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K1LUl r
oCenu WIn Kentucky Uk the Dw
t = = = = I
Editor and Proprlttora I
= r
Eater at the ntokramn Kentucky
xxtofllc U ieoosdclaM teal U maIler
Friday June 12111 i 1908
j I
No Taper July 4th
In order to jhte Nit tmftoyes f
thin offfff 4 muck needed vacation
Rt tattl feint IN fafter during 4 Hi of
July Keck No 1M wnt TnAf he
done Lefkeo Jane 36 andjufy 6
Oar pilru WtT phase finer leas
t Stws acrrdroply
Convention at Hickman
With a few exceptions it may be
said that the Democratic ccnvtatton
held in tbis city Saturday WM a
manifestation of unity and harmony
of the party of Adton county This
is especially tree to view of the past
History of local Democracy and the
change will be welcomed by all who
have the beat interests of the party
partyk k
T Dillon and R T Tyler oa the
subject of letting together were
received with much entMstatn
This convention was called for
R the purpose of telarttog delegates
to the State Convention at Lexing
ton June 4l In the absence of
Chairman G L Carpenter the
I Y meeting was called to order by Too
T Dillon On motion made by Her
bert Carr of Fulton K T Tyler
was elected chairman without op
position Jat Mflner of Fulton
FultonI I
After the routine of preliminaries
Chairman Tyler called for the wishes
of the convention Motion was
made and carried that the chairman
be empowered to appoint the eight
delegates to which the county it en
titled After a fiveminute recast
± for the purpose of giving the repre
sentatives of each precinct an op
aportuntty to select from among their
number those wboM they might think
best to name at delegates the house
was again called to order and the
names presented The chair then
appointed the following
fast FultonJ A Mllner
West Fulton Mott Ayers
East Hickman J T Dillon
West Hlekman F S Moore
Lodgcton Tao W Thomas
Sassafras Ridge Coop Bradthaw
Madrid Bend Finis L Clark
t Cayce 0 B Kerlin
The convention instructed the dele
gales to vote for and use all honor
able meant to adopt a resolution f In I
tici I e <
i delegates from Kentucky to Denver
July 7th to vote first Jut and all I
1 the time for W J Bryan The
t delegation from Fulton were alto in
strutted to cast the countys vote
as a unit
The report sent from Hickman
to the various city papers stating
that G L Carpenter was defeated I
for reelection at chairman of the
convention held in this city Satur
day is i all tommyrot It is also a
mistake that Allison Tyler was elect
ed Chairman of the Fulton County
Democratic committee
Weak women should try DrI
healing antiseptic suppositories go I I
direct to the seat of these weaknets
My Book No4 For Women con
tains many valuable hints to woman I
SbooplRacine I
Racine Wis to mail it Ask theI I
Doctor in strictest confidence any
questions you wish answered Dr
Shoops Night Cure is sold by all
The Campbell and Price tug Os
I car F Keeler has returned to t
Mound City The tug has been in
the employ of the Mengcl Box Com
pany during the high water
Salmons Residence Burns
The 8room twostory residence
belonging to and occupied by Sam
Salmon one block weitjof Troy ave
nue caught fire Saturday night about
10 oclock and burned to the ground
2ost of Mr Salmons household
tgoods were also burned
It is not known exactly how the
fire started but is supplied to have
been caused by the explosion of a
lamp which had been left burning
in one of the rooms on the second
floor At any rate the upper part
cf the building began falling In be
fore the family was aware of what
was taking piece
The fire department was summon I
ed for the protection of one or two
residences which were exposed to
the flames and after hard work we
ceeded in raving them
I Mr Salmon carried 1400 insurance
surance on his home and 9400 oni i
his household goods We arc in
formed that he will rebuild hwt iu
soon M the insurance clams are
adjusted I
If one feels dull and spirtloM in I
the spring or early summer they
call it Spring Fever But there t
is no fever usually It it the after
effect of our winter habits The
nerves are mostly at fanlt TIredc
wornout nerves leave MS languid t
lifeless and without spirit or ablt
lion A few does of Dr Snoops s
Restorative will absolutely and I
quickly change all of Restorative c
tog symptoms The Restorative of t
court wont bring you back to lullII
health in a day or two bat it will clo
p in 48 hours to satisfy you i
that the remedy is reaching that
tired Mot ri Druggists everywhere J
arc advising Its use AS a pIndidI
and prompt general tonic It gives
more vim and more spirit to the
spoonful than any other knownnervc r
or ooaoUtMttonal tonic It sharpens j
a failing appetite i aide digestion j
front sluggish livers and kidneys II
and brings new life strength and 11
ainkillan Tort it a few days and
1tc COItIRlI
1217 Bills Introduced
It it impossible to tell tt thit timek
just how many bills introduced byt t
Kentucky members of the House of
Rtprtatly became late but it
it pretty certain that the percentage a
was twite small A repvMfoaa con P h
grate does not take kindly to passh f
leg I bills introduced by democratic
The eleven members of the 1I1tA
from Kentucky Introduced a total at
Itof S
greatest number was introduced by
Mr Bennett of the Ninth district
who had 348 to his credit Meet ofa
theee were private measures which >
it true of all the Kentucky members B
Representative Helm of the Eighth
district introduced fewer bills than a
any other Kentucky member having e
offered but tbirtythree the entire c
session The number of measures t
introduced by each of the Kentucky s
members were at follows
Mr dlk James First district 72 i
Mr Stanley Second district SJ i a
Mr Addison James Third district
54 Mr Johnson Fourth district e
70 Mr Shirley Fifth district 48
Mr Rhinock Sixth district 65 Mra
Kimball Seventh district 34 5 Mrt f
Helm Eighth dHslrlat J3 Mr Ben
nett Nineth district 348 Mr Lang
ley Tenth district 212 i Mr Ed I Ii
wards Eleventh district 277t
Last Wednesday evening Miss e
Lillian Choate entertained a number
of friends in honor of her guests s
MiseecLiverne Cheek and Katharine j
Mayo of Fulton Amusing and
interesting garnet pasted the hours I
all too hurriedly A negro string I
band furnished music throughout t
the evening Refreshments of cream
IalWi cake were served The other <
outoftown visitors were Mines
Jessie Shrlte of Paragould and 1
Miss Lucile Potey of Union City c
weeke I
Mrs P B Cttrtln gave a hay rkleJ J
and Gypsy Tea at Kings Pond in
honor of halves Ola Monan and Rose I
Campbell Supper was spread on 1
timed I
had by all I
I bar found a tried and totted eon for Bhra
button I KoOk reraedr that will itralfbUoth
obuirled llmw of chronic cripples nor turn bnn1I I
rrowthi Uck to ItMh nliu flat U ImiXMtlbl
IJIIt I mn DJtf aunty kite the PAW mad prIp oZ i
Ihu dfplorabl dltMu
Inrmtlik man with a O mH ta lh Cttr of I
maniii ill wlrt pcitioof
Dnniu4t I farad tn 111 bxr dl at with
whteb Dr Bhanpi ftbounkUa lUmodr wms cud
h p rfrtd dpeoc1bl prtcerlptloo Without i
that but Sltnt l I raconfullr traaUd mutt
InaDr allot of nb tiaitttunibotoowatUitUunl
fonnlr can all eonw raw ol this tuirtutor I
touch dlMded dlMaM TboM taadUka vraaolar
worsts found InRhtanuti Dlood texatodlitolr I
and paw awajr under the aAtoo ot hit nmdr aj
neI7lu daliumder hea addoedf tothis wart
addo punwart
frMlf at dOli innr when added to pun waUr t 1
pnd then wbeG dlraolret these OlMwIouIwutet
e II SM horn the Itm an4 UI caUM 01
iuieumauim U ton forever There If now no
nal nwd no actual CICUM U iuS r loot r with
WI harp We Mllaad In oooAdtoM rwoma 1I I
Rheumatic Remedy
is the time to start to giv
ing your laundry to the
Nashville Laundry Co
Guaranteed to please
anti l give high clan work
Strictly a White
Alans Laundry
All work called for tend
delivered in the city
Your patronage solicited
IIw rnry at Klllt n flrJ5r
Congress Extends Time
The following letter from W L
Jett Complier of Records of the
Confederate Record 1 Department of
Kentucky was handed us by Mayor
Dillon and will doubtless Interest
many of our readers
Congress hat extended the time
one more year for Ailing Confoder
Rae claim for harem alad egtaipsttl t
taken from Confederate Mfcmrt m
violation of the term of tarrendor
This Is I the lat chance on these
chime The money it paynhie to
the soldier if afire If he it act
then to hit widow and U i no wMow
Mirvive him then to hit children
U there are any parsons in year Ii
cinity who are entitled > to pay under
this law please have them write to
1M W L Jett
This letter is addreteod to J B
Ward Camp Confederate YotoniiK
HicVnwn fey and ontne from theI I
Adjutant Generals ofncc at Prank
For cuts praHM bruises burnt
rheumatic and all otktr pIMc
McLotni Valoan4c ON Linlmtnt
First told m 1831 uu the same II
foetive romtdy ion 1901 Goad for
man or boatt 3Se SOl Mnt 100
A Doctors Reward
My Dear Doctor The term
dear in title caN is not one of tf
ftcttoo but it Inspired by your bill
for 72 whist hat met arrived
When I called you m three weeks
ago you Bald that yon would do me
good I thought you meant my
health not my pocket book Tin
have ttemlsod the statement else I
thowhi be totally at sea as to what
am to pay for Yon say JO visits
S3 a vMt 360 i for oe mltation
with Dr Oitem S10 and medkinw
Docs it not Krflce you at a UUk
unjust Doctor to tax me 70 for
talk and S3 for medicine What I
Deeded was medkinet not tIt
And that oonevltatton for which I
am to pay S10 YaM Dr Cni
em came together and thumped my
cheat and felt my poles s CMem
gravely palled hit wttncrt and yon
seriously mopped UK sweat from
your bald head
Hes a lick M1t said Cntam
and needs constant arc
Then you two whispered and talk
ed together and dlpat ted
Nof before you were called In I
and before Catem was called Ia I
knew that I was a very sick man
1I had been a well man I would
not have sent for you But I mutt
pay a ten spot for being told some
thing that I knew before anyone else
We owe a great debt to medical
science I know bat there it no
justice in trying to make me pay it
all During the time that you made
those 1 visit you smoked my d
gars ate the oranges that were plac
ed at my bedside put my flowers In
your buttonhole carried away a box
of figs and frequently lunched on the
delicacies that my fond and loving
wife prepared for me I made no
objection to that thinking of course
that you would credit me with the
price of the meals Now you want
me to pay you for eating my food
The medicine for which you ask
me 2 consisted of a bottle of lint
ment and a porous platter The
porous plaster it still with me but
the liniment you took away on your
day to have you come and tear the
plaster from my back
It evidently costs money to be
sick It is i a luxury that only the
rich can afford A man has no
chance for recovery nowadays for
he no sooner gets bettor then the
doctors bill gives him a relapse I
am going back to work tomorrow
and the first 72 I get in a lump is
yountI have worked for the last
twentyfive years and the biggest
sum I ever amassed in that length of
time was S8
Your chances are rather slim but
as you frequently advised me we
must hope for the best and be pre
pared for the worst I assure you
1 was prepared for everything but
Abe size of your bill I see now why
you were so sol cltioul to have my
wife and me prepared for the worst
Yours deeply in debt
Take your laundry k Billion Bro
stare Walter aWflag leftfoT MaifavWe
Mrs R H Kirk k M the lick
list this week
G B Tneber of JeviteH was ta
town Sfttoiday
K vr Kritf Cakes and Crashers
at C H Mooret
Scott Moaier of Unten flys
in the city Friday
H H Dcewry sycat Sunday wllli
Union City friends
John Crawford has the to Mow
pUt for a tow mouths
JOlt SALE OM papers at Ibis
office ISc a hundred
S slygua mallet knee at lit per j
foot at Cotton ft Mutts
Mrs Hoover eat erf Louts
it UK guest of Mrs I M Cevttt
J N ColliM MMMfftr 01 tlM
TbealorioM spent Sunday in Polio
Paul McKee of Uayneld Visited
D B Witoen and family this week
Ptofd Naylor returned Saturday
from Lextefton where be has been
IH taboos
Mrs Chac CaN returned to din
tort ritjff f aftw aaeadint several
daye tie r
Mitt ladle BtMdumot has re
FelttaNi at Fatten
Met I M Hnbbani returned
fcUwtiay from a vtttt with Mrs W
K Sal at olio
Try TbreftoMs feting Howe
next time If you ate hungry you
wM be tafcoa aft of
MiK Lena TValktld it hone
from Glontler Miss There she
but bear attending school
L RG4bbe formerly of this
place It reported donferouelr ill at
his i home hi I Boat Prairie Mo
There It nothing better lor the
chicks than my Mo 2 wheat The
price la riptC H Moore
A M DeBow and J W Morris
left Sunday night for Birmingham
Ala to attend the U C V reunion
The Mho trouble At SqUAre
Deal Wire to that It nttt too long
The Farmera Hardware Colella
Fallen win edobrate July the 4th i
lust Ftatrfe wffl also celebrate
Htoknnw onmc aid story i nothing
doing e
Next to Senator Bradley of Ken
tucky Sealer Cannon is i said to be
the cwsebtBMt man to the whole
John Bryant and little neice Mary
from a visit to relatives in East Prai
rie Mo
B F Chambers a prominent
farmer of the Jordan neighborhood
attended the convention m Hickman
Will J Tomnun of Fulton candi
date for amasser was shaking bands
with Hlekaan voters Friday and
G T Jordan hat one load of good
sheep for sale meetly good ewes
If interested write or calf on him at
Iuka Mite Slap
Several property owners on Clin
ton street are painting and otherwise
improving their property Keep the
good work going
C G Alexander of near Jordan
ODe of the Couriers good friends
was here Saturday to attend theI I
county convention
Mite Llllk Shaw died at her home
In Fulton Saturday morning Death
was the result of consumption
Deceased was IS years old
Mrs R B Johnson and son
McKee left Saturday for Nashville
From there they go to Birmingham
Ala to attend the Confederate re
Did you get stung on the last
baggy yen bought It wasnt an
Anohorthatl the reason Anchor
buggies are conceded to be the best
on the market Farmers Hardware
Co Pocketbook containing pass book
on that bank and several notes
made to me Liberal reward offer
od for their retumOcx HARRIS
at Helm Ellisons
William Jennings Bryan gave out
a statement saying that if i the pub
fished statement that Thomas F
Ryan had contributed 20000 to
the Democratic campaign fund in
Nebraska proved to be true he
would tee that the money was re
The Man
up the
Tit man t 1IIltS in tlio paint will tell TOO that
UeatMillie l utdahtg
toto hI pul i ivmrwIifnU that king Ii fIII aMim 1IUI 1 v
lulliug prvUvtutl rein sets wind and wr tIr pith
Mastic Mixed Paint
The Kind That Last H
Mastic paint hems fnly 1 mm UM > mMh MM 1 pnlur
I K tftftutiful Ael i h tbat rrUilta tU I blah abeam at I dr I
rvUUu the satin of Hi Umtnu t hall 1 t
teat i lKH + ut iweisvl I chalk 4j wb1tI I
m voiding to UrvcUioM Maitle MIHI Mrm rvjn LUR i
Louisvitir KY
rots SAL If cy
HICKMAN DRUG CO Incorporated
Extracts from ttta ftttlos and Regulations and Tariff
Jldoptad by the City Council of Htcfcman Ky
governing the Water and Light Plant
BIle for sprinkling from areas and tidewalks shall bf
only trom the 1st of May to the 1st of Ntweaaber from 7 to
elastic In the moraine and from 1 to 2 lit the afternoon and t r
S to S efsoefc hi the wining 1 Sprinkling most bt chwwly conk
to ones own front and not crtntnted atyond the middle of the IT
and to be wtthta mica mnt be only Uwawgb aa 14 men no
The see of a larger taste will sbjsct the party using it to
bk rotes Use of a hose wttfcee noaale it pro tokd
Garden lawn or yard StKhiVMng te one thing ftiewt Spa
tog ta another and bath mnat tot be nttinlged in unttee both
paid f r aeon 11 to rIIIeI
Water tor stttWIn melt be ggW fee to advance for the r
eon aVtemnf MroM ami HiewvrV with beet M inch DOll >
rant front or boo S
SfKlnMwf sired and sttewsvlk wttk ham la huh naesk su t r
f 141MM hods ft
Sass ailMiiiil foot seer M
9prtnktswe vaieJ or urtian with hate per tears yalsd14 cent
aoeafc lIt tfimt 14 bath ofdnVc and mtfffvNege forI
Those are the season ante suit parties wM state apply alI
ottfoo balers 4ftot II aM use 0 rotator Water truss the W
Wort Mi MMtraated and pail for II the cart
mot net W card with hnsmntty without ks knowledge and COIur
Noocanpmnt or owner of any bnHdwg to whtoh the water
totiocjiecd will he allowed to stipnly water to other petioni or i
lies or permtt sUture to take hydrant waist from their premise
foMnd tkMg to the swppty will be stepped and UK amount of J
mont made ny such owner cr toon pant torfeliod
IWar a violation of any of the precotdlng rules and regulate I
this oanspany rosorvM the rigni to atop the supply of water vet > t <
any proMintoary notice i nor will tt be restored concept oo A j >
mont of the tapenee of hnlthick1 off and taming k wn n <
WM than SIM and spin a satiefaotory MNlerttandtof with
party that no further awes of complaint shall arise
Any ponoa who shaft turn an Ute supply of water
withont having Ami obtained a permit to do to from this cowj
ban he s riM > 8t to a ftoe of not lest than > e nor more tben
These extracts are taken from the Rules and KetjuUd
adopted by Ute City of HldrmaH and the only change is wt
this company or oampany it Inserted to plaoe of City t
cil or Superintendent Parties will please be governed t I
Hickman Ice Coal Co Incorporated
Wonderful Invention
Ever see it
Needle Shuttle lint Bobbin tot
use In All Makes of Scwlntf Machine
This machine will produce a needle or a bobbin to
fit any machine made SEE IT
of furniture
Remember we carry a splendid line
and sell at right prices AIIO > have a well equipped
undertaking department

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