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rJL H. THOMAS TELLS OF $28,000,000
Setmet President of New York Stock
Exchange Sayi Noney Was Ralsad
la Fire Minutes and Servd to
Quell Panic
Nsw York. In two jnlnutss J. Pier-
pont Morgan shoveled out $25,000,000
to atlll odh of the tnoit violent etorou
that ver ihook the New York Stock
Exchange building from turret to foun
dation. This was at the beginning of th
panic of 1807.
Until the King of Million lifted hU
mighty finger the stock exchange u
growing more frenzied ersry eeconJ.
Sharp twUte had Ixen given to the
screws of contraction and the money
the actual coin of the realm had been
drawn into tho vaults of the money
trust. Nearly every financial liutitu
tion in New York was feeling the
A dramatlo story of this remarkable
incident was told to tho Pujo committee
by K. H. Thomas, who was president of
the stock exchaneg at the time Morgan
alone saved the day by ordering George
W. Perkins, then one of hU partners, to
release $35,000,000 to the hysterical
"You recall Tery distinctly, I up
pose,"' began Mr. Untermyer, when Mr.
Thomas had taken the witness chair,
facing him, "the stirring days of the
panic of 1907, don't you J"
"Yes, I do," snapped the eager Mr.
"Do you remember the days that call
money was exceptionally high!"
"Yes, I remember it was high. 1 don't
know for a fact, for I was not on the
floor, but I was told that It was 100 per
cent October 24, 1907."
"Dow long before the $25,000,000 was
available t" asked Mr. Untermyer.
"In about five minutes," replied Mr.
"Where did the money come from;
that is, what banks!" the lawyer con
tinued. "I don't know," answered the witness,
"but it popped up in several places in
stantly." "So, then, It rested with one man to
say whether or not the panic should
stop or go on, didn't itt"
"I wouldn't want to say that. I am
not qualified to make any such state
ment as that,"
at summer prices. A. A.
Weather Specials!
Offlcsr Who "Enforced Prohibition'
Tulsa Arrested.
Tulsa, Okla. J. E. Uullstt, a special
offleer of the governmet bureau for the
suppression of the liquor traffic among
the Indians, was arrested here by the
city police on a charge of littering the
city streets with glass. Hullett had
seized a large shipment of beer and was
breaking the bottles one at a time on a
do'Jwn curbstone when a policeman
came along and arrested him. Munici
pal Judge Ilouston gave Hullett a severe
lecture and discharged him.
be Insured than sorry."
Atty T. N. Smith and N. G. Cooke,
of Fulton, were hero on business first
of the week.
"Hetter bo insured than sorry."
Miss Aialeo Kay left Tuesday for
Paragould, Ark.
Alias Mario Hrovard has returned
from St. Louis.
Host American Cnllco 4V4c a yard.
A. S. BarketU
Miss Charlotte Hubbard spent a few
days In Chattanooga this week.
Itev. O. W. Wilson left yesterday
for Nashville to spend a few days.
1'res. Latta, of the C, M. & O.
R. It., was hero on business Monday.
T. A. Ledford and wife nnd J.I. C.
Barrett nnd wife motored to Union
City Sunday.
Goctba Jones and Ewlng Nallllng,
of Union City, spent Sunday with
Hickman friends.
Airs. W. Y. Halo, of Union City, Is
spending several weeks with her eon,
13. O. Halo, and famUy.
Mrs. Fopc Herring, of Union City,
wan the guest of T. T. Swnyne and
family first of tho week.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Ed Jackson, of Clin
ton, spent a few days this week with
S. M. Nalfeh and wife.
Airs. Emma Stephens left this after
noon to visit her sister. Airs. E. O.
Jones, for a week or two.
Mrs. Jesslo Dillon has returned
after a month's visit with relatives
nnd friends In Paducnh, Alomphls ami
Friars Point, Miss.
. A young water spout swept over
this section Tuesday morning about
3 o'clock. As usual, Hickman's streets
we ro badly wushed.
J. M. Poston, a racket store man
at Fulton, mado an assignment Mon
day. Liabilities and assets aro giv
en as about equal $500.
Airs. All co Ambers leaves this -week
for Ann Arbar, Mich., to, attend tho
graduating exercises at tho Stato
University of Michigan, where her
eon, Win. B. Amberg, finishes In tho
law department. V. B. will accom
pany his mother home, and possibly
engago In the practice of his profes
sion la thlB city.
Judge F. S. Moore, wife and daugh
ter were called to Villa nidge, Ills.,
6aatunlay on account oX .the illness
of his sister, Airs. Ada Oliver. The
good lady passed away Sunday- morn
ing. Mrs. Oliver is survived by one
son, David, ago 12; her mother, Airs.
8. J. Aloorc, of Pulaski, IBs; and
fivo brothers W. A. Aloore, Sherman
Miss; B. It. Aloore, Osceola, Ark; J,
N. and II. H. Aloore, Pulaski, Ills;
and F. S. Moore, of Hickman and a
host of other relatives in Pulaski
and Union counties. Burial has been
delayed, awaiting the arrival of rela
tives from Canada and Idaho.
The kiddies all like this store
Here they get all those delicious, pure and satisfying
drinks that delight their little hearts, We cater es
pecially for the children we know their needs and
try to make their visit to our fountain a pleasure
Bring them in today they'll want
to come back THEY ALL DO
FREE KODAK Remember, we give a ticket with
each 5c purchase at our fountain, good for a chance on
the Eastman Kodak which will be given away NEXT
This store is now showing attractive assortments of
the things you specially want during the hot season,
and at prices that you can afford to pay for them.
Lawns, White Goods, Hosiery
Underwear, Summer Millinery
Straw Hats, Fans, Parasols, Muslin
Underwear, Ready-to-Wear Specials
For Men, Women and Children
Qlasswear Specials
and hundreds of other lines of good things that you
will have to see.
If you get thirsty, while in town, you will need a
in your pocket or you cannot get a drink. We sell
good ones for 1 0 cents.
Come Xxx elxxcI See TJs
Dry Goods and Variety
Ellison and Poolo Buy
Mathony & Plant' Qroerery,
Matbeny & Plain's grocery store
until recently known as tho Hickman
Grocery Co. -was sold Monday to II.
Al. IClllson and No leu Poole. ITlie nev
proprietors will take charge of tho
business on Uio first of tho coming
The retlrlntr firm wan composed of
Jako Plant and AJno.s Atotheny, two
clever gonUcnteii, who have- built up u
nice busluess under tho present firm
namo Their tunny friend will rwrct
'o see thorn pull up stakes in Uio
mercantile business of this city.
Tho now firm ought to bo a dandy
both being progressive fellows and
thoroughly fain I liar with every detail
ot Uio grocery business. Mr. Bllison
Is generally conceded to bo tho best
Krocarjnnnn that over struck Hick
man, and 1ms built up a splendid
trade for tho Klllson's, whose More Is
now known ns Klllsons Grocery.
Fow men possess a ktuick equal to
Harry when It comes to handling a
lino of groceries, und ho has been de
veloping this kunck for well, no 0110
knoWH how many year. His arbo
date, Air Poole, at prtvwnt In the em
ploy of Rniiih & Ambers, has nln
find soma cxpcWcnce In tho grocery
business. His hustling qualities nnd
Rental manner will certainty make
up for any lack of experience on his
part Tho very combination of litis
firm spells success.
For Over an Hour Smoking Bodies
Swayed Over Stret.
KliuU'tb. N. J. Three men met a
terrible death high in the air here on a
high Unon wire of the Public Service
Corporation and for aiore than an hour
their smoking bodies remained swaying
nbove tha street until removed by tit-men.
Chinese Mutiny,
Peking, China. The city of Talnanfu,
la the province of Shantung, n In the
hand of 2,000 hinnermen, o!n muti
nied laat evening and continue! burnl .g,
ehootlng and looting throughout tho
night. No foremen, to fir ai it known,
bare been Injured. The governor ha
taken refuge In the Catholic minion
The o&use of the bannermen's mutiny
was fear of dlsbandnient and non-pay-
meat of wages.
Storm Hurts Fruit.
Fort Smith, Ark. Knormou damage
was done when the fruit belt iu the vl
unity of Hackett City, this rounty, whs
visited by a hailstorm. For forty mire
utts halUtonss as big as hen eggs fell
in avalanche, stripping bsarily laden
peach trees of their fruit.
Tho nioinlxTS of Fulton Lodge No.
S3, I. O O. V.. of Hlctaimn. will dec
orate tho graves of deceased brethren
nt Uio City Cemetery Sunday after
noon, beginning at 2:30, with appro
priate services. AH members and
friends of Uio order lire requested to
Helm & Ellison
"The Nyal Store"
Home Phone No. 10 Cumberland No. 45
Deadlock on Reciprocity.
Waahlgton. A deadlock between the
two bouses of congress over the senate's
proposal to repeal tha Canadian reci
procity law was foreshadowed when
the senate, by a vote of 33 to 7, re
fused to recede from Its amendment to
the Iron and steel tariff revision bill,
Lillian Ruissll Weds.
Pittsburg. Lillian Kussell was mar
ried here In a hotel to Alex, P. Aloore,
editor of the Pittsburg Leader. Only
relatives and a few Intimate trlends of
the couple attended.
Pellagra-Phobia a Disease.
Spartanburg, S. C. Pellagra-phobia,
or fear of pellagra, is a clearly denned
ilsease which has been discovered by the
liiompson-Mtt adden pellagra com mil
lion, which was sent to Spartanburg re
cently by the New York Post-Graduate
Hospital tor research work.
Otto Tosettl Slays Self.
Chicago. Otto Tosetti, vice president
of the Tosettl Brewing Company, com
mitted aulcldft on his mother's grave in
Oakwoods cemetery. A bullet pene
trated his brain. .
"VI HE." Kennedy.
Now pictures dally at Uio Cryatnl
afternoon and night. Admission Be
nnd 10c.
Allss KllrntxHh KlUnon gave- a birth
day party Tuesday afternoon from -I
to C. Punch and Ice cmttn and cake
wore served. Games woro enjoyed by
tho little folks. Thorn? present were
Hugh" and Kk.li art! Prathor. King
iMvIs, Hugh Swayno. George Clint
Klllson, Honry and Novllle ftoimy.
.Murray Johnson, Alark Nradle)', IXie
Itice, Ilalph Ilaltzer. Allison Tyler.
Hay Hiuiiby nnd Charles Millet, nnd
Aliases Annlo Helm Ellison. Myra
Knrts, Alnrtha Hnrrelt. .Martha Kmlly
I)olds, Violet Naylor, Ioulse CJionte.
Helen Hnmby, A lino Clark, Motu-ln
and Leone Clay
S. L. Dodds Is spending the week
at Springfield, Ills., and attending the
Grand American Handicap.
Mrs. J. W. DIund loft Tuesday for
Unlontown, Ky whero sho will visit
her son, WUllo Bland, for a few days.
By A. W. MACY.
During the War of 1812 an ex
pedition was organized by Gen
eral Henry Dearborn for tha
capture of the British forts on
Lake Ontario. The first one at
tacked was Fort York, where
Toronto now stands. The at
tacking column was led by Gen.
Zebulon M. Pike. The outer
battery had been taken by as
sault and the guns of the main
battery silenced. While waiting
for the garrison to raise the
white flag General Pike seated
himself on a log and began
talking with a British prisoner.
Instead of running up the white
flag as expected, tho British
commander ordered his men to
retreat, and then had the pow
der magazine blown up. Fifty
two American soldiers were
killed by the explosion, and'
180 others wounded. A huge
atone fell upon General Pike,
breaking hit back, and he died
few hours later. Thus perish
ed one of our great explorers,
the discoverer of Plke'a Peak, at
the early age of thirty-four.
The Hoard of Stewards ami Ladles
AM SocMy of the First Methodist
Church entertained the members of
that church. Ttmiday evening, from
K to It. with a lovo feast and get -together
social, hld In the church
building The attendance was large
considering tho UireatenlnK weather.
V well render d iroKrnm of musical
numbers, reading, etc., wn enjoyed
by Uioso In attendance. Hefreslt
tuonta of ern"tn and cake were serv
ed. So enjoyable was this occaaion
that it nuiy call for another of llkt
Mrs. C. C Smith. Mrs. II. .V Cow
Kill, Airs. Alice Ambers and J. W
CnwRllI, attended (be Chautauqua at
Union City yesterday.
N. It. Holcombo returned Wednes
day after a tm days' stay-in Green
vlllu, Miss., nnd Memphis.
Mrs. K. T. Itiuullo and son retunt-
iy Wlnelny after a lalt hi Fill
tiin and .May field.
Mrs. Hoss Cheshire, of Nashville,
Is vlslUng her purwnts, U. II. Wilson
and wife
Klvu CaWwcll, of Troy, was hem
Vmiit Joo Caldwell U on Uie sick
list this week.
Ceiil Caudle was tho guest ot a
Fremont younx lX Sunday.
Watt Cherry, U Prytomus, visited
hero Saturday uUht and Suuday.
Al Underwood sod wife, of Unr
Woodland AUUs, spent Sunday In Fre
mont. Herman Ctoar and family, of Clay
ton, spent Saturday night with Uhas.
C'lonr and family,.
Kov Jacksou, of Water Vnll-T. flll
d his reguktr uppulnluuusi al Fre
mont Salurrday night and Sunday and
Sunday ulfiht,
8eviit-en Horning I'lgeuns were
llbenUed hero last Huinlny morning,
at t 6s. by It Al. Ulur. for tho Horn
li. K Pigeon Club, of Columbus, Ohio.
The first bird arrived in Columbus at
3 31 that niternoon. a distance ot
1U'J3 4iilKs front llicktiiaii, coring
the distance In lu liours and 37 mln
u'.cs If tho ptoeon flw on an air
line, 11 areaged 40 tiillts an hour
The bvt previous record for tho
same distance was 12 hours. Tin
Arch City Club, also uf Columbus.
w,W send a butitlt of birds here to
tn? llbvratttl next Suuday. .
Tho Crystnl Cc and 10c
Anion Henderson and MeKeo Jnhn
um spent Suifday In Fulton.
Airs. Will Helm lenses Saturday to
spend n few weeks In Nashville.
.Master ClmrK-s Millet, of Cairo, U
vlslUnff Mr. and Airs. J. II. Millet.
Horton Porter, of Hlllsboro,
la vlsIUng U 11. WUson nnd
It. II. Johnson spent Sunday nnd
.Monday with his wife al Tullnhomn.
Mrs. J. A. ThoiiiiHKMi attended the
funeral of her uncle. J. T. McOitch
eon, at Jnekson, IVnn., last Sunduy
White Footwear
For the
Vp'to-the-Minute '
(Copyright, 111, by Joseph B. Bowie.)
This is the biggest White Season ever
experienced, and we have made prep
arations for it with the smartest line
ever shown in Hickman.
White Button Boots, Pumps and
in Ganvas and Nubank for women, misses and chil
dren. Reasonably priced.

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