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aMMteaajarayi ft T r "" rai
Prices on
You had best call and see us be
fore buying anything in this line
Kentucky Stale Notes,
1 'ynipU (tyring. -Kentucky alitor
korj an enirt a4l (or the iittl
tta of Kemuik) Julm II. MKr
' of Loulorlllr, wlto hi brvn rMgagi-d
ta 'h work of tiptHiilditi; the nitl
sol o( JrTernn i-ownty ih1 the Ut
t Kentucky, aakrd th rdtor to yon
L ', In a MinMln (or better .eliool.
Th tiALftr .fMTlIrd tilt heir! whim
, .. r . ,. , - ... - - .-
W dr. Urnl that within the kdo of
tt mpkf from Iouiville't Uetorlo
lei art arhool building whwh ar aV
jtfly unfit (or th occupancy of HttU
tl Utn.
Arming the fart brought out by Mr.
it Jrrran utrri That mere than two
II U of tlif by of the puldK bft-ilt
lie before tlit rinl of the eighth Rr U
Oat th" length of the Kentucky Joy'
I 'raining it ! than li y-ar,
that only one boy In forty enter
t - rt year of High School.
ir 'iiliout lil renmk Mr. Mel'er
' " wan given cloic attention, and ha
fiTc hi audience a great fund of mfor
r on entifernlng the public trhooU of
t iUt. When he reed pekiiig ha
given hearty apphutc, and be i
I red of tho co-operation of the coun
try pi en.
Summer Farm School.
Tb extenlon department of the Col
!, of Agriculture at State lTnirerlty
li miking arrangement for holding one
fk agricultural ,'hooU In dille ent
"t of the State during the runnier
th.. K,eUli.U will b. -cut f"jl';"; of'niekm.n, and angler, of thU
U r .Urge to deliver lectur. "Iiutrat.-lf fl , b,u ,,,, than
h trro.ptlcon view on the following
rftiet- Horticulture, dairying, uome
' i iii.'e, poultry, toil and crop, feed
leg of animal and many other rlatJ
i erta.
Iarrii Whisky Output.
fl lUrllle. That the whltky output
ef Kentucky will bo materially Inarmed
i Kentucky Is now making tauch
Te net. whUky formerly produced In
t iat, I the opinion of T. M. Oil
in "f, prIJent of the National Model
I- ne league.
'-Pr.AHonlla. .11 -f It Mtlitalr lllu-tn.
ft? made in Ter iete," (aid Praildint
aore, "Is now being mnufaiturd
In Kentucky by Kantucky dUtlller, In
"TiUnee with the Tenneii' method,
v h dllTer materially from thoa In
Kf tueky.M
P'iion Contractors Sue.
unkfort. Suit hai been flla.1 by tha
' R Montgomery Company, jirUon ooa
'fJ t m, agiUntt Harvey S. MoOutcbon,
l: 'I Ilrown and Finley E. Fogg, mm-
I'hooa 4 -"
Men's Soft Shirts
Men's Summer
Men's Odd Trousers
R. L. Bradley
tier rj the old pruor eoiniuutioo, ta re
quirt them to draw- a warrant on the
tat trraiury ft 179,000, alleged to be
due the eontrartori. The contractor
could not ma the itat without an act
of the legislature, to brought th mlt
agalnit the mnibra of th old comuila
lon. Rebuild ButtT riant
radticah. The factory of tha Hardy
Uuggy Company, which wti recently d
troyed by fire, the Ion being 130,000,
Kill b rebuilt at once, according to W.
T. Hardy, prwldnt of th tompany.
Patucah Races Called Oil.
1'adueah. At a meeting of the direct
or of tha 1'aducah lair AMoeiation th
annul July 4 rao meet m declared off,
a th director believed they would not
proic profitable. Arrangement will b
tartcd at unco for the (all fair, which
will U bald October S, 3, 4 and 6, Inclu
lv. Xevtnue Aient Loses.
rrank(ort Under a deeltlon of the
Curt of Appeal the hotel, laundry,
arintlng hop, waterworks and tore op
rated by Ilcrea CoTlego are exempt (row
taction, aa they arc a part of the col
Jtgo and ucd (or e.luctional purpoct.
Th eae decided wa that o( tho Com
monwealth, by Fcrnell, revenuo agnt,
againit lrea OoUVgc. 7bereenuo agent
ud (or back taxes on the proporty.
Restocked by Flood.
m.in,.n VU)ilnir ia reported this
year to be icry fin at Ilelfoot Ult and
llu.nl.v imnil. IDt imvcr .-..
'aectlon are finding btt.r flhmg than
they have had (or ye.ir. 'IWiu pro"-;
bly due to th fact that the M.islppl
rl'tr dur.ng it lt' big ovcrtlow. got
.nto ll-elfoot Uke and oth.r lake, and
re.tucked them with all vanetle of flsh.
Convict Killed.
i-wit-fort-No-h Taylor, a "f""
conht iu the Frankfort ptniteiitiary,
wa. .hot and killed by 11. M. Yo.in?. a
gu.il. Two .hot. were fired by th.
guard, on of which took effect n th.
convict' heart, killing him InUantly.
r. i .. I ..ilv hurt mid i 111 th
j ne guiini " ';.- i.,-.. l.l.
ho.pltnl, a a reuu oi - -
To Run Poultry Train.
The Qu-n A Crewnt railroad will
,,.. a poultry train over It. line. In Ken
tucky. '1 he train will bo deoUd en
trclj to poultry, nd will ci ry; exp.r t
o Joutry-raLing, who will Uetur. to
tho farmers.
Insurance Expert.
Frankfort.-, expert In In.uranco
rate-nmking will be erapMJJ
.,.,.nr. Hating OominN..on to , st th
roninilion In "i.ig rntoi for tho gov
ernment of the fire l..un..ee companies
.luting buMiu-M in till stnte
I ottrier's H-rome I irefe
I L -d vl---
.- ui$3
Keeping House for Comfort.
Ho was wIbo who wrote; "Half
tho sting of poverty or of small
means Is gone when ono keeps houso
for one's own comfort, and not for
tho comment of one's own neighbors.
Deny it as wo will, r-w of ua have
tho moral force to sot up a standard
of our own, based upon our own In
comes and our own inrtlcular home
environments. Wo commit the folly
of regulating our expenses by tho In
come of como ono elso. It tho
ilrottns across tho street bang up
expensive lace curtains, wo aro dis
contented until lace curtains have
gone up to our windows, no matter
how much smallor our Income may 'bo
than that at tho Drowns. If the
Smiths put down a velvet carpet our
nent and pretty Ingrain becomes nn
eye scro io us. Wo aro oxtremly.
mindful of what our neighbors will
think about many things that should
not concern them In tho least. We
have no standard of our own. Our
dress and even our tables must be
regulated by tho standard of others.
We have no. tho coumso nor the
independonco to bo Indifferent to the
comment of our neighbors. Tills form,
of moral cowardice Is causing many
families In Hickman to live beyond
their Incomes. They can faco debt,
and forfeit their self-respect easier
than they can faco tho unfavorable
comment of their friends and neigh
bors. Tho extent to which tills imi
tation of others is carried would bo
ludicrous, but H did not bring so
much unhnpplness In Its train. It Is
frequently tho direct cause of dis
cord and discontent and debt that
havo driven hnpplnoas from the family
hearthstone. Lot us havo a standard
of our own, based upon our own need
and lot us cheerfully nml bravely ad
hero to this standard, heedless of
thnt dreadful bugbear: "What will
tho neighbors say?"
"Where Shall I draw tho line?"
says tho anxious parent, wlio Is so
licitous for his boy's future. Glvo
tho vounc man tho sympathetic com
panionship which ho will find else-
whero if not at homo; encourago nun
to seek elevating and refining asso
ciations; impress upon him tho fact
iio mnnv amusements aro bad only
in connection with their associations
and tho atmosphere of temptation
which leads to greater evil; demon
strato to lilm that tho principle of
getting something for nothing' la bad
"wholly bad, and if followed will lead
to his moral and physical ruin; mako
home such a bright, congonlal place
that he will flritf more pleasure there
than In tho haunts of wickedness;
nioro than all else, let him have In
you on exaraplo of uprightness and
moral health. Bo sincere, for he can
penetrate your disguises and despise
you if a hypocrite.
Meddlesome persons who aro con
tinually prying Into other people's af-
iaint ami carrying tales hotween ac
quaintances and frlenda create a great
deal of mischief and are best content
ed when thoy can spread scandal. It
hoenw inoro natural for them to speak
HI of a person than to utter words
of praise, and their habit of gossip
ing becomes so fixed that they can
talk scandals almost unconsciously.
U 1b Just as cosy to say a good -word
for friends and acquaintances, oven
If not wholly deserved, as it Is to
speak ill of them, and the effect on
the community Is always beneficial
In a general way. Scandal gathers as
it travels by word or mouth and can
novcr bo recalled when once In circu
Intion. Try speaking weil of every
one and see what a change it will
mako In your own happiness as (n
the welfare of others.
If you would gather up all tender
memories, all tho lights and shades
of tho heart, all banquetlngs and re
unions, all filial, fraternal, paternal
and conjugal affections and you had
only Just four letters with which to
spell out thnt height and depth and
length and breadth and magnitude
and oternlty of meaning, you would,
with streaming eyes, and tromblnlg
voice, and agitated hand, write it out
in thoso four living capitals H-O-AI-K.
. . ,.., . , ,
Man la naturally a homo-loving an-
Unsurpassed "VclI
For Mens all-wool
Owing to the high water, which has affected the clothing
business, I find that I have a larger stock of mens suits
than I care to have at this season, and in order to move
them out quickly I have made a special price of $ 1 2.95
on my entire line, consisting of the celebrated all-wool
Schwab line in all the new 1912 styles, colors and fabrics.
Remember the sale begins Saturday, June 22, so come
early and get choice of patterns.
Where Quality Reigns Higher than Price.
P. S. I have a complete line of Walk-Over and Selz Shoes and Oxfords,
Stetson and Leibovitz Hats, and most anything in the way of Underwear, Shirts,
Furnishings and Work Goods, also a swell line of Trousers. Ferriage refunded
to Missouri customers.
lmal. In fact, most animals are
home-loving. And when a man asks
woman to share his life, it is usually
taken as a gentlo hint that he wants
her to mako him a home and take a
sort of general oversight of his affair
and a special oversight of himself.
He likes to know that she does
things for him Just for tho reabon
that she loves him, and is interested
in him and his woll-belng. He loves
his home inoro If there Is some im
press of her personality upon it. He
llkos best the meal Bho prepares for
ihlni. Of courao, he says very little
perhaps nothing of all this, being a
A gentleman etopa at a friend's
houso and finds It in confusion. He
doos not seo anything to apologize for
"never thinks of such matters."
Everything i right- cold .supper, cold
room, crying chlldrn "perfectly com
fortablo!" Go home, where his wife
has been taking care of tho children
or attending the sick, and working
her life almost out. Then he does
not boo why tilings can't bo kept In
order; "thoro novcr were such cross
children before!" No apologies ac
cepted at home I Oh, why not look
at Oio sunny side at homo as well as
abroad, and try pleasant words In
Htead of burly ones? Why not bo n-
greeablo at home? Why not use free
ly thnt golden coin of courtesy?
New- pictures dally at the Crystal.
"Retter bo insured than sorry."
Mr. and Mrs. K..A. Mitchell aro
visiting his parents in Owensboro.
Hugh O'Donnell. of East St. Louis,
Is visiting C. T. Uondurant and wife.
Mrs. H. N. Cowglll and son, Henry,
aro visiting her sister, Miss Mabel
Truby, In Nashville.
Miss LUla Johnston has returned to
i her home in Ripley. Tenn., after a
'ten days' visit with W. A. Johnston
alKi fajjmy.
Suits worth $1 5.00,
worth more.
Here is a winner at $12.95. For 15 days I will
sell you a Schwab guaranteed all-wool blue serge suit,
handsomely tailored and trimmed and perfect fitting
at $12.95, you would have to pay $15 and more
to others for no better. It doesn't come often when
you can buy such a high grade suit at such a low
price when the season has just begun. Come in
and inspect the line, I have all sizes and practically
an unlimited range of styles and patterns and you
know the price is right.
ii ' W il i1 Ml 4 .i J
f i Hi "m 'iiifti
Dr. W. V. Richmond, of the State
Board of Health, will give a free
lecture at tho Lyric tonight The pub
lic will be enlightened on the cause
effect and cure of the new disease
known as hookworm, and other sub
jects In the Interest of public health.
Dr. Richmond 1b an entertaining
speaker and an authority on tho sub
jects which he will discuee. In con
nection with his lectures ho gives
stereoptlcon views which are very In
teresting and prepared at a largo ex
pense. Don't fail to give Dr. Rich
mond a good houso you wilf both
enjoy and profit by hearing him.
"FIRE." Kennedy.
Burndo Hughes was in Union
Tuesday, on business.
Bachelors Wo sow on tho buttons.
Hickman Steam Laundry.
Miss Lizzie Salmon has returned.
homo from a short vlsu to Arlington.
Best granulated sugar 17V6 pounds
for ?1. A. S. Barkett's West Hlt;k-
Mrs. J. M. Garrett returned homo
Tuesday after a visit with relatives
at Poplar Bluff, JIo.
Miss Marguerite Fuqua loft Wed
nesday to visit her brother dn Union
City and attend the Chautauqua.
LOST: Deep red cow, with horns,
split ia each ear. branded "W" on
hip. Got away Sunday night. Notify
Courier office and got rowaTd. 3p
Fulton is having a street fair and
Union City has launched into a week'a
Chautauqua. Fulton will have a 4th
of July celebration Union City a fair
And what Is Hickman having or go
ing to havo in tho way of entertain
ment? Its a rotten shame that a
lot of fellows will sit around like wo
do and let folks go to other towns
to spend their money and enjoy a
holiday. If we want to hold rank
with other wldo-awako towns, wo
must tako the lid off and have a
red letter day occasionally. No town
gets better crowds than Hickman
when they aro Invited to come. But
of late we have tho habit of fishing
for their business and never offering
them anything to break tho monotony
Let's eur up sometnmg.
- ulos In.
$1 7.00, and some
) i
i. r
yy 1
Tho Crystal tonight.

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