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f4a JlTrI l F i
h w 1 u oJ > It d4 J i 1 1l 4 t
hf fJ 1 W Jt Jo tf I
c I
Council Proceedings j
Htebroon Ky June lit 1908
Council met in regular session
Present Mayor Dillon Council men
Sways Schlcnker Dodds Gray
Boltersworth and Ledford
Minutes of last regular meeting
and failed meeting of May 15th
If OS were road and oa molten ape
proved and signed
fie following accounts were pre
sented properly approved and OH
motion allowed and cheeks order 11
I > Issued for aaettnts
Tom Dna Jr street work
for May as per itemised
1 statement on file in City
Clerks oMee S S9J4
QawgHIs Drag Store Midis TS
Hfekroan IK Coal Co
street lights and ioc lt40
Porryvtlle Gravel Ballast
Co 5 oars gravel Jell
freleht 47J4
GamiJoH Gravel Co 1 oar
gra yel 1 ISM t fret kL Iff 09
Repert of Qty TfMlear fist Mar
To bal per April rojtort S404VJ
To amt recd x a c Baa 21 J7
Tb amt Ned of Taut Dil
lon Jr 22512
ft f
t S6S142
r By checks paid oat darin I g
ri i May J7JJ7
4 Bat to er4it t 1121805
T VAirm k UO T noire ACCOUNT
j Ta bal per April report 47625
By interest paid dumg May J000
BIll to credit tMe account 14625
our suu ACCOUNT
No change State last report tc
j Dslanco II I
W t saNGII C Tr M l
i Asperli1 icy Marshal Cerllhyll
tom s r12101t
CIty JIiI < 11
I hold STr ft rrV naadpt I
Ii x far t J 3111 I CI
TO DOLOJf JL Mkrvhai 1
f >
Tfp Dork reported that he had J
exerted and deHvered deed to El
Ion Taylor for Lot Ko 503 in the i I i
colored City Cemetery lite of lot 1
20x18 feet and that he hoMe Suptt
Dillons receipt for SD 00 In payment f f I
for same c
Og motion the foregoing report I I
were received ordered spread u poac I
the records published and filed
G L Coitus surrendered his
cemetery deed to East half of Lot l j
No 222 and requested that the City
issue I him deed to one half of sa ldscald I
half lot arM ded to Lane Hlgginc
the other half of said half Ip
Whereupon the Clerk was instructed I
to draw the deeds in accordance
with the request
Motion was made and carried that
a sheet light be placed at the inter
aoedof Cumberland and Welling
ton street t 1
Motion was made and carried 1 <
directing the Clerk to order six fire I
plugs and two oars 0 lime stone
line amendment to Section 19 i
Article 13 which was introduced at
the last regular meeting was agalf
road and on motion paeeed unana L
The ordinance as amended roads
as follows
i When the punisnment for a crime
or a violation of any of the ordi i
nances is a fine or Imprisonment in
1 the county or city Jan or both t heIn
jury or the court trying the ca u
may in their discretion provide in
their verdict that the defendant
shall work at hard labor on the
streets or other place untilthe fine
and coils or imprijonmoat is sat l
ned > or until both are satisfied It
H C HKLM C Clerk
The amendment to Section 1 Art
cle 7 of the Stock Orlinance which
walntroduced at the last regular
meeting was again read and being
put upon its float passage and the
yea and nay vote being taken result
Roofs and Board
by the day or week Large com 1
fortable roomlbath In connection
Reasonable Rates I
L L 1 I
L J7 I
r f
DMade from the purest and most
Iddelicious FRUITS that money can
buy served at our Soda Fountain
with the famous LILY I ICE
D nn k S CREAM
lCffP mp TifF FARTII
SxayseDodds <
Doddi Gray and Dettert worth II t I
Nays Schlenker and Ledford The I
ordtnanoc as amended reads as fol j
Iowa t i
The City Council of the CIty ofI I
Hickmaa do ordain as follows
Thai no horse hog settle cattle
goats t sheep or stook of aay ki
shall L safftsred or perlllltYet Ity lIIe
owners thereof to rim at large with
in the limits of the Qty uf Htokman
Ky except milk cows may run at I
large in both Bait Hkrkraan andb I
West Hickman Ky and if any
sech be hereafter found running at
large within said limits it shall be
the duty of the Marshal of said oily
forthwith to take up same and m
close in a pound or lot for which I
Icents per head and twentyfive
except hoes for which he shall be
allowed fifteen cents per head and
Impottsdiald i
said stock the owner thereof sisalo
pay to him the said charges for Im
pounding and keeping said stock he
cdsbaH deliver said stock to said own
ClGrkt er
A motion was made and upended
that the ordinance heretofore intro
doced on May 15th 190B to grant
the Nashville Chattanooga St
Louie Railway a right of way on
Broadway Street and across other
streets and alleys in West Hickman
Ky be amended so as to road as
The City Council of the City of
Hickman do ordain as fellows
That whereas the treoks of the
meNashville Chattanooga St Louis
Railway approaching the city ef t
Hickmaa Ky from the east are
in serious danger of undermining by
the MiseieeippT River and
WMKRKAI in order to maintain its
connection with its terminal in West
Hickman Ky the said Railroad dee
sires to make a new location of its
line running south of the City of
Hickman Ky and reaching its ter1 I I
minals over a part of Broadway
Street and
WMKUCAS the City of Hickman
in maintaining said connection
NOW THEREFORE in oonsidera
lion of the premises and the benefits
which will accrue to the City of f
Hickman Ky and the citizens
thereof by reason of the improved
J location of said connecting Railway
and the maintenance of undisturbed
communication to the depot of said
Railway ind the industries located
in West Hickman Ky The city of
Hickman Ky does hereby giant
and convey to the said Nashville
Chattanooga St Louis Railway
the right of way for a single track
down Brojway Street described as
Altering Broadway Street on the
west side thereof and south of Marl
Street and continuing down same
about the center to the alley between
private property at the North line
of Brooklyn Street vend conifcnimf
thence on private property to a con
nection with the mala Hue of the
Railway leading to the depot ciose
ing Mart Cattett Brooklyn Mar
lest Mam and Hall Streets and the
alleys hxmtded between MArl and
Catlett Streets and CaUott and
Brooklyn Streets
Provided that the grade of said
Railway is established m rreb man
ner as not to interfere detrimental
ly with the preeent grade of Brood
way Street or any of the Internet
ing streets or alleys
Provided also that the Railway
will make the grade of Broadway
Street for its entire width to ooa
form to the top of the rail of the 1
track on Broadway Street and grow
el Broadway Street and pint Ire
on each side of said street for the
entire length occupied by said tracks
Provided also that sotyeot to
the approval of the Railroad Com
mission of the State of Kentucky any
other ntlroad may erase said tracks
on said streets I
Be it further resolved that Tom
Dillon Mayor of the City of Hick
man Ky is hereby authorised to
execute and deliver to the Naehville
Chattanooga ft St Louis Railway a
deed of grant and conveyance on
the part of the City of Hickman
Ky to the said right of way to said
atxot tdaso e
with the terms of this ordinance
The motion being put to a vote of
the Council by Mayor Dillon the
amendment was adopted by an af
thes six
councilmen present Then the ordi
ant d
being then put upon its final pasoagc
was passed each of the six members
favoris of
Mayot r
and attested by the Clerk and order
ed published at least once in the
Hickman Courier a newspaper pub
lished in the City of Hickman Ky
and spread upon the record book of
are the real refreshers at
the Soda Fountain
Drink them whenever you
are thirsty tired or hungry
and youll find them satis
dtying and refreshing
Of course there lea dif
ference in phosphates
Our phosphates are pre
pared from Double Soda
with sound ripe rich and
juicy fruits the best that
we can get All phosphates
Helm Ellison
the City Council of the City of Hick
man Ky and to oe in force from
und after the publication thereof
Attest I
H C Hoist City Clerk
The ordinance prescribing certain
walks to be built which was intro
duced it the last tcgulft cling
was again read and being up
on its final passage was unanamoui
ly adopted
The ordinance Is I in words and
figures as follows
The City Council of the City of
Hickman do ordain as follows
That the foUowins property own
ers m the CUr of Hickman are here
by ordered to build concrete walks
and curbs on the property and fac
beg the street or streets set opposite
their names respectfully
G H Helm W 13 of Lot 4 0
H Qtatoa and Water Street
L W Steele It al K 2J of Lot I
A OH Cttntoa Water and Cumber I
land Streets
Hotoow ala C A W 11 of Lot Si i
O H OomoerUnd and Water
StretsI I
HMcoMhe C A K U of Lot 6
0 H cHute and Water Streets
DtHoaTom Sr Middle 1J of Lot
S 0 H Cthrtoa and Water Streets
Peth MM G B 13 of Lot 5 0
H diets sad Water Streets
Brrrard Mica Mark W 11 of
Lot 6 O EL Clinton and Water
Case F X Middle 1J of Lot 6
0 H Cthtton and Water Streets
Hsjtaomhe C A W 13 of Lot
7 0 Le Omloii and Water Streets
BccfcsMW E C Middle 13 of
Lot 7 l O H Clinton Md Water
Lomtod T A K l3of Lot 70
BJ Wojor Suwt i
LoifiPl T A W 13 of Lot t
O ml Water Street
Partners BMw Co X 3 > 3 of Lot
8 01 KeM cky and Was
flfekotio BMMY
H C Aiajbefi el ai Lot 2 Old
1ttskosa CHnlea and Water Streets
W F MMttgMMry I 11 of Lot
IS O B Ohrtoa Street
I O O F Lodge No 13 W
12 of Lot It O H Clinton WI
T A Ledford X 13 of Lot 19
191o I
W A Dodds Middle 13 of Lot
19 O H Qinton Sueet
Lotrsur 20
O H Cumberland Street
JoMM Prong I M of Lot 21 O
H CwMheriand and CMmo Alela
Mrs C Witting W 16 Let 11
0 H Clinton Street
Mn C Witting K lo of Lot
220 H0tote ilfeet
Mw KKtadao Part of Lot 22 O
H CUMon Street
ahtiee Atroot
Mis Mollie Waite 13 of Lot
22 O H CUokm Sheet
Mica josok Onttom t 13 of Lot
33 0 H Clinton Street
All of the above msiniooid eon
mootb be
built 0 good mszerisl seed by a corn
potent and reliable person firm or
for a period of one year
The City Clerk is hereby ordered
to serve a notice on each of the per
sons firms or corporations above
monttoaoil notifying them that un
oftoes the nIb and curbing hereto
ordered to be built by them arc be
Usesi e
xtonics of said notice that the City
will awed to bU said walk and
curbs awedaseeos
curbing and ateeos the proportionate
coot thereof to each property owner
dty art
TOM Duo Sr Mayer
On mot ba Council Adjourned
The following rag attended the
PattersonCamuck tpeatdng at
Union City Thursday Henry Am
berg Roily Arc Frank mIth
C L Walker Harold DeBow Alex
Stone Chester Bondurant GoaUer
Johnson Dave Morgan Mouse Leet
Leon Smith R T Tyler Allison
Tyler T T Sways Julian Choatc f
R M Isler Tmirman Pickett
Walter Bowling John Stubbe W
A Johnston C P Shumate J R
Beacham Fleming Chester Barnes
others whose names could not be
Money to Loan
I can make farm loans in Fulton
county Ky at the rate of 9 12 per
cent per annum on first class Improv
ed farming lands Not more than
half the cash value of a farm will
I be loaned Loans made for five
years with privilege to borrower of
paying same after two years in tut 1 i
or making any size partial payment
desired at intervals ofIlx month
after the expiration of two year e
0 SPRADLIW Attyat Law Untqn 1
GUy Tenn
I u nT MeC
art Alt tulteelt l
ti mei + 1
5t lIS Eo 1tor
ri 9ue a 7ea1
begun to bott
iHla in tb
L hued K tU
ts > btfo
None Better Few Makes as Ghodi
t i o
Delivered In Any Quantity at Any pF r
Time In All Parts of the City Jt
r1yTry It and Bo Convinced
Hickman Drug Company
yPllt v J
i When you have
I I saved I
I J25OOi
J25OOiThe I
The question arises What
Shall I Do With It Therein
no better war rhos to deposit i it
= Hickman Bank +
of HickmanI I
I0rwhen I U wilt he AheoJotely I
i aaJe awl always ready for 011I
whoa yea it I
LMkItl ud save I
the hahNMe TOM wl he mr
j prised how MteVI you eaa I
I create caaHal when you go
about H m the l ptosir way and
with determsnattoa
IPIlI Some Meru Ara r AV1vI I
j i not around the bones where it
saay be destroyed or atoltn atI I
I by defostthiK it to 1 this bank
I We otsad for safety First
Lut aDd All die nIM fIJI
VA 1r
Decoration Day
sta Camp W O W oelftt loss
ol Na AsMMl Decoratk of douses I
t Bonrtliis graves showed beyond a
nest that It to one of the moot pro
sjroMave and prosperous frUtemal I
benindary society ifi exietsPt
The exeicteee ae usual oootteied I
of a march from the hall to the
cemetery seal notwMnota Mtmf the
brexcessive heat there were at taut 140 I
Sortr Woodmen is UM The t
a was headed by The Slate t
r and SOT J T Seat car
rytog the Lodges beautiful banoer
swat cents rise Hwislbser lid Iud I
than the osheera in rofalla and the I
Sorereigne Arrivtog at the cemetery
YAbeautiful and impreosive manner UDI I
arr the eftciojit dlrectsoa of Cot C i
dege rIC I
l team After the ram were deco
rated Sov Brewer and Hon H F
Aemley made specchos on the fra
order From their reMarks the I
Courier man gathered that it was an I
ideal organittthi A happy Wend
happylag financial
system with expressive ritnalwm
imposing ceremonies and friendly
consideration The order has nhoal
three million dollars Inverted in
Government tateteetbearf hoed
emergeeoey reserve hads Web u iped
creasing every month Its plno
embraces an accumolative certificate
that increases in amount during the
first two years while tee assess sentwith I
rate remain the same from the date
of jo nh 5 to the date of death of its I
members Its rates o assessment
based upon the mtoimuin American
experience table are the loweei
consistent with absolute adequacy
Its certificates are as good as a
United States Gold Bond at the
beAbillsisat toe water was on the
ground and on the whole it was a
laudable affair and a pride to the
members and to the town
Baseball Players and
Poot Racers
J IAIJ KrVIIM1 ea lintHIH < MI 1 lltHK III
Iturtnir w UnlHlHtf Mirfcl wk ten t
ni M at sn Alt Nljr a AKll bul I WMd
nIMINe Hnltanl Hnaw IJnllHMil t
The Ire I tytUr t MttiuniMHl H
u n
lJHlHH to nil 1iib1i ArKMlwl Wl
t5e + 1 Ill
gylU by lAiHKlll Drug Stare It no iul 1
lleliu A HlfiMiii
Gasoline at the Courier Office
July 90 at Cayce
Undo the auspices of the J
f Board of Afftcullure s two I
seeeton of Fnimera Inttitulc wtU ie
held at Cayce Ky Tuesday A 1 j
Wednesday Jary 410
TIM geabmes ia chafJe 01 thy
work are John T Lott Orgiiniier
1 C M Uanna DirootsK and Jon A
I McClure Leot ror all of whom w
employed by the sialf and work u >
what to knows as the IWrth Agri
culture District
Mr Lou wdl spook en btpai
sation of Farmers aM ect
Mr McOttress sho U N uNri t
will vmhracc part of the toUOta t
doll on the Fane The ftirm r a
Right to aa XmHaMe ProJl Paot
Present sad nrtswc ti lnah f
Farmers OffMteBOMf mod for
Boacfit of n The Stet fair as
a StioMtlus c the rna M ewrv at
1a 1
Ia I
Mr Haasta all s Mk on Coil
siruction lad Manteooa e of load
s subject that should i totereot every
mao in Fulton owsnt Fsjeeotry
for Proftt SIMep and AMB > ra Coat I
oa Brush Land CoritCMiWe Bui
ley Tohaoeo Agrionhnral Xinc J
Uoa How Ie InoroaM Rbmlttf
Sotts nod What ConoUUttes Thorn
Deafness Cannot be Cured
ru 11q
lossIs w eau as a rjets a11t aid il
M sea peso I
= M
4 te t
r tl ia I
iM t rAet I
tN 5 wed a 1 w
wined J
edtMp IIM tar irillwr
hewMI1M wItIM M Lii
wMI1M ar h
w will pan Ill Nw r +
OhnMd 1CI
hnMd a w
P a1
1A fM IL
An Interesting Document
UicknMM Lodge Tat F 4 A M
received a ttooupaat this week whu h
k I tlty prtIW tiHmeleber vI
the fntonltt The tulle k a IM
Cslnsfl or 1M reed r It Jilt 111IJftlC
lodge at Fredrffeksburf V a melee
lag the reeks I a JMM OD within
paeaiog and tlJ elOeoqto Wih
iafton in Masonry at that plate
which occurred on Sept J U 1
While the record is brown wit 4 I
and ie worse for so much wear It > <
still legible and gives the nand i
ullall ofikera members aAdVI n l
present on this occasion
It k alto noticeable that rwi
ailiw i
iwelapsed since thcna new rfpdJliA
born and this HhistroHS man eii nrn
ed in the hearts of many generate
many of whom like Whlllnaftul al
returned to duet aJAMtlw i r
ceedmgs of that day are idee >
with hose of today The hat
lewitting of the secretary DII
Campbell as might be expected I
tttcc that of the present age 11 I
else the spelling But otherwi < r
there is no change
It might be of interest to the road <
er to know too thnUhereJias been
no preceptible change in tnli venrr
able order in alfo years and that
the record of Washingtons Initiation
is comparatively modern when soar
of the rcooids are taken Into con
sideration Of course the Hickman
lodge is I proud of this acquisition
not for fit age but the fact that it I
deals with the Father of Our Coun
Ancient Rome
u new HK > r < Hr R Hicinorjr nf tliii lUt Wl iMi
tnril > Hii < w JinliiiiHi II Joe tomtit ff <
ni tilor ti ietWeIj VI lesleextur lMI I
cure for I I SffilJViltO
hear d JViltO 1 II l MHjr 1o HUUM
U writetlIIlte1 NaewIInlaa
rtIIeunfIIgtalti ill 1 11 i aIi al
ekoulill In fit prilsiP
Sold br OiiwulUn InH blur rile IMI
lIel lm A HllT011
11hrelkeldth t lhc place

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