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J I 4r m TII
At the National Capital
Gossip of People and Events
Gathered in Washington
jrRanid jr l Strides of Capital in Population l
g VSHINQTON The census taken t
W recently by the police force o t
the District of Columbia Indicates
that the national capital Is I growing
in population at an exceptional rate
Tho Increase lu Inhabitant for tho I
last year Is reported aa 9812 which I
would mean a growth It st6adlly main
tamed of almost 100090 for tho cur
rent decade
Of course such a rate of growth has I
not been maintained slneo 1910 Ac
cording to the federal census of that
Tear Washingtons population was
578 718 The population reported b y
tho police In 1908 Is 339403 so that
the Increase fn eight year bu been
606S5 Hy 1910 Washington may tw
expected to gain at least 15000 moro
Inhabitant and Its population to rise
to about 35000
Compared with Its nearest rival
BaMmoro Washington Is making
tau strides forward Baltimore
peicnagn of growth between 1590
and 1900 was 171 while Washington
was 5 1 9 Tho disparity In expansion I
Former Blacksmith Power in Congress
o EPORE Jim Tawnoy got Into poll
tin up In Minnesota ho was a
blacksmith Ho was so rough that
they had to throw him down to put
klm Into a boiled shirt some of his
warmest admirers say
That blacksmith training proved
mighty good experience for him and
applying blacksmith methods to his
congressional career he has forged
to the front so rapidly that they do
say down here In Washington that
If Speaker Cannon doesnt look out
some day be will get run over be
cause Jim Tawnoy is coming with
wonderful strides
Tawney is the man who would be
fucked out at a glance as the roal
ward politician of the house lie Is
Just the kind of a man the voter al
ways finds roady to toll him how to
Toto at the primary the typo of man
who always loads tho revolt la a cut
TilE war department Is looking for a
beverage to tako tho place of
bear and whisky at army posts Tho
beverage must not be of tho claw of
drinks prohibited by the ant lean tetra
The federal court baro never
passed upon tho question of tho per
contagn of alcohol which will reader
a beverage an Inloxloant The state
court also have beon chary of dead
ing the question In certain oases tbo
authorities havo spoken however
k Thus In Uhodo Island It has been
held that where beer contained U9
per rant of alcohol no evidence was
necessary to show It was In tox 1011 tin g
In Texas a tonic containing from Sli
to 4 fur cunt of alcohol bu been
held to be Intoxicating liquor lly
N1TKD States senator often become
come good friends but somehow
they lire not prone to bcrom
J < real chummy with ono another
t JtectVtfrn occur from Umo to time
to prep therBle Ono of those excep
dons applies to Senator Philander C
Knox of Pennsylvania and Senator W
Murray Crane of Massachusetts If
the afternoon wane without tholr
meeting one U likely to start out to
ceo where the other Is i and to learn
what has happened
Often the Knox automobile and tho
Crane automobile exchange honk In
f tho morning Not Infrequently the
aert tours ride to tho cailtolLln the
name tar ybcq tho fliftlfeon I hour
conus Sensor Ctrane may descend to
I the c ommUt T ii rules perhaps herald
i his adveutfby burning out tho light
I Ju the wsUbulo and then load his
will undoubtedly bo greater In tho
decade from 1900 to 1910 for Haiti
more growth was checked tor a year
or moro by the losses of tho great t
lire of 1901 while Washingtons I
growth has been stimulated by cnor
mou building operations most of
them conducted under tho auspices oft
the national government
Tho check to business resulting
from last falls panic will also be felt
less in Washington than in perhaps
any other American city Tho na
tional capital does not depend for a
livelihood on manufacturers or com
mama and its worker have steady
employment assured thorn because tho
governments activities ate being con
tinually extended
In its physical aspect Washington
bal gained enormously In attractive
ness In the last eight or ten years It
Is an Ideal residence city and its
charms appeal most potently to Amen
loans with leisure enough to enjoy
them It has become the winter home
of families of wealth and refinement
from all parts of tho union and Its
quIet order and beauty make living
within UI borders constant satisfac
lion It still has great potentialities
In tho way of architectural develop
ment and Its material prosperity II I se
cured by eyerbroaden InK activities of
tho great governmental machine
anddried convention In short the
practical politician who gets out the
Tawnoy when he oarae to congress
wasnt welcomed within the big tent
He had to wait around on the outside
Then tho blacksmith get busy He
Just walked off tile reservation taking
enough Insurgent Republicans with
him to spill the beans for the big
five And so It came to pass that
Ute big fellow reckoned with Taw
I nay and new he Is chairman of the
most Important committee In the
house appropriations Hon Jim 1s I a
fighter from Flghtersvllle nut he Is
that kind of a fighter who knows when
to fight and when to let tho other tel
low do the fighting
Only once has Tawney been
whipped That once came from Con
gressman Ooebel of Cincinnati when
he got the mall carrier pay increased
In spite of Tawney and Chairman
Over tre t The whipping didnt I
tickle Tawney So when the fight
to hold down the appropriation on the
agricultural bill same up Tawney
quit guarding the treasury and let
Scott of Kansas tackle the job Taw
nay went to his committee roam The
farmer wiped up tho floor with Scott
War Department Seeking a Legal Drink
the law of Massachusetts It Is I held
that a beverage containing more than
one pOI coat of alcohol at 60 Fahren
bolt II I Intoxicating
Tho law in regard to the nonsalo ot
Intoxicant In post exchanges must of
course bo followed In good faith by
the army In the absence of any fed
eral decision as to the question at Is
sue the authorities must fall back on
tho decision of tho state courts These
vary materially and therefore the
department may seek the solution In
a practical way by ascertaining the
view taken In prohibition slate as to
the sale of any given drink
Whore post oxobange aro situated
la a prohibition itato It I s considered
entirely safe to prohibit the sale in
such exchange of preparation not ale
lowed to be sold under tho prohibition
laws of tho state Where such ox
change aro situated in nonprohlbi
tton status It would bo ate to ascot
tarn whether any specific drink ts I al
lowed sold In any prohibition slat e
and let the exchange bo guided accord
rIf Senators Knox and Crane Real Chummy I
crony off to the senate restaurant
Tho fondness that Senators Crane
and Knox ovinco for eating together
II reminiscent of the fondness that
former Senator Edmund of Vermont
and the late Senator Allen O Thur >
man of Ohio used to have for drinking
together That was In the earlier
days when drinking at tho cApitol waa I
not frowned upon
1 All the oldster in political Wash
Ington aro fond of recalling that story
how the two senators kept a black bot
tlo In the room of the committee on
judiciary They woro certain to ad
journ there twice or thrlco every after
noon that the senate held a long ses
lion It was at first a marvel why the
two men seemed to havo tho same
thought at the same moment and bo
Jan to make track ilmultaneously
from different parts of the sonata
chamber one being a Democrat and
tho other a llcpubllcan toward that I
committee room
It turned out that they bad prear
ranged atennl Tho Old Romans
signal was to pull out that famous red I
bandanna bandkcrchlcf and to bloK
his noso with clarion loudness
Time Now for the Voters to Determine I
to Put an End to Legalized
Robbery by TarlffPrc
tectcd Trusts
At wages aro folMnK Mad weal and I
breed are coating more with many
tMjojilo out of work It is time to take
stock and reckon how to provMo fur
the future The panic and present
buslnc depression have demolished
tho HepuWlcan theory that the tariff
which protects the trout produce
prosperity The high prices the trusts
have charp ul for their product want
tone of the chief causes of the panic
and although tho trusts made money
other people had to pay It as long as
they could but even the game of
boosting prices cannot prevail Indefi
nltely and the Inevitable collapse
came ration to the eonfmMoa of the lle
publican iMilUlclanc What Is I railed
business can adapt Itself to almost any
political conditions or laws but It re
quires time to recuperate from a
breakdown of confidence and confi
dence cannot bo restored until the
business world begins to make money
again and has surplus profits to Invest
In now undertakings That the cost
of living still remains so near tho high
point shows tho absolute control of the
trusts of most of tho necessities of
life After former panics there has al
ways been a period of low prices
which compensated for reduced
wages and smaller Incomes and In
creased consumption though cheaper
goods set tho wheels ef Industry again
The stool trust the beet trust the
sugar trust the agricultural raaohlnery
trust the coal trust tho paper trait
and many other trata are still charg
lag the same high price for their pre
ducts as before the panic The rail
road trust Indeed l has already deter
mined to advance freight rates whlh
will naturally OMM merchant to
dd to the pike of tho good they sell
and groceries and provisions being
hoary good will be the first ta suffer
Freight on dr > goods and sleeking al
though very high does net add se
much to their cost Overstocked mere
chants are selling better tergolM la
dry goods and rely mad teUring
but families with reduced Ie a can
hardly take advantage of It
Monopoly and tariff protection upon
which the HepuMtcan party Us stand
log pat allows these things ta be and
competition which has always been
relied upon to regulate prices accord
lag to supply and demand Is hardly I
longer among the farces to be reck
oned with If amount to very much
like suspending the foreo eC gravita
tion and expecting thug to keep In
their right place i
Condition are aggravated by pri
vale monopoly ID conjunction wick the
government tariff farorlllem Cld
storage tracts and milk trusts aN keep
up rtci In spite of Ute law private
ear lines and refrigerator ear com
MUM Mill tax the eosMMimctr and the
producer and growers ito not get any
of the bR 8t
Tho nomlnatlMi of a president and
congrossmen Is I now Uklng place and
unless there Is a new deal the aaae
old pretense of doing tMnns and yet
standing pat will be continued far the
noxt four year You may adapt your
circumstance to the present unsatle I
factory conditions as tho business of
the country undoubtedly wilt but why
net persist In reform that you knew
you will benefit byT Arty you wHng
to bto plundered ferercr bthe tariff
protected trusts v
St Louis Wants a Rest
The buBlRM men of 8U < L > uls have
orRIMel l the National Prosperity as
sedation and their motto Give us a
rt and suitfthtae Indicates they are
KeiwMleans tired of Teddy Theo
prosperity boomer will find that
pmiperliy Is not to be bad by saying
It Is here though that may h4O raKe
some of the members to try and over
come that tired footing the result of
Republican policies Those who look
behind the scene and see somowhat
how the political game is played am
not calling for a rust but jlke the
Democratic member of congress are
trying to stir a dunothln congress to
activity Vor over ten lone year the
trusts have had a rest from competi
lion and a Republican warrant to plun
der the people through the tariff nn
average of over BO par cent Honest
men should therefore Instead of cry
Ing for n rest pitch in and fight for
their rights o < jual rights to all and
special privileges to none Prosperity
for the trusts and combines has bad a I
lone lease and It Is I either foolish or
criminal to delude the people Into tab
InK a rest until the tariff that protects I
tho trusts Is revised It will require I
the most active effort of a good ma
jorlty of the people working overtime t
until after election to curb the trust I
and corporation whose depredations I
hero given those SL Louts boomer I
that tired feollnf
Tell about tho call of tho wild IH I
exclaimed a young woman teacher
I live In a boarding house all win
tor and never mind It but when spring
dcomes and I ico tho now eras In tho
parka tho bode on tho trees the
fresh asparagus and green peas and all
tho lovely fresh vegetable In markot
and than go Into tho same dinner ex
aptly AI wo had every Monday or
Tuesday night during tile winter It
stakes mo sick I saw Home poor 1U1
Exorbitant Salaries Paid to Officials In
the Iand l
The InterIsland Nows of Zambangn
Mindanao publishes n statement from
the Manila llcvlew of Trade and Price
GnrrwttU from which we learn that
In the lhlllPlhlM official solarles are
nearly twice as high as they are In
the United Status In the Philippines
the seerotary of tho interior secretary
of the trs ry secretary of com
meree and superintendent of puW
Instruction receive flMW apiece
while In this country the secretaries
of tho Interior tho troaury and com
tnorco and labor get 18110 apiece and
the commissioner of education sue
Tho writer of the article referred to
bids hut the worst feature of the situ
ation Is 1 that fully double the number
of public l servants needed are em
ployed This together with the ex
orbitant salaries paid show what
might bo accomplished In the way of
public Improvement If the revenues
ef the Islands wore economically ex
pended While the business men et
Manila do not favor any reduction of
revenue they de favor a substantial
out In the exorbitant salaries of em
elsla and other vourws of leakage
which will eaMe the JIOTer Rut to
borrow at least one hundred mUNon of
dollars gold with which ta build high
ways railways and other necessary
public Improvements This would
open up those Islands from end to
end and increase production a hun
dredfold Recognizing this tat the
business men ef the PbUlBplnos are
willing to pay every cent they can
stand for this purpose but they are
tired of wearing themselves to their
wither paying exorbitant salaries to
public offlotals who knew little and
care less about the commercial Inter
eats of the archipelago
They see tho olvll government here
expending practically IMMW0 local
eurreney on what Is known as the
Itenguot read and for what purpose
Solely for tho benefit of a few public
officials who may lake a junket over It
once or twice during the course of a
year If this official boulevard laid
dentally opened up an acre of pro
ductive territory the business men
would nwaml the action of the goo
ernmenL Rut It does not Absolutely
no material benefit whatever wM or
ever eaa scene from its eofwlnterJ n
This amount ef money expended upoa
highway in any direction from Ma
nUa would have opened VII a vast and
productive territory teeing with pope
Republican Extravagance
As long as the boom In business
continued there was not much nctloo
taken of the extravagant appropria
home by congress but now the teem
has busted and Republican prosperity
has vanished aDd the recelptiof the
government ate running at the rate of
i eeleees behind the outlay ono
would think It was time Ie econonlie
hot the present congress Is mere ex
travagant than ever and seems de
termined to leave the national cup
board bare for the Incoming Demo
crats as tho Republicans did under
similar dreumstaace In liSt when
President Cleveland was first elected
The fact Is tho Republican managers
are good business spenders Mhn
gamblers but what Is now needed and
what the country must come ta Is
careful spenders who while providing
an revenue necessary for the govern
meat will net waste the substance of
the people
A Possible New InuIt
U Is I reported that a number of for
sign diplomat have been Invited to at
tend the Republican rational conven
thin at Chicago June 17 and that they
have accepted the Invitation This Is
a now departure In American politics
Most of the diplomat are monarchists
representative of Hurepoan or Asi
atic kings Their Influence at a con
vention of Republicans would be dis
tinctly evIL The president as the
head of his party should forbid their
attendance and no doubt would do so
If he wore not himself a monarrhlst at
heart There will be no Imperialist
ambassador at the Denver conven
lion That convention may see fit to
condemn the presence of such ambas
sailors at Chicago and that may raise
a new issue In our politics
What Standpattlno Costs
Every months delay In placing
wood pulp nn the free list the Chicago
Journal points out Increase the dim
eultles In adjusting the sources of
wood pulp supply It continue
While yet those new barriers are
being raised our tariff standpatter
calmly Ignore the pressing demand
from all sections of the United Btate
for tbo removal of wood pulp duties
They aro not unaware of Canada
readiness to take advantage of present
delay The more rapidly our own for
elll arc depleted the moro profit does
Canada expect from her coming bar
gain to supply our deficiencies This
Is but ono Instance of what American
consumer must pay In order that
their tariff overlords my build us
greet private fortunes
tans carrying homo a mass of dande
lion greens the other day and I post
lively envied them Of course I can
have flowers In my room and fruit
but Its not easy to mako a salad
without more of a housekeeping equip
i ment than a girl has In a hall bed
room Im getting 10 I cant bear to
pus a green grocers shop
Truce Ourselves
Being True to Ourselves
Pcaco comotli when wo havo dono
sight tuI we sec Il flhuulb others mq
call It wrong
Farmers ad Merchants s Bank
Clinton Street lllcknian Kentucky
That wo offer to dopMitora
Other intlncoraonU are of secondary importance
Upon this Ouarantee we Solicit Your Patronage
H IlucbMian J J C Uonduranl O II Threlkeld J W Alexander
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true tjpocrtf kJcl urtiet Tbto s +
tells all the tory el or acillUea
ford III job yriatiaf of tha right Crd S
kind at tke rfckt JlkeI
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State Deeds mortgages and all kinds of
eonlraets Notary Public in office
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