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' mij ity
mu Fi.',' ipy
$1 per Year
In Advance
No eeptloni to
tun rule, only Jo
rk lurclr It
It olienp enough.
Tweutr Jr nir.
thli lper roit $3
irri'nr. .No innii U
too poor to nil
till nniount (or a
paper that !'
nil the county mid
Local News
This Paper
Always Stops
when yonr time li
out. we dont be
lieve La forcing s
paper on anyone.
If yon do not want
to mill a copy,
keep the inscrip
tion paid np. A
notice of expire
tlon it given here
111 clayi ahead with
A Blue Mark
Volume 52
Number 30
Negro Boy Has Foot Shot Off
Dy Intoxicated Whlto Man.
Ucorgo Hragg, a 17 year old negro
oy 1 thu victim of a ialnful and
i miugly uncnllcd for gunshot wouu
wlmh bo rocelvod la his toft foot a
bout b o'clock Tuesday afternoon, on
i A I Aid ford's pluco below town.
hrom what wo aro alilo to ionrn,
t boy together with his younjar
i.ro her Mere engaged In filling a
jad mtid-holo In thu rond when a
wagon camo along with throe white
mm in It Two of thu men In the
tack of thu wagon had Just got In a
Whin ihcy reached thu point where
ft.w ard back to ride somewhere
tbo negroes were at work onu of them
began turning thu negroes, picked up
his shotgun and fired. The whole
load, gun wads and all, lodged In the
bo s foot, and Dm. Curllu & Curtln
say t lie y think it will bo necessary
o au.putatu the foot at the ankle.
On y the Intervertlon of thu driver of
"L wagon, It Is said, kept thu men
f i killing both thu boys. The
i iitr whlto man leveled a rlflo at
cunger negro, but thu boy ran
hii d bis team of mules and was
ito i red at, Thu man who shot
thu tny .ti the foot then fired anoth
er shot at thu wounded negro, but
the charge lodged In the wagon.
iJot.om planters aro very much
wiought up over thu unprovoked af
fair A poso left Hickman and wore
cut ali night looking for tho shootlst
b vcrul times they wero only thirty
. litis behind tho men, but failed
catch up with thorn
The wounded negro boy told a
t curler reporter thnt thu man who
shot him was named Evans, and tbo
Cher man was named Thomaston,
tn'hcr of whom could bo located by
'rtccra who visited their homes.
1 Is evident that certain partus
he lower bottom aru determined
'iin tho negroes out, and an equal
nnlnntlon exists on thu part of
planters that the negroes sh-tll
say This Is thought to bo Uio sum
and siimtawo of tbo trouble, as only
a Bt..t lime ago a negro named liar
f Id killed two white men who at
l in pled to outer his homo. It
might also bo said that after shooting
thr boy above mentioned, thu two
whito men went on post Ilarflcld's
homo and shot several times Into
h.s house but no ono was hurt. Yes
terday another "nlghtrldor" sign was
found on Hondurant'e place warning
Mister Nigger" to leave tho bottom.
More trouhlo Is looked for before tho
matter Is settled.
In tho meantime Uio search for
Uvans and Thom&sson Is In progress
and they will bo caught If Jt takes
large rewards to cot them. In fact,
a big reward Is now offered .for their
Claronco Heed wont to Dodds Cross
lug yesterday,
S II l'arkor has been on. tho sick
list this week.
Wnlter Reynolds was horo from Un
ion City, yesterday.
Jan Uoynolds and Lnbron Burton,
of Vnlon City, woro hero on buslneaa
Hickman, Ky, Jan, 29. 1912.
A mooting of the Ky. Club was bold
on tho abovo mentioned dato, tho
minutes of tho last incoUng weru read,
approved and signed as corrcot, tho
by-laws, rules and regulations, .ire
vloimly presented woro read In con
nected with tho minute aud unan
lously adopted.
Itoport of Uio Treasurer wan clvon,
and on motion his report was accept
ed. Tho Secretary presented a bill
from Holm & Ellison of 138.00 for
mngazli.es and papura. This bill was
accepted and ordered paid.
Petlllotm of Mr. Linn Klrklndall
and Mr. Hussell Johnson were r c
sented, and both unanlously accept
ed by secret ballot.
A letter frfom Mr. Joe .Cantlllon
was presumed, asking the club and
citizens of Hickman to assist him
In fixing up tho old ball park, and
putting It In condition for him to
train his men tho coming season and
the following comraltteo was appoint
ed to look into this mattor, Messrs.
S. L. Dodds, John Dillon, 11. T. Da
vis and J. C. Sexton.
Tho following committee was ap
pointed on arrangements for Gun
Sboot, S. L. Doddj, N. II. Holcombe,
P. K. Case, W. C. Rood.
Upon tho resignation of the Secre
tary, J. C. Sexton was appointed to
fill the unexpired term.
Upon motion it was agreed to keep
tho ladles apartment locked at nil
times, when not occupied by ladles.
The Secretary was Instructed to
havo tho bylaws printed In phamphlot
form to bo distributed among the
members, also for a copy of tho by
lawn neatly gotten up to be fram
ed and put upon tho walls in a con-
aplclous place In tho Club.
On motion It was decided to prohib
it tipping, as fur as possible, and neat
signs to be posted In tbo Club
rooms to that effect.
The following committed was Ap
pointed to look after tho business In
terest of tho club. In regard to booHt
Ing Hickman, to try to obtain facto
ries, or nny othor Intercuts tint
would be a boneflt to tho town. H.
T Dnvls, Dr. Haltzer W. C. Speer,
W. A. Johnston and S. L. Dodds.
I'pon motion tho meeting was adjourned.
.Notwithstanding a lot of painful
newspaper expressions to Uio contra
ry, Senator W. A. Frost from this
district, Ib doing his duty at Frank
fort. Ho Is bowing to the lino of
his promises mndo during his cam
paign, and Unit Is all hU constitu
ency asks of him. Some of bis cno
nilos arc trying to clothe blm In a coat
of many colors, but his record thus
far is In kcoplng with bis pledges to
his people.
Mr. Jackson, of Hickman county,
offered and tbo House adopted a res
olution calling on tbo United States
government to return to the cotton
growing States of the South the war
tax on cotton, collected many years
ago, and that If returned tho. money
bo used for educational purposes.
Several Hlckmanltcs will attend
Madrl Gras at Now Orleans, Feb. 20.
wT: ii& vl
The fire whistle has warned us three times since Satur
day, and every time it blows it makes the uninsured shudder
and wish that his property was covered by fire insurance, and
in good, prompt paying companies.
Look at the picture above and ask yourself what kind of
condition financially you would be in tomorrow if your home
should burn tonight.
"Better be Insured Than Sorry"
A. E. KENNEDY, The Insurance Man
ill iJw : wSm
VrMii " jlKm
1 R&Jn Cost,
Nothing too good to cut. Got to begin getting ready
for the Spring while bur Winter clothes are wanted.
It's the usual yearly happening and you are the lucky
Prices for quick moving :
25.00 and 22.50 value go at.
20.00 value go at l
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16,50 value go at '. i
15.00 value go at .
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10.00 value go at ;
16.50 Overcoats at L
15.00 Overcoats at
12.50 Overcoats at
The Boys' Clothes
problem is solved for you when you buy a "Mrs. JANE
HOPKINS BOY PROOF SUIT for th little felloe
You will find every one of the season's newest styles Jn
this line, such as Norfolks, Sailors, Russians, etc., and
fe every one of them an original idea.
7.50 values go at.
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Men's Peg: Top Pants, this Season's Style
5.00 values go at 4.25 400 values go at
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These prices are CASH SPOT CASH CASH
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12.00 m
I 11.50 &
i 8.50 m
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12.00 S
L 11.50
10.00 gjj
Cnt no V"i,.uini fWM Uft-iw
The local camp of tho Woodmen
of tho World nre making arrange-
meats for a big rally next month and
Atkins Colo Is behind tho movement,
and . Is receiving much encourage
incut from the members of tho local
In conversation with Mr. Cole, he
Informs us that 200 now members wll
bo taken in next month. He Is very
anxious that all Sovereigns attend
tho meetings every Wednesday night
At tho meeting last Wednesday night
25 applications wero received and bo
tells us that there aro Initiations
every nioetlng night.
WEATHER: Unsettled today prob
ably followed by rain or sno. Fri
day clearing to fair.
The Eaton compulsory direct prl
maray bill passed tho state senate
yesterday and will probably bo pass
ed by tho House this week. Tho bill,
If It passes tho lower house, will re
sult In tho elimination of the regu
lar primaries, previously held in coun
ties In this, stato In November a year
preceding tho recular election. The
bill requires that primaries must bo
held In tho samo yonr as tho final o-
LOST: 14 in. neck chain, 9 ame
thysts, 17 pearls, with 2 pendants
missing. Finder return to Miss Nan
nlo Hlgglns and get reward. lp
J. C. Fullerton, representing tno
new electric line from Paducah to
Hickman," was hero yesterday In the
Interest of the proposedTroad and went
over tho matter with tho industrial
committee of the Kentucky Club.
Whllo no definite action was taken by
tbo committee, It Is understood that
tho terms nre not exactly satisfac
tory to all local capitalists. The coir.
pany wanU about $1500 to be used
In defraying surveying expenses.
Tho committeo preferred to guaran
tee $5000 at the completion of the
road rather than put up $1500 without
a guarantee. Mr. Kullerton assured
them the survey would bo made
from Paducah to Hickman whether
wo put up our pro rata or not, and
that surveyors would reach this city
borne time this month. An elect. Ic
road would be of great valuo to tho
town, and wo hopo tho matter will
bo adjusted In such a manner that
Hickman will tako Its place as ono
of tbo line's big terminals. Hickman
citizens have been tho victims of so
many fake promotions that our peo
ple had rather pay moro when tho
goods are delivered than to take a
bill of lading at a big discount. Of
course, legitimate enterprises suffer
with tho llllgltinmte.
Delbcrt Choato is back from Texas.
Sam Roccnfold, a fur buyer of
Clarksrlllc, Tcnn., was hero on busi
ness this week.
P H.
Henry Is homo from Nash-
W. A. Dodds was In Union City on
business yesterday.
Mrs. J. O. Newton has been on the"
sick list for several days.
J. C( Newton tells us thai the fur
market with him U mighty good. Ho
has made three sales of furs this sea
son, amounting to $300 to $500 each
Today wo dodge tho bill collector.
Miss Lucllo Moss, of Unloon City,
was tho guest of her sister, Mrs. R.
Phlpps, this week.
Miss Needa MIddleswart returned
to St. Louis this week after a several
days' visit with Miss Hottle Williams.
A. F. Oliver is erecting a store
building at the corporation bridge in
West Hickman Just outside the city
OPERA HOUSE-3 nights
Commencing Thursday, Feb. 8th
Ik Eelck-Wriglit Stock Co.
Presenting only high-class Comedies ,
with reputation.
Annual visit of the Company you all know. Get seats reserved
early for the opening night.
t l.' " i
ii .. m
A siZX,
i-fr-1 -

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