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The Hickman courier. (Hickman, Ky.) 1859-current, September 02, 1909, Image 5

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means that ymir ub.
rrlptlen km m pi red
Keiiew promptly if yon
want the paper to rem
to you after thl month
Lirt 1-' Ih II
o Team that Pulls the Commercial Wagon up the Hill at Success, The Courier has a Sjiankln' Good Team. Dtbsbb the Jlxles of Your Wagon, Old Man, and Let's Hitch Up
. ue m - -no. iu
... nrpqTr.BS tr.KTBOKT
WHOLE NO.a-ll!
Intel national
Tailoring Co.
fjeW York Chicago
THIS ii a good
name to goby
it comes lo
the question
of Clothes.
We ourselves aro sa
tisfied ns to their
high merit In pro
ducing the finest
clothes for Men, and
more than satisfied
at the popularity of
their prices.
Call here and be satisfied too. See the latest style
r- U U and hundreds of the latest All Wool Fabrics.
i - which Ii given out
hi'. do not ask you to
1. a farmer residing lu
I- I: T. n , near Slaydon,
Us t . ' present season a
i needs of which con-
ij Iv every letter of
iii I . aU't The. needs aro
i tolor nnd tho li-ttor
' i ach It a deep black
f- lA'h need contains
alphabet letters. For
tw- J will hare upon It
i another "o," and so
'.r. lut Is completed.
RciJ kuurler. Oct tho habit,
far t . ii our authorized ro-
Port r 1 t a up and giro ua tho
t Just what you want
..t you can gut and
' It Don't whlno. If
am In your coffoo.
' ' d think of tho mil
' Ki t coffco nt all. if
r tat broad. IMo Is
(!pepla anyway. If
" vou can and do not
detlroH, acquiesce lu
f'c and enjoy what
Whatever you do or
' whlno.
Johnny Como on, Hilly, lot's hava a
puff, and I won't tell you was smok
ing. O
Tho constant drop of water
Wears away tho toughest stono
Tho constant gnaw of Towner
Xlnstlcates tho toughest bone ;
Tho constant llttlo suubenuiH
Make Uio Ioaforu hunt tho shado;
Tho constant ndvertUer
Is Uio man that draws tho trade.
Tho City Council will meet next
Monday night.
r' s (or the storing o( money, an absolutely safe place for
k; " why do the officials deposit this money in various banks
rr ' r untry?
IWnusc they realize that the keeping of money
1 rt "lntion mentis n larger degree of general pros
l'1 rtynnd is an actual necessity in the upbuild
inK of the country.
"7 deposited in banks becomes worktop: capital. The
.V ct your mouey in circul!.tion, without spending it, Is well
-uiniueration, ycr it ts only one ot tne matiy reasons
wt' V i should havtran account with
Capital and Surplus, $05, 000.00
MfMS f)aa)MJJ lHfMt atjSMfSt afS affsaf s)fs)
Jno. Creed has bought tho A.
I'hllllps placo near town.
It you want a first-class Job, let
Schmidt tho Tailor, do your work.
Sco A. 8. linrkolt for tho best
heart shingles. Prices lower than
anyono elso In town.
Don't kick If you wait and the
price of coal goes up. You have a
chance to buy now at rock bottom
prices. Hickman Ice & Coal Co.
This mouth having "r" In Its nnme,
tho festive oyster will ngnln d'-cktho
board. Put mora than ono of him
In our stow, please.
New gold fields have been dis
covered in the Saskatchewan district
in British Columbia. Some of the
ore letted will assay SJ0.000 to the
Marvin Hardin, eotr of M. D. Har
din, died nt his home In Jlcclcrton
Thursday morning at 3 o'clock of tho
dread disease, consumption after au
Illness of somo two years.
i-nrgo tobacco dealers aro pro-
paring to build rutiandllng houses
In I'aducah for tho purposo ot band
ling tho large amount ot dark tobac
co raised In Western Kentucky.
Mrs. Henry Youtsey, wlto of tho
only man who Is now serving sen'
tenco'for complicity In tho Rssnsslna
tlou of Gov. William Coebcl In 1S99,
has entered suit for divorce. The
papers wero filed at Winchester.
Tho days of Uio Mayfiold-Monitor
aro orcr and Its plant has been sold
tc tho Ilaptlst King Company nt Ful
ton, and will soon bo moved to that
llttlo city, where hereafter that popu
lar denominational paper will bo pub'
Kentucky Is not tho only feudrld
den stato In tho Union by any means
Down In Mississippi thero seems to
exist a stato of anarchy equal to anyj
nnd It has gono so far tlint the homes
of court officers nro visited by night!
and fired upon through windows.
Tho Cumberland Telephone Co., is
preparing to build a now lino from
Unlotl City to Jordan. CapL Shuck
says tho pcoplo of Jordan nro get
ting tho best ot scrvlco on their mu
(uul system for 25c a month. Can
tho Cumberland compote with that?
Lest yon forget, wo wnnt to re
mind Uio parents of this county that
Uio high school course, ono of tho
best over offered by Hickman College
or any othor high school, Is frcoto
tho pupils ot Fulton county. Tho late
school law gives the pupil of tho ru
ral district the samo opportunity as
city pupils no tuition to bo paid.
A Omaha paper, that clnlms to get
Its Information from a closo friend
ot the family, says E. II. Hnrrlmnn,
tho railroad tnugnate, has cancer of
tho stomach nnd Is given only three
months longer to live. Everything
possible to keep tho real ailment
secret has been done, and during the
past few months Mr. Harrlmnn has
been engaged in sotting his house lu
order for his approaching end.
Tho grave ot Col. Jns. C. Wilson,
ono of tho signers of tho Declaration
ot Independence, 1ms been located
uoar tho batiks of tho Ohio river, lu
Livingston county. Tho grave Is
marked by ' a mammoth poplar tree
Sotno years ago Uio United States
Government appropriated a sum fur
tho erection of a suitable monument
to tho gravo of Col. 'Wilson, but no
trace of tho grnvo could bo found
I. It, and Melvln Hutsou, ot Alabama
grandsons of Col WlUoii, camo to
Kentucky last week nud succeeded
in locating tbu grnvo of their grand
The prosecuting attorney of the
Third Judicial circuit filed suit In the
Jncksou County Circuit Court ut New
port, Ark., agulust slxty-flvo insurance
companies doing business iu Arkan
sas, asking penalties nmountlng to
105,000,000 tor alleged violation ot the
Arkansas anti-trust laws. Tho Courier
will wager a dollar to a doughnut
that ho doesn't get CSc out ot them.
Mrs, Claudo Watnoy, of Loudon,
purchased what sho was assured was
n pale emerald. Sho took it to un
expert, who assured her tho stone
was n green dlamoud, worth three
times what sho paid for It. There
aro only three diamonds iu existence.
We are determined to close out the few Suits left from
this season and on account of the sizes being broken
up we will close them out at great sacrifices.
Mens Suits, worth 22.OO, at . . $1 1.95
Mens Suits, worth 15.00, at . . . $8.95
Mens Suits, worth iO.OO, at . . . $5.95
Childrens Suits at Half Price. We will make same cut
on Mens Pants.
Beadles and Huddleston In Fulton
After electing Adolph Wells as
secretary for tho ensuing year as nn
endorsement of his first yenr of ser
vice tho Btnte board of election com
missioners appointed tho county elec
tion commissioners for tho state.
Not all of tho counties wore supplied,
us there was somo protest from sev
eral, the voters not wanting the old
commissioners electod. Tb.oso ap
pointed for the First congressional
district wore as follows:
IJallard J. W. Strohm, It.; Dr.
John It. Ilendlcs, D.
Caldwell J. F. Morgan, K.; It. H.
Atken. D.
Calloway W. IJ. fJrnhnm, It.; Zeb
A. Stownrt, D.
Carlisle F. M. Hogencnmp, It.;
John Graves, D. ,
Crittenden U. F. Hnyncs, It.;C. S.
Nunn. D.
Fulton Gborgo T. Beadles, H.;
Dalley Huddleston, D.
Graves A. C. Carman, It.; ,W. S.
Cook, D.
Hickman W. E. Jones, It.; J. J.
Craigo, D.
.Livingston W. II. Warren, It.;-J.
H. -Trull, D.
Lyon W. K. Hnydon. IL; W. A.
Soxtpu, D.
Marshall 11. G. Couwell, It.; J. S.
Starks, D.
MeCrnckon O. II. Starks, It.; C, B.
Graham, I).
Trigg W. D. Mitchell, It.; H. Q.
Wddllngton, I).
An attempt was made to wreck tho
Ntyv Orleans nnd St. Louis limited
early Sunday morning 2G miles north
ot Fulton on the Illlols Control. Cross
ties had .been placed on tho truck.
Whon tho tnilu was stopped soveral
negroes wero seen to run uwny from
the scone.
Klbven arrosts havo been made at
llurdwell, and It is believed somo ot
tho guilty ones havo been cuptured.
Tho great moral wave lu Georgia
li something flerco. Tho other day
returning travullug man wus urrest
cd anil fined for kissing his wife as
sho rau to meet him on tho street.
This was In Atlanta, but It smacks ot
Connecticut lu tho 18th century.
A Remembrance.
Hoft, lowaud sweet, yet clenr and itronit.
Hose the rich volume of your sons'.
While on the languid Auitutt air
That awept your face anil stirred your hair
Invoked as liy aomu iiinulo spell
Wild KiMta of tmiKlc rote and fell.
In Uio vague hollows of the night
The calm stars swung iteadfaatly bright;
A bird belated In the gloom
Flew neatward with bedraggled plume;
A star shook loose her fiery train
And awept scrota tho sapphire plain ;
Then all was still except tho strong
ltlcli tone of your sweet song.
I stood entranced; my ou) was bound;
Melodious thrall enwrapt me round.
I lived again the wild uncouth
Dear devious days of my lost youth;
Hut llooda of song swept In and drowned
The old-time singers sorrow-crowned;
I aaw once more the friends ot old,
And heard their voices manifold;
The waste wan years slipped (lowly by
With many a change ot sea and aky.
With many a change of form and hue
And left me happy there with you.
There's a big stir being nindo by
lot of "advanced thoyght" people
who claim that the world needs n.
new religion. They are mistaken.
Tho world does not need a now re
ligion. What It needs Is for Uio peo
ple to live up to the teachings of the
ono wo have. Tho world needs less
petty bickerings about tho minor
points 'and differences In creeds and
dogmas and more of tho real brother
hood of man. Tho religion of Jesus
Christ Is ull-suft!cing hut a great part
of tho world'M people persist In mis
interpreting Its teachings.
Tho mau who does business with
out advertising Is Just about ot n
whatuesa with tho man who winks
In the dnrk. Ho may know what ho
lu doing but no one else docs.
Tho Kentucky Stnte Fair Manage
ment announces that It has secured
n positive reduction In tho switching
charges into tho Kentucky Stato Fair
grounds on nil kinds of freight, in
cluding Hvo stock, from S7.00 per car
li and $7.00 per car out, to S3.00 per
eluding live stock, from $7.00 per car
car in nnd S3.00 per car out They
bellevo that in a short timo they will
bo abTo to induce tho railroads to ab
sorb all the switching charges nud. In
fact, havo tho promise of some of tho
railroads to do so aud aro anxious
that all exhibitors know that they
win not havo to pay such a high
rato, oven if thoy have to pay any
thing ns they paid last year.
Quality counts In Shingles. Don't
be deceived get the best, by buy
ing direct from the mill. Yates &
Kirk Shingle Co., Hickman, Ky.
Wo understand that Dr. H. ...
I'rather, after having been away from
Hickman nbout two years, will leave
Louisville and como back to tho test
ton n on tho map. That's right, Doc,
como on.
W. M. Cason loft Tuesday for
Greensboro, JUL, to look after a
proposition offered him In n cigar
fuctory tit that placo. If tho layout
Is satisfactory ho will iuovo thero In
a short timo.
T. J. Underwood has boen appoint
ed a deputy sheriff by Sheriff Seat.
Mr. Underwood Is a resident of tho
Cayce neighborhood.
Sold by most grocers. Every sack or barrel positively guar
anteed or your money back. Nothing equal to it for fine pastry.
Take no substitute. A less expensive but good flour is our high
grade patent STAR." Try it 1 Also corn chops, wheat bran , etc.
C. H. BESHERS, (Successor to Beshers & Jackson)

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