the sensetles
Sea Fighter Expires at Episcopal Hos
pital In Philadelphia
Philadelphia Iftr Admiral
A 8 CrowBlnehteid slid at the
Episcopal hoepHal Wednesday frets
arterial scferoola accoatttated by aa
oporatton which had feat Mea per
formed for folypus His wife wan at
his side whoa he expired
The format nary ofa > ore death was
not unexpected lie had hooa UI tor
many weeks and doting the plot x91
year bad uaderaowe several opera
flop Ho came to the hospital few
weeks aao sad appeared m grow
weaker as the Umo won ua PMtow
las the operatlm Ms aretwl ailatoat
became worco until tao aaoetlsm
reached the heart and ho expired
Cleveland Home Again
Princeton N Ptfrefar Clove
ItIud has arrived here from Lake
wood In an awieatoolle hotonalBK to I
John Hays llamnond The former
presldeat bore the trip woll 1hi I
home comisg after his long Mines was I
theN I
Prlacetoa stwltNis who Mollie Mr
Cleveland Mr I and Mrs Cleveland I
tnWOl1t driving Moaday and Mrs Cleve
land says her husband Is I almost a well l I
teDoat Bolter explodes Two Hurt
Louisville lly the ojtfjlpilon of Its I
11boI the pumplNR bolt Dr the Con
0IIOlhlllted Coal IntoroiTs was totally
wrecked at JeCorsonvtMe led Two I
t1mttft Ptuak Hrlgni aad Charleo MM
al44srey l her oaclaoera tvasa sesld eeL
10ud their Bjurlei are serious
Confesses Murder ef Wife
Bvanevllw 10dJobD Jaci whu
killed his wife in theirs i HP here
IdlIIal oajHurcd at Hearlei oo lor HI
Dowager Queen of Italy Is I a SpccUtor
at Rome Demonstration
name The experiment ef Leon
Dotogrance the French aeroptaB
kt before the Dowager Queen Mar
Rheriu and a few Invited guests here
Monday morning l oamc Mi BOthlbg
through a mishap to the roaohlae M
DetaKTaaite started magnificently and
began to fly rapidly aad smeetit1y
after gelsg about Ssere
ePRtrIii shed te the greand
jCftfr a height of six fettt M Dola
grange was uninjured He was ett
siderabl disappointed at the taeldenL
hut smlltncly Mid These are the
uncertataltos of this profeaskM
The accident was caused by some
thing Bjoiag wrong with the motor
While the fall Injured the machine
ta that It was Impossible to continue
the experiment M Delagrangc asonred
those present that It was poiwlMe to
repair the aeroplane
The dowager queen congratulated
M Dotsgraaite oa Ute progress he had
made with his aerepUa The afro
pianist win leave Rome for Milan
Aged Springfield Resident Taken from
Train at Rolls Mo
Della MeAn old man Riving
the same of Vaoftha living la
SprlBRfleW to was brought to nel
to Sunday He had bees wrMag ta
CaUawajr ceuaty Ma aad was oa hoi
way home While beating Ms wy as
a freight between aide and 0MIa
he was roMd of 10 and badly heat
on by two tramps and left far dead
The two tramps loft the train at
c Vaughn was taken off te male
at Kotta la the hope that he Might
be aUto M Meatlfy his assailants If
captured > hero
Vsderlsnd Not Harmed
Ned iiino Red Star liner
VadertaBd which had been re
port m eulNelON ta the North Boa
westhound palled PtusMag IlofJaHd
at II a m Monday according to a dls
paloh to the lines ottMatt la New
York Site had met keen la eeUlstw
anrding 8 this cablegram A on
na wore well and only fog had do
layed her
Eighteen Dead In Flood
City of lelkl BfRAleen per
sees are known to IHI dead and the
taws of Paohnta has been wiped err
flood A otowiMust filled In Ibo liar
mesa Seecn fKII nWe to side and Ski
mohtag torrent completely engulfed
the village without warning The See
ea valley la usually dry and Is a much
traveled highway Into Iaehuki
Five Drown In Texas I
DaNes TfIIPt deaths are re I
ported as a remit of the flood
throughowt this
section Tile shad are
John Davis Hay city Ward Tnlloy
Taylor Pail Ureekner and John Cur
ry Taster and Henry Hnwimrukr
Several of the vieilma lost their Mtes
while exploring f9 flood dfstrfot to
He what damage had been wrought b y
the freshets
Hearst Gains 89 Votes
New York June 1TIHt contents of 1
M ballot boxes had been recounted
when the work of counting tile ballots i
oaot for W IL llearet and George B L
MeCtellaa In the last mayoralty eke
tion ended for the day The net re
snit was a miln of 10 votes for Hearst
in the presence of the court 19 boxes
of ballots were counted Monday giv
lag Mr Hearst n pets of four votes for
the day Mere than 1900 boxes re
main to be counted
Terrell TexKaItlIMI1 oounty In I
the prohibition etaotton gave jnehl
bUkwi between SfO and too majority
Terrell gave prohibition IM majority
Old Soldier pets
mbost 0ll1lnI1 through the
offbrta of C L Wlnget formerly chap
lain at tho Oho penitentiary David
WinnoU Rgod tt year an old soldier
serving a llfu sentence for murUur
reoolvod a Memorial day pardon
Beach Hargls Tries Suicide
Jackie Ky Iloach Hargia In JH
hrn t amtlUng trial for lite muoJer ol I
in rather JMigw James Hnrjrta at
umpMi suicide t by taking mogtjulnu
1tIfd rs RUDounco that Lc will
He Was at the Head of the British
v Army In the South African
lo llenS1r llodvera Henry llul
famows ttngMsh nenornl
lerj the
who ouadueted the operations for the
relief of UdyswUh m the Doer war
died Tuesday lie was horn In 18t9
Gen Sir n dvee llnlter came Into
tenslderaktle peek mtta daring tho
Hoer war between the Traaovaal re
public and Great llritam In South
Attics IB October 18t an army
corps of MMe MOB war placed under
onion for South Africa and Gen Ilul
tar was gaaetted ae co Hwwlor In
chief of the expedition He was hnllfel
as the wan of the near and he was
credited with saying he weM eat
Christmas dinner ta Pretoria
It was daring the atoge of Lady
smith that Oen Sir Heritors Iluller
Same moat prominently late the enter
light It was ta Deeemher IStO that
adyswlth ws healeejed by the Moors
Sir George While was shut up In that
oJl with 1IOM IfWIL When Ova J
Duller reaohod Natal be allowed htmj
self to lie perttMded la ak ilenlWfi fs
original plan of asaa Jsjg Jf
td to 18 a relief of Lady
Historians and military aulhortUes
have since agreed that tndvsHh 4M
not need roNof While had plenty of
stores and awatunkJoa and omiW he
Met out for same time lie that as It
may Gen licker started out to re
line Ladysmith
Oa DeoMMfeer IS after a dreary
wait hither aUomptod to force a pea
sage narsee the Turela river at OS
lease His guns wore auibushrO and
his entire force Artvm hack by the
floors I
It was at this time that ho sent tfeo
mage to Sir Otxtrge t ow wMah
eaused that general M 1InoIer Lad
OB tae beds of this disaster OM
Duller was tailored of the sasnmsnd
of Ute Hrttts army la I South A trlsa
and was sntoredod ny lard Rooerta
wttfc Lard Kltohoner undur bliss
Gas IMIer went bock ta tlagland
and ta alter years he wade various at
tempts to eau his aisles ta rega + ii
to Udrasststh
Two Boatloads of Survivors Reported I
Rescued by Outgoing Steamer
New York On the arrival of I
the 8ianah bore Tuesday M wan
learned that abe had been M casrb
Jeatton or wIn b te let 1 ph with
Ute Merduuila A MMes sanosMsUp
Morrlmae off Cape Kotontae and the
Meirtmst had reported pJoktag np tw
sMps koala loades with poftona teem
a anvpwreei oa vessel
The vlrolsas failed to give ISM M
et tlto vesool wreettMi or tae smof
rescued or 10 toll waoUMr there had
been any NVOJI lest
loTlecaose ef Ute tMok fog that pro
lsyw and
Manrfay K Is I feared tnat sow shop
has mot with a dtooHer the douHs
of whiah have cot yet been made
AMssslnate Illinois Negro
tartan Ihaln llrvwn a no
fro reaMent of thta otty atepfHhl
out on his garb tale SMimlay nUat
and was aMMMtismted KHe snots
were fired In alt at etat range three
taking effect He ataggered Into Ute
house e and fell dead at the feet of bk
wife Ma ctotMug Wale Tho kllUng
has extoted the nsgiesa aa they fear
night skim an attack Invtag lean
made a few atahtu age on a fawllf ta
JaiwstoBM eonnty aonth of hero
Girls Sentensed te Death
Waraaaw Throe girls awl eleven
men wore tentoacod to death by
o ort martial her Mondar for attack
tag a poet ear at ioholow on Ute
Voetnia railroad taat January A hontn
thrown at tile oar hens two andy
wounded 10 totdlora 1 and railroad om
lieoysa and after tho ear was wrecked
the sales were looted
Illinois Mine Is I Bustling
Marlon IILTIHt Keyotoae and
Wg MmWy mine Sea of keen
and near intloborgc one of tile boot
propatkr 1M UHt flotNheels 11Nsola oal
fleUe Ie new afke it hoe been burn
lei for tour daya and so far efforts ta
ehook K have been In min The
mine will be flooded as a hut resort
Aeronaut Body Recovered
ncHoville N JT body 1 of
Frederick I Wood the young
vronant who was drowned In the Pun
sale river Snnday was recovered MOB
ilny near the spot whore he sank
Woods body was tangled In the big
American flag which he carrier
Train Jump Several Hurt
MMdlotown N YTfo nxpros
train on the Husquelwnna and Went
ern railroad which loft here for Jor
soy City ran Into an opus awHoh ta
the yard collided with an ennjlnj on
the sWIng and was derailed govern
passenger were Injured
Falls Five Stories to Her Death
New York Mrs Nannlaa Fuel Si
years old fell from the fifth story sd
an apartment house at JJfi Knot One
Uuparod and Fiftieth street and was
Conducted Campaign for BrynW
Chairman of Democratic
Washington I > CAltcr an III
ness of only a low hours former
United States Senator James K Jones
ef Arkansas died here Monday night
lie was 09 years old
Senator Jones was one of the lead
ing democrats In the senate from 1885
to ION and was one of the strongest
supporter of William Jrnnlnga Ilryan
having as ahajrman of the democratic
naiieual 1 committee conducted the
campaigns ofISvC and 1009
Since leaving the senate In 19M he
had conducted a law practice In this
city and had not actively engaged la
Senator Jones returned from a visit
to his daughter Mrs Ix nora Caning
ton In Arkansas OH Friday and Mon
day night was apparently enjoying
good health Complaining slightly
Tuesday ttiornluir 6g fetnaincd In bed
IIi Jurn ffi v atternoon llp4 the
TmmMtiti onu o o t dcijb art
YO of Mississippi l where t
wan born la I lilt James Klmbrough
Jones re eln < d a classiest iHluoatlea
and fought as a private soldier la the
Confederate ranks throughout the
civil war
Senator Jones is survived by his
widow and three children Mrs Cr
region of Arkansas Miss Sue Jean
and James K Jenos Jr of this oily
Senator Jones wilt be burled In this
ally and many ef his former eel
leagues ta congress who hare net left
Ow city wM remain te attend the
Principal Fight o1 Convention Was
for Unfostructed Delegates
HOBO NVv The Demaorstie con
vention assembled la Assets City
Monday The principal fight has
been on seadlag an ualastruetrd dele
gation to Dearer let the Mryan forees
have oarrlvd the day and the delrga
UM MU he hound to the NoWaskan
The eonvonttan orgaalsed by the eke
ties of Prank Mannts of IMIfrog
The defecates ta Ute Denver eonvra
Use wIN prohanly be Moats New
lands Jtatteaal oimn Ntn an Sun
4erlan4 the Dtekertoa B W Clark
Charles Hvans and W C Htttett
The plotters dentine the Itepub
Moan ftilmlotitraUea and deolares far
Hnrans iieMoiss
Major George on slat
t > M MolaM lowClHarhtl P
Ooorgo major of Ue Uncled IMales
army was ptae4 on trial before a
sjinornl eMIt ntartlal at set Dos
Molnce Monday The rhafges against
Marer 0 < orp aHeg IrregMlarHIra both
ta mileage and meal aeooonts twmrd
ta to Major George T Its Isway pay
master of the Culled Males array
whole the seamed wan tn charge of the
roeruMtng otatlon at Des lretC with
sub station at Port tAtdga Waterloo
a ed Mason City
Over Wool Register
Twin FaN IdahoMore than 4f
M 1 anilseekers wore on hand
MWMlay t for the drawing for the Irri
gated lands under the Twin PansSal
mon Itlvvr prelect O C Pouktee ef
nreeter Ool drew ticket No 1 en
titling him to Ms oholfe for a onartor
stwtlon on the trace TIHt total reijls
tret on or the drawing was ltM aad
UN assent of land sought ranged
from II to IM autos
Boy Killed Father Crazed
Meant Brnon IILArt Wat
lets IB years old while elosnlpR
a rvrnfror whtrh ho slnlBt towar was
Madsd dtsxrhanrod U > e weapon and
snot a comtnnlon Klhttvorth through
the hoed ktllta him Th dead boys
father WM crated by grief and at
tempted to take his own life
Testing Minnesota Rate Laws
SL Paul MIn The taking ol
testimony In the oases of the rail
road to determine tho validity of
the Minnesota railroad na laws will
begin Toeottar ta the federal building
be fete C K Otoa referee The hear
tag will begta hi tho Northern PaelHc
coos Later testimony will also be
taken In the eases of five other roads
Bomb Kills Polish Count
Vienna Count Itudeiph Itoseegulr
1 wealthy Palish land owner
who nine years ago married Mies
Hommlnirway an Hnglhth woman
was killed Tuesday by some ono who
threw n bomb Into the onaehbouso A
servant was killed br tho same explo
sion Although the polio arc Inves
tlKatlng tier have not rut found a
clew to proeiiorf upon The building
was wreaked by the explosion
Moro VJould Kill By Sooro
Mnnlla P 1The Moro on tho
Island of Join lire reported restless
and one of the Aattirki Dittos has
vowed to kill iteraoactlly M whites and
IM ChlHeoe and then declare war t
It to reported settlers were aliarknl
Three Hurt on Liner 8t Louis
Cherbourg A boiler tube In the
liner St Lonia exploded while tile tjj
M entering th ftsjat4ad here
M 1I1f11Cf Three fromen
wore lorlausiy Injured
ThM Will InHreetf I All sueett
IC Mircvillo XY sayir Sorcayeu
ago I began to note
harp pain in tb
kidneys and a bet
log down scntMfc
dull headache a at
dluy spells Drop
appeared and nJ r
feet and at oroJ J f
welled so I couj
not get my shoes c
was In misery and had despaired < l
ever ccttlug cured when f decided A
try floats Kidney Pills Ono box hell
a no 10 much that I kept 011 DRbl tI
tlroly cured I
> B J W VW A
Bold by all dealer CO cents a both
FbiterMllburn Co Buffalo N Y
I LooI
Heavy UJjAlicr fof four rt I
have waited tor Ibis chance Ia J
nd have all the comforts of a tr
Mrs Graham Is an
whose hobby ls I house d th
day the lady lira carefr +
drink a glass of red lat
to ho olareL Bhe WM it
cared when fcho dlsoortreu 4
Use but no harm Cam ta Her 1
doctor who was summoned qpon Ifs
lag what bad happened dryly it
marked to her Mrs Graham thr i
uGh a thing aa pushing this rsV fa
decorating Interiors too ff
TtrItCetnrhttgee da
laaM MIM dli pt WeIMr r
rI 4
ass p dl peee d1t e
preNn14 s 4I Lidra M br ilut
Mkw5NpNisenrt5 ele
54 ef Man
k Iu calAna 0n wtp r
a oT olu i NAT Qr
u trtei Ill d ltltaJ
hep y
p w war1 Ik ep
a dial dMn rb ai w if fI +
w u dt A I
A r IIWCToo ii W
Tbiu n V1up r
Eccentrkltles of Gen
Genius II freakish 1111
that the hrHllat Dr JohJ
touch every post In his itc u
1 knew one of them gP A 1
And does he touch oe t1
comes aeiretsT t
toNe he touches every IV1
comes across or everlasting
to LflulstlJIe CourlerJournaJ
Spikes In It
T lRMY Deft hats Lts all right ft
yen to laugh when I get spanked
your wa detet ate a barrel sts t
rM4l Fyo WoH fts ju
She wes pas shoe and ea
ball player
10 InLlY r A1I ot1T tlUUtJ f 414 Yrm
h 1 td ci eaN uQ1
111 N lee t
no r y
IsenqIeItqVeeoplr awiiiPC
pe diUtera oil
A Good Ceokx
II jour wlfa a good cool
I should say to She kn
different waf dlsfulsle
lambDetrolt Free Prc s
Hicks Capudlns Cures Nervouenn
Whither tired out wtrrltd sIepl
what het It 9akts aid rrrMBei bra
liauM and p < eaaat I
end fie rree lii
tab Trial beiil ieortriUr da 9o ai
Wo at dncirlits
Set the allowance against the ff
and thou shslt find no lots great r
he loses little ar nothing that reserve
Mm tQdrlu
era Nhutwh aMi eyr
e Ltr
r w1 shah 5wwwedu 4e1 Mr
A pretty womans smile often y
kin a mans purse
Syrup ctftt
G ixi 9frr
Cleanses l ro CME4
unit L fIS pclse
nt hrs dlta tolutJQVn
a Acts Laxative ntutall acts rut If
Dot orMcn
nn eDnnd
rc olln rOrd
DO got ts entkktEjf
Netti titS e
Ah ti Ielnu
tlllios1hc f
lios1hc J4 name Of tits J
jytthem it it 111911f4CtuI pry W cat tU
on site only regular price M
Fro Ira Iffr
r Eoz + ma
ncunieiiioojn allQ i a n n Btfnb
UM 01 UIIIIUlit Lou plat w lill
masales 111 111110 br paeihap tlJ t
bledTh9esaale r
ir o4rl Jv alI I Ulld ntrtllbaweJtlL I
Tern Mrt al dive ttri ltTc wi 1
AiNUMlULemetrrameat LtrstMt J
tiMtt Uting ltfc = oJ Ittla Co Aid

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